(Authors Note: Okay soooo Angels and Superheroes is definetly on hiatus. I'm rewriting the ending cause the original ending just didn't work. Only You I'm still writing that in fact I'm organizing it right now. I came up with the idea with this new story and I thought I should write it out. So I hope you enjoy it.)


"sigh" here it goes. My names Justin Goldman age 16, ok so I'm trying to organize all this in my head. I'm standing here right now in front of the entire football team. and honestly I'm scared SHITLESS. I was trembling and they all noticed I was trembling. I'm the manager of the entire team. So in reality I'm not afraid of any of these guys but this moment at this very moment I'm terrified of them.

15 minutes ago I was sitting in Coach Roland's office while the guys were all changing in the locker room. The door was locked and the blinds were down. The coach knew something was wrong but he didnt expect what I was about to tell him next.

"Okay Justin so whats the problem?" Coach Roland asked. I sat in the chair across from his desk. I couldnt even look at him. "Coach I uh....I got kicked out of my parents house a week ago." The Coach looked at me shocked. "Why what happened? you definetly don't seem like the type of kid who gets kicked out of their parents house" . He's right I'm not.

"I um well you see......" I started to get nervous the stress was about to take over. How do I explain myself I mean theres no real way that I can sugar code this.

"Coach I um came out to my parents." The Coach looked at me puzzled. "Came out? What do you mean?" I let out a deep breath and I continued. " I came out to my parents meaning....I told them I'm gay....sir." The coach leaned back in his chair. He picked up a pen and started tapping the pen on the desk. He looked like he was thinking what to say next.

The coach then said. " You know what this means right?" I looked at him and shook my head nervously. "um no sir I don't" The coach leaned forward again and said " You gotta tell the men." I knew what he meant he was saying I have to tell the team. My eyes widened. The coach knew I was scared he then said. "Look Justin your the manager of this team the men look up to you. Even though your not out there on the field playing, your as much as a part of the team as they are. Also you being......you know.....doesnt make you any less of a man." Him saying that really didnt make me feel any better. "Also this is not just a team but a brotherhood we stick together through thick and thin hot or cold rain or snow." he pronouced enthusiastically. The coach then leaned in closer. " That also means there are no secrets on this team either." I just nodded um yes sir". The coach then smiled a big grin and said. " Well time to tell the men."

So now I stand before Haven High Schools footbal team. All 48 of them. Some of them were sitting on benches others were standing up. Some shirtless revealing amazing bodies some not so amazing. tall ,short, stocky, muscular, all body types and all faces were looking at me. "So whats up coach?!" one of them asked. Everyone Justin here has something to say to all of you.

I was looking at the ground trying to not look in their eyes. I was about to spill my darkest secret I was about to reveal who I really was. What were they going to think of me what would they say? I could see it right now a ton of muscular heavy bodies attacking me until I was a bloddy mush. I gulped

I felt the coachs hand on my shoulder. He whispered in my ear and said "Go ahead son." I started to speak some words but then coach interupted me and he shouted at one of the players. "Griffin take out your head phones don't be rude!" Adam Griffin stood 6'3 he had a sleevless shirt revealing nice muscular arms and he had boxers on. He has dark blonde hair that was in a burr haircut style he also had some facial hair and bright emerald green eyes. He looked at me his stare seemed kind of apathetic actually I can't even describe his stare. He was leaning against one of the lockers behind everyone in fact he wasnt near the team.

"c'mon Justin we'll listen to what you got to say" said Anthony Russo Captain of the football team, He was sitting down on one of the benches he had black spiked hair with dark brown eyes he was shirtless and was very well muscular he wore athletic shorts. The entire team just stared it was now or never.

"Guys I got kicked out of my parents house a week ago." Everyone looked at me with concerned faces. I heard some why what did you dos and I heard some are you okays. They were all talking at once the coach then said " Tell them why Justin its ok." ( Yeah sure youre not the one standing here revealing youre deepest darkest secret I bet you got plenty of secrets you insensitive asshole.)

"I um I got kicked out because......" I stopped then said "Look what I'm about to tell you is very personal and I'll understand completely if you guys dont want me to be the team manager anym.... "woah woah woah" Interupted Anthony "Justin look whatever it is just say it we got you man." The team agreed in unison.

" I got kicked out because I told my parents the truth......I told them ...that .....I'm gay.........................................................."


Every player on the team just stared even Anthony who was a pretty laid back guy was in shock. I felt tears coming but I held them back.

All the sudden Anthony got up and walked towards me.

What was he going to do hit me?

He was about 3 inches taller than me. He looked down at me and just smiled he raised his hand signalling for a hand shake he then said" Wow I can tell that took guts man." Anthony turned around to face the entire team and said to them. " So what do you all think?" Someone spoke up. "I'm okay with it said Kenny Shiro the only asian on the team and he was a big guy his nick name was Sumo-man. I dont care said another person. A few more agreed and while others didnt say a word.

Some of the guys just came up to Justin and gave Justin a hand shake some gave Justin some quick hugs only 12 came up to Justin. The rest just stood or sat there.

The coach spoke up and said. " Now I know some of you have some feelings about this but nonetheless Justin is a part of this team. Does everyone understand that? I want all of you to treat him with respect like you always have....okay." "YEAH COACH" the rest of the team said.

I looked around the locker room especially at the ones that didnt come up to me.

I felt a sense of tension in the air. I didnt feel welcomed at all even the ones that came up to me didnt really make me feel any better. This is reality not everyone is going to like you especially if your gay.

By lunchtime my coming out of the closet speech was the talk of the school. I walked in the cafeteria, it felt like I was on stage. Everyone stared they all talked amongst their friends. So instead of eating inside I decided to eat outside it wasnt really any better out there either. I sat at a table farthest away from everyone.

From behind I felt someone tapping my shoulder. I turned around and there she was. "You look lonely mind if I sit down?" she stood there with dark black hair she has bright brown eyes and dark cuban skin she had a very slender body and a beautiful face to go with it her name is Ellie Campion (Champion). Without me saying anything she just sat down.

She sat next to me silently

"You know it's funny because I already knew you were gay." I almost choked on the milk I was drinking. "cough cough what?" I tried saying ' I said I already knew you were gay." I just looked at her confused. "how I didnt think I gave my sexuality away." 'You don't." she said looking at her plate trying to figure out what the hell she was about to eat.

" Then how did you know I was gay?" I asked her. " Justin we've been friends since what 1st or 2nd grade? "Pre-K" I said to her. "Oh yeah well anyway I've always known."

"Are you mad?" Ellie looked at me and said " If I was mad I wouldnt be sitting here now would I? Last time I checked I said I love you right?" I justed smiled and gave her a hug.

She hugged me back.

"Fuck all these assholes be you and no one else ok hun." she then kissed me on the cheek and got up to throw away her plate.

I smiled it felt good knowing my childhood friend had my back but as I looked beyond her I saw all the laughing and disgusted faces.

They werent trying to figure out WHO I was. They were trying to figure out WHAT I was. And that really made me feel like shit.

-After school-

Practice was normal as usual the team trained and worked hard like they always do.

The assistant coach was training the team outside while coach Roland called me in his office again.

"So whats your next move Justin I didnt ask earlier but where are you staying now?" he asked concernly. " In my car sir." " YOUR CAR? THATS IN HUMANE." "Yeah but I dont really have a say in that now do I." I said to him. " Do you have any relatives that you can stay with?" he asked. " No sir the rest of my family is in California it's just my parents and me. " no siblings? he asked. " None sir" I said hopelessly. The coach just leaned back in his chair with a sad look on his face. " If I was able to I could let you stay at my house Justin but it's School rules that we're not allowed to have students in our home and My wife and I just moved into our new house so I can't really help."

"Sir I barely got to school today I have no gas no money my clothes are dirty I have no food left Sir I ....." The tears started coming out uncontrollably. " I have no where to go sir. Theres no one who can help me right now no one and besides who would even want someone like me in their home ? "Not even my own mom and dad want me so whos going to want me now?!" I cried like I never cried before. The coach didnt know what to say.

"Coach he can stay at my place." said a deep voice I turned around and leaning against the door was Adam Griffin. He was wearing a black hoodie with black athletic shorts and red sneakers and a backwards flat billed hat he stood at the door with that apathetic stare again.

"Is it ok with your parents Adam?" asked coach. "Yea its no prob." he said nonchalantly.

I was surprised this was the first time I've ever heard Adam speak he had a very sexy deep voice in fact Adam was always the silent type. Out of all the players on the team he seemed the most relaxed and mature he never really interacted with anyone nor did anyone ever interact with him unless it involved playing football. He always seemed to have the same expression on his face like nothing seemed to phase him the only time I would ever see any kind of expression on his face was during a game. He's one of the teams best player in fact he's equal to Anthony. Even during middle school he never said much but he's actually kinda cute no actually very cute.

"Um " was the only word that came out of my mouth. Adam didnt even look at me and he said. " C'mon Goldman I'm hungry too so let's go. The coach thanked Adam but Adam just waved his hand.

I got up from the chair and I got my stuff from my locker.

Adam was waiting for me in the school parking lot. The lot was empty and it was already nightime. He was leaning against a dark blue rusted pick up truck.

He was smoking a cigarette ( didnt know he smoked) still with that nonchalant apathetic look on his face. I went up to him and said " So I guess I'll meet you at the nearest restuarant?". He didnt even say a word or even nodded it was a lil awkward. My car was a few feet away from the opposite side of his truck. I opened the door and got in and I inserted the key. The car made a dreadful familiar noise the car was completely out of gas. I banged my head on the stearing wheel. "Fucking piece of shit." I got out and slammed the door in frustration and I banged my head on top of the car and once again said "Fucking Piece of shit."

I heard a car door open. I turned around and Adam was standing against the door he just opened for me. He tilted his head toward the open door signaling me to ride with him to the resturant. I sighed and picked up some stuff that was in my car the trash bag of clothes and some art supplies. I picked up my back bag and walked towards Adams truck. When I got up to him he said " Car troubles.?" I couldnt even tell because of the cigarette in his mouth and the same look on his face but was he being sarcastic? " Gee how can you tell?" I said sarcastically to him. "cause you told coach you had no gas." (Was he listening to our entire conversation?!) he headed to the driver side and I just got in. Adam started the truck and I said. "Um Adam......thanks I uh appreciate this." All he said was " Don't worry about it." in a deep unemotional tone.

I was in a truck with someone I've known since middle school but never really talked to or knew anything about. The whole way to the resturant was complete silence. All I did was look out the window watching the street lights go by like a blur.

Adam Griffin a guy I knew nothing about offered me a roof over my head and a place to sleep, it meant alot to me but being next to him felt .......intimadating. but for the first time in a week I didnt feel alone anymore.




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