Rodney lay back totally wasted as I licked the remnants of his cum from his cock.

Licking and chewing on the foreskin, enjoying the thickness and length of his phenomenal cock.

Rodney smiled at me and told me that this won't be the last time we will do this, then he leaned down and took my throbbing cock in his mouth, and sucked me dry, it didn't take very long to have me unloading into his mouth.

This went on for months with me and Rodney, I loved taking care of his boner when he needed it, and finally I let him slide that thick cock of his to the balls in my young firm asshole, and It was love from then on.

About a year later I was setting one evening on our patio in just a pair of shorts and some shower flip-flops when I noticed a girl on the patio next door, she looked familiar when I realized it was my cousin Carla, she was kissing my next door neighbor and carrying on with him.

Now Travis was one hell of a good looking guy, he had been considered almost a god in High School, and here he was kissing with my cousin.

After that night I began noticing Travis a lot, and I must say seeing him standing there in just a pair of shorts or some of those flannel long sleeping pants made my heart beat like a jack hammer.

Travis began noticing and speaking to me more and more after that too, I was really loving the attention, then he began coming over and setting at the patio table in the evenings after he came home from local community college, took a shower and he would come over bare chested and wearing just shorts, I almost couldn't stand it, he was such an awesome looking guy, even more muscular and defined in the chest and stomach since working out in the college sports arena. I would end up going into the house when he went home and stroking my cock just dreaming about what I would love to do with Travis.

Well one night it was about ten o'clock I was setting on the patio, it was almost dark, Travis came over in his sweat pants and a light grey tee shirt, and some flip-flops. I looked down and even his toes looked hot and erotic, he was spectacular.

We began to discuss things and then his subject turn to his sex life, which evidently wasn't going so well with him and Carla.

"Hey man, what's the problem with you and Carla?" I ask.

He reached down and pushed down on his crotch, "I'm fucking going ballistic man, I want to get my nuts off so fucking bad I'm aching, and she won't let me, well you know how females can be, I'm sure,' Travis said.

"Yeah, she won't put out for you?" I responded with a grin, I was hoping.

Well it's not really that, it's,,, Well....... I want a blow-job and the guys at school are talking about how great it feels to fuck in the asshole, and she won't let me do either, she say's it's un-natural, blah, blah, blah, and I almost dream of that all the time." " I want to feel a hot mouth sliding up and down the length of my cock, and then feel that supposed awesome feeling of my cock entering a tight asshole, I've been told it's ten times better than Pussy." But females or at least the ones I know don't want to feel that." he said.

As Travis got mentally involved talking about that kind of sex, I realized his cock was laying to the side thick and hard, Pushing up on his sweats, which were doing little to restrain his rigid cock.

I smiled at him and just said, "yeah man I know that feeling, but nothing feels better than getting your nut while being sucked or ass fucking," I said.

Travis looked over and said, "You've had that done ?' He said.

"Hell yeah, but truth is a female cant do it like a guy can." I said.

"are you fucking with me, You've had a dude suck your cock for you?" he said.

"hell yeah man, close your eyes and you don't know the difference except that a dude knows what a dude likes and don't stop until your nuts are drained, females won't swallow your load."

I looked over at Travis and saw a wanting, longing , desirous look as he stared at me, slumped down in the patio chair with a huge boner pushing out the material of his sweats.

As he watched I pulled my chair over next to Travis and reached over and slid my hand down inside his sweats, under his briefs and I heard his voice gasp as I wrapped my hand around a good nine inches of thick cock.

Travis bit his lip and began breathing heavy and raspy and began slightly pushing his hips upward as I stroked him. He leaned his head back and gripped the arms of the chair as I pulled his sweats down and leaned over and he let out a huge grunt and gasp as I slid my mouth over his thick cock head, and began massaging his egg sized balls.

Travis slid his sweats to the ground and I got down between his legs and began licking his balls with my wet mouth.

I realized Travis was gone with what I was doing, in another world. "Oh Fuck man, that's awesome" he said.

I had his cock to the balls and was deep throating his awesome man meat.

It was harder than rock, and his nuts were quickly pulling up tight against his body.

"I'm gonna blow it man, you want my cum?" he asked.

"Fuck yeah, man,Why do you I'm doing this?" I said.

Travis raised up his hips, tightened up like a rock and I felt his body start jerking as he moans and grunted and filled my mouth with his cum."

After a few minutes with his cock still in my mouth as I sucked the remants from his cock, and just licked and played with his cock, Travis looked at me, "That was totally rad man, fuck yeah, are you dating anyone?" he asked with a giggle, " I never dreamed a dude could make another dude feel like that, no female could make it feel like that." he said.

I got up off my knees and he said. "DO you take it up the ass too?'

"On occasion, yeah, are you interested in this, I said as I turned around and pulled my shorts down and let him have a shot of my nicely shaped ass.

Travis surprised me, and he reached out and spread my ass cheeks and began playing with my little starfish pucker hole, I felt shivers going through my body as he wet a finger and slid it into my anus, I went sorta limp, and thought I would blow my nut as Travis finger fucked my asshole, I turned around and his cock was standing at attention again, "Holy Shit Travis." I said.

"Man I told you I ain't got my nut in a couple weeks and It will take more than one shot to empty me." he said.

"Hey man, if your willing, your ass looks just fine with me." he smiled.

I helped him pull up his sweat pants and we went inside and up to my bedroom, My parents were gone for the weekend and we were alone in my house.

I got some lube from the nightstand and got my asshole ready, I realized I needed some extra lube due to the size of Travis cock, but I wanted it, I wanted it bad.

I pulled Travis's sweats down and off and pulled my shorts off, lubed up his cock and my asshole nice and slick.

I lay on my back and Travis got up on the bed between us,,,,, Hooked his arms under my knees and folded me over and placed his cockhead against my sphincter and started pushing his cock against the puckered hole, I let out a gasp as his cock finally broke thru and slid up my well lubed asshole about six inches.

I looked up and Travis was staring with a slight grin as he looked into my eyes.

"Fuck man, this is fantastic." he said, as he buried his cock to the balls into my body.

I felt love, ecstacy, lust, passion, every possible emotion that a man can have as Travis began to make love to me like his virgin wife on their honeymoon.

Travis was not a beginner at this fucking game, and fuck me he did.

I was almost exhausted as his climax began to build, I could hear it in his breathing and vocals and his body language, I could feel his bone hard cock as he penetrated my asshole, and I felt his cock rubbing against my prostate, I was about to blow my own nut without even touching my cock.

As Travis passed the point of no return he almost became violent and he pulled my body tight against his and I wrapped my legs around his body and clamped down as he jammed his nine plus inches deep into my and began filling me with his love nectar. I shot my load at almost the same time, it was the most intense load I had ever fired off.

Travis just collapse on top of me, and we lay there for almost an hour getting our breath and strength back to normal.

Travis and I just lay back and covered up and went to sleep and slept all night like newborn babies.

I woke up a few minutes earlier than Travis and I leaned down and sucked him awake and to another full blown climax of awesome porportions.

Travis got up and took a morning shower together, and made a pact that no one would know about this but us, and we would be there for each other from then on.

The doorbell rang and I went down in my bathrobe and it was Carla looking for Travis.

"He spent the night and hes taking a shower, want to come in an wait?"

"No I just wanted to tell him something, have him call my cell when he can." She said.

Well he came down and called her, she wanted to break up.

Travis acted sad at first while he talked to her, then after he hung up, "Who needs her," he said with a big grin on his face.

Travis walked over took my face in his hand and began kissing me like he would a girlfriend.

"Fuck yeah man, who needs her when I"ve got you." he said with a big smile, as he hugged me.

Travis and I are now dating secretly and the sex is awesome. We keep it under out hats so to speak but that will change in time.

Well What can I say. sometime it's true and straight guy can be turned to gay if they just give it a try.



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