After dinner, Jay, Sam and I returned to Sam's parent's lake cabin and got ready for me to share my humongous 11-incher with their man pussies after they had both fucked my ass before we had gone to dinner.

We decided to watch one of Sam's hot xxx gay videos to get in the mood for another session of wild fucking. Sam put in the video and we got on the sofa with me between the two hot supermarket checkers and my now new fuck buddies. Holy Fuck, the gay flick featured eight hot gay studs in a wild orgy with the guys changing partners as they sucked and fucked ass. Soon cum was flowing from those eight big cocks on the video. It was so sizzling hot that soon all three of us had developed full erections in our pants. We began to perspire and experience increases in our heart rates. We were totally turned on and horny as hell once again. I took the lead and unzipped my pants, found my now rock hard 11-inch cock, pulled it out and began to masturbate my aching red-hot dick. Within a few seconds, both Jay and Sam had their hard tools out of their pants and began jerking those hoses for dear life. It was only a few seconds until we were emitting pre-cum making our cock heads shinny and slick. The air began to fill with the awesome smell of cum and testosterone from my two young horny mates.

I'd never been hornier as I reached over and grabbed the hot shafts of both guys' stone hard cocks and began to jerk those sweaty hot cocks. My move had so turned on Jay and Sam that Jay grabbed the back of my head, moved his hot lips up to my mouth, took his thick red tongue and parted my lips and drove his tongue to the back of my hot throat. He began to French kiss me as his saliva drenched my mouth and ran down my chin. In the meantime, Sam reached over, brought his mouth down on my crotch and soon he began to swallow my huge cock to the back of his throat. The feel of those two awesome cocks in my hands as I jerked them off, having Jay ram his tongue deep into my throat and Sam's wet mouth devouring my cock had me near a climax. The feel of all that flesh, smell of manly bodies and the lust over taking my body was almost more than I could take. But I managed to control my desire to come so we could could continue for several minutes this ecstasy. As a 50-year-old man, I was in some place of nirvana having such hot sex with a 20 and 24 year old studs. I did not want this game to ever end.

Finally, we all were so close to going over the line of no return, we stopped and got off the sofa. I said: "Hey guys, I've never been hornier to plow my missile into such hot fresh meat. Let me slowly undress each of you. Jay, come here and I'll slowly take off your clothes until I can see that awesome dark body and cock of yours. Sam you are next."

As I began to first remove Jay's pull over tank top, I felt Sam behind me as he began to lick my neck, kiss my earlobes and finger my ass through my pants. My cock began to twitch and press painfully against my briefs. I worked fast until I had Jay butt naked and then I turned to began the same sexy removing of Sam's clothes. Jay moved behind me and planted hot kisses on my neck and ears. We all had cocks raging hard and leaking pre-cum. When Sam was totally naked, the guys threw me on the sofa and began to rip my clothes off of me in a record time. Now we all three were in our birthday suits ready for hot fucking.

It was my turn to breed these two young guy's hot asses. They both had informed me that they had never been fucked by an 11-inch monster and they were very nervous if I would ruin their man pussies or damage them beyond repair. I laughed and said: "Hey guys, I'll be careful, gentle and let you only take as much of this snake as you can. Just think about how fun it can be to have your man pussy stuffed until you cannot take any more. My big cock can make you see stars when it begins to give your prostate a massage as if some huge hand was massaging that special zone of yours."

My comment seemed to excite both of them as I observed their cocks began to jerk and bob up and down. Jay spoke first and said: "Fuck yea Ryan, let me have that gorgeous huge police baton up my pussy. Man, it looks so hot and inviting. I'm hot for your cock."

That seemed to ease Sam's concerns and even caused him to began to crave my big Daddy when he said: "Yea fuck Jay's ass and then let me have it up my ass. Man, I'm beginning to really lust after that sensuous dick. I'm man enough to take that giant cock if Jay is."

I sat down on the sofa, spread my legs far apart, lubed my cock, had Jay lube his ass, let my cock stand straight up like a flag pole, ordered Jay to face me, get up on my lap and began to slowly bring his ass down on my pole. I was amazed at not only how brave Jay was but that his ass opened up, his ass ring began to pucker and pulsate and Jay drove down on my dick quickly as he used his hard legs and butt to drive my cock all the way into his dark sexy ass. I felt and heard my cock pop into his pussy at the first try. I began to push my cock up as Jay began to move his ass up and down on my cock with ease. Man his ass felt so awesome as his ass muscles clamped down hard on my cock like no other ass had done. It felt like a vice had trapped my cock. I felt an electric current run through my body. The pleasure was incredible. We began to fuck wildly and faster for several minutes when I noticed Jay's cock head swell and his piss slit open. I grabbed his cock and began to jerk hard as I knew he was ready to blast a load all over my stomach and chest.

Then Jay's breathing became rapid, his face became blood red and drew tight and he uttered: "OH FUCK HELL, YEA, YEA HERE I COME." At that moment, he shot a mother load all over my stomach, my chest and across my face. He soon was spent, pulled off m y cock and I took my hands and gathered his hot thick cum as I ate it and fed part of the cum to Jay.

I saw Sam jerking his cock and moving toward me. He was hot to take my cock after seeing Jay's hot performance. He had already lubed his ass and also soaked his cock in the lube. He placed his white smooth hairless pink ass over my throbbing hard cock and began to lower that man pussy down on my cock. Although his ass was smaller and tighter than Jay's ass, he surprised me when my cock popped through his outer ass ring at the first try. Shit, he was able to take my entire giant cock all the way into his ass at the first try. Again I pushed up as he drove his ass up and down on my cock. I could tell he was so turned on from watching me fuck Jay that his cock was ready to burst. After about three minutes, I grabbed his cock and jerked hard a couple of times causing him to shoot the biggest load of thick white sticky cum I'd ever seen that covered my body including my face. The feel and smell of all that cum caused my nuts to tighten, my cock actually managed to swell even more and I erupted with a huge stream of cum inside that blond ass of Sam's. Sam and I gathered his cum off of me and shared the taste. When he did a dismount, Jay came over and began to eat the cum flowing out of my ass. We all had a big protein meal.

We took showers and began to have a beer when I heard the door bell. Sam said: "Who in the hell could that be at this time of the evening?"

I noticed Jay began to have a shitty grin as Sam also noticed that grin. Sam asked: "Jay what did you do? You are so sneaky sometimes."

"Fuck Sam, after we got back from dinner, I texted my college rugby buddies, Dee, the redheaded Irishman; Anton, the hot Italian; and Tyson, the really cute African American cousin of mine and I asked if they wanted to meet Ryan and have a six-way orgy. I'm sure that is them. Sam, you know them as we have fucked around with them before. They really know how to use those big cocks to fuck man pussy. Let them in and we can get fucked by those hot young rugby jocks. You know how hard those muscled legs they have from playing rugby that helps them drive those cocks deep in our pussies. Man they have great fresh meat."

Sam got a huge grin and said: "Fuck yea, what a great idea Jay. They can drive those big rugby cocks deep into our asses. Ryan, you're going to really enjoy getting fucked by one of them."

I felt my cock began to stiffen from the idea of having a jock rugby player drill my ass. Wow, what a night it had become. Sex and more sex.

Sam invited them in. Shit they were all in short shorts and tank tops revealing such hot hard jock bodies. They all were about 5-feet and 10 or 11 inches tall. They had such gorgeous bodies and man they had huge packages in those shorts. I noticed their packages began to twitch when they saw us naked and yes still signs of cum on our bodies.

Jay introduced me to the hot guys and told them that we had already had a hot night of sex but we were still horny and ready to get our pussies fucked by them. They shuck my hand, gave me a high five and began immediately to get out of what clothes they had on. Fuck none of them were wearing underwear.

Sam suggested that we pair off inviting me to make the first selection for a fuck buddy. I was really turned on by Tyson, Jay's cousin, the hot African American and I chose him. Sam took Dee the redheaded hot Irishman jock and that left Jay with Anton, the hot Italian. They had all three of us put our faces on the back of the sofa and place our knees up on the sofa exposing our asses to their cocks. They each got down on their knees and began to use their hot sexy pink lips and tongues to rim our now pucker and pulsating asses in expectation of those big cocks to soon breed our asses. This became such a hot scene as I could hear the slurping of the tongues and lips of these three hot rugby players on each of our asses as well as we three moaning with ultimate pleasure from being rimmed.

Holy fuck, I'd never been rimmed with such a hot tongue that was able to part my ass rings and it felt as if my ass was being fucked by his tongue as if it was his cock. He power fucked my ass with his tongue as he moved his mouth with great speed over my ass. He sucked my ass as if his mouth was a sucking machine. My cock was aching and steel hard as he sucked my ass so hard. All three guys were such great rimming jocks that I could hear Sam and Jay begged for more as did I.

After about five minutes, the three jocks lubed our asses and at about the same moment began to drive those rock hard cocks up our three asses. I felt Tyson use his cock to rub up and down my ass crack and across my hot nuts making me even more eager to take his big tool. Finally, I begged: "Oh Fuck Tyson, fuck me with that big dick. Please don't tease me, fuck me now."

With my begging, I felt his hard hot cock pop through my ass ring and soon he was drilling my ass with that huge dick. Shit, he was so talented as he moved his cock all around my ass walls and fuck yea, he knew how to use his cock to give my prostate the most incredible massage of m y life.

The moans, grunts and yelling by all three of us getting fucked filled the room. We could be heard through out the cabin. The smell of man odors added so much to our hot sex. They fucked our man pussies for at least 10 minutes when I then felt Tyson's cock swell and he blasted a huge load of that hot semen deep inside me. At about the same time, I heard the other jocks yell out here I come. All three of these hot rugby players had deposited their seed in Jay, Sam and me.

As we three turned around and began to jerk off our cocks, the three rugby jocks moved their bodies up close to our cocks as we shot our loads all over their naked bodies. We were all soaked in this hot man seed. Just as we were finishing, all hell broke loose as Sam's mother and dad walked into the room. Oh what would happen now? There was no way to explain other than we were having a great hot gay sex orgy. We so to speak were caught with our pants down. But man it had been so awesome.


Naughty Eric


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