As far back as I could remember, it was just my mom and I at home. When I would ask about my dad she would always tell me that he was bad and had been killed by the police. As much as I asked, she would never give me any details.

I celebrated my seventeenth birthday early during my junior year of high school. A couple of my buds took me camping that weekend and introduced me to the pleasures of sex with another male. Somehow, when they had suggested sex, deep inside I felt that I already had, although I hadn't.

By the time we returned home that Sunday night, I was experienced at sucking cock and totally enjoyed getting fucked or fucking another male ass. Most weekends we would get together for sex and would pick up guys at the park to have fun with. I knew that I was totally gay.

Around Thanksgiving, I was out of school for the week and enjoying having my buds over when mom was at work. That Tuesday morning before leaving she had been checking her e-mails and seemed upset. After she left, I noticed that she had not closed he e-mail inbox. I got nosey.

As I began going through them I noticed several from a David Simmons. That was my dad's name but how could he be sending e-mails if he was dead as she said.

I copied down his address and went to my own computer and wrote him. I told him who I was and asked if he was my dad and what my mother had been telling me for years. I also asked where he lived and what his address was.

I nervously pressed send and was anxious for a reply. I would check my inbox every fifteen or twenty minutes. Just over an hour later, I saw a response from him.

Quickly, I opened the letter and began reading.

'My dearest Mark, Yes, I am your father. I have so wanted to visit you and have you visit me but your mother refused and moved so that I couldn't locate you. I always knew what you looked like by looking at your twin brother. When we divorced, she took you and I took Mike. You and Mike are identical twins. You don't know how badly I would love to have you both with me for a while.' He went on to say that he and Mike lived on four hundred acres in Tennessee and that he was President of his own company.

I wrote back and told him that I never knew that I had a brother much less a twin brother. he said he wanted to make it5 up to me for not being around and asked if I had a bank account and if so to send him my routing number and account number. Reluctantly, I did and a few days later I noticed that there had been a deposit of two thousand dollars to my account. I soon received an e-mail telling me that I could use the money for anything I wanted and if I used it for a plane ticket to visit that he would pay me back.

I secretly got a post office box and we began 'snail mail'. He would send me pictures of he and Mike and I sent him pictures of me.

Shortly after the new year, he said that he would be visiting and asked if I could find a reason to get away for the weekend. I said yes and we made plans to meet.

I had told my buddies everything and they agreed to help me with my scheme. We all told Mom that we were going skiing for the weekend and would be out of touch.

Dad flew in Friday morning and got a motel room with two beds on the edge of town. He sent me a text with his room number and as soon as classes were out I drove to the motel.

With my hand trembling. I nervously knocked on his room door. Almost immediately, the door was jerked open and there in front of me stood ne of the most handsome and muscular guys I had ever seen. I entered and he immediately grabbed me and held me in his arms, saying, "You don't know how many years I've wanted to do this."

I hugged him back before casually pulling away because even though he was my own father, his hotness was giving me an erection.

We sat and talked until time for dinner. It seemed that he had started his own construction company in Tennessee and had done well. He told me he visited once to try and talk my mother into letting me visit he and Mike on occasions but she refused. He said that shortly after that she moved to another state and refused to give him her address.

We went to dinner then returned to the motel for more catching-up. He showed me new pictures of Mike and I thought I was looking in a mirror. It was then he asked me to strip down to my briefs.

I did and as he looked at me he smiled and said, "You and Mike are identical in every way. If you were side-by-side I'd have trouble knowing which was which."

As he looked me over, I swear that I thought I could see hic crotch twitch. I redressed and when ready for bed, he stripped down to his boxers and I saw his hot muscular hairy body. I quick excused myself and went to shower. While there, I gave my own hard cock a good washing and made it throw up.

We had great weekend and we agreed to meet like this more often. We did and really got to know each other.

The following weekend my buds insisted I tell them how the weekend went. I showed them pictures of my dad, some were shirtless. They all agreed that he was hot and that they would love to get him in bed. I admitted that I would also. Soon, all of us were nude and sucking some ones cock hungrily.

Before I knew it, graduation was rapidly approaching. Dad had said that he had a graduation present for me. I told him that the day after my graduation, I would be flying to Tennessee to spend the summer with he and Mike.

The Saturday of my graduation, mom and I had returned home and I was trying to decide if I would tell her that I knew all about dad and was going to visit him or just get up early the next morning and slip out and just leave her a note.

Suddenly, my cell phone sounded telling me that I had text message. Seeing it was from dad, I excused myself and went out to read it privately. All it said was 'Call me ASAP.'

I called his number and when he answered I asked if something was wrong.

"No he said then asked "Have you told your mother that you're coming to visit us?"

"No, why?"

"I sent you a picture to your P.O. box. Don't leave until you get it. Once you do, do me a favor and follow the directions in the letter."

"I will," I replied.

I received the letter on Monday and in it was a picture and a letter.

The picture was Mike standing next to a Mustang Convertible. The letter said simply 'There is one identical to this waiting at the Ford dealer in town. It's all paid for and in your name. Identical twins should have identical cars. If you want, leave the picture with a note to your mom. Let her think it's a picture of you. I love you. Dad.'

On Tuesday after she left for work, I got a bud to drive me to the dealership and picked up my car. My bud was in awe of me.

I returned home and put the bags I had packed earlier that morning into the car and sat down to write a note to mom.

'Mom, I am so disappointed in you lying to me about dad. Even if you hated him you didn't have to tell me all these years that he was dead. Last year, you left your e-mails open and I saw a letter from him and started conversing with him. He has visited me often and I am taking the graduation gift he sent me (see picture) and going to spend the summer with he and Mike, the brother you never told me I had. Do not try to call me as I will not answer my phone. When I'm ready, I'll call you. Mark.'

I sat the picture and letter where I knew that she would see it and headed out I had closed out my checking account and had travelers checks for expenses. I had the top down and maps handy, and the tank full. Soon, I was on my way to Tennessee.

As I rolled down the freeway, when I would pass a trucker, I would look up at him. If he was cute and my type, I'd smile, wink, and wave. Most would wave back and a few would wink and smile back.

About two that afternoon, I realized that I was hungry and at a small town, I pulled off the highway and into a truck stop. As I put up the top on the car, I noticed a rig pull in that I had passed a short while earlier. As he headed for the truck parking, he smiled and waved at me.

I went in and found a table by the window and as I waited he passed the window and smiled again. When he entered the restaurant, he glanced my way. His smile was beautiful and he looked to be in his mid to late twenties. he was muscular and his tank top revealed a hairy torso. I motioned for him to join me.

"Thanks," he said. "I'm Jim Davis."

"Mark Simmons," I replied.

As we shook hands, he smiled and said, "Nice car."

"Thanks. It was a graduation present from my dad." For some reason, I felt comfortable with him and gave him a short story of my life.

"So where are you headed?" he asked.

"Just outside Nashville," I replied. "I got my maps all marked out."

I ordered lunch and Jim ordered coffee. As I ate, he said, "If you don't think I'm too forward, I'm headed that direction and you're welcome to run with me."

"Hey man, I'd appreciate that since I'm not sure where I'm going."

"When we're ready to leave, let's go to my rig. I've got something for you for the trip."

"Sure," I replied.

I finished my meal and headed for the restroom before getting on the road. Jim followed and stood next to me at the long outdated urinal. I noticed him glancing over at my cock as I glanced at his. Neither of us hid the fact that we were checking out the other. We finished our business and headed for his rig.

Once there he unlocked the passenger door and said "Climb in."

I did as he went around to the driver's door. Once inside, he went back into the sleeper telling me to follow. I did and after reaching up into a cabinet, he handed me a CB radio with cigarette lighter adapter and a magnet mount antenna.

"With this, we can keep in touch on the road," he said.

"Great," I replied.

He sat it aside and stepped closer to me and as he did, he reached down and began rubbing my crotch.

"In the restroom, I saw something I wanted," he said.

Looking into his eyes, I reached down to his crotch and said, "It's all yours but only if I get yours in return."

"Deal," he replied before pressing his lips to mine and kissing me. As we kissed, we began undressing each other Soon we were both totally nude and he gently lay me back on his bunk. Se kissed again before he slipped between my legs and began making love to my hard cock. All too soon, I climaxed and after filling his mouth, I watched as he smiled at me and swallowed. "Delicious," he said.

We kissed again and I was soon between his legs sucking n his eight inch beautiful cock. Before long, he was feeding me a huge load which I eagerly accepted and swallowed. Looking at me, he said, "Shall we get back on the road?"

"If we're going to get to Tennessee, we better."

He told me how to hook up the radio, which was very simple and said for me to stay on channel three. "That way we can chat and it's doubtful we'll be heard."

After pulling back onto the road, we chatted back and forth. I found that he was twenty-seven and recently divorced. When I told him I was only eighteen, he said it turned him on.

About three hours later, he came on the radio and told me to pull into the next rest area. As I pulled in he said, "Lock up your car and come to the rig."

I did and by the time I climbed into the rig he was nude in his sleeper. I quickly stripped and joined him in his bunk and after a hot wet kiss he flipped around and we had a hot sixty-nine.

Once back on the road, he came on the radio and said, "Mark, I think this is going to be the best trip I've ever had."

"I know it will be for me," I replied.

About seven, we pulled off into a truck stop and ate dinner. After dinner, Jim signed up for a shower and hen he was called he took me with him. It was so hot showering with him, kissing as we did so. After the shower, we headed for his rig, with him saying, "You are planning on sleeping with me aren't you?"

"Try and stop me," I said.

Once in the sleeper and naked, we lay together and cuddled, kissing and fondling as we did so.

We were both rock hard and leaking precum when there was a sudden hard banging on the drivers door and a voice yelled out, "Open the door immediately. Police."

TO BE CONTINUED............



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