The two rugged, straight men had been offered a lot of money by Mitch to perform before a group of twenty or so men, wealthy voyeurs who got off on watching beautiful men perform. It quickly became apparent that the acts were to take the form of a series of contests, where Randy and Bob would compete for dominance over the other. The first challenge had Randy dressed in full leather, and Bob as a stunningly beautiful cop. It had culminated in a savage whip fight, where Randy had thrashed Bob to a sobbing, broken heap.

* * *

Randy looked down at his beaten friend in awe of the stunning sight. The cop was stripped to the waist, bound and spread eagled on the floor, his muscles gleaming, still streaming with urine and semen. Twenty guys in turn had pissed and cum over him as he struggled in total humiliation. Randy had taken merciless revenge on Bob for the lashing he received in the whip fight earlier. But now it was over, and Randy bent to untie the shattered body builder and help him to his feet. Bob collapsed into Randy's arms, barely unable to stand.

'Guys, that was incredible, unbelievable.' Mitch had approached them. 'That was quite a show. You are both amazing. We've never seen anything like it. Now come with me.'

He led them to a nearby room and closed the door as the two exhausted men took stock of their new situation. They were in a good sized bedroom with a large, comfortable California king-size bed. There was a closet and a big refrigerator in the corner. One major feature of the room was that one wall was entirely mirrored, floor to ceiling, and in the corner was a glass walled shower.

'I know you guys just want to shower and rest for a while, but let me explain a few things first,' said Mitch. 'I think you'll find the bed comfortable, the closet has everything you'll need, the refrigerator is fully stocked with food and there is a small bathroom. I see you're looking at the mirror. I know you get off looking at each other and of course our guys enjoy the sight too, which is why the mirror is two-way. In the room on the other side of the wall this mirror becomes a window onto the bedroom. Our guys back there can see everything very clearly. Oh, and your room is wired for sound, so we can hear everything too.'

'I did tell you that you will be on display for 24 hours, which includes bedtime. The lighting is controlled from our room - bright when you're awake and subdued when you sleep. But I do emphasize that everything you do day or night will be observed with great interest. The shower too is part of the two-way mirror so we can see in there two. We just love looking at you two magnificent guys and you'll be on display all the time. OK?'

Randy shrugged. 'I guess that was the, OK. Whatever works for you.'

* * *

Mitch left the room and the two men looked at each other, coming to terms with this new situation. Also, their minds were racing with the memory of the battle they had just endured, where Randy had totally dominated his buddy.

'Shower,' said Randy, breaking the silence. Get that fucking wet uniform off.

They both stripped naked and stepped into the shower together. The feeling that they were being watched through the mirrored wall was strange but somehow exhilarating. The hot shower felt good running over their muscular naked bodies, which were still striped and bruised from the brutal whipping they had both endured. Bob's body was cleansed of all the piss and cum that had poured over him. They soaped up and gently massaged each other's aching muscles.

Each man ran his wet hands over the other guy's chest and shoulders, the massage becoming more of a caress, and their big dicks began to stir. As they reached behind each other they found they were hugging each other, they face and mouths close. Randy turned Bob around and pressed hard against his back, his stiff cock rubbing against the slippery cheeks of his beautiful ass.

But they shook off the sensation. Bob fell to his knees and soaped Randy's huge thighs and calves. When he came to the feet he bent his head and pressed his lips on them in a final act of submission to his master. He looked in the mirror and there was a slight shifting of the light from the other side. They knew that the other guys were getting off on the stunning sight of the two guys running their hands over each other's bruised bodies.

After a long, hot, erotic shower they reached for the thick towels and, standing in front of the mirror, slowly dried their gleaming bodies. They loved looking at each other but they were also aware that other guys were getting off on them too on the other side of the glass.

* * *

And in the room next door, they sure were getting off. Watching it all through the two-way mirror the twenty or so men were mesmerized by the sight of the two body builders soaping each other in the shower and now toweling off.

This was the first time they had seen the guys naked. During the whip fight the cop and leather man were just stripped to the waist. Now they could take in the full splendor of the two incredible bodies. Mitch had told the club members that one of the men was a construction worker. He must be the one with the mass of dark curly hair, the swarthy face with the stubbled chin and pale blue eyes, and the superb, dark-skinned, sinewy body honed to perfection by hours of physical labor.

The other man was apparently a business executive, equally tall and beautiful but less rough, somehow, preppy even. His dark hair hung over his forehead, his clean-shaven face was chiseled, with a square jaw and dark brown eyes. The big muscles were beautifully defined, evidence of hard hours spent at the gym.

The men watched as these two straight buddies finished toweling off and pulled something to wear from the closet. They each put on white boxers and T-shirts. They looked incredible no matter what they wore. Randy went to the fridge and took out two beers, tossing one to his buddy. They sat on the bed trying to relax, but their minds instead went to what was in store for them next.

'You know,' Randy said, there's gonna be another competition of some kind, more tests of strength and endurance. I thrashed you last time and I want you to know that I'm going to use all my strength to whip your ass again and subject you to more public humiliation.'

'Me too,' Bob replied. 'Except that it's me who'll whip your ass and have my revenge for the degradation you made me suffer. When I was spread eagled on the floor you let all those guys piss and cum over me, and I hated your guts for doing that. Now I'm getting even and then some. And when you lose you're gonna get worse humiliation in public than you ever thought possible.'

'Deal,' said Randy. 'So let the best man win.'

* * *

An hour later the lights came up on the big gym room and the twenty men gathered there were in a high state of anticipation. In the middle of the room a wrestling ring had been erected. It was a full-size, regulation square, bounded by the usual three ropes attached to padded turnbuckles at the four corner posts. The two contestants were already in the ring. They wore only very brief Speedos that showed off their bulge in front and the perfect mounds of their ass. Their otherwise naked muscular bodies flexed and gleamed under the lights.

Mitch had explained the rules. It was to be a no-holds barred fight until one of the men submitted or lay unconscious. The winner was then free to humiliate the beaten man in whatever way he wanted.

A bell sounded and the fight was on. The two body builders circled each other warily and eventually raised their arms and came together with their fingers locked in a trial of strength. They pushed, heaved and flexed against each other, first one buckling a little at the knees and then the other. Bob made a supreme effort and forced Randy to the ground on his knees. Then he kicked him in the stomach, sending his sprawling across the ring.

Bob stood over the fallen construction worker, taunting him. Stunned, the big man caught his breath, then, still on his knees threw his fist hard into Bob's stomach. He too fell to his knees and the too men locked their hard bodies together and fell writhing on the floor. Squeezing each other viciously they turned over and over across the ring trying to get the upper hand.

Finally Bob broke free and stood up, then fell forward to slam his body onto his fallen opponent. But Randy was too quick for him. He spread his legs and as Bob fell between them, Randy squeezed his massive thighs around Bob's waist in a brutal body scissors. Bob gasped and instantly began pushing hard against the thighs that were squeezing the breath out of him. The veins stood out in his bulging arms, biceps and shoulders as he pushed desperately at the rock hard legs pinning him and he started to groan in pain. The stalemate lasted a long time, sapping Bob's strength.

'Give up,' Randy shouted. 'You can't get out of this.'

'Fuck you!' Bob screamed and brought his forearm smashing down on Randy's abs. There was no response at first but as Bob kept smashing at the hard stomach Randy had to lessen his grip until finally Bob pushed free and sprang to his feet. His opponent was left on the floor clutching in agony at his pummeled stomach.

'Get up!' Bob yelled. 'You're nothing.'

He reached down, grabbed one of Randy's arms and pulled him to his feet. He threw the dazed muscle man against the ropes and, as he rebounded, Bob smashed his forearm against Randy's upper chest in a savage clothesline smash, sending Randy crashing to the floor again. Bob watched as the stunned giant crawled around the ring attempting to get to his feet. As he began to rise Bob kicked him viciously in the stomach making him collapse to the floor once more in agony. This happened again and again until Randy was groveling at Bob's feet in near defeat.

'You've lost!' Bob shouted. 'Give up or I'll keep thrashing you. You're finished.'

Randy looked up in a daze and saw a blurred image of the big stud standing over him taunting him. With whatever strength he had left he managed to raise his leg off the floor and smash it into the small of Bob's back, sending him crashing to the floor with a scream. The two battered men lay stunned on the floor motionless. Slowly they tried to move, each one dragging himself across the ring.

The spectators watched in awe as the two big musclemen crawled away from each other to opposite corner posts and tried to get to their feet. They gripped the ring posts and hauled themselves painfully upward until they stood facing each other, still in a daze. Randy moved first, lurching across the ring and grabbing the back of Bob's neck. Gripping hard he pushed Bob to the corner post and smashed his face hard against the turnbuckle. Bob's face sprang backward from the blow, and he would have collapsed except that Randy held on with an iron grip. He pushed Bob to the other corner and again smashed him on the turnbuckle. He did this in all four corners until Bob lost all sense of where he was.

Randy stood back and watched as the sweating, muscular man staggered in the middle of the ring, turning round and round, dazed and disoriented. His remaining strength gave way and his legs started to buckle. But Randy didn't let him drop. Opening his arms he grabbed him around the waist in a brutal bear hug.

His hands tightly locked in the small of Bob's back, his huge biceps bulged as he lifted him up and used all his strength to squeeze the breath out of the big body builder. Bob screamed as he felt his body being crushed, his back and abs in agony as the breath was wrung out of him. His arms waved wildly in the air as he tried to twist out of the vicious clamp of Randy's arms, but the pressure only increased.

But Randy was not finished with him yet. He finally relaxed his hold and, holding him by the waist, slammed the muscular body down hard on the floor. The huge stud bounced across the ring, all strength ebbing from his body. In a daze he was aware of the big construction worker taking hold of his wrist and pulling him to his feet. Again Bob staggered around the ring in a stunned daze, and again he started to fall. As he leaned forward Randy pushed his shoulder under Bob's chest and with a supreme effort hoisted him up onto his shoulders, one hand on his neck and the other on his feet. The helpless body builder was stretched on his opponent's shoulders, at Randy's mercy.

Randy was madder than hell at the way he had been brutalized before all these guys. He started to turn, spinning around and around causing Bob to lose any sense of time or place. Finally Randy pushed up on the helpless body and held him at full arm's length. 'I win,' he screamed and threw his massive opponent to the floor. Bob's huge body smashed to the floor, shaking the ring and the room with a thunderous crash. He spun across the ring like a rag doll and hit the ring post, completely out of control.

Randy savored his victory turning to the spectators and raising his arms. 'I win!' he yelled. 'I am the best. Take a look at that piece of shit. He's finished, broken.' And he acknowledged the cheers of the crowd.

Behind him Bob looked up and made a huge effort to regain his scattered wits. Adrenaline and anger fueled him as he pulled himself up on the ropes and leaned against them, catching his breath. Randy, pumping his fists in triumph, still had his back to him and was unaware of Bob's halting recovery. Bob almost fell across the ring behind Randy, thrust his arms under Randy's armpits and locked his hands behind his neck in a tight full nelson.

Taken completely by surprise Randy stood helpless, his arms stretched high above his head, locked in place by the huge biceps of the man behind him. Bob pulled and stretched the brawny body so it looked like it was being tortured on the rack. The pain made Randy scream as his arms felt as if they were being pulled from their sockets. Bob finally lifted Randy's feet from the floor and spun him around, still in the full nelson hold.

When they stopped Bob shifted his hold. He brought Randy's arms down and then pulled them up behind his back in a brutal hammerlock. Randy screamed again as more punishment was applied to his aching muscles. As Bob pulled hard on his wrists Randy's arms stretched even higher. His shoulders and chest bulged, his veins etched in the agonized muscles. Seeking relief from the agony, Randy fell to his knees. Standing behind him, Bob pulled even higher on the man's tortured arms.

'Submit,' Bob screamed. 'You've lost.'

Randy managed to groan a few words through his pain. 'Go and fuck yourself.'

Hearing this, Bob lost it. He loosened his vice-like grip and threw Randy back against the ring ropes. The big construction worker's back hit the ropes and he fell to his knees, his arms stretched along the top rope. Bob took advantage and pulled the second rope up over the outstretched arms so that Randy's arms were tightly pinned by the crossed ropes. On his knees he looked up at Bob and knew his position was hopeless. He braced himself for the punishment he knew was to come.

Looking down at the massive kneeling body secured in the ring ropes Bob started to take his revenge. With a vicious kick he brought his foot crashing against the big man's hard stomach, making him scream in agony. Then he smashed his forearm into the same spot, doubling the pain. Alternating with his feet and his forearms Bob repeatedly and brutally pounded Randy's abs as his body bounced and arched under the rain of blows and his head flew and twisted in pain.

The onlookers watched in awe as they saw the huge, muscular construction worker systematically demolished. His face contorted in agony as he screamed at each savage blow. His muscles flexed and strained in the ropes but there was no relief. He had to endure the brutal beating that his buddy had promised him. He knew that the end was coming but his pride made him endure the savage beating and searing pain. He would not submit.

But finally he lost all sense of the contest, the place, the cheering spectators, his beautiful muscular opponent. All he was aware of was the pain, the searing pain in his stomach as it suffered blow after blow. It was not the man but the pain that finally spoke.

'I submit!' Randy screamed. 'I give up. You've won. Stop! I can't take any more. I'm finished.'

And the beating stopped. The huge body slumped in the ropes and the head dropped in semi-consciousness. Bob stood back and gazed at the stunning sight. And the spectators around the ring stood in silent awe as they watched. The big, brawny construction worker had finally been thrashed, beaten and broken. He was a macho top man, never beaten, always the best, and yet there he hung, twisted in the ropes, at the mercy of the man who had thrashed him so brutally.

Bob took hold of the hair on the bowed head and pulled it back for the men to see. The gleaming muscles strained in bondage and the agonized face streamed with sweat and grimaced in pain, shame and humiliation as Bob said, 'Gentlemen. You have gazed on the sight of this alpha male. Now look again. Feast your eyes on a broken man. And he let the head fall forward unconscious.

* * *

As Randy regained consciousness he was aware of his torturer's face close to his. Bob spoke.

'And now for my revenge. For you it's gonna be a nightmare. When you were the winner you forced me to lie spread eagled while twenty guys pissed and came over me. Well now you've lost and your humiliation will be ten times worse. It will be a descent into hell. First, I'm gonna warm you up. Get used to it.'

Bob took off his Speedos and stood naked in front of the helpless man pinned in the ropes. His cock was rock hard, aimed straight at the construction worker's face.

'Open your mouth.'

'Fuck off.'

Bob aimed a vicious kick at his victim's already bruised stomach and Randy screamed. He opened his mouth and looked up. Bob quickly slid his thick rod into the mouth and pushed hard until it hit the back of his throat. He held the sides of Randy's head rigid and began to pound the face hard. Randy desperately tried to move but he was completely immobilized and at the mercy of the steel-like rod ramming his throat. He choked but the pounding continued. When Bob felt his orgasm coming close he stopped and pulled out. He had other plans for his tortured victim.

He reached behind Randy and loosened the ropes and the dazed captive slumped forward, splayed on the floor on his stomach. Bob fell on him with a savage elbow drop on his back and the limp body jerked upward. More elbow drops followed, along with knee drops. The already battered body was being thrashed senseless. Finally Bob picked him up and threw him hard across the ring.

Randy hit chest first against the opposite ropes on his knees, his neck and his outstretched arms rested on the top rope. Bob followed up by reaching over and pulling up on the second rope. He brought it over Randy's head, to the back of his neck, so Randy's head and outstretched arms were all pinned tightly in the entwined ropes. Helpless, unable to move, the dazed construction worker looked down at the awestruck spectators, their faces only feet from his.

Randy's ass was also vulnerable and Bob came behind him to take advantage. He quickly pulled down the Speedos and, falling to his knees he buried his face in the stinking sweaty hole; he pushed his tongue deep inside. He loved the burning hot taste of the tortured man's asshole. As Bob stood up his cock was rock hard and he brought it close to the helpless, naked ass. There was a pause and Randy took a deep breath, waiting for the pain.

Bob suddenly pushed his rod savagely into his buddy's hole. Randy screamed as the shaft pierced his gut and slammed against the inside of his ass. Bob was determined to give Randy the same punishment as he had received. He pulled his cock all the way out and slammed it again deep inside the hole. Again and again he punished the burning hole and the onlookers had a close up view of the prisoner's agonized screaming face, trapped in the ring ropes, streaming with sweat and tears.

Bob couldn't hold back any more as he felt his cock shuddering inside his buddy's ass. With one last tremendous plunge he shot his load deep inside the gut. Both men screamed, the one in ecstasy, the other in agony, as the burning liquid gushed inside the ravaged ass.

* * *

Bob finally relaxed and with one bound leapt over the ropes and addressed the spellbound onlookers.

'Gentlemen. The big stud is helpless and his spirit is broken. Look at this naked animal because he's all yours. I have finished with him. I give him to you. Get in line.'

He jumped from the ring and faced his victim's agonized face. Randy managed to speak, to plead.

'Don't do this. Please, don't let them. I can't take it.'

'But I won and you lost. And I promised you the worst humiliation you could imagine. This is it, your journey to hell.' His voice softened. 'Besides I need to see this. You're so fucking beautiful. And I love you.' He brought his face close and kissed Randy passionately on the lips. Then he pulled back, and stood aside.

Before the real action began the twenty men looked at the face in front of them. They had never seen anything like it. It was the strong, rugged face of a totally masculine man...unruly black curly hair, deeply tanned skin, pale blue eyes and a chin rough with dark stubble. He was a proud, tough stud who was always on top, never beaten, master of his world. Now he was kneeling, his arms and neck pinned in the ropes, his stunning face trapped and helpless.

Knowing what was coming Randy yelled a pleading 'No!' and made a last desperate effort to free himself. His muscles flexed and strained as he pulled at the ropes, but he was hopelessly pinned, unable to move, at the mercy of the men facing him. He dropped his head in submission. Bob had been right. His spirit was broken and he waited for his agony to begin.

He was to be group fucked in the face. The first man came and stood in front of him. He unzipped his fly and pulled out a rigid cock. Randy looked up in despair and opened his mouth. The cock slid in and began to move in and out. For the first of many times Randy felt the tip of the cock slam at the back of his throat and he choked. He had tasted his buddy's cock, but this was the first time he had ever been face fucked by a stranger. He was mortified by the sensation. But the assault on his mouth continued until the guy felt his orgasm getting close.

Mitch had given the men only one rule....don't come in the mouth. So the man pulled out his dick, aimed it at the construction worker's face and let loose a stream of hot, creamy cum. It poured over his face, streaming into his hair, his eyes and over the stubbled chin. Randy gagged and almost threw up. But before he could recover, another man came forward and another cock pushed into his mouth. Again the pounding against his throat, and again the stream of cum splashing into his face.

The savage face fucking continued, man after man, cock after cock, stream after stream of cum all over the shattered man's face. Randy began to lose all sense of time and place. He was aware only of the brutal assault on his mouth and the hot, thick liquid pouring over every inch of his face.

At one point he looked up and gasped in horror as he saw a huge black guy step up to take his turn. The cock that he pulled out was a giant, ten inches long and thick as a beer can. 'No,' Randy groaned. 'Please, no.' But the guy ignored him and pushed the huge pole into the helpless mouth, stretching it wider than ever. Randy almost passed out as his mouth filled with the enormous shaft. He couldn't breath, he started to choke. His face felt was if it was being pounded by a battering ram. The torture went on and on until, just as he was about to lose consciousness, the cock pulled out and his face was knocked backward by a blast of hot liquid as the man shot his huge load full in the man's ravaged face.

Randy started to lapse in and out of consciousness. He was in another world, a nightmare world of pain and degradation. He had descended into hell, a scorching furnace of brutal cocks and gushing, rancid cum that was drowning him. He managed to gasp a few words.

'No more. Please. I can't take any more. Please stop. I'm begging you. I'm finished.'

But the line kept forming and cock after cock pushed into his mouth. As more and more men worked him over the only thing that kept him from screaming again for mercy was the glimpses he caught of his buddy Bob, watching him in awe and stroking his big piece of meat.

Randy was unconscious for the last few attacks on his mouth. When he came to he was dimly aware that the pounding had stopped. He opened his eyes but everything was blurred, though he was aware of a crowd of men gazing at him. The sight was incredible. The broken man was sobbing, his rugged face was twisted in agony, jerking in spasms of pain, tears pouring from his eyes.

And the face was coated in layers of cum, streaming from his hair, over his eyes and cheeks, matted in his stubbled chin and pouring over his chest. They had never seen a man so totally crushed, humbled, degraded and destroyed. He hung there sobbing, his eyes pleading for release from the hell he had endured. The big, proud, muscular construction worker was completely destroyed.

Bob came and stood before him. Randy knew he would have to endure one last cock. Bob had been hard for a long time as he stroked his meat watching the incredible torture scene taking place. He gloried in the sight of his master being utterly and brutally humiliated. Now it was his turn.

He grabbed his victim's hair and pulled the face upward. With one quick movement he took hold of his cock and pushed it deep inside his buddy's brutalized throat. The mouth was burning hot after being savaged by so many cocks. Bob's dick felt as if it were plunging into a furnace. It was not long before he began to feel his semen rising inside him. He put his hands tightly on the sides of Randy's face and held it rock steady. His pounding became quicker and deeper.

Aware only of the pain in his throat Randy raised his agonized face and looked up at the man who had totally demolished him and was now taking his final revenge. He watched as the man threw back his beautiful face and screamed with the rapture of orgasm. He felt the hot gush of semen as it poured into the back of his throat. Randy gulped and swallowed and tasted the hot, bitter taste of his buddy's juice. It seemed like it never stopped flooding his mouth and gushed deep inside him as he swallowed frantically again and again.

Finally Bob was finished, and he knelt down in front of the shattered man. He gazed lovingly at the beautiful face and whispered to him.

'You're incredible. You are the best. You won, you know. I love you with all my soul.'

* * *

Bob eventually stood and turned to face the awestruck crowd to receive their congratulations. They crowded round him, whooping and slapping him on the back, proud to touch the glorious winner. Then everyone turned to get a final look at the loser. The rugged face was still pinned in the ropes, streaming with cum, tears and sweat, his mouth sagging open, pouring with the semen of the victor. Bob had been right. His torment and humiliation were worse than he could ever have imagined. He was in hell, broken in body, mind and spirit. He was finished.

* * *

It was hard to imagine how the love that bound these two men together could survive such brutal treatment that each had inflicted on the other. The physical intensity they shared, finding expression in acts of pain and humiliation, risked being so passionate that it could shatter their relationship. But the acts that were to follow in the bedroom were also unprecedented and provided yet another astonishing spectacle for the spectators behind the two-way mirror.

Continued in Trial Of Strength - Part 11


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