My encounters on the road continue.

I had finished my calls for the day and returned to my motel. After a nice hot shower, I decided to drive over to the local Petro Truck Stop for dinner and see if I could hook up with a hot horny driver.

I sat at the counter and ordered my meal. I had just finished eating and was enjoying a cup of coffee and checking out the drivers when a driver took the empty stool next to me.

He wasn't my type, but friendly and we began talking. I said I was a traveling salesman and somehow the conversation was about CB radios. He asked what my 'handle' was and I said i didn't have a CB.

"Man, you're on the road all the time and you don't have a CB?"

"Not yet. Every time I get the money together to buy one something comes up and I have to spend it on that."

"Damn, I thought everyone that was on the road all the time had one," he said.

We sipped our coffee and after a while he asked, "You through with your coffee?"

"Uh, yea. Why?"

"Come out to my rig a minute."

We paid our checks and I followed him out to his rig. I wasn't sure what he wanted but I didn't figure it was for sex.

We got to his truck and he unlocked the passenger door and reached under the seat. Turning to me, he handed me a small Cobra CB radio.

"Here, take this."

"Sir, thanks, but i can't pay you for this."

"I don't want you to. I bought a new one that I could boost up and was going to put this one in my wife's car. She said she didn't want it and I'd rather give it to someone that can use it instead of letting it bounce around in my rig and get torn up."

I thanked him several times and we shook hands before I returned to my car, my CB in hand.

A few days later I bought a cigarette lighter adaptor and a magnet mount antenna and hooked up my radio. I was now tuned in to the others on the road.

I began chatting with other drivers and it made my time on the road pass faster. Then, I began soliciting sex over the radio, especially at night.

I would key up and say,'Any horny drivers out there want a good blow job, kick it back on one-five.'

I would then switch to channel fifteen and wait for a response. I knew that some drivers not wanting sex would listen in and see if anyone responded. I was patient and waited.

Usually after ten minutes or so, I might get a response. Sometimes I didn't.

On one occasion, I was about to give up when I heard, "You still there?"

"Yea," I replied. "What's your twenty?" I asked, referring to his location.

"At the truck stop. How about you?"

"Same. You interested?"

"Hell yea."

"Walk up to the front facing the freeway. When you get there, rub your crotch so I'll know you."

"Will do. I'll have on a red shirt."

I sat in the lot and waited. A few minutes later, a young slim, yet well built driver stepped out the front door wearing a red shirt and as he did he rubbed his crotch, then lit a cigarette.

I turned on my inside light and also lit up.

Casually he walked over to the window and asked, "You the guy on the radio?"

My door was locked, of course, and my window only partially open as I said "Yea. What you interested in?"

"I'm pretty open. I do most everything. You want to go to my rig?"

"Sure," I said, still being cautious.

As I got out and locked my car, he removed the red shirt, rolled it up and shoved it down into his pants.

I looked at him questioningly and he said, "Just in case someone was listening, I don't want them to see me in a red shirt taking a guy to my truck."

"Good thinking," I said as we began walking casually to the truck parking lot.

We arrived t his rig and he unlocked it and as I climbed in through the passenger door he did the same on the driver's side. We sat a few minutes and talked and I noticed a wedding ring on his hand.

"You married?"


"Does she know anything?"

"Oh yea. She knows I enjoy sex with men. She's been wanting to ride with me and watch me with another guy but hasn't been able to work it out yet."

We eased into his sleeper and after he closed the privacy curtains, he leaned in and we had a hot wet tongue kiss after which we stripped down.

We lay on his bunk and kissed and fondled each other awhile before he flipped into a sixty-nine position and began sucking my cock. I immediately began sucking his and soon we each fed the other our hot thick loads. After swallowing, we kissed again.

After the kiss, he asked, "You in a hurry?"

"No, not at all."

"Good. Stay a while."

We cuddled and kissed some more and talked. A while later both our cocks were rock hard again and he looked at me and said, "I want you to fuck me."

"Gladly. You like getting fucked?"

"Oh yea and it's been a while since I had a good hard fucking and I need it bad."

He grabbed some lube and prepared his ass and my hard cock. Laying on his back, he pulled his legs up and said, "It's all yours and don't be gentle.

"Bury your cock in one hard fast shove."

I did as he requested and as I did, I saw pain in his face. "Oh fuck yea!" he said. "Fuck my ass hard."

I began pounding his ass and as I did he kept saying how great it was. He said that his wife was really wanting to watch him get fucked hard by another guy. He said she used a strap-on and fucked him when he was home.

I fucked as hard and deep as I could listening to him moan in pleasure. I soon blew my load up his hot tight ass and he let out a cry of pleasure as my load filled him.

I pulled out and leaned over and again sucked him to his second climax. We kissed again before I stood and started dressing.

As he watched me dress, he said, "Man, am i ever glad I answered you. This has been the best night I'v had in quite a while."

"Mine also,"I replied. we kissed one more time before he turned off the light in the sleeper and opened the curtain for my departure.

"Thanks again," he said as I began climbing down.

"My pleasure," I said before shutting the door.

Another time back at the same truck stop where I had been given the CB, I was there one day about noon playing some video games when I met another driver. He was in his early thirties and well built. We began talking and he said he was trying to get a load out but was told it probably wouldn't be until the next morning.

"Look, I've got some business to take care of but I'll be through about eight. I'll give you my motel number and room number and later if you just want to get away for a while call me and I'll come pick you up."

"Hey, sounds good," he said. "I'm getting sick of sitting around here."

I gave him the phone number and room number and said I hoped to hear from him.

I made my calls and returned to my room just before eight. I showered and waited, staying nude. No call.

Just after nine, I figured he got a load out. I was just starting to dress to go to the truck stop when the room phone rang. I quickly answered. It was him.

"Mark, Joe here. That offer still good?"

"Hell yea. I'll be there in a few minutes. I was wondering if you got a load out."

"I'll explain everything when you get here. I'll be out front."

I quickly slipped on just jeans and a tee shirt and headed for the truck stop.

Joe was waiting out front, a small bag in his hand. I pulled up and he jumped in.

"It's been a hell of a day." he said.

"What happened?"

"Well, do you remember that older fat guy that was standing near us while we were talking?"

"Vaguely," I said. "Why?"

"Just after you let earlier today he came up to me and said he had heard us talking and if I was interested in a blow job he'd gladly give me one in his rig. I told him to get lost. I'm not against having my dick sucked at all but not by some old fat sloppy pig. He kept bugging me most of the afternoon. Then about eight I started looking for the slip pf paper you gave me with the hone number on it and couldn't find it. I walked all over the lot looking for it and finally found it just before I called."

"Damn, you have had a rough day," I said. "I had showered and was still nude when you called. I usually stay nude in my room," I added casually.

"If you don't mind, I brought a change of clothes and would like to shower."

"Be my guest," I said. "I don't mind at all."

"Mark, when we get to the room if you want to get nude, do it. It won't bother me at all."

"You sure?"

"Hell yea. I just might join you."

"That's fine with me. Personally, I see nothing wrong with nudity. It's much more comfortable."

"I agree. Sometimes when I drive late at night, I'll drive nude."

"No shit?" I asked as we pulled into the motel lot.

"No shit," he replied.

We went in and he began undressing in preparation for his shower. I stripped down and soon we were both nude. He went in and showered and soon after coming out, stayed nude. I pulled two sodas out of a cooler and offered him one. Taking it, he sat down in a chair by the table. I casually sat on the floor next to his legs.

As we talked, I casually rested my arm on his knee, with my hand close to his nice thick soft cock. Soon, his cock began to slowly stiffen.

When it was about half hard, I asked, "Joe, would you mind if I had a taste of your cock?"

"Not at all. I was hoping that is what you wanted when you invited me over earlier today."

"It was."

He spread his legs wider and I got between them and began sucking his cock. After a few minutes, he stopped me and said, "let's get in bed."

We did and to my pleasant surprise, he got into a sixty-nine. Seconds later, we were sucking each other. After we both climaxed and swallowed, we kissed and after the kiss he said, "I'm not into any anal action, but I do love kissing and sucking cock."

"I can tell," I said. "Joe, would you like to spend the night with me? I can take you back to the truck stop any time you want."

"I'd like that. I just need to be back there by eight when the broker opens in case he has a load for me."

Before going to sleep we had another sixty-nine with a lot of hot wet tongue kissing. Then the next morning, before taking him back, we had another sixty-nine.

I told him if he was still in town that evening to call me again. When I returned to my motel later in the day there was a message on my phone.

It was from Joe. 'I got a load out but I want to thank you for a fantastic night. You're a great guy.'

Then there was the time that I got another driver just from holding up a large note as he approached me on a two-lane highway that said, 'Touch brakes for blow job.'

I liked to sketch, and had bought a large sketch pad. On one page in big black letters I wrote the note, then tore it our of the pad. I had it on the other seat up front and as drivers approached I'd hole it up to the front windshield. No response. Then, after several times, i did it again. Watching in my rear-view mirror, I saw his brake lights flash. I quickly slowed, turned around and sped up to catch him. Pulling up behind him, I saw his brake lights flash again. I flashed my headlights. A few miles farther ahead he pulled into a rest area.

I parked behind him and got out of my car. He opened his door and leaned out and motioned me to come to his rig. As I neared he called out, "Go around and climb in."

I did and he had his hard cock out of his pants.

"I've been propositioned in many different ways before but never like that. You get much response?"

"Today is the first time I've tried it. Four or five passed me with no response until you signaled."

"Well, just so you know, I don't do anything except get sucked. I love getting my cock sucked. Let's jump in the back."

"I just love to suck," I said, "and I don't expect any reciprocation."

"Do it then," he said as he dropped his jeans to the floor and sat on his bunk, leaning back. I got on the floor between his legs and sucked him dry, swallowing his huge thick load.

After pulling off, I said, "Man you had a load and a half. When was the last time you got your rocks off?"

"It's been just over a week, and i damn sure needed that. Thanks."

I climbed down and went on my way, my stomach full of his hot thick sweet load.

Then there was the hitchhiking Marine.

It was mid afternoon when I saw him in his fatigues on the side of the road. He was in his very early twenties and muscular. I stopped and after he got in we headed out. He was going farther than I was and I wanted him desperately. He was hot as hell.

As we neared my cut off I told him and he began thanking me and saying he wished there was some way he could show his appreciation. I decided to chance it and said, "I know one way and you don't have to do a thing."


I slipped my hand into his crotch and felt his soft cock and said "Let me have that."

"Fuck man, you serious?"

"Yes, I am."

"Shit, I've never done anything like this before. I don't know."

"No one will know. Just slip your pants down to your knees, lean back and enjoy the pleasure."

"And I don't have to do anything to you?"

"Not a thing," I replied as I continued to fondle his stiffening cock.

"Where you want to do it?"

It was near dark and I pulled off onto a side road and turned around to be able to see if anyone came our way.

"Right here," I said.

He looked around and slowly opened his fatigue pants and slid them and his briefs to below his knees.

"Keep watch," I said, as I leaned over the console and swallowed his cock. I heard him gasp them moan softly.

I worked his cock with my mouth and tongue and quickly brought him to a roaring climax as he moaned loudly, "Fuck man, I'm commmmmming!"

I collected it all then pulled off before swallowing. as he pulled his pants back up I asked, "Was that really your first time getting sucked?"

"By a guy, yea. I've has some girls suck me but nothing like that and they never were willing to go all the way. That was something else."

"Well, your ride has been paid in full. I'll drop you off at a truck stop up the road. Maybe you can get a ride from a trucker."

I drove him to the truck stop and as he got out he said, "Thanks, bud, for everything. I won't soon forget today."

I went on to my motel room and jerked off while remembering his cock in my mouth.




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