I would always run into the same UPS man delivering packages since I was always on the road with my plumbing van. I remember his name was Rocky ,an Italian American in his late forties. Everytime I ran into him we would exchange pleasantries such as ¨How´s it going or How´s it hanging.änd he would always give me a stare that made me completely uncomfortable almost like his was undressing me right on the street. After experiencing many of these impromptu meetings  I knew exactly what he had on his mind.

   One day, I was servicing that plumbing for  a suite of lawyers in White Plains, N.Y.  It had bathrooms on each floor for men and women workers. One would have to ask for a key at the reception desk  on each floor for access to these bathrooms. I was working on the second floor in the men´s bathroom servicing the plumbing and  I heard a key turning the lock. I quickly said this bathroom is out of service for at least a half hour. The voice that responded to me was somehow familar. It was Rocky dressed in his brown UPS uniform who entered. Rocky said he had to take a wicked piss and asked if he could use the urinal next to the one I was servicing. I said no problem continuing to work trying to act nonchalant. He said ¨We were always somehow running into each other.¨ I saw him unzip the zipper to his brown pants tugging out a huge uncut cock. I must admit I was curious  and gave side glances from where I was working probably  a foot from where he was standing. I heard a torrential stream of urine splash against the white china of the urinal . ¨I said  you really had to take a piss didn´t you.¨He responded by saying ¨he had been holding his piss until he found a bathroom where he could relieve himself. As he shook the excess drips of urine from the head of his cock, he continued standing there shaking his cock. I looked at his face and watched as his gaze  went down to his lengthening cock. I was on my knees as he turned toward me. Rocky took a step in my direction and said ¨How would I like to help him out with a growing problem¨ holding his stiffening cock in his hand. ¨I  said what if someone comes in .¨Änd he said there were only two sets of keys that I had one and he had the other, so there would be no chance we would be disturbed. Rocky unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his pants bringing them down to his thighs. I felt my cock start to harden and watched as he brought his hard cock within inches of my face. I looked at his veined  member and the heavy hairy balls he possessed. I put my wrench down acknowledging that I wanted to suck him off. Rocky stood before and was rubbing his precum slimed cockhead against my closed lips til they opened easily with the slight pressure of his cockhead letting his cock in my mouth. I tasted right away the remnants of the piss he had just taken and the masculine musky taste of his hairy Italian shaft. My lips could feel the veins running on the outside of his cock as my stretched lips  slid down to his hairy balls.  Fully hard it was about a good eight and a half inches, a good size to suck since it was easily swallowable which I did to his heavy balls. I thought he was going to come right then and there but was glad he had total control of when he was going to give me his cum. I continued to service his uncut cock until he said to suck his balls. Being a ball guy I went directly to his low hanging balls covered in wiry hairs. I savored each ball separately within my mouth relishing their salty sweaty taste. I could see Rocky rocking back and forth on his heels as I went back to suck his cock. I had taken my cock out and was jacking off in unison to what I was doing to him. I kept taking his cock all the way to his balls anticipating the load he would reward me with. Rocky had huge balls and I could only imagine how much thick cream they contained.

   I told him let´s enter one of the stalls just in case someone had a spare set of keys and told him it would be unexplainabble having someone come in with his cock down my throat. I entered the stall and sat on the toilet. He entered behind me closing the door and latching it, which made me feel a little more secure. Secure in the fact if someone did come in I could lift my feet and it would appear only one person was inside. Rocky brought his swollen member to my open mouth and asked whether I was ready to take his load if cum. I  didn´t answer him but started to vigorishly suck his cock, letting him know I wanted only one thing ,his cum.Rocky started to feed me his cock ,thrusting the whole length of his cock in my mouth and down my throat. Each time I could feel his heavy balls strike my chin. I grabbed his calves which had begun to tremble in spasm like twitches. I looked up at his face and knew he was almost at the point to relinguish the contents of his balls. All of a sudden he shouted ¨faggot take my cum.¨I felt the first spurt from the cock fill my mouth to the brim making me having to spit or swallow. He had my head in a vice like grip so I had to swallow. It was great tasting thick cum that he was feeding me, filling my belly. After five or six spurts of cum he looked down at me and smiled,telling me I had done a great job. He took hold of his cock milking  the remaining cum from  its length into my waiting mouth. He quickly pulled up his pants and left, leaving me with a hard cock which I jerked off to the taste of his cum left in my mouth. The rest of the day I could taste his strong cum and even smell his masculine aroma of his musk where his crotch had smashed against my face.

    The next time I ran into him was when I was in a school doing some plumbing work. I was on my way to my van for a part when we bumped into each other. I immediately looked and smiled at his crotch letting him know I was more than willing to suck him off again. As I entered the school, he was exiting the main office and followed me to where I was working. As he entered the bathroom he was unleashing his already hard cock and said I would have to work fast. I knealt by the sinks as he brought his cock to my mouth. Within a minute I was enjoying a second load from his balls. It was over so fast that he said ¨ I had the hottest mouth his cock has ever felt, and hopefully next time we would have more time.¨

   The next time I ran into him was when I was at a private house. I noticed that he was in his truck parked in the street and he motioned me to come to his truck. Rocky said he had a weeks load of cream and asked whether I was interested. He opened the sliding door on the side of his van and  I entered. My heart was poundimg excited about what was going to happen. We walked back surrounded by undelivered packages. There was just enough room in the middle of his truck. He put his hands on my shoulders forcing me to kneel. He said to take his cock out. I unzipped his zipper and went inside and pulled out his already lengthening cock. I also brought out his heavy balls because I could watch them react while I sucked his cock. At times I would see the two orbs separate and rise which was a real turn on for me. Rocky said ¨Everytime since the blow job I had given him at the lawyers building he would fantasize he was fucking my tight ass or mouth  while he was fucking his wife.I responded ¨Why fantasize when you can have my ass right now.¨I asked if he had any rubbers and he said no I didn´t either. I told him he would have to fuck me bareback if he wanted my ass. He agreed and I started to suck his cock wanting to get it real hard before he entered my eager hole. When he was fully erect I got down on all fours and felt him behind me. He used some spit for my asshole and the head of his cock. As it entered he exclamed ¨I knew you would have a tight ass to fuck.¨He started to fuck my ass with  the eagerness of a male dog fucking a bitch. He grabbed my head and pulled it back treating me real rough as he pounded my ass with his cock. I was afraid that he was fucking me so hard that the truck was moving back and forth showing anyone watching from the outside what was obviously happening inside.  He said¨Are you ready to take my cum, faggot.¨I said ¨Give me all you got.¨ He started to bite my ear as he increased in tempo of him fucking my ass and all at once my ass was being flooded with his Italian spumante  so much that it started to leak out of my hole. After he came he eased himself out saying ït was a great fuck.¨ He said next time would I fuck his ass like he fucked mine and I said yes. Upon seeing my stiff cock before him he said¨ let´s do it now.¨ I told him to lay down on the bed of the truck and I put a package underneath his ass so I had full access to his hole. I spit on the head of my cock and entered his tight ass making him grimace in pain. I started to fuck him like he had fucked me with abandonment wanting nothing more to deposit my load within his nether regions of his ass. I brought his legs to rest on my shoulders as I thrust my cock into him making him gasp each time. I saw that his  cock had gotten hard again and  ordered him to jack his cock off still dirty from my ass. He fisted his cock til he was ready to cum. I felt his ass muscles start to milk my shaft as he splattered his load on his hairy Italian chest. seeing this made me cum and fill his ass. I collapsed on top of him until I could pull my cock from his hole. We quickly arranged our clothing so both of us could exit the truck like nothing had happened. 

   I still have fond memories of having sex with the UPS delivery man to this day. I sometimes wonder if he is still delivering package and maybe delivering his package to some lucky mouth or ass.  




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