I'm Mark Roberts. My brother, Mike, and I are identical twins in every way, and I do mean every way. We have always been close and thought we knew everything there was to know about each other.

Growing up, we did what most boys do, either as brothers or friends. We jerked off together almost daily. As we got into our early teens, our parents divorced and dad got custody.

He felt that we needed to each have our own identity so instead of sharing a bedroom as we had been doing, we each got our own bedroom.

Mike and I remained close but soon developed our own set of friends, although we did run around together quite often.

In high school, we dated but not any one girl. As they say, we played the field. I did it to hide my homosexuality. I had began at the age of fifteen with a buddy of mine and found I totally preferred sex with another male. Not even Mike suspected I was gay.

We graduated and entered the state college about three hours from home and shared a room in the dorm. Although we had become more individual in our personalities, we enjoyed being back together and became extremely close again.

A month after our freshman classes started, our eighteenth birth arrived and dad insisted we drive home for the weekend to celebrate. We did and had a great time with dad. We always did.

About a month after our birthday, I headed for class, telling Mike that we'd go have dinner after I got back. It was a two hour physics lab, which I hated, and as luck would have it, it was cancelled that day.

I hiked all the way back across campus, thinking Mike and I could have an early dinner. I arrived at the dorm and took the elevator to the third floor. Our room was near the end of the hall.

I approached the door and slipped my key in and as I unlocked the door and stepped in, I wasn't ecpecting the sight before me.

There was Mike and two other guys on his bed, all naked. As Mike sucked one of the guys the other was fucking Mike in his ass. Seeing this I froze in shock. I never suspected Mike was gay.

Their encounter suddenly ended as the other two guys jumped up and hurriedly dressed and left. Mike just sat on his bed staring at me.

"What the fuck, Mike?"

"Mark, I assume you realize now that I'm gay. Please don't hate me. I should have told you."

"Mike, I could never hate you for anything. When did you start?"

"I was fifteen when I realized I was gay. I've wanted to tell you."

"I wish you had but I can't be mad at you for not telling me because Ive been keeping the same secret from you."


"Mike, I'm gay also and started about the same time as you did."

"Oh, Fuck!" he exclaimed. "You're shitting me, right?"

"No, I enjoy the same thing you were doing."

"Holy shit, he said. "This is unreal."

"I know."

We sat and talked for about an hour before deciding to go to dinner. As we drove, I said, "Please let your friends know I'm sorry for barging in and any time they want to come back it's cool with me and if I happen to walk in they should just keep doing whatever they're doing."

"When I tell them, their going to shit!" he said, laughing.

After returning to the dorm and our room, Mike shut and locked the door then stepped up to me and wrapped his arms around me and said, "I guess we're even more alike than we thought."

"It sure looks that way," I replied.

He looked into my eyes and smiled then leaned forward and kissed me gently then pulled back. I looked back at him and leaned into him and kissed him, offering my tongue. He immediately responded, and offered his. we kissed passionately for several moments before separating.

"I love you, Bro," he said.

"I love you, too," I replied.

Without either of us saying anything further, we began undressing each other and were soon both completely nude and on my bed making out. Soon, we were in a hot sixty-nine, hungrily sucking each others cock. I almost felt as if I was sucking my own.

That night we shared my bed, spending the night having sex, finally going to sleep shortly after three the next morning. That was a Saturday and neither of us had classes.

After waking, we both agreed that we wished we had known about each other sooner. We had a lot of time to make up for. What made it nice, was the fact that when either one of us found someone for sex, there was no problem bringing them to our room. If we wanted privacy, the other would leave and give it.

Our sex was almost daily, sucking and fucking each other as well as kissing and making out and rimming.

The guys we met were always confusing us with each other, coming up to the one they hadn't had sex with and saying how good it was. We'd just smile and say, "That was my twin brother but we're both gay." That always caught them off guard.

We kept it secret from dad all that year and through the summer. When we returned to school the following year we were again room mates and picked up where we left off.

The Christmas holidays were approaching and we would be home for a while. The last day of classes were supposed to be on a Tuesday, but the professors we had on those days cancelled the classes and we were free to leave campus on Friday. We decided to wait and leave early Saturday morning and surprise dad.

We had the car packed Friday night, and left shortly before six Saturday morning. estimating we'd be getting home shortly before nine.

When we arrived, we noticed a strange car in the drive and wondered if dad was dating. We eased into the house and as we did, we heard soft moans coming from dad's room. Easing down the hall, we peaked in and froze.

There dad was, naked and on his back with his legs pulled up and another guy was fucking his ass. Dad was moaning softly at how good it felt and said told the man that when he was ready to pull out and shoot it into his mouth. Mike and I eased bck to the living room, both our cocks rock hard.

Mike motioned me outside and we stepped out onto the porch.

"Did you have any idea that dad was gay?" Mike asked.

"Fuck no! None," I said.

"Well, what do we do? Should we walk in on him and let him know we know or should we leave and come back later and then ask him about it or what?"

"Fuck, Mike, I don't know. Let's leave and think it over."

We did and after an hour we returned. The car was still in the drive and we decided to go on in and see what was going to happen.

We went back in and found dad and the guy in the kitchen hugging and kissing while waiting on the coffee to be ready.

When we walked in, they both both froze, their arms still around each other.

"What...What are you two doing here. You're not due home until Wednesday."

"Well, it's obvious you weren't expecting us," I said. "Who's your friend?"

"Never mind who it is," Dad snapped.

Stepping up to the man, I offered my hand and said, "Hi. I'm Mark and this is Mike. We're Brad's sons."

The man shook my hand and replied, "I'm Josh Taylor. I work with your dad and I think I better be going."

"Oh fuck!" Dad exclaimed. "I never wanted this to happen."

"No need to leave, Mr. Taylor. If this makes dad happy, that's all that matters. We don't care who it's with."

With that, Dad's head popped up and he looked at us, questioningly.

"What did you just say?" Dad asked.

"Dad, if your gay and prefer sex with men, we're cool with it," I said. "All Mark and I want id for you to be happy," Mike added.

Looking at dad, I said, "I guess now is the time to tell you that Mike and I are both gay also. We have been since our mid teens but didn't know about each other until early last school year."

"What?" Dad asked.

"If that coffee is ready, why don't we all sit down and have a chat," Mike said.

"Maybe we should dress," Josh said candidly.

"That's not necessary. I don't now about Mark, but I'm enjoying the view," Mike said.

We sat and talked it all out. Dad was bi before he and mom married but after the divorce went totally gay. He and Josh had eyed each other at work and just happened to run into each other one night in a gay bar and had been casually dating for about six months.

"Since your sons came home early, maybe I should leave," Josh said.

"Why?" I asked. "Were the plans for you to stay the weekend?"

"Yes they were," dad replied.

"Well then stay. I think you should know we got home just before nine and came in and saw you two in action, so why shouldn't Josh go ahead and stay for the weekend?" I said.

"I think it would be great for us to get to know Josh better," Mike said.

Dad looked at Josh and said, "It's all out in the open now so why don't you stay?"

"If you want me to," Josh answered.

Dad looked at us and said, "If he stays, you know what we'll be doing, don't you?"

"Yea, the same thing Mark and I will be doing," Mike answered. "Unless we're doing it with you two."

"What?" dad asked.

"Hell, why not. I think it would be hot as hell."

Dad and Josh looked at each other and burst out laughing, shaking their heads.

Looking at us, dad said, "Well, since your here, I hope we're not going to be the only ones with no clothes."

"Let us get the car unloaded and we'll join you."

We unloaded the car, putting our clothes in the same room and stripped, then joined Josh and dad in the den.

Looking at us, Josh smiled and said, "Damn, Brad, your sons are as fucking hot as you are."

"Hey, I get first dibs if it comes to that," dad said.

To break the ice, Mike and i went over and began tongue kissing dad and fondling his cock. glqancing over at Josh, I noticed his cock quickly rising as he watched.

After kissing dad, Mike and I together slid to the floor and began sucking dad's cock, soon bringing him to a climax. I got his load and after collecting it all, I kissed Mike and let dad watch as we shared it. Seconds later dad was sucking mike and after getting his load he began sucking me eager for mine. I quickly gave him mine and after he swallowed, he looked t us and said, "I honestly never dreamed this would ever happen."

"I'm glad it did," I said.

"So am I," Mike added.

Josh was slowly stroking and Mike looked at dad and said, "You got one left that needs attention."

Dad smiled and leaned over and sucked Josh dry.

The day was spent with more sucking and our first family fuck, and it was awesome. Mike and I both loved feeling dad deposit the seed that started us up our asses. Josh wasn't left out by any means. We sucked and fucked him and he did the same to us. It was an awesome Christmas holiday.

After that, Mike and I would drive home every other weekend and Josh would come over. On the other weekends, Dad and Josh would drive up to camus and get a motel room and we'd meet them.

By the end of our sohomore year, Mike and I had decided to become lovers for life. Soon after announcing it to dad, he and Josh became lovers.

That was five years ago. We have graduated college and have opened our own accounting firm and live with dad and Josh. During the week, we had sex with our partner, but on eekends, we had sex with whomever we wanted. It was an awesome relationship. It still is.




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