Friday morning I made my last deliveries before heading home. About three hours from home, I saw a guy in fatigues thumbing a ride. I down shifted and pulled to the shoulder. He turned out to be a fellow Marine and I offered him a ride. We talked all the rest of the way and I found that he was twenty three and from a small town in Arkansas.

From Part 2......

As we neared town, he looked at me ad said, "I really appreciate the ride and I'll do anything to show my gratitude."

"Anything?" I asked.

"Yes, just name it. No limits."

"Well, I'll drop you off before I get to my warehouse. After I'm done, I'll pick you up. I'll be in a red Dodge pick-up. Then when we get to my place, we can discuss your offer."


Part 3.......

When I picked him up, he was wearing his Marine fatigues and I saw that his last name was 'McCauley' but he said everyone just called him 'Mac'.

I had dropped him off several blocks from the warehouse because we were forbidden to carry passengers unless it was preapproved by management. If we did and the office found out it meant immediate termination.

I got to the warehouse and looked over my deliveries for the next week and put then in the order that I wanted them loaded. Doing this made unloading easier and faster.

I soon hopped into my pick-up and left to see if Mac was still waiting. I had left him on a busy corner that led to the interstate and figured someone would offer him a ride. As I drew near the intersection, I saw Mac standing next to his duffel bag right where I had left him.

I pulled up and without words being spoken, he tossed his bag into the bed of the truck and climbed in next to me. We drove to my place on the outskirts of town in silence. I parked and we headed inside.

Mac dropped his bag inside the door and turned to me and asked, "Would you like for me to draw you a bath?"

"That would be nice but I really prefer a nice long shower," I replied, knowing what he was leading up to.

"Shall I get it ready for you?"

"Yes, please do," I replied.

He quickly found my bedroom and started the water in my huge walk in shower.

As I entered, he turned to me and asked, "Would you like me to bathe you?"

"That would be nice," I replied.

He quickly undressed me completely and immediately stripped his clothes off. His body was awesome, smooth and muscular, and with the exception of being subservient, he was all man.

Opening the shower door, he smiled ad said, "After you, Sir."

I stepped into the hot steaming water and it felt great. Mac followed and began soaping up a washcloth, and seconds later he began washing my back from neck to ass cheeks. He then stepped around in front of me and began washing my chest and stomach. My cock was already steadily growing and when Mac noticed, he asked, "Sir, would you like me to wash lower or would you prefer to do that yourself?"

Smiling, I looked into his beautiful eyes and said, "You do it, and wash me all over."

"Yes, Sir," he replied.

He immediately went lower and washed my cock and balls as both our cocks became rock hard. Soon, he had washed my entire body from head to toes, and both our cocks remained erect.

We stepped out of the shower and he immediately began drying me off. Once I was dry he quickly dried off his body. While he was drying off, I walked to my bed and after pulling back the covers, I lay down and as he walked over he asked, "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"I'm sure you can see what condition I'm in, so I'd like you to take care of it."

"My pleasure sir."

Mac eased between my spread legs and soon began licking my cock and balls before swallowing my cock in its entirety. He sucked like an expert and I was loving it. Before long, I eagerly fed him my huge pent up load, which he eagerly accepted and swallowed.

When he had me drained, he looked at me and said, "Thank you so much, sir. I thoroughly enjoyed taking care of you."

"I enjoyed it also," I replied and had him lay next to me.

I gently turned to face him and soon raised up and leaned over and kissed him. Our tongues soon began massaging each other ad as we kissed passionately, I began to fondle his hard beautiful cock. After a moment I ended the kiss and kissed my way down to his pubes and began licking his cock.

"Sir, that isn't necessary."

"Maybe not, but I want to do it," I replied before swallowing his cock and sucking him hungrily. Before long, he began to spasm and quickly fed me a huge load which I eagerly ate. After another kiss, we cuddled and I told Mac that he didn't have to be my servant. "Let's both just do what ever we feel like."

"Yes, Sir," he replied.

Later Mac asked if I would like to fuck him and moments later I was buried deep in his ass. After filling his hole, I had him fuck me. it was awesome.

Mac spent the weekend with me and we both stayed nude all weekend, having sex numerous times.

Monday morning early, I dropped Mac off at a truck stop where I figured he could get a ride. I headed to my warehouse and after locking up my pick-up and getting my rig and heading out, I picked up my CB mic and said, "If any drivers are headed west and horny, there is a hitchhiker going west that will service you all you want."

"Is he any good?" I heard in response.

"The best," I radioed back. I knew that Mac would soon be riding with another trucker.

I pulled into my stop and found Jim and Rick on the dock waiting to unload their order. Rick looked at me and smiled and I noticed Jim look at him curiously. I began to wonder what was going on.

Later, Rick managed top get me alone and asked if he could stop by the truck stop that night if he could get away. I told him that I didn't mind. I knew from the previous week that he was fucking hot in bed an I wasn't going to turn down hot sex.

Then, as Jim and I sat in his office, he looked at me and asked, "Eric, did Rick show up at the truck stop last week?"

"Why do you ask?" I asked him.

"After he left last Monday supposedly with his buddies, one of them called and said they hadn't made any plans. I've noticed the way he has looked at a couple of the other workers and some of the hot stud customers. If he's not having male sex, he's damn curious."

"Jim I made him a promise but it seem you already know. Rick is as gay and both you and I are. Yes he came to see me and we had sex."

"Damn, I knew it. I think he's hot as hell and I'd love to get him in bed but I'm not sure just how to let him know I want him."

I"I think I just might know a way."

"How?" Jim asked

"Tonight, I'll get a room at that motel next door. Rich has already asked to meet me tonight. You meet me early and I'll hide you in the closet. I'll let him visit, and once we're in bed, you can ease out of the closet ad the rest is up to you."

"When he starts sucking you, have him on his back and me straddling his chest. I'll ease up and start sucking him."

"If that's what you want, great."

Before I left, I made time to let Rick know that I was getting a room. He brought up the idea of possibly inviting another trucker to join us. I told him to look for the room with the open door.

I got the room and sent a text to Jim with the room number. He arrived and we did some making out and kissing before time for Rick to arrive.

Jim stayed nude and went into the closet and I slipped on my jeans. About fifteen minutes later Rick arrived and after locking the door, he immediately stripped and we were in bed. We kissed and made out a few minutes and I could tell the closet door was cracked and knew that Jim was watching.

When Rick started to go down on my cock, I had him lay on his back as Jim had asked. I then straddled his chest and shoved my hard cock into his hot eagerly waiting mouth.

Rick began lovingly sucking my cock and as he did, I reached back and began fondling his cock casually urging him to spread his legs wider. He did and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jim exit the closet. I returned my attention to Rick, knowing that as soon as Jim started sucking him, Rick would try to see who it was.

As expected, as soon as Jim swallowed Rick's hard leaking cock, Rick tried to see who it was.

"Relax," I said. "You said you wanted a three way didn't you?"

He nodded and returned to sucking my cock. Before long, I could tell Rick was near climaxing. As he began to spasm, sending his load into his uncle's mouth, I climaxed sending mine into his mouth. Rick eagerly swallowed and While Jim continued to hold Rick's cock in his mouth, I slowly climbed off and Rick looked down to see his own cock still buried in his uncle's mouth.

"Mother Fuck!" he exclaimed.

Jim pulled off and smiled as he swallowed his nephew's thick load. We talked a moment before Rick spoke up and said that he wanted to suck Jim's cock. It was hot watching a nephew suck his uncle dry. Before they left, I had made sure that they had fucked each other. While Jim was fucking Rick, we let Rick watch Jim suck me at the same time.

After that, every Monday,. Jim and Rick and I get a motel room and have hot nasty orgies.

Then, when I was at Clint's store, he informed me that he was now having sex with Roy who only wanted to fuck ass and get sucked. After getting unloaded, I hurried to the truck stop and again got a room next door. I called Clint and gave him the room number. Our plan was for him to tell Roy to meet him at the room so they could have all the sex they wanted without the chance of being caught.

Clint showed up and of course we stripped. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. I stepped into the restroom as Clint let Roy in. As soon as Roy was nude, Clint went to him and began sucking him. At this point, I came out of the restroom and began sucking Clint. Before long, Roy was alternating between our asses, first fucking one a few minutes then fucking the other. He did go as far as stroking our cocks as he fucked us. Before it was over Clint and I each had one of Roy's loads in our stomach and another in our ass.

The sex with Jim, and Rick became a regular thing on Mondays and with Roy and Clint on Wednesday night. After a couple of months, Roy shocked us both by sucking both of us off. it was his first time sucking and eating cock. soon he was getting fucked also. Our three ways also became a regular date.

A few months later, on a Friday after I had ended my week, I was home nude and relaxing when there was a knock on my door. I went to the door and looked out to see Mac standing there. I quickly opened the door and was shocked when I say another hot Marine with him.

It seemed that they were stationed just a few hours away and had a weekend pass. Mac had suggested that they visit me. He introduced Zach to me and soon they were both nude also. Both were wilder that I had known an when outside didn't mind been urinated on or being a urinal. It may sound sick, but that turned me on.

I was now having sex every Monday and Wednesday nights and most weekends. What more could a single guy ask for?

THE END.................................



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