I'm Mark Winters. My identical twin, Mike, loves telling others that I'm his 'little' brother. Truth be told, he is only two minutes older than me. Since he was born at ll:59 p.m. and I was born at 12:01 a.m. the following day. Technically, his birthday is one day and mine is the next.

Even our parents had trouble telling us apart. The only difference is that he has a small birthmark on his left butt cheek and I have the same on my right butt cheek.

We drove our parents crazy by answering together when we were called and claimed to be the other. We even did the same thing at school with our teachers.

For years, we shared the same bedroom and our mom would dress us alike. However, by about the fifth grade we insisted that we have separate bedrooms. Mom and dad agreed and once we were in separate rooms we began showing our individuality by wearing the clothes that we wanted.

Although we had lots of mutual friends we also developed friendships with others alone. Slowly our closeness as brothers began to lessen. The love was still there but we just didn't have the closeness that twins usually do. Oh, we still know when there is something wrong with the other or if they are depressed or troubled.

We made it through high school and afterwards Mike joined the Army and I joined the Marines. We left for our basic training just days apart.

All during high school, I enjoyed seeing the other boys nude and comparing my cock size to theirs. I was so happy to see that my cock put most of the rest to shame.

Then, in basic, I found myself checking out the other recruits and comparing cock size. I also began to wonder what it would be like to feel another guys cock or have him feel mine.

Then one day I was assigned to barracks duty while the others were out on training maneuvers. Sgt. Cooley, our PT instructor had remained in the barracks that day and while I was cleaning the latrine, he came in and told me to clean his bathroom when I finished.

He had a separate room with his own bath, and didn't have to share with the recruits.

I finished up and went to his room, knocking on his closed door.

After being told to enter, I noticed that he was wearing only his slightly snug boxers. As I began cleaning, he stepped to the door saying, "Clean the toilet and sink while I shower."

"Yes, Sergeant."

Looking over at him, I noticed that he was totally nude and his cock was about seven inches long soft but thicker than average.

He stepped into the shower as I cleaned the rest of his bathroom. A few moments later, I heard him turn off the water. He stepped out and began drying off as I noticed that his cock was semi-hard.

He dried off quickly and stepped out into the main room. Without bothering to dress, he called to me, "Winters, come in here."

"Yes, Sergeant?" I asked as I stepped into his room.

"You seem to have a pretty good body on you. Take off your shirt and pants and let me see how your built."


"You heard me recruit," he snapped.

I did as I was told and was soon standing before him in just my skivvies.

"Not bad," he said as he circled around me. "Not bad at all."

"Thank you sir."

"Winters, I have a question for you. I've noticed you several times since you've been here, and each time you have been looking the other guys over, especially their cocks. Do you like men?"

"Uh, no sir."

"I bet you do, or at least your curious," he said, stepping closer to me. "But don't worry, I'll keep it a secret. Now I have a secret for you, and if you tell anyone, you won't live to regret it. Besides ruining my career, it will ruin yours also. So just remember to keep your mouth shut and we'll get along fine."

With that said, he reached forward and slipped his hand inside my boxers and began to fondle my cock. As he did, I quickly began getting a boner and noticed that he was doing the same.

After a moment he slid my boxers down and had me step out of them.

"Nine! Very nice," he said.

He led me to his bed and lay me down. As he gently lay beside me he slowly began kissing me slipping his tongue into my mouth. I found it extremely erotic and exciting and quickly accepted his tongue and offered mine.

He continued to fondle my hard cock and without even realizing it, I had reached out and began fondling his. It felt awesome to have another man's cock in my hand.

After a couple of moments, he sat up and changed positions. We were quickly in a sixty-nine and he began swallowing my cock. I gasped in excitement at the fantastic feeling.

Sarge began sucking my cock and I loved it. Looking out in front of me was his large hard cock bouncing slightly with each beat of his heart. At the tip, was a large clear drop of his pre-cum.

Ever so slowly, I leaned forward and licked it off. Loving the delicate sweet taste, I returned for more and soon I was eagerly sucking my very first cock.

I quickly climaxed, firing my load into Sarge's mouth. He eagerly swallowed every drop of my load and moments later his cock exploded, filling my mouth with his sweet-salty load. I collected it all then hungrily swallowed as he had.

"Was that your first time?" he asked.

"Yes, sir, it was."

"Well, you did damn good. I'd love to do it with you on a regular basis."

"Well, sure, I guess. I enjoyed it also."

"Great," he said. "And when we're alone, feel free to call me Clay and I'll call you Mark."

"Sure thing Clay," I replied.

He leaned over to me and we had another hot tongue kiss.

"You better get dressed and finish up before the rest get back."

As I dressed, I looked at him ad said,

Clay, you were right. I have been curious, not so much about sucking , but about another guy feeling my cock and me feeling his."

"But wasn't what we did much better?" he asked.

"Hell yea. Anytime you want let me know."

"I will," he replied.

I completed my chores and was showering when the rest of the platoon returned to the barracks.

Sarge and I had sex as often as possible. On nights that I had barracks guard duty, on my four hour shift I would slip into his room and we would have a sixty-nine. On Saturdays and sometimes Sunday as well, I'd go jogging on a path out through the woods and he would join me. Once away from the camp, we would slip of into the dense brush and make out and suck each other.

Then one Saturday, after finding total privacy in the brush, Sarge pulled out a plastic bag from inside his shorts.

Asking what it was, he smiled and said, "Some clean up wipes and some lube."

"What's that for?"

"Mark, I want you to fuck me. I love a nice cock up my ass."

I was excited and became instantly hard. He lubed me up then lubed his hole and bent over a fallen tree truck. I got into position and slid my cock balls deep into his ass. He moaned in pure pleasure, telling me how great it felt. It didn't take me long to climax. As I did he said how great it felt to feel my huge load filling his hole.

After I pulled out he asked if I wanted to get fucked. I definitely was curious and he warned me about the pain involved.

"Clay, I'm a Marine. I can take it."

"That's what I like to hear," he said.

We traded positions and soon he was beginning to take my virginity. As the head of his cock made entry, I gasped but refrained from screaming out in pain. He rested and let me adjust then slowly began continuing his entry. Soon he was balls deep.

The more the pain subsided the more pleasure I was getting out of it. Then feeling his cock explode up my ass was a feeling I'll never forget.

I was no longer a virgin and I knew that I was a gay Marine.

Sarge would develop contest and the winner would get the following day off from training. I won most of the contest but would purposely loose some to keep the others from getting suspicious.

On my days reward from training, Sarge would send the rest out on training with Sgt. Collins. While the two of us were alone, we would suck and fuck all day.

Then just before we finished up our training, Clay called me to his room.

After the door was shut, he kissed me then asked, "Mark, you know that the last weekend before graduation you will all get a weekend pass, don't you?"


"Well, that weekend, how would you like to have a three way all weekend?"

"Fuck yea, but who with?"

"Sgt. Collins."

"What? Is he gay also?"

"Yes he is. On days when his platoon came out with us, he had a recruit in his room for sex. We've been working it this way for almost five years. We can tell who we can seduce and who we can't."

"Well, I'm game for it."

"Great, I was hopping you would be."

Our weekend liberty began Friday at noon and ended Sunday at midnight. On Thursday afternoon, Clay called me to his room and said, "When you leave the base tomorrow, take the bus to the corner of Pacific Highway and Grant Road. Get off and walk east on Grant. Just keep walking and when you reach the small food store look for a red Mustang. Sgt. Collins will be behind the wheel and I'll be in the back seat. Don't say anything just get into the passenger seat."

"Will do," I replied.

The next day, I did as I had been told and once in the Mustang, we sped away and forty miles later we pulled into a small motel nest to a

small truck stop.

I had been told that Sgt. Collins name was Brad and when we got to the motel he registered. we had a room with two queen beds, and once inside, we moved them together making one huge bed for us to play in.

After tying the beds together we quickly stripped and immediately Brad came over and tongue kissed me before kneeling and sucking my cock. I soon stopped him and we got into a sixty-nine. As we sucked each other, Clay watched and slowly stroked telling us how hot we looked. Before dinner we had formed a triangle with me sucking Brad, Brad sucking Clay and Clay sucking me.

We dressed for dinner and after eating, as we drove back to the motel, I asked, "Doesn't the owner get suspicious abut three guys in a room?"

"Not here. He knows what's going on. Hell, he will give a hot young trucker a free room just if he can suck him off or get the trucker to fuck him. Sometimes if he finds a trucker that goes all the way he will bring him to our room and we have a five way orgy."

"Man I'd love that," I said.

Once back in the room, Clay called the desk and told the owner what I said. Just over an hour later, we got a call. The owner was coming over with a twenty-nine year old married trucker that did everything.

We had a wild night with me getting fucked by all four guys one after the other. As the trucker sucked my cock, Brad lubed the truckers ass with Crisco and began fist fucking him. It was a wild night. I thing I loved most was sucking cock after cock. Part of the next day I spent in the truck stop restroom sucking truckers through the glory hole. I was a total cum lover. It was one wild weekend.

On Wednesday Clay called me in and told me that my orders had come through and I was going to be stationed in the accounting section at the base in North Carolina.

"You will report to Capt. Jenkins. I've spoken with him and he knows all about you."


"Oh yea. His greatest pleasure is servicing a hot young Marine. You can reciprocate if you want to but he doesn't require it. when you see him you will think that he is very dominate."

I called my parents and told them that I would have a few days leave and would be home in a few days.

"Son, that's great," dad said. "Mike will be home then also."

Since we could read each other so well, I wondered if Mike would figure anything out. I arrived home and we had a great reunion. I noticed a change in Mike and if he noticed a change with me he didn't say anything.

I reported to my base and to Capt. Jenkins. Once in his office and the door closed he looked me over. I did the same to him.

He was in his early thirties and extremely muscular. he had the face of a Greek statue, very sharp chiseled jaw line and perfect nose. I almost creamed my uniform just looking at him.

It was late after noon and he told me to return after I had been shown to my quarters and had gotten settled in.

It was close to seven when I returned. He locked the front door and led me to his office.

Making sure all the shades were drawn closed, he looked at me and said, "Man, was Clay ever right. You're hot as hell. I'm going to lever being your servant and serving you."

He quickly stripped and then asked, May I help you undress sir?"

I found this exciting and said, Yes you can, and be quick about it." It felt great to be ordering a captain to do things to me.

He quickly stripped and asked, "May I have the pleasure of sucking you beautiful cock, sir."

"Yes, you may," I replied.

He quickly dropped to his knees and hungrily began sucking my ass and alternating it with rimming my ass.

Every day after work, Jenkins would suck me off or I'd fuck his ass. It was awesome. His wife never had any idea what was going on.

After a month or so, I was at an adult theater in town and was on the back row. Sitting about half way down the row was a hot young stud with his cock out and slowly stroking. when I sat down he casually covered his cock and remained still. I calmly unzipped my pants and extracted my cock and began stroking. Once he saw me he returned to stroking his.

After a moment, he smiled and nodded and glanced at the empty seat next to him. I moved down and soon we were stroking each other and kissing. As I rubbed his chest, I felt his dog tags and he quickly removed my hand.

"It's okay," I whispered and showed him mine.

Before long we decided to leave and find a cheap room. Once there we made hot passionate love. He was also stationed at my base in the supply company.

We met regularly for sex and I soon had him joining me and letting Jenkins service us both. We loved it and so did Jenkins.

I served my four years and at each assignment, I was assigned to a company with another gay in it. That's what was done; gay officers would get you assigned with other gay service members.

I got out and returned home to begin college. Mike did the same and again we were back home, living in the same house.

However this time I was positive that Mike was keeping something secret from me, and from the way he acted I was sure that he was feeling the same way about me.




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