Ok so.. Here I am collecting the neighbours kid from school... Thinking this was your average day.. Until I went to the bathroom!!

Jay wasn't the chiseled God that most dream of, but of a chunky belly, nice and hairy, and big thick muscly legs.. God I adored those legs.... Anyway, so here I am letting myself in.. Desperate to go for a nosy in the washbasket.. Just for a sniff of his manly well worn boxers or socks when the kid decides he's off out to play! 

Perfect!!! Nows my chance!! Up I go on up the stairs, semi building in my tight jeans... Into the bedroom, and I can smell the manliness straight away! I still go all tingly thinking about this yo this day! Nice worn jeans, boxers covered in jizz, I'm in my element!! 

The boners getting bigger so it's time to take care of it! Into the bathroom I go to take care of the raging hard on that's building up nicely! 

Just as I walk in with my cock in my hand, rubbing the sexy underwear all over my self.. The dirt opens infront of me! Jay was home before us!

Well as you can imagine.. I turn into a 16 year old tomato stood rubbing my neighbours crusty boxers all over my rock hard cock... And here stood infront of me is my dream God in nothing but a towel, with his hairy big nipples, his sexy hairy belly and what appears to be a nice tent building from his towel! 

With a smirk on his face he drops his towel.. And I'm greeted with a a rock hard 8.5 inch thick as fuck cock with two amazing hairy balls... And I still don't know what to do!!!! I go into overdrive, my heart starts to race and I can feel the blood pumping round my even harder cock!! All I know is that I just want to kiss this man from head to toe, suck his amazing dick and let him have his way with me!!!! He puts his hand out and grabs hold of mine, never have I felt such excitement and passion! I go in for the gold, I push him to the sink, kiss his sexy lips, and work my way downtown his nicely trimmed penis, taking the whole thing in, ready to service jay until he blows down my throat! All that was going through my head now was how much I wanted him! And to my surprise he wasn't resisting! Within minutes I was off and we made our way to the bedroom, he stuffed his cum filled boxers in my mouth and went to town on my virgin hole! He gently slid in his entire cock, feeling his balls slapping against me made me ready to blow! But I wanted him to take my load, so he took my cock in his open mouth and worked me until I blew! 

Never have I cum so much! All over his face, and his stubbly beard I licked what was left clean and made my way down on jay.. Didn't take him long to fill my mouth with his hot salty juice, God it tasted good! We kissed passionately for a little while until we heard the doorbell go!! 

Needless to say was probably the best day of my life.. But it wasn't over;) far from it! 




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