I checked into a small but clean motel next to a large truck stop in central Texas. After gong to my room and changing into more casual clothes, I walked over to the truck stop for dinner.

I went into the restaurant and looked around at the many truckers there eating dinner and visiting. They ranged in age from their mid-twenties to what appeared to be late sixties and were in all shapes and sizes, if you know what I mean. Several really caught my eye and I chose a table off to the side.

The waitress quickly brought me a menu ad after making my selection, I again cruised the drivers. I immediately realized that one I had thought was hot was only a couple of tables away and facing me. He was in his late twenties or early thirties, with jet black hair to his shoulders and a neatly trimmed beard and moustache. As I took in his good looks and muscular frame, he glanced up and around and paused when he saw me looking straight at him. he smiled slightly and returned to his meal.

I continued to steal glances at him and as I did, I noticed that he was also looking in my direction. At one point, when I glanced his way, he casually reached down and rubbed his crotch. I wondered if he was trying to give me a signal.

My meal arrived and as I ate, he got up to leave and as he did, he gave me a quick wink. I smiled back and soon he was gone. I finished my meal then had a cup of coffee as I checked out some new arrivals. After paying my check, I headed for the restroom.

It was way in the back, away from the truckers lounge, and having seen better days, the stalls were all without doors, which surprised me.

I entered and headed for the urinals. As I did, I glanced at the three stalls and there in the middle stall was the driver from the restaurant, his jeans around his ankles and he was slowly stroking his long hard cock. Ever so casually, he stopped and put his cock out of sight.

We were the only two in the restroom. Smiling, I said, "Sorry for interrupting. Don't let me stop you."

He smiled back as I continued to the urinal. I took my piss, as my own cock steadily stiffened. Curious as to what his reaction would be, I turned toward him, allowing him to see my hard cock as I slowly put it back into my pants. When I glanced at him, I found that he had returned to stroking his cock.

"Looks like we're both in the same situation," he said.

"Yea, it does. I guess that's what happens when you're on the road all the time."

"You a driver?" he asked.

"Nah, just the proverbial traveling salesman," I replied, walking closer to his stall.

"Well, since we're both in the same situation, and neither of us seems to be bashful, would you care to join me in my rig and satisfy ourselves together?" I couldn't believe how forward he was.

"Well, I think my room next door would allow more space and comfort," I replied.

"And more privacy. What's your room number."

"One-oh-six," I said.

"i need to stop by my rig a minute, so why don't you go ahead and get comfortable and I'll be there shortly."

"Sure thing."

I walked out and headed for the motel, glancing back to see him headed toward a big oversize red Peterbilt tractor.

I went into my room and stripped off my shirt, shoes and socks. I was commando, so if he wanted to get totally nude, it would be easy for me to get that way.

Just a mere five minutes later there was a knock at my door. Looking through the viewer, I saw the stud driver standing there waiting.

Opening the door, I invited him in. In his hand was a small travel bag. Seeing me glance at it, he said, "If you don't mind, I thought that I might shower later. You never know how clean the showers are in some of these truck stops."

"Hey, no problem," I replied.

"You mind if I get comfortable?"

"Not at all. Be my guest."

He sat down his bag, then removed his boots and socks, then began unbuttoning his shirt. As he did, his beautiful muscular chest began to come into view. To my delighted pleasure, it was covered with a medium thick covering of black hair that wrapped around onto his sides and below his rib cage where it formed a large treasure trail that disappeared into his jeans. Standing, he began to remove his jeans. He was also commando and as he tossed them aside he smiled and asked, "You going to join me?"

"Of course," I replied as I began removing mine, watching his fantastic cock begin to stiffen. A mere two seconds later we were both completely nude. He stepped closer eyeing me up and down.

"Damn nice," he said.

"Thanks, but not as nice as yours."

He moved over to the bed and lay down with me following. Side by side, we began to slowly stroke our cocks.

"Let's take our time and make it last," he said, looking at my cock.

"Fine with me."

Soon, both our cocks were beginning to expel clear sweet precum. He looked at me and smiled as he used one finger and wiped it off his cock then slipped his finger into his mouth. I smiled back and did the same.

Seeing me do it also, he turned to me and gently pressed his lips to mine then offered his tongue. I eagerly accepted it and offered mine. Our tongues rapidly explored each others mouth. When the kiss ended he looked at me and said, "It's obvious that you've kissed a guy before."

"Yes, I have and so have you."

"Hell, yea. Why not if both parties are into it."

"I totally agree," I replied.

We kissed again and as we did, he began stroking my cock. I quickly took his in my hand ad began working his.

The kiss ended and he immediately leaned down and took my cock into his mouth, burying his nose in my thick bush. I moaned softly as he began working his tongue around my shaft.

Without removing my cock from his mouth, he worked his way around and got between my legs. After slowly sucking on my cock a few more minutes, he stopped and began sucking my full balls. Then after a moment he lifted my legs and began eating my ass, drilling his tongue deep into my hole. I moaned louder.

He soon returned to my cock, sucking it intensely. My climax neared and soon I fed him my huge built up load. He collected it all and once he had me milked dry, he eagerly swallowed.

After pulling off my cock, he smiled and said, "I've wanted to do that since I saw you in the restaurant."

"Is that why you were in the restroom, hoping I'd come in?"

"Well, from the way you kept looking at me, I figured you might be interested. I went to the restroom hoping."

"Why do you think I let you see my hard cock after I took my piss. I was hoping something would develop."

I then kissed him again before going down on him, swallowing his hard cock, then his balls and finally eating his ass. I returned to his cock and soon brought him to his climax. It was awesome feeling rope after rope of his cum fire off into my eagerly waiting mouth.

After swallowing his load, we kissed and afterward he said, "Your tongue felt great in my ass but as soon as you're reloaded, I want your cock in it. It's been a while since I got fucked good and hard and I need it desperately."

"It will be my pleasure and after I breed your ass I want you to breed mine."

"Gladly," he replied. I went back to my rig to get my lube. I didn't know if you had any or not."

"I'm like a boy scout, always prepared."

We kissed and cuddled a while then talked. I found out that he was twenty nine and had only been going with men since he was twenty-five. He said he had been curious and another driver started him. I asked how and he said that when he started driving, he was partnered with another driver to evaluate his driving ability. He said that they had stopped for the night and the driver warned him about other drivers as well as locals when he stopped at truck stops and rest areas. When he asked what the guy was referring to he was told that they would be looking for sex. He said he asked how and the driver said he's show him. He said the next thing he knew the driver had his hand between his legs and was fondling his cock which was quickly stiffening. he said soon, the driver had it out and was sucking it and when he climaxed the driver swallowed. he said he decided to try it and liked the experience. After that night, he said they sucked each other a couple of times a day even while driving, and after a week or so, they started fucking each other.

By then, i was again rock hard and he got his lube and seconds later I was sliding my cock into his hot muscular ass. He was verbal and told me to fuck his man cunt and treat him like a whore. I did and soon filled his ass with my load. Afterward he fucked me wildly and I loved it.

He spent the night with me and the next morning before he left we had one hell of a sixty-nine. I'll always remember him. Funny though, we never exchanged names.


I was driving to my next town on my route, when I began chatting with a driver on the CB. His handle was 'Country boy' and mine was 'Ghost.' We were going the same direction and he had told me where he was. I told him I was a few miles behind him. Soon, I saw his rig ahead and puled in behind him. We drove a while chatting casually when I suggested we stop for coffee. I had no idea what he looked like and was curious.

We found a spot and as he parked on the shoulder of the road, I pulled into the parking lot. I parked and waited and as he walked closer, my heart raced. He was in his early thirties and fucking hot looking, one of the most handsome men I had seen in a long time. He wasn't extremely muscular but was nicely built.

He walked up and said his name was Brad and I said I was Mark. We went in and had coffee and I found out he was on his way to pick up a load the next day. I said I was stopping up ahead a ways. We had coffee and before we left he said he wanted to verify his load. After using the phone, he seemed pissed.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"They gave my fucking load away. The shipper wanted it out sooner so they gave it to another driver."

"Where does that leave you?" I asked.

"They told me to come on down and they would find me another load out later tomorrow. I guess I'll find a cheap motel somewhere and get a room for the night.

"Look, Brad, my company pays for my room so if you want to, I'll get a room with two beds and you can save your money and stay with me."

"Man, you got a deal if I can find a place to park this rig."

As we approached the motel, he called me on the CB and asked, "How will I know what room your in?"

"I'll leave my door wide open and I'll be watching for you."

"Big ten-four on that. Let me see what I can do."

I checked in and went to my room, leaving my door open all the way. A few minutes later I hear d the sound of a big rig in the parking lot. Walking to the door, I saw Brad climbing out of his rig, a bag in hand. he climbed the stairs and came to my second floor room, and once inside, tossed hos bag on one of the beds.

"Where's your trailer?" I asked.

"I found a place down the road that said I could drop it there overnight."

"That's great but I need to let you know something. You might not want to stay."

"What's that?" he asked.

"Well, I usually go nude in my rooms. I hate clothes. Will it bother you if I'm nude?"

"Nah. I was in the military and saw guys nude in the barracks and showers all the time. Same when I shower at some of the truck stops. It won't bother me at all."

As I began doing some work, he relaxed on his bed and watched TV. A while later he suggested we go to dinner on him. We took his rig and found a small steak house and had dinner. Upon returning to the room, he asked if I'd like o go out for a beer.

"I'd love it,but I need to get some work done before tomorrow, but go ahead if you want to. I'll give you my room key."

He left and I stripped and began my work. I was just finishing up when he returned.

"You sure didn't stay out long," I commented.

"I checked out a couple of bars and they didn't really interest me so I bought a six pack and came on back here," he said as he began undressing. I was totally nude and it didn't seem to phase him. He stripped down to his white briefs and pulled out two beers, offering one to me.

We pulled back the covers on our beds and propped up the pillows and lay on top of the covers. There appeared to be a nice package hidden by his briefs. After a while I got up to go to the bathroom. The way the room was set up, I could peek around the wall and see him up to his waist without him seeing me.

As I peered around the wall, I saw him slip his hand inside his briefs and grasp his cock. I watched a second as he began stroking it. I stepped into the bathroom and flushed the toilet and when I returned, his bulge was larger but his had had been removed.

This was repeated a couple more times and each time he would slide his hand into his briefs and stoke his cock. Each time I returned to my bed his bulge was again larger.

After about the third time, when I returned to my bed he looked over and said, "May I ask a personal question?"


"Are you gay?"

"Yes, I am, but what made you ask?"

"Mainly the fact that you wanted to go nude in front of me."

"Does my being gay bother you?"

"Not at all. My younger brother is gay and I accept him and his lifestyle. He's been after me for several years to let him suck me but I keep telling him no. I admit though that I'm curious about what it would be like."

"What are you getting at, Brad?"

"Would you suck me and let me see what it's like?"

"Sure, if you really want me to but why not let your brother do it?"

"First off, I'm just not sure I could let him since he is my brother. And secondly, right now I'm horny as hell. I haven't fucked pussy or jerked off in over a week and I need some release."

"Will I be the first male you've ever been with?"

"The very first, and if my brother ever found out I let another guy be the first, he'd kill me."

I got up and moved over to his bed and sat down, my own cock already stiffening. He moved over slightly to give me more room. I had him slip lower in the bed and after he did, I began to remove his briefs. Once the were off, I grasp his beautiful hard cock and leaned down and swallowed it.

"Oh fuck!" I heard him exclaim. I began slowly sucking him wanting him to get the full pleasure from his experience. A short time later, I suddenly felt his hand on my cock. He gently grasped it and began to slowly stroke it. I never expected him to do that.

As I sucked him more, he moaned repeatedly, and ever so often said softly, "Oh fuck yea."

Then suddenly, my body shook as I felt his hot wet mouth on my cock. I sucked more energetically and he did also, swallowing as much as he could. His breathing grew rapid and I felt his cock swell in my mouth. I knew he was close.

Suddenly, his cock exploded, sending a huge torrent of thick fresh cum into my mouth. His climax brought on my own and before I could warn him my cock exploded into his mouth. I collected hos huge load and hungrily swallowed and after pulling off I was going to apologize for climaxing in his mouth when I saw him swallow my load.

"Sorry for that but what made you suck me?"

"I was so fucking turned on, I knew I had to try it also. I figured if you could swallow so could I."

"Well, all I can say is I certainly enjoyed it all."

He just smiled as he fumbled to put his briefs back on. Once they were on and i was back in my bed, he was sleeping soundly.

Early the next morning, I was awakened by the sound of his truck starting up. I quickly went to the window just in time to see him drive off. I turned around and noticed a note on the desk with my papers.

Picking it up, I began reading: 'Mark, thanks for letting me share the room. Your a damn nice guy. Also thanks for an evening I'll never forget. I must tell you that I totally enjoyed ALL that happened, even sucking your cock. I found it very erotic and pleasurable. I just might surprise my brother the next time we're together and suck him. Thanks again, Brad.'

I was shocked by what I read and only wished we could have done it again before he left.


I pulled into the rest area one afternoon, needing the restroom desperately. I parked, got out ald locked my car and hurried into the restroom. There were two urinals and at one was a guy in his thirties, with the build of a weightlifter, wearing a tank top and snug jeans.

As I stepped up to my urinal, I noticed that he had the waist of his jeans open. His cock was about six inches in length. I would have loved to suck him but his appearance said he didn't play although I did notice him glance over at my cock.

He finished what he was doing and put himself back together and left. I heard his rig start up and pull out. I finished my job and walked outside to see if there was anything worth while to cruise. No luck.

I returned to my car and before pulling out, I unzipped my pants and took out my cock. At least I could give myself some pleasure as I drove.

I eased back out onto the highway and cruised on toward my next stop. After several miles, I saw a big rig ahead in the right lane. I figured I'd leave my cock out and let him see. I'd done it in the past and on many ocassions, it had paid off with them stopping and us having sex in their sleeper, mainly with me sucking them.

I slowly passed him and as I drew up next to him, he sped up to keep pace with me. I knew he was watching me slowly stroke my cock. I held my speed steady and he stayed right next to me. I increased my speed and got ahead of him and pulled over to the right lane. After I did, I noticed him flash his headlights at me several times then turn on his right signal as if to pull off.

He stayed behind me for several miles and ever so often he would flash his headlights. When he did, I would gently touch my brakes and flash him back. After several miles of this activity, I noticed a billboard for a barbeque cafe a few miles ahead.

That's when it happened. In my rear view mirror, I say a burst of smoke from his exhaust stacks as he sped up. He quickly pulled around me and moved back in front of me. Over and over, he would turn on his emergency flashers then after turning them off he would turn on his right signal. I knew he wanted me to stop.

Suddenly, I heard my CB come alive as the voice said, "Pull off ahead. I want some."

The exit came up for the cafe and he turned on his signal well in advance. I backed off on my speed and watched as he took the exit, quickly pulling into the cafe. I followed and after he parked I found a place and parked. I again heard his voice. 'The passenger door is unlocked. Come on over. I'll be in back.'

I waited a moment o two before getting out and casually walking over to his rig. After opening the passenger door, I slowly climbed in. The privacy curtains were closed and as I eased around and opened them, there before me on the bunk was the bodybuilder from the rest area, totally naked and fully boned.

"Glad you stopped. Get comfortable," he said.

I reached out and locked the passenger door then returned to the sleeper and began stripping as he watched and fondled his hard cock.

Once naked, he had me lay beside him and as I did, he said, "Sir, I'm totally at your disposal. Just tell me what you'd like and I'll do it. I have no limits."

"You a submissive slave?"

"Yes, sir. Totally. I'll worship you any way you want."

"Well, I'm not really into the master/slave shit. I just enjoy mutual hot steamy sex."

"I can do that also," he said. "Like i said, I have no limits so let's get the fun started."

I leaned up to kiss him and he wrapped his huge muscular arms around me and kissed me passionately. After a long kiss and fondling session, I flipped around into a sixty-nine position.

"Fuck yea," he said. "I love a hot sixty-nine."

We quickly swallowed each others cock and began sucking. Having seen him in the restroom, I would never have dreamed he sucked cock much less enjoyed being a slave. We soon brought each other to a climax and swallowed each others loads. It was then that i noticed the gold band on the ring finger of his left hand.

"You married?" I asked.

"Yes, I am."

"She know anything?"

"Oh yea. She knows I'm submissive and love sex with men. As long as i keep her satisfied at home she doesn't care what I do on the road."

"Has she ever watched other guys dominate you before?"

"A few times when I've been home. It really turns her on and after the other guy or guys leave we have some of the wildest sex you could ever dream of."

"She like watching you suck another guys cock?"

"Does she ever. It gets her pussy flowing with juices. She loves watching me get gang banged in the ass by several guys one after the other, too."

"Unbelieveable," I said.

After a few moments of making out he had me fuck him,begging me to fuck as hard and deep as i could. I obliged and he kept saying how great it felt. After I creamed his ass we kissed again and he thanked me for stopping.

"Well, I must admit, hen i saw you in the restroom, with your build, I never dreamed you might play."

"My build is what gets me guys. They love using a muscular built guy for their pleasure. I sometimes have sex three to four times a day and usually I'm their slave, doing whatever the demand."

"You're wild," I said as I dressed.

Once back on the road, I though how hot it would be to sit back and watch him service numerous guys at the same time, doing what ever they said.

That night, I checked into my motel which was next to a truck stop. I was in the restaurant eating when I saw him walk in. spotting me he came over and sat down. I told him of my wish to watch him get used.

"Tell me your room number and I'll get several others and come over and you can watch all you want. Hell, join in if you want. The more the merrier."

I did and a couple of hours later there was a knock on my door. It was him and five other guys. I let them in and all quickly stripped and as he said, he was a slave to them all. They made him suck them, eat their asses, they fucked his ass, sometimes two at a time and a third in his mouth and they made him be their urinal, filling his mouth with their piss and making him swallow. I sat back and watched, jerking off three loads into his face.

When they were done with him, he thanked me for the use of my room and left. Never before or since had i witnessed such activity. It was a real turn on and I was totally drained.

THE END................Will be back with more stories as son as possible. Take care guys.



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