It is becoming a living, breathing one-eyed monster.

He slowly starts to stiffen. The blood fills it, his veiny member.

It engorges and grows erect in front of me.

His cock is identical to his dad.

"Do you like it?" Gavin says as he spreads his legs, wider.

It reminds me of his father, oh boy, does it remind me of his father.

I would love to have both men fuck me, in unison.

I say to myself, under my breath.

Would they do it? Could they do it?

"Then what are you waiting for," Gavin barks at me, "SUCK MY GAWD-DAMNED COCK!"

He shoves this human projectile in my direction, taunting me with his family jewel, his golden wand.

The invitation is all I need before I ravenously go about devouring him.

I get on my knees, onto the tiled floor of the kitchen, and swallow him down to his shaved pubic hilt. They tickle my sensitive lips, nose, and chin, the stubble hairs, as they brush across my own unshaven face.

"Ahh," Gavin moans, loudly, his volume-raised voice fills the empty space of the gourmet kitchen, "Nobody, nobody can suck a man's cock like another man, gay men are the best damned cocksuckers, woman pale in comparison."

I stop, gently ease myself up from his trimmed pubes, running my tongue over the crown of his massively swelled identical cock of the second man I have been intimate with since I arrived here in Pensacola, well, the third, not counting the rest stop encounter with the Tallahassee-based plumber.

"What the fuck?" I exclaim, shocked at the revelation, "What the fuck are you, saying?"

Has his cock already been down the throat of another man?

I think to myself.

Have I been played?

"You have wanted me for a long time, haven't you, Buck?" Gavin ask as slobber builds up in my mouth.

I do not answer him, straight away.

I know he knows I have, he is toying with me, playing on my long-held emotions towards him. His dad told me of Gavin hearing my 'talk' in my sleep. I didn't even know I did it, talk in my sleep, that is, I need to get help for my loose tongue.

I nuzzle on his bare leg, smelling it, a faint hint of a woman, remains; even though he has attempted to wash her pussy scent away, he thinks. It places me nearer to 'him' nearer to his erect cock. I sniff, him, inhale him, bask in the glory that proudly towers from his thighs.

"Yes, I have," I answer, "since the day I walked in the dorm room and found you fucking that girl."

"You liked what you saw, didn't you?"

"I did, I really did," I say, "I did like it, except for the pussy that night and her juices running off your magnificent 10-incher. I wanted to lick it up, then and there, just so I could swallow that cock of yours. It was impressive, your cock. Her pussy, not so much, I could have done without it. I wish I had but that is another story for another time. Oh, the thought of it makes me sick now. The reek of twat, not my thing, it convulses me."

I shake my head, remembering the fuck of that girl again, like I did, the next morning, She surprised me as I woke up, giving me a blowjob as I slept and I went further with it, than I thought I should. I still do not know why I really did it, other than, he had 'done' her.

Gavin laughs at me in his usual mocking sarcastic tone.

"Have you ever fucked a girl, Buck?" He asks bluntly and to the point, "I mean, really, really, fucked a girl with all the power that courses between those awesomely muscled legs of yours with 'that' tool. Have you?"

His questions come as I look up from the wide-open space of his opened legs into his handsomely adorable face.

"What does it matter," I think to myself but do not say, anything to Gavin.

"Yes, I have, "I say, "Several, in fact."

"Oh, really," he says, inquisitively with an obvious smirk on his god-like face, "Who?"

"We even fucked the same girl, Gavin," I say, "the same girl that I caught you with, that night, she crawled in bed with me the next morning and got a hefty load from me. I fucked her because of your lingering smell all over her, so it was you, I pictured in my mind, as I plowed her pussy, not her."

"I never woke up?" he says, "That's what you wouldn't tell me earlier, isn't it? You fucked her, too. Way to go, Bucko-boy."

"Yeah, not so much," I say, "I prefer cock, yours, yeah, you snoozed through it all," I say, "She wanted both of us to fuck her, she insisted. She was a whore but most of the girl's that you fuck, are whores."

"Oh, I hate that I missed that. We could have had some real fun. Who was the other?" he pleads.

"My high school girlfriend," I say, "but that has been all, now the men that I have fucked me, that is a whole different story. I like to be bottomed, to top, not so much. Are you okay with me being gay?"

"Do you want me to fuck you, Buck?" Gavin asks, bluntly, again, "I do not care about your preferences; your business is your business, Buck."

"YES! FUCK ME!" I shout, without haste.

I do not hesitate in answering him. I make sure he knows, without a doubt, I want that 10-incher buried deep into my hole.

I tense up, my hole tightens, yelling out to whom I have much desire, Gavin.

"You have wanted me, haven't you, even before you saw me with that damned slut?"

"YES! YES!" as I moan the words, I feel my ass muscles tighten up, further from excitement.

My ass muscles continue to tense-up because of this desire.

"You do not look like a bottom, though," he says, "you look more like a top-boy, like me."

"I am a bottom," I say, I beg, practically, "I can prove it. FUCK ME!"

I make my offer, again.

I rise up from bended knee and kiss him, my cock, fully erect between my legs and dripping its tiny droplets of pre-cum, caused by him and remembrances of his dad, since I did not cum earlier when his dad, fucked me.

My slobbered face, mixed with his expelled pre-creamed juices, mixes with our own individually produced saliva. Gavin does not pull back but instead, he grabs my face, forcibly, with both hands, bringing me in closer, to him, as he smothers me with his obvious buried passion.

"Good," he says, as we unlock our lips, "I am going to give it you in my most favored fuck spot."

I smile. Yes, I think to myself, finally, now, where is this 'spot.'

"I want to fuck you, outside," Gavin says, "by the pool."

"UHH, WHAT! The pool," I say, flatly and matter-of-fact-like, "By the pool?"

"The pool," he says, outright and to-the-point, "Outside before God and man, I want your ass plowed."

I am elated.


It is about to happen.


"You heard me, I want that ass, outside. It is one of my favorite places to FUCK. I have fucked so many girls out there, why should pounding your tight little ass, be any different?" Gavin says with another wide smile across his face.

"What about your dad?" I stammer, ill at ease are my words from my cum-lathered tongue, "he will see us."

"He should be asleep," Gavin says, "he sleeps like a damned bear. You cannot wake him. He is dead to the world when he is in snooze-land."

A sly smile creeps across his impish face; there is a hint of mischief under that devilish grin.

I do not believe him but I will do it. I have no problem doing it. I feign hesitation. I would enjoy knowing that Ari was watching. I hope he does. I want him too.

"I have fucked so much pussy outside when my parents were home," he says, "this time is no different. Why should it be?"

"So has your dad," I think to myself, "so has your dad."

But, it is, I think, it is. His dad has fucked me outside by the pool not more than an hour ago and my hole longs to be filled, again.

What is it with this family and fucking outside by this pool?

"C'mon, c'mon, "Gavin beckons me as he walks, with cock swinging, out the backdoor door of the guest house, "whatcha waitin' for, Bucko, get that ass in gear. I want to fuck it."

He looks back at me, motioning me with over-exaggerated gestures as he hurries outdoors.

His words excite me. I relish another cock in my ass, as it is the man I have lusted after, longed for, who is going to be the next occupant.

His delicate ass sways provocatively as he makes his way towards the only prominently displayed permanent seat on the patio, a concrete bench, with a cushion, upon it, under an overhead light, right in the most actively seen place in the pool area.

Its placement is not coincidence; it was chosen for a reason, I am sure.

He parks his ass upon it, spreading his legs wide, like he did on the chair in the kitchen, giving his cock, room to squirm and grow.

I follow, obediently.

"C'mere, Bucko," Gavin says as he lies down on his back, on the bench. He draws me close in to him for a kiss, as I stand over him. He says these two words with a passion in his voice I have not heard before.

I lean down, gladly doing what he ask.

His stiff cock rubs against my hairy treasure trail going down to my naval, fighting for space, our cocks vie for a spot while our bodies mesh so close against one another, fitting perfectly together in this moment.

A dripple of my pre-cream leaks, profusely, onto his fur-less lean muscled body, forming a puddle in his trimmed pubic patch.

"Your leaking, a lot, Bucko," he says, "Excited much?"

"Fuck, yeah, "I say, happily, "I have been ever since I saw you're naked. I have wanted your cock in my ass for the longest time. A long time."

I rise from my stooped stance, afraid of what is about to transpire, of what I have wanted to transpire. I step back from our passionate embrace.

Gavin smiles at me, my comment clearly appeals to his much-inflated ego, he has a humungous one, that and a wonderfully crafted stiff cock.

"What's the matter?" he asks, "Why do you back-up?"

"I am afraid, Gavin. Afraid our friendship may change, after this," I say.

"You want my cock? Doncha ya?" he ask with a come-hither look on his face as he props himself up on the bench while he strokes his cock, slowly, as he looks at me.

"YES! YES! I want your cock," I say, loudly, under the pale light of the patio pool, "I want it without a doubt."

"C'mere, then, take a sit on my waiting cock, we will still be friends," Gavin says as his right hand travels the length of his hardened tool, "Nothing will change."

It grows ever harder with his self- stimulation.

"Whatcha waitin' for, "he says, "get that ripe ass of yours over here and sit on me."

This is reminiscent of his dad's fuck of me. It is odd how both started out. Oddly familiar.


I slobber as the spittle pours from my mouth, as I edge my body closer toward him, my own cock, slinging juice from its length, spraying me.

"Everything, will be alright, everything, will be okay," he says, as he continues his slow bate of his cock in front of me.

He is enticing me with his cock-snake, hypnotizing me into a trance with his manipulations.

I come.

I come back to him, close, with a renewed purpose and an even deeper hunger for his cock.

My ass is moist, the natural excitement of wanting him has lubed my hole up for his eventual entry.

He is on his back, on the hard concrete bench, on the cushion, his cock points toward the clear night sky, it glistens from his own applied spittle that he is using as a natural lubricant to maintain his hard erection.

A gust of wind, whips through the pool patio area, my cock, jerks from the change in temperature, responding across my body as my nips grow hard from the stimulation.

"Sit on me, "Gavin orders, "sit on me, hard."

I do.

I sit down upon him, hard, using the force of gravity, as I did with his dad, to lower me down his shaft of manhood.

Like his father's cock, he bumps my prostate with the first plunge, the pre-cum leaks like a washer-less spigot, again.

Unlike his father, who was slow and steady in his lovemaking, Gavin is a speed demon, pounding my hole with such force, I feel as I am being torn asunder with each thrust.

The forceful sound of his rapid pounding echoes through the tight corridor of the pool area. The sound reverberates from wall-to-wall, water-filled area. I hear myself moan, over the racket of the furious dick pounding of my ass.

"AH! AH! AH!" I bellow out; Gavin's jack hammering cock pierces my ass, as I am not trying to be quiet.

"Scream boy, scream out your pleasures for the world to hear, "Gavin demands.

I do.

I scream as he is ramming me more than I ever imagined.

It is then, I feel it.

You ever get those moments when you feel unseen eyes upon you.

I do.

I feel them, right now, this instant.

Right now.

I am being stared at so intently, it bores through me, like a knife.

My soul is pierced by what I feel.

I gaze up.

It is there, I see, that I see him.

A bit of light, seen in an otherwise darkened place, the window, up high.

I look up, overhead, to the curtained window, as I feel another powerful plunge of Gavin's cock into my lubed and very used asshole.

The curtain parts in the 'parent' Poole's Master Bedroom, it overlooks this spacious family pool area, below it. One side is pulled back; I see the light painted pastel color of the walls, inside, then, the other side of the same window is pulled back, too, where I see glimpses of a massive bed.

Ari yanks back both sides of curtained window, it is open.

He is revealed, not trying to hide his leering.

Ari stands in the midst of the opened curtained window, his body, outlined, casting him like a dark shadow in front of the light from behind him.

I see him, his silhouette, his strong muscle-defined hips, outlined, proving power, entrusted in them. I feel his eyes upon his son, and me as I am continually being rammed with the identically shared flesh-tool of his son. Their methods are different, but the outcome will be the same.

"What has your attention, Bucko boy?"

I hear him as he shoves his cock once more into my tight hole, tweaking my prostate with each ram-thrust.

"Uhh," I moan out "Uhh."

"What is it?" he asks me, again, "it's my dad, watching us, isn't it? He does that."

As Gavin shifts his body to look up, he rams into my hole, deeper, as I ride him like a bucking horse.

"He's in the window," I answer as Gavin stops, mid-thrust in my ass.

"You like it, doncha ya? Him watching," Gavin says.

Gavin nods his head in the direction of his dad's bedroom.

I feel my juices, leak, heavily from my cock, as I see Ari watching us from on high.

I squeeze him tight with my inner muscles, holding him snug as I feel his cockhead pulse from my anal constrictions. I am filled with his swelled cock.

"I thought so," Gavin says, as he pushes me looks upwards, again, as his still hard cock exits my ass, the juices, clearly visible on his hard tool as he turns and looks up, toward the window, high above us.

Gavin wiggles, letting me know he needs to move.

"Let's get up," he says.

Gavin stands, forcing me to stand too.

My ass-juices shine from the light bouncing off his piece as it wags in the moonlight.

"HEY DAD, C'MON, DOWN HERE, I HAVE HIM READY FOR YOU, AGAIN," Gavin shouts out to his dad.

I am glad. I was right.

"What?" I say, feigning surprise, "What the fuck?"

"You heard me, right," Gavin says proudly, "Dad called me on my cell phone, once he got upstairs and told me he had fucked you. He's been monitoring the whole fuck session down here between us."

"What? Monitoring?" more feigned surprise by me.

"There is a video camera which monitors the pool, whatever is done out here is saved, filmed," Gavin says, "My dad and I like to revisit our previous fucks."

I am more than happy to hear this. I bear no shame, I am quite an exhibitionist.

"Yeah, I knew about what y'all two did, you are not his first, I told you that," he says.

"Was this is a set-up, Gavin? Was this overnight stay, a set-up?"

I play my part too. I play the game.

An obvious question that I know the answer to, already, I figured it out when Ari said that Gavin knew about my long lingering lust. It was a two plus two equals 4 kind of a realization. I had totally misread Gavin's 'straight-vibe' he is definitely bi-sexual, or I should say, just outright, SEXUAL. He will fuck for pure fuck-sake, no matter the hole.

Gavin smiles at me before he answers, that devilish grin I have seen so many times when he has a girl in his sights and actively goes about pursuing her for the night before he makes her his next conquest.

I never thought I was on this 'list' either, but I am glad I am, and I fell into this 'trap' quite easily, willingly.

I like the prize for 'losing' it is a win-win for me, no matter, who fucks me, dad or son.

"Oh, the fuck yeah, it was a set-up," Gavin says, "I figured you'd go for my 'dear ole dad,' figuring you'd let him sample that hole first and then I'd eventually get my turn."

I pause.

I am stunned (not really) but gloriously happy.

"You didn't have to go to such an elaborate plan," I say, "you could have fucked me in the driveway in front of your mom and I wouldn't have cared. I like to be the show-off."

"You slut?" Gavin giggles as the words slip out of his mouth, "you little shit."

"Naw, all you had to do was make a move and that would have been able to have it all," I say, "remember I said, you went after whores, I am the biggest man-whore there is."

I laugh at my arrogance. I am getting more excited as this plot, unfolds.

My cock responds according by excreting another drop of my man pre-cream.

"But where is the fun in that?" Gavin says.

I hear a door slam in the distance from the main house.

It is his dad.

Naked and sporting an enormously erect bouncing cock between his walking legs.

"Yeah, where's the fun in that?" Ari says as he emerges from the shadows and stands naked beside his son in the pale evening poolside light.

Ari grabs his son by the balls, cupping them roughly, gently milking them in his lithe fingers, brushing his hand over the wet juiced cock, my juices.

"He's got a nice pair of nuts, Buck, uhh, doncha think?"

I nod my head as Ari squeezes the ball-bags of his adult son, tightly in his grip, making them pulse and leak an abundance of man-cream.

"Daddy, so do you?" Gavin says as he grabs the equally identical pair of his dad's ball sacs in his hands.

It is quite alluring sight to see their two identical cocks being clutched, quite roughly, by the opposite of the father and son pair.

My cock twitches, as does theirs, for different reasons.


"Surprise, Bucky Boy, you have been played," Gavin says as he loosens his grip on his father's balls.

"Not yet, but I want to be by the both of you," I say, "I want both of you to fuck me, again."

"We have done that before, not a problem," Ari says, "We have shared quite a few men. They never knew we were father and son, though, it was our little secret."

"Yeah, y'all don't look a bit alike," I say, "but the cocks do, the cocks must assuredly do."

"Damn Skippy," Ari says, "he is my son, and his piece proves it."

Ari winks at Gavin, Gavin responds with his a wink, too.

I nod my head in agreement.

"But you two fuck, completely different," I say, "you fucking styles are quite different."

Ari smiles.

Gavin smiles.

"Y'all both rocked my world," I say, "don't get me wrong, but each cock holds a very special place in the fucking of this ripe little ass. I want more, now."

As I say this, I slap my bare ass loudly, which echoes in the hollowness of the open pool area.

The both smile and look at each other as the pride between them beams on their faces.

"I want more," I say, "I am willing, are you two?"

The both answer, 'yes' simultaneously.

Ari squeezes his son's cock harder now, as it grows and swells in his hands.

"I am proud of this piece, "Ari says, "He fucks as much as I do."

"More, dad," Gavin says, "I fuck much more, than you do."

"Are you sure?" Ari says.

"I am, "Gavin says, "I fucked and came in this hot stud's ass before you did, remember?"

"Only because you wanted to surprise him, I would have fucked him, long before now," Gavin says, "but I wanted him to want me, more."

"So what are you two, waiting for, I want to be fucked, some more," I say as my ass points up in the air while I lean over the bench that Gavin had risen from, once he told his dad to join us.

Gavin leans over, grabbing both my haired ass-cheeks, doing the showcase presentation of my waiting ass.

"He is yours, father, have another go at it," Gavin says proudly as he beckons his father to my presented hole.

"Have you shot your load in that sweet hole, yet, son, "Ari says, "I am sure Bucko wants your load."

"No, I haven't," Gavin says.

"Well, finish up the damned fuck, you started, "Ari, the 'daddy,' says, "he has already gotten a load into me but he hasn't gotten one from you, yet."

"NO! He hasn't," Gavin says.

"Well, give'm one, I know you have more," Ari says, "I know you are good to go, you are my son, after all."

"FUCK ME, GAVIN, GIVE ME THAT DAMNED SEED OF YOURS," I yell out waiting for them to decide who is going to plug my hole.

I will tell them.

I hope they do not carry on like this if they have fucked other men, together. I think to myself.


I am horny, looking at these two hot men. Their cocks in my face, once I sat down upon the bench, again, knowing I have had each but have not a chance to dump the load that has been building in my balls, I lost it. Hormones took over and the words came bursting forth from my mouth.

"I WANT COCK IN MY ASS, NOW!" I yell out, "NOW."

"He's testy, daddy," Gavin looks to his dad with that mischievous grin on his face.

"That he does, boy, "Ari says, "finish what you started or prime his engine. I am sure the surprises of the day are far from over."

Ari winks at Gavin.

Gavin smiles back in recognition.

Something is afoot, again.

I do not care.

I anxiously await the next surprise, whatever it maybe, I just want a cock in my ass, NOW.

The surprise can wait.


I scream.

I am animalistic.

Primal. Feral.

I am being motivated by intense desire, desire for Gavin's cock, Ari's cock, just cock.

I want one.

"Give it to him, son," Ari lays his hand on his son's shoulder as he leads him to my waiting hole.

As Gavin shoves his cock into my hole, I squeal, like the pig, I know I am.

His motions are swift, powerful, as he tears up my ass, like a lunatic.

Each plunge, a wet sound, as wet flesh encounters a human steel-like pole, coming into intimate contact with my inner ass-regions.


The words easily escape from my lips.

"POUND THAT ASS, SON, SHOW THE BUCKY-BOY WHAT YOU CAN DO," Ari says as he guides his son in the rapid pounding of my ass.

Ari strokes his own cock as his son rips my ass to shreds with his 10-inch flesh wand.

"UH! UH! UH!"

Gavin grunts uncontrollably as he hammers my hole with all his might.

The sound of the furious fucking fills the pool area, the sound bounces off the walls of the house, guesthouse and the water of the pool. The scent of sweaty flesh, cum and men, overtake the air, as the fervor between the three of magnifies.


Ari pushes Gavin, harder and harder, with his motivation.

"GIVE IT TO HIM, GIVE IT TO HIM!" continues Ari.

With each plunge into my ass, I get wetter and wetter, as I am being drilled like a well. I take him and take him but I still want more.


I yell out.

I begin to feel his cock, grow larger, in my hole. He is nearing his climax and I WANT IT.


Gavin yells, the only warning I get as I feel my inner ass being coated with the sweet seed of my roommate.


I catch myself screaming as I shoot my own load.

"The boy finally busts his nut, "Ari says, "I wanted to taste him when he shot his load."

Gavin pulls out as a dollop of his own juice follows the escape of his still-hard cock.

Gavin's cock shimmers with my juices, his cock, still erect, the power of a young man, does not deflate once a load is shot. He is ready to go again.

"My turn," Ari says, as I feel him slide, once again, into my hole.

He is using the cream from his son, to fuck me, lube me.

Ari is steady, taking time to move his cock, all around my hole, touching places, which his son, in his sexual fury, missed.

I feel my cock, stiffen again, from these gentle maneuvers.

The juices resume leaking from my cock, as Ari has found that special 'spot,' again.

"UHH," I moan.




End Part Three

Look for Part Four and Conclusion to the Uhh! Series with the story entitled, Uhh, C'mon! and my Fiftieth story on GAYDEMON.



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