"You didn't have to come," said Richard. He sitting in his car outside of a grey old house at the end of a winding country road, his assistant Josh sitting beside him. Richard could feel his cock ring pressed snug against his balls, but Josh had no idea about that kind of thing.

"It's no problem," Josh said. "Happy to help, sir." Josh was loyal to a fault, and even though he had no idea what they were doing there, he hadn't thought twice about coming along. All Richard had told him was that they were picking up a performance-enhancing nutritional supplement for the office.

In his day job, Richard was the president of a small tech startup. Running domination scenes at a bondage club in the evenings was a nice way to unwind, but he was careful to keep his job and his play separate. Josh certainly didn't know about the club, and he certainly didn't know that they were at the house to pick up an experimental drug that made men hyper-obedient in small doses, and turned them into dogs in large doses.

"Wait in the car," Richard said.

"Uh," said Josh. He looked around nervously. They were surrounded by dead trees full of crows. "It's a little spooky," said Josh. "Um, can I come with you?"

Richard rolled his eyes. Josh was a good kid, just out of college and eager to help, but he got scared pretty easily.

"Just keep quiet and let me do the talking," Richard said.

They walked up onto the porch, Josh glancing around uneasily. There was no bell, no signs of life anywhere around. The nearest house was probably a mile away. Richard knocked on the door.

A huge muscle-bound tower of a man opened it a crack. "What?" he said. Josh shifted in fear behind Richard.

"Toby sent me," said Richard. "I'm here to get three pounds of powder."

"You Richard?" asked the man.

"Yeah," said Richard. "This is Josh." He gestured at his assistant.

"Hi," said Josh, nervously. He was wearing a nerdy little sweater vest and a bowtie, a short-sleeved dress shirt and tight little shorts with sneakers. That outfit drove Richard crazy whenever he saw it - if a boy walked into the club dressed like that, he would have him tied up and dangling upside-down within minutes.

"What a pipsqueak," laughed the guard. Josh looked alarmed, but the man opened the door a little wider.

Inside was just a small waiting room with two chairs, a metal door like a bank safe, and a TV monitor in the wall. The muscle man pressed a button on the monitor.

"Richard's here," he said.

"Good. Have him wait. It'll be ten minutes," crackled a voice.

"Sit," said the man.

Josh quickly lowered himself onto a chair, his eyes darting around. Richard could see he was having second thoughts about having come along.

"You okay?" he asked Josh.

"Fine," Josh stammered. "This just seems ... weird. All this security."

"You scared, little man?" asked the muscle man mockingly. He sauntered over and loomed over Josh.

"Fine," Josh stammered again.

"Leave him alone," said Richard. "We're just here to do business."

The muscle man looked annoyed. "Right now you're just here to sit and wait," he said. He leaned in towards Josh. "And keep me company. But this kid doesn't seem like much fun, and you seem like an asshole."

"Whatever," said Richard. He wasn't afraid of this guy. But Josh clearly was intimidated - he was visibly shaking as the muscled guard inspected him from just a few inches away.

"I can smell the fear on you," he told Josh. "Maybe you need something to help you relax."

"What do you ... what's going on?" Josh said, wide-eyed.

The muscle man pulled a little bottle out of his pocket. "See this?" he said. "This is a special present I like to give little runts like you."

"Don't," said Richard, but it was too late. The guard pressed the top of the bottle and it sprayed a white cloud in Josh's face.

Josh sputtered. "Ahh - what was - urghhh!" He doubled over, then straightened up abruptly, a dazed and vacant look on his face.

"What did you do? Did you dose him with the drug?" Richard said, annoyed.

"With one of the drugs. We got a ton. This one's my favorite," the guard said, smiling. "Hey kid!" he called at Josh.

"Yeah?" said Josh hazily, like he was in a dream.

"You're a fuckin' slut," said the guard.

"I guess so," said Josh.

"Stop it," said Richard. "He isn't into any of this stuff. He's just my assistant."

"Is that right?" said the guard. "He sucks your cock, or what?"

"No," said Richard. "Just professional. This isn't his thing. Stop playing around with him, he's mine." He was surprised to hear the words leave his mouth, but he was feeling very protective of poor little Josh.

Josh grinned dumbly. "Aw, geez," he said. "Thanks, Richard. I'm all yours. You wanna make out?"

Richard had never heard Josh talk like that - as far as he knew, Josh was straight.

"How long before it wears off?" he demanded.

"Let's find out," said the guard, and sprayed the bottle in Richard's face.

Richard gasped, then his world went hazy for a moment. He couldn't concentrate. Then his mind cleared. For a moment he was panicked - was he under the influence of the drug now? But he felt fine, so maybe it didn't affect him. He stood up and advanced toward the guard. "What did you do, you asshole?" he said.

The guard laughed. "Ooh, you've got a strong will! I guess you like to be in charge. But I'm calling the shots now. You can't move."

Richard froze. He strained but his arms and legs simply wouldn't budge. He was stuck in place, reaching for the guard. He couldn't even talk.

The guard laughed. "Not so tough now, huh?" he said. "Get down on all fours."

Richard sank to all fours obediently. He was furious. He wanted to shout, to protest, to strain against this control. But there was nothing he could do. He was powerless over his own body.

"If you're lucky, I won't spray you again," said the guard. "I wanna see you boys put on a show for me while we're all stuck here waiting. Hey kid!" he called.

"Yeah?" said Josh.

"Undress your boss," said the guard.

Josh rose up unsteadily and stumbled over. He looked unsure.

"Is that okay, Richard?" he asked.

"Tell him it's ok," said the guard. "Tell him what he needs to hear to be a good slut."

Richard suddenly found he could speak again, and tried to form the words to order Josh to run. But instead, he heard something else come out of his own mouth. "Do it, Josh," he said. "Strip me."

"Okay, sounds fun!" said Josh. He leaned down and gave Richard a big kiss on the mouth. He pulled Richard's t-shirt up over his head, exposing his burly torso. Then he reached down and undid Richard's jeans, pushing them down to his knees.

"You gotta move your knees to get these off," he said.

"Cooperate, pup," said the guard. Richard complied, silently protesting in his head. Josh slid the pants all the way down, then pulled off Richard's shoes, socks, and finally the jeans.

Richard was crouching in just his briefs now, Josh rubbed Richard's ass. "Why haven't we done this before?" he asked, smiling. "Richard, I wanna be naked next. Is that ok?"

Once again, strange words came out of Richard's mouth. Words he didn't want to say. "Yeah," he said. "You're next, you slut. Now get me naked."

Josh pulled down Richard's briefs, and his semi-hard cock flopped out, circled by his cock ring. Josh happily pulled the underwear all the way off, then stared admiringly at Richard's dick.

"Hot," said Richard. "I've never been gay before. This is so great."

Richard felt terribly guilty that his little assistant was going through this - Josh never would have agreed to it willingly. But clearly he was weak-willed enough that the guard's suggestions completely overruled his own desires, replacing them.

"Okay, slut," said the guard.

Josh turned to look at him. "Yeah?" he said.

"Rip off your clothes."

Josh attacked his garments, tearing them feverishly from his body. Within seconds, he was standing naked in front of the two men, his clothes scattered around the room. Josh had a twinky little body, thin, hairless, with no muscle to speak of. Richard could see Josh's hip bones framing his cute average dick.

"On all fours," said the guard.

Josh crouched down next to Richard. "Isn't this great?" he said. "I'm so glad you brought me, Richard."

Richard tried to say something, anything, to apologize for what was happening. But he couldn't. Nothing came out. He couldn't move a muscle.

"You're two good little pups," said the guard, looking down at them. "But you could be better."

"Yeah!" said Josh. "How?"

"You could be more dog-like," said the guard.

Oh no, Richard thought. Please don't change us.

"Okay," said Josh. "Yeah, I want that."

"Do you really?" said the guard.

"Yeah!" said Josh.

"Beg," said the guard.

"Pleeeeease make us dogs," said Josh, sitting up on his knees and holding his hands up like a begging pup. "I wanna be a little slutty pup. Richard too. Right Richard?"

Richard could feel the influence of the guard's control pushing him to agree. But he strained and struggled and gritted his teeth. He wouldn't let himself give in. Sweat broke out on his forehead as he resisted the urge to beg along with Josh.

"Your boss needs another dose," said the guard. "Want to give it to him?"

"Yeah! Lemme help you, Richard," said Josh.

The guard handed him a bottle. "Just a little puff in the face," he said. Richard strained to pull away, but he just couldn't move as Josh reached toward him with the bottle.

"You're so lucky, Richard," said Josh, spraying him full-on.

Richard felt the fragrant spray hit his nostrils and curl into his throat, then his lungs. He felt warm.

"You're a cute little lap dog," said the guard.

Richard felt a crazy tightness all over his body. Prickling sensations rippled from head to toe and he fell on his side. The floor slid weirdly under his body, and he looked up at Josh. Josh seemed bigger -- was he always that tall? But then Richard realized that he was actually shrinking. His body contracted, feeling tight and warm. He could feel himself dwindling down, his burly muscles fading away.

He wasn't just shrinking - he was losing his muscles! His legs twitched and tightened, growing shorter but also thinning out. The same with his big biceps, which dissolved into a twinky little arm like Josh's. His chest seemed to deflate as Richard dropped a few more inches in height.

He looked down at himself. His former burly body was now a weak little twink's. He and Josh were a matched pair, just two spindly little guys. Richard was now the kind of boy he usually dominated.

Josh looked happily down at him.

Richard pushed himself up and stood on two legs again and saw that now his head only came up as far as the guard's chest. He must've been a little under five feet tall now - so short and weak!

Josh was still down on all fours.

"Josh," Richard whispered, his voice back. "What did you do?"

"You're so fucking hot, boss," said Josh. To the guard, he said, "Me next?"

"Do it," said the guard. "Spray yourself."

"No!" Richard exclaimed.

Josh gave himself a spray in the face and inhaled. He looked up at the guard again. "What kinda dog am I?" he asked.

"You're a big fuckin' pit bull," said the guard.

Josh groaned as his body convulsed, still down on all fours. His body thickened with muscle, growing to the big burly proportions that Richard had just lost. His arms and legs beefed up, his chest swelled with mass. "Oh fuck yes," Josh gasped. He looked at his arms and flexed one of them. "So hot, dude!"

His height crept up, too. Josh was becoming a giant muscle brute. Still down on the ground, his back strained and grew wide, muscles rippling from his neck to his waist. He arched his back as his ass grew bigger, rounder, firmer.

A dusting of hair appeared around his shoulders and then grew down to his chest. His pecs, smooth and puny a moment ago, bulged with muscle and then grew thick with chest hair. It quickly sprouted into a heavy pelt, connecting straight up to his shoulders and into his armpits. The hair kept reaching down past his abs, covering his belly thickly and darkly to his pubes.

Josh rubbed the fur on his stomach. "So hot," he said again.

His new hair kept sprouting - around his hips to his ass, which was now massive and covered in hair. His legs and arms, both thicker than Richard's had ever been, took on a heavy pelt as well, more animal than human.

From his head down to his feet, Josh was like a wild man, absolutely covered in thick fur.

Richard, still standing, put his hand out and petted Josh's head.

"I'm so sorry, Josh," he said. "This is messed up."

Big strong Josh looked up ad short little Richard petted him. "Whaddya mean, dude? This is great! Come on, get on all fours."

Richard suddenly thrust himself down on the ground. Oh my God, he thought, now I'm obeying Josh. He looked up at Josh, who towered over him, a big strong pit bull of a man. Richard felt so small compared to his assistant.

Josh licked Richard's head. His tongue seemed enormous.

"Good boy, boss," said Josh. He grinned happily, and Richard could see his boner swelling.

"Josh, stop it," Richard said.

"Uh uh," said Josh. He stepped over Richard, who was so small he could fit completely underneath his former assistant.

Richard was about to chastise him when he caught a whiff of Josh. He smelled so musky and strong, manly, commanding, an alpha. He had never smelled anything like it before. He took a deep breath, inhaling the scent. Josh suddenly seemed so powerful. So amazing. Was it Josh's new fur that made him smell like this? His muscles? Richard couldn't concentrate. He was in awe. He looked up at Josh, took another deep breath, and then rolled over and exposed his slim belly, lying on his back.

Josh laughed. "Aw yeah!" he said, and pounced playfully on Richard, pinning him down. "You're so cute like this, boss. So small I could do anything I want to you!" Richard wriggled, but he didn't really think he could get free. He was so slender and weak that he couldn't if he wanted to, and anyway he found that loved being pinned. He could feel Josh's warmth pressing against his skinny body, the alpha's hair grinding against him, and he felt so safe.

"You're such a good boy," said Josh, and Richard felt a gentle wave of pleasure wash over him from his head to his toe. But a tingle lingered just over his ass, a tugging in the small of his back. "Unf," he said as he felt a pressure build above his butt crack, and suddenly a tail sprouted. He could feel the tickle of the hairs brushing over his ass as the new tail grew longer and longer, the fur getting shaggy and thick. It was brown, like the hair on his head, and Richard found that he could make it wag to show Josh how happy he was.

"Good boy," Josh repeated, beaming.

"You're a good boy, too," smiled Richard, and Josh sighed happily as the same ripple of pleasure washed over him. A stubby little tail popped out of his ass, thick and short. Josh glanced back as it and grinned, wagging his new little nub, then scooted up, his colossal dick and balls landing square on Richard's face. Richard licked Josh's dick, taking in the sweaty taste. The dick was so huge - longer than Richard's head. He wanted to worship it, become its slave.

He opened his mouth and took as much of Josh's dick into his throat as he could. It was so thick it hurt his jaw. Richard always got blowjobs, never gave them, so he wasn't used to the feeling or the sweaty taste, but it was intoxicating. His tongue swirled around Josh's cock, both men loving every moment.

Richard reached back around Josh's ass, squeezing the cheeks, and then petting the small of his back and his brand new tail.

Josh humped Richard's face faster, and faster, and faster. "Aw, boss, you got such a good dick sucking mouth," he panted. "Such a good boy."

Richard thrilled to hear his assistant's praise. All he wanted was to please Josh, to be useful, to prove his worth and swallow Josh's load. Maybe, he thought, if he did a really good job, Josh would face-fuck him again. He lapped around Josh's cock with his tongue and fast as he could, the pre-cum slipping deliciously down his throat. Why had he never done this before, he wondered?

In between thrusts, Richard could smell the salty, musky scent of Josh's crotch. He was thrusting pretty hard and working up a good sweat.

Richard caressed Josh's ass. It was huge and muscular, tightening with every thrust. It was bigger and stronger than Richard's ever was. Richard's other hand traced up Josh's rippling abs, up to his massive chest. He was fucking enormous, a thick massive pit bull of solid muscle. Richard felt so small and puny, his weak body being tossed around by his assistant. He didn't even notice that he had tucked his brand new tail between his legs as he sucked Josh's cock.

Josh was growling furiously now, not speaking, just grunting as Richard sucked.

Suddenly a voice cracked through the room.

"Ready for 'em," it said.

"Aw, we're having fun," said the guard. His pants were undone, and he was jerking off at the sight of massive Josh face-fucking tiny Richard.

"Did you change them?" asked the voice.

"Yeah, kinda. Just playing around," said the guard.

"You idiot," said the voice. "Those are customers. Send them in so I can change them back."

"Sorry, boss," said the guard.

"You bet you're fuckin' sorry, you jackass," said the voice.

"No boss! No!" the guard panicked. He scrambled to the button on the monitor and mashed it. "Please no! Hawwww!"

The door at the far end of the room slid open, but Richard and Josh didn't care. Josh was grinding his junk into Richard's face, and Richard was sucking Josh's huge cock as hard as he could. Richard's tail thumped hard against the ground as it wagged in pleasure.

"Oh man, Richard," growled Josh, "I'm gonna cum!"

"Do it," thought Richard, "I need it."

"Rrrgh!" Josh grunted, thick blobs of jizz bursting from his dick, sliding down Richard's throat, spilling from his mouth and running into his hair. Richard lapped up as much as he could. He had Josh's scent all over him now. It felt so amazing.

Josh panted happily. Richard's face was soaked with cum, and Josh smiled. He licked at Richard's face. "Hey boss," he said. "I think they want us to go in." He nodded toward the open door.

"Yeah," said Richard. He wanted to bask and let Josh's semen coat him, but he remembered that there was something they were supposed to do inside. What was it? Oh well, he'll probably remember later.

Richard climbed to his feet. Josh stood up too - Richard could see now that Josh was well over six feet, a giant hairy muscle hulk. Richard's face barely came up to his chest, but that felt right, he thought. Richard leaned down and licked the last bit of semen off Josh's dick.

"Thanks boss," Josh grinned down at him.

"You did good, kid," Richard said up at his assistant, towering above. Richard glanced back at his new tail, and he could see its natural position was perky and erect, jutting out of his back in a way he'd never be able to hide under a pair of pants. But why would he want to hide it?

Josh picked up his little boss with one arm, and hoisted him over his shoulder. Richard clambered around Josh's thick shoulders and straddled his neck, riding him like a little kid. Josh headed through the open door, and Richard turned around to the guard.

"Thanks man," he said.

The guard stared at them angrily. His body was mostly human, except for the hooves that had replaced his hands and feet. His arms were growing longer, and he fell forward onto his new hooves as his legs bent like an animal so he could stand on all fours. "Heeee awwwww," he brayed after them as they disappeared into the next room. His ears stretched up into points and he moaned unhappily as Richard ducked under the door frame and the door closed.

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