Hans folded his arms across his powerful chest and looked from one muscular man to the other, both of them now his slave. Bob, once a proud business executive, a confident alpha male, was now a prisoner, his naked body striped with welts from the brutal lashes of the belt and bruises from Hans's fists. He stood naked with his bound arms stretched upward to the beam in the ceiling. Randy, Hans's fellow construction worker, a big sinewy, dark-skinned ruggedly beautiful man, knelt in abject, naked surrender, his muscles streaming with sweat and piss, beaten, destroyed.

Hans pulled up Randy's face by his hair and he spat in the swarthy face. 'You piece of shit. You're pathetic, you know that? You think you've been beaten, but you don't know what real torture is, big boy. We're not finished by a long shot with you and your beautiful friend. Things are about to get interesting.'

He let the head fall, walked over to Bob and picked up a small length of rope that he tied tightly around Bob's scrotum behind his balls. The captive winced in pain as his balls bulged. Then Hans picked up the black leather collar from the floor.

'Just the thing to complete the picture,' he sneered at Randy. 'Look up, asshole.'

As Randy raised his head Hans fastened the leather collar around his thick neck. He pulled on the collar and looked down into the piss soaked, suffering face.

'Just in case you get any more ideas about repeating your heroics, you prick, look at your friend's balls. One wrong moved from you and I'll rip them off in a second. Got that?'

'Yes, sir,' the big construction worker croaked.

Hans leaned behind Randy and untied the rope from the pipe, freeing the kneeling man, though his hands were still tied tight behind his back. He pulled the arms up behind his back and attached the wrists with a short rope to the back of the collar. He tied the ankles together, about a foot apart. Then he kicked the bound man to the floor. Randy fell heavily, hog-tied and helpless.

'Now. On your knees.' Hans pulled him up by the collar onto his knees. 'Move.'

As Hans pulled him by the collar Randy found himself moving forward on his knees, being led around the room like a helpless animal. Bob watched in frozen agony as the big, brawny stud, his former master, was paraded and humiliated before him. Finally Hans made him kneel close up to Bob's crotch. He attached the rope hanging from his balls to Randy's collar, so the swarthy face was tied next to the swollen balls, Bob's dick swinging against Randy's stubbled chin.

'Perfect,' Hans said with a sadistic leer, standing with his crotch in front of Randy's face. 'Open.'

In an instant Randy knew what was to come. He had never ever sucked a man's dick, never even thought of it. He was a top man, and his dick had been sucked many times by women, and even by his buddy Bob. But never this. He hesitated. Hans yanked at Bob's balls and he yelled in pain. Randy opened his mouth wide and waited as Hans stroked his dick into a long, thick, hard rod.

'Enjoy, asshole.'

And he pushed the shaft hard into Randy's mouth, leaning into the agonized face until the tip of the cock was all the way down the choking man's throat. The pounding began. Hans pulled the dick clear and then rammed it back down the throat, again and again until Randy thought he would black out. Worse, as hid head was pushed backward by the stiff rod, his collar pulled brutally at Bob's balls, making the bound, captive stud yell with pain. They were both being tortured by the pounding cock.

'What the fuck's this?' Hans asked, looking down at Bob's long, but soft cock hitting against Randy's face. 'You,' he yelled at Randy. 'Get it hard.'

He pulled out his own cock, and stuffed Bob's big dick into Randy's mouth. He grabbed the back of Randy's hair and began pulling him back and forth onto the now swelling dick. Both prisoners felt a surge of something new and exhilarating. Their roles had been reversed. The master was sucking greedily on his slave's cock, which was now hard as a rock and pounding the back of the choking man's throat.

Hans watched in fascination. His own cock remained rigid and, holding Randy's face in a vice-like grip, he stretched Randy's mouth and cramming his own dick next to Bob's. Randy's tried to scream but no sound came. The two huge rods pounded his agonized mouth one against the other as Randy gagged. He thought he would choke on the two huge, pounding shafts and tears poured down his cheeks. Bob closed his eyes and, despite his revulsion at the situation, the friction of Hans's cock and Randy's mouth brought him close to climax.

Hans sensed this and said, 'Enough!' He jerked Randy's head back and the mouth was blessedly free of the two stiff cocks. Hans felt his groin burning and he knew he had to cum. He began to stroke his rigid dick, and it didn't take long. With a shout of triumph Hans exploded. A huge stream of hot, white liquid shot from his cock and hit Randy's dark, rugged face with a force that knocked his head backward. The stream of cum was endless, flooding into the construction worker's mouth, his eyes, his hairy chin and streaming down his heaving chest.

Bob looked down at his buddy in horror. The handsome face was now soaked with piss, cum and sweat. The big, construction worker was completely humbled, and his head dropped in abject shame. Hans was elated.

'You fucking useless piece of shit! Look at you now. Look at that gorgeous face, coated in cum. Who's piss and cum is that, then?'

'Yours, sir,' Randy whispered.

'And what do you say?'

'Thank you, sir.'

Randy laughed. 'Finally you're broken. If the guys could see you like this. They'd know I was the best, the stud who wrestled you into submission, tortured you, pissed and cum in your face. I am magnificent!' And he pumped his fists in the air, as the beaten man sobbed quietly before him.

Bob could take no more. His legs were still free and he raised one high, slamming it into Hans's back and sending him spinning across the room.'

Stunned, Hans staggered to his feet and screamed. 'You fucking assholes. Don't you ever learn? You can't beat me. You can't win. And I'm gonna fucking show you. I'm gonna hurt you so bad, and I'm gonna enjoy watching you two fucking losers torture each other.'

* * *

Hans worked fast. He rummaged though the equipment at the bottom of Randy's closet and eventually pulled out a second wide leather collar and another set of tit clamps. He also located a hook on the wall far behind Bob's back. On a sudden whim he picked up the two men's jeans.

'Just what I needed,' he gloated. 'This will make the picture perfect.' Ten minutes later he was lying back on the bed gazing in awe at the sight before him. He was in no hurry.

* * *

And the sight was magnificent. The two big alpha males, muscular bodies sculpted to perfection, stood in identical bondage facing each other, about six feet apart. Wearing only their jeans they looked stunning, their shirtless, muscular bodies streaming with sweat. Testosterone and adrenaline raced through every muscle of their glorious bodies.

Both wore leather collars attached by a long rope to the walls behind them. Their wrists bound behind them stretched upward by a rope attached to their collars, so they were both in painful double hammerlock bondage. The effect was to push their beautiful pecs forward in stunning symmetry, the ravaged nipples taut and vulnerable.

And the nipples were being viciously tortured as each had been brutally attached to tit clamps. The chain linking them had in turn been linked by a rope stretching tautly between the two men.

Hans watched mesmerized as the two powerful bodies, stripped to the waist, pulled backward by the collars, their chests chained to each other, strained mightily to arch forward and relieve the agony in their nipples. They not only felt their own pain but saw the agony in the eyes of the other man, who was feeling exactly the same degree of torment.

* * *.

Finally Hans stood between the two big bodybuilders and, stretching his arms sideways, closed his fingers around one of the clamped nipples of each man. In unison the two men gasped and groaned under the German's brutal tit torture. Hans picked up the whip with the many strands of leather and, turning it in a circle, began to whip each chest in turn, making sure the leather made sharp contact with the burning nipples. As each man in turn flinched backward from the blows, he wrenched his own chest and the other's. The screams of both brutalized men intensified as they suffered in excruciating pain.

Hans finally dropped the whip and, giving a last twist to the rope, stretching it even more to an agonizing extreme. As a final indignity, he ripped open the fly of the jeans on each captive so their huge thick cocks flopped out and hung free. Hans lay down on the bed on his back and said, 'Now I enjoy the sight of two big, helpless musclemen chained in identical bondage torture and break each other until they beg me for release.'

* * *

But Hans was wrong. He was to witness something completely different from the suffering he expected from the two sobbing musclemen. The agonized men had their eyes closed tight, trying to deal with the intensity of pain they both felt. Both at the same time slowly opened their eyes, and looked at each other. They fell silent and, through the mist of pain, began to search deep into each other's eyes. Slowly they melted into each other, with that familiar sensation of passing a threshold into the mind and feelings of the other man. They had become one again, except that the bond this time was one of extreme pain.

As their nipples were stretched in a blazing fire they held each other's gaze. Their stunning, muscular bodies arched in pain, but they could not distinguish between their own pain and the other man's. It was both. They were causing, and feeling, each other's suffering. They saw and felt, watched and knew, and the intense, shared sensation of extreme pain bound them together as no other force could.

As they stood chained together, torturing each other's chest, they stared into each other's eyes, and the pain began to dissolve into a feeling too intense for understanding. Each one felt ecstatic, hypnotized by the sight of the superb animal before him, stripped to the waist, stretched to the limit. Everything else faded as they were transfixed by the glorious image of each other. They were one. They had moved over into the world that only they shared, in all its glory and agony.

A slow smile came to both their faces.

'Yes,' Randy whispered. 'Yeah, man,' said Bob.

Far from trying to relieve the pain, they now pulled on the rope, jerking it and watching the other man feel the same level of intensity as himself. As the pain grew more extreme, their rapture soared and they smiled recklessly at each other. They both saw at the same time that the other man's dick, hanging out of his jeans, had grown to a rock hardness. They both knew what they needed.

'More,' Randy said and pulled his chest back hard so the rope jerked tight on Bob's swollen balls. 'Yeah! Harder, man, harder,' breathed Bob and jerked his body back so his nipples yanked on the rope and the clamps tore at Randy's chest. They were both torturing each other savagely and loving it.

The end had to come. As the pain intensified their cocks throbbed and a burning sensation began in their legs, rising slowly into their groin. Their cocks were on fire. They could take no more.

'NOW!' Randy screamed. 'Tell me!' And Bob yelled, ' I love you man.'

And both cocks erupted at once. Two high streams of cum streamed out with such force that they spurted across the distance between them and bathed their faces and heaving, sweating chests. Again and again the orgasm erupted as they laughed in the elation of their shared joy. Finally their tortured bodies came to rest and they stood sweating and heaving, both soaked in each other's cum.

* * *

Hans had been watching paralyzed at the extraordinary sight before him. He was dimly aware that something was happening that he could not begin to understand, that the two men had been somewhere he couldn't follow. When it was over he jumped up and stood gazing at Randy in disbelief. He pulled Randy's head back by the hair and stared wildly into his face. The handsome, rugged face looked up and the pale blue eyes bored into Hans. Randy's smile was triumphant as he said,

'We won, Hans. We won.'

* * *

Hans became demented. 'No!' he screamed. 'I will kill you!' and the grabbed the middle of the rope, pulling it high up, stretching the two men's ravaged nipples in an extremity of pain. The screams of both straining men pierced the room as they felt as if their nipples were being ripped off. They were about to pass out when Hans gave a last, vicious tug on the rope and the tit clamps tore free. The two beautiful bodies leapt in a muscular spasm of extreme agony and they both lost consciousness.

Hans was quick to cut the ropes attached to the collars and the two men fell forward in a lifeless heap on the floor, Randy on top of Bob. Hans looked down with satisfaction at the battered heap of muscle and sinew and pissed a steady stream of urine on the beaten men, leaving the two magnificent but lifeless bodies in a steaming pool. Then Hans got busy for the climax of his destruction.

* * *

It was the searing pain in his shoulders and arms that jolted Randy back to consciousness. He was hanging naked from the ceiling beam, feet six inches off the floor. His wrists were tied and suspended by a single rope from the beam. His brawny arms were pressed against the sides of his face as they were stretched upward. His feet were also tied. It looked, and felt, as if his body was being stretched on the rack. His shoulders, arms and chest heaved in pain and the veins stood sharply out in his agonized muscles.

He opened his eyes and took in the ritualistic sight before him. In the middle of the floor Hans had placed a chair. Bob's big, sculpted body had been draped forward over the back of a chair, his ankles secured to the chair's back legs, his wrists to the bottom of the front legs. In this position his ass was stretched high in the air, totally vulnerable. A rope had been run through his mouth, like a tethered horse. Hans was behind him pulling on the other end of the rope.

'Welcome back,' Hans taunted the helpless construction worker. 'You like your stallion? See how he jumps.' And he slapped the flat of his hand hard across the perfect, rounded globes, already scarlet from his previous beating. The stab of burning pain made Bob's bound body jump in a spasm of pain.

'I thought you should have a close up view of my final act of domination of your slave. But first I think the stallion needs a tail.' Hans picked up the whip and shook the leather thongs. He rubbed the handle against the crack in Bob's ass. Randy realized with disgust what Hans had in mind, and once again began to beg.

'No. Don't. Not to him. Do it to me. He's had enough. He can't take any more. You'll split him open. Shove it in me. Please. Fuck my ass. I beg you, sir, fuck my ass.'

'Tempting,' said Hans, 'but better you witness the rape of your friend's beautiful, virgin hole.'

He spat in his hand, rubbed it against Bob's ass. He brought the whip handle to the crack. Gradually he pushed and inch by inch the handle began to disappear into the bodybuilder's ass. As Bob's insides were invaded, he screamed in a nightmare of delirium, losing all awareness of his surroundings and finally losing consciousness.

Randy hung helplessly in horrified witness to the scene. His beautiful muscular buddy, his brother, slumped limply over the chair, his ravaged, burning ass pointing upward, pierced by the shaft of the whip. Randy felt totally defeated. The man he had dominated and protected, his friend, his soul mate, was ravaged, vulnerable to whatever sadistic pleasures Hans had in mind. Bob groaned as he slowly regained consciousness and felt the throbbing pain in his ass.

'Enough of this playacting,' Hans sneered. 'Now for the real thing,' and in one sickening movement he pulled the whip handle from Bob's ass, causing another spasm of pain. Now, Randy, you will see your big, beautiful friend here violated by a real man. His manhood will be shattered. He will be totally humbled, broken and destroyed. And you will watch, helpless.' Hans began to stroke his long, thick cock and it quickly grew stiff as a pole. He rubbed it against Bob's vulnerable ass in anticipation of the final act of torture.

Randy's naked body thrashed and twisted in his suspended bondage as he frantically tried to free himself. Hans was in no hurry. He thought he would enjoy teasing this gorgeous, hairless ass, so he knelt down and buried his face between the two perfect round globes. Bob took a sharp intake of breath as fear gripped him of what was about to happen. Hans greedily lapped at the burning hole.

Randy's mind raced with a stream of thoughts. The man he had grown to know so intimately was a virile, beautiful, rugged stud, totally straight. Randy had to stop this rape. No man was going to violate his buddy in this way except.....except Randy himself. This thought jolted him and, as he gazed at the perfect, rounded ass his dick started to stiffen. But he suppressed the thought and his mind focused on getting free. As his beautiful body thrashed and twisted wildly he looked up at the rope suspending him. He realized that in his manic haste to secure the construction worker, Hans had used an old rope to tie him to the beam, a rope that was already frayed.

Hans was mesmerized by his prisoner's ass, where his face remained buried as he licked at the hairless hole. In desperation Randy pulled himself upward to the beam, then let himself drop suddenly. This brought an intense jolt of pain to his shoulder sockets, but also had the effect of fraying the rope more. Again and again the naked construction worker put his muscles through torture as he pulled up and dropped suddenly in an attempt to break the rope.

Hans finally stood up and, stroking his rigid cock again he positioned the tip hard against Bob's asshole. 'Now, big boy, I will show you who is master.' And he began to push the monster head of his cock against the virgin ass.

'NO!' Randy screamed. 'His ass belongs to me.' He heaved himself upward one last time and as he dropped the rope finally broke. His wrists and ankles were still tied together, but he was free of the beam. In one controlled move he dropped to the floor and then sprang forward at the German, just as the head of his dick was entering Bob's ass. Randy's bound wrists reached for Hans's throat, he slid his hands over his head and pulled the rope tightly around the German's neck.

Taken by total surprise Hans fell back and started to thrash wildly but, fueled by rage and adrenaline, Randy strained every muscle in his powerful arms. Hans kicked and clawed, elbowing Randy's balls brutally again and again. But Randy knew that if Hans broke this hold everything would be lost. So he heaved the rope tighter, until Hans's desperate struggles became weaker and weaker. Holding him by the neck Randy bodily picked up the huge body and hurled him across the room. Hans crashed against the wall and slid down to the floor. He was unconscious, beaten.

* * *

In minutes Randy had freed himself and Bob, and secured his tormentor. Still unconscious, Hans lay on the floor in the same bondage position he had inflicted on the two men. His wrists were tied upward behind his back and attached by a short rope to the collar round his neck. The double hammerlock position made it impossible for him to fight back.

Randy needed to tend to his fallen and battered comrade, and he wanted Hans gone. He slapped the German back to consciousness and in one strong move hauled him upright on his feet. Hans was dazed and offered no resistance. Randy hissed in his face.

'You're finished, man. You've lost. I'll deal with you later, but now I want you gone.' He stripped him naked, and in one small concession put his boots back on his feet. He picked up one set of tit clamps and attached them so they bit savagely into Hans's nipples, making the huge man scream and scrape himself against the wall in an attempt to remove them.

'Now, go!' said Randy. He opened the door and kicked Hans in the ass, so he lurched forward through the door and fell on his face on the paving outside. Randy slammed the door, then turned to his fallen buddy on the floor. Gently he picked up the limp body and carried it to the bed. He ran his hands lightly over the bruised and battered muscles to ensure that no permanent harm had been done. His fingers caressed the beautiful ass that had almost been brutally fucked.

* * *

Outside Hans managed to stumble to his feet. His arms were still helplessly bound and his nipples were burning but he was able to walk, and he started to stumble forward. He had to get inside and get help before the cops saw him. There was only one place nearby he could go.

The bar was fairly crowded with construction workers after their day's shift but all their talk and laughter died to a stunned silence as they watched the big naked man crash through the door and fall to his knees.

'You gotta help me,' he gasped. 'For God's sake set me free.'

'Jesus, will you look at that?' Randy's buddy Jack was the first to find his voice and he turned to Sheila behind the bar. Didn't you say that Randy left here earlier with Hans? The fucker must have really pissed Randy off. Only he could have done something like this.'

'Help me,' pleaded the naked man.

But Jack and the others disliked Hans intensely, and Jack considered the situation.

'I have a feeling that Randy will be along soon. Let's leave this to him.'

* * *

At the motel Randy held Bob until he stopped shivering and finally calmed down. Eventually, totally exhausted his eyes began to close. As he drifted into blessed sleep he heard Randy whisper in his ear.

'I have to go out. Back soon. I have a job to do.' And he pulled on his jeans.

* * *

Randy knew there was only one place Hans could have gone at this time of night. All eyes in the bar turned as the big construction worker, still stripped to the waist, burst through the door. His voice was ice cold.

'Where is he?'

Jack spoke. 'In the downstairs bathroom. We though we would leave him to you.'

Without a word Randy strode to the stairs. As he entered the big, dingy toilet he saw his target. Hans sat whimpering on the toilet, a bound and beaten man, dripping with piss where the beer-filled construction workers had each in turn relieved themselves on him. On the wall above, about head height, was a hook with the janitor's hose on it. Randy threw off the hose and went over to the huddled wreck sobbing before him.

'Get up!'

He grabbed the big man by the collar and with all his strength hauled him up and looped the collar over the hook. So Hans hung there, his feet barely touching the floor, his arms tightly bound behind him, his chest thrust forward and his nipples clamped tight. He looked in terror at the burly construction worker he had recently tortured. 'No, please,' he said. 'Please.'

'Payback time, asshole,' Randy hissed and, raising his arm high brought the flat of his hand crashing across Hans's cheek. 'That one's for me.' Then swinging the arm back he cracked the back of his hand against the other cheek. 'And that one's for Bob.' He crashed his hand back and forth against the captive's head until he was knocked into near oblivion. Hans reeled in agony and terror.

Randy looked at the tit clamps and began to squeeze and twist them brutally. Hans shrieked, and yelled, 'Please, sir. The pain. My chest is killing me. I'm begging you. Take off the clamps.'

'OK, sure,' said Randy and taking hold of the chain, with one heavy jerk ripped the clamps from the tits. Hans screamed again and his body jerked against the wall in spasms of excruciating agony.

'That one was for me,' Randy said. 'And this one's for Bob.' And he quickly reattached the clamps to the ravaged nipples. Hans's passed out. When he came to he was aware of the searing pain in his chest, but also of a new throbbing in his ass. Randy had taken one end of the hose from the floor and pushed it deep into the muscular man's ass.

'Just thought you should know how it feels,' he said. 'Now, talk. Who won tonight?'

The battered face looked up at Randy. 'You did. You did, sir. You beat me.'

'You're finished.'

'Yes, sir.'

'And now I'm gonna thrash you.'

'Yes, sir.'

'Is that what you want?'

Hans knew there was only one answer. 'Yes, sir. Please, sir. Whip my body.'

Randy slipped his belt from his jeans and said. 'And this is from both of us, from Bob and me. Enjoy.' And the beating began. Randy didn't hold back. With all the strength of his hugely muscled body he lashed every part of the big man's heaving sinews, crashing the belt again and again across his chest, his arms and shoulders, his thighs and legs. Randy had lost all sense of control and Hans was screaming obscenities in huge spasms of intense pain as the vicious beating continued.

Neither man was aware of the door opening, but soon Randy felt a hand grasping his wrist and restraining the whip. Jack said quietly in his ear, 'Enough, man. Ease up or you'll kill him. He's ruined, broken. Whatever he did to you, you've won.'

Chest and muscles heaving Randy stopped and looked at the shattered man hanging on the wall. He pulled out his cock and pissed a heavy stream of hot piss all over the shattered body. He threw his clothes at him that he had brought from the motel and said, 'You'll hang here like this until the bar closes, then they'll set you free. Then you get as far from here as you can, as fast as you can. If you ever show your sadistic face here again I swear I'll kill you. Is that clear?'

'Yes, sir,' the broken man croaked.

Randy turned, went upstairs and, without a word, the magnificent, shirtless man strode out of the bar.

Jesus,' one of the guys said. 'Remind me never to piss that guy off.'

* * *

Back at the motel Randy stripped off his clothes and climbed into bed, pressing his naked body against Bob's. 'It's over,' he said in his ear, and he heard his friend's huge sigh.

But it was not over for their intense, intimate relationship. What they had been through, the torture, pain and humiliation was to strain the balance of their friendship and threaten to tear it apart. There was only one way to heal it.


Rob Williams

[email protected]


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