From Part 1

About seven, we pulled off into a truck stop and ate dinner. After dinner, Jim signed up for a shower and hen he was called he took me with him. It was so hot showering with him, kissing as we did so. After the shower, we headed for his rig, with him saying, "You are planning on sleeping with me aren't you?"

"Try and stop me," I said.

Once in the sleeper and naked, we lay together and cuddled, kissing and fondling as we did so.

We were both rock hard and leaking precum when there was a sudden hard banging on the drivers door and a voice yelled out, "Open the door immediately. Police."


Part 2

Jim and I sprang to our feet and grabbed our jeans. Speedily, we put them on and Jim left the sleeper and stepped into the cab.

Slightly opening the window he looked down at the man standing there and asked, "What's the problem?"

"I'm with the Baker County Sheriffs Department, working off duty for the truck stop. You need to open this door immediately." He showed Jim his ID.

Jim did and the man quickly climbed up into the cab and sat in the driver's seat. Looking at Jim, he said, "Sir, you and I both know what was going on in your sleeper. Have the other gentleman step out please."

Jim pushed the privacy curtain open where I could step to the opening.

"You two have a choice to make. You can both go straight to jail for illicit public sex. The charges will stick after I state that I observed you two having sex through your open curtain."

"What's the other choice?" Jim asked.

"You two can both go back into the sleeper and let me join you. In that case we all have fun and afterward I leave you alone for the night.

I looked at Jim and he nodded slightly telling me we didn't have a choice. I knew what he wanted and slowly stepped back into the sleeper, sitting on the bunk. Jim followed and as he did the deputy locked the door and followed. Once he was in the sleeper, he turned ad secured the privacy curtain, then began undressing, saying, "Wise choice, gentlemen."

Soon the three of us were totally nude and fondling each other as we kissed. Moments later the deputy began sucking my cock as Jim sucked on his. I climaxed quickly, feeding the deputy my load. After he swallowed, he turned his attention to Jim and sucked him off.

The deputy was in his late thirties and nicely built. After more kissing and making out, Jim and I were both boned again. Then to our surprise the deputy told us that he wanted to be double fucked.

He had Jim lay on his back and he sat on Jim's hard cock. Once fully impaled, he leaned forward and had me enter his ass, sliding my cock deep into his hole with Jim's.

I began pumping in and out as did Jim and soon we both filled the deputy's ass with our loads, with him moaning in shear pleasure, as his cock exploded out onto Jim's chest.

Slowly, I extracted my cock and once out the deputy eased off of Jim's cock.

"That was awesome, gentlemen. It's just what I needed."

Then as Jim reached for a rag to wipe himself clean, the deputy said, "I'll clean that up for you," and leaned forward and licked Jim's chest clean, eating his own load.

He quickly dressed and wished us a great evening, before quickly leaving the rig. Jim relocked the door, then looked at me. We both began laughing as Jim said, "Well, that was certainly unexpected."

"And hot," I added.

"Fucking right!" he replied.

We again cuddled in the bunk and after a while we had a hot sixty-nine, before going to sleep.

We began the next morning with another sixty-nine before going in for breakfast. Afterward, we hit the road and during the day stopped several times for sex.

At the last rest area, after sex, Jim told me that he would be cutting off a short distance up the road as we stood by my car.

"I hate to see you go but we both have things we need to do. Let me get you your radio."

"No, you keep it."

"What do I need it for?" I asked.

"Stay on channel nineteen as you drive. That's the trucker's channel. If you're in the mood, key up and ask if any horny drivers want a blow job and give them another channel, like fifteen, to reply on. Go to that channel and wait. I used to do it and it works."

I smiled and told him I would and thanked him. We said our goodbyes and headed out. I still had another night on the road.

That evening, I did what Jim had suggested, and after a few minutes, I got a response. We met and it was a married driver that only had sex with men when on the road. We met and had a hot sixty-nine in his sleeper.

That night, after getting a room and eating dinner I tried it again. I again received a response and met the driver at the nearby truck stop. We returned to my room where we sucked and fucked each other several times before going to sleep.

The following day was Friday and I arrived on the outskirts of Nashville. Finding a decent motel, I checked into my room. I programed dad's address into my GPS system and headed out to the house. I wanted to see Mike from a distance before going to the house.

A short time later, Mike arrived home and from what I could see we were mirror images of each other. I wondered if his cock was just like mine.

I headed back to the motel and stopped at a small burger joint not far from the motel. Going in, I took a table and began checking out the menu.

A moment later a boy about my age walked up and said, "Hey Mike. I've been hoping you'd stop by."

I saw that his name was Clay, and realizing that he thought I was my twin brother, I decided to play along, telling him I had been busy.

"Hey man, I'd like to make up to you for our last meeting. If you can hang around, I get off in an hour. My mom has a date and we can go to my place."

"Uh, sure," I replied.

I ordered a burger and after eating, I paid my bill and said, "Hey Clay, I'll wait out in my car.

Twenty minutes later Clay emerged from the business and headed for his motorcycle. I fired up my engine and followed him to his house.

Once inside, he verified that his mother was already gone, then came up to me and began to unbuckle my pants. I simple stood there, with all kinds of thoughts about Mike going through my head.

Clay soon had my pants and briefs down to the floor and was on his knees licking the head of my cock. Seconds later he swallowed I and gave me a fantastic blow job.

After taking my load and swallowing he said, "I owed you that. Last time I had to rush off after you did me."

"Hey, I forgive you. Now I have to rush off."

"I understand," he replied and walked with me to the door. Before opening it he gave me a hot wet tongue kiss, which I eagerly returned as I rubbed his crotch. His cock was large and I decided I wanted it.

Quickly, I dropped his pants and gave him a quick blow job, devouring his huge thick load. As he put his shrinking cock back in his pants he said, "Call me."

"Will do," I said before hurrying to my car.

I left, my mind spinning. 'Fuck,' I thought, 'from what he just said, my brother is gay also.' Thinking about it on the way back to my motel gave me another boner. Now, I had to devise a way to let Mike know that I was gay also.

Saturday morning, I called dad and told him that I was in town.

"I can't wait to see you," he said. "We've got your room all ready for you."

"I'll be there soon," I replied.

I checked out of the motel and headed for the house. There in the driveway was a Mustang identical to mine.

I knocked on the door and Dan immediately opened it, pulling me to him in a big hug. Behind him I could hear Mike say, "Mother fuck, Dad, you were right. I feel like I'm looking in a mirror."

I looked at him and said, "I feel the same way," as he stepped forward and also gave me hug.

Dad looked at us standing side-by-side and said, "Boys, you'll just have to forgive me if I get you mixed up."

"I think we can forgive you," Mike told him.

We went into the kitchen and as we drank coffee, we caught up on what we had all been up to. Then as lunch neared, Dad said he had some phone calls to make and suggested that Mike and I take off and spend some time together. I knew then what Id do.

As we left, with Mike driving I his car, I told him about this burger joint I had seen and suggested we go there. To my great pleasure he agreed and when we pulled into the parking lot, I saw Clay's motorcycle.

Mike and I went in and after choosing a table, Clay arrived with two glasses of water and a strange look on his face.

Mike spoke up and said, "Clay, this is my twin brother that I just met today for the first time. Mark, meet Clay, one of my good friends."

I held out my hand and with a big smile, said, "Good to see you again, Clay."

Clay was speechless as Mike looked back and forth between us.

"I sure enjoyed yesterday afternoon," I said.

Clay was nervous as hell and said, "I'll be back for your order." Quickly he turned and left.

Looking at me, Mike said seriously, "Will you please tell me what the fuck is going on!"

I smiled and told Mike about me stopping there the previous afternoon. "Clay said he wanted to make up for your last meeting. I didn't know what he meant but I went along with it. He said his mother was gone so I followed him to his house. Once inside he was suddenly on his knees and gave me a hot blow job before telling me he was sorry he had to rush out after you gave him one."

I could see the color totally drain out of Mike's face as he sat silent looking at me.

"Hey, it's cool. When I started to leave he gave me a hot kiss and as he did I groped him and liked what I felt. I gave him a quickie before I left."

Mike looked at me for a second, then began, "Mark, are you..."

Before he could finish, I said, "Yes. I'm totally gay but not out of the closet yet."

"Neither am I," he replied.

"Does dad know anything?" I asked.

"Oh yea. I'm out to him but that's all. He knows all about me and accepts me. I'm sure he'll feel the same about you."

About that time. Clay returned to take our orders and Mike told him everything was cool and that neither of us was upset. Mike even suggested we get together the next day and together they could show me around town.

Clay was relieved and quickly agreed before taking our order.. We ate then drove around for a while before parking at a lake.

"Mike, how do you suggest I tell dad that I'm gay?"

"I have brought guys home before and taken them to my room for sex. Sometimes I forget to close the door and dad will see us having sex. If you want, maybe tomorrow afternoon, we can go to either my room or yours and start sex and leave the door open."

"Sounds good to me if you think it will work."

"I know it will work," he replied.

That night, dad apologized for having to leave but he had a business meeting with a new client. After he left, Mike came up to me and kissed me. I immediately opened my mouth and offered my tongue. Soon we were groping each other and after the kiss, I took his hand and led him to my room.

Once there we stripped and visually checked out each other. We were identical in every way: height, weight, looks, build, and cock.

We lay on my bed and turned for a sixty-nine when Mike said, "This will almost be like sucking myself."

"Yes, it will, so lets not delay it any longer."

We eagerly sucked each other to a roaring climax and after swallowing each others loads, kissed passionately. Later, before dad returned home, we mounted each other and fucked each others ass like wild men.

Sunday afternoon, Dad left for the store, saying he'd be back shortly.

I looked at Mike and he said, "This is our chance. Let's get ready."

"You didn't say anything to him did you?"

"No, not a word. I didn't think it was my place."

We did some kissing and fondling, waiting for dad to return. When we heard him enter the kitchen from the garage, we began our sixty-nine, taking our time.

It was a few minutes before we heard Dad headed down the hall. I could see the door even though I had Mike's cock in my mouth. When dad passed and saw us he paused for a moment before saying, "Holy shit. I hope you two are having fun."

We stopped and sat n the side f the bed facing him. "We were," Mike said.

"So, how did you two find out about each other?"

I began by telling him about me and Clay then Mike told him about what happened at the burger joint and what happened the night before while he was at his meeting.

It was very obvious that dad had a boner. I couldn't help but look at his bulge.

"Well, Mark, Mike already knows so it's only right that you know also. I'm also gay."

"What?" I said.

"I have been for years. Your mother never knew but I was having sex with men before we married."

He smiled and left the room. I turned to look at Mike.

"Before you ask, "Yes, I've seen him have sex with other guys, and he's well hung."

About that time, Dad returned to the door, totally naked and with his cock rock hard and asked, "You boys mind if your old man joins in?"

"Not at all," I quickly replied. Dad was only thirty five.

That was the wildest three way I

had ever had. It was so awesome seeing dad swallow my cock and feeling his cock in my mouth. I love feeling his cock explode filling my mouth with his hot thick cum. It was delicious.

Even hotter was feeling him shoot his huge loads up my ass and fill me from behind.

For a week, during the day Mike and I had sex together and in the evening we serviced dad.

Then dad put us both to work on a job site under the supervision of Buck, his supervisor on that job.

Buck was thirty-nine and single and built like a bodybuilder. On the third day on the job, dad arrived at the jobsite just before quitting time, and I noticed a funny look come over Mike's face.

As the last guy left the job site, dad and Buck headed for the office. "Hang around," Dad called to Mike and I. "We'll go to dinner later. Go lock the gate."

Mike and I walked up to the front and locked the gate. As we headed back toward the office, dad came over the intercom and said, "You two come to the office."

We climbed the steps and Mike let me go in first. there in front of us ware both dad and Buck, as naked as the day that they were born.

"Join us, men. It's play time."

That's when I found the Buck was also gay. After Mike and I were totally nude with them, Buck dropped to his knees and alternately sucked mine and Mike's cocks. Once he got each of us off and ate out loads, dad stepped behind him and slid his huge cock deep into Bucks ass.

Buck moaned before saying, This is the only time I have ever enjoyed being fucked by a boss."

As dad ploughed Bucks ass, Mike and I watched as our cocks slowly stiffened. It was so hot watching our dad fuck a big muscle guy's hot bubble ass. After dad filled Buck's ass I took over and fucked him then gave Buck's ass to Mike.

After that day Mike and I often stayed late to have sex with Buck in the office. Dad knew and didn't mind. Sex between the three of us at home was daily and awesome.

Dad informed me that he had received numerous e-mails from Mom. I wrote and let her know that I was doing fine and not to worry.

At the end of the summer, after turning nineteen, I wrote her and said that I would be returning home. What I didn't tell her was that I was returning home only to pack the rest of my belongings.

I arrived back home and the next day, after she left for work, I went down and rented a trailer and packed up the rest of my personal belongings.

Before leaving, I left her a note saying that I was leaving for good to live with my dad and brother, and that it was all because she had lied to me about my family.

Upon my return, Mike and I both enrolled in college, Mike majoring in business management and me majoring in structural engineering.

Sex between us and others was almost daily. Then after graduation, Mike and I were both employed with the company. Mike was the Vice President, in charge of accounting and finance while I was Vice President of Construction, making sure that everything met code.

Dad and Buck soon became lovers and dad loved sharing Buck with Mike and I. Buck was into bondage so Mike and I were never easy on him.

Mike and I each dated others but never found the right man. To each of us the right man was the other twin. a year after college, Mike and I became lovers, and Dad couldn't have been happier.

Oh at times either Mike or I would have one-on-one sex with another guy and the other didn't mind because we always knew our twin would be returning home.




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