"Whatcha waitin' for, uhh, c'mon, get over here, fuck me," I shout out, loudly, across the emptiness of the backyard, to the truck, which only seconds earlier, pulled into the driveway, parked, and cut its engine.

The BEEP, BEEP, BEEP of the gate alarm lets us know that someone was on their way, up the long winding driveway.

Ari didn't pull out or cease his sexual 'battery' on my exposed hole, he pounded harder, when the gate alarm sounded.

It now seats, quiet.

The headlights off.


Ari's eyes light-up, almost bugging-out, when the truck appeared into the driveway, his cock pulsed spastically in my hole from the excitement of its arrival, spurting a delicate gob of pre-cream from its one-eyed snake-like slit into my hole. He does not shoot another load, yet, he just gave me a wee little offering, not the full bang.



No sign of activity from the recent arrival, I am excited.

Is this the surprise?

I give the person, my come-hither look, with my seductively swaying butt.

I beckon him with my gracious bounty.

Could it be him?

I hope it is.

Who else would show up in a service truck with 'that' particular company name on the side panels?

I wiggle it, my ass, again, in full-unrestricted view, as it has just been emptied of Ari's still-throbbing still-pulsating fully erect cock, for the men on the patio to see and the unknown 'truck-person' who just arrived.

Ari's cock dangles, still throbbing, in my face, still soaked with my anal offerings dripping from erectness.

The occupant sits, behind darkly tinted windows, on this moonlit night, in the driveway with the other vehicles, the Mustang and the Benz.

The unknown visitor, a man, I hope.

I suspect.

An educated assumption, of course, of whom sits in 'that' service truck which just weaseled its way onto the property.

The truck stopped with a loud tire-screeching halt, mere moments ago, at the headwaters of the asphalt driveway, parking near the garage and pool.

Ari did not stop with the anal-assault of my ass, either, he intensified, when the truck pulled in and parked. He rammed me, harder. Before he abruptly pulled his cock out of my previously Gavin filled cum-soaked ass. He directed his freed cock in the vicinity of the 'arrival', swaying his hips and cock towards the driver. The squishing sounds of my plunged ass, with the mixed wet cum-juices fill the early morning air at the pool, as it echoed, loudly, in the stillness of this new day.

Ari and Gavin let the driver see them in their naked entirety and do not flinch, nor hide, as their cocks, now point out proudly from their midsections.

Suddenly, the driver side door bolts opens. The creaking noise of the door hinge is all that is heard as the once solitary figure exits the service truck.

A boot emerges, another, attached to legs covered by a pair ripped and torn blue jeans, then the rest of the body.

It is a man, obviously, blue-collar, no doubt, adjusting the glaringly obvious bulge in his packed jeans.

He is muscular, well developed, very masculine.

Most certainly, a man.

This is not a regular service call, at this hour.


What service man comes to a home in the wee hours of the morning, unless he is called?

This man is on a mission, I believe, for a particular specified skill of which he is aptly adept.

In the overhead light, I catch the first glimpse of his face as he steps into my line-of-sight.

I see a beard, first, then I notice his face.

He looks, vaguely familiar.

He appears to be scruffier, now, fuller.

It, the beard, has grown more in the hours since I first laid eyes upon it.

It is he.

He looks over at me, Ari, then, at Gavin, as he swaggers, in a way, a man does, when he is in possession of a rather large piece of virile man-equipment between his thighs.

I am still knelt on the bench, one foot on the cement bench, the other hanging over the side, hitting the hard concrete patio of the pool.

"This, the boy, Ari, you spoke of, over the phone?" the man speaks loudly as he enters through the still open swinging-gate of the enclosed pool area.

Ari nods his head, 'yes.'

Then, he speaks.

"Aren't you glad I called you, at the condo?" Ari tells the visitor, "...and told you to get your ass up here, pronto?"

The man smiles, happily and widely.

"Yeah, Jake, this boy and this one, here, this blonde-haired spitfire, is my stepson, my adopted stepson, actually, Gavin," Ari explains to the man who just stepped out from the pick-up truck, while he places his hand on the muscled naked shoulder of his equally bare-ass stepson.

They both stand, proud, next to each other in their nakedness with their equally erect matching-identical cocks, shared between them both.

"What?" I say, "Stepson, adopted stepson, he's not your 'real son'?" I asked, stunned.

"Nope, his mother and I married when he was fifteen. We have fooled everyone into believing we are actual real-life father and son, the truth is we fight over many of the same men, most of the time," Ari says, "We have never had sex with each other, though. Nope, never gonna happen, either, that would be wrong but we have had sex with the same man, though, simultaneously and apart."

"But...but...but, your cocks are virtually identical? They match, exactly. Like a real father and son could possibly be," I ponder.

"That's just fate," Ari says, "just the adulterated blessings from the Furies."

Gavin nods his head at me.

"Yes!" Gavin mouths.

"Now you know why he spoils me so," Gavin says, "I am his competition and biggest fan."

Ari smiles at Gavin when he makes this statement. It must be true, Ari does not answer.

I am envious of both.

"You?" Gavin says, shocked, "It's you, the guy from the rest stop."

"It's me," the man now identified as Jake says as he looks over the shaved body of my friend, Gavin and his impressive cock that points out from his manly midsection.

Ari stands stroking his still hard cock, which still glistens with my released ass-juices, as he has only just taken it from my still dripping hole, seconds ago, just after the truck pulled in to the driveway, loudly. Gavin stands next to him, mirroring the stroking action of his now known to be, stepfather. Cocks that appear to be cloned in appearance but the sexual expertise levels, between the two men are different, as is their fucking prowess; it all ends with the penile similarities.

Jake fondles the rather large erection in his soiled and dirty jeans; the strain of its hardness, making him uncomfortable in the tight confined pants.

He slings off his J&S Plumbing cap, which covers his head, onto the deep black asphalt of the driveway, barely a whisper made when it bounces, then stops, still, in place.

The plumber is bald under his company logo ball-cap, not a creepy, oohhie, baldhead, no, but a sexy, Vin Diesel/Captain Jean-Luc Picard combo-like baldhead. Very seductive.

Jake seems enthused by our group nakedness, surveying each of our individual exposed bodies. Ari, Gavin and I are bathed in the moonlight in these early Sunday morning hours, as a foggy mist slowly creeps in, enveloping the seaside home, blanketing the environs, in an eerie glow.

Jake is dry stroking his cock through his heavily worn jeans, the rise, self-evident, as he grows harder and harder with each exaggerated fondle of his covered cock.

"It's you, the plumber?" I say, again, startled, as the man draws closer.

It is the man from the I-10 rest stop.

The man who 'offered' to come visit me, who made a gracious invitation, he has come a callin'.

His eyes plummet me, tearing a hole through me with his intense stare.

It is a 'longing' I see in his intense glare.

The plumber pulls his impressively tight J&S screen-printed tee over his baldhead and off his lightly hairy chest. A tattoo, visible, on his right bicep, a string of barbwire, mmm, it circles the exposed bicep muscle of his arm. I did not see the tattoo while we stood at the urinal at the rest stop. I am glad I see it now.

He is what some might call an 'otter' I call him 'fucking sexy' with the right amount of hair visible on his muscled pecs, still a Bradley Cooper knock-off look-a-like.

"He has a nice cock, Ari," Jake the plumber says as I feel his eyes roam over my exposed body, then to my ass, "...but his hole look and feels the best, uhh, the boy has an ass that cam milk a man, dry, I bet."

The plumber continues to stare at me, licking his parched lips.

"OH, THE FUCK YEAH," the man says as he steps from his filthy jeans, revealing a rapidly growing cock under his worn white briefs. He reaches, touching the wet spot that is strategically situated in the center, near the opening. The jeans and previously seen white briefs land in a dirty heap on the concrete pad.

"I told you at the rest stop that you had a hot cock, boy, now; I see the real prize," Jake smiles, "...your ass, your wonderfully round and muscled ass."

Jake strokes his impressive cock.

It is another 10-incher, like Ari and Gavin's.

There is 30+ inches of man-meat within my reach, my grasp on this hazy foggy Sunday morning.

"That's the cock, I like, that excites me, every time, I see it," Ari says as he fawns obsessively over the manhood of the plumber, "how could that bitch of a wife, not want that oh-so-desirable piece of meat."

"Ari, I didn't want the bitch," he says, somewhat angrily, "I would rather have your cock, any cock, and a man's ass, like this one. She got what she wanted in the divorce and I got you, which is what I wanted."

Jake slaps his bare exposed ass in mock defiance of his ex-wife.

"The bitch can kiss my furry little ass," the plumber says.

"Gavin, take a lesson from a 'real' man," Ari says sounding like an obsessed fan to his stepson, about this mysterious man, "this man knows how to work a cock, an ass and his own glorious tool. Look, learn and listen."

Gavin smirks at the suggestion from his stepfather but his eyes never cease their connection with what Jake is doing, Gavin is paying apt attention to this blue-collar plumber.

Jake slaps my thrust-out ass, as he steps behind me, rubbing his agile fingers over the hairiness of my sopping wet crack.

I feel his strength and power in his rough hand-swat and skilled fingers.

Gavin is on my right.

Ari is on my left.

Their identical cocks, father and stepson, mock me with their equally magnetic poled charms.

Men stand at full attention in my face, their hard cocks, a breath away from my anticipated mouth, as I am bent on the permanently placed stationary bench in the corner of the patio under a light.

"Junior has a nice cock, too, Ari," Jake says, "The apple doesn't fall to far from the fur-tree, does it, if y'all shared the same genetic tree."

"The boy likes the 'pussy', more than I do, Jake, "Ari says, "...but he said his roommate was hot and had been lusting after him for several years. He knew he could be shared, once he saw what 'daddy' his 'stepdaddy' had to offer."

"I like cock, too, step-daddy dearest," Gavin says, "...but I am more selective about who I get it from, pussy is just easily available to me on a regular basis."

"You mean thrown at you," I interject myself into this parental conversation.

"Ain't that the shit, man," Gavin says as he and I do the 'high five' in our usual fashion while I am splayed about, waiting for the next round.

Gavin brushes my back, rubbing the rippled muscles fingers over my tensed back, seductively, to let me know, I matter too, that I have been important to him for a long time.

I like Gavin's arrogance, it is one of his most attractive attributes, well, that, and that wonderfully long and thick cock that dangles, ever so inviting between his legs in my face. He smells wonderful too, of sweat, of the recent fucking of my ass before his dear ole (step)dad joined in when he arrived.

"So are you gonna quit with the lip service and fuck me, plumber, you have wanted too, since you first saw me?"

"OH THE FUCK YEAH!" Jake yells to the world.

"Suck me, Buck, while Jake plugs that tight moist hole, "Ari says as he shoves his stiff cock into my saliva-soaked mouth. I almost gag from his girth but it is not the cock in my mouth that takes my breath away but the sudden entry of the plumber's cock being forcibly stuffed in my tight compact ass.

"Buck has already been fucked by me and the boy, here, now it's your turn, Jake," Ari says, "Show'm what good feels like. What, you, feel like and 'you' feel good, I know, that cock of yours has worked its magic on my hole, countless times."

"Yes, it has, since the first time I fucked you in your office downtown, while my ex-wife and her attorney were in the Conference Room waiting, impatiently, for us," Jake says, "You got fucked by me and you fucked her over with your legal expertise."

"That was the best fuck, dangerous," Ari says, "it got my juices flowing before I tore your exes case to smithereens."

"TAKE THIS, BOY!" Jake says as he rams me, hard, with his unleashed cock.

I squeal as Jake pierces the veil of my already twice-fucked man-ass-flesh.

Jake shoves his cock into my hole, filling me, the lube of the previously supplied spit-lube, cum and already apparent supplied man-juice, making his plunge, easier, but not any less invasive.


I scream as I am being consumed by his cock, the third cock of the day, I am these men, these three, I am their BUTT-SLAVE, bottom-boy, willing participate to their ravenous lust filled appetites.

Jake eases once more in to my ass, with another forceful plunge. Stopping once, he is buried up to his pubes in my ass. Letting my muscles tighten ever so gently around his enlarged tool, as I adjust to him, letting me grow more comfortable with his 'fulfillment'. His bushy pubes tickle me, as he rests, stops, in my expanded butt.

My ass is hairy, as I do not shave it, as Gavin shaves his, I believe, I could be wrong, he shaves everything else. Why not his ass? The mental picture of that, excites me, at the men surrounding me and the one, cock, deep inside me.

I am the natural son of a worker, a working physical man, much like the man who has taken up residence in my severed ass. Years of hard work has fashioned this man's body, as it does my father's, who is a farmer.

His hands are calloused and worn as they brush across the muscled roundness of my plugged posterior. Their roughness excites me, as I know what hard work it takes to get a man's hands to that condition.

My prostate is stimulated, too, as he 'sits' in my hole.

I am leaking, as the stimulation has awakened my seed-feeder, again.

The plummets continue from Jake in my ass.

A steady thrusting, back and forth, of his tool in my ass is exhilarating.

Slow, steady fillings of his cock, keeps me on a bated edge.

A sigh crosses my lips at each exit of his swelled cockhead from my ass. Jake is even thicker than the father-stepson pair, whose cocks occupy my line-of-sight and my mouth.

I feel a hand on the roof of my head as I am being forced to swallow the attorney's cock. I gurgle it, as he did on mine.

I do not withdraw but suck in the scent of his sweaty musky pubes into my nostrils.

"Hey, sonny-boy, Gavin, why doncha ya, suck on your roomies cock," Ari says, "I wanna see if you have gotten any better with your skill since last time I saw you in action."

Gavin looks at the man he calls father.

Does he want to do or not?

"Speak well, daddy," Gavin says, "you want to be taken seriously don't you?"

It is their father and stepson dramatic, not me, that is the issue between these two. It shifts as the wind from adoration to disgust.

I want him too. I have wanted him for a long time. I've been had by both.

Gavin releases his grip from his steel-hard cock, it points out like a drawn sword, unsheathed, it is almost as dangerous as that two-edged blade.

I feel the moist mouth of my hunky blonde roomie cover my hard cock.

I jerk at the added sensation of the men; it overtakes the other two being used for a short time.

I am in full sexual overload, as I am being fucked by a human power-tool. I am sucking a massive man-sausage and am being laboriously sucked by a human vacuum cleaner. I am being overwhelmed by the varying sensations being carried out on my open vulnerable body.

I am a human spit-roast and I like it.

I like it, a lot.

"The boy likes it, Ari," the plumber boasts as he slides in and out of my well-lubed re-lubed ass.

"What boy wouldn't," says Ari, "that cock of yours is magnificent."

"It looks like you and your stepson's. What is the difference?" the plumber asks.

"It is attached to you," Ari says, "that is what makes it special, Jake, what makes it worthwhile."

"Would Gavin let 'the plumber' fuck him?" Jake randomly throws out his inquiry.

Ari looks down to his stepson, who is pumping my cock with his mouth.

"Would you let 'the man' fuck you, Gavin?" Ari asks his stepson.

I feel the wet mouth of Gavin ease off my cock, then a gust of the cool morning air, overtake my wet hard cock.

"Sure," Gavin says, "I will let him fuck me. If I can fuck him, too."

"Hell, yeah, I'll let you fuck me, "Jake the plumber says, "I like to be fucked."

I feel Jake's cock swell up even more in my tight hole at the thought of the blonde-haired stud fucking his hole.

"I like this...but I am more concerned about myself right, now," I say, loudly, "I want to be fucked. You stopped, Jake, you have stopped."

"I want to double-fuck your ass, with someone," Jake the plumber says, "who is going to join me as I plug this boy's sweet ass. Have you ever been double fucked, boy?"

"No, I have not but I have wanted to be done so for the longest time," I say, "Are you two gonna do it?"

I look to Gavin and Ari, wanting them to be the first ones who DP me.

Gavin does not acknowledge my longing.

"Why'd don't you two fuck him," Gavin says, "I want to see you and Jake in action."

"You've seen me fuck before, stepson," Ari says.

"But I haven't seen you fuck, Buck, and I want to see that," Gavin says.

Jake slides his cock from my ass as I lean over the bench.

I gasp as he exits.

I am empty.

"C'mere, let me lick the juices from that shaft," I say to Jake as he stands with his hands on his hips.

I have removed my mouth from Ari's cock, my anal juices glistening from Jake's sturdy 10-incher as it flaps in its hardness in my face.

I do not get a chance to lick 'me' from his shaft.

"Get your lubed ass up, boy, so I can lay down, "Jake orders me from my kneeling-like position on the bench.

As I lift my 'over-exercised' body from the hardness of this stationary place, its weariness, stretched and manipulated by the likes of 30+ inches of male anatomy over the pass few hours. My ass 'sighs' from its un-filled-ness.

Now, it is going to be expanded even more by the likes of an anticipated double penetration.

"Who is going to lie down, again?" I ask.

"I am," Jake says as he strokes his cock, which is covered in my juices, "I've already said so."

I lean down, finally, and suck a droplet of his expelled cream that condenses on the head of his glistening cock. I taste him and myself with the swallowing of his savory seed.

"What are you waiting for," I say, "lay your ass down, so I can mount you."

I look at the trio of naked men that surround me in their bare splendor.

Gavin is my college roommate, twenty-two, blonde-haired, shaven body, lean, muscled, and blessed with a 10-inch cock that resembles his stepfather's cock remarkably well. He is a wild man between the sheets and fucks like one, too. I have been in lust for him, for a few years, now. Now, maybe, I am in love with him, I believe, I am not sure but I know I could be.

Ari Poole is his father, excuse me, stepfather, a lawyer, writer, tall, dark and handsome with subtle hints of an Italian heritage, an obvious 5 o'clock shadow, which enhances his exotic features, which make him all the more desirable, he is blessed with a 10-incher, too, between his legs. Where his stepson is a wild man in the sack, he is slow, methodical in his 'love-making' working you up slowly, letting the passions built with each hammered thrust of his cock.

Jake, the plumber, he is the surprise, the 'tempter' he leers at you and beckons you with his alluring gaze. He is blue-collar, a man with a fierce determination about him because of the work he does, he is not a whipped pussy of a man nor does he want any. He hungers for cock, the cock that dangles between his legs, his gracious tormentor, and the cock he sees daily from the rough and tumble men, he works along side. Like the two men who stand naked beside him, he has 10-inches of man-meat between his hairy thighs. His head, bare, as a newborn babies bottom, shiny bright in the overhead lights that glisten his slick cranial dome.

These are the men that have sampled my wares, these past few hours, and the men who are going to plunge once more into the dark recess as a unified whole.

"UHH, C'MON, DOUBLE-FUCK ME, GUYS, ROUGH. I WANT COCK, NOW!" I yell out on this misty Sunday morn while we stand in the moonlit glow by the pool.

"Lay down, Jake," Ari says, "let him ride you."

Jake does as Ari suggest, his cock, still aglow with my flowed juices, which are slowly making their way down his shaft like an erupting wet volcano spilling its earthly magma.

"Mount him, Buck, face Jake," Ari says, "let yourself be filled with his overwhelming greatness."

"Where are you gonna be, daddy?" I ask Ari.

"I am gonna take up position in your ass, "Ari says, "once Jake starts fucking you, I will slide myself cock in, gentle-like. We will assault that hole of yours like it has never been impaled before. Then I will show you, I can be a ravaging beast in the sack."

"What about me, 'daddy'? Where am I?" Gavin says, wondering where his part maybe.

"Why don't you stand over the hunky plumber's mouth and let him work his magic tongue on that sweet hole, I have been told you have one. Jake is 'Rim Master Supreme', his tongue works miracles. Trust me."

We get into positions, it is awkward, at first, because of my lack of DP inexperience, but Ari and Jake is patient with me, as I get to where I need to be while Ari shoves his readied cock in to my already filed hole by Jake.

It is not a comfortable position until I get that first cock, rammed into my hole, Jake's cock slides in easily into my already lubed up, ass.

"OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!" I scream, LOUDLY, as Jake is filling man-machine, consuming me as I have never been before.

My sighs, my moans fill the quiet stillness of the pool.

"C'mere boy," Jake says as he moans slightly as he responds to the tightness between him and Ari in my hole.

"Who me?" Gavin says.

"Yeah, you stepson," Ari says, "Do what the man says."

"What?" Gavin says, with slight annoyance because he is not the center of this little sexcapade.

"Stand over my face, boy, "Jake says, "I want to lick your sweet hole."

Gavin does as he is told, finally, placing his ass, directly into the nose hairs of the plumber.

"The boy has some hair, down here," Jake says, happily, "Glad to see he hasn't shaved it all away."

"I am glad," Ari says, "A man needs something to mark himself as a man and hair is the thing."

"What about 'cock'?" Gavin says, "Nothing speaks volumes about masculinity more that this piece."

Gavin grips and flings his cock about, while cupping his refilled ball sacs with cream, after his spend load from earlier was dumped in my ass as Jake eats up his ass.

In my ear, Gavin, his ass, being lapped up by the 'skill' of Jake's marvelous tongue, he grabs my head, kissing me, forcing me, tighter, onto Ari's and Jake's, the dynamic duo's, rammed cocks in my ass.

The sexual sensations, being bombarded in all of my orifices, which have my body, alight with natural electricity.

"OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!" is all I can say, almost screaming, as my body is on fire with these massive members plunging in, stretching me, into my ass in synchronized synchronicity.

I am in ecstasy overwhelmed with these two men's vaulted sexual skills on my feeble little tightly stuffed ass, filled with abundance of 20+ inches of man-meat.

They ease in slowly, Jake's cock, stationary, rubs the delicate underside of my double-stuffed ass, while Ari's cock, rides the topside of Jake's cock, like the Chunnel train in Britain, and the many passengers that ride those rails, I am another rider on their personal duo cock-train.

The dual piston action of their two rapidly moving cocks in my packed ass produces power for my unseen motor, my sexual dynamo. I suppose my cock-filled ass is the 'little engine that could' as I am making it uphill filled with these men.

The sounds, the wet sounds, of hard cocks, ramming into my squishy ass, resonates throughout the misty air of this Sunday morning, along with my moans and groans and those of Gavin, as he is licked to distraction.

Jake squeals and Ari grunts as each work their maneuvers in my ass.

This is the deepest I have been filled, it keeps me so revved up that I feel my eyes roll back in head as Ari thrust his fabulous 10-inches into my hole.

"OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!" the words sling forth from my mouth, uncontrollably as they continue with their machinations.

"They feel good roomie?" Gavin asks me as Jake suckles on the tiny wisp of fuzz that line his ripe ass. His cock points out from his thigh, dangling within a few scattered inches from my own cock.

"UH HUH! THEY FEEL FUCKING AWESOME!" I exclaim as Ari rams his pulsating cock in my ass.

"I AM GONNA CUM!" Jake yells out as I feel his seed coat my dark inner walls.

"OH SHIT! OH SHIT! SO AM I?" responds Ari as his seed shoots from his cock, I feel his cock pulse as 'he' is expelled into my already seed-filled hole.

The seed of both men lube my ass so much that my prostate gets a signal to my balls that my load erupts from my ball-sacs, coating Gavin pubes and cock in my man-juice.

It is then he reaches and uses my natural lube to jack his cock, expelling his seed onto my hairy pubic nest.

"OH SHIT!" we all say as we slip into euphoric ecstasy-fueled stupor state that men catch themselves in, once that have released that essence that makes them, men.


A glimmer of light hits me squarely in the face where I sit, with these three men. It comes from the east, from the direction of the State Capitol, Tallahassee, as the sun slowly begins to brighten this 'day of worship', of which I do not believe, have not believed in for a long time, despite my church upbringing.

A father, his stepson and a blue-collared plumber named Jake occupy chairs across from me on this foggy Sunday morning, where we sit around the pool as a mist gently rises from it.

I am sleepy, I am tired. Worn-out. Spent.

I guess they are too. It has been a long exhaustive night, physical exertions by all who are gathered here.

Who will sleep with whom?

I wonder.

"You ready for bed, Jake?" Ari asks his dark haired blue-collared naked man as he brushes his hand across the plumbers matted and sweaty chest hair, tweaking his nipples as he plays with them in front of us, traveling to his ass-cream covered somewhat flaccid cock that hangs between the plumbers 'man-spread' legs.

I guess that answers my unspoken question.

"You ready to sleep, too, stud?" Gavin asks me as he fondles my cock in front of his stepdad and Jake.


"Good night, y'all," Gavin says as he stands.

"Good night, Gavin, "Ari says, "Good night, Buck. Y'all boys behave yourselves, now."

"Good night," I say as I squint from the sun in my tired weary eyes.

I need sleep.

Two young bucks, Gavin with his hand resting lazily over my shoulder and the two mature 'daddies' in close proximity to the one another, we walk in separate directions, in our pairs, after hugging each other. Limp cocks brush against each other as the 'good-bye' are said, but it is time for bed.

Playtime is over.

"Wait!" Gavin says as he stops in his tracks.

"What?" I say.

"Dad, would you mind if Jake sleeps with me, "he says, "...and Gavin sleeps with you?"

This is what I wanted to hear but I maintained my silence and my underlying hidden enthusiasm. I do that. I know once we get back to Tallahassee, I will get all I want from Gavin, I need to get all of Ari, while I can.

"Sure, if it's okay with Jake," 'daddy' Ari says as he leers at me with raised eyebrows and a rapidly growing cock.

Jake nods his head.

End Part Four of Four and the Conclusion of this set of stories entitled, Uhh!

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