Last summer I took a three-day weekend trip to one of my favorite beaches to enjoy body surfing. My goal was to enjoy the big waves with no idea that the weekend would result in my best gay sex ever.

I arrived on a Friday around Noon, checked into my motel room, had lunch and headed to the big surfs. I had started surfing at age 12 and had been surfing ever since over the past 13 years. I'm a strong swimmer with a swimmers body laced with hard muscles from workouts and lots of surfing. I'm 5' and 9" tall, have dirty curly long blond hair, blue eyes, weigh a solid 155 pounds and a big 8-inch cut cock with a very thick shaft. My big cock is very experienced ever since I turned 18 banging several hot surfers. I'm known as Rod, the hot fucking blond surfer.

On that Friday on my fifth trip out on the big waves, this gorgeous tall dark surfer passed me on a red fiberglass surfboard riding the waves like a soaring eagle. He smiled and waved. We continued ridding the waves for some two hours smiling at each other.

I finally stopped and put a blanket on the beach and began to rest and sun myself. About 30 minutes later, this handsome dark haired dude placed a blanket next to me and spread his gorgeous body across the blanket.

"Hi, my name is Hunter. You're one of the best surfers I've run into. I love your form and style. You glide across the water like a fish."

"Thanks man, you are an incredible surfer. In fact, much better than me. You're truly a pro at this sport. By the way, my name is Rod."

"Rod, how long have you been suffering?"

"Hunter, I started at age 12 and have enjoyed the sport ever since. I've surfed on some of the world's greatest beaches and waves. My parents have funded my sport giving me the chance to travel around the world. How about you?"

"Awesome, I wish I could afford such an experience. I've spent my time on the best beaches in California. I too started this sport at 12 years-of-age."

Hunter had a rock hard body with sexy black hair, dark brown eyes, and a very tanned muscled body from all the sun. He appeared to be about 6-feet tall, weigh around 170pounds, strong arms and legs with what seemed like a big manhood between those legs.

I became instantly rock hard that showed after I had switched into into my short shorts after getting out of the water. I had no way of hiding my hard on and I really did not want to hide my big bulge from this handsome hot stud. But what if Hunter was a lady's man? I'd turn him off.

Then I got really lucky as Hunter said: "Oh my god, Rod that looks like some man meat you are carrying around. The sight of your big obvious cock has my cock growing and pulsating in my shorts. Do you think we could end the surfing for today and go back to the motel? I hope you're as horny as I am?? I need to get my rocks off right now."

"Oh shit yea Hunter. I'm so happy that you are obviously gay and as horny as me. Right? Have you had much gay sex? I've been fucking and getting fucked by guys ever since I turned 18. Many of my fuck buddies have been hot surfers."

"Oh hell yea Rod, I've lost count of how many guys I've got down and dirty with since I turned 18. I love man sex. I'm totally gay. You are about the hottest dude I've ever seen. You are really cute. I'm about to shoot a load just looking at your gorgeous body and smelling those animal odors from your sweaty body. Man you have me hot. We better go before I jump on top of you here on the beach and fuck the hell out of that hot ass in front of all these beach goers."

"Oh fuck Hunter, I'm so eager to get in your pants. Lets get out of here."

We stopped and got a quick bite to eat, stored Hunter's board in his room and went to my room on the third floor of the motel that had a balcony overlooking the ocean's big waves and smelling the fresh sea air.

We took a shower to wash off the sand and put on clean shorts. We went to my bed and Hunter grabbed me, held me tight in an embrace and plunged his hot tongue past my lips and deep into my throat as we lay on the bed. Our tongues swirled around each other. We pushed our tongues out of our mouths, kissed the hot tongues and slobbered all over one another. While we engaged in hot kissing, Hunter reached around to my ass, put his hand down my shorts and began fingering my ass.

I followed his lead and I put my hand down the front of his shorts, located his now stone hard cock and began to jack him off. He had a monstrous cock. As we continued to engage in wild and sloppy kissing, our cocks were rock hard and had begun leaking pre-cum.

After some ten minutes of the hottest kissing of my life, we took off our shorts and were then completely naked. We moved out onto the balcony. Hunter put me up against the balcony's rail facing the ocean. He got down on his knees, took his hands, spread my ass cheeks far apart and spit gobs of his spit on my puckering asshole. He spit on his fingers and drove first one and then two fingers deep into my man channel. Soon I felt his long hot tongue drilling the entrance to my man pussy. Then he used his hot tongue to lick between my balls and asshole. Man was he ever good. Hunter was a terrific ass eater. He knew how to rim like no one I had experienced before. I began jacking off my blood filled aching dong. He rimmed me for at least 5 minutes as I came very close to blasting my load through the balcony rail and down into the parking lot.

Soon a crowd of hot surfers gathered in the parking lot and began to watch the sex show. They began to rub their crotches, whistle and yell for us. We were not about to stop and actually loved the audience. We both were exhibitionists. Hunter stopped and said: "Baby, you have a really nice piece of ass."

Hunter got up and put his hands around my chest. Soon I felt what I had learned was a big 8-inch thick cock rubbing against my ass. He had managed to find some lube that he used to coat my ass and slick up his cock. He began to slowly push his big wood into my ass an inch at a time. His cock was so thick and long that it finally filled my entire ass. There was no space left between my ass walls and his hot throbbing cock. The tight grip my ass muscles had on his cock drove him wild. He plunged in and out with such force that my body banged against the rail. His strong surfer legs and hips gave him a powerful piston as he fucked me like a wild beast. He plowed that massive wood up into my guts. I'd never experienced such a rough and exotic fuck.

I was in such an erotic state that I begged: "Oh my god, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OH SHIT, OH YEA, give me that man meat. Oh yea, it feels so god. Fuck me harder. Hell, I love your cock."

The big crowd began cheering and we could hear them yell: "Fuck that ass. Make him scream. Fuck him, fuck the bitch, make him come. Come in his ass."

The encouragement from the crowd over took Hunter. His cock swelled, his balls tightened up against my sac and I felt the first huge blast erupt in my guts. Blast after blast shot deep into my man pussy. It felt like a full bucket of cum. Hunter's breath was strong and I heard loud grunts of pleasure.

He pulled out his spent cock, fingered my ass and turned me around. He had me kneel, he plunged his cum covered cock head deep into my throat and I felt several more small emissions from his cock. Then he stuck his fingers in my mouth and ordered me to suck them clean. We kissed and shared the thick warm cum.

As we came up for air, Hunter said: "Rod, Baby, I want your big cock up my ass. Lets give the crowd more to cheer about."

I put Hunter up against the rail facing the horny crowd. We waved at the young hot surfers as they cheered. I got down on my knees and began to rim his fuzzy brown hair surrounding his beautiful asshole. I buried my face in his ass and began lapping at the man sweat infusing his raunchy ass and sac. I rimmed his ass for some 5 minutes making him eager for my cock. Hunter was getting semi-hard again. He loved my eating his ass. I then stood up and placed my throbbing cock at the entrance to his hot ass.

"Hunter baby, are you ready for my big boner to drill your man pussy? Lets give the surfers another show."

"Oh hell yea, fuck me hard. You smell so good. Show me no mercy."

The dirty talk drove me crazy with lust. I plunged all the way into his ass with one thrust. His ass swallowed my cock like he had a vacuum cleaner inside his butt. The sucking force made it hard for me to pull out and go back in. His man pussy had control of my swollen penis. I'd never experienced such a powerful ass and wild contractions that had a hard grip on my cock. I fucked Hunter with a complete wild abandonment as his ass did an amazing job on my cock. Soon I lost control and shot the biggest ejaculation of my life. My cock shot load after load of warm sticky cum deep into my new fuck buddies ass. Hunter exploded with his second load of cum through the rail that caused the crowd to go wild.

I fingered his ass and fed him my salty cum. The crowd went wild.

After sexually ravishing each other, Hunter and I were famished as we had had a small lunch and had spent so much energy fucking. We found a nice restaurant near the beach and had a great meal with more protein. After dinner, we found a popular nightclub where many gay surfers hung out. We noticed that many of the horny surfers who had watched us fuck were there. We found a table and ordered a pitcher of beer.

Soon two hot blond rugged surfers with two day old sexy scruffed faces spotted us and approached our table. The smaller guy of the two said: "Hey Dudes, we loved your fucking scene earlier. Man you made us horny. You deserve a gold medal for that performance. Have you ever considered making a xxx gay movie?" Can we join you for a beer?"

I eagerly responded: "Yea man, we would love having a beer with you and maybe more. I'm Rod and this is my new friend Hunter. And you are?"

The smaller guy around 5-feet and 8-inches spoke for his partner, a guy about 6-feet and 2-inches and said: "My name is Coy, the extroverted one, and this is my buddy Bobby, the shy one."

After a couple of beers, Coy proposed: "How about joining us in the restroom for a little fun or extra activity?"

Horny as hell again we eagerly agreed. We locked the bathroom door, dropped our pants and briefs as we paired off. Coy dropped to his knees, took my raging cock down his throat and began to rapidly give me the hottest blowjob while he stuck a finger up my ass. Shit, he gave me the roughest blowjob while finger fucking my ass. He slid his sexy long hot tongue up and down my fat cock shaft.

In the meantime, Bobby had pinned Hunter up facing the wall, got down on his knees and used his thick tongue to rim Hunter's man pussy. Soon Bobby stood up and with no warning, rammed his huge cock deep into my buddies ass. Hunter yelled with pleasure as his body bounced off the wall from the force of the fuck.

The blowjob on my cock and the fucking of Hunter's ass went on for some 10 minutes. Someone was banging on the bathroom door but we ignored it. We were in heat and had no intention of being interrupted for some one wanting to piss. They could just wait.

I felt my cock head swell, my breathing became more rapid and with one final thrust of my big meat down his throat, I erupted with a massive supply of sticky and salty cum in Coy's mouth. It was some load. He swallowed it all---he was a real pro cocksucker.

I looked over at Hunter being fucked as I began to come down off my high. What a hot scene. I heard Bobby say: "You bitch, here I come. Take all my jizz in that hot ass."

Bobby was not shy when fucking a guy. That was for sure.

Bobby unloaded a massive load of cum in Hunter's ass.

Next the guys ordered Hunter and I into two stalls. Coy stuck his stone hard cock through a glory hole for me. I grabbed his purple cock at the base and began to swallow his meat until I was deep throating his tool. He was pushing hard into my mouth. He did not last long when he filled my throat with a big salty load. I sucked him until he was completely dry. It was a great meal.

In the meantime, Hunter stuck his cock through yet another glory hole. Bobby took the big cock deep in his throat and sucked like the horny bastard he was. Soon I heard Hunter yell: "Here I come." Bobby sucked him dry.

We dressed and washed off as best as we could. Before leaving the restroom, we agreed to meet here the next night for more man pussy.

As we left the restroom, we got an ear full from some angry guys as they said: "You bitches find somewhere else to fuck. We need to piss.

I guess we better listen and maybe meet at my room tomorrow night.

As we left the bar, we all decided to go back to my place and have another drink. What else would the night bring? Although my ass was sore, I still needed more cock. Yea, I admit I'm a cock and cum slut.


Naughty Eric


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