Trial Of Strength Part 5

Bob and Randy had tried to put their wild experience behind them but found they were unavoidably drawn back to each other. Bob had cleaned up and dressed in crisp new business clothes, but found himself knocking on Randy's motel room door. Now he was once again spread eagled to the wall, but this time fully dressed and with a full length mirror before him so he could look at the stunning image of himself.

Part 5

Randy wanted to luxuriate in the sight of this man and he had all night to do it. He walked up to Bob and untied his hands. He put the leather collar on him and attached the sides to the hooks in the upper corners of the wall. Now Bob was bound to the wall by his neck and ankles but his hands were free to obey his master's instructions. Randy went back to the bed, lay with his hands behind his head and surveyed his prisoner. The sight was glorious. He began to give his instructions.

'Slowly loosen your tie and let it hang open,' he ordered. 'And keep your eyes on the mirror.'

Bob obeyed, and watched as the guy in the mirror did as he was told. Bob wasn't seeing himself just the image of a muscular business executive bound to the wall. He stood still, gazing at the beautiful image before him. Whether it was the heat of the room, his own fear or his anticipation he started to sweat. Randy watched as the tight shirt, and the tank underneath, started to get damp and cling to the big torso.

'Now slowly, very slowly, unbutton your shirt.'

Bob's eyes were riveted by the mirror as the guy he saw there slowly started to strip. He and Randy were soon both looking at the tough executive with his tie hanging loose, shirt open to the waste, revealing a white, damp cotton tank stretched over the perfectly molded pecs. Randy's hand went down to his crotch and he began to rub his bulge.

'Take off the shirt.'

Eyes still riveted to the mirror, Bob slowly removed the shirt and let it and the tie drop. There the muscular stud stood, tied to the wall by his neck and his legs, the white tank stretched over his chest and tapering to the belted slacks at the slim waist, the legs wide apart. The man was stunning. As Bob looked at his own image he felt his cock stir and a bulge began to form in his slacks.

Randy got up and walked over to face his captive. 'Looks good, uh?'

'Yes sir!' Bob replied.

'I'm gonna show you how good. Get ready to have your mind fucked.'

Randy began, very lightly, to rub the backs of his fingers over the prisoner's nipples that strained under the tank. Bob took a sharp intake of breath and looked into Randy's eyes.

'Did I tell you to look away from the mirror?' Randy asked sharply.

Bob snapped his head back to continue watching the bound man's chest heave as his nipples were stroked. Randy released the collar, took a step back and said,

'Now the tank. Take it off very, very slowly.

Bob was mesmerized by the image of himself, reaching up and pulling at the tank from behind his neck. Slowly it started to rise, revealing first his perfect six-pack abs, then the chiseled chest. He gasped as the tank scraped over his tender nipples. He let it hang loosely round his thick neck for a few moments before lifting it off completely and letting it fall to the floor.

Randy retied the man's wrists to the wall as before and settled back on the bed to gaze at the sight. Spread eagled, stripped to the waist Bob looked incredible. The glistening chest, arms and shoulders were now naked. His torso tapered down to the slacks where an inch or so of his white boxers was showing above the belt of his slacks. His beautiful head fell again to the side, showing his square-jawed profile. As Bob slowly looked back at the mirror, he saw the muscular, shirtless stud, and his dick got harder.

Randy got up, went close to Bob, reached down to the floor and picked up the tit clamps. Looking into Bob's eyes he clamped them quickly over the nipples on the heaving chest. Bob gasped but made no other sound. Randy attached a long rope to the chain joining the clamps, took the other end back to the bed and lay down. Then he started the slow, building torture. He pulled lightly on the rope, causing the chain to tighten and the nipples to be painfully stretched.

Randy closed his eyes at the stab of pain. When he looked again in the mirror, what his saw made his dick jump. The proud business executive, stripped to the waist, muscles straining in bondage, was arching his back from the wall to ease the pain in his chest. As he did so his slacks slid down slightly to reveal more of his white shorts underneath. The rope got slowly tighter and the pain intensified. He pushed out his massive pecs as far as he could to lessen the burning in his tits, and Randy heaved a sigh of pure pleasure. Torturing this stud was incredible.

Bob was immobile, his beautiful arched body straining, his gleaming muscles streaming with sweat. Randy held the rope taut for a long time. Finally he got up, walked over to the suffering man and with a quick movement removed the clamps. For the first time Bob cried out in pain. Then Randy released him wrists and legs and walked back to the bed.

'Now the pants. Drop them.'

Slowly, Bob undid the belt, pulled it out of its loops and let it drop. He stood there in just his slacks, the boxers showing above the waistband. Then he undid the waist, unzipped the fly and let the pants fall round his ankles. His legs had been stretched tight all this time and his muscular thighs now bulged. He looked at himself in the mirror as he stood there in just his boxers and saw afresh how beautiful the man was, now stripped to his underwear.

He stepped out of his slacks and, in a quick moved Randy tossed them aside, took off the socks, and reattached the ankles and wrists to the corners of the wall. Bob could not take his gaze off the mirror. He had watched the smartly dressed businessman, in dress clothes and tie, be bound to the wall. Then at the instructions of his master he had slowly stripped. And there he stood, naked except for his boxers, limbs stretched to the far corners of the wall, his veined muscles dripping with sweat.

As Randy stood right in front of the big man he raised his hands up to cover the bound wrists. Then he stretched his legs sideways to match Bob's bound legs. The two men were now face to face in exactly the same position, both naked except for their shorts. Slowly Randy moved forward until his body made contact with the sweating muscular stud tied to the wall, arms to arms, bare chest to chest, legs to legs. Their swelling cocks pressed together through the thin fabric of their shorts. Randy pushed against him until Bob felt the crushing pressure of the construction worker's body squeezing him to the wall. Their eyes burned into each other as their bodies became one.

They were a magnificent sight two big muscular straight men, two sides of the same coin. A picture of virile masculinity they matched each other perfectly, both stripped down to their shorts. The one man, a proud, commanding executive with the golden, ripped, gym-honed body, in new white boxers, which he had worn under his business clothes before he was ordered to strip. The other man, a dark, swarthy, hard muscled construction worker, big hairy chest, his hard-muscled, veined body the product of hard manual labor, wearing only the sweaty dark gray boxers he had worn under his greasy jeans.

Pressed hard together, they were the yin and yang of total, tough, uncompromising masculinity the thirst and the hunger. Randy's thirst was for inflicting pain on a man as tough as his slave. Bob's hunger his need was to absorb the pain from his beautiful master. Their eyes disengaged as Randy lowered his head and rubbed his stubbled chin against Bob's already ravaged nipples, making the big man flex and gasp with pain. He eased off by rubbing his tongue over the nipples, but then bit down on them making the slave shout in pain.

Randy came back up to face his prisoner and their eyes held steady inches from each other. Recalling how Bob, then smartly dressed, had earlier knocked at his door, Randy's eyes burned into Bob's and he spoke.

'You came back.'

'I had to.'

'Why did you leave?'

'I had to.'

'Did I tell you you could leave?'

'No, sir.'

'You disobeyed.'

'Yes, sir'

'You know what that means.'

'Punishment, sir.'

'Damn right!'

In one swift move Randy reattached the nipple clamps, took the rope back to the bed and the tit torture continued. Bob focused again on the mirror and watched as the muscles again strained to reach forward, the beautiful body arched in agony. Through his pain he loved what he saw and this time the sight was too much for him. Suddenly his rock hard cock burst through the fly of his shorts.

'Well, will you look at that,' said Randy, as the rigid dick pointed straight out. 'The big, straight stud is getting off on himself. I knew we could fuck with his mind.' The sight of the man's cock gave him an idea. There was one part of that beautiful body that had not yet felt his master's touch.

Randy walked over and looked down at Bob's crotch. He reached down, put his hand in the fly and closed it around the big, hard balls. He pulled them through the fly and let them hang. With the back of his hand he flicked hard at the rigid cock and big balls, until the prisoner groaned in pain as his big dick bounced under the blows . This was new to him. Cock and ball torture was something he could never have imagined, and now his body flinched as the blows fell.

Randy removed the tit clamps and untied the rope. He now bound the end tightly round the scrotum behind Bob's balls. As he tightened the knot the balls bulged and the big man swam in a blur of pain. Randy took the other end of the rope and went back to the bed. In a repeat of his previous action with the tits, Randy pulled on the rope, gently at first but with increasing pressure.

Bob gasped as he looked in the mirror. The gleaming muscles sweated and flexed as he pushed his hips forward, straining to relieve the pressure on his balls. His wrists bit into the restraints, his arms pulled tight as his big body arched. Randy watched greedily too as he saw big, tough, straight man endure the ultimate pain as his balls were stretched. It was as if he was being crucified. Bob started to whimper as the pain became unendurable.

'OK, man, I'm done. I can't take any more.'

'I'll tell you when you're done!', and the rope got tighter.

'Stop, man, please. My balls are killing me. I can't take this. You're castrating me.'

'Nah, just a little stretching. Just what you need.'

'Please sir, I'll do anything you say. Whip me, piss on me, fuck my mouth. I can't take anymore.'

But randy knew his slave's limits. He had another few minutes to go. And Randy loved watching him. His mind went back to the tall, strong executive who had first come to his door, dressed in business clothes. This was a man who no doubt strode into his office boardroom, commanding admiration and respect and giving orders to his staff. He was a top man there, but now look at him, stripped to his underwear, shackled to the wall, gleaming muscles stretched in agony, veins sharply defined. The big, straight stud was being destroyed. Time to fuck with his mind again.

Just when the muscles were at their extreme of pain and the captive was about to scream Randy suddenly let the rope drop. Bob's head dropped in submission and his body fell back against the wall. Randy was content to just gaze at the suffering man, stripped to his shorts, sobbing quietly as his body slowly regained some of its feeling.

Randy's eyes roved about the room. The motel was a dump now, but it had seen better days. The rooms had been designed as detached cottages, with slightly vaulted ceilings and a there was a high, heavy beam that ran the length of the room. Randy had known the time would come when this beam would be useful. Now was the time. He got up off the bed.

Quickly he untied Bob and led him forward to about two feet in front of the full-length mirror. He threw a rope over the beam, attached the end to Bob's wrists and hauled the rope tight. Bob had no choice but to look at the image in the mirror, the muscular body taut and helpless, with arms stretched wide and upward. Despite the pain he found that he loved watching himself struggle.

The rope was still hanging from his balls. Randy attached the other end of it to the clamps on Bob's tits and pulled it tight. If he moved even a muscle, Bob's tits and balls tortured each other. Randy stood close behind his prisoner and looked over his shoulder into the mirror.

'That hurt?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Looks great, though.'

'Yes sir!' Bob almost shouted.

'Now we're gonna see how much you turn yourself on. You'll be amazed.'

Randy stepped back and looked in admiration at the muscular v-shaped back broad shoulders, wide lats narrowing down to the small, tight waist at the shorts. It was a blank canvas just waiting to be worked on.

Randy picked up the thonged whip and brought a single lash across the straining back. As Bob jerked in reaction his tits pulled on the rope attached to his balls and both roared with pain. Then the flogging really began, with every lash bringing pain the back, tits and balls. Bob watched the mirror in horror as he saw himself, the big muscle stud, writhing in pain, with every movement bringing fresh agony. Through the haze of pain he was amazed to see that his dick was still rock hard, and he was aware of the fire in his groin.

Eventually the flogging diminished and then stopped. Randy untied the man's balls and with one agonizing movement released the tit clamps. He knew that the nipples were on fire and that the pain after the clamps could be excruciating. Standing up against Bob's back and looking into the mirror into his eyes he started to speak.

'I've broken your body. Now for your mind.'

He reached round and put his fingers on Bob's nipples. Bob yelled at the sharp stab of pain in his tits. This was worse than anything. He watched as his own body writhed, and he became aware of the swarthy construction worker's grinning face on his shoulder. Randy spoke softly into his ear.

'You like to watch that muscle stud get tortured?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Great body, uh? Pity we have to tear it apart.'

'Yes, sir.'

'Now we're gonna find out just how much you turn yourself on.'

Randy stepped back and unshackled one of Bob's wrists. Bob's right arm fell limply to his side. Randy pulled hard on the rope tied to the other arm and pulled it higher over the beam. Soon Bob was tied by one arm, stretched high up to the beam, his feet barely touching the floor. The muscles streamed with sweat as the big man's body hung there. He looked in the mirror. He looked magnificent.

With one movement Randy ripped off Bob's shorts, so the muscular body now hung naked from the ceiling. Randy picked up the whip again and resumed the flogging of the broad back, now stretched tightly upward from one arm. This time the whip landed also on the ass and legs, bouncing off the hard globes of Bob's perfect ass and curling round his thick thighs. Bob watched mesmerized in the mirror as the beautiful body was flogged. The pain he felt in his back and ass only intensified the image. Randy increased the strength of the blows and began to taunt Bob.

'Look at that beautiful naked body. Watch it get broken. See the pain as you feel it. Is that stunning?'

'Yes, sir,' Bob yelled and as he felt his dick becoming even more rigid his held it with his right hand.

'That's it, man. Stroke your meat. Look into your eyes and pump your dick.'

Bob did as instructed and he began to enter another world. Half closing his eyes, the background faded and all he saw was the muscular naked body being thrashed. The whip now started to curl around to his chest and strike the nipples with mind numbing pain. Bob was in ecstasy. It was not himself he saw, but another man, the most beautiful man he had ever seen. The muscular stud was hanging by one arm, being brutally whipped. He watched it and felt it and he was totally mesmerized.

He looked into the eyes of the suffering man and saw his own reflection in them. He felt fire rising up his legs into his groin and he pumped his dick harder. He started to yell at the reflection in the mirror.

'Look at that body, man. Wow, that's fucking gorgeous. You're being thrashed, destroyed. You're finished, man.' And he screamed, 'God, you are so fucking beautiful. I love you man!'

And his cock exploded. A stream of come shot upward in a high arc and splashed onto the mirror, obliterating the image Bob's face. The whipping stopped and Bob hung there, gasping, his cock still pumping hot white liquid. He had no idea where he was, what was happening or what he had just said. But suddenly his words flashed back to him and he hung his head in humiliation and exhilaration. His body was shaking and he was moaning.

As the cum slid down the mirror he saw his face again, distorted by the thick white film and he again felt a mix of shame and elation. His master's swarthy face appeared again on his shoulder, his mouth pressed to Bob's ear.

'That was unbelievable, man. I've never seen a guy turn himself on like that. You were incredible. And that, my friend, is what you call a mind fuck!

They gazed at each other in disbelief, but now it was Randy's turn. Quickly he untied the agonized body and Bob fell to his knees. Randy kicked off his own shorts so both men were naked. He turned Bob sideways to the mirror and stood with his hard, pulsing dick in front of his face. Bob opened his mouth wide and with one hard thrust Randy plunged his dick into the burning mouth and deep down into he throat.

Out of the corner of his eye Bob could see in the mirror what was happening. He watched the broken, naked man on his knees, his beautiful face being brutally pounded by the big construction worker. Randy held his head in a vice like grip so he had to take the full force of the iron rod. Intoxicated by the sight of the big swarthy man fucking his mouth, Bob reached round and cupped the man's hard, mounds of his ass in his hands and began to pull them forward into this face, again and again and again.

Looking down at the beautiful, tortured face Randy couldn't hold back. He exploded into the furnace of the mouth and Bob greedily swallowed the stream of cum as it spurted deep into his throat. But, as always, Randy had to shoot twice. He pulled his dick out of Bob's mouth, turned him around to face the mirror, and shot another wad of cum over his shoulder into the mirror. The white liquid mixed with Bob's own cum, still running down the mirror. As Randy stood behind his kneeling slave, both men looked at their image, blurred by the thick creamy liquid, and they marveled at the sight. Two glorious, straight, muscular, virile men who had shared so much. They were both stunningly beautiful.

Randy pulled Bob up by the shoulders and they fell on the bed. They were soon in a deep, deep sleep.

* * *

It was hours before Bob regained consciousness and his first sight was of Randy lying next to him, his face close, gazing into Bob's beautiful eyes.

'I hope you're rested. Because we're not finished.'

Bob moaned in fatigue, fear and anticipation. How could there be more? How could anything top what he had just gone through? Randy answered his unspoken question.

'Now I'm gonna fucking blow your mind. This you'll remember. Stand up.'

Slowly Bob stumbled to this feet and Randy made him stand on a low table under the beam and in front of the mirror. Expertly, Randy tied the man's hand together attached them to a single rope and threw it over the beam. He pulled it tight and secured it, then slowly removed the table. Bob felt a sudden wrenching in his arms as his legs kicked free and the rope yanked on his wrists. He hung clear in the air, feet not touching the floor. The pain in his stretched muscles was extreme, but as he looked in the mirror at the man hanging helplessly, he again felt the heat in his groin and his cock started to rise.

Randy came up to him and slowly rubbed his hands over the magnificent body, glorying in this beautiful, bound stud. He knew he had to be quick. His hands began to twist the body round and round. Bob watched in horror as his reflection appeared in the mirror, and then disappeared, as he was turned around again and again.

When the rope was twisted tight Randy finally stopped turning and pickup up the whip. He let the body go and began to lash it hard. Bob had never experienced anything remotely like this. As his body began to twist round and round, faster and faster he felt the lash of the whip on his chest, his back his balls, his tits, his ass, his legs. His whole body was being brutally tortured at once.

He opened his eyes and couldn't believe what he saw in the mirror. The big, tall muscleman was twisting in the air, every inch of his naked body under the lash. He caught glimpses of it as he twisted in front of the mirror and it was completely surreal. The image started to flash, like a strobe light, and it became a blur of muscle, pain, ecstasy, and wonder.

The feeling became hypnotic as he flashed on the stunning image again and again. He felt the whip on every part of his body and he entered another plane of existence. He was transfixed by the flashing image of this magnificent, tortured man, twisting and screaming. He felt he was reaching some kind of mental and physical climax but he had no idea what it was. He was unaware that his cock was rock hard and his balls were on fire. He was also unaware when his cock erupted and he began to spray thick spurt of cum as he spun around.

Randy had never seen anything as incredible as this. The big, muscular stud, suspended naked from the ceiling, lashed on every inch of his body, was spinning round, screaming and spraying thick cum into every part of the room. Randy stood back and watched in wonder and admiration as the cum splashed on his face and body. He was still watching as the writhing, screaming man started to slow, until he eventually hung still, the body in spasms of pain, exhaustion and delirium.

Quickly Randy released him and he fell into a shaking heap on the floor. Randy stroked him, then picked him up and laid him gently on the bed. Bob's face quivered and his head was thrashing from side to side. To make him still, Randy cradled his head, then leant over him and lightly kissed him on the lips. Bob opened his head and looked into the eyes of the man he now knew he could never leave.

Randy smiled down at him and said softly, 'Well, I said I would blow your mind.'

* * *

Eventually Randy lay back beside the now sleeping man and thought about what came next. He felt that the time had come to put Bob on display to one of his buddies. He wanted another man to glory in his muscular slave even lend a hand with the discipline. As he drifted off to sleep he smiled at the thought of Bob being worked over by two guys.

But he couldn't know how things would go so horribly wrong, bringing pain and humiliation to both of them..


Rob Williams


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