As Hector made his way unobserved back behind the walls of Troy, the eastern sky was beginning to brighten in anticipation of the sunrise. He felt something wet dribbling out of his asshole and smiled as he recalled the extremely satisfying sex he had had that night with Achilles. First he had fucked the Greek hero to a mind-blowing orgasm, and then he had willingly offered up his butt to the Prince of the Myrmidons. Achilles had filled his bowels with an enormous load of potent semen, which now was leaking out his fuckhole and down his legs. Before they parted, they had agreed to meet again at the same place the next night.

He made it into the palace with no trouble and was almost back to the door of his own room when he heard someone call to him softly.

“Good morning, Hector,” came the familiar voice of Aeneas, one of his younger brothers, from behind him. “You’re up early! Or are you just coming to bed at this hour?”

Hector turned to see his brother approaching him along the corridor. Aeneas was his favorite brother. He was the tallest of King Priam’s sons, and very handsome, definitely not a pretty-boy like their youngest brother Paris, whose face seemed almost effeminate and who, after all, was responsible for this interminable war against the Greeks. No, Aeneas was all-man, with rugged, full-bearded good looks, a square jaw, a thick neck, and a brawny, very muscular body covered with thick black hair. Like his older brother, he was clad in only a loincloth to cover his impressively long and thick genitals.

“I … I couldn’t sleep, so I went for a walk,” Hector stammered hesitantly. He felt uncomfortable lying to his sibling.

“I know what you mean,” Aeneas responded sympathetically. “I’m in the same boat at the moment.” He caught up with Hector and hugged him tight. Suddenly his nose wrinkled as he caught a good whiff of Hector’s body odor. “By the Gods, Hector, you positively reek of sex! What lucky man did you bed tonight?”

“Shh,” Hector hissed, drawing his brother into his bedroom. “Come in, and I’ll tell you all about it.” He knew that Aeneas enjoyed hearing of his sexual exploits. Making sure the door was closed, he locked it tightly behind them. He wanted no interruptions after beginning his tale.


“… So after I fucked him and he spewed all over me, we rested for a time, and then I told him to fuck me. I rolled over to lie flat on my belly, and he skewered me with his enormous erection. I swear, he touched places inside me that I never knew existed. No man had ever thrust so deep as he did. It was incredible!”

By this time, Aeneas had stripped off his loincloth and was stroking his cock, which had stiffened to full erection during Hector’s story. He licked his lips lasciviously as he inquired, “What happened next?”

“Well, while he was pile-driving me, I must have cum at least two or three times. It felt like he was fucking me forever, but it was over all too quickly. He shot what felt like buckets of sperm into me. My asshole still hasn’t fully closed. I’ve been leaking his load out my ass all the way home. Eventually we parted, with a promise to meet again tonight.”

“You mean, you still have his load up your ass?” Aeneas asked eagerly. Quickly he lay down flat on his back on Hector’s bed. “Come, sit on my face, brother. I want to taste the mingling of his juices and yours.”

Eagerly Hector complied with his sibling’s request, knowing what an expert ass-eater Aeneas was. Straddling Aeneas’ broad, hairy chest, he ripped off his loincloth and squatted down so that his ass was sitting on his brother’s lower face.

Aeneas grasped his brother’s beefy asscheeks and parted them, revealing the gaping asshole that was still drooling semen from Hector’s bowels. Eagerly he stuck out his tongue and drilled it into the open hole, sucking up the liquid nectar he found there. Smacking his lips appreciatively, he redoubled his efforts to dig still deeper into the well-reamed chute trying to retrieve every last drop.

Hector moaned with lust as his ass was assaulted by his sibling’s talented tongue. Wrapping a fist around his reawakened erection, he masturbated it frenziedly, using the pre-cum flowing from his piss slit as lube. He felt Aeneas let go of one of his asscheeks. Looking down, he saw his brother frenetically flogging his own drooling sausage.

The two brothers arrived at orgasm simultaneously. Despite being so well drained earlier, Hector fired an impressive volley of sperm out of his piss slit and up in the air, and watched it arc to splatter on his heaving muscular torso. Instinctively he clamped his asshole around Aeneas’ questing tongue, setting off his brother’s own impressive climax. Potent semen bubbled out the tip of the younger man’s fleshy pillar and flooded down over his hands onto his constricting balls. The brothers moaned in unison as they drained their loins.

Eventually Hector rolled off his brother’s body to lie beside him on the bed. Both men were panting heavily.



“May I come with you tonight?”

Hector paused before responding. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea, Aeneas. He’s expecting only me, and if I show up with another person, he may think I’ve betrayed him. I don’t want that to happen.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Another pause, and then Aeneas asked casually, “When and where are you meeting him tonight?”

“Around midnight at the same place as last night, but instead of going to the cave, I think I’ll take him up to the top of Mount Ida, to the ruined temple there that was originally consecrated to Heracles before we built the new temple inside the walls of the city.”

“Nice. Well, have fun – but be careful.”

“I will, Aeneas, I promise.”

Kissing his brother, Aeneas rose from the bed and returned to his own room, while Hector rolled over and fell into an exhausted but contented sleep.


A few minutes before midnight, Hector arrived at the place that he and Achilles had rendezvoused the night before. He was pleased to see the Greek hero already there waiting for him. As if by pre-agreement, both men were totally naked tonight, dispensing with even the scant clothing they had worn the night before.

Hector gathered Achilles into a powerful bear hug, and the two men kissed passionately.

“I’m so glad you came, Achilles. I missed you.”

“And I you, Hector. I have news, but not a definite answer.”

Hector silenced him with a kiss. “Not right now, mighty prince. Later, after we have made love again.” He grabbed Achilles’ hand and began to lead him up the mountain.

“Where are we going?” Achilles asked.

“To the top of Mount Ida. There’s an old temple there that once was dedicated to Heracles, but it has fallen into disrepair. I think it is a most appropriate place for our tryst tonight. Follow me.” He turned, letting go of Achilles’ hand, and began to ascend the mountain trail. Achilles followed the Trojan prince, thoroughly enjoying the view ahead of him - the flexing and relaxing of Hector’s hard butt cheeks as he climbed. The Greek hero felt a pleasurable tingling in his crotch at the sight.

Before long, Hector was lying flat on his back on the low stone altar in the crumbling temple. Achilles stood between his outspread legs and pushed the Trojan prince’s knees up to his chest. Hector rested his ankles on the Greek hero’s broad shoulders, reaching down to grasp his own butt cheeks and pulling them wide apart, exposing his eager dark pucker. Without hesitation, Achilles plunged his drooling boner deep into the depths of his lover’s body, stretching Hector’s shitchute to accommodate the thickness of his enormous organ.

Hector groaned passionately as he felt himself being invaded, and his own erect cock belched out a large wad of pre-cum that flowed down his fleshy pillar to nestle in his pubic hair. The pillars of the crumbling temple echoed with the slap … slap … slap of flesh against flesh as the Greek hero brutally fucked his Trojan counterpart. Their grunts resounded around the ruined walls.

So engrossed were the two studs in their lovemaking that neither one noticed a large male figure that emerged from the shadows of a pillar and stealthily approached them. Suddenly, as he was thrusting, Achilles felt a presence behind him and heard an unmistakably male voice whispering in his right ear.

“Do not be alarmed, King of the Myrmidons. I am Heracles, the dedicatee of this shrine. Do not turn around to look at me, or you will be struck blind by my divine aura. I am pleased that you and the Trojan prince are consummating your lust on my altar. I wish to bond with you both, so relax and let me have my way with you.”

Achilles felt two beefy hands grasp his ass cheeks and part them. An obviously bearded face buried itself between them, and a warm, wet tongue drilled through his tight rosebud and snaked up his shit-chute, sluicing saliva into the elastic orifice as lubrication. The long, powerful tongue teased and stretched the channel in preparation for the invasion of a larger intruder.

Hector could tell that his lover had changed the rhythm of his fucking, but not knowing the real reason, he attributed it to Achilles’ desire to prolong their mutual pleasure. Not that he was complaining! With every strong thrust inward, the Greek hero’s battering ram grated against Hector’s love-nut, sending paroxysms of lust through his body.

The figure behind Achilles straightened up, stroking his enormous truncheon until it was copiously drooling pre-cum. He placed the tip of his boner up against the Greek fucker’s asshole as Achilles was fully inside Hector and waited for Achilles to withdraw from the Trojan hero’s butt. His patience was rewarded as Achilles pulled back, forcing the mystery man’s ramrod up his fuck-channel.

Achilles gasped and stiffened slightly as he was invaded. He felt the man behind him grab his hips and begin to fuck him in earnest. He redoubled his own efforts to fuck Hector to orgasm. The air was thick with the odors and the sounds of frenzied sex as the rutting studs slowly built to ball-busting climaxes.

Hector was the first to cum, sperm jetting out the tip of his throbbing erection in a hands-free orgasm and splashing over his sweating hairy torso. He cried out in passion, flexing his sphincter around Achilles’ pile-driver. At the same time, the man behind the Greek reached around to chafe Achilles’ sensitive nipples, rubbing them into hard nubs of pleasure and twisting them ruthlessly. The Greek hero bellowed as he shot his potent seed deep into Hector’s spasming body, bathing the sides of the Trojan’s fuck channel in slick lubrication.

That was enough for the third man, who, almost silently, bred Achilles’ bowels with his own copious seed. The almost simultaneous orgasms lasted for what seemed like several minutes, especially that of the mystery man.

Eventually Achilles collapsed onto his lover’s heaving body and kissed him passionately. His movement forward forced his fucker to uncouple from his asshole with an audible “plop.” Silently he disappeared into the shadows of the temple, leaving the two royal studs lying flat on the slab of the altar to recover from their exertions.


When Hector staggered back to the city as dawn was breaking, he was only mildly surprised to find Aeneas, naked, leaning against the wall outside his room. He beckoned him in and closed and locked the door.

“Awake early again, Aeneas? Or haven’t you been to bed yet?”

“I suppose I was just too excited to hear about your adventures last night, Hector,” Aeneas chuckled. “What happened?”

“Well, the most important thing is that the Greek war council didn’t immediately reject my suggestion for ending the war. But they didn’t approve it, either. Achilles and Odysseus both voted for the wrestling match, but Agamemnon, Ajax, and Menelaus voted against it. The war council requires that four of the five members agree on a measure, so Odysseus is going to work on swaying Agamemnon, while Achilles works on changing Ajax’s mind. In the meantime, we continue as we’ve been going on.”

“All that is very interesting, but you know that’s not what I want to know. What happened with you and Achilles last night?” Aeneas’ large cock began to engorge in anticipation, and he stroked it encouragingly.

Hector began his tale of the previous night’s sex-capades. When he reached the end of the story, he paused, and then added, “An interesting thing happened to Achilles during our initial coupling. He said that as he was fucking me, Heracles approached him from behind and fucked him, cumming inside him as he was cumming inside me. By the time we had recovered from that first fuck, the being had disappeared.”

“Fascinating! Was it really Heracles, do you think?” Aeneas asked.

“I have my doubts. For one thing, that temple has been deserted for a long time now, so why would the god appear there? But far more telling is that Achilles sat on my face after that fuck, and I licked out the load that had been shot up his ass. There was a lot of it, certainly. It tasted like the cum of someone that I know very well – of you, Aeneas.”

“Of me?” Aeneas looked astonished.

“Yes. There’s only one more thing I need to do to prove I’m right.” Hector swooped down and took his brother’s erect cock in his mouth, sucking it energetically for a few moments.

“Hector, what are you … Aahhh …” Aeneas moaned, feeling his brother’s hot, wet mouth working his pulsating boner. But it ended quickly, and Hector straightened up again.

“I knew I was correct! Your cock is covered with the juices of Achilles’ ass. I would know that taste anywhere.  You were the one on the mountain fucking him, weren’t you?”

Aeneas considered trying to bluster his way out of the accusation, but he knew he couldn’t lie to his brother, so instead he hung his head in shame. “Yes, Hector, it was I. I went up the mountain about an hour before you two arrived, using an alternate trail, and hid behind a column until I thought the time was right for me to make my appearance. Afterwards I came back down the same way I had gone up. I’m sorry that I intruded on your private moments, but I just had to experience him for myself.”

Hector reached over and tousled his brother’s curly dark hair. “That’s okay. I should be furious with you, but in your shoes I probably would have done the same thing. Besides, I have some good news for you.”

“Oh? Besides the news that you’re carrying Achilles’ seed up your butt, and you’re going to let me eat it out?”

“Yes, besides that,” Hector laughed. “After I finished eating his ass, I spoke to Achilles about my suspicions of his fucker. I told him how much you enjoy man-sex and how good you are at it, and he wants me to bring you with me tonight for a real three-way. How does that sound to you?”

Aeneas couldn’t contain his excitement. Just the thought of sex with his brother and the hunky Greek hero caused a blob of sperm to pop out from his piss-slit, followed by a roiling river of potent cum. Hector quickly bent down, taking the shooting blunderbuss in his mouth, and swallowed every drop of his brother’s gushing geyser.

Totally drained, Aeneas fell back on his brother’s bed, lying flat on the pallet. Making the most of his sibling’s position, Hector quickly knelt, straddling his chest, and abruptly sat down on his brother’s face and relaxed his anal sphincter. He farted Achilles’ spent sperm out of his asshole and into Aeneas’ open mouth, and Aeneas swallowed it eagerly.

Before long, Aeneas had cleaned his brother’s fuck-chute of every drop of Achilles’ sperm. On the other hand, Hector’s cock had re-engorged and was now throbbing in urgent need.

As Hector rose from the bed, Aeneas rolled over to lie on his belly. “Fuck me, brother,” he begged. “Let me feel you breed me.”

Hector lay down on top of his sibling and pushed himself up by his arms, keeping ramrod straight. Positioning his pulsating boner at the puckered entrance to Aeneas’ ass, he slowly lowered himself, and his organ entered his brother’s tight ass. Again and again he repeated the process, as if he were doing push-ups over Aeneas’ receptive body. Slowly his pace increased, and it soon became an all-out fucking. Aeneas thrashed and moaned, feeling his brother’s increased speed. He began to thrust his ass up every time Hector descended, to achieve maximum penetration.

The moans of the two rutting men filled the room as Hector’s orgasm broke over him like a tidal wave. He continued to thrust into his brother, his sperm coating the walls of Aeneas’ fuck-channel to provide fresh lubrication.

Finally Hector could take no more. He collapsed over Aeneas, thoroughly spent. The two men lay together, their heaving, panting bodies gleaming with sweat as the rising sun poured in the eastern-facing window. They fell asleep, still connected, to recharge for what promised to be a truly memorable night with their Greek sex-mate.



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