I'm Mark Rogers, a twenty-eight year old gay male, and have been gay since my senior year of high school.

I attended three years of college but because of finances could not continue and get a degree. I took a job as a traveling salesman for a general wholesale company at the age of twenty-two, mainly calling on hardware and lumber companies.

Here are some of my experiences.

I had been traveling part of three states by car for a month or so when I had my first sexual encounter on the road.

Not being familiar with the territory, I took a wrong turn and ended up out in the middle of nowhere. The skies were getting black with the approach of a thunderstorm.

I finally saw a house out in the middle of a pasture and turned into the long drive. I pulled up to the house and as I got out of my car, lightening flashed and thunder rolled. A nice looking muscular man in just bibbed overalls and no shirt came out onto the porch. He appeared to be in his late thirties.

"Howdy," he said.

"Hello," I replied as I walked toward the porch.

"You must be lost," he said, "because we never get visitors out this way."

"Yes, sir, I am," I said as lightening flashed again followed by loud thunder. The storm was closing in.

"Come on in and let's see how I can help you out."

I followed him inside and he insisted I have coffee with him. As we sat in the living room, I told him I was trying to find a certain highway to take me to Duncanville.

"You remember that split in the road back about ten miles?"

"Yes, sir, I do."

"Well, you shoulda gone to the left instead of the right," he said as the deluge of rain started outside.

"Damn," I said automatically then said, "Sorry for my language."

"Hell, man, I say that and much worse. Don't worry about it," he said as he walked to the door and looked out.

I stepped up beside him and thanked him for the coffee and said I needed to get back on the road.

"Friend, I'd suggest you wait out this storm. The road between here and the split floods in weather like this. You won't make it through."

"I don't want to impose on you, sir."

"Stop calling me 'sir'. I'm Luke, and I wouldn't feel right letting you go back out in this weather."

"I'm Mark. Mark Rogers, and I really appreciate your offer. I wish there was some way to show my appreciation."

"My pleasure," he said, this time looking me over up and down. "You're a good looking fella."

"Thanks," I said. "So are you," I added before I thought about what I was saying.

He smiled broadly and casually rubbed his crotch while watching my face. My eyes uncontrollably watched his hand and I realized he saw me.

He caught me off guard when he stepped up close, facing me and said, "You now, there is one way you can do to show your appreciation."

"What would that be?" I asked.

He reached out and grasped my crotch and said, "Let me have that."

"What?" I said as I stepped back slightly.

"Look, I happen to like cock and out here I damn sure don't get much. I'm helping you out so why don't you help me out?"

"Well, uh, I guess I could," I said playing it straight.

"Thanks and if your serious drop those pants. And do me a favor."

"What would that be?" I asked as we stood close to the front door.

He began opening my pants, letting them fall to the floor and as he knelt and pulled down my briefs, he said, "My son should be coming in soon and he doesn't know about me so keep an eye out for him. He over at the next farm."

"Sure," I said as he swallowed my cock. I moaned softly at the pleasure I was receiving. As he sucked, me moaned also. It was obvious that he was totally enjoying it.

I soon reached my climax and filled his mouth with my load. He collected it all and milked me dry before pulling off and swallowing.

As he stood, he looked at me, smiled and said, "Mark, thanks. That was super. It's been months since I had a chance to do that."

"Luke, I totally enjoyed it also. Now, I want to show my appreciation more."

"How?" he asked.

I began unhooking the shoulder straps on his overalls and let them fall to the floor. he wore nothing else under them and his own rock hard cock sprang forward. Dropping to my knees, I began sucking him.

"Oh fuck yea," he said. "Suck it dry. I need it."

It didn't take long for Luke to fill my mouth with probably the largest load I had ever received. I eagerly took it all and swallowed every delicious drop. As I stood, he put a hand behind my head and pulled me to him in a hot passionate kiss.

After the kiss he said, "The last one to suck me was the hand we had working for us. He left four months ago to take care of his ailing mother. I really miss him."

We put ourselves back together and a few minutes later we saw his son arrive in their pickup.

"Remember, he know nothing about me liking men."

"I promise I won't say a word."

We returned to our seats shortly before a hot young stud walked into the room.

"Hey, Pa. It's raining like a mother out there," he said as he entered. Then seeing me he said, "Hi."

"Hi," I replied.

"Joe, this is Mark. He got lost on his way to Duncanville. Mark, this is my son, Joe."

"Nice to meet you," I said as we shook hands.

"Took the wrong fork, huh?"

"Yea," I said laughing.

Luke insisted I stay for lunch, and as we talked, I found out that Joe was seventeen and a senior in high school.

The rain let up and Luke told Joe to check the animals out in the barn.

"Wanna come with me? he asked.

"Sure," I said.

We each grabbed a raincoat before heading out to the barn. Once in the barn, he began checking on the animals and giving the horses fresh hay.

After a while he took a break and we stood by one of the stalls with me facing him. He shifted around and casually moved closer. As we talked, I felt his left hand brush against my crotch. My cock reacted and began stiffening.

'This can't be happening,' I thought.

His hand brushed against me again and stopped, with the back of his hand resting against my stiffening cock. he kept his conversation casual before suddenly turning toward me and grasping my now hard cock.

"I think he needs some attention," he said.

"Joe, what are you doing? I think you should stop."

"Why? It's obvious your excited. Let me show you what I can do."

"We shouldn't," I said.

"Relax," he said as he unzipped my pants.

Extracting my cock, he smiled and said "Nice."

Taking my hand, he led me to an empty stall and opened my pants, letting them fall. Soon he was on his knees sucking on my hard cock. After a few moments, he stopped and stood and dropped his pants.

Spitting into his hand, he rubbed it on his hole then bent over and backed up onto my cock. I moaned as my hard cock slid into his young hot hole. It was obvious that he had been fucked before.

"Oh yea, I love it. Fuck me hard."

I began fucking him and as I did he began pounding his ass backward as I went forward. I soon shot my second load of the day up his hot young hole.

As he pulled off he said, "I love feeling a cock shoot up my ass as much as I love eating a load."

"Joe, does your dad know you suck and get fucked?"

"Hell no! He'd kill me if he found out. Please don't say anything to him."

"I won't if you give me something I want."

"Name it," he said.

I dropped to my knees and swallowed his cock, taking all of it down my throat.

"Fuck yea! Do it. It's all yours."

I soon brought him to his climax and his load was almost as big as his dad's. I hungrily swallowed it all.

As we put ourselves back together i asked how long he'd been having sex with guys.

"Four years. It started when I saw the hand we had we had working here jerking off. I joined him and one thing led to another and we were soon sucking and fucking each other. I've tried pussy but I much prefer sex with a man."

We finished up in the barn and returned to the house, acting as if nothing happened. A while later, Joe checked the road and came back and said it was clear. I left, thanking them both for their hospitality.

As I drove to Duncanville, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if or when they found out about each other.

A few months later, I had finished up for the day and was headed back to my motel when I saw a guy in shorts and tee shirt with a back pack thumbing a ride. He looked about thirty or maybe younger and was nicely built.

I stopped and offered him a ride. As we drove we talked and before long e reached my cut off to go to my motel. i pulled to the side of the road and as he got out, I said, "Bud, as short as those shorts are, if you didn't have briefs on you might end up hanging out."

He smiled and said, "I never wear underwear."

"You're kidding," I said.

He smiled again and lifted one leg of his shorts revealing a soft thick uncut cock.

"Very nice," I said. "You ever let a guy take care of it?"

"Yea, I never turn down a blow job but I don't suck. You want it?"

"Hell yea," I replied. "Get back in and we can go to my room."

He did and we drove to my motel and went into the room.

"Why don't you strip down for me?"

He did and lay on the bed, his cock slowly stiffening. I got between his legs and began sucking his nice cock.

"It's been about a week since I got off so be prepared for a big load."

I stopped sucking his cock and began gently sucking his large balls. He moaned softly. I returned to his cock and took my time getting him off. When he climaxed, it was indeed a big load.

After swallowing his load, he asked if he could shower and I said yes. As he dressed after his shower, I asked how long he'd been getting sucked.

"Well, I'm thirty and I got my first blow job when I was fifteen."

"How did it start?" I asked.

"It was just me and my dad at home. He was a drunk and spent most of the money on booze rather than food. I resorted to begging on the street to get money to buy food for me. One day a guy stopped and told me he'd buy me a meal if I let him suck my cock. I was willing to do most anything to get some food so I agreed. After that, I began hanging out where the prostitutes, both male and female, gathered. I sold my cock for money to buy food. I did that until I could get out on my own and make my own money. I loved getting sucked because it was a way to have sex without having to pay a whore. Ever since then, if a guy wants to suck me I let him. I enjoy the attention."

"Well, I hope you enjoyed it, because I sure did," I said.

"I did and you're damn good at it."

"Thanks," I said.

Once he was dressed, I took him to a truck stop where he might get a ride and wished him well.

"Thanks for the ride," he said as he got out, "and the blow job."

"My pleasure," I replied before driving off.

On another trip, I was at another motel and the pool was directly outside my door. I had finished up early that day and decided to enjoy the pool.

I had been in the water for just a few minutes when several guys came to the pool. After a while I began talking to one of them and found out that they worked for the phone company in another town and were there to assist with installing some new lines.

The man, I don't remember his name, was in his early thirties and I noticed a gold wedding ring on his hand. As we stood in neck deep water, we were both moving our hands back and forth under the surface to keep our balance.

As we talked, my hand accidentally brushed across his crotch. It really was an accident and I expected him to back up slightly. Instead, to my surprise, he stepped slightly closer. I decided to take a chance.

I let my hand brush against him a second time, them a third. It was then that I could tell that his cock was getting hard. Then on the next pass, I paused my hand against his hard cock. I felt him stiffen his cock and when he did I turned my hand around and grasped it and squeezed slightly. A moment later I felt his hand against my hard cock and he grasped me and gently squeezed. We did this several times before he asked, "Want some company later?"

"Hell yea. I'm in room 138 right there at the end of the pool."

"none of the others know anything but if I can get away, I'll stop by."

"I'll be waiting," I said.

He eased away and joined his co-workers and I soon returned to my room. Later as I left to go get some dinner the man and his buds were at my end of the pool deciding on going to dinner at the cafe next door. I decided to go there also.

I took my time eating and just before I was through, they all came in taking a table not far from me. The man I had met saw me and smiled.

I paid my bill and returned to my room and stripped down. I waited.

About an hour and a half later, I heard a soft knock on my door. Jumping up, I peeked out the curtains to see the man I was waiting for.

I quickly opened the door, hiding behind it, and let him in.

Seeing me nude, he smiled and stepped up to me after i had closed and locked the door. As I turned to face him he leaned over and pressed his lips to mine. Within a second we were in a hot passionate tongue kiss.

After the kiss, I said, "Make yourself comfortable," and as he stripped nude, I asked, "How'd you manage to get away from your co-workers?"

"I told them I was going for a walk," he replied.

We headed straight for the bed and began kissing again and making out, fondling each others cock and exploring each others body with out hands.

Soon we were in a sixty-nine hungrily sucking each others cocks. We climaxed seconds apart, each swallowing the others load.

As we lay cuddled together afterward, I said, "I see your married."

"Yea, I am."

"Does she know anything?"

"Hell no. I'd be divorced if she found out."

"I guess it limits how much you get to play."

"Definitely," he replied.

We talked ad I found out that he realized that he enjoyed male sex as much as female sex when he was in the Navy after he and another sailor had sex while on leave.

Before long we were both hard again and wanting more sex. He first fucked me then I fucked him, each depositing a nice load up the others ass.

As he left we kissed again and he thanked me for a very pleasurable evening.

I stepped out first, making sure that there was no one around. Seeing that all was clear, I told him to come out. he did and hurried to his room on the back side of the motel.

I was quickly finding that being a traveling salesman had it's benefits.

THE END.......or is it? You tell me.



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