The two men lying next to each other tossed throughout the night in sleep haunted by dreams, nightmares, of the shattering evening they had just spent. Images flashed through their subconscious minds of their naked bodies suspended in helpless agony, whipped and battered, forced to watch powerless as their buddy was humiliated, his manhood destroyed.

Their tormented night was made worse by the intense heat. Los Angeles had descended into its customary late summer heat wave, becoming a pressure cooker of sweltering, humid air that gave no relief even at night. The sheets on the bed were tangled and soaked by the sweat pouring from the big, muscular bodies as they tossed incessantly.

Randy was the first to slowly wake up, and his conscious mind immediately recoiled at the sight and touch of the beautiful man he had betrayed and before whom he had crawled like a whipped animal in abject submission to the sadistic Hans. Bob was the man Randy had previously dominated. Randy was the master who had come to possess this beautiful slave. But all that had been destroyed as the burly, muscular top man had been beaten and thrashed into submission by the sadistic Hans while Bob watched. Randy had even offered up Bob to Hans to torture as he pleased. Randy could not bear to look at the handsome face lying next to him. Then he heard Bob's voice.

'Hey. Thanks, man.'

Randy finally turned to look at him. 'For what?'

'For getting me out of that mess last night. For rescuing me.'

Randy jumped off the bed and stared down angrily at Bob.

'Don't thank me, asshole. You should be killing me for getting you into the mess in the first place. I let you down. You watched me submit to another, your master, thrashed, degraded, in bondage and soaked in piss. I watched while that sadist tortured you and I was fucking helpless.'

There was a heavy silence as the two men looked away from each other. Finally Randy picked up his jeans and pulled on a T-shirt.

'We gotta get out of here. This fucking rat hole stinks of that man's piss. It was right here that he pissed on us both as we lay unconscious in a heap. I can't take this. We gotta go.'

Without another word Bob got off the bed and pulled on jeans and a T-shirt. He crammed a few other clothes into his backpack, while Randy threw shorts and a tank into his bag. Bob noticed in passing that it was the same bag that contained the ropes, whips and other items that had featured in the endless torture session. Randy also gathered up the few items of camping gear that he had.

They did not look at each other as they left the room and piled into Randy's flat-bed truck. Randy's cold fury was still obvious. He grabbed the wheel and floored the gas peddle so the truck burned rubber as it screeched out of the parking lot and hit the road. Stopping only briefly to load up with food and supplies at a local store, Randy turned off Hollywood Boulevard onto the 101 North and was soon going 70 in the fast lane. The clammy heat of the city was now even more oppressive.

* * *

It was no until they hit Interstate 5 that Bob turned to the big, brooding construction worker.

'Where are we going?'

'Getting out of this hell-hole. Give us time to breathe, to think. This fucking heat is driving me crazy. I wish to God a storm would come through. We're going to the mountains. I know a place.'

It wasn't long before they were on Angeles Crest Highway heading into the remote areas of the Angeles National Forest. Eventually Randy turned off onto the road he had been looking for. It soon got narrower and became a dirt track. The four-wheel drive truck handled it easily and they bumped along for a good half hour until they came over a hill.

'There,' Randy said.

They had come to a small lake, one of the many that nestled high in the hills in the remote forest. Legend has it that all kinds of secrets, bodies even, are buried up here in the Angeles Forest. Today, even here, the heat and humidity were still brutal. As if reading each other's thoughts they leapt from the truck, tore off their clothes and ran butt naked into the water. They both swam with long powerful strokes far out into the lake, then back again until they were exhausted.

As they stumbled ashore Bob tripped and fell back into the water. Instinctively, Randy bent and lifted he muscular body. He held it for a moment, looking into Bob's face, and he felt his cock stiffen.

'Fuck,' he breathed as he pushed Bob out of the water. They threw themselves down onto the small beach and lay side by side in silence for a long while. Finally Randy spoke.

'I can't do this any more. It's all fucked. Before last night I knew where I was, what we were, but all that changed as I groveled at your feet. What the fuck was that? Christ, I even gave you to that fucker and told you to submit to him. How can I face you after that?'

Bob understood and said nothing. Then he turned to Randy.

'Maybe it would help if you watched me do to Hans exactly what he did to me.'

Randy looked at him intensely, and their eyes once again melted into each other's.

'Maybe you can,' Randy said, leaping to his feet. Come with me.

'They both pulled on jeans and old tanks and, picking up his black bag, Randy strode back into the forest. Bob followed him for a good mile or so until they were in a dense, very remote part of the forest. They finally came to a clearing and Randy turned to Bob. He took him by his massive shoulders and stared deep into his eyes.

'There's only one way I can get beyond this. I can't purge the guilt I feel for what I did to you, but I can pay for physically. And you want to thrash Hans in all the brutal ways he tortured you. So do it. But do it to me. I need that more than anything. Do to me exactly what Hans did to you in exactly the same way. Imagine I'm Hans if you like....whatever works. But don't hold back. Please man, torture my body. Make me suffer. I deserve it.'

Intuitively Bob understood right away, and reached down for Randy's bag.

* * *

In a short while Bob stood back and gazed at the magnificent body before him. Randy stood on a thick log between two trees. His arms were stretched up and outward, his wrists roped to branches of two trees on either side of him. His sinewy muscles strained, his biceps and shoulders bulged as he stood helplessly spread eagled before his captor.

'Now,' Randy said.

Bob stepped forward and heaved at the log. Eventually it came free and Randy's feet hung clear off the ground. The big construction worker groaned in pain as his stretched body swung free. Bob undid Randy's jeans and let them fall to the ground. Then he yanked at the tank, which fell in shreds around Randy's small, tight waist. He stepped backward and gasped at the stunning sight of the swarthy bodybuilder hanging helplessly between the trees, naked but for the shreds of the tank hanging just below his abs. This is exactly how Bob had looked last night. Randy had taken Bob's place.

Bob lay down on the ground on his back gazing at the magnificent sight. 'Now, try to get free.'

Randy began to twist and thrash, kicking his legs, and hauling himself upward to relieve the pain in his arms. For a while he was able to hold onto the tree branches until his grip slipped and he crashed back down, wrenching his arms and shoulders. Bob watched spellbound as the tortured giant began to stream with sweat in the torrid heat. Bob's huge cock began to burn and became instantly hard as he stroked it.

But he knew he had to delay his orgasm, so he stood up and approached his prisoner. He ran his hands over the hard packed, straining muscles, rubbing the taut nipples and watching Randy's eyes close in pain and pleasure. He bent down to the bag again, pulled out the tit clamps and attached them hard to the burning nipples. Again, Randy winced, but he was determined not to scream. Instead he looked deep into Bob's eyes.

'Now hurt me. Whip my body. Thrash me, break me. I need this. I beg you.'

Bob stepped back, pulled off his tank, and slid his belt from his jeans. He remembered how Hans had begun on him, and he brought the belt crashing around the big man's ass. Randy took a sharp intake of breath but did not yell. And that's how the beating continued. As the two men held each other's gaze the belt crashed again and again across the straining muscles that the construction worker flexed hard to absorb the pain. He almost screamed as the lash fell across his clamped nipples, but he clenched his teeth hard and stayed silent.

The two men were piercing each other's eyes with the intense look that bound them together as one. Bob knew exactly what his beautiful buddy needed. As he looked at him, Randy's tortured face morphed into Hans's and Bob lost control, lashing the body with all the strength he could summon, exacting his brutal revenge for the torture he himself had suffered.

Finally exhausted he stood back and watched the suspended giant swaying between the trees, his pumped and veined muscles striped with red welts and bruises from the brutal lashing. Gasping for breath, Randy raised his tortured face and gazed once more at Bob.

'Thank you, sir,' he said.

So that was it. The master was hanging helpless in front of his slave, and the tables were turned. The slave had brutally whipped his beautiful master and watched as the helpless body swung from the trees under the lash. Bob could hardly believe the sight before him. But he was not finished.

Picking up another rope he tied one end around Randy's huge balls. He stepped back and began to pull on the rope, watching as the muscleman swung back and forth, his balls being stretched in agony. Again he did not say a word, though Bob thought he detected a grim smile on his captive's lips.

* * *

And so it went on into the late morning. Bob had remembered the final tableau of his own torture and had duplicated it with Randy. The construction worked was now tied face down onto a half fallen tree that leaned at an angle. His ankles and wrist were tied so that his ass was pointing upward, completely at Bob's mercy. Bob looked down at the gorgeous, hard cheeks of his captive's ass. He fell on his knees, brought his mouth up to the sweating, hairy hole and began to lick. He plunged his mouth hard against the ass and pushed his tongue as far as he could into the hole. His own dick was rock hard.

He stood up and took the whip from the bag, pointing the handle at the vulnerable ass before him. Bob remembered the pain he had felt when Hans had penetrated his ass with the whip handle. But now he hesitated.

'Do it,' Randy said.

'I can't.'

'You have to. You know how. Do it.'

Coming to a decision, Bob threw down the whip and stepped out of his jeans. Naked now he moved forward and brought the bulging head of his stiff, raging dick up against the hole.

'Yes,' said Randy. 'The final humiliation. Break me.'

Bob's eyes filled with tears as he knew that this would be physical and mental torture for the big, straight, proud, totally masculine man. But he could not stop. Slowly he eased forward, his dick head pressing harder and harder until slipped inside his buddy's virgin ass. This time Randy did shout with pain, but it was followed by an ecstatic, 'Yes! Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Please sir, I want you inside me. Please....'

Bob eased the whole length of his long, stiff rod into the warm ass until it came to rest deep inside. He waited a long while as both men exulted in the exquisite sensation they were both feeling for the first time. There had never been anything like this.

These were straight men who had never imagined anything like this. Buried deep in their subconscious they might have imagined a moment like this, but this was not the way it was meant to be. Last night Randy had screamed at Hans, 'His ass belongs to me.' But that was not the way this was now. This was the first time....and it was the slave who was fucking the master.

And fuck him he did. He pulled back, so his dick slid right out of the whole. He pushed it back in with a hard thrust that make Randy's insides burn with pain and pleasure. Then the pounding began. Bob grabbed the hard checks of Randy's ass and pulled them toward his rod, plunging it again and again into the burning, virgin ass.

Randy lost all sense of place and time. His only sensation was his buddy's long, hard shaft pounding into his gut. He yelled in ecstasy as he experienced a sensation more intense than he had ever felt in his life. Looking over his shoulder he watched as the muscular giant, this beautiful man, his buddy, his soul mate, his slave, pounded at the ravaged ass in a delirium of excitement, yelling obscenities in his exhilaration.

It went on and on as they became unaware of time passing, both men pouring sweat in the stifling heat of the day and the fire of their intense energy. Randy yelled,

'Yes, man, yes. Torture my ass. Pound my ass. I'm you're slave. Please, sir. Fuck the cum out of me.'

Bob became aware of the hot flame shooting up his legs and into his crotch. The burning rose into his dick until it became unbearable. He pulled back one last time, paused, and then plunged the whole painful length of his dick into his buddy's hungry ass. His orgasm erupted deep inside the construction worker's heaving body and both men yelled in a pitch ecstasy. Randy's dick was pressed hard against the tree but he felt it explode as his own semen poured out. The men were in another world entirely as their muscles tensed and flexed and their bodies pulsed and burned with this entirely new sensation.

Bob fell forward onto the back of his helpless captive, their heaving bodies joined by the sweat that poured from them in the intense heat of the day and their passion. His cock stayed buried in Randy's ravaged ass. There were no words, no movement, just the searing sensation of this incredible new experience as they lay together, totally exhausted.

* * *

'Untie me,' Randy said finally. His voice had a hard edge to it that disturbed Bob. He pulled back and slowly slid his dick out from between the bulging checks. Bending down he untied Randy's wrists and ankles, and the burly, dark man stood up painfully. His body still heaved, marked with the welts and bruises from the lashing he had endured.

He turned to face Bob and his gaze was hard and unsmiling.

'That's it,' he said. 'We're done. I've thrashed you and now you've taken your revenge. We're even. There's nothing left. Let's go.'

Bob pulled him back as he turned. 'What do you mean? What are you saying? You told me to do this. You said it would make things come right. What did I do wrong?'

'You were always. It's me who was wrong. Look, when we met you made me feel more of a man than I had ever felt. I got off on dominating you, treating you as my slave. But now the tables have turned, you've seen me humiliated and beaten. You've fucked my ass, for Chrissake! I can't go on with this. How can I be your master now? How could I ever dominate you? It's all fucked. The game's over. I'm leaving.'

He pulled on his jeans, turned and began to stride away. But Bob grabbed him again.

'Fuck you, man. You can't leave. I need you. I'll follow you.'

Randy spun round. 'What the fuck do you want from me? Leave me alone. I want my space. I want my life back.' He gripped Bob's shoulders hard and said. 'You're not following me anywhere. You'll fucking stay here.'

And he pushed the big man back against the tallest tree in the clearing. Grabbing a rope he tied it round his neck and the tree trunk, then secured his hands behind his back. Picking up another long rope he coiled it round and round Bob's body, lashing him tightly to the tree from his chest to his ankles. The big bodybuilder was now immobile, roped securely with no hope of escape.

'There. Is that what you want, you sick fuck?' Randy screamed. He was not thinking straight. He knew he had to be alone and, with one last look at the beautiful, naked man lashed to the tree, he stumbled back into the forest.

Bob screamed after him. 'Asshole. Don't leave me. Help me.' But Randy didn't hear him.

* * *

Randy staggered blindly through the forest, not caring where he went until finally, almost by accident, he stumbled to the edge of the lake where the truck was parked. He threw off his jeans and ran into the water. He had to clear his head, to think. After a long swim he fell naked onto the small beach and lay on his back looking up at the sky. For the first time he noticed that billowing black storm clouds were moving in from the west. Finally the long-awaited storm was coming.

He heard the rumble of distant thunder and thought, 'Thank God....the weather's finally breaking. At least it'll clear the air. Now if only I could clear my mind and start to see straight.' His thoughts were racing, and he could make no sense of them. He had no idea what was happening to him. All he knew was that he hated Bob. He wished he had never met him and now he wanted him out of his life. He had no doubt that, tied helpless to the tree, Bob was coming to the same conclusion. It was over, thank God.

He drifted into an uneasy doze until he was wakened by big water drops falling on his face. He heard a huge crash of thunder and, through closed eyelids, was aware of a vivid flash of lightening. He pulled himself onto his elbows and looked across the lake. It was a massive storm, the kind that happens once in a while in summer when a Southern California heat wave builds like a pressure cooker.

As the raindrops quickly became a downpour he watched mesmerized as the lightening flashed in jagged strikes across the sky. The thunder grew louder and the heavens opened in a cloudburst. A huge flash of lightening hit the ground somewhere and he heard a loud crack, as a distant tree was split. He suddenly shot bolt upright. Bob! What the fuck had he done? He had left his buddy tied to a tall tree in the middle of a violent storm. He had to get to him.

Butt naked he raced back into the forest, blindly crashing through the branches. But he was blinded by the downpour and had no idea where he was going. He was lost, but he had to find Bob, help him. In his panic the truth flashed before him. He needed this man. He had become his whole existence. He couldn't live without him. His mind was now clear. He understood everything.

He was sobbing as he thrashed wildly through the trees, yelling out Bob's name, frantic that he might be too late. He yelled to the raging sky, 'Help me!' and fell to his knees. Motionless now, he listened, and thought he heard in the distance the howling of an animal in pain. It had to be Bob. Following the sound he finally, mercifully, crashed into the clearing and leapt at the struggling, screaming man whose muscles were straining to break his bonds.

The huge relief both men felt had to find vocal expression and it did so in anger.

'You asshole,' screamed Bob. 'You tried to kill me. I fucked your sorry ass and you couldn't take it. You tried to kill me!'

'Shut the fuck up. Just let me get you out of here.' But the rain had soaked the knots making them tighter. The lightening flashed around them and their naked bodies were streamed with the pounding rain. Randy frantically tore at the ropes until they began to come loose. He ripped them away from the thrashing body until Bob stumbled free.

Adrenaline pumped through Bob, fueled by a mix of relief and fury. He pushed hard against Randy's soaking chest.

'I could've died. And you didn't give a shit.'

Randy pushed back. 'Asshole! I came back for you didn't I?'

The shoving match grew more intense until the two muscular men crashed to the ground, rolling around, straining to get the upper hand. As the rain poured down the ground became soaked and turned into a mud bath. The two men were equally matched in size, strength and beauty and their straining muscles wrestled in the mud in a tangle of sinews and limbs. Each tried to crush the other's body as they vented their pent up rage and frustration. Just as the storm had been building from the intense heat of the city, so the storm between Randy and Bob was borne of the intense, powerful, physical traumas their bodies had been subjected to.

As their muscles ground together and their bodies rolled in the mud and water, the two big men became one mass of flailing limbs. In their frenzy they were unaware that the intense physical struggle had caused their cocks to stiffen into huge erections. The brutal fight slowly evolved into an erotic writhing where each man became aware of the magnificent body gripping him. Finally Randy was able to flip Bob onto his back and pin him to the ground by his wrists, his arms stretched upward in the mud.

Suddenly they were still. Rain poured down on them, streaming over their bodies and faces. Randy was arched on his hands and feet, stretched above Bob, gazing down at the beautiful man he was pinning. Bodies heaving, still gasping for breath, they held each other's intense gaze. Their eyes melted into each other and, not for the first time, they became one again in that transcendent union of souls. Randy gloried in the man beneath him and finally said softly,

'Dammit. I'm in love with you, man. Don't you know that?'

Bob smiled. 'You have a hell of a way of showing it.'

'That's the point. I don't know how to show it.'

Bob looked deep into his friend's eyes and he whispered. 'I think you do.'

Randy's eyes softened. 'Are you sure?'


Randy let go of Bob's wrists and pulled back. He grasped the other man's ankles and slowly raised them up and out. He looked down at the beautiful ass, being pelted with rain, and knew that the time had come. Quickly and gently he brought his rock hard cock to the crack between the solid cheeks and eased it forward. The huge head slipped easily into the rain-soaked ass and his long, thick rod moved easily deep inside his buddy's body. Bob was in ecstasy.

This was it. This finally was right. This was what they had been building to from the moment their eyes met on the first night in the bar, though it was only now that they understood. This was exactly the way it was meant to be. As Randy's cock slid out and back in, pushing gently again and again deep inside the warm ass, they melted into each other's bodies and became one man.

Their eyes never left each other as the intensity of the sensation raced throughout their whole bodies. This was something, extraordinary, something they had never imagined. They were two masculine, straight men, but they knew this was perfect.

Bob could not believe the sight of the big, powerful construction worker above him as he pushed rhythmically in and out of his body. He reached up to the muscular chest and gripped Randy's nipples, twisting them slowly. Randy gasped and threw his head back in rapture. Bob breathed, 'God, I love you. Please, sir, fuck my ass. Please....come inside me.'

They moved in perfect harmony as the rain poured down and anointed their glorious bodies. There was no sound except their breathing and the pouring rain. And then, silently, gently, as Randy's cock caressed his buddy's ass, his body stiffened and he started to stream cum inside him. Bob felt it bathe his inside and he too shot a stream of thick, white cream over his own chest and face. Their orgasm was endless. Cum poured out of Randy into the ass of the man he loved. And Bob, delirious at the sight of the beautiful, swarthy giant thrusting above him, shot streams of hot semen over his own stunning body.

The lightening had stopped and, as the thunder rumbled off into the distance, the men finally became still. Randy fell forward onto the body he had just penetrated and the two muscular, powerful, straight men held each other, with Randy still inside the beautiful ass. For they first time since they met, their mouths came together and locked in a deep, lingering embrace. Then they collapsed into each other's arms and slept, the torrential rain still pouring over the two stunning bodies.

* * *

When they woke the rain had stopped and the storm had passed. There was a warm stillness in the air, the only sound the steady drip of water from the leaves of the trees. Randy pulled his cock out of his buddy's ass and they slowly they got to their feet. They gathered together their sodden clothes and gear and together walked naked out of the clearing and through the forest.

Nothing was said. There was no need. Thinking each other's thoughts and feeling the same sensations, they knew that they were now bound together by some strange ethereal force. All the earlier doubt, frustration and confusion were gone. The balance, the dynamic of their friendship was restored. Randy, previously beaten down by the humiliation and defeat he had suffered, had now reasserted his masculinity in the only possible way. He was without a doubt the top man. Bob unreservedly regarded him as his master. Randy slung his arm casually over his buddy's broad shoulder.

* * *

When they finally reached the lake, still naked, they dropped their gear and rushed into the water. Swimming together they gradually found their voices, laughing, splashing each other, wrestling and hugging in the joy of newfound comradeship. As they returned to shallower water, where their feet touched bottom, Randy came behind his buddy and put his arms around his chest, twisting the nipples and pressing his hard body against Bob's back.

Bob knew what was coming and breathed an expectant sigh. His felt the tip of Randy's hard dick pushing against his ass. Then suddenly, easily, it was inside him, stroking his insides in a return of that incredible sensation he had felt before. Randy held him tight as his thrusts became more urgent, and Bob reached down to stroke his own raging dick. They both shot their loads under the water.

* * *

In the next few days Bob was to be fucked again and again by the man he regarded as master. It was as if they had discovered a new, addictive drug. At one point Bob lay on his back spread eagled between four trees. Randy had tied his ankles high onto two of the trees and his wrists at ground level to two others. Immobilized Bob watched as Randy knelt, leaned forward and placed his rough hands on Bob's hard six-pack abs. His cock homed in naturally to the sweet, warm ass and penetrated the heaving man once again.

'Who does your ass belong to?' he breathed.

'You sir.'

'Only me?'


Randy pulled his dick out and leaning forward, grasped both their cocks together in his two big, rough hands. He stroked them together, and as they squeezed against each other they erupted in a single stream over the bound man's chest.

* * *

Early one afternoon, Randy pushed Bob, standing upright, against a tree and bound his hands tightly around the trunk. He ran his hands over the smooth rounded cheeks and began to slap the ass he now owned. Although Bob's upper body was bound tight he was able to move his ass and he pushed it outward, begging for his master's cock. First, Randy knelt and buried his face deep in the smooth, moist ass and licked it hungrily. Then he stood and Bob breathed deeply as he felt Randy enter him and the hard cock moved in an out of his burning hole.

After his orgasm Randy lay down on the ground just to contemplate the magnificent ass of the bound man as he waited for more. When he felt his cock stiffen Randy stood up and fucked the ass again. Bob was to spend the entire afternoon lashed to the tree, his ass vulnerable to satisfy the big construction worker whenever he wanted. Randy swam far out into the lake. When he returned and strode out of the water, his magnificent body streaming, he walked straight up to his captive and fucked him again.

Then he dozed for a while, and awoke to the sight of bound muscleman and the waiting ass that now belonged to him. He fucked it again. Bob was in another world. Immobile in bondage, he waited in silence for the next assault on his ass. He lost count of how many times his buddy fucked him, or how many times he himself shot his load. The afternoon passed in another dimension, outside of space and time. Their intimacy was now complete; they were bound as one whole entity. Their friendship was indissoluble.

* * *

Finally they had to leave the paradise they had created. They loaded their gear into the truck and Randy drove it back over the rutted road, back onto the highway. Randy looked over at his buddy and once again gloried in the sight of the handsome face. The world should see this, he thought. There was a part of Randy that wanted to show this beautiful man off, to put him on display, to show other men, 'This is mine. He belongs to me.'

He couldn't know it, but he was soon going to have the opportunity to do just this, to create a visual fantasy. He was to have the unique experience of seeing his buddy displayed in ways he had never dreamed of. And at the same time a whole audience of men would glory in the extraordinary sight of the two incredible men.

Continued in Trial Of Strength - Part 9


Rob Williams

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