It started a week ago. I was a straight 18 year old, percussionist, on a band trip.

We had had a long day, we marched and sweated A LOT. So when I got back, I took a shower. I was forced to have a roommate named Brenton. He was a total pain in te butt.

So I was taking a shower, and since we were both on the football team, he had seem me in the shower, so I slept naked and didn't care if he saw me.

When I was getting out of the shower, it looked like Brenton was asleep, so I dryed off, and then went to bed.

When I was drying off, I heard him get up.

Then I turned around and he was also naked. He dick was huge. He grabbed me by the hips and through me on the bed. He took out a needle and stuck some sleeping medicine into my arm.

When I woke up, I was tied up with him staring at me, licking his lips looking at my rock hard abs, and my 10 inch cock.

He was nicely built, he had abs,but not as hard as mine. And he had a pretty cute face.

When he saw I was awake, he jumped on me with his face in my abs. When he started licking them, I felt a jolt of sexuality trough me.

He then started sucking my cock. Gosh, it felt soooooooooo good. Now every night he comes over and sucks me, and I fuck him.



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