I entered a small cabin that had the inside walls painted red. I hesitantly walked up to the door and opened it. I could see a large field, covered with trees, grass and other small cabins. I stepped outside and looked around. I don't even know how to play this... There was a loud splat next to me that made my heart jump. I quickly moved behind a tree. I tried to hold my gun steady but my hands were shaking violently. With a quick step, I jumped out and fired three fast rounds at the opposing player. He fell on the ground in pain. I walked over and saw that he had on an orange vest. I continued running through the "forest" and saw another guy in a brown vest lying on the ground with yellow paint in the middle of his vest. So I guess Mason has been by... So as far as I know, two people are down, so that leaves 8 of us. I could hear leaves crunching to my right. I turned to see a Blue paintball coming straight towards me. At that moment, It was as if timed slowed down. I quickly dodged behind another tree. "Really, Alex? Trying to shoot your best friend?" I could hear his laughing an then he shouted back, "Oh, right, I'm gonna save you for last." Then I could hear his footsteps fading away. I looked around before stepping from behind the tree. This definitely is a strange game. "What the hell!" I shouted as I felt someone placing their hand on my shoulder. I then saw it was Mason. He held his finger up to his mouth, signaling me to silence. "Come on." I told him. He moved beside me slowly and quietly. This feels like something from a secret agent movie. "How many have you taken out?" He asked me. "One. You?" I replied. "Three." He whispered back. Whoa. He's good. "Have you seen Alex." he as we kept moving back to back. "Yeah, and he tried to kill me." I chuckled. "Shh!" He suddenly said. "Do you hear that?"

"No." I said looking around. "Exactly. The silence. Everyone else is in the other quadrants. Come on, let's go back to Red's cabin." He said as he began running. I quickly followed him with no question.

When we arrived at the cabin, there was still no one there. I sat down on the couch and he sat next to me. "Damn. That was weird." I said suddenly. "Definitely. So... Tracy, you're gay right?" The question struck me like a semi truck. I mean, everyone knew and I didn't really care, but it's just been a while since anyone's asked. "Yeah." I answered. "So, how is it. You know, Having sex with a guy?" He asked as he scooted a little closer. "I- I don't know. I haven't done it." I replied shyly. "Oh." The "Oh" He gave me was strange. As if he was curious, or confused. He leaned over to me and started pushing me down. I was kind of confused and mesmerized. I Obediently layed down and let him crawl on top of me. He wrapped my legs around his waist and began slowly grinding his hips into my ass. He leaned down close to my face. So close, I could taste his sweet breath on my lips. But he leaned past my lips. He leaned in to my ear and I felt a sharp jolt in my side and realized he had shot me. "Gotcha." He whispered.

"Wasn't that the most amazing paintball game ever?" Alex asked as we began driving back towards our neighborhood. "Yeah... it was fun..." I said flatly as I gave Mason a cold stare. "Yep it was the best thing ever." Mason said as he gave me a sly smile. "Yeah, we've got to do this again. Maybe next time, we can play on teams!" Alex said excitedly. I can't believe that ASS tricked me like that! We were on a mission and BAM! I get shot in the back. Absolutely disgusting. "I'm sorry Tracy!" Mason said as he rapped his arm around my shoulder. "Uhh. No." I replied, shaking him off me. "Here we are." Alex said as we arrived at Mason's house. "Thanks for the fun day guys. See ya at 8!" He said as he got out and slammed the door. "Hey, Trace, you can sit in the front if you want." He said as he moved the box to the backseat. I got out and hopped in the front. The "guys" and I were planning to go to the movies tonight, though we don't know what we're watching yet. "We should go back next weekend." Alex said as he began to drive off. "Ya know, after today, I don't really feel like paintball is my thing..." I saw his smile fade. "Oh... Well that's ok..." He looked absolutely disappointed and sad as he looked down for a second. "I'm just kidding. It was pretty fun buddy." I said as I grabbed his right arm and gave it a squeeze. "Whoa, someone's been working out." I laughed as I squeezed his arm again. "Well I don't mean to brag but..." He then flexed his arm muscles and it felt just like squeezing a boulder. He chuckled and continued driving. I was about two seconds from fainting of all the masculinity in the car, so I let go of his arm. "I'm planning on joining the school swim team this year. Are you gonna come watch me?" He asked. "Ha! I'd probably come just to watch you prancing around in a speedo." We both laughed. "Aww, Baby!" God I hate it when he does that. He would play around and call me "cutie" or "babe" or "sexy" and I didn't like it because it would get me excited, the way it just rolls of his tongue like the sweetest of honey. "If you wanted to see me in a speedo, all you had to do was ask." He giggled as he leaned over and kissed my cheek quickly. "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Why does he have to be so cute sometimes! And straight! "Aww! Really? Well I'm taking you up on that offer." I said, crossing my arms. "Ok!" He said as we pulled up into my driveway. "I'll be in in a little bit. I gotta find my speedo. I rolled my eyes and scoffed at him as I hopped out of his car, walking into my house. I walked in and saw that mom still wasn't home. I walked in to my room and fell back hard on my bed. "I'm in that moment again.." I thought. That moment when Alex suddenly becomes the hottest thing with two legs. "Damn... Get over it Tracy. He'll never like you." I thought to myself. Alex burst into my room in a navy blue speedo, thrusting his thick, outlined package all over the place. I was doubled over and laughing on the floor, clenching my sides from the pain. "Ta-da!' He laughed and did an obscene pose. I picked myself up and sat on the edge of my bed and he sat next to me. His thick cock was basically staring at me, begging me to touch it. "Ok sir, you need to put that away." I motioned to his groin. "Sorry, is this better?" He leaned back on his elbows and began thrusting his cock towards me. "Come on Tracy, touch it! You know you want to. Plus it's cold." He said as he gave me puppy eyes. "No!" I said between laughs. "Pleaseeeee!" He begged playfully. Was he serious? This is probably a once in a lifetime thing. I placed my hand on top of his cock and began slowly rubbing back and forth. He let out a slight whimper of a moan. The room fell into silence as I continued rubbing him. I could feel his rigid, eight inch cock expanding and getting harder through the tight fabric. "He sat up for a second and stood up. He pulled the speedo all the way down to his ankles and then kicked it to the side. He stood in front of me, making his cock bounce right in front of my face. He bit his lip playfully and slid his hand up my neck to the back of my head. He slowly pulled me toward his veiny cock and put the head tip on my lips. "Do you want it Tracy?" He asked as he stared deep into my eyes. I just moaned in reply, I couldn't make any words. He slowly pushed it past my trembling lips and in to my hungry mouth. He moaned as he hit the back of my throat and pulled back, over and over again. "Oh god, Tracy." He moaned as he picked up his pace. My cock was hurting against the fabric of my jeans. It was so hard and drenched in precum. Alex moved his hand from my head and continued shoving into my throat. I choked a few times, but I kept going. I reached my hand up and wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and gave it a hard, long, sucking. He let out a loud moan and unloaded like a rocket in my mouth. I quickly swallowed his sweet liquid and prepared for the next blast. When he was done, he pulled his wet, spent cock from my mouth with soft pop. He leaned down and kissed my lips passionately. Oh my gosh. I can't believe this is happening...




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