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I was in a small town and as most of you know, the sidewalks 'disappear' at dark. There is no activity. I decided to check out the rest area a few miles outside of town.

As i drove, I listened for any chatter on my CB radio. Everything was quiet. I figured i was wasting my time at the rest area but figured I'd check it out anyway.

It was near midnight when I pulled into the rest area. There was one car and two big rigs there. I parked and as I headed inside to pee, I passed the only other car. The driver was fast asleep.

I went in and took care of business and after walking out, I strolled down the drive to where the first rig was parked. There were no lights on anywhere inside the cab. I casually walked back toward the second rig and as I did, I noticed that there was a light coming from his sleeper.

His privacy curtains weren't completely closed and if I positioned myself just right I could see into his sleeper compartment. As I got closer, I saw him pass the opening in the curtains. He was completely nude and in his late twenties. He appeared to be well built and when he turned just right I noticed his cock was fully erect.

Seconds later, he began stroking his hard cock and my own cock began to stiffen. To get a better view, I climbed up onto the bumper of the trailer of the first rig. As I did, the nude driver lay on his bunk, continuing to slowly stroke his hard cock. I watched a few minutes then climbed down and moved closer to his rig on the drivers side. As I passed the driver's door, I looked up into the rig and noticed that his CB radio was on. I decided to return to my car and take a chance.

I quietly got into my car and saw the name of the company on his rig. It read 'American Transport'.

I picked up the mic of my radio and said softly, "How about that American driver. You need any help with that job you're doing? I'll be glad to assist in any way I can."

I didn't want others to know I was propositioning him for sex so I kept the remarks such that only he would know what I was referring to.

Suddenly, the light in his sleeper went out and through the cab side windows, I saw him emerge from the sleeper and reach for his radio.

"I sure could use some help. Where are you so we can discuss it."

"Parked across from you," I replied. I saw him look my way.

Come on over," he said before leaning over and opening the passenger door. I climbed out and walked across the drive and after opening the door completely, I climbed in. He was still nude but his cock was only semi-erect. As I closed the door, he asked, "How did you know what I was doing and that I might need help?"

"Your privacy curtains weren't closed completely and I could see in as i walked around."

"I see, and how do you think you might be able to help me?"

"Just name it. I'll gladly do what ever you need help with."

He smiled and said, "Well, then, let's climb in back and see what we can figure out."

I followed him into his sleeper and once we were both back there, we cosed the curtains, making sure they were closed completely.

He turned the bed light back on and he was even hotter than I had suspected. Looking me over quickly, he said, "Why don't you get comfortable like me."

I smiled and began striping as he watched and his cock slowly became rock hard again. Soon, I was completely nude and my own cock was as hard as his.

"Very nice," he said. "Have a seat."

I sat on his bunk and he moved over and sat next to me, immediately reaching for my hand and placing it on his hard cock. As I gripped it and began stroking him, he grasped mine and did the same. I immediately wondered if he was wanting to do more than stroke me.

I looked into his face and he turned to look at me. Our eyes met and he immediately leaned closer quickly pressing his lips to mine. I responded by parting my lips and when I did, he quickly parted his and offered his tongue. Of course I accepted and offered mine. He quickly released my cock and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me wildly and passionately, gently laying me down onto his bunk.

As we lay there in our embrace, our hands explored each other's body. After a while, the kiss ended and he smiled, before flipping around into a sixty-nine and swallowed my hard cock completely. I immediately swallowed his and we had a slow ald loving sixty-nine. That is until we both neared our climax. then we sucked with more intensity, soon bringing each other to a roaring climax just seconds apart.

We filled each other's mouth with our hot thick loads and slowly pulled off. Looking into each other's eyes we both swallowed before going into another hot kiss.

After the kiss, he looked at me and said, "Man, you don't know how bad I needed that. Not just getting sucked but getting to suck. Out here in these small towns I seldom find guys into male sex."

"I know what you mean," I replied, "but I really asn't expecting you to reciprocate. I as just wanting to suck you. I love nothing better that sucking truckers up in their sleepers."

"Hell, I love cock and cum just as much as any other guy into male sex. if you hadn't shown up, I'd have finished myself off and ate the evidence. I never waste a good load."

"Neither do I," I replied.

We talked a few minutes and I found out that he was single and had been gay since his teens and driving for three years. We both agreed that cock was easier to find in larger cities and along the major highways.

We made out some more before he asked me to fuck him. He quickly pulled up his legs, offering me a beautiful hairy pink hole. I went in for the delectable taste of it and began eating his ass ravenously as he moaned in pleasure. A few minutes later I slid my cock into his hot tight hole as he begged me to fuck him hard and deep.

I did as he requested and soon fired off a second load, this one deep in his love chute. I then requested that he fuck me and after hungrily eating my ass for a few minutes he obliged. He sure knew how to fuck and before long he filled my hole with his hot thick load.

After some more kissing and making out, he said he needed to get back on the road. We dressed and before I left his rig he kissed me again and thanked me for offering to 'help him out'.

I climbed down and returned to my car totally satisfied yet never knowing his name. I stood by my car and watched as this stud driver slowly disappeared into the night.


I was in another small town where I had customers and was hungry for cock. I drove to the small picnic area on the edge of town and pulled in. I parked in such a way as to be able to see trucks approaching from the rear in my side mirror.

When I saw one approaching, I'd give the well known signal at the time. By flashing my brake lights three times, I was letting the driver know I sucked cock. A couple approached and I'd touch my brakes three times, but unfortunately, they drove on passed. Traffic was light and I was about to give up when I saw another rig approaching.

Again, I touched my brakes three times. The night was balmy and I had my windows down and suddenly heard the approaching rig down shift. He was slowing down.

He pulled into the lot and stopped just ahead of me. Reaching up, I flipped the switch on my inside light to off so it wouldn't come on when I got out of my car. I quickly exited my car and walked around to the passenger side, where trees blocked the light of the full moon.

A second later the driver came around the back of his trailer and then walked up the other side a few feet before stopping. He unzipped his pants and after pulling out his long soft cock, he took a piss. However, once he was done, instead of putting it away, he began stroking it, soon bringing it to full erection. As he did this, he kept looking my way. I stepped out of the shadows and casually approached him, knowing if he didn't want sex he would immediately put his cock away.

He didn't. He just kept stroking as I drew closer to him.

Once I was only about two feet from him he said, "You know how it is sometimes. A man's got to do what a man's got to do."

"Definitely," I replied, "unless there is someone to do it for him."

"Would you be that someone?"

"If you want me to be I am."

"It's all yours," he replied as he unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop to his knees.

I knelt in front of his and quickly swallowed his hard cock, forcing all eight inches into my mouth and throat. As I began lustfully sucking his cock, another man suddenly appeared from around the back of the trailer.

Startled, I began to get up but the driver I was sucking gently pushed me back down saying, "It's okay. He's with me."

I returned to sucking the driver's cock as the other man stepped up beside his buddy and began rubbing his crotch.

The driver I was sucking softly said, "I told you we could get sucked when I saw his brake lights."

"Yes, you did and I damn sure need to dump a load," the second driver said as he, too, dropped his pants to his knees.

I turned to see a cock equally as long as the one in my mouth but much fatter. I knew immediately that I had to have it also.

As I sucked the first driver, I reached out and began stroking the other. I began alternating between their cocks. I found it extremely exciting to know that they were each watching me suck the other. I returned to just sucking the first driver, and soon got him off and hungrily swallowed his load. As I did, the other said, "Fucking hot! This cock sucker even swallows. I love it when they don't waste my load."

I then swallowed the second driver and the first watched, his cock still exposed. As I sucked, his cock again stiffened and soon he began stroking it. After a while, the second driver told me he was close. As he began firing his load into my mouth, the first said sternly, "Don't swallow."

I took the second driver's load in my mouth and held it. The first was stroking rapidly and told me to open my mouth. I did and seconds later they both watched as the first driver climaxed again. They both watched ad the load fired off into my open mouth. Once he first driver finished his climax he told me to clean him off. I did and he told me I could them swallow both loads, which I did eagerly.

As I stood, they both pulled up their pants and the first driver said, "Bud, I've been sucked by numerous guys and your the best yet. I really needed that."

"He damn sure is the best. I wish he could ride with us permanently and keep us satisfied."

"Gentlemen, if I could, I would gladly. I'd love to suck you both several times a day. You have awesome cocks."

"We're through here often. Maybe we'll run into you again."

"I hope so," I replied. I told them which motel I stayed at and said that my room number would always be on the dash. "If you see my car, please stop and come to my room no matter what time of the night it is."

Over the next year, I did have them stop several times and each time both fed me two huge thick loads. They would knock, come in strip and lay in bed and let me do my thing. I always loved it and as soon as I had taken two loads from each they dressed and went on their way.


On several ocassions when I had been to our main office and warehouse, i had seen ne driver, Josh, that really turned me on. He was twenty-nine, muscular and damn good looking. He was divorced and from what I had heard, he had, according to him, several girl friends. His shirts and pants were always snug, showing his muscular physique and nice bulge. I wanted him desperately but knew it was futile.

It was a Monday afternoon that I was in the office. I saw his rig backed up to the loading dock but he was no where to be seen.

After a while, I headed for the restroom. The warehouse was old and the toilets had no doors. I entered the men's restroom near the dock and headed for a stall. My shoes had rubber soles so my footsteps were silent.

As I passed the second stall, there sat Josh, his pants down around his ankles ad his shirt pulled up revealing his muscular chest. In his left hand was a magazine and his right hand was stroking his cock.

When he saw me he tried desperately to hide what he was doing but it was too late. I had already seen his gorgeous cock. I acted as if it was no big deal and went to the stall next to him.

I dropped my pants tot he floor and sat down and slowly began stroking my semi-hard cock, knowing that there were small gaps in the wood slatted partition between us. If he really tried, he would have been able to vaguely see what I was doing. After seeing him, I didn't care if he saw me.

Nothing was said, between us until we later saw each other out on the dock. "Hey, Mark, I've got your territory this week. Maybe we'll run into each other and can have lunch."

"Sounds good," I replied as an idea suddenly hit me. I went to the dispatcher and got a copy of his delivery schedule. I soon knew which stores he'd be at and on what day and approximately what time.

I decided to alter my schedule to be able to 'run into him' on Wednesday about noon and since his deliveries that day were all close together, maybe I could ride with him the rest of the day and get to know him better.

Wednesday arrived and I was at a customer's lace when he pulled in. After he unloaded their order, I asked, "Josh, would you mind if I rode with you the rest of the day?"

"Hell no! I'd enjoy the company for a change, but what about your car?"

"Why don't you follow me back to my motel and let me drop it off? It's not out of the way any."

"You lead, I'll follow," he said.

I drove back to my motel and he pulled to the shoulder of the road and waited for me to park. I hurried to his rig and climbed in. We talked while he drove to his next stop and as we arrived, I said, "You go ahead and do your thing. I'll just wait here."

He climbed down and began unloading his delivery while I got nosy in his sleeper. After a few minutes of snooping around I hit pay dirt. I found the magazine he had been looking at in the restroom. It was a gay male magazine showing some hot muscular hairy studs sucking and fucking each other. With the magazine in it's hiding spot were several gay DVDs. I knew then I had a chance of getting him.

Everything was back in place and I as seated in the seat just as he had left me. As we pulled out, I said, "Josh, I want to apologize for interrupting you on Monday afternoon. It definitely wasn't intentional."

"Hell, Mark, I know that. I should have known better than risk it but I was so damn horny. You didn't say anything to anyone did you?"

"Hell no. It's none of their business. Hell, I do the same thing there at times myself."

"No shit?"

"No shit. Hell, I've even done it in the car when I have a long trip between customers."

Laughing, he said, "I've done it while driving also."

I let the subject drop for the time being and we continued our deliveries for the day.

Josh's rig had a sleeper, but the company paid for the drivers to get a motel room on nights that they were out of town if they wanted one.

"Where you staying tonight?" I asked.

"I haven't decided yet. I may stay in the rig out at the truck stop or I might drive on and be close to the start tomorrow's deliveries."

"Well, if you want to, you can share my room. Dinner will be on me and you will have access to a free shower. However, there is only one thing. I only have one king bed in my room. You'd have to share it with me, but I only use one side."

"It wouldn't be the first time for me to share a bed. Up until I moved out my older brother and I had to share a bed at home. I was twenty-two and he was twenty-three. And it was only a double bed, not a king."

"I bet that was cozy," I said.

"You better believe it," he replied. "You sure I won't be imposing on you?"

"Not in the least. I'd enjoy the company."

Well, then, I'll do it."

We finished up the deliveries for the day and returned to the motel with me directing him where to park his truck and trailer. He grabbed his bag and we headed for the room. Once inside, I said I needed a shower before dinner. He said he did also.

Wanting to see his reaction, I immediately began stripping right in front of him. I went all the way and headed for the bathroom totally naked. i noticed him looking at me casually several times.

After my shower, I returned to the room nude and began dressing. Then acting as if I hadn't planned it, I apologized for my actions.

"Hey,my brother and I saw each other nude daily sharing a room and when I go to the gym I see guys there also so it's no big deal," he said as he slowly stripped nude. His nude body was awesome. He showered, and like me, returned to the room nude. We dressed and went to dinner nearby, walking.

As we walked back, I took it a bit further and said, "Josh, you should know one thing about tonight."

"What's that?" he asked before I could continue.

"I sleep nude."

"Fuck! I do too, and have for years. My brother and I both slept nude, although our parents never knew it," he said with a laugh.

"Well, then, shall we both sleep nude tonight?"

"I don't see why not. We've already seen each other that way."

"Sounds good to me," I replied.

Josh was too eager to get nude and I as sure something would develop before we went to sleep.

We returned to the room and Josh was first to strip down to nothing before flopping down on one side of the bed and turning on the TV. I stripped and joined him in bed.

As we lay there, out of the corner of my eye, I could see him frequently glancing over at my cock. I started doing the same to him and soon his cock began to slowly stiffen. Seeing that, mine began to stiffen.

Before long both out cocks were rock hard. Josh openly began to slowly stroke his and when I looked over at him he smiled and said, "You've seen me do it before and just so you know I saw you doing it when you sat next to me in the restroom."

"I figured you'd peek through the crack and didn't care. Every guy does it."

"Don't you know it. Hell, my brother and I did it together since our early teens after we got in bed."

"Damn," I said, "This must bring back memories."

"Yep," he said. "You ever jerk with a guy before?"

"Oh, yea. Me and some buds from school used to do it all the time in the woods."

"My brother and I would jerk each other."

"So did we. It was hot."

He smiled and looked over at me and asked,"Want to?"

"Shit, as long as it stays just between us, why not."

We moved closer to each other and once we were side by side with our hips touching, we reached over and grasped each others cocks and began stroking each other slowly.

After a few minutes, I turned my head to look at him. He was watching me and without warning, he kissed me, offering his tongue. I responded by offering mine and after the kiss he said, "I think we were both wanting this to happen. I know I was."

"So was I," I replied.

We began kissing passionately and soon he began working his way down my body, kissing and licking. He caressed my nipples before going to my balls. Then, after lifting my legs, he began eating my ass, hungrily. After a few minutes, he moved to my cock and sucked eagerly, soon bringing me to a roaring wild climax. After taking my load and swallowing, we kissed again then I returned the peasure to him. His load was huge and sweeter than any I had ever enjoyed.

As we lay cuddled together, he said he and his brother sucked and fucked each other daily and still do each other whey they get together about once a month even though his brother was now married.

Later that evening we fucked each other wildly, and it was awesome. Then, before going to sleep, we had a hot sixty-nine, taking our time. The next morning we had another sixty-nine before he left on his deliveries.

Getting together became a regular thing with Josh and I. he also told me of a few of my customers that would meet him after they got off and would suck and fuck each other in his sleeper.

Without knowing it, he told them about me and they were soon coming to my motel after they got off work.

There were other truckers but that is for another story. I WILL BE BACK!!!

THE END......for now!



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