"Uhh, Boy!" I say.

"You are hardly a boy, Buck, you are one damned fine specimen of a man."

"Uhhm, Mr. Poole, is that you?" I say sheepishly to the person lurking in the shadows.

"Quite an impressive cock and ass, you have there, Buck," the man says, "it's a pity you are here by yourself, oh, wait, I have arrived."

He steps from the shadowy depths of the darkened driveway, I see him, in the scattered patches of available light.

"It is you," I say, "Mr. Poole, I see."

"Yeah, boy, it's me," he says gruffly as his roughly handles, fondling, the obvious growing erection in his grey dress slacks, as he emerges into the light, "where's Gavin?"

"An old girlfriend called him."

"Which one?" he asks.

"He didn't say," I tell him.

"So he's out, on one of his 'fucks', I guess?"

"Yep," I answer, "One of many, he gets plenty of pussy."

"I know, he always has, you want my son's cock, too, uhh, doncha Buck?"


He stares, rather intently at me, still stroking his stiffening cock, through his expensively crafted slacks, as he makes his way toward me, where I am standing, with my raging hard-on, pointing out, quite dastardly from my fur patch between my legs.

"Don't you?"

He rests his hand on the cock-crown head of his dick, through his pants, intently rubbing it, shaking, as his testosterone builds up in his lean muscled body.

I feel the formation of sap, rise, deep from within my fully loaded balls, slowly forming a droplet of man-cream over the head of my cock, as it leaks from the depths of my balls, into the canal-fed piss-slit.

I dab my finger in my released man-sap, bringing it to my lips and swallowing it.

"Yeah, I do," I answer Mr. Poole, hesitantly, at first, before I blurt out, "I have wanted his cock since the first saw it."

Ari licks his lips in time with me, mirroring the action of my self-liquid cum-tasting. He roughly squeezes his rather impressive bulge in the slick grey slacks.

"Call me Ari, Buck," he says, "I feel like we are about to get to know each other rather, intimately."

"Me, too," I respond, accordingly.

He loosens his expensively tailored red tie, tossing it aside, it falls into the landscaped flowerbed that circles the pool. He begins slowly unbuttoning his pressed white dress shirt, revealing a thick but expertly trimmed bed of chest hair, beneath his tailored shirt. I see where Gavin inherited his lean muscled frame.

His dad is blessed, too, quite blessed.

I wish Gavin did not shave his chest, I think to myself, I imagine he would be just as fur-lined as his handsome dad.

Ari squats at my feet, taking the full length and girth of my cock, into his sopping wet, waiting mouth, swallowing it down to my unkempt bushy pubes. I feel his warm spit coat my swelled cock, wetting my fur-covered balls as some of it escapes from my mouth as he struggles, to hold all of me, in his steaming hot mouth.

I feel my cockhead hit the roof of his warmly heated mouth.

"UHHH, DAMN!" I exclaim as I am being expertly tickled wholly by his oral prowess.

I grab the back of his head, with both hands, pushing him down, making him gag on my extended cock.

He chokes on my engorged 9" inch cock.

Spit spills from the both sides of his mouth, as he is forced to gargle me and my juices against his tonsils.

I grow even harder in his mouth at the excitement of him struggling against me, trying to swallow me, whole.

He grabs both of my hands, removing me with such tremendous force, that I am surprised by his harsh roughness.

"What the fuck?" he shouts at me, as he stands, forcefully shoving me onto the nearest table, on the deck, where the two-longneck bottles, sat, from earlier, crashing to the concrete, violently, shattering.

Ari glares at me.


There is hunger in his eyes, sexual overwhelming hunger in his dark eyes.

I see anger, something, in his brown eyes, which excites me, or is it pent-up passionate desire?

"I want your ass," he demands as he roughly slaps his manicured hand across my exposed backside.

I bend down, spreading my flesh-cheeks, exposing, opening my hole for him.

"You like?"

"Man-ass, yes, I wanna eat you, rim you," Ari says, "...and FUCK YOU, it's not shaved, I like that even more. I want it."

"C'mon, do it, daddy," I enticingly beckon him by clenching and unclenching my butthole, which excites me, even more.

"Can your hole take this?" Ari says as he forces his grey slacks down, along with his tightly packed designer cock-insinuated dark briefs.

"Black bikini's briefs, why am I not surprised?" I say, "Drop'm, daddy. Let me see that damned cock of yours, which I know is extraordinary."

The shapely bulge of his bikinis is a tease as to what lays concealed within the cotton-blended confinement.

Ari grabs both sides of the underwear, slowly lowering them, his half-hard mixed Italian heritage, apparent in his 10" inch sausage perks to rapt attention once the black curtain is pulled back from his showpiece.

My mouth is noticeably agape; I have seen this cock before.

I know it, from observation, only.

A droplet of spittle escapes from the corner of my opened mouth, as I am awe-struck by him and his meat.

The wonderful and glorious meat, I see.

His cock is as impressive as the exterior shell of his public barrister persona. I prefer the man before me now, more, as he slowly reveals himself to me, his unencumbered naked self.

His pants and briefs gathered around his ankles, vulnerable and enticing in his nakedness.

"DAMN! Now I know where Gavin got his impressive piece of meat, "I say, "YOU!"

Ari's cock is a mature representation of Gavin's much younger, less experienced, cock-tool. This man is experienced, a wisp of expertly trimmed dark fuzz circles his tool. The veins, which are noticeably pronounced along his length, show use and I am sure, has been used it, a lot.

"You like cock, too, doncha, Mr. Poole," I say, "excuse me, Ari, you like cock, too, uhhh."

I smirk with my response to him. I know the answer, already.

"Every since high school when I played football, Bucky," he says, saying my name playful-like, "my Coach and I fucked around like rabid dogs whenever we got a chance, the man was magnificent as you are, young Buck."

"I fucked around with my high school football coach too, Ari," I say, enthusiastically, "I thought I was the only one who did a thing like that, no one could compare to Coach Walker, either, he was a skilled cocks-man too, oh, yes, he was."

"Gavin said you played football in high school, why'd you quit?" Ari asks as he strokes his cock while he asks me questions.

"I played football because my dad wanted me, too, not because I wanted to," I say, "...but because of Coach Walker's added interest in me, I stayed longer than I intended to. The Coach's robust 11-inch cock was a definitive incentive."

"11-inches, mmm?" Ari asks.

"Yes," I answer, happily, "11-inches of fuckable goodness...and man could the Coach fuck, he tore up my young spry little ass every chance he could."

"You are one lucky Buck, aren't you," Ari says with another play on my name, "I have 10-inches that can tear up that ass of yours, too."

"I have no doubt," I say, "10-inches of your goodness is welcome in my hole, anytime."

Ari surveys my body as he expresses his desires while still stroking his impressive piece.

"You are built like an oak, I bet you were good at football," he says, "Your cock ain't too bad either, son."

He laughs after he makes his comment about my cock.

"I was," I say, "but my heart wasn't in it. My dick was though. My dick and ass liked the attention, it got from the Coach."

I stroke my cock as I turn and stand before him, this late Saturday night.

"I thought you were in college on a scholarship."

"I am but it's an academic one and not an athletic," I explain, "I thought you were gonna munch on my ass, why are you still talking?"

I lean back on the table, waiting for him.

He gets down on his knees, again, using his strong fingers to part my waiting dark canal so he can begin getting busy slurping the juices there, loosening me up for his eventual entry, I hope.

I feel his tongue ease between the flesh-folds of my ass, sinking deeper with each plunge.

He takes each strand of my fur-lined hole, licking each of them and their produced juices, into his mouth, savoring my sweet aromatic offering.

"That's it, daddy," I moan.

I gasp, loudly, as he manipulates me with his skilled tongue.


I jerk, violently, with each steady manipulation.

I buck against him as the wetness of his extended tongue massages my ass.

"How's that boy?" Ari asks as his rises from my moistened butt, I see his shadowed 5 o'clock bearded face glistening with the wetness of my released anal juices.

My cock grows even harder at the sight of my own essence on the 'daddies' face.

"You gonna fuck me?"

I beg.

I plead.

"Yes," he answers, flatly.

Ari steps out of his gathered-up pants and expensive loafers. He slings the shirt from his body onto the cement of the pool area.

"Not yet," he moans as he licks his lips, "but I will, soon, real soon."

He is completely naked, now, his cock, jets out prominently from his trimmed furry pubes, the hint of Italian, apparent in his genetics. The dark exterior is the explanation, enough, well, that, and his Italian grandmother from remembered conversations with Gavin.

I turn from being facedown on the table to see him, standing in his bare-assed naked erected glory.

He is stroking his cock, again, as he works his hand up the full length of its swollenness.

The pre-cum is leaking, drip after drip, as it is being produced with each glide of his hand. He wipes it over the head of his cock, smearing what he is excreting from his balls.

He moves.

Placing his naked ass in one of the chairs that surround the table, he continues to stroke his cock, while licking his lips in front of me.

"C'mere, Bucko," he orders, playfully, "plant your ass on my stiff dick."

I feel my ass moisten-up from his words, with each step, I near him, I hear the squishing sound of it, as it readies, for his eventual entry.

"Do you want it?"

I mouth, 'yes' without any audio.

He responds, likewise, with 'good' minus any volume, too.

He nods his head.

Smiling, inviting me, as he grips his cock harder with another forceful stroke. Another droplet of pre-cum, forced out from the pressure of his rhythm.

I take it with my fingers and bring it to my lips. He is salty, strong, with a slight hint of alcohol in his seminal fluid. Another droplet escapes from his swelled member.

"My son knows you want him, Buck," Ari says.

I stop; his words paralyze me in my tracks.

"Uhh, what?"

"You talk in your sleep, Buck," Ari informs me.

I do not respond.

"You heard me, you talk in your sleep," he says, "your wet dreams betrayed your lust for my son, he told me. He heard you."

"What?" I exclaim.

"He told me," He says, "it's why he wanted you to move into the condo with him, he wanted to tease you. Tempt you."

I say nothing but it excites me knowing that Gavin knows my secret, which is no longer a secret, I know, now.

"Boy's tell their fathers a lot," he says, "like how many notches he has added to his sexual-conquest belt."

I tell my father nothing; it just goes to show you, the difference between my family life and Gavin's.

I snap back to reality, my goal, pointing out, Eiffel Tower-like between Ari's outstretched legs.

"Are you going to fuck me, Ari?"

"Yes," he says, as he strokes his hard cock, where he sits, "C'mere, boy."

I do not argue, I do not fuss.

I comply.

I turn around, backing up to sit on this standing erect tool.

"Not too fast, Bucko," he says, "I gotta get you ready."

"I am ready," I exclaim, "I want your cock in my ass."

"You aren't yet," he says, "...but you will be."

I feel the scruffiness of his growing beard as it rakes across the tenderness of my ass-crack, again, as he did earlier, while I leaned on the table.

My cock jumps, spurting out a gob of pre-cum as a hushed whispered moan escapes from my mouth at the sensitivity caused by his beard-shadowed face.

"I want that cock, Ari," I yell out as my voice echoes through the darkened landscape, "I am tired of waiting for it."

Ari laughs and then, laughs some more.

His arrogance, like his son's, excites me and fuels my desires.

Ari strokes his 10-inch thick cock as he laps up my juices and munches, rims, my ass.

I feel the strong hands of Ari grip my hips, raising me from his skilled lips on my ass. My cock jumps at the realization that I may soon feel him, soon, inside me.

A sharp pain shoots through my body as I feel the rounded head of Ari's cock graze the entrance to my ass. It slowly spreads my ass, gently, as the force of nature takes over.

I eject a dollop of pre-cum from my piss-slit as the excitement builds from his tender touch and entry.

I feel gravity take over as his cock disappears into my ass as I slide down his hardened tool. He fills me, fully, with his thickness, as he plugs me.

The bump and grind and the 'oil-rigging' he is doing of me in my ass is what I imagine his endowed son would do, too. He is slow, rhythmic, in his thrust, using his many years of experience to keep me, riveted.

Ari is slow, deliberate, as he works my ass with his hard cock. With each thrust, each crescendo, he works me toward my eventual climax. I feel his cock, grow, getting larger as his own climax builds too. Each hammered thrust bumps my swelled prostate, exciting me, more.

"You feel so damned good," I say as I once again, lower myself down upon him.

"I AM GONNA CUM!" Ari shouts out, loudly, over the quiet hushed stillness of the pool.

That was faster than I expected. I figured he would last longer.

I feel him empty his full balls into my ass.

He heaves, his body rocks, shakes, quivers, as his spent up passions are dumped, happily, in my ass.

He grows soft inside me, as I stand, feeling him, his essence, drip, from my anal-cavity.

"Whoa, Bucko, it has been a while since I have fucked such a tight little ass, like yours, I came way to fast," he explains, almost embarrassed,"...but there will be more fucks between us before this weekend is over, I am sure. I guarantee it."

He leans in, to sop up his escaping DNA, from my ass, taking himself, back onto his tongue, then into his belly.

"No problem, 'daddy' I can guarantee we are not done," I say, "far from it."

I do not cum, I continue to leak juice from my still hard, unspent-loaded cock and from my ass, as his spunk, drips down the inside of my leg.




"What's that?"

"The gate," Ari says as he licks more of his cum from my once-plugged ass, "it must be Gavin."

"You think, it's him?" I ponder.

"Yes, it's him, who else would it be. I best get myself inside, it would not be good for him to catch the both of us, like this," Ari says as he hastily gathers up his scattered clothing," I'll see you, later, Buck."

I kiss Ari hard on his cum-soaked scented lips, tasting his sweet man-cream, in the 5 o'clock beard of his dark masculine face. He darts, through the back door, into his house, his ass, looking ever so inviting, soon a light comes on in the upstairs bedroom of the large spacious house. He stands in the large open window with a phone to his ear, he is on some important call, I imagine.

I dive into pool, washing out the milky white man-cream of Gavin's studly endowed dad.

As I surface, Gavin is standing, where his dad had been, only minutes earlier.

"You, in the pool again?"

"Yeah, it relaxes me and my body."

"You are still naked?" he asks, "My dad didn't see you, did he? He doesn't like for anyone to skinny-dip, in here," he tells me.

"No, your dad, didn't see me," I lie, "I stayed hidden beneath the surface of the water when he arrived. He said 'hi' and bolted like lightning into the house."

"He must have dropped this, then," Gavin says as he holds up his dad's red tie, "It was in the flowerbed, I guess he was in a hurry. You broke the beer bottles, too. I see."

Gavin glares at me, making me uncomfortable, instantly.

"I need a shower," Gavin says, "I smell like a girl's pussy."

"I bet."

"What do you smell like, Buck?" Gavin says to me as he glares angrily at me, before he walks into the open door of the guesthouse.

I want to say, chlorine but I do not utter a word as he disappears into the guesthouse.

My mouth is agape, again, although for a different reason.

I am flabbergasted.

Does he know? How could he?

I walk up the steps of the shallow end of the pool, the water runs down the length of my body. My wet footprints mark my path from the pool to the threshold of the guesthouse.

I look to the back of the main house and up to Ari's room, he still stands in the window, naked, leering down at me. His cock, now flaccid, dangles vicariously between his legs. His mouth forms a smile, before he hastily closes the curtain, to be seen, no more.

I hear the shower from the bathroom, inside the guesthouse and walk toward it.

Gavin stands under the spray, his hair soaped-up with the blue dandruff shampoo, the excess, running in soapy tiny white bubbles down the bulging muscled frame of his shaved chest, back and legs. He washes his face with the added soap, running his hands over the folds of his flesh, working the soap into the seen and unseen cracks and crevices of his exposed flesh.

I feel my cock, liven up, again, as I rest on the front of the bathroom sink, observing the man-show in front of me, as I am voyeur into his private world, once again.

I did not shoot my load when Ari fucked me.

I still need to.

I gently stroke my cock as I watch Gavin under the shower spray.

"Was she good, Gavin?"

He turns, seeing my erection, caused, because of him and the exertions of his father.

"Yes, she was," he says, "but she always was."

I see his eyes lock onto my erection.

"Just so you know, my dad has a lover housed in a condo down on Orange Beach," he tells me, "He represented the man in his divorce. The man was accused of infidelity with another man. It was what my dad had been waiting for, an opportunity. So, he took it."

I stare back at Gavin as he relates this unsuspecting news to me.

The strength of my cock wanes as it responds to this added new shock.

I do not like being a second. Who does?

"You are not his first, Buck," he says.

I say nothing.

The silence is deafening.

It is smart that I not acknowledge anything he says.

"That's none of my business, Gavin," I say, "...but thanks for sharing. I am going to fix myself a sandwich. I am hungry, again. Do you want one?"

My cock deflates, slowly, as the magic moment has seemingly passed.

I wanted to entice Gavin, so he could finish what his dad started.

"Do you want one? Do you want a sandwich, Gavin?"

He does not answer me.

I walk from the bathroom making my way to the kitchen, still nude.

My waning cock flops, it dangles as I walk.

Did I handle that well? I wonder.

"Fix me one too, I am starving," Gavin yells from the bathroom, "Gotta get my damned energy back."

His tone seems lighter, now, not so serious.

Gavin walks into the kitchen, his wet towel, in hand, used to dry the water from his body. His cock flops about, too, with each step he takes.

At the sight of his nakedness, I long for the touch and penetration of his father's identical-sized cock back inside my ass, again.

Gavin's too.

I need to cum.


"Gavin?" I ask, questionably.


"Does your mom know about the man at Orange Beach?" I ask.

"Yes, she knows," he says, "my mom isn't visiting my grandmother, either, she is seeing her boyfriend."


"You heard me, Buck," he says, "my family is such a farce; it's all a business arrangement between those two."

I put down my knife, which I was using to slice both of our sandwiches in half.

"You are shitting me, aren't you?" I say, "This is a joke."

"No, I am not," he says, "its true. Not everyone has a family like yours. A happy contented one."

I place Gavin's sandwich on a napkin and give it to him and take it to the table where he sits, taking a seat nearest him at the side.

He sits at the head of the table.

"Thanks," he says, "Did my dad fuck you, Buck?"

He eyes show intensity of the question he poses before me.

He doesn't know I know about his 'game' with me, though. He doesn't know, I know, he knows, my secret.

I lust for him.

I fondle my cock under the table at the notion of this. I feel myself growing hard, again. His dad, the mere thought of him, excites me, too, because I have had him in my ass, while Gavin is still an unrealized desire.

He looks at me, again, with a serious light in his eyes.

I keep my defenses up, though.

I look away and do not answer. I would rather say nothing and make him wonder than to answer and confirm his suspicions.

Gavin takes a healthy bite out of his ham and cheese sandwich.

A drop of mayonnaise is left on the corner of his mouth.

I reach up and wipe with my fingers.

He grabs my hand as the mayo now rests on my lone fingertip.

"Did my dad fuck you, Buck, I will not ask you again?"

I feel my hole moisten up from his unwelcome unsolicited inquiry.

I want to yell in his handsome blonde face, "YES! YES! HE DID."

I say, nothing.

I tighten my ass, squeezing it at the memory of his dad's prior fucking, less than an hour earlier.

I yank my hand away from his forced grip.

I feel my body grow flush with anxiety and stress at his continuing interrogation.

Gavin leans back in his chair, 'manspreading' his legs. His cock falls down onto the chair, in its flaccidness. His brings his arms to either side of his head, exposing the one place on his body with fuzz, his pits. Throwing the towel to the floor, I breathe in his clean refreshing smell, the scent of his masculinity. His light blonde haired pits excite me as does being in his naked presence.

I cannot keep my eyes off his cock.

His cock.

It jumps.

...and jumps again.

A slight twitch.

It is becoming a living, breathing one-eyed monster.

He slowly starts to stiffen. The blood fills it, his veiny member.

It engorges and grows erect in front of me.

His cock is identical to his dad.

"Do you like it?" Gavin says as he spreads his legs, wider.

It reminds me of his father, oh boy, does it remind me of his father.

I would love to have both men fuck me, in unison.

End Part Two

Look for Part Three with a story entitled, Uhh, What!



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