The group of voyeurs who had paid for their services had been treated to an extraordinary display of endurance by the tortured muscleman. The show had taken the form of a succession of fights and endurance tests, and the winner subjected the loser to revenge and humiliation.

Randy had endured the most prolonged and nightmarish punishment at the hands of his buddy in the wrestling ring. He now knelt naked in the ring against the ropes facing outward, his head and outstretched arms bound tightly in the top ropes. His agonized face had been brutally fucked by twenty men and he now waited helplessly to be released from the hell he had been through.

Bob knelt in front of his buddy and said, 'It's over. You were incredible. I love you.'

He released Randy from the ring ropes and he slumped to the floor, barely conscious. Bob pulled him slowly to his feet and, with his arm around him, tried to help him to walk. But Randy's pride took over and he stood up straight and shook off Bob's support. He took a deep breath and walked unaided to the bedroom.

* * *

He strode into the bedroom and headed straight for the shower. Bob knew instinctively that he should leave him alone, so he lay on the bed and watched. Randy let the hot water pour over his shattered body. He scrubbed at his face to get rid of the thick layers of cum covering it. It was a long shower. When it was over he toweled himself dry and threw himself on the bed and lay on his back staring at the ceiling.

Bob took a quick shower and then picked up the T-shirts and boxers they had worn earlier. They put them on and lay on the bed motionless, both of them needing time to recover from the harrowing experiences they had endured. Randy especially seemed to be almost in a trance as his mind raced with tangled images of the torture he had suffered. Lying close, Bob looked at his buddy.

'You OK?'

Randy turned his head and looked long and hard at Bob. Finally he spoke.

'Sure I'm OK. Get me a beer, will you?'

Bob went over to the fridge and took out two bottles. He twisted off the tops and gave one to Randy. They drank in silence until Bob finally spoke.

'Look, man. Everything we've been got a bit out of hand...I'm sorry I....'

But Randy put his hand up to Bob's mouth and interrupted him.

'No. No apologies. We don't apologize for anything. We knew what we were getting into. I knew I would suffer if I lost. Well you won, and I suffered. That's it.'

'But what happens now? I'm not sure how we can....'

Again he was interrupted, this time by a knock at the door. They were surprised to see a tall black guy come in carrying a tray.

'Hi guys. I'm Darius. I'm the designated attendant this weekend. I brought food.' He put the tray on a table beside the bed.

Randy suddenly flinched as he recognized the face from the nightmare images of his punishment. It was the guy with the monstrous cock who had pounded his throat and almost made him pass out. Darius smiled broadly and approached him holding out his hand.

'Allow me to shake your hand. You were fucking awesome, man. I've never seen anyone take such a beating and you swallowed my cock deeper than anyone ever has. God, you're so fucking beautiful. It was about the most incredible thing I've ever seen. When I came in your face, wow, that must have been the best orgasm I've ever had. Both of you are like something out of a fantasy. The whip fight, the wrestling, and the punishment you both dished out. Unbelievable! I lost count of how many times I shot my load. It's a real privilege to meet you both.' And he shook their hands.

The men got a good look at the black guy called Darius. Dressed only in jeans, shirtless and barefoot, he was damned impressive himself. Coffee colored skin, his handsome face, finely etched features, his buzz-cut hair and a friendly smile that displayed dazzlingly white teeth. All this was enhanced by the most surprising pale green eyes.

The body was great too. He had a fine, naturally muscular build with not an ounce of body fat. His veins stood out on his impressive arms, shoulders and chest, and his abs were six-pack solid. The most impressive feature, of course, was his huge, ten-inch beer-can thick cock. Its outline showed clearly through his tight jeans stretching halfway down his thigh. And as he stood looking with admiration and lust at the two men his cock seemed to swell and grow even longer inside his pants.

'Sorry about that,' he said, noticing their eyes fixed on his leg. 'But every time I look at you it does that.'

The guys couldn't help smiling at him, with his open face, his innocent smile and his obvious lust for them.

'I find it embarrassing actually. The guys here actually made a cast of my dick and made rubber dildoes from it. As a matter of fact you'll see them later. Anyway I should go.'

This little speech left Bob and Randy open mouthed at the crazy notion Darius had just explained with such candor. Darius turned to leave, but then hesitated and looked at them.

'Just before I go, there's something I'd like to ask, something kinda personal.'

'Seems like we have no secrets,' Randy said. 'Go ahead, shoot.'

'Well, you're friendship seems kinda wild. You're two gorgeous, rugged straight guys and you seem incredibly close. But it all seems to be based on your physical toughness and endurance. You're competitive with each other, not afraid to fight and cause pain, even give each other orgasms. And yet you seem bound to each other like blood brothers. I mean...well....for example, do you ever kiss each other?'

'I guess we have, once or twice,' said Bob.

'And...well....I don't really now how to say this but....have you love?'

Randy was taken aback. 'Made love? What, you mean like we did with our wives? Hell, no. We get off on each other, we're real close, we compete, and you've seen that we fuck, but making love? Nah, that's not part of it.'

'Just thought I'd ask,' said Darius. 'It's just that it would be incredible to watch if it ever happened. Two beautiful straight guys making love to each other for the first time.' He gave his dazzling smile. 'I can dream, can't I? Anyway, sleep well. And don't forget the mirror there. We'll all be on the other side watching.' And he rubbed the growing bulge in the leg of his jeans.

'I swear, you guys would make perfect Colt models. Like something out of Tom of Finland.' He saw the blank look on their faces. 'You don't have any idea what I'm talking about, do you? Jeez, you guys really are straight.' And he laughed as he left the room.

* * *

Bob and Randy had kind of forgotten that the mirror that took up one wall of the bedroom was in fact a two-way mirror and on the other side the twenty or so guys were gathered to watch everything that happened in the bedroom. It was even wired for sound so they could hear everything too. That had been the deal, and they accepted it. The idea even turned them on.

After they'd eaten the food Darius had brought they lay on the bed to sleep, their backs to each other, still wearing their white T-shirts and boxers. They were both exhausted but sleep didn't come easily. Randy did manage to doze, but Bob was restless. His body was on edge, alive somehow. Finally he turned over to face his buddy. Propping himself on his elbow he looked down at the handsome face he had come to know so well.

The man was truly gorgeous. Despite all the physical pain and humiliation he had endured, his expression as he slept was calm, with even a slight smile on his lips. God, Bob loved him. He had always felt lust for Randy's rugged masculinity, but as he looked down at him now he was overwhelmed with something deeper, tender even. He brushed the tousled hair back from his friend's forehead and Randy opened his eyes. Bob found himself looking at his own reflection in those pale blue eyes. It was as if he were floating in them.

'Hi,' Randy whispered.

Bob could not get over the sight of this man he had so brutally tortured. He had been the cause of Randy's total destruction and humiliation and yet here was that beautiful face now looking up at him and smiling. Bob wanted to take it all back, to somehow make amends, but he didn't know how. He wanted to hold him, to.......he didn't know. He spoke haltingly.

'You know what Darius said earlier....that thing about, you know, making love. Well, the idea's crazy. We're straight for God sake. Guys like us just don't do that kind of thing. '

Randy smiled. 'There are no guys like us.'

Bob stammered on. 'Look, I'm sorry that I hurt you....No, I mean....I never meant......'

Randy put a hand up to Bob's mouth. 'Shut up. Don't say anything. Show me.' He closed his eyes and waited.

Bob's inhibitions faded away. He bent down and kissed Randy on the eyes, then the forehead and neck, and placed his check against Randy's face. He pulled back a little, then put his mouth over Randy's and began a kiss like he had never given anyone. His lips pressed and caressed, his tongue searched deep inside his buddy's mouth, and Randy responded hungrily. Randy flipped his buddy over, lowered himself onto his body and they held each other in a tight embrace. They began to make love.

Feeling the other man's muscular body ripple under his T-shirt they felt a heat rising in them that they had never felt before. Randy ran his lips over Bob's arms and chest, biting the nipples through the T-shirt and Bob moaned in ecstasy. They held on to each other as if their bodies were joined as one, rolling over and over on top of each other.

* * *

In the room on the other side of the glass wall there was total silence as the spectators watched in awe, unable to believe what was happening. They were seeing these two magnificent, masculine, straight men making love for the first time. They watched as the muscular bodies, dressed in white boxers and T-shirts, wrestled with each other in a loving, writhing outpouring of desire. The muscles flexed and rippled as the men strained to embrace, squeezing their bodies together in a passionate struggle.

Then they heard a surprising sound. In their churning embrace the two men looked at each other and their smiles became laughter. They were euphoric, exhilarated, laughing with the sheer joy of making love. It was a display of animal excitement that had the spectators gasping in amazement.

* * *

In the bedroom the activity became more and more frenzied. The men's lips ground together, they grabbed at each other's clothes so the T-shirts became torn and soaked with the sweat of their passion.

Now they knelt breathlessly on the bed facing each other. In silence, they reached out behind each other's neck and pull the T-shirt upward. As they tossed the shirts aside the men stared at the stunning sight before them....perfectly sculpted bodies, kneeling, stripped down to white boxers. Their eyes locked together in a smile as they ran their hands over the sweating torso before them, the broad shoulders, chiseled pecs and washboard stomachs. They rubbed the backs of their fingers lightly over the nipples, causing sharp intakes of breath.

Unable to control themselves any more the near naked bodies locked together again in a thrashing, churning embrace, their dicks hard as rocks. Bob was on his back and Randy twisted round so his face was over Bob's cock. Both cocks thrust rigidly through the fly of the white shorts.

Poised over him, arched on hands and feet, Randy lowered himself slowly so his mouth slid over Bob's pulsing cock just as his own rod entered Bob's hungry mouth. His shoulders and biceps flexing like he was doing pushups, Randy lowered and raised himself and felt the simultaneous sensation of his buddy's cock feeding his mouth and his own cock sliding in and out of Bob's throat. It felt as if they were sucking their own cocks.

They stopped only when they felt their orgasms getting close. They wanted to wait, to explore every part of their bodies. Randy turned round to face Bob who was still on his back. In one swift movement Randy pulled off Bob's shorts, pushed his legs in the air and, bending down, buried his face in Bob's perfect, hairless ass. He lapped at the hole, licking and sucking, pushing his tongue as far as he could inside his buddy. He was dizzy with the extraordinary sensation.

Roused to a pitch of excitement Bob flipped his friend over and pulled off Randy's shorts. Their positions now reversed, Bob was mesmerized by Randy's hairy ass and pushed his face hard into the sweating hole. He was carried away by the taste of his buddy as he pierced the hole with his hungry tongue. After exploring every part of the warm, moist ass he finally pulled back, then fell forward onto Randy's heaving chest. He was kissing him feverishly, moving now by instinct, not thought.

Unaware of his actions Bob suddenly felt an incredible sensation in his cock and he realized that he had entered his buddy's gorgeous ass. Instinctively he pushed in deep, then pulled all the way back and slid his pulsing dick slowly back inside Randy's gut. Randy threw his head back in a spasm of joy. The man he loved was inside him, caressing the inside of his ass with his cock. Bob was making love to him....and it felt incredible.

Kissing and fucking at the same time the men entered another world. Their glorious bodies were burning inside and out. By now Bob had his hands resting on Randy's hard chest. Staring into his buddy's eyes Bob increased the rhythm of his cock as it ground into the hungry ass. Randy groaned in ecstasy and knew that the end was near.

The fire in his body now centered on his groin and his cock began to throb uncontrollably. The pounding in his ass grew harder and deeper and he knew he could take no more. He heard two piercing screams, and realized it was his own voice and Bob's as both beautiful men simultaneously shot a hot, endless stream of cum. Bob's semen streamed deep into his lover's ass and Randy's hot creamy juice splashed all over his own stomach, chest and face, and into his hair.

When the endless orgasms subsided Bob stared down at the muscular cum-soaked body beneath him and he fell sobbing on top of it, the torsos bound together by sweat and cum.

* * *

On the other side of the mirrored wall the spectators gasped at the sight that was beyond their wildest imagination. The two powerful, naked, muscular straight men had made intense physical love and, when they saw the men bucking and arching and they heard the screams of orgasm, there was not one of the twenty men who did not shoot his own load.

Now they looked on, mesmerized, awestruck, as the two naked, heaving bodies streamed with sweat and cum, the men sobbing in exhaustion. Bob began licking at the pools of cum on Randy's muscular torso. He sucked it up, then fell forward and kissed his buddy feverishly so they both tasted and drank the hot, creamy juice. Their mouths were pressed together, oozing cum.

But the scene was not over. It was not long before the spectators saw the bodies stir. Bob got up on his knees and leaned forward on his hands, facing the mirror, his back to the swarthy body builder. Randy's dick was already hard again and he grabbed Bob from behind around the waist. His pulled his buddy's ass onto his rigid pole and it plunged deep inside his gut. Bob's head reared up and he saw in the mirror his own wild-eyed expression and, behind him, the swarthy, macho face of the construction worker fucking him. The spectators behind the glass got a full-on look at the two gorgeous men.

Randy was less tender than his own fucking had been. He pushed his long shaft again and again....deeper and deeper into the beautiful ass that he now owned. Exerting all his muscular force he pulled Bob's ass mercilessly against his own body, so the thick shaft hammered the back of his friend's gut. Bob was yelling in a mix of pain and ecstasy and the pounding got faster and faster until there were again two piercing screams.

The twenty onlookers yelled in their excitement as they watched the magnificent bodies go rigid and explode in another orgasm. Some of them even shot their load a second time. Then there was silence as they watched the two beautiful men collapse onto each other, bodies gleaming with sweat, heaving with sobs as the orgasms finally ended and their incredible love making came to an end.

The huge bodies, still entwined, finally fell asleep, naked in each other's arms, and the lights dimmed. It was over.

* * *

Exhausted in body and mind the two men slept in a tight embrace for the rest of the night. When they eventually stirred awake the gradual realization that they were still holding each tightly startled them and they pulled apart.

Their minds slowly replayed the extraordinary events of the night before and they could hardly believe that they had at last made passionate love to each other. They felt a mixture of elation and embarrassment. Before they could speak there was a knock at the door and Darius came in, again carrying a tray. He was dressed as before just in jeans, shirtless and barefoot.

'Morning, guys. Here's breakfast.' He put it down and stood back looking at them. 'I gotta thank you guys for giving me more incredible orgasms. That was awesome. When I said what I did last night I had no idea that I would get to see you making love for the first time. It was mind blowing.'

'Well,' Randy said. 'Thanks for bringing the subject up. Guess it gave us just the push we needed.'

'I gotta go,' Darius said, 'get ready for today's entertainment. This is the last act, so I gotta make it good. See you outside. Oh, and no need to dress. The guys want you naked.' He grinned. 'So do I! See you outside.'

* * *

When the two naked bodybuilders came onto the stage they were met with a sight that surprised and shocked them. Lying on the floor were two St. Andrews crosses, eight foot long wooden crosses in the shape of an X. There were restraints for the wrists at the top and the ankles at the bottom.

But it was what was fixed to the middle of the cross that horrified them. Standing out rigid from the center of each cross was a huge, solid, black rubber dildoe. Darius had told them about the dildoe replicas that had been made of his enormous cock, and this was it. They were at least ten inches long and as thick around as a beer can, exactly like Darius's cock. They were monstrous. Darius himself approached them.

'You like my cock? That's exactly how it looked when you had to swallow it, Randy. Now for something new. Lie down.'

The men obeyed and soon they were lying spread eagled, their muscular bodies stretched on the crosses on the floor. Their widespread arms were secured by the wrists and their legs, stretched apart, were tied at the ankles. But they were not lying flat. Their bodies were arched in the middle as high as they could, straining to avoid the huge dildoe aimed exactly at the level of their ass. They could feel the rounded head of the rubber cock resting on their asshole, so they strained to keep their ass as high as they could.

Darius and three other guys got behind the crosses and pushed at the top, raising them into an upright position until they slotted easily into holes in the stage. A collective gasp went round the crowd of men as they took in the amazing sight. The two stunning musclemen were bound naked to the X shaped crosses. Their spread eagled bodies flexed and strained as they arched outward, trying to escape the touch of the enormous rubber cock behind them. The spectators had never seen anything so incredible, or so electrifying. Darius spoke.

'You will hang on these crosses, stretched and arched until one of you begs for release. We have taken bets on who will submit first. You look fucking fantastic.' And he stroked his huge dick, the model for the ones pointing directly at their asses. He and the other guys stepped back into the shadows to watch this final act of torture.

Mirrors had been set at an angle so Randy and Bob could see each other as they endured identical punishment. They each watched the other's muscles bulge and strain as they stretched their bodies outward as far as possible. Their own big dicks pushed out in front of them as they felt the rubber cock beginning to press against their ass. The effort and the pain took their toll, and their veins stood out all over their bodies as they began to weaken. Their feet rested on small ledges, which relieved some of the pain in their wrists.

They stayed in these excruciating positions for a long time, both determined not to quit. They watched each other as sweat poured from their gleaming bodies and they moaned as their huge muscles began to throb. They knew that they could not maintain this stretching for much longer, and there was only one way to ease the pain. They looked hard into each other's eyes in the mirror and read each other's thoughts.

Their bodies were now growing weak and, as they began to lose their arched positions, the dildoes pressed harder and harder against their assholes. They knew what they had to do. Slowly, very slowly, they relaxed their mid-section, letting their ass ease backward. The tip of the rubber cocks pressed painfully against their holes and the pressure increased until suddenly two screams pierced the room. The head of the cocks had entered their assholes, and they shuddered in agony.

The huge black dicks were starting to pierce them, but they knew they could not take these huge, long, thick rods all the way in. And yet there was no way out. With all strength gone from their aching muscles they had to inch backward onto the cocks. They took strength from watching their buddy suffer the same agonizing pain. The rugged faces grimaced and tears began to spurt from their eyes. They forgot the pain in the rest of their straining bodies as their minds focused only on their stretched and tortured assholes.

Inch by agonizing inch the monstrous shafts slid slowly into their asses, stretching their holes wider than they thought possible. Their beautiful bodies writhed and shuddered as their asses were invaded. Together they screamed as the pain became unbearable. They saw right in front of them Darius stroking his rigid cock, which they knew was exactly the same as the poles that were splitting them wide open.

Their bodies heaving and their screams getting louder, the incredible pain reached a crescendo as the last of the massive cocks slid deep into their asses. They watched each other as they gave in and let their asses slide right back to the hilt of the black dildoes. Their asses were now totally full, stretched beyond limit, and they passed out.

When they began to regain some semblance of feeling they were aware only of the enormous plugs stuffed into their ass. Opening their eyes they became aware of their buddy hanging spread eagled on the cross, his body impaled on the huge pole stretching deep down inside his gut. The pain had eased somewhat as their insides stretched and adjusted to the invading weapon. Their agonized expressions softened to intense admiration for their buddy's endurance as he hung pierced by the spike in his ass.

Neither man had the slightest intention of giving in. To ease the pain they pushed their bodies forward slightly so the dildoes slid out a few inches. They held this position as long as possible and then fell back, so the rubber cocks slid back all the way in. They both did this several times and found that it not only eased the pain but, amazingly, even felt good and made their own cocks stir. They looked at each other in the mirror and a shadow of a smile crossed their faces.

The onlookers could not believe their eyes as they saw the two sweat-soaked body builders begin to rise up and back, sliding on the huge dildoes, and then they saw the amazing sight of the two men's cocks start to get hard. The rhythm of their bodies increased as they slid further and further, forward and back. They were fucking themselves on the massive rubber cocks!

The musclemen looked at each other, and then at Darius in front of them as he stripped naked and stroked his huge erect pole. Their gaze fixed on his cock as they felt the same cocks slide in and out of their ass. It was as if they were both being fucked by Darius's monster shaft. The sight of this increased their exhilaration and they began to lose all sense of time and place. They gazed at Darius and began pounding their own asses, impaling themselves brutally on the hard rubber shafts.

Their own cocks were now rock hard and burning hot. Behind Darius the other men gathered, all stroking their stiff dicks as they gazed in disbelief at this incredible sight. Randy and Bob both felt fire in their groin as their asses ground into the piston that was fucking them. They were transfixed by Darius and his enormous shaft as he pounded it faster and faster. The three men were approaching their climax together.

The two bound body builders began to shudder, their muscles flexing and straining as their bodies arched and fell back in a pounding ecstatic rhythm. Their asses and their cocks were on fire. Randy could no longer hold back and screamed, 'Now!'

The two men screamed obscenities and threw their heads back as their cocks erupted in a huge stream of white hot liquid. The two torrents of juice arched outward and splashed heavily onto the face and body of the beautiful, frenzied black man before them. In a rapture of excitement Darius screamed and his massive cock burst with a gush of semen that spurted forward onto the two men shuddering on their crosses. As cum poured over all three men, the guys behind Darius also shot their loads, unable to hold back as they saw the three men in front of them streaming in each other's thick white juice.

Bodies heaving and streaming with cum, their lungs gasping, the two bound men hung on their crosses, the rubber cocks still deep in their ass. They gazed at the gorgeous black man who was shuddering ecstatically. They looked at his still hard dick and felt the same massive pole inside their own holes.

* * *

'You were magnificent, unbelievable,' Darius said. 'It was as if I was fucking you both. Watching you suffer like that was beautiful, man.' Then he paused. 'But there's just one have not yet submitted.' And he smiled. They had all begun to recover and Randy and Bob expected to be set free from their bondage and brutal impaling. But that was not to be.

'You gotta stay there until one of you begs for release. That was the plan. We can wait, we have plenty of time. As a matter of fact, it's time for our group's farewell meal.'

The lights came up on the main part of the room on a strange sight. A long table had been set up, laid out for an elaborate meal.

* * *

The group of twenty men was now seated at the table being served lunch. The only observers were the two naked musclemen bound to the crosses on the stage. Their asses were still on fire, still plugged by the enormous rubber dildoes. Worse, a belt had been buckled tight around their waist so they could not ease themselves forward off the brutal dildoes. Still, as their holes throbbed with pain, their bodies strained and flexed in an effort to relive their agony. As they looked down at the men at the table Mitch, the leader of the group, spoke to them.

'I'm sorry you guys can't join us but you know the conditions. All you have to do is beg for release and your torture will end. But until that happens you will remain tied to the cross and the excruciating pain in your asses will continue. Don't be obstinate. Give up. Submit.'

'Fuck you,' Randy growled. 'You know us better than that.'

'Have it your way,' Mitch said, and sat down with the others.

And so the two muscular straight men hung there naked, as visual entertainment for the group. At first, the spectators could not keep their eyes off the body builders as their muscles ran with sweat and their veins bulged all over their tortured bodies. But as the meal progressed they became engrossed in their own conversation and ignored the two suffering studs hanging over them.

In a way, this humiliation was worse than any of the physical torment they had endured so far. The body builders hung there buck naked, like well-sculpted trophies, throughout the meal as the group ate and talked with each other. They watched each other in the mirrors and each felt the indignity of his buddy as he grimaced in pain. It was now a matter of endurance. Their throbbing asses were stuffed full and their agony continued as the meal below them went on and on.

The physical pain and the mental torment of hanging naked and helpless in front of all these men made them long for release. But as they looked into each other's eyes they knew that submission was not an option. They had to hold on. Their masculinity was at stake and they knew that neither one would submit, no matter what.

* * *

The two victims were starting to lose touch with reality as their torture continued. But eventually they heard a voice call for attention. Mitch had stood up and was addressing the members of the club.

'Gentlemen. It is clear that our friends here will never submit. They are the most magnificent men we have ever seen, I think you will agree. But their time with us is coming to an end, and the final act must play out. Darius, I think you should take over for the finale. You know what to do.'

Darius had not been able to keep his eyes off the men throughout the meal. He was burning with admiration and lust for the two most exciting men he had ever seen. Now he walked over to Randy, reached behind his ass and quickly unclipped the dildo from the cross. It was still deeply embedded in the construction worker's ass. Darius untied his wrists and then the ankles and helped the gleaming muscleman down to the floor. He did the same for Bob.

Soon the two victims were standing on the stage facing the group. Their hands were bound behind them and their asses will still pounding with the pain from the huge rubber cocks jammed inside them. Darius was behind them and spoke close to their ears.

'Now, there is an easy way to do this and a hard way, which will inflict the worst pain you have ever felt. All you have to do is submit to me and I'll go nice and easy. You've already suffered so much. Why not give in to me? It's so simple. You guys are so impressive and so fucking gorgeous. Take it easy on yourselves. What do you say?'

Randy spoke first. 'Go fuck yourself, Darius.' And Bob growled simply, 'Asshole.'

'OK,' said Darius. 'But first I'll prepare you.' He stripped off his clothes and knelt in front of them. He brought his mouth to Randy's cock and took it all the way down his throat. He sucked it hard with real pleasure and longing, something he wad wanted to do for hours. As Randy looked down at the naked body and stunning face working on his dick he started to get rock hard. Darius switched to Bob and worked on his big dick until it too was standing out stiffly. Darius stood up and went behind them.

'These huge cocks have been in your ass for hours now. But the end has come. This is one last chance for you to avoid the agony I can cause. Submit to me now.' There was a long silence. 'OK, you asked for it.'

He paused, then grabbed in each hand the ends of the two huge rubber cocks protruding from the asses.

'Here it comes. I love you guys.'

And with one swift, powerful heave he pulled the dildoes from their asses with lightening speed. There was a brief silence. Then the two muscular bodies leapt off the floor and their scream shook the building and echoed around the room. Their asses that had been stretched for so many hours suddenly contracted in a huge spasm of pain as the massive rods were brutally yanked out. At the same instant their cocks burst in a huge stream of cum that arced out over the spellbound crowd.

The agony was something they had never felt and caused their involuntary leap into the air. They crashed to the floor, writhing in excruciating pain. They reached round to grab their asses, their huge bodies twisting and thrashing on the floor. They became aware of their buddy screaming in agony and slowly they crawled toward each other. When they met they held each other tight in a passionate embrace of unendurable pain. Then they collapsed onto each other, unconscious.

* * *

When they came to Darius was standing over them. As their mind cleared they saw the naked, perfectly sculpted black body of the beautiful man who had just brutally savaged them. Darius knelt and looked them in the eyes.

'One last thing. The guys tell me I get a reward. You don't have to do anything. Just kneel.'

With great difficulty Randy and Bob got to their knees, leaning on each other for support. Darius now stood in front of them gazing down at the incredible sight before him.

'You guys are awesome. God, you turn me on so much. I have to see you again. I need to. In the meantime here's something to remember me by.'

It didn't take him long. He was already rock hard and it took only a few strokes of his huge dick before he felt his climax coming. He howled as his cock erupted into a huge spurt of hot creamy cum, which splashed into Randy's rugged face and mouth. There was a pause and then he came again, shooting a stream of semen into Bob's mouth and all over his beautiful features. His muscular body shuddered and finally became still.

'Now,' he breathed. 'Kiss each other.' The men turned and did as he said, coming together in a passionate embrace, their tongues filling each other's mouths, tasting Darius's cum as it still oozed out of their mouths and streamed over their faces. The creamy semen made their embrace even more frenzied.

Darius could not hold back. He fell to his knees and joined his face to the beautiful faces he lusted for so much. The three men ground their lips into each other, sliding their mouths together in the sea of cum. Randy and Bob both plunged their tongues into Darius's hungry mouth and the three men were joined together in a raging passion.

* * *

When it was over Darius pulled back and looked hungrily at the two men who had created such intense feelings in him. 'I've gotta see you again,' he whispered.

Continued in Trial Of Strength - Part 12


Rob Williams

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