To really understand the family thing, I need to start at the beginning.  I'm Mark Rogers and I am what is called an over-the-road trucker, or OTR.  The trucking started with my grandfather after he was laid off from work.  He started out with a small box truck and after a couple of years moved up to a semi rig. As time passed, he added trucks and hired drivers and so began American Trucking Company.

When my dad was old enough, he was trained as a driver and hit the road, following in his father's foot steps. Dad married his high school sweetheart and they had three kids.  First was my sister Judy.  Then two years later my brother Mike was born then only eleven months later I was born.

With Mike and I being so close in age and looking remarkably alike, everyone thought we were twins.  Although not being twins, we were as close as if we had been twins.  And we had 'trucking blood' in our veins.   We loved it when dad would take us for a ride when he was home for a few days. Our sister, on the other hand, thought it was a degrading profession and hated to admit that dad was a trucker. 

As Mike and I reached puberty, we 'experimented' as most boys do, but it was just that-experimenting.  It was short lived.  As we reached our mid-teens, dad would take us with him during the summers, and when we had lay-overs between loads, he began teaching us to drive a semi.  It was then that we began to see the notes in the restrooms at truck stops offering blow jobs or anal sex  to horny truckers.  We also learned what a glory hole was, and found it funny when each of us went into a stall with a glory hole between them and watch each other jerk off.  At times, we would also have a man in the other booth offer us a blow job.  We never accepted the offers.  At least not then.

However, by the time I was seventeen and Mike was eighteen, we had returned to 'experimenting' with each other when we were either at home during school or when we were alone in the sleeper when traveling with dad  We soon found that we both loved nude body contact, kissing and making out, sucking cock, rimming and getting fucked.  How did we know about all this?  From gay magazines we found in some of the truck stop restrooms, wither in the stall or in the trash can.

We started sucking other drivers in the restrooms with glory holes and loved it.  fortunately, dad never found out, although he almost did one trip.

We had stopped at a small country truck stop in Arkansas.  The restrooms were out behind the truck stop and next door was a small grocery with video games.  We told dad we were going to play some games and he said to be back at the rig in an hour or so.  We agreed and headed for the store.  Taking turns, we would go over to the restroom and if we could we would suck a horny trucker and if lucky get our cock sucked.

It was my turn to suck a trucker, and I was waiting in one of the stalls when the door opened.  The man went straight to the booth next to me. I had my jeans down around my ankles and had been fondling my cock, keeping it completely boned and visible to the person in the booth next to me.

After locking his door, he dropped his jeans to the floor and I could tell that he was casually stealing a glance at me through the hole.  I made sure he could see my hard cock.  He immediately leaned back and began stroking his quickly stiffening cock.  It was awesome looking and beautiful.  It was at least seven and a half to eight inches and cut with a large mushroom head.  I knew I wanted it in my ass but under the circumstances I could only get it in my mouth. 

I placed my finger at the hole as a signal to put it through and the stud did as I wanted. Once the beautiful thick cock was completely through the hole I licked off the drop of clear precum that had emerged from the slit and began licking the shaft several times before taking the rock hard cock into my mouth.

Ever so lovingly, I began doing my job on this beautiful strange tool.  As I worked on it, I could hear the man moan in pleasure as I attempted to deep throat his cock.  Before long I was able to bury my nose in his musky fragrant pubic bush and the aroma was exhilarating.  I soon knew that he was nearing his climax and prepared myself for the delicious cream I was about to receive.  With a louder than normal moan, the man pushed his hips against the wooden partition and fired of his load into my eagerly waiting mouth.  After feeding me every drop, I milked his cock dry with my mouth before he quickly pulled up his jeans to head out.

I savored the delicious load for a moment before swallowing then quickly stood to see if I could see what this stud looked like.  I pressed my eye to the crack between the door and the frame to get a glimpse.  The man quickly went to the sink and washed his hands before leaving.  As he did, I got a good look at him.  I had just sucked off my own dad.


Part 2 will be longer I promise.



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