I was returning home early one Friday afternoon, cruising down the interstate, my mind trying to decide what I was going to do that weekend.

There was practically no traffic, and as I drove in the left lane, I casually unzipped my slacks and extracted my cock. I began gently stroking it, not to bring myself to a climax but simply because it felt great.

I was several miles out of town, driving along, my mine a thousand miles away. Without realizing it, I passed an on-ramp which turned into a third lane. I was now driving in the center lane.

I suddenly realized it when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a big 18-wheeler traveling right next to me, and here I was, slowly stroking my hard exposed cock.

I knew he was probably watching me so I sped up and got ahead of him. As I picked up my speed, he did the same and was soon driving right next to me. I pulled into the far left lane and glanced over at him. He was looking directly at me.

As I looked into his face, he pointed at me then down to his crotch. I knew he was asking if I wanted his cock. He appeared to be in his early thirties, nice looking and well built, so I nodded yes. He motioned for me to follow him.

I slowed and pulled in behind his trailer and followed and a few miles later he exited the freeway and began driving down he access road.

I continued to follow and after a short distance he pulled into the parking lot of a shopping center under construction and parked. I pulled up next to him on the passenger side. As I got out of my car, the passenger door opened slightly.

I walked over and pulled the door open. As I did, he told me to climb in. I did and found him siting in the drivers seat, his pants below his knees.

As I shut the door, he said that he didn't do anything and that he just wanted to get sucked. I told him no problem and leaned over and swallowed his near eight inch cock. As I brought him to a climax he told me not to stop and I'd soon get another load. The first one was huge, thick, and sweet. His cock remained hard and I continued sucking. after a few more minutes, he fed me a second load almost as large as the first. After I eagerly swallowed the second load, he quickly said, 'That's it. Hit the road.'

I returned to my car and left, and a few miles down the road, he passed me, never even acknowledging my presence. I didn't care. His cock was nice and the two loads were delicious, but I had seen a wedding band on his left hand and wondered what his wife would say if she knew what he was doing on the road.


I arrived in a small town and checked into my motel room, requesting a room in back. There was parking for large trucks there and I wanted to be able to see if any hot ones checked in.

It was late afternoon, and after unloading my bags into my room, I decided to check out the small rest area up the highway a few miles.

I drove to it and as I approached it, I saw a truck with a flatbed trailer loaded with lumber parked in the lot. I pulled in and parked and went to the rest room, not only to piss but to check it out. After relieving myself, I went back outside and sat on he nearby picnic table and lit a cigarette. I could see the driver of the truck sitting behind the wheel appearing to be doing some paper work.

After a few minutes, I watched as he turned and disappeared into his sleeper. A few seconds later, he reappeared and climbed out of the truck. As he came around the front and into my view, I was immediately interested in him but wondered if I had a chance to score.

He looked to be in his mid-twenties, was slim but extremely well built, tall and handsome, with a slight goatee and moustache. As he approached heading to the rest room he smiled and nodded hello. I responded in a like fashion.

When he came out, he stopped and said his name was Clay. I said mine was Tom and we began chatting. I lit another cigarette and he said he had left his in the truck, asking if he could get one of mine. I eagerly said 'Sure.'

During our conversation, I found out that he was twenty-six, single and from Oklahoma. He was scheduled to deliver in the next town at noon the following day.

He asked about me and I gave my age and told him I was a traveling salesman and was in town for a few days working. Our conversation turned to trucking. I told him that before I got my CB, I really didn't think much of the truckers but after getting it and talking to the drivers, I had developed a great respect for them.

I said that they had helped me out a lot on the road and I tried to return the favors by letting them use my motel rooms to shower or use the room to get some sleep, either for a few hours or overnight.

The sun was beginning to set, and we walked out to his rig. He climbed up onto the front of the trailer and began pulling out tarps and started covering the lumber.

'You shutting down for the night? I asked.

'Yea. Need to cover the load to keep the night moisture or rain off it.'

'You staying here?'

'Well, from what you said, I was hoping that I might be able to go to the motel with you, that is if you could bring me back here tomorrow morning. I desperately need a shower and that bunk in the rig is like sleeping on the ground.'

My heart began racing and I quickly told him that I'd enjoy the company for the evening.

'Clay, there is just a couple things you should know. The first is hat there is only one king bed in the room. If you want to share it, I have no problem with that.'

'Neither do I. Until my late teens, my brother and I had to share a double bed. What's the second thing?'

'Well, you might be uncomfortable there because when I'm at home or in a motel room, I go nude. I hate clothes.'

'I have no problem with that either,' he said casually.

'Great then. As soon as you get finished, we'll head back to the room.'

A few minutes later after securing the last tie-down, he said he was done and climbed into his rig and grabbed a small bag. after locking up the truck he said, 'Ready when you are.'

After throwing his bag into the back seat, he climbed into the passenger seat and we headed for the room.

As we approached town, I asked if he had eaten dinner and he said no. I stopped at a burger joint and bought burgers, fries, and drinks for us.

We entered the room and he tossed his bag aside, and quickly removed his shirt, revealing a nicely muscled hairy chest. His pecs and abs were awesome.

As I turned on the TV, he set out our burgers and fries on the small table. We quickly ate and after we finished, he said he was going to shower. I had said that I went nude, so I began stripping as he slowly opened his bag. I could tell he was watching me.

When I was totally nude, I lay on the bed and began channel surfing. He casually removed his work boots, socks, then his jeans. He was commando. He headed for the shower as I found a TV show I liked.

when he returned, he was nude, drying his hair with the towel. After combing his hair, he casually lay next to me on the bed. Both of us were closer to the center of the bed than necessary.

I commented about him going nude also and he laughed and said, 'When I was in the Army, we had open communal showers. There were times that there would be ten or more naked guys in there at one time. some of the guys slept nude so when they got out of the showers, they just stayed that way in the barracks.'

'Damn! Was that permitted?'

'Only when the sergeant wasn't around which was most of the time.'

After a few minutes, he casually scrached his balls and rubbed his cock, which was long and slim. I wondered how big it got when hard.

Then, a few minutes later, I saw his cock move and as I glanced sideways, I saw that it was beginning tostiffen slightly.

He broke my concentration when he said, 'Tom, can I ask you a personal question?'

'Sure,' I replied.

'Are you gay?'

'Clay, I'm not going to lie to you. Yes, I am, but that's not the reason I agreed to bring you here. I enjoy your company, but why did you ask?'

'Well, I kind of suspicioned it from your conversation. And to be truthful with you in return, I've been curious about being with another guy and getting done. I've seen the holes in the restroom toilet walls at truck stops but never had the nerve to do anything.'

'What exactly are you saying?'

'I'd like to see what it's like to be sucked by a guy. I've heard that it's much better than being sucked by a woman, especially when the guy goes all the way and swallows which women never do.'

'It is. A guy usually knows how to satisfy another man.'

'Would you suck me?' he asked.

I noticed his cock was now almost totally hard and said, 'If you really want me to, I will, but not if your doing it just as a way of payment for using my room.'

'I really want it.'

I nodded and moved closer, and grasped his now hard cock. He moaned softly as I began stroking it. I changed positions and got between his legs and began licking and sucking his nice large balls. He gasped and moaned, then as I took his cock into my mouth and swallowed every inch he gasped again and said loudly, 'Oh, fuck, yea.'

I began giving him the best blow job I could, wanting to make it a memorable experience for him. I ook my time and as he neared his climax, I sucked more energetically. As he moaned audibly, he climaxed, filling my mouth quickly with huge strong spurts of thick sweet creamy cum. I began swallowing and devoured every delicious drop.

As I slowly pulled off he said, 'Fuck man, that was fantastic. I have to say, it was better than any pussy I've ever fucked.'

'I'm glad you enjoyed it.'

'Did I ever!'

I lay back beside him, my own cock still rock hard. After a moment, he reached over and grasped my cock and began stroking me. I moaned softly bu didn't say anything. then moments later, to my surprise, he suddenly leaned over and began sucking me. I eagerly fed him my cock.

He was slightly awkward at it, but soon got the hang of it and was giving me one hell of a blow job. When my climax neared, I told him but he continued. when my cock finally exploded, he took it all and swallowed.

As he pulled off, I asked what brought that on.

He said his curiosity about men began in the Army and has continued to grow stronger. He said when he met me and suspicioned I was gay, he decided I was the one he wanted to satisfy his curiosity with.

I looked at him and said, 'What I'm about to do might turn you off, but it's something I've wanted to do with you.'

I quickly leaned over and kissed him parting my lips and offering my tongue. He froze for just a second the parted his lips, accepted my tongue and offered his. As we kissed, he moaned sofly.

That evening we kissed frequently and had a sixty-nine before going o sleep cuddled in each others arms. The next morning there was more kissing and another sixty-nine.

As i dove him back to his rig, he asked how often I was in town and I told him I was here the first week of each month on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. He said he delivered here every Tuesday and asked if he could start meeting me at the motel. I readily agreed and suggested that he return on wednesday night on his way back to his terminal.

We met weekly for almost a year and after the first couple of weeks I took his cherry,fucking his beautiful tight virgin ass. He loved it and that was the first thing he wanted when we met. Clay and I became very close and he was one of he hottest guys I ever had in my bed.


I was working in south Texas, and had cheked into a small motel. It was in the summer and the temperatues had been 98 to 103 for several days. After checking in, I bought a couple of six packs of beer and iced them down in my cooler in my room. The sun was beginning to set and it was a little cooler. The walkway in front of the room was in shade so I grabbed a beer and a chair and after removing my shirt, I went out a dn sat on the walkway.

After just a moment I saw an 18-wheeler pull in and the driver head into the office. From what I could tell, he was nice looking and well built and in his thirties.

A few minutes later he came out of the office, grabed his bag from his rig and headed for the rooms. I was on the second floor and I saw him head for the stairs. I had noticed that there was a door connecting my room to the one next to me. 'What if he got the room next to me,' I thought.

He walked toward me getting closer and closer. He was muchmore handsome and well built that I had originally thought. then, sure enough, he stopped in front of the room connecting to mine. I noticed that he was wearing a wedding ring as he began to unlock the door. As he did, he looked my way and said, 'Now there is a man with the right idea.'

'Well, there is plenty more in the room good and cold if you want one. Our rooms have a connecting door. I'm about to go in, but I'll unlock my side and if you want one come on over.'

'I just might after I get a shower,' he said, giving me his name. I told him mine and said I'd see him later.

I went in and unlocked my side of the cnnecting door and opened it wide. I got a fresh beer and propped up in bed and began watching TV.

A few minutes later, I heard the locks on his door unlock and he stepped into the opening, wearing just a pair of jeans.

'Come on in. the beer is in the cooler. Help yourself.'

'Thanks, bud,' he replied. 'I need this.'

He got his beer and sat on the other bed. I told him to make himself comfortable. He propped up on it and downed abut half his beer.

'There's plenty more when you finish that one,' I said.

He laughed and began to rub his shoulders.

Seeing that, I asked, 'Looks like you could use a good massage.'

'Oh hell yea. A day in that piece of shit has me aching all over. They keep telling me we're getting new trucks but so far nothing.

'Well, I'm prety good at giving massages,'I said, 'if you want one.'

You serious?'

'Sure. I don't mind. Turn over onto your stomach and lay flat.'

I got him a fresh beer and gave it to him then got onto his bed straddling him. I began at his neck and shoulders and slowl worked my way down to his waist. Then, as I began working on his legs I said, 'I could do a better job down here if you were out of these jeans.'

'Well, I don't know about that.'

'Hey, you ain't got anything I haven't seen before,' I said.

He slowly rolled o the side and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Standing at the foot of the bed, I grabbed the cuffs and began pulling them off. He was now in just his tight white briefs.

I returned to massaging his legs, first one then the other as he commented how great it felt. A I worked on his upper thighs, I had his legs spread wide and would get close and let my fingers casually brush against his covered balls.

I slowly worked my way back up to his waist and as I did so I lowered the back of his briefs and massaged down to his crack. I then returned to his back and shoulders.

Once I was back to where I started, I told him to turn over so I could get the front of his body.

'If I do, I'll embarass myself,' he replied.

I laughed and said, 'So, you got a boner. Big deal. It happens to all of us. Turn over.'

Slowly, he turned onto his back revealing a hard cock inside his briefs. I pretended not to notice as he said, 'This is the first time I've been like this in front of another guy.'

'Hey, it's no big deal. Just relax.'

I began massaging the front of his neck then chest, pecs and abs, then hips, ocassionally brushing against his hard cock. I went lower to his highs, again brushing against his balls. I continued down his legs and back up.

When I reached his thighs, I casually laid my hand on his hard cock and he moaned as I said, 'It looks like he could use a massage.'

'He gets one ocassionally,'he said, as I pulled the waistband of his briefs down and grasped his hard cock.

As I began stroking him he said, 'Hey, bud, we shouldn' be doing this. I've never done anything like this before.'

'Hey, it feels good doen't it?'

'Well, yea, it does.'

'Okay, then, why not just lay back and enjoy the rest of the massage. Who's to know what happened if neither of us says anything.'

I began pulling his briefs lower and soon had them off. I returned to stroking his cock, getting my face closer. His cock was thin and about seven inches long.

When I leaned forward and swallowed it, he jumped and said, 'Hey Tom, I'm not into men.'

'You don't have to be,' I replied. 'Just lay there and enjoy the experience.'

Ireturned to sucking his hard cock as he moaned softly and said repeatedly 'Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!'

I took my time massaging his cock with my tongue and throat. After a while, he said, 'Oh shit, man, you better stop. I'm about to blow.'

I wasn't about to stop and soon he said 'Oh shit, Tom, I'm cumming. NOW!'

His cock exploded filling my mouth and throat with a huge built up load. I eagerly swallowed and when I pulled off, he said, 'That was the first time I've had that done. It damn sure beats jerking off.'

'I'm glad you enjoyed it,' I said.

'Fuck, if my wife ever finds out about this, she'll kill me.'

'The only way she'll find out is if you tell her,' I said.

'That will never fucking happen!' he exclaimed.

I got us each a fresh beer after removing my jeans. Now both naked, each in seperate beds, I asked what he thought of his first blow job.

'It was a hundred times better than I thought it would be. I've had the offer before in rest room through those holes but never did it. I have to admit that I did enjoy it.'

'Well, take my word my word that a lot of married truckers get their dick sucked instead of fucking strange pussy, and it's nearly always free'

'I see.'

'Jim, I'll be available all night if you want another one. My door will be open.'

'Thanks. I might take you up on it, but I need to get something to eat.'

'I'll be here,I said as he picked up his briefs and jeans, not bothering to put them on.

I heard him leave his room and I dressed and went and got a burger and brought it back to my room.

A while later, I heard him return. I waited anxiously, hoping he'd return for another blow job. It was near nine when he opened his side and stepped into my room totally naked.

'Were you serious about another go at it?'

'I definitely was. Come on over here.'

As he approached my bed, his soft cock began to stiffen. He lay down and I got into position, his time I started with sucking his low hangers, taking both in my mouth at the same time. He moaned softly as I massaged them in my mouth with my tongue. I soon took his cock in my mouth and worked it slowly, wanting it to last. I alternated beween his cock and balls. After almost an hour, I decided to finish him off.

I soon received my second load from his cock. It was almost as big as the first and was definitely as tasty as the first.

After I pulled off, I asked what time he was leaving the next morning. He said between five and six.

'If you want another before you leave, the door will be open. Come on in and wake me.'

'You do enjoy sucking, don't you?'

'Hell yea,' I replied.

He returned to his room and I went to sleep. I was awakened the next morning by a gentle shaking.

'Hey bud, I'm about to leave but need you before I go.'

'My pleasure,' I replied. He dropped his jeans to his ankles as I sat ont the side of the bed. I sucked him a third time and loved it.

As he pulled up his jeans, i asked, 'You think you'll start using those holes if someone on the other side wants it?'

'Yea, I think so, but I can assure you of this. I'll always remember this time with you. Thanks for the experience.'

'Just remember that just because you get your cock sucked by another guy, it doesn't mean your gay. Stay safe on the road.'

He left and unfortunatey I never ran into him again, but I never forgot the sweetness of his delicious cum.




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