As I pulled into my motel in a south Texas town, I saw a driver working on his rig. I parked and started up a conversation, finding out that he didn't have a room.

He was in his late tweenties or early thirties, tall and slender, yet well built. His hair was jet black and his eyes and emerald green.

I told him that drivers had helped me out many times and that I liked to return those favors when I could. I gave him my room number and told him that if he needed to shower and clean up to come on by. He thanked me and said he'd keep it in mind.

Later, I returned to the parking lot and found him still at his truck. When I askedif he was going to need my shower, he informed me that another driver had left but his room was paid for for the night and that he would be using it. I said I understood, but secretly I was terribly disappointed.

I ate dinner and returned to my room and a while later my phone rang. It was the driver from the parking lot.

'Hey,' he began, 'I'm just down the hall from you in room 308. I was wondering if you'd like to come down for a beer?'

'Sure, but right now I'm totally naked and stay that way in my room. Going to your room means I'll have to put something on.'

'Man, if you got the balls t come down the hall naked, I don't care.'

'I'll be there in just a second. Have the door cracked open.'

The elevator was noisy and it ran up and down and not hearing it, I grabbed my cigarettes, lighter and room key. Slipping into the hall, I locked my door and paraded downthe hal to his room, pushing the door open and walking in.

'Fuck! I don't believe you actually did it.'

'Hell, if anyone hasn't seen a naked man before it's time they did,' I replied.

He said he was going to shower and went into the bathroom wearing just his jeans. As I sat on his bed, he offered me a beer as he went in.

After I heard the shower running for a few minutes, i opened the door asking if I could come in and take a piss. He called out 'Sure.'

Instead f pissing, I stood on the toilet seat and peeked over the shower curtain finding him facing away from me, washing his hair.

With soap covering his head and face, he turned so that I had a full view of the front of his body. I wanted to see his cock just in case he returned tothe room wearing his jeans. It was long, slim and beautiful.

I eased down and returned to the bedroom and propped up in bed, watchng TV. I heard the shower stop and moments later he stepped out of the bathroom, totally naked, drying his hair.

Grabbing a beer, he lay on the bed next to me. I was shocked and pleased. We taked a few minutes, when he reached down and scratched his balls and fondled his cock. When he noticed me watching he asked, 'You want some of this don't you?'

'I wouldn't turn it down if it was offered, but I don't want to do anything you don't want done.'

'I appreciate that and if you want it go for it. I'd like to see what it's like.'

'You've never been sucked?'

'Not by a guy, but I've had many offers.'

'Want me to show you what it's like?'

'Sure,' he replied.

I had him slide down in bed and I flipped around into a sixty-nine position, just in case he decided to try more.

I began sucking his semi-haed cock and as i did, he moaned softly. When he was fully hard, I deep throated him and heard him say 'Oh, fuck, yea.'

I felt his hand grasp my cock and he began stroking me. After a few moments, I flt his hot mouth close on my cock. I was in heaven.

I soon brought him to a climax and eagerly swallowed his huge load. As he climaxed, he stopped sucking me.

Once I had him drained, I flipped back around and taking a chance I tongue kissed him. He returned the kiss for a few seconds then pulled back.

I looked at him and asked 'Well, what did you think?'

'Some of it I really liked and some of it I didn't particually are for.'

'Let me guess. You really enjoyed getting sucked but didn't care for sucking or kissing.'

'Right,' he replied.

'What made you suck me?'

'I just wanted tosee what it was like. Now I know, and know it's not my thing.'

'You going to le more guys suck you?'

'Oh, yea. I love it when someone goes all the way, but I've found very few women that will.'

'Well, most guys do and swallow.'

He smiled and said, 'That I like.'

After more casual conversation, I got my key, cigarettes, nd lighter and said I needed to go. Hewalked to the door with me and said, 'Thanks for coming down. I really enjoyed it.'

'My pleasure,' I said as I checked the hall and darted for my room. When I walked out the next morning, I looked around. His truck was gone and so was he.


I enjoy sketching and drawing athough I'm not very good at it. One day, I decided to get foolish and try something.

I took a black broad tipped marker and on a sheet of my sketch paper wrote: 'Get sucked! Touch brakes,'and laid it on the dashboard.

I was on a two lane highway and when an 18-wheeler approached, I'd raise it up so it was visible. I knew I could get reported but that added to the excitement. When I'd could see the driver as he passed, I'd decided if I wanted him or not. If i didn't and he touched his brakes, I just kept driving. If he looked inviting, I'd do a u-turn and follow him.

I had several trucks pass me but no response from any of them. Then one approached and I lifted my sign. He was nice looking and younger than the others.

I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw his break lights flash a couple of times. I quickly slowed and did a u-turn and soon caught up to him. I followed him for a few miles when he signaled and pulled into a small picnic area on the highway. I pulled in also. He motioned me to his truck and I went to the passenger side.

'Climb on up,' he called out.

I did and he looked at me and laughed, saying 'I've been offered blow jobs in many ways, but nothing like your note.'

'I've never used the note before, but hought I'd give it a try.'

'You want it?' he asked rubbing his crotch.

'Sure,' I replied.

He stepped back into his sleeper and dropped his jeans an briefs. Laying back o the bunk, he said, 'It's all yours.'

I got into position and begansucking his average size cock as he moaned softly. I sucked slowly, not wanting to rush it. As I did, he would say softly, 'Damn, that feels good,' or 'Oh yea, I need this.'

I eventually brought him to a roaring huge climax, savoring his thick load before swallowing. AsI swallowed,he said, 'Hey, man, thanks. I damn sure needed that.'

'You let guys blow you when you're on the road?'

'Oh yea. The lot lizards charge u the blow jobs are free and better.'

Noticing a wedding band on his finger, I asked, 'Does your wife have any idea you're getting sucked?'

'Oh, hell no. What I do on the road is none of her busness.'

'Very true,' I replied.

He said he had to get rolling and thanked me again. I bid him goodbye and watched as he pulled out. I decided to take my sign down. I'd been lucky and hadn't been reported and decided not to push my luck.


I was at a motel I stayed at regularly in central Texas. It had a restaurant and bar and was predominately a truckers motel. The rooms were large, clean and inexpensive.

When I first started staying there, there was a nice glory hole between the stalls in the restroom. They replaced the partition so guys started geting on their knees and sliding their cocks under the partition to get sucked. Eventually, they lowered the partition so that it was just about an inch from the floor.

What they didn't do is cover the small peep hole in the partition betewwn the stall and the urinals. With a slight shift on the toilet you could wtch the guys piss at the two urinals. There was no partition between them. I saw many nice cocks through that hole.

On this trip, I had eaten dinner and gone to the bar for a beer. As I sipped it, I turned on my sool and surveyed the guys there, seeing several that were hot looking. I finished my beer and went to the restroom. Above both urinals I wrote the date and a not saying that if they wanted a blow job to leave their room number. I then went into the firs stall where I could peek through to the urinals.

A short time later, a man entered and through the small crack around the door I could see that it was one of he guys I'd spotted in the bar.

He ent to the far urinal and pulled out a nice long soft cock. After issing, he milked it and began slowly stroking it. Still soft, he put it away and zipped up his pants. Going to the sink, he washed his hands and I heard him pull out several paper towels. He dried his hands and pulled out another paper towel. I didn't hear him drying his hands.

After a second, as I leaned slighly to the side to see him I saw him walking toward my booth. I quickly sat up and suddenly the folded paper towel was slipped into my booth through the crack by the door. He turned and left.

I waited until he was gone before picking up the towel. Opening it, I read: 'If you want to suck it, room 128, 10 minutes.'

I waited a few minutes and walked to the room. I'd never been approached like this before. Nervously, I knocked on the door.

Whenhe cracked he door open,he was standing behind it and asked, 'You want it?'

'Yes, I do,' I replied.

He let me in saying 'I'll let you know up front, I don't do anything. I won't even jerk you off. I just want to get sucked.' He was totally nude.

'That's fine with me,'I said,askingif he minded if I got comfortable. He said he didn't.

He lay on the bed and I got between his legs and began licking his balls and cock. Once fully hard, I began sucking him. He began lifting his hips, fucking my throat. I was loving it. He soon climaxed and as I swallowed he looked at me and said, 'You know how to do it. I love it when you guys swallow. I hate to see my load go to waste.'

'I never waste it,' I replied.

He asked if I was in a hurry and I said no. He said that if I waited a few minutes I could have another load. I definitely waited.

As I was working on geting my second load, his phone rang. He answered and what I heard shocked me.

He was talking to his wife, asking how the kids were all while I was sucking his cock. Then I heard him say, 'Just laying here getting a blow job.' There was a pause then he said, 'yea, he's good. he's working on getting a second load out of me.'

I just stopped, holding his cock in my mouth, looking up into his face. He said he'd call her back and hung up.

What that your wife?' I asked.


'You tell her you get sucked?'

'Yep. When I started driving, she told me she knew I'd get horny on the road. She said that I better not touch any pussy, but if I wanted to let a guy suck me she could handle that. So, whenever I get sucked I tell her about it.'

'Damn,' was all I could say.

I returned to his cock and soon got my second load out of him. After I had swallowed that one he said he was done for the evening. I knew that he as telling me to leave. I did but I had two nice loads in me.


At the same motel mentioned in the previous encounter, I always left the same note above the urinals. One trip, I returned about an hour later and saw a room number. Going to the house phone on the second floor balcony, I called the room. I liked to talk to the guys for a second to get a feel of them.

We talked a second and i went to his room. He answered in just his briefs. He was In his late twenties, somewhat nicely built and red headed. He said he was married and didn't suck but said he had no problem with jerking me off.

As I stripped, he removed his briefs. His pubic hair gave me an instant boner. It was bright red-orange. I sucked him twice and he jerked me. He asked if I was there regularly. I said about every four o five weeks. He said he was there evry other week. We agreed to meet again.

I told him that when he saw my note to just put his room number then write 'Red' behind it and I'd know it was him and come staight to the room.

We met almost every trip I made there for over six months. His red cock bush was such a turn on to me. Red bushes still turn me on like crazy.

NOTE: If I remember more, I'll add them as Part 3



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