Well it's been over two years since I've seen Aden in person. We've only been talking on Facebook or by text. But this week, we are going back to Kansas.

As we arrived, I saw Aden running out of the door giving me a hug. My family doesn't know about our relationship and we don't plan on telling them. Knowing Asian parents, we would probably get kicked out to the streets.

We unpacked our things into the house and guess who grabbed my bag? Aden! So sweet of him to help out. After we relaxed for a bit and talked about our lives, I've decided to change into a new pair of clothes. Aden stayed with me while I changed. I made sure the door was closed and I made my move, I started by kissing his soft lips. "Boy do I miss that kiss so much!" he said. I did too and he knew that. I didn't want to move to fast so I just kissed him and changed. I told him this will continue later.

Later that day we had a family reunion and guess who came? Tom! "I've missed you so much!' Tom said. I hugged him and Tom swung me around in his arms. Making sure that no one saw that. The three of us went to Aden's room closing the door behind us. We did a little blowjob on each other. I sucked Aden's and Aden sucked Tom's and tom sucked my dick. Damn... it felt so good.

That night, Tom slept at Aden's house and you can tell what happened next. We all took a shower together and boy do I miss taken showers with my cousins. I said that to them and they agreed. We all gave warm hugs as we showered in the winter night. Touching their warm bodies made me hard as rock and by me showing my erected penis, they too got hard. We laughed as we measured and compared our dick sizes. Me being the youngest (I am 16), was only 8" long. Aden and Tom both being 15, they had 9" long dicks.

After we showered, Aden and Tom said that they have a 16th birthday gift for me. They both sucked on my erected penis and it felt so good. "Ohh yeah!! That feels so good!" I grunted. Having two tongues licking your dick is a wonderful experience. Aden got up and sat on my dick, forcing it inside his warm ass. It surrounded my dick with hot smooth walls of his ass. Aden started thrusting upward while I sucked Tom's dick. After a while, Tom came across me and stuck his dick in Aden's ass along with mine. Aden was moaning trying to keep the noise level low. Aden started thrusting upward and me and Tom both kissed while Aden was thrusting his ass. Soon, me and Tom was getting close to Cumming. We came inside of Aden's ass and we all collapsed on the bed. They both smiled and I knew what they wanted to do to me. I got up and stood on all fours while they both invaded my ass. All these memories of that second night we has sex came rushing back into my head.

It felt so good feeling two dicks up my ass once again. I wanted to do some sucking after they were done so when they finished and spirted their cum inside of me, I turned and sucked both their dicks. They were so huge I could barely lick both at once. I could taste their sweet and salty cum and I couldn't stop sucking. They once came again in my mouth and me struggling to swallow all their cum as it filled my mouth. I finished sucking them off cleaning their dicks. We cleaned all out mess and prepared for bed. We all slept naked and we all held each other in out arms. We all cuddled in the cold winter night and then realized.... It was CHRISTMAS! We got excited and was eager to know what we bought for each other.

Finally it was Christmas morning. I was the first to wake up and woke Tom and Aden up by kissing them on the cheek. They smiled. I told them that I had a dream about us three having sex and I knew that dream was about to come true. I opened Aden's gift and I got clothes! It was very fashionable clothes. I both got Aden and Tom clothes too and they loved their gift. So did I. We had Christmas dinner and our whole family came to Aden's house.

After dinner, we got ready for bed and Aden gave me another present, and it was lube. I've never had lube before because I was too young to buy it. I said "let's use this tonight" and Aden gave me a smile and nodded. That night, I lubed my dick and also lubing Aden's ass. I slid it in and it was so slippery. Haha. His ass was so tight but with lube, it was very easy to slide in. Me and Aden moaned and I said "this is the best Christmas present ever!" Tom walked him the door naked. I motioned him to come over. I sucked his dick and I lubed Aden's and Tom's dick. I slid my ass forcing them inside my ass. It didn't hurt that much because of the lube. Boy does it feel good! After a good ten minutes of fucking, they cummed inside of me and collapsed. We all kissed and talked for a while. We all got up to shower and we washed each other's bodies. They were so smooth and slick. Having abs made me horny. We all laughed as they saw my hard on. They both went down and suck my dick. Once their tongues touched my head, my cum went all over their face. They licked my cum before the water washed it down the drain. We went to the bedroom to get ready to sleep. This was the best Christmas ever and it will be the best moment we will ever have till next time.




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