"Hold on!!!" I shouted downstairs to answer the banging on my door. I had waken up early this Saturday morning because Alex, Mason and I were supposed to be doing something today. More violent knocks erupted from the door. "I'm coming! Stop banging on my god damned door!" I finished putting up the thumbtacks I had dropped due to the knocking and ran downstairs. "Who the fuck is knocking like this at 10 in the fucking morning!?" I thought. Swinging the door open, I began instantly yelling. "What in the fuck is your prob-" I immediately stopped when I realized it was Mason. After a second of silence, he began laughing at me hysterically. I ignored him and looked in my driveway to see Alex in the driver's seat of his mom's car. He honked and waved at me. "We're trying to get there before there's a crowd." Mason said when he was done cackling. "So hurry up, get dressed and come outside." I have absolutely no idea who he thought he was, giving me orders as if he owns me. But for some reason, I found it to be a turn on... I closed the door and ran back upstairs to my room. I wonder how long Mom's gonna be gone this time. She always would leave on every Saturday morning and spen the day with her girlfriends. My mother was never very fond of spending much time with me. She was nothing like Dad. Dad would make it his top priorities to spend time with me. We'd always do some sort of fun activity after school. Our favorite thing to do was play laser tag. That was like our ritual every Saturday. God, I miss Dad... I remember that horrible day when I got th news. It was my first year of middle school and he was helping me get through the drastic change. One day, I had come home from school and my dad's entire side of the family was there. They all looked sad and distraught. My mother was a sobbing mess as she bawled into my grandfather's shoulder. I don't remember who said it, and I don't remember when. I just clearly remembered those words: "Tracy, Daddy's not here anymore..."

And that was when my entire world fell apart. I had become a sad, damaged child. I still don't know what happened. None if my family would tell me. All I know is, he was killed. I don't know how, or why, or where.

I looked in my closet and reached into the top shelf so I could find something to wear. I could hear Alex blaring his horn obnoxiously from outside. I picked out a pair of black skinny jeans and a black and red striped V-neck. I brushed my hair downt into a bang so it covered my left eye. "Damn. I'm ugly..." I said lowly. I don't even know where we're going yet. Maybe I should be wearing something a little nicer... Ahh fuck it, I'm just gonna go. I picked my phone up off my bed, laced up my black and red converses, and walked downstairs and out the door. I made sure the door was locked before hopping into the backseat of his mom's red Monte Carlo. "It's about time!" Alex shouted dramatically. "Yeah yeah whatever." I said rolling my eyes. I realized Mason was sitting next to me instead if in the front because there was a box of plates sitting there. "What's that?" I asked him as I scooched a little towards the window for more space. "My mom' s stuff. I don't want to risk breaking it. Besides, I thought you and Mason could use some bonding time." He said as he looked into the rear view mirror. "Whatever. Where are we going?" I asked. I saw Alex quickly glance at Mason from the mirror and smile. "You'll see." I could see now that we were going through some strange path. I looked down at my lap and saw a lump in my pocket. I reached inside and pulled out my father's necklace with his name engraved in the back of the cross. I could feel my eyes watering, but I blinked back the tears and put the necklace back in my pocket. Suddenly, there was a sharp turn and I fell all over Mason's lap. I picked myself up and looked away from him a strange feeling of warmth had engulfed my face. "Alex! What the hell!" I shouted. "We're here!" He shouted, completely ignoring me. He put his car into park and hopped out. I opened my door into the cool fall breeze the lot that we had parked on looked old and cracked. There were a few other cars already here. But where exactly is here? I looked up and there was a large gray building that greatly resembled a football stadium. "Hurry up guys! Let's get in line!" Alex said as he and Mason took off running. I just sighed and quickly walked after them. Opening the doors of this large "stadium" I realized it wasn't a stadium at all. There was aboothon the side where a guy was sitting at. There were two people there already and the three of us just hopped in line behind them. I looked around the strange building. There was a gate that stretched from the side of the booth to the other far wall. "Tracy! Come on! It's our turn!" Mason shouted at me. I walked up to where they. Where standing. The guy behind the counter was a little on the heavier side with curly red hair and freckles. "Are you guys on teams or is it free for all?" He asked. Alex and Mason both answered. "Free for all."

The guy handed use each a vest. Like a bullet proof vest but it had colors. Mine was red, Alex got a blue one and Mason had yellow. He then handed up matching masks that looked like gas masks. Then he gave us each guns that had a small canister on the top where a scope would be. There was a strange liquid in the canister that matched our teams colors. "Oh my god, we're playing paintball." I said to myself. Alex laughed when he heard me. "There will be a few other people in there, but walk through the door that has your teams color on it. "Don't take this personally guys." Mason said as he loaded his gun. "Hmph." Alex simply muttered and walked through his door. Mason glared at me. "Are you opposed to a little alliance?" He asked with a sly smirk on his face. "For how long?" I asked. "Until we take out all the other 8 colors."he replied. "Deal." I said shaking his hand. I walked through my door and saw a long dark tunnel. I just tried to speed walk through it. I was actually kind of scared. It was kind of hard to breathe through this mask and it made my voice sound like a storm trooper. Finally, I reached the end of the tunnel and there was a door. "Here we go.." I thought.




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