Everyone at school knew about it, the next day at school. The fight between me and Lance and then Lance and Adam was the new hot topic at Haven High School.

People at this school really need to find a hobby, besides spreading over exagerated rumors about an event THEY WEREN"T EVEN AT!

With each passing day this school drives me even more crazy.

I was walking to class with Adam, he was walking next to me wearing a Black hoodie ,light blue jeans with white sneakers and wearing a flat billed hat backwards.

I was wearing a dark green sweater with dark blue jeans and black converse with my hair gelled up in my signature fauxhawk i still had the band-aid on my right cheek.

All we heard in the hallways walking to class were people talking and gossiping it was nothing but blah blah blahs.

A few people looked at us as we were walking down the hallway.

It seemed like everyone knew me and Adam became closer friends and I guess people were also surprised that someone like Adam would even stand up for me. I mean who wants to stand up for a gay kid anyway right?

Adam just kept walking with his head held high and with that calm nonchalant don't fuck with me or I'll fuck you up look on his face.

Alot of people are intimadated by that stare of his, I use to be one of those people too but than I got to know him and I mean I REALLY got to know him. This is the guy that saved me twice and the guy that I um well.....lost my virginity to.

"Lets get out of here." Adam said in his deep voice.

"Where to? We got class in like 5 minutes."

"Who cares anywhere is better than here."

I agreed with him, school is painful and awkward enough already, even more painful and awkward with people talking about you and making up wild assumptions about you.

"Where do you wanna go?" I asked him.


We exited the school and went to the parking lot. We got into the truck and just left school. In other words we just skipped school without giving it a second thought.

We drove for a little bit. I had no idea where we were going. I just sat in the passanger seat watching all the buildings trees and people go by like little blurs.

Haven is a small little town in Long Island New York. It's like a minature city with a park a huge lake in the middle of it and people lots of people.

I was born in California but I grew up here. The first people I met when my family and I moved here were Ellie and Richie and it was like..... friendship at first sight.

Ellie was always loud and happy and even back then she was cute now shes gorgeous and Richie was shy awkward and a momma's boy now he's on the football team with a decently built body........and still a momma's boy.

My life ,up until a couple of weeks ago was pretty normal and mundane I was close to my parents like I was close to Ellie and Richie. Thats when I decided to have this brilliant idea to come out to my family and then get rejected by them and oh yeah forced to come out of the closet to the whole football team you know because in football you don't keep secrets. What about those other athletes who are in the closet I'M NOT EVEN AN ATHLETE!!!!! Why do they get to keep their dirty little secret and I have to tell the world? Honestly it doesn't even matter anymore.

"Stop thinking so much."

My deep thinking was interupted by Adam's voice. I turned to look at him, he was facing the road in front of him.

"I'm not I'm just sitting here." I lied.

"Well I guess it's normal for you not to think." He said as he slowly gave an almost unoticable smirk.

"Jerk." I quickly said as I punched his shoulder.

His smirk was more noticable after I said that.

"So are we going back to the apartment?" I asked him.

"Nah you'll see." he said.

after a few minutes, we were entering the Haven Park.

"Why the park? " I asked Adam.

"Just cause.". He got out and opened my door for me like someone would.......on a date.

"uh thanks." I said blushing a little.

People were walking their dogs, running,jogging others were walking with families and friends, and some were holding hands with the ones they loved.

The park was something out of a painting huge trees lined up next to the pathways birds and squirrels scurried and flew through the park.

It's definetly more refreshing than being inside that stuffy school with stuffy people.

Adam and I walked closely next to eachother. It was a little breezy outside but with Adam radiating warm soothing heat it didn't feel so cold.

"How's your cheek does it still hurt?" Adam asked me.

"Nah it's better....how about you are you okay?"

He just shrugged.

We walked a little more in silence with people walking by.

"So I guess the whole school knows that you stood up for me."I said looking at the ground as I walked.

"Mmmhmm." Adam simply said.

"I understand if.....if you don't want to be seen around me at school."I said to him.

I saw Adam's facial expression he raised one eyebrow and gave me a puzzled look.

"I mean who wants to be seen hanging out with the gay guy right?"

"Shutup Goldman." Adam quickly and bluntly said.

Now I was giving him the puzzled look.

"I hang out with you because I want to. I honestly don't give a fuck what people think at school."Adam said facing forward

I smiled a little. I was glad to know that he didn't care being seen with me.

We walked a little more and then I said to him....

"You know sometimes I wish you could say more."

Adam then turned to look at me

"You don't say much at all I mean I know you keep to yourself and you don't really like to talk alot but.....I mean....."

Adam just kept looking at me waiting for what I was going to say next.

"With me I hope....I hope you know that...you can talk about anything, you don't have to hide anything."

Adam than stopped walking.

I stopped too and looked back at him hoping I didn't say anything wrong.

He was looking into my eyes and I was doing the same. His eyes said it before he did.

He just gave me a small but noticable smile.

And I gave him a bigger smile back.

we than continued walking.

as we were walking I than said to him.

"You know I'm not afraid of you anymore."

I looked at him and this time he was actually grinning and he said.

"You should be."

"Why?" I asked him

"You'll see tonight when we go to bed."

I laughed loudly

"Ha ha I'm not afraid of THAT either." Eyeing his pants

We walked a little more.

I felt warm being next to him I noticed all the couples holding eachothers hands

And All the sudden .....I really wanted to do the same....I wanted to hold Adam's hand right there in front of everyone.

I lightly tapped his hand.

As I slowly started wrapping my hand around his.................. he slowly moved his away.

"Not here." He said in a whisper

It felt like something stung my heart for a quick second.

"Why not?" I asked him in a low whisper feeling embarrassed.

"Just not here." Adam said.

I then stopped walking and Adam stopped also to look back at me.

"You know Adam one minute I can read you and the next I can't,like you keep sending these mixed signals. I don't even know what to think."

Adam was just looking at me.

"I'm not a fucking mind reader Adam. Honestly I don't even know if you give a damn or don't."

He kept looking straight at me with those calm green eyes.

"So which is it Adam do you give a damn or don't?"

Adam then looked at the ground I guess he was trying to figure out what he wanted to say but no words came out.

"I guess not." I said.

I then turned around to walk back to the truck trying very hard to hold back my tears.

"Justin...." Adam was trying to say but I just kept walking.



I sat in the truck looking at the buildings,trees and people going by like a blur but this time they were going by like a watery blur I cried silently in the passanger seat.

Adam just kept looking forward I guess he didn't know what to say.


There was an awkward silence in the apartment I sat on Adam's bed with my knees close to my chest.

Adam was on the balcony lifting weights.

an hour of silence went by when there was a knock at the door.

I got up and went to the door.

I opened the door and I literally thought I was going to get trampled

Ellie hugged me tightly and behind her I saw Kenny,Davey, Richie, Mitsuko and...... Janine?


Everyone just came up and greeted me at the door like they haven't seen me in forever.

While everyone was greeting me out of the corner of my eye I saw Janine standing shyly behind everyone.

Adam then came from behind me to see who was at his front door.

Everyone walked in Kenny and Davey were carrying bags of what seemed like food and drinks.

Mitsuko was carrying her laptop in a messanger bag.

Everyone was talking at once and it seemed like....we were going to have a party?

Adam didn't looked too entirely thrilled but he went along with it.

" Okay Mitsuko help me with the empanadas." Said Ellie

" The whats? Bitch I'm asian did you forget this?"

Davey had a back pack on he put it on the floor and pulled out a game system which happened to be a Wii and he started hooking it up to the tv which he brought out of the bedroom into the living room. (Without asking for permission)

Richie sat down the four boxes of pizza he was carrying on the kitchen table.

Adam and I just looked at eachother. Adam just shrugged at me and gave me a tiny smile even though I was still a little upset I smiled a bit too. Adam then gave me a quick pat on the back and went to help Davey with the game system.

After we ate all the pizza and empanadas that Ellie made, Richie, Kenny, Davey, and Adam started playing the game that was on the Wii.

Mitsuko was on the couch surfing through I-tunes and playing alternative music and Ellie was quickly washing dishes and I was helping her.

As I was washing dishes I saw Janine just standing on the balcony.

"Not that I have a problem or anything but why is Janine here?" I asked Ellie curiously

"I invited her." she said as she was rinsing a plate

"You sure she's ok being here with us I mean we never really hungout with her before."

"Yeah but you did save her life yesterday didn't you." said Ellie

"Well I mean I just stopped Lance from hitting her."

"Thats pretty much saving someone." Ellie said winking at me.

"Go talk to her." Ellie said.

"What do I say?" I asked her

"Just go I have the dishes all taken care of."

I then walked outside on the balcony to join Janine and then closed the sliding doors behind me.

"Um Hey hows it going Janine?" I asked her shyly.

Janine's blonde hair was flowing in the wind and her beautiful bright blue eyes stared back at me shyly. She was wearing a purple and white striped sweater and long white dress with sneakers.

"Um Okay I guess." She noticed the band aid on my cheek.

"Hows your cheek?"

"Oh this oh it's fine no worries."

"Thats good." she said smiling.

I then stood next to her.

"How you feeling?" I asked her

"Still a little shaken up but I'm fine."

"Um how's Lance?"

She just looked down at the ground sadly.

"He still comatosed." She replied

Wow Adam really got him.

"I'm sorry to hear that." I told her.

"Don't be, strangely I'm not." Janine said

"But isn't he your......"

"Was." Janine quickly said


"I think as of yesterday night I had enough,Enough of the abuse the yelling all of it." Janine said with a more serious tone in her voice.

Janine then turned to look at me and said.

"Thank you Justin for yesterday that was....really cool how you stood up to him like that."

I blushed a little "Nah it's nothing anyone would have done it."

"yeah but it was you and I'm glad it was you." Janine said with those pretty blue eyes and that sweet smile.

I blushing bright red now.

The sliding doors opened and Mitsuko came on to the balcony and said.

" Hey guys who's up for a game of truth or dare?


Everyone was in a circle on the floor.

I was sitting across from Adam. I still wasn't really talking to him. I didn't really want to look him in the eyes since I was still hurt from earlier today.

Mitsuko was holding a thick black book in her hand that said Truth or Dare BEWARE! It seemed used and worn out.

"Are we seriously going to play this right now?" Richie asked he actually seemed nervous.

"Don't be a pussy, Champion." Mitsuko said bluntly.

"Where did you get that book?" Asked Kenny to his little sister.

"Trust me you don't want to know." Mitsuko said ambiguosly.

"Okay let the game begin." Said Mitsuko with a sinister smile and mischievious intent in her eyes.

"I'm just going to let you guys know that Mitsuko is the master of Truth or Dare." Said Kenny.

"Yeah because that totally makes us feel safer playing this game Kenny, thanks." Said Davey.

"DAVEY!" Mitsuko said loudly

"OH SHIT FUCK WHAT?!!!!" Davey jumped a little.

"I dare you to be my bitch for the rest of the night." Mitsuko said.

"WAIT WHAT? no no no no no no no NO. I'm not anyones nor will I ever be anyones......."

Mitsuko gave Davey the most intimadating stare a person could give to anyone. Davey had no choice after that.

"Aww man why me?" Davey asked sadly and defeatedly.

and so Davey was Mitsuko's bitch for the rest of the night. When Mitsuko ordered him to do something he had to do it or else Mitsuko would reveal a deep dark secret that she claims to know about him......but in reality Mitsuko didn't know anything about Davey but she made it seem like she did.

The dares that were in the book were absolutely fun and embarrasing to do at the same time. No one wanted to play the Truths though.

It was Ellie's turn.

"Hmmmm I chose Truth and the person I chose is.....Janine."

"Huh me...umm what do you want to know?"

"I think me and everyone in this room really want to know why you stayed with such an abusive douchebag like Lance for so long."

Janine just looked at the floor and said.


"Umm Ellie I think thats a bit personal." I said to her

Mitsuko interupted me and said.

"Did you forget what we're playing? This is Truth or Dare no mercy allowed."

"But..." I said but Janine just said.

"No it's fine." she then continued.

"I'm not really suppose to talk about it....but" Janine said.

"I stuck around because....I was supporting him with what was going on in his family and everything."

We all sat there waiting for what she would say next.

"His parents were going through this awful divorce and I mean really really awful divorce."

"Why were they divorcing?" Davey asked her.

"Mr. Simons was cheating on Mrs. Simons."

"Not cool." said Richie shaking his head Kenny shook his head too.

"But thats not even the full story theres a twist to it all." She said looking at the floor.

"Twist?" Mitsuko asked her.

"Lances father was cheating with ....another man."

Everyone's eyes widened.

"Wait what? Really?" Ellie asked her

"Yeah Mr. Simons was cheating on Mrs. Simons with this man from his job and Mrs. Simons caught them in bed together...thats when everything just...exploded."

we listened to her intently.

"After that Mrs. Simons filed for divorce and Mr. Simons just ran off and eloped with this other man. They literally ran off together before anything could be finalized. After that Mrs. Simons started getting really sick and she tried attempting suicide multiple times. She was in the hospital the majority of those times. During all that Lance was trying to cope with what was going on. They later found out that Mr. Simons took all the money out of their savings account. He took all their hard earned money and ran away with this random guy, Leaving Lance and Mrs. Simons to fend for themselves. Mrs. Simons family didn't even want to help her. I mean not even her own parents would give either Lance or Mrs. Simons money."

"Why not? " Kenny asked her

"They told Mrs. Simons we never liked that man from the beggining, we told you not to marry him, so this is what you get for disobeying us."

I couldn't even believe what I was hearing but In a way I'm in the same situation too. Wait hold on, me and Lance in the same situation? our families...won't .....help us?.......this is crazy.

Adam was now looking straight at me. I think Adam also figured out that Lance and I were kind of in a similar perdicament. Our eyes agreed with eachother silently.

Janine continued...

"Thats when Lance started changing he started acting more possesive over me then he started getting alot meaner he didn't use to be like that at all." said Janine sounding sadder as she continued.

"A little after his father dissapeared Lance said to me that he blames all of them and I asked him who's them? He then said faggots, queers, homos all of them their only purpose is to ruin peoples lives and corrupt everything else."

It was like something out of a mystery novel the case was solved. Lance doesn't hate me, he hates....... who I am.

Janine then looked up at me and said.

"I'm sorry Justin I'm so sorry for the way Lance has treated you." said Janine apologetically she looked like she wanted to cry she blames herself for what Lance has done to all the people he's mistreated.

"It's not your fault don't blame yourself. You're our friend now so don't cry okay?" I said to her.

She then wiped her tears with the sleeve of her sweater and smiled.

Ellie went up to her and gave her hug and apologized for making her reveal all that, but it seemed like it need to be said.

We then continued the game.

It was now Mitsuko's turn again.

"Hmmmmmm ahhh here's a good one."

Mitsuko was looking right at me.

I gulped.

"Okay I dare one of you boys to kiss Justin right here right now for about hmmm 10 seconds."

"WHAT?!!" Kenny Richie and Davey said at once.

"Look Mitsuko I like Justin and all but kissing him?!!!" Davey said nervously

"Thats a low blow." said Kenny.

The boys kept trying to convince Mitsuko to change the Dare. Ellie and Janine were laughing as the boys tried to avoid the dare.

I laughed a little too. I then looked at Adam he was looking right at me as everyone was talking at once.

My heart started pounding really fast all the sudden.

Adam looked at me with those amazing emerald green eyes.

And then.......

Adam came in between everyone leaned in close to my face and kissed me passionately in front of everyone.

The countdown began and everyone counted together.
















Adam's lips were still pressed against mine. I was lying on the floor with with my arms gently wrapped around Adam's neck and with Adam's huge arms wrapped under my back.

"Umm guys..... the ten seconds are up." Mitsuko said in shock.

Kenny Richie and Davey's jaws were wide open so was Janine's

"Mitsuko haven't you figured it out yet?" Ellie said with a smile on her face looking at Mitsuko.

Our lips gently parted and Adam's nose was rubbing against mine and he whispered.." I really wanted to Justin I wanted to hold your hand right there in front of everyone in the park today.

I wanted to cry right there but instead I whispered back to him and said.

"So whats stopping you right now big guy?"

Adam gave me a huge smile. He got up and held his hand out. I grabbed it and he lifted me up from the floor.

He didn't let go of my hand. Instead he held it in front of everyone. We stood next to each other.

"You see Mitsuko these two..well they're kind of a thing right now." Ellie said with this big smile on her face. She got up and gave both me and Adam a hug .

"Wow Adam?....You're???? hold on really????" said Davey still in shock.

Janine was clapping and said "This is definetly a kodak moment."

Kenny went up to Adam and gave him a hand shake Richie did the same and he gave me a small hug.

Davey then said " Wow this is actually really cool right now."

Mitsuko was also still in shock but she shrugged and said

"Ugh this is way to sappy for me right now."

Everyone congradulated us.

Adam had come out but only to Kenny ,Richie, Davey, Janine, and Mitsuko.

The question still lingered, were me and Adam really a thing?

I still wanted to hear it from Adam the main question on my mind was....Are we more than friends now?

Janine took out a camera from her bag and we took several pictures all of us together

We blasted some music, ordered more pizza cause apparently everyone was still hungry

and the rest of the night was great.


It was already around 11 o'clock at night, everyone was getting ready to go home

Ellie was the last one to step out the door, before she stepped out she went up to Adam and whispered in his ear. I couldn't hear what they were saying but it sounded like Ellie said

"Don't forget okay."

She then gave Adam a hug and Adam lightly hugged her back.

She came up to me and gave me a huge hug like always and waved goodbye.

I closed the door behind her, locked it and turned around to face Adam.

He looked like he was blushing a bit.

"What?" I asked him chuckling a little.

He just shook his head.

He then came up to me and put his hands on my waist and his face was close to mine.

His nose rubbed against mine and all I could see were his amazing green eyes.

We just looked at each other, we didn't say anything it was if our eyes were doing the talking.

He then gently pressed his lips against mine. My hands were on his chest and Adam pulled me in closer.

He picked me up as we were still kissing and my legs wrapped around him.

He carried me to the bedroom and slowly and gently layed me on the bed.

He then came on top of me and kissed me.

I felt him un buttoning my pants and he slowly pulled them off and soon my underwear.

he then put his lips around my cock and sucked me reverently, I moaned and I took off my shirt. Adam then took all his clothes his dick just popped out of his underwear like it was trying to say hi.

I looked at it and he asked." You sure you're still not afraid of it?"

I smiled and leaned in and I wrapped my mouth around this thick thing of his.

With practice I was able to put my mouth around it and suck it to his delight.

When I parted my mouth from it I went up to him and kissed him.

He slowly layed me back down on the bed and kissed my neck, licking it and sucking it at the same time.

While he was doing that his fingers were in my hole he fingered me furiously and oh did it feel good.

He then went straight for my hole and licked it both passionatly and savagely.

"ADAM ADAM!" I said sounding like I was worshipping him.

He then applied a condom and slowly inserted his dick inside me.

It definetly didn't hurt like it use to but it still stung but only for a quick second.

and then he began thrusting in and out and like always he would hit the mark. He hit my prostate like a machine gun multiple time. I was like a test dummy bobbing up and down on his bed he fucked me missionary style but basically it was Adam style.

He then pulled me up, I was now riding him. I never moaned so much but I was moaning like crazy I didn't care how I sounded it felt amazing being fucked by this guy.

The way Adam would fuck me wasn't like a one night stand fuck it was like a you'll always be mine fuck.

"Adam I'm going to cum I'm going to cum." And I cummed

It was all over Adam's chin and in his goatee and chest.

And then he came a couple seconds later he took of the condom and came all over me.

He then layed on top of me and held me so close.

He then kissed me and then when our lips parted I said

"You see I'm not afraid of it anymore." He laughed a little and kissed me on the cheek.

"So how did you feel about....holding my hand in front of everyone?" I asked him curiously

He just shrugged but gave me a warm smile.

"So you like holding my hand?"

Adam smiled again and pressed his nose against mine.

"Do you want to hold my hand again soon?"

Adam then leaned in and kissed me......pretty sure that means Hell yeah.

"Cool." I said to him

We then got under the covers and Adam wrapped his arms around me. I was close his chest. Honestly we didn't need covers because this guy's body heat was the equivalent of a heater.

"Adam so does this mean we're more than friends now?" I asked him

I felt him shrug.

I then turned my back to him and said "Oh....sorry...I asked." I said trying not to sound dissapointed or sad even though I was.

Adam then pulled me in closer and he whispered in my ears and said.

"I may not have an answer for that right now but I can answer that one question you asked me earlier in the park."

"What question?" I asked him.

He then said. "You asked me if I even gave a damn"

I layed there waiting for what he would say next.

"My answer for you is....I do give a damn I give a whole damn about you Justin."

I then turned around to face him. He had a serious look on his face and he nodded at me.

I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. When we parted lips he was smiling and his eyes looked like they were smiling also.

Tonight was an amazing night I had My best friends come over ,we had a great time, I was in bed with this amazing guy who I still dont know wether to call a best friend or a boyfriend but at this point it doesn't even matter just having this guy in my life ,thats all I want right now. This was the definition of a perfect night.

That is until.....


"Who's at the door?"Adam asked tiredly.

It was around 1"o'clock in the morning

Adam got up from the bed, he walked toward the door with nothing but his boxers on and opened it.

There was only silence. I was curious who was at the door so I put my boxers on and checked to see who it was.

The light from the hallway shined through the door. Two shadowy figures were standing by it

Adam and another figure.

As I got closer my vision adjusted and I froze, for a quick second my heart stopped.

A woman with curly short black hair stood by the door she wore a blue buttoned up shirt with a black dress a pocket book around her shoulder.

She had a beautiful face with dark mezmorizing brown eyes.

My mother stood by the door looking straight at me.

She then started to speak.

"Justin......it's your father....he's.....................................dying.

TO BE CONTINUED.....................



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