From Part 1....

I served my four years and at each assignment, I was assigned to a company with another gay in it. That's what was done; gay officers would get you assigned with other gay service members.

I got out and returned home to begin college. Mike did the same and again we were back home, living in the same house.

However this time I was positive that Mike was keeping something secret from me, and from the way he acted I was sure that he was feeling the same way about me.


Part 2

Dad finally came to us and said, "Guys, I don't know what's going on between you two. but it's got to stop. It's obvious that something is bothering you two and it's driving your mother crazy. I have to go to a convention next week and I'm taking your mother with me to get her away from this crap. We leave Friday morning and will be back Thursday evening. When we get back everything better be all resolved. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," we said in unison.

They left on Friday and mike and I agreed that we'd start talking Saturday. We went out separate ways Friday night, neither of us sleeping at home.

I arrived home shortly before he did and started a pot of coffee. I had my cup when he walked in and poured his.

I see you didn't come home last night either," I said.

"No, I didn't."

We sat at the breakfast table and looked out at the pool.

"What's happened between us," Mike asked.

"I'm not totally sure but it started back in our early teens."

"Yea, I remember," Mike replied.

Deciding to see how he would reply, I said, "The main reason I wanted to have a separate bedroom is that I was beginning to look at other guys bodies and didn't want you to know."

"No shit? Same here," he replied.

"Did you act on it?" I asked.

"Not then," he told me . "What about you?"


"But you did in basic training didn't you?" he said.

"How did you know?"

"I had those feeling that we used to have when we were younger."

"I had those same feelings about you. Is that when you acted on your feelings?"

"Yea. How did it start for you?"

I told him everything about how things started with the sarge and continued on base to base. I didn't leave out any detail and when I concluded, I admitted that I was now gay.

"How did it start for you?"

he began his story.

"It was in basic also. I wasn't feeling good and our DI sent me to the infirmary. I was given a note and some meds and sent back to the barracks. I was restricted to bed for three days. Well, one of the barracks guards was there and I was showering when he came in and started watching me. I noticed he had an erection in his pants and I started getting one. He smiled and when I finished showering he came over to me and dropped and started sucking me. He got me off and said that if I didn't tell he'd do me any time I wanted. I agreed and the next day I asked him to do me again and after he did I did him out of curiosity. I liked it."

He paused and got up for more coffee.

"What then?" I asked.

"A week later we had a weekend pass for the base. He and I went to the movie and later went for a walk just talking about sex. We ended up out where they were building new barracks. We found a private spot and had oral sex twice, and agreed to meet again the next day. We spent all the next day mostly nude and having sex. he taught me to kiss then hem asked me t fuck him and in return I let him fuck me. I liked it, even though it hurt. We had sex as often as possible and on the weekend we graduated from basic and had liberty in town we spent the entire weekend in bed sucking an fucking. Bro, we're both gay."

I looked at him and said, "We both tried to hide our sexual preference from each other fearing that the other wouldn't accept it. That was the entire problem.

"Yep, it was," he replied.

"Were you with someone last night?" I asked.


"So was I."

We both started laughing and got up and hugged each other.

"Now, how do we tell mom and dad?" I asked.

"We don't, at least not for a while," he replied.

We did our own thing that day and that evening, we fixed burgers and ate out by the pool. After we ate, Mike looked at me and said, "I'm going swimming."

Jumping up, he quickly stripped nude and dove into the clear water. I laughed and stripped and quickly followed him. We clowned around and wrestled there in the clear water. When we stepped out of the pool we looked each other over and compared our hard cocks. They were identical also.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Mike asked me if I would like to go out with he and a couple of his friends. I agreed and it was a great evening. When it was over, Mike turned down an invitation from one of his friends to spend the night with him.

we returned home together and once inside he suggested we go for another swim. I agreed and soon we were again nude in the pool.

After a few moments, Mike swam up to me and as we faced each other I couldn't stop my reaction. I reached out and took his face in my hands and we began tongue kissing passionately.

As we kissed, our hands began to explore each others bodies and soon we were fondling each others rock hard cocks.

After a moment, he took my hand and led me inside to his room and to his bed. The night was unbelievable. It was spent making hot passionate love. My brother and I tasted each others cocks for the first time and had the pleasure of fucking and being fucked by each other.

It was so awesome telling my brother how badly I wanted him. "Fuck me Mike. Shove that beautiful cock up my ass and fuck me." It was ever hotter hearing him tell me nearly the same thing.

Sunday was continual sex. Then during the week we went to class, but at home we quickly got any of our studies out of the way then had a hot wild sixty-nine or we fucked each other. A lot of the time he would suck me dry then fuck me or I would do the same to him. After our sixty-nines, we would hold the cum in our mouths then tongue kiss and mix it together then each swallow a portion of it. I love eating my brothers hot thick sweet load.

The following two weeks were spring break and we decided to go to Ft. Lauderdale. We made a reservation at a gay clothing optional motel.

When our parent returned home, we suggested that we all go out to dinner. They couldn't believe the difference in our attitudes.

Dad commented on the change but didn't press us for an answer. We just said we had resolved our differences and that we were going away together for spring break.

We flew to Florida and rented a car and checked in at our motel. Our room was poolside, and everyone around the pool was nude. There were sliding glass doors leading from both the sitting room and bedroom out onto a small patio.

After setting our bags to the side, we decided not to close the drapes while we undressed. As we undressed, more and more guys in the pool gathered around so the could watch. We stripped slowly as they all cheered and once totally nude and with semi-boners, we opened the sliding glass door from the bedroom and stepped out onto the patio to loud cheers.

We entered the pool and everyone began exchanging first names. That night Mike and I had sex together but all the other nights we invited one and sometimes two other guys to join us. Some were guest at the motel and some were guy we met on the gay beach.

Of course, everyone we invited to join us wanted to see identical twins having sex. We gladly put on a show for them all.

The only thing Mike and I weren't into was pain, bondage, or scat. Anything else was a go.

When out in the grass area by the pool, we all received many piss showers. Mike and I received as well and gave.

All too soon, spring break was over, and we had to return home. We had great evenings with our parents. Then, we suddenly lost Mom to a massive heart attack.

We both had quite a saving from out military pay and that summer we retuned to the motel in

Florida for a months vacation. That's when it happened.

The night before we were to return home, Mike took me in his arms and after a long hot kiss he looked into my eyes and said, "Mark, I love you with all my heart and soul, and I would love nothing better that to have you agree to be my lover for the rest of our lives."

I began crying and after another kiss I told him that it would be my dream to be his life partner.

We returned home and the following evening after dinner we asked to have a meeting with dad.

We told him about what our problem had been and that we realized that we were both gay.

Mike took over the conversation and said, "Dad, we know that you will probably think we're wrong and sinners, but Mark and I love each other not only as brothers but deeper than that. I have ask him to be my lover and he has accepted."

"Boys, I'll be honest and say it isn't the life I wanted for you two but the only thing that matters is that you are happy. If you are then I couldn't be happier for you. and I hope you will continue to live here with me."

"We are, but we'll be moving back into one room and of course sharing one bed." He smiled and nodded.

He came to us and hugged us more lovingly than he ever had before. Then as he stepped back and looked at us he smiled and said, "I think you should know something about me. I'm gay also."

THE END............



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