Day Six (Saturday and Sat. Night) -- At Sea

Tuck stretched and sat up in bed and looked around, bewildered at first. 'Oh, I guess I'm in your cabin,' he muttered.

'Did you want to go eat or order room service?' I asked.

'I think they're going to have to bring my breakfast to me,' he said. 'Besides, I don't want to get dressed till I have to.' He reached for the service menu.

'You can order for both of us,' I said. 'I'm going to hit the shower.' I wanted to be clean and ready again for any eventuality. 'Okay, but do I order for one or two? I mean, do you want to wait till they deliver room service or should I haul your breakfast in to you now?'

'This is not subtle,' I said, laughing. I was delighted that he was so casual and at ease with our relationship.

He came in and we showered together again and I went down on him but didn't finish him off. Neither of us were dressed when room service arrived and Tuck didn't make any bones about answering the door naked. The young, dark-skinned

kid blinked and his mouth dropped before he quickly composed himself to put on his professional demeanor. He tried not to look at Tuck...tried not to notice me in the background, but his eyes were darting from one of us to the other. I couldn't tell whether it was hunger in his eyes or simply surprise and disbelief. When Tuck handed the boy his ship card, he waved it aside.

'It's taken care of,' he said.

'By who?'

'The cabin next door. They called down and said if you ordered room service to put it on their bill.'

We ate breakfast, naked, out on the balcony. The guy on the left, apparently waiting for us to appear, leaned around the partition.

'Hey, thanks for breakfast,' I said, waving a piece of toast at him.

'A small price to pay,' he said. 'That was awesome last night.'

Our eyes met for a moment and I was sure I saw longing desire again in his eyes. He was wanting to be invited over, or to invite us to his cabin. But I didn't want to be the one to mention it, and besides, Tuck and I didn't have all that much time left together.

Tuck's cock never quite went down from the shower and by the time he'd finished eating it was standing straight up from between his legs, the head smashed against the under side of the glass table.

'You feed it and it grows bigger and stronger,' I remarked.

He gave it a squeeze and moved his hand up and down the shaft a couple of times. 'You said you never start anything you don't finish,' reminded me. 'But look at this.' He squeezed his cock hard, making the head turn purple.

'I thought that was my breakfast I was having in the shower,' I said.

'But you didn't finish it,' he said. 'Anyway, that was only an appetizer. The main course is still waiting. And I'm sure your mother taught you to clean out plate and not to waste food.'

'Are you saying I would make my mother proud if I finished eating your cock?'

'Proud as punch,' he said.

We both had a good laugh but there were serious overtones. Tuck was serious about what he wanted and I was anxious to give it to him.

'Do you want to continue what we were doing out here last night? Except in bed?'

'Sounds like a plan.'

There were no inhibitions, no pretenses now. Tuck went in and stretched out on the bed on his side, waiting for me. I lubed up and joined him. Oddly, he reached out and rubbed the horse carving

'Is that for good luck?' I asked.

'Just showing my appreciation to the stallion gods. Hey, I didn't ask if you had a condom you wanted me to use.'

'I've got 'em if you want to use one,' I said.

'I like it bareback, but you said you decorate a Christmas tree with condoms, so if you want me to use one.....'

'No, bareback is fine. Do you want me on my stomach or on my back?'

'Either way, or all of the above. Let's start on your stomach. I wanta feel your butt muscles in my hands and watch my cock disappear between your buns.'

He was great in that position. He arched his body up over me and plunged his cock into me like a pile driver. Then he knelt back on his knees and fucked me straight in. We were both moaning so loud I half expected the guy next door to lean way out over the partition and fall into the sea.

'On your back now?' he asked after awhile. Tuck pulled out and I rolled over onto my back. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders.

'You've done this before,' I quipped.

'This position is pretty standard. It's just the plumbing that's different, in this case,' he said.

He went in deeper from the front with my butt spread wide and it took me a moment to adjust to the position and get used to his great length. He went so deep. He was good. He knew how to fuck.

'This is unbelievable. I'm supposed to be here with my wife and here I am fucking another guy,' he said.

'You weren't a virgin, were you?' I asked.

'No, not by a long shot and about five years, but no woman ever felt this good.' Then he added, 'I hope that was a compliment. I meant it to be.'

'It was,' I said.

'I didn't know how you feel about being compared to a woman.'

'It's only natural that you would make the comparison. You compared the women against each other, didn't you, and against your fist?'


'Do you want to spend the night again tonight?' I asked.

'Definitely, yes.'

'Don't come in me, okay?'

'Why? I have before.'

'I want to see it. I want to see you shoot.'

'You remember the mess I make,' he reminded me.

'Yeah, but I want you to make a mess like that again.'

'Godd, this feels so good,' he whispered as he slid his big cock in and out of my ass. 'You're so hot in there and tight and alive. No woman's pussy ever felt so alive. I hope you like what I'm doing...shit, no woman ever took me so easily.'

I had to laugh, he was so naive.

'What's funny?' he asked.

'You don't get it, do you? You keep selling yourself short. Guys would kill to be where I am right now, under a muscular, very hung and handsome guy like you. That counts as much as what you do and how you do it,' I told him.

'I just hope I'm doing it know, fucking a guy...I never did it before, till you.'

'Trust me, you're doing everything right,' I assured him. 'It's not that much different.'

'Oh yes it is,' he declared emphatically. 'On top of how it feels, there's a lot of stuff in there to maneuver around.'

'You're finding your way quite nicely,' I said.

He fucked me with an easy, steady rhythm. I wouldn't have cared if he pounded me with is big cock, skewered me on it, fucked my like a jack hammer, or hard as a pile driver but the way he was doing it felt wonderful. Every thrust, all the way in and all the way out was an awesome experience in itself.

'If it wasn't so good I could fuck you all night,' he said. 'But I feel like I'm about to come with every stroke.'

'You have my permission.'

Tuck let himself loose control. He was so into what he was doing, the pleasure was so intense that he couldn't bring himself to pull out at the crucial moment. Instead he buried his cock deep and blasted my insides with another load of hot come. He choked and gasped through his climax and it was a moment before he found his voice.

'Fuck, I'm sorry,' he apologized.

'Don't worry, I won't get pregnant,' I joked.

'You didn't want me to come in you. But I couldn't pull out. I just couldn't do it. I don't think wild horses could've pulled me out of your sweet ass.'

'Don't worry about it. It wasn't our last time. Was it?'

'Oh, I hope not. Not if I have anything to say about it.'

We lay for a long time with Tuck's cock buried inside me, my asshole clenching lovingly around his dick.

'Godd, it's so awesome, what you do to my cock with your asshole.'

'I can't help it. My asshole won't settle down.'

Tuck was nearly insatiable. We rested barely ten minutes before he wanted to go again, and during the time in between, his cock never went down. He lasted a lot longer the second time and I thought he was never gong to get his rocks off. Not that I minded; I'd just never had anybody fuck me that long before and he was driving me nuts. I felt like I was constantly on the edge, about to come but couldn't. It was such a wonderful agony.

Suddenly the cabin door opened. We had forgotten to slip the Do-Not- Disturb card in the door. It was Paco. I didn't think Tuck even heard the door open. Paco's eyes were wide and his mouth was open and I saw him run his tongue over his lips that had curled into a grin. Tuck saw me looking toward the door and turned his head to see Paco. He was startled but recovered quickly.

'Hi,' he said without missing a stroke.

'I'm sorry...I'll come back...if you want me to.'

'Come back, stay and watch, we don't care,' Tuck said. 'Do we?'

'No,' I said.

I wasn't surprised at his casual attitude, not after the guy looking around the partition at us.

'I can't stay,' Paco said. 'I would like to but I'm on duty.' He stood there gaping at us for a moment then backed out of the cabin and closed the door.

'Well, we gave him a thrill,' Tuck said.

'Yeah.' If Tuck only knew what would've been in store for us if Paco had been able stay.

He fucked me for more than an hour that time, in every position I knew. He had me tilted up, bent in two when he was ready to come.

'You want me to pull out and shoot it on you this time?' he asked.

'Yes, if you can manage to pull out this time.'

'I promise I won't loose control,' he said. 'Shut your eyes and close your mouth because I'm getting close and its gonna be a ball buster, I can feel it.'

I didn't shut my eyes and I didn't close my mouth. The whole point was, I wanted to see it, and I opened my mouth wider for a better target.

'You want me to see if I can hit your mouth?' he asked.


'Open real wide, then, give me a target.'

Again, he shot off like a young stallion. The stuff shot out of his cock and sailed up over me, hitting the wall above my head. Another hit the headboard and the next hit me in the face, slid across my forehead into my hair. I kept my mouth open, waiting for him to reduce his range. The next one landed squarely over my open mouth, the thick rope sagging into my mouth and I captured it with my tongue and sucked it in.

'Aww, Geezuss, that is sexy as hell!' Tuck exclaimed as he raised up over me to aim his cock more closely to my mouth. He nearly drowned me with the rest of his load, most of it in my mouth and the rest all over my face. I was drenched with the stuff and it was wonderful.

Tuck let my legs down and sat astraddle my chest to let me suck the rest of his come out of his cock. I ate it hungrily.

'I'll get you a wet towel,' he said, backing off the bed.

I held his load of come in my mouth and didn't swallow it till Tuck returned. I wanted him to see how much I cherished his manly nectar.

'You still got it in your mouth?' he asked, surprised. 'Here, you need the towel?'

I nodded and took the towel then swallowed. He watched, wide-eyed as I gulped it down and licked my lips.

'Awesome!' he said. 'I still don't see how you do it, though. I think it tastes awful.'

Tuck went back in the bathroom to get another towel to clean the come off the headboard and the wall.

'Leave some,' I said.

'The kid's going to shit if he finds come all over the wall.'

'Leave it. I want him to find it,' I said.

By the time we showered again it was time for lunch. After lunch in the Windjammer we went back to change into our swim suits to lay out on deck.

'Are you going to wear the burgundy thong this time?' I asked as a dare.

'Sure, if you want me to.' He dug it out of the bag and put it on. The rounded pouch was so stuffed full of his man meat that it stuck out in a huge bulge and hung low and heavy from the weight.

'That zipper is like an engraved invitation,' I said.

'I wish I'd had this to wear at the nude beach,' he said. 'It would've been fun to see if anyone had the nerve to unzip it.'

'Are you kidding? They asked for close-ups of your cock and asked you to turn over so they could take pictures of your butt. They wouldn't have hesitated to unzip your thong, if you'd let them.'

His bare butt was gorgeous sticking out from the tiny strap that went down between his butt muscles and it looked like the panther was clawing at the material.

'I'd better wear a towel to the pool or they're liable to put me off the ship.'

'Oh,' I said, surprised. 'We're going to the pool?'

'Why not? Unless you don't want to,' he said.

'Oh, no, I want to,' I said. 'I just didn't think you would have the nerve to wear that to the pool.'

'Are you going to be uncomfortable, being see with me?' he asked.

'Absolutely not.'

We found a place on a small deck just above the main pool that faced the rear of the ship. There were a few other people there but it wasn't as crowded as around the larger pool. We arranged our deck chairs at a close but respectable distance from each other. Tuck looked all around as he undid the knot of his towel. He looked at me with a hesitant grin and I wondered if he would have the nerve to take the towel off. I shouldn't have wondered. This was the guy who had kept right on fucking me when Paco came into the cabin. This was the guy who fucked me while the guy next door watched around the partition. What was a little thing like taking off a towel and exposing his gorgeous butt?

He took off the towel and spread it over the lounge chair. I saw a couple of women get a look at his butt and their eyes popped open. Tuck stretched out on his back and flung his legs out wide. He squirted lotion on his chest and belly and his legs and rubbed it in. The lotion made his muscles glisten beautifully in the hot sun. Lying down made the pouch of his suit bulge up even more. He reached down to adjust the mound of flesh and push it down but the stretch material made it bounce right back up again, like it was on springs. He tried again.

'Don't bother, it's hopeless,' I told him.

It looked like there was an anaconda curled up inside the suit. And he was right, the zipper made it look all the more inviting. Tuck put his baseball cap over his face to block out the sun. I didn't cover my eyes with anything but my sunglasses. I wanted to see Tuck lying there in all his mostly naked muscular glory being ogled by everyone who saw him. I wanted to watch people's reaction to his incredibly sensual, manly beauty. I wished I had my camera to record the many expressions on peoples' faces as they walked by. From scorn...only a few, to be shock, to mild surprise to what-the-hell to tittering laugher, to finger pointing, to mouths dropping and even drooling. Under his cap, Tuck was oblivious to it all.

Once, just as a couple of girls were walking by very slow, taking in the sight, Tuck reached down nonchalantly and pushed the bulge down and it sprang back up defiantly again, like a catapult with it's cargo secure. The two girls looked at each other in shock and looked over their shoulders as they moved slowly past us.

A young guy came up and paused at the foot of Tuck's lounge chair and ogled him openly. He glanced at me and I gave him a look back that told him Tuck was taken. One of the skaters came by and recognized him.

'Hi, I remember you from the ice show. You and your friend, front row. Is he asleep?' he asked, wide eyed, with an appreciative smile.

'I think so; do you want me to wake him up?'

'No, no, let him sleep, I, uh...I just stopped by to say hello...and to look,' he added with a smile as he his eyes raked over Tuck's muscular body.

'He wouldn't mind you looking,' I told the skater.

'Would he mind if I took a picture of him?'

'No, I'm sure he wouldn't.'

'I've got to have a picture of this,' ogling Tuck's body before he rushed off. 'I'll be right back with my camera,' he said excitedly.

Tuck slowly lifted the baseball cap and looked at me as the boy rushed off. 'Thanks a lot for starting that again,' he drawled.

'Come on, you know you don't care if he takes your picture,' I scoffed.

'Yeah, but I gotta lie here and get roasted in front till he gets back before I can turn over,' Tuck said, laughing.

'When he comes back and takes you picture, you can turn over and let him get a shot from the rear. He's going to flip over your panther.' I said, laughing. 'Hell, I wish I'd brought my camera to get pictures of people looking at you.'

Tuck covered his face again with his cap. A few minutes later the skater came back with his camera. He took several pictures from the front.

'I'll have these developed and give him copies if you want to give me your cabin number,' he said.

'Eight six, twenty two,' I said. I wanted the boy to see Tuck's butt. I reached over and shook him gently by the shoulder. 'Hey, you need to turn over, you're roasted enough on this side,' I said in a quiet voice.

Tuck took his cue and turned over on his stomach. The skater quickly hid his camera behind his back. Sleepily Tuck laid his head on his arms and covered his face with his cap. I nearly laughed...I did smile, when the skater saw him from the rear.

'Oh, My!' he exclaimed softly and raised his camera gain. 'Whew! I've got to have pictures of that! That is so sexy, the way that panther looks like its ready to climb right up inside the thong.' The boy was practically panting and drooling as he walked off.

Tuck really drew attention lying on his stomach. I couldn't tear my eyes away from him myself. He had the most gorgeous, perfect butt I'd ever seen on a guy. It stood up like two soccer balls. I had to smile inside as people slowed going by to ogle his smooth, bubble butt with the panther, thinking how I would like to tell them that his butt tasted as good as it looked.

'Hey, do you want me to put lotion on your back?' I asked.

'If you don't mind,' he said.

'Mind? You've got to be kidding,' I said.

I squeezed some lotion on his back and began rubbing it across his broad shoulders and down his back to his waist. I stopped to squeeze more lotion in my hand. I didn't know if I should do it right there in public, but it was too much to resist. I didn't care what people might think. I rubbed the lotion all over his tight, round butt muscles and down the back of his thighs. Apparently, Tuck didn't care what people thought either. I got some real strange looks from people walking by.

When the sun got too hot Tuck decided to go into the pool to cool off. He didn't bother putting the towel around himself to go down to the pool. I walked beside him but back just enough that I could see the sexy rise and fall and clenching and flexing of his bare ass gleaming in the sunlight. Several times I glanced around to see people's reactions.

'My Godd, would you look at that butt!' one woman whispered to her friend, loud enough that we could hear.

'Whew! Nice butt, dude!' another girl said in a bold, loud voice.

'Oh, My! Did you see the front of his suit!' another exclaimed.

'Ohh...Oh my goodness! Ohh, and wouldn't you know it, my husband came along on this cruise with me this time,' one woman lamented.

Tuck was even more the center of attention at the pool. Stud that he was, he knew it and he was enjoying it. He was so sexy, I was half afraid a ships officer might come by and tell him he had to put something else on, except that I'd seen a few brave females wearing thong-type swimsuits. I was surprised that he suggested we go for a swim. He was even sexier when he got out of the water. The wet silk suit clung to the shape of him and you could see the outline of his cock, almost every vein if you looked close enough. And the zipper showed more vividly, gleaming in the sunlight against the material wet. We found two more lounge chairs closer to the pool and stretched out for our suits to dry. A server came by with two drinks.

'We didn't order those and we don't have our ships cards,' I said.

'It's taken care of. From an admirer,' he added with a bright smile.

We took the drinks and looked all around to see if we could locate who might have ordered them for us. There were dozens, maybe hundreds of people around the pool and most of them were looking at Tuck.

'Oh, well, enjoy,' Tuck sad as he raised the glass in a salute to no one in particular.

After we were finished our drinks dried, Tuck got back in the pool again to cool off before we went back up to my cabin. Or maybe he just wanted to show off and get his suit wet again. He was becoming quite the bold show-off. Wet, the pouch of his suit bounced when he walked and I thought he might get attacked before we got to the elevators.

'I think we're supposed to wear something when we leave the pool and get in the a towel,' I said as the elevator doors opened.

A dozen pairs of eyes suddenly glued to Tuck's near naked body with his manhood so prominent behind the zippered burgundy and I thought they looked kind of sad when he closed the towel around himself. One woman was looking at him quite openly.

'You don't have to put that on on my account,' she said.

'Marci!' her friend exclaimed.

'Hey, we're on vacation and remember what you said; we won't ever see any of these people again,' the woman said.

Tuck and I had turned around to face the closing door.

'God, if only my husband looked like that, I would never let him out of my sight. I certainly wouldn't come on a cruise without him,' the woman said under her breath, but intentionally loud enough for everyone to hear.

Everyone laughed, which only goaded the two women on.

'Would you slap my face if I felt of your butt?' one of them asked.

'Careful you don't get bit,' came the tiny voice of an older woman from in back of the elevator. 'You should see his tattoo; a big black panther.'

'Show us your tattoo,' Marcie said.

I could see that Tuck was really getting embarrassed now, and I was afraid she might be pushing things too far, but he surprised all of us when he deftly undid the towel and pulled it off.

'Ohh, nice panther!'

There were oohhhhs and aahhhhs as he fumbled to wrap the towel around himself again.

'Oh, my Godd!' Marcie gasped, and boldly reached down and clasped her hand over the side of his butt. Tuck, nonplussed, simply clenched his butt muscles tighter.

'Marie, you've got to feel this!...Godd, he's got the hardest, tightest butt I've ever seen!'

His face was a little red but Tuck was eating it up. The elevator came to a gentle halt at the fifth deck. Her friend, excused herself and started to get off when Marie grabbed and pulled back.

'What deck are you on, I'm riding up with you,' she asked Tuck.

Everyone got a god laugh as the elevator rushed up to deck eight where most of the people got off. On the way up to the tenth deck, Tuck did the damnedest thing.

'You said your husband's not with you?' he asked the woman.

'No, he's a stick-in-the-mud, he didn't want to come.'

He grabbed the woman and pressed himself against her like a stripper and kissed her! She squealed with surprise and whimpered with delight. Her hands were all over his muscles, squeezing his butt and one hand went down between their bodies. I didn't know if she got a feel of his manhood or not. I think she did, the way she squealed again. Tuck broke away with a sly grin. The elevator stopped and we got off. The people waiting to get on stood there, aghast at what they saw before Tuck managed to get the towel around his

'Oh, my Godd...Oh, my Godd...Oh, my Godd...' the woman gasped, fanning herself, as the elevator doors closed.

'Geezzuss, you dam near caused a riot,' I said as Tuck and I walked to my cabin.

'Yeah, it almost got out of hand.'

'Almost? She was feeling you up right in the elevator. If there'd been a ship's officer around we would both be thrown off the ship at the next port.'

We showered again and Tuck invited me by his actions to go down on him again, which I gladly did. Or I started. We barely had the water turned on when there was a knock at the door.

'Probably that woman,' I said as I went to answer the door. It was the skater. He smiled with appreciation at me standing there dripping wet. His eyes raked boldly up and down my body as I waited for him to state his business.

'We were just taking a shower,' I said.

'Oh, damn, and I don't have my towel or my camera,' he said. 'But I've got the pictures,' he said, holding up an envelope. 'I'll lay them here on the arm of the sofa,' he said, eyeing me again. 'You said're showering? Together?' he asked in a timid voice.


' lucky bastard,' he said under his breath. 'He is the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. I can only imagine what he looks like in the shower. Not that I would throw rocks at you,' he added.

Just then Tuck came out of the bathroom, drying himself.

'Oh, sorry. I didn't know we had company. Hey, you're one of the skaters.'

'Yes, I brought copies of the pictures I took,' the youth said nervously.

'Hey, that was a good performance you guys put on the other night,' Tuck said.

'Thanks.' The boy's voice was just above a whisper.

'Are you a professional skater?' Tuck asked.

'No...n-no, but I was good enough to land this job,' he said. He was so nervous. 'I wish I'd brought my camera,' he added, his eyes raking up and down Tuck's body, and mine as well. 'I love your tattoo,' he said.

'Thanks. He's got one just like it,' Tuck said as he took me by the shoulder and turned me around so the boy could see mine as well.

'That is so neat!' he exclaimed. But he had gotten a look at Tuck's manhood hanging out thick and heavy, fluffed up from his shower. 'Ohh, my Godd!' he gasped.then quickly regained his composure. 'I'm sorry, I hope I haven't embarrassed us both,' he said.

'Not him,' I said jokingly.

'Yes, you're probably used to it,' the boy said.

Tuck laughed as he reached into the closet for a pair of briefs.

'Well, I suppose I should go,' the skater said.

'Thanks for dropping off the pictures,' Tuck said.

'Yes, you're welcome.'

When the boy was gone I turned to Tuck. 'Why didn't you just let him have it?'

'He didn't ask for it,' he replied flippantly.

'He's going to have wet dreams for a month,' I said.

'Hey, do you want to go down and shoot some hoop before dinner?' Tuck asked.

'We'll have to shower again,' I pointed out.

'Would that be so bad?' Tuck joked.

We slipped on athletic shorts and tennis shoes to go down to the basketball court. It was hot but there was a strong breeze. We were just messing around on the court when a couple of handsome, athletic-looking teenagers came up and asked if they could join us on the court. They didn't need our permission to get on the court but I was impressed that they asked. From their muscular builds, which I had been admiring, and their prowess with the ball, they were obviously athletes.

'We'll try not to be too hard on you,' the cocky one said as they peeled off their T-shirts.

The boys proved their athletic prowess but Tuck and I were bigger and stronger and in the end we beat them with sheer determination. Mostly it was Tuck's athletic prowess but I held my own and gave him the necessary support. We were all sweating profusely and Tuck and the teenagers looked beautiful with their bodies gleaming in the sunlight. We all did.

'You guys are good. Are you professional basketballs players,' one boy asked.

'Hey, we're not that good,' Tuck said.

'Good enough to beat us,' the boy said. 'If I was old enough I would buy you a drink.' '

'I'll settle for a coke,' Tuck said.

'I'll go get my ship card,' the boy said, rushing off.

'By the way, my name's Bobby. His name is Christian,' the other boy said.

'I'm Tuck, this is my buddy, Brad,' Tuck said as we moved into the shade under tine rock climbing wall. We shook hands and I noticed the way Bobby's bicep bulged up the size of a small grapefruit when he shook my hand.

'Have you tried the wall yet,' Bobby asked.

'That's next,' Tuck said.

I didn't know whether he was kidding. Neither of us had made any mention of climbing the wall. Christian returned with his ship card, his face bright with excitement.

'Do you guys want to go to Johnny Rocket's and get something to eat with your coke? They make the best hamburgers you will ever eat.'

Johnny Rocket's was a fifties diner where the hamburgers and French fries were free and they gave you nickels for the juke box. We took a booth, me and Christian on one side, Bobby and Tuck on the other. I was surprised they let us in bare chested but it was a very casual atmosphere.

'What deck are you on?' I asked to keep the conversation going. It was a pretty standard question to start a conversation or keep one going.

'Nine. Number 9685,' Christian answered. 'How about you guys?'

'Deck eight,' Tuck replied. I didn't tell them what deck I was on and I noticed Tuck didn't give them our cabin numbers.

'Are you guys traveling with your parents?' I asked. I hoped it sounded like an ordinary question and not like a hopeful, dirty old man.

'No, with my aunt,' Christian replied.

'A birthday present,' Bobby put in.

'Which birthday? Nineteenth?' I asked.

'Eighteenth,' Christian said.

Well, you could both easily pass for nineteen, or older,' I said. Nothing wrong with stroking their young egos, and I was trying to find out how old Bobby was.

'Have you met any good looking girls on the ship?' Tuck asked.

'Yeah, we've met a lot of babes,' Bobby said.

'For all the good it does us. We've got no place to go,' Christian said.

'I hear they've got a nice night club for teenagers,' Tuck pointed out. 'No parents or adults allowed.'

'Yeah, that's where we've met some chicks. But we don't have anyplace to go,' Christian said again.

'We're sharing a cabin with his aunt,' Bobby explained.

'How about you guys, I'll bet you don't have any trouble picking up women,' Christian said.

'Actually there aren't that many unattached women our age on board,' Tuck said.

'A couple of women practically raped him on the elevator,' I said

'That's not so hard to believe,' Christian said.

I was getting the impression that Christian was more worldly than his friend, and more so about men than girls.

'Are you guys traveling together,' he asked.

'It didn't start out that way,' I said. 'We sort of teamed up about half way through the cruise.'

'Your aunt is a very generous person,' Tuck said

'She's a great lady but it's a hassle being in the same cabin. We have to be so damned careful, you know, coming out of the bathroom and we can't run around in our shorts or anything. And I'm dying to sleep naked out on the balcony, and of course we can't do that,' Christian said.

'If it means that much, you're welcome to sleep on my balcony,' I offered. I made it sound like I was half joking, and half serious so he could take it either way.

'No kidding? You would let us do that?' Christian said, all excited.

'Sure, and if you find a couple of girls....,' I said, making the offer even sweeter.

'What're we going to tell your aunt,' Bobby asked, sounding dubious.

'She goes to bed early. The disco is open till two in the morning,' Christian pointed out. 'We don't have to tell her anything.'

'We could leave her a note that we're sleeping out on deck,' Bobby suggested. 'I've seen people doing that.'

The line was getting longer outside Johnny Rockets and we decided we should leave.

'Whatever you decide, its cabin 8622,' I said as we were leaving.

The way the boys rushed off in such excitement, I was sure they would end up in my cabin. I wondered what Tuck was thinking. I wanted to ask him to spend the night again, too, but I couldn't read what he was thinking now with the boys in the picture.

'Are you serious about the wall?' I asked.

'Yeah, I've gotta go change shoes, though. Are you going to do it?'

'Do I have any choice without looking like a wimp next to you?'

When Tuck and I went back to my cabin to change into our hiking boots to do the wall we found a bottle of wine cooling.

'Did you order wine?' Tuck asked.

'No. There's a note.'

'What does it say?'

I took the note off the neck of the bottle and read it. 'Enjoy. As much as we enjoyed you at the pool today. You can call my cabin number 7886 to thank me. By the way you look great in burgundy.' I handed the note to Tuck. 'The wine is for you,' I said. 'I wonder how he knew to have it delivered to my room.'

'From a steward,' Tuck said. 'He probably figured we were together.'

'By the way, we haven't looked at your pictures,' I said, handing him the envelope.

He went through them carefully, then looked at them a second time, handing each one to me. He was stunning in the burgundy thong.

'Geezuss. I don't believe I wore that thing out on deck,' he said.

'A lot of other people aren't going to forget it, either,' I said. 'I'll bet the ship's photo-lab is swamped developing pictures of you.'

At the rock-climbing wall I watched Tuck start up first, watching his powerful legs ripple and his butt muscles bulge tight and hard. I've had this guy, I thought to myself. Someone down below remarked, 'cute butt,' and 'nice legs' and I wanted to tell them that I had been privileged to stretch out between those nice legs and had my tongue in his cute ass. When I was harnessed up to go I started up the wall. I wouldn't have dreamed I could do it but I passed Tuck on the rock climb. I think he was a little surprised, too. But he was also pleased. I liked that he was secure enough in his masculinity not to be jealous of another man's physical prowess. We got to the top and dropped back down to the applause of the people standing around watching us.

'Dam, stud, you climb that thing like a fuckin' monkey. You've done that before,' Tuck said.

'Nope, it was my first try,' I said.

'Like hell,' he scoffed.

'No, really, it was my first time.'

'Well, you're fuckin' good at it,' he said.

'You should know by now that I'm good at a lot of things,' I said.

'That you are,' he agreed.

Walking back along the deck Tuck asked, 'This is the last night of formal dinning. Do you want to get dressed up and eat in the dining room or go to the Windjammer?'

'I would prefer to eat in the dining room if we were at the same table,' I said. 'But I would rather have my final dinner with you in the Windjammer. Unless you want to eat in the dining room.'

'No, I was thinking the Windjammer, too,' he said. 'We gotta make every minute count,' he added with a grin.

We went straight to the Windjammer without changing or showering. Luck allowed us to get a table overlooking the sea.

'This could almost be romantic,' Tuck said as he gazed down at the waves swirling below us.

'If you were with your bride?' I asked quietly.

He smiled, a warm and easy smile. 'You know, I haven't thought about her as much as I thought I would. Thanks to you.'

'You weren't referring to this table being romantic for us,' I said.

'No, but.....' He looked out at the sea again then back at me. 'But it could a way...given a little more time, which we don't have.'

' 'That's good of you to say so but I don't think you mean it. You're not over her. I've kept you occupied, that's all.'

'You can say that again,' he said, laughing.

'Don't get me wrong, I haven't minded keeping you occupied,' I said. 'It's been my pleasure. A lot of pleasure.'

He paused and became more sober. 'I hope you don't think less of me, for being so selfishly one-sided.'

'Let's don't go there again,' I said.

'If I could, you know I would reciprocate. I mean, there could even be feelings there...sort of...if we'd met sooner, maybe, and had more time. I'm not saying I could've followed through on them.'

'What feelings?' I asked with a frown and a smile.

'Well, I like you a lot.' he said. 'I think part of me wishes I could like you know, enough to show you. But a bigger part of me stands in the way. It's hard to explain.'

'Not really. That bigger part of you is who you are,' I said. I sat back in my chair with a soft sigh. 'You'll go back to Cleveland and find a new woman and forget all about me and your fiancé, and that's the way it should be. The way it has to be, if you're going to get on with our life.'

'No, I won't forget you,' he said. 'I think it'll be easier to forget Cindy.'

'I wish I could believe that.'

'Why do you doubt everything I say?'

'It's not doubt as much as I'm afraid to believe it,' I said.

When we were finished eating we went back to my cabin to shower from the climbing wall. Tuck didn't join me in the shower this time for some reason.

'Are you going to call the guy and thank him for the wine?' I called out.

'Yeah, I guess I should. After I shower,' he said. 'Hell, Brad, we should have booked one cabin,' he quipped as he headed into the bathroom. 'I've practically lived in yours for the last three days.'

'I'm not complaining.' I said as I stepped out of the shower to dry off

Tuck stripped off his shorts and jockstrap and handed the jock to me. 'Here, you said you wanted this. You'll have to wash it, it's the only one I brought so it might be a little rank,' he said.

'No, I won't wash it,' I said. 'Thanks.' I held it in my hand to soak up the fresh warmth of his manhood.

'What're you going to do with it?' he asked.

'I told you, hang it on my Christmas tree,' I replied.

'Why do I think you're serious?'

'Because you know I am.'

While Tuck was showering I dug around in my bag for the poppers I'd brought along. Not that we needed them, but I thought it might be exciting to use them to enhancement. I went out on the balcony, fully prepared for whatever he might want to do. He joined me a few minutes later, without drying off.

'Ahhhh, the ocean breeze feels good on my wet body,' he said.

'The ocean breeze looks good on your wet body,' I said. 'Are you going to call him now?'

'You're beginning to sound like my mother,' he said. 'Yes, I'll call him.'

I wanted to listen in but I stayed out on the balcony where the ocean drowned out their conversation. Moments later he came back out.

'He wanted me to come to his cabin,' he said.

'So do half the passengers on this ship,' I said. 'You can if you want to.' I would have been crushed if he had but I was gracious enough to say it.

Tuck smiled. 'You just want to get me out of the way for those two hunky teenagers,' he joked.

'I'd forgotten about them,' I lied. 'But no, if those guys do happen to show up, I would like for you to be here. I think Christian would like that too.'

'You saw that in Christian? I thought I saw something, too, different from Bobby.'

A cloudy dusk was settling over us. Tuck glanced around at me several times.

'I was just noticing what a great ass you've got, and remembering how good it felt.' He put his hand on my butt and I flexed the muscles for him. 'How's the tattoo? Still sore?'


He smoothed his big hand all over my butt then slipped his fingers into the crevice, exploring. 'Oh, man, you're ready,' he whispered hoarsely.

'I'm always ready for you,' I said.

'Do you want to do it out here?'

'Yeah, for starters.'

Just as Tuck stepped around behind me and rubbed the head of his cock up and down the crack of my butt there was a knock at the door.

'Who the hell is that?' he swore, jerking away from me.

'Probably those two boys,' I said as I grabbed up a pair of shorts to put on. Tuck was pulling on a pair of briefs but he was having trouble getting his cock stuffed inside. He came in from the balcony and sat down on the sofa with one leg crooked under him and a pillow over his lap while I got the door. Sure enough it was Christian and Bobby.

'Were you were serious about that invitation to sleep on your balcony?' Christian asked with a broad smile.

If I hadn't been I would have changed my mind in that instant. Despite my disappointment that Tuck and I had been interrupted I couldn't help the tingly feeling from seeing the two hunky teenagers filling up my doorway. Christian was wearing a pair of faded, low-slung jeans and a white tank top. Bobby had on denim cutoffs and a white T-shirt. They both looked like something out of a teen magazine; the young studs version, if there was one.

'I was serious,' I said as I held the door open for them.

'Were you guys going to bed?' Christian asked, eyeing the king-sized bed.

'Just relaxing in that direction,' Tuck said.

I was glad he was being so gracious and friendly, and that he was staying. I half expected him to be a little surly that they had interrupted us before we got started and might leave. I wondered how his hardon was doing under the pillow.

'You guys can take one the mattresses off the bed and lay it out on the balcony,' I said.

'If we take a mattress out on the balcony to sleep on, where are you guys going to sleep?' Bobby asked.

'I'll take the couch, Brad can sleep on the other bed,' Tuck offered. 'Big question is; will you two guys fit on one mattress out on the balcony?'

'If we don't, I'll toss Bobby's ass overboard,' Christian joked.

I stripped back the sheets and mattress pad then went out to stack the deck chairs and table into one corner of the balcony. Bobby carried the mattress out and we made it up with the sheets and blanket.

'This is really great of you to offer us your balcony,' Christian said as we were making up the bed. 'This is going to put the finishing touch on the cruise.'

'Anybody in line for the bathroom?' Bobby asked.

'It's all yours,' I said. I liked the way they were making themselves at home.

'Listen, if we, uh...or if one of us happens to connect with a girl...what' re the chances.....?'

'We could get lost for awhile,' Tuck said. 'Couldn't we, Brad?'


It was interesting that he never told them we weren't together, or that we had separate cabins and could get lost at his cabin. Bobby came out of the bathroom in a few minutes wearing only his shorts. Very brief shorts. He was a virtual mountain of muscle; thick muscle, draped in layers over his frame. He was the epitome of a jock. His body fat couldn't have been more than six percent and it was so sexy the way his ripped abs sloped down into his shorts. He was as sexy in his briefs as he was in muscles. The bulge shifted when he walked, as if it were in the way of his thighs.

'Well, I'm going to stake my territory before asshole does,' he said.

I looked at Tuck to find him watching me watch Bobby's bubble butt churn inside his briefs as he went out on the balcony.

'Are you, uh... going to try something? You don't know how old Bobby is,' he said quietly.

'At this point, do I care? Hell, you saw him, he's gotta be at least eighteen.

'If that's what you want to believe. Just be careful where you go with it.'

'Are you going to leave?' I asked.

'Do you want me to?'

'No, I told you, I want you here, but you seem uneasy about it.'

Just then Christian came out of the bathroom. He had on an even smaller pair of briefs than Bobby, slung so low with the weight of his manhood that they dipped below his hairline. He was heavily muscled as well, but more lean, with a more classic physique. His abs were his crowning glory, the way they sloped and tapered down to his small wait, which only made his thighs look larger.

'I like those briefs,' I remarked innocently.

'We got 'em and a bunch more stuff on one of the islands, at a place called Gear,' Christian said.

'Hey, that's where I got your stuff,' I told Tuck.

Bobby stepped back inside, now naked. When we all looked at him he shrugged and said. 'What? You said we were sleeping naked.'

'It's not that, fuckhead, they probably never seen a horse cock on a human before. Where the hell is your modesty?'

'Hey, the man invited us to sleep naked,' Bobby said. 'And my cock's not all that big.'

'No, it's huge,' Christian said.

Christian was right. Bobby's cock hung down over his balls about six inches, thick as hell with a meaty texture networked with thick, dark bluish veins that would no doubt carry a great amount of blood to his hardon. He had the balls of a bull, only they were held high like an athlete's.

'Are you gonna get naked or what?' he asked his buddy.

'Yeah, but I was waiting for you to take these off of me,' Christian said.

'The hell, you can go fuck yourself.'

'Aww, not again, by myself,' Christian moaned with disappointment. 'I was so hoping you would do that for me tonight.'

'Knock it off. These guys will think you're serious,' Bobby growled.

I loved their banter and I had a hard time deciding which one to look at. They bantered back and forth over who was going to sleep where. It was so gratifying the way they acted so casual, naked, as if they were in the locker room at school. I tried to imagine the stir they would cause wearing those tiny briefs in the school locker room.

'Bobby was afraid to come,' Christian said as he peeled his briefs down. 'He thought you guys might be gay.'

Tuck and I laughed. My laughter was a little nervous. Christian was hung too, with a thick shapelier cock that matched his physique.

'Well, a butt like that could turn anybody gay,' I joked.

Christian laughed

'Has the balcony door got a lock on it,' Bobby asked, laughing.

'Yeah, but that's too keep you guys out of the cabin,' Tuck said.

The two boys went out to the balcony. I watched their tight butts till they disappeared then I looked at Tuck,

'You really going to do it,' he said quietly.

'I'm just going to let things fall into place,' I said. 'It worked with you.'

Tuck went to the closet to get the extra sheets and blankets for us.

'You're not really going to sleep on the couch, are you?' I asked.

'I don't think it's a good idea for us both sleep on a single bed,' he said. 'You heard them, they already think we're gay.'

'They sleeping together out there on the other mattress, naked,' I pointed out.

'Yes but they're just naive.'

'Bobby, maybe. I'm still not so sure about Christian.

'Are you serious?'

'How old are you?' I asked with a cocked brow.

'Twenty one.'

'Three years older than Christian. I don't think he's all that naive.'

'But I've been to college. I've been exposed to a little more of the world.'

'And you're on a cruise...just like they are...where you've been exposed to a lot of the world,' I said.

'There's still Bobby. You don't know how he's going to react, or how old he is.'

'Old enough,' I said.

', are we sleeping together on the bed, or am I really taking the couch?' he asked.

'I'm game if you are.'

'I don't know if I'll be able to control myself after I was so rudely interrupted,' he said. 'And I don't much care what they think of us.'

'Nobody says you gotta control yourself,' I said. 'Hell, be a hero. Let's show them the way.'

Christian came back into the cabin still excited about sleeping out on the balcony. 'Dam, it's nice out there. I don't know if I'll be able to get to sleep.'

'Why, is Bobby bothering you?' Tuck joked.

'Would some wine help?' I asked. 'We were just about to open it.'

'If it's for something special.....'

'No, my travel agent had it sent to my cabin,' I lied.

'Hey, Bobby do you want some wine?' he called out.

'Maybe he's afraid to come back in, maybe he still thinks we're gay,' Tuck joked.

'Yeah, I'd take some wine,' he said, poking his head around the door.

I got four glasses while Tuck opened the bottle. He poured and I passed the glasses to Christian and Bobby.

'Here's to a good nights sleep on the balcony,' I said, raising my glass.

'Here's to sleeping naked on the balcony,' Bobby said.

I realized then that I'd left the poppers out. I hoped the boys saw the little brown bottle. Maybe they were naive like Tuck said and wouldn't know what it was and I could show them. There was enough wine for two glasses apiece then I poured the remainder into the boys' glasses. I doubted if it was enough to get them drunk but if they weren't used to wine, it would give them a nice buzz. If need be, there was some beer in the refrigerator. And if they discovered the poppers as well.... ...wellll.....

'Are you guys going to need an extra blanket out there?' Tuck asked.

'Naw, I don't need the one we've got,' Christian said.

'I don't need it,' Bobby put in. 'It's great having the sea breeze and the mist from the ocean blowing over your naked body.'

'On a rough night, you can feel the ocean spray blowing up on your naked body almost like rain,' I said.

'Have you guys slept out there?' Christian asked.

'No, but I have on other cruises,' I replied.

Christian reached over to set his glass on the night stand and saw the poppers. He picked the bottle up. 'You use this stuff?' he asked.

'On occasion. Not often,' I said.

'It's better than getting high,' he said. 'Well not better, but it's not addictive. Do you mind?' he asked, holding the bottle up.

'What the hell are you taking poppers for?' Bobby asked

'I just want to get the good feeling for a minute,' Christian said.

'You're liable to get a real good feeling on top of the wine,' Bobby said.

'Hey, its poppers, not speed,' Christian said as he opened the bottle.

I glanced at Tuck and he was looking at me, both of us wondering where this was headed. I was surprised when Tuck made the first overture.

'I'm not sleeping out on the balcony with you if you get all hopped up,' Bobby said.

'Well, you know it won't be safe to sleep in here with us,' Tuck said with a sly grin. He was hinting to them that their suspicions might be right; that we were gay.

'Yea, I don't know,' Bobby said. 'Two guys sleeping in the same little bed....sharing wine together.....'

Christian shook his head. 'Hey, stupid we just shared some wine with them, and we're sharing the same mattress on the balcony, naked, for chrissakes. Don't start rumors that are gonna come back and bite you in the ass.'

'I didn't say anybody was gay.' He cocked his head with a sly grin. 'Hey, maybe we are and don't know it,' he added, laughing.

Tuck laughed. 'Well, sleeping together out there on the balcony with no clothes, you'll know by morning,' he said.

Christian handed the poppers to Bobby. Was he trying to get him under the influence, I wondered? Did he sense that there was something under that rough, muscular exterior waiting to be let out?

'No, thanks,' Bobby said. 'I want to sleep, I don't want to be knocked out. Besides, you're really going to get a good feeling if I use poppers....a good feeling up.'

'Promises, promises,' Christian said. He handed the bottle to me. 'You want some? It's your stuff,' he said.

I took it. If he was trying to shed some inhibition I wanted to be prepared to help him. I took a good hard whiff in each nostril and waited till my head started to spin then sucked in another. Within seconds I was sailing.

'Dam, you really suck it up don't you?' Bobby said.

'Dam....Whew!' I said, shaking my head.

'Too much?' Tuck asked.

'Not the poppers,' I said, suddenly feeling very bold. 'These two hunky studs here in our cabin....that's what's too much, on top of the poppers.' I said it like I could be joking or serious, either way they wanted to take it.

The boys looked at each other; Christian with surprise and Bobby with a look of I-told-you-so. When Christian reached out for the bottle again I figured he knew where things were headed, or he was willingly heading to unknown territory and needed the poppers for courage, and me to guide him. He drew the acrid aroma into his nostrils twice on each side then offered the bottle to Bobby again. Bobby took it and put the cap back on.

'Do you use it?' he asked, handing it to Tuck.

'Not on a regular basis, but...what the hell.'

I was happy to see Tuck uncap the bottle and take a dose. When he was finished he handed the open bottle back to Bobby.

'What the hell, I might as well. One dose isn't going hurt anything.' He said and took a dose himself. He took in several strong whiffs, more than I thought he needed and I wondered how experienced he was at handling poppers. 'We're all gonna be so hopped up there ain't nobody going to know who's gay and who's straight,' he said, laughing. He started to take yet another whiff but Tuck stopped him.

'Hey, you've had enough,' he said, taking the bottle from him.

It was encouraging to hear the boys keep talking about somebody being gay. There was something there in one of them, wanting to get out; maybe in both of them. I wondered if the two boys had already been down that path together. Or maybe Christian was trying to lead me, hoping to lure his reluctant friend along into the truth.

'Just don't sleep on your stomach, or with your mouth open,' I warned the boys, laughing.

'Yeah, we wouldn't want to wake up and discover you're a cocksucker in your sleep,' Christian said.

'I'm going out on the balcony before this gets out of hand,' Bobby said.

'Me, too,' said Christian.

I watched again as the two fine butts churned out of sight, and heaved a soft sigh.

'You're not going to be able to sleep, are you?' Tuck said, with a chuckle.

'Let's put it this way. I don't intend to sleep,' I said.

'What're you going to do? They seem pretty straight to me, just two kids joking around.'

'So are you,' I said. 'That only makes you all the more appealing.'

'So, what're you going to do?' he asked again.

'Give them a few minutes,' I said.

'And then what?' he asked.

'I don't know, but I'll think of something. How about you, do you care if I get something going with them?'

'Hell, no. I didn't place any restrictions on you, either. Besides, it might be a blast, all four of us,' he said.

Tuck's words of encouragement were all I needed to boost my courage. Hearing the two boys out on the balcony sent it to the danger point.

'Geezuss, man, move over, I can't sleep with your hardon in my back,' Christian growled.

'Sorry, I thought you wanted to be gay for the night,' Bobby chided him.

'Gay, maybe, but not brutalized by that club you're carrying around.'

They were only joking around but there had to be something back in the recesses of their minds that prompted it. It was time, I decided. I had to take advantage of their momentum. I got three beers out of the refrigerator and picked up the bottle of poppers for good measure.

'You fucker, you're going to get those boys drunk,' Tuck said.

'Nothing ventured, nothing gained,' I said, and went out on the balcony.

'Are we making too much noise?' Bobby asked when I slid the door open.

'Naw, we weren't asleep yet,' I said as I squatted down at their feet. 'You guys want a beer? It'll help you sleep.'

'On top of the wine, it'll probably make me pass out,' Christian said as he took two of the beers and handed one to Bobby. He guzzled about half of his down. Christian just sipped his beer.

'I'm going to make sure you're passed out first,' he said. 'I don't want to pass out first then wake up in the morning and find out I've been raped.'

'Ha! It wouldn't be rape,' Bobby scoffed.

It was time to take the bull by the horns. 'The way you guys talk, it sounds like you're awfully curious about things,' I said with a wry grin.

'What things?' Bobby asked innocently.

'I don't know, you tell me, what's going on in the back of that handsome head of yours with all the talk about being gay,' I said.

He didn't respond. He sipped his beer, looking at me over the top of the bottle. Yeah, there was something going on in that head of his. After he'd taken another sip I handed him the poppers. I was a little surprised that he reached for the bottle even though he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about. He didn't say anything as he dosed up on the poppers.

'Whew! That stuff on top of the wine and beer, I don't know whether I'm getting a buzz or ready to pas out,' He handed the bottle to Christian.

Christian took it rather hesitantly. I wanted him to hurry up and use it before Bobby's dose wore off. He held it gingerly to his nose, like he was scared of it and I didn't understand his hesitation this time. Unless he was afraid of what it might lead to; what it would allow him to do, and he was afraid of it.

Bobby reached over and took the bottle. 'Shit, just suck it in,' he said, as he put the bottle up to Christian's nose and squeezed one of his nostrils shut.

Christian obediently breathed in deep. When Bobby tried to do the other side he took the bottle and did it himself. When he was finished Bobby took another dose and handed it back Christian. I took it after Christian. I didn't want them to sail too far out. I snorted it quickly and set the bottle aside, but within easy reach of the boys.

The two beautifully muscled boys took on a whole new aura as the poppers took effect. They were absolutely stunning in their innocent sexuality. I could almost smell the testosterone exuding from them.

'You said we were curious? About what?' Bobby asked.

I moved quickly while the poppers were still doing their stuff. 'If you really want to find out.......' I straddled their legs, Bobby's left and Christian's right, and boldly reached for their cocks.

'Ohhh!' Bobby gasped, startled. Christian just moaned. I was startled, too, at the size of Bobby's cock in my hand. It was bigger in my hand than in my mind's eye. It felt bigger around than Tuck's cock. The boys laughed and giggled in their boyish stupor, till I leaned down and took Bobby's cock in my mouth.

'Awwwhhhh, fuuuuccckkkkk!' he groaned.

'Is your buddy asleep?' Christian asked in a hoarse tone.

'No, but he won't bother us unless you want him to,' I said and went back down on Bobby's cock.

'Awwwhhhhhhhhhhhh!' he moaned loudly. 'Ohhhhhh .....Awwwhhh....OOoooooooooooooMyyyyyGodddddddddd!'

I took that to mean this was the first time Bobby ever had a mouth around his cock. I sucked him for a moment then moved to Christian's cock. I had to work them both before the poppers wore off, knowing that once I made the plunge, they were mine.

'Oh, Geezusss,' Christian gasped. 'Ohh, Mannnn.... Fuck, mam what're you doing?' He tried to make it sound like he was surprised and protesting but I still wondered about him.

Just then, Tuck appeared behind me. He tossed two pillows to the boys. 'Here, better stifle it, you're gonna bring the neighbors around the partitions,' he said. He didn't sound happy and he went back into the cabin. I had a suddenly gnawing ache in my stomach....God, the last thing I wanted to do was make Tuck mad, but he said it was okay with him. Still, I couldn't blame him if he was mad. We had so little time left together, if that's what he was wanting. But just then he came back out on the balcony.

I was moving from one hot teenage cock to the other. I was delighted when Tuck knelt down behind me. He was going to join in! I felt his huge cock probing between my butt muscles. The boys were really going to get an education, and have their curiosity satisfied. They kept passing the bottle back and forth and they were lying on each other's arms now, to get closer together and tilt their hips toward each other so I could reach both of their cocks at the same time. I wished I had something stronger to give them but they seemed to be doing fine sailing high on the poppers, on top of the beer and the wine.

I wondered if I got them going, if I could get them to suck each other.

I moaned around Christian's cock as Tuck shoved his cock in me. He went deep and I raised up and tossed my head back with a louder groan which left little doubt what was happening to me.

'What the hell!' Bobby exclaimed in a bewildered tone. 'Aw man...are you..... is he.....fuck, Christian, look at that. He's fucking him in the ass!'

Christian raised up, his eyes wide. 'No shit, is he fucking you?' he asked in disbelief.

'Yeah he's fucking me, big time,' I said.

'Dam, you are gay,' Bobby said. 'You're fuckin' gay!'

'Did you just now figure that out, fuck-head? He's been sucking our cocks for last ten minutes,' Christian said as he took another snort of poppers. It was a deep and long breath, almost determined. He gave the bottle to Bobby and they traded it back and forth a couple of times before I took it and placed it out of reach. They watched Tuck fucking me for a moment then laid back down.

Maybe it was the two gorgeous teenager boys lying stretched out before me that put the icing on the cake but Tuck was really getting to me and it manifested itself in the way I sucked the boys' cocks. I was literally devouring them and they were going nuts, holding each other tight, their muscular young bodies writhing against each other. I knew part of the ecstasy was from the poppers and that gave me other ideas.

'You guys ever kiss?' I asked.

'Hell, yes, what kind of dumb question is that?' Bobby scoffed, his voice a little wavy, like he was half drunk.

'Each other?'

They reared their heads back from one another like they had bad breath.

'No. Fuck, no,' Christian said with a frown.

'Try it while I'm going down on you. It's a real trip.'

I didn't know if they would but if they'd had enough poppers and if I could get them hot enough...... They were looking at each other in a different way, anyway. Looking, yet trying not to, or pretending not to; pretending not to be thinking about what I'd planted in their handsome heads. In the dim light from the cabin I could see the curiosity on their faces and the daring in their eyes. I kept sucking their cocks and handed them the bottle again. One more time was all they needed, I was sure of it. I just hoped I didn't run out of poppers. The stuff was being sucked up pretty fast.

The two boys doped up again, this time, it seemed, with a vengeance, or for courage. I took the bottle and laid it aside again. They were looking right at each other, intently. I could see their eyes shifting nervously. They were thinking about it. They were going to do it! I was surprised that Bobby made the first move.

'Aww, mannn, why'd you have to go and suggest something like that?' he moaned to me as he reached over and put his hand on Christian's face.

Spontaneously the boys' faces moved toward each other. They even had their tongues out, and in the next instant they were kissing, sucking on each other's tongues. They moaned nervously, surprised little moans and then whinnied and squealed in their new-found passion.

'Shit, I don't believe this!' Tuck whispered over my shoulder.

The boys kissed for a long time, squirming under me as they vied for my mouth and tried to bury their cocks in my throat when it was their turn. They wrapped their arms around each other in a tight embrace and kissed passionately, smashing their young, muscular bodies hard against each other. I decided to try to take it to the next level. It was risky. It could bring everything to a screeching halt and all of this wonderful pleasure could come crashing down around me, but it was worth the risk. I raised up from their cocks.

'Goddd.....awwwhh....awwwhhh, guys, I've got all I can handle with this big cock plowing my ass; you guys are going to have to take care of each other for a little bit,' I said as I straightened and pressed back against Tuck's body.

The boys parted and looked at each other. It was a look of bewilderment, surprise, confusion and uncertainty. Their cocks were throbbing, demanding attention.

'D-Do you....want to?' Christian asked in a hoarse whisper.

Bobby hesitated a second then said, 'Sure....I guess so.....if you do. What the hell will it hurt?'

They both started to move on the other, then realizing they would have to get in a different position. It was Bobby who got up and maneuvered himself around so they were in a sixty-nine position, lying on their sides. They handled each others' cock gingerly at first, examining them, no doubt frightened of what they were about to do. Bobby put his tongue out and flattened it against the head of Christian' s cock. Satisfied with the taste or texture, or whatever he was testing, he put his mouth on it. Christian's moan was muffled around Bobby's cock in his


'You are a devil,' Tuck whispered in my ear as he plowed his cock in and out of my ass.

The beauty of the boys' curious innocence showed as they sucked each other. It was such a wonderful sight, it alone excited me. It was more than two boys experimenting around, and it wasn't drug-induced for they continued to suck each other long after the poppers wore off. A couple of times Christian reached down and squeezed his cock out of Bobby's mouth to keep from going off. I think it scared Bobby and he stopped.

'Hey, I don't want you to come in my mouth,' he declared as he raised up and moved around to lay as he was before, beside his buddy.

Their experiment was ended, for now, and I took it as a cue to go down on them again. I barely had Bobby's cock in my mouth when it bolted and suddenly he was coming. His hot come blasted against the roof of my mouth in powerful thick ropes and flooded over my tongue. Godd, he tasted wonderfully sweet and fresh. Like any teenager, his come probably was never more than twenty four hours old. I kept my hand working up and down on Christian's cock while I sucked Bobby's load out of him. Bobby whimpered and squealed as he shot his load, and in his lust he leaned over to kiss Christian again. Along with the bulk of the head of his cock, he was filling my mouth to capacity with his come and I swirled it around the bulging head to extract every drop. When he began to drain he rested back down on his butt before he pulled his mouth away from Christian's mouth.

'Ohh, Geezussss,' he swore as he threw his forearm over his eyes.

Quickly, I moved to Christian's cock. I wanted to finish him off before Bobby recovered because I didn't know what his reaction was going to be now that he was satisfied, and thinking more clearly and coming into the full realization of what he'd done. Thankfully, the wine and the poppers and a ball-shattering climax made Bobby totally relaxed and I had plenty of time to bring Christian to his climax. Behind me Tuck was still fucking me with a steady rhythm, with long, deep, full-cock strokes. When Christian came he put his forearm over his mouth to stifle his cries. He shot off with even more power than Bobby but not as thick or as much. It was like a powerful water pistol shooting into my mouth. I had already swallowed Bobby's load and Christian's brought a fresh, new taste to my tongue. I had never really developed a taste for the stuff, even with Tuck, but I was already wishing for another load from these two boys.

'Do you want me to come?' Tuck asked in a hoarse tone.

'Yes, if you want to.'

'Are you gonna make it?' he asked.

'I don't know. I've been so close for a long time,' I said. 'But it doesn't matter.'

'Jack it off with me,' he said.

I fisted my cock while Tucked fucked me and reached around to maul my balls and I leaned down to suck on the boys rubbery cocks, both at the same time. Tuck shot off inside me which melted my trigger, and I shot off all over the boys bellies and legs and on their cocks. Tuck collapsed on top of me and I wanted to collapse on the two boys but I stayed positioned on my hands and knees. The next moment could well be very unexpected, even volatile. I squirmed under Tuck and he raised up and pulled his cock out. I sat back on my haunches astraddle the boys' thighs and they stirred. Christian first, then Bobby.

'You guys okay?' I asked in a lighthearted tone.

'I think so,' Christian replied.

'How about you?' I said, squeezing Bobby's thigh.

He jerked away and raised up. 'I need to use your shower,' he said.

'Sure. There's room for both of you,' I said.

'I'll shower by myself,' he said.

We scrambled to let Bobby up; he seemed to be in a rush. I was afraid of his tone.

'Is he going to be okay?' I asked Christian when Bobby had gone into the bathroom.

'I don't know....maybe he'll need a little time.'

'Are you okay?'

'Yeah. Fuck, yeah. I've never been more okay in my life.'

'Was that your fist time?' Tuck asked him.

'Yeah, but I've been wanting it to happen for a long time.'

'Maybe you should go check on Bobby,' I said.

'I will, in a minute. He's a little more up tight in his thinking, as you can tell,' Christian said. 'I've been around a lot more than Bobby. I never did anything like this before, but I'm okay with it, more than he is.'

'Is it the sex....the whole thing?....or is it the kissing, do you think, that got to him?' I asked. I was getting worried. I didn't want to see the boy so upset. If he came out of the bathroom angry he would be like a mad bull. The three of us could contain him but he could do some damage that I didn't wasn't to have to explain. If he was underage, my life could essentially be over. The worse scenario, if he was distraught, I could just see the headlines of a boy jumping overboard from a cruise ship. Suddenly, I was more than worried; I was scared.

Christian laughed softly and answered my question. 'Probably both, 'he said. 'I mean, you gotta realize, Bobby is the ultimate macho stud and knowing that he kissed another guy....and worse, went down on him....well, that might take him some time to adjust to.'

'Will he deal with it?' I asked.

'Oh, he's too macho not to,' Christian said.

I was relieved to hear that. 'Go check on him,' I said.

Christian went into the bathroom and closed the door. I looked at Tuck. 'I'm sorry I brought you into this, if it turns ugly,' I said.

'No apologies necessary for me,' he said. 'I enjoyed the hell out of it. But we might have a problem with Bobby that we gotta get resolved before he leaves here.'

Christian spent too much time in the bathroom which made me more concerned. Finally, I went and knocked on the door.

'You guys okay?

There was a pause, then Christian called back, 'Yeah.' Then he came out, closing the door behind him. 'I hope you don't have to use the bathroom real bad. He's going to be a few minutes.'

'Why? What's he doing? What's the matter?' I asked.

'He, uh....he was crying.'

My heart sank right down into my churning stomach. Worse than the concerns I had for myself, I was deeply sorry that I had put the boy through such anguish just for a little bit of pleasure. Christian handled it more light-heartedly. After a few minutes he went and knocked on the door.

'Come on, I gotta shower, too,' he called out. 'You don't want me to come in there, man, cause if I do, you're really going to be fucked up.....if not fucked.'

I was encouraged that Christian could talk to him like that, but it still didn't quell my fears about Bobby.

'I'm coming.....I'm coming, fuck-head,' Bobby said as he came out of the bathroom.

We all looked at him. Tuck looked like he didn't want to be there, and I got the impression that he stuck around for my sake. Christian had a rather impatient look on his face.

Bobby stopped drying off rather abruptly and asked, 'What's everybody looking at me for? You never seen a naked guy before?'

We laughed but I didn't like the tremor in Bobby's voice, like he was trying to cover up his feelings.

'We were a little worried, when you were in the bathroom so long,' I said in a gentle tone.

'Nobody told me I had a time limit,' he said.

Christian went over to him and put his arm around his waist. Bobby cringed a little but didn't move away. 'Hey, are you all right, buddy?'

'Yeah, I'm okay,' Bobby replied, sort of twisting away from him.

'Don't pull away from me like that or I'll kiss you again,' Christian said, laughing, then he went in the bathroom.

Bobby laughed, rather nervously. I knew I had to say something, but what?

'Look, I'm sorry if I pushed you guys a little too far,' I said

'You didn't push us into anything we didn't want to do,' he said, taking responsibility for his own actions.

I was glad to hear him say it but I think he was doing just that.....saying it.

'Yes, but I plied with you with wine and beer then gave you poppers......'

'It's not the first time I've had booze and poppers, only it's always been always been beer and poppers,' he said. 'And none of those times did anybody force me to do anything.' He put his chest out and sort of tightened his muscles. 'Come on, do you think you could force me to do anything I didn't want to do?'

'No,' I said with a smile. 'I don't think anybody could force you to do anything you didn't want to do.

Christian was quick in the shower and he came out, drying off.

'He's worried because I told him you were crying,' he told Bobby.

Bobby gave him an angry frown but quickly recovered. 'Oh, that, yeah, sometimes, I get emotional,' he said with a shrug. 'Hell, sometimes I cry after a game, or if I see a little kid doing something great that he didn't think he could do. You know, shit like that.'

'In other words, what he's trying to say is, the sex was so good he got emotional,' Christian put in. 'Ain't that right, buddy?' He smacked him on the bare butt.

Bobby scowled and jerked away from him. I still thought they were putting on a front, both of them trying to cover up Bobby's real feelings.

'Come on, you know you like me playing with your butt,' Christian chided him.

'How about you kiss my butt,' Bobby growled, sounding more good-natured now.

'Bend over, I'll do more than kiss it,' Christian said.

'You don't want try that unless you know what you're doing,' I warned.

They looked at me funny and I quickly shrugged it off. 'Whew!' I let out a sigh. 'I'm sure glad to hear you guys are getting back to normal.'

'Oh, it's gonna take me awhile to get completely back to normal,' Bobby said.

'Ha! That won't ever happen,' Christian said.

'Shit, getting my cock sucked, kissing this fucker,' Bobby said, grinning at Christian. 'You ever tell anybody about that, I'll tear both your arms off,' he threatened.

I noticed that Bobby never included going down on his buddy in his litany of things he'd done.

'Who the hell am I going to tell that I kissed my best friend?' Christian scoffed. 'I've got a reputation too, you know.'

'Well, I wish I had some more wine so we could celebrate Bobby's returning to normal,' I said jokingly.

'How about another beer?' Bobby said.

I was surprised. I looked at Tuck. He blinked and glanced at Christian, who shrugged and smiled.

'Unless this party's over,' Bobby said, sounding rather down. 'I'm still good to go, but maybe you want us to leave.'

'Oh,, I didn't say that. No, you certainly don't have to leave,' I said.

Bobby looked at Tuck. 'How was it.....fucking his ass?'

'Incredible,' Tuck said. 'He's got the tightest, hottest ass on this ship.'

'That right?' Bobby asked me.

'If he says so.' My asshole was tingling at the thought of being fucked by the hunky muscle-teen.

'Would you let me fuck you?' he asked boldly. 'Think you can take my cock?'

'Yes, I would like that,' I said.

'What say we bring the mattress back in and make up the bed, there would be more room for the four of us,' Christian said, with a glance at Tuck.

I was relieved and happy. He obviously wanted Tuck in on it. Good, this was going to go on all night! While they re-made the bed I got the four beers out of the refrigerator.

'You got any more poppers?' Christian asked.

'I don't need it, the beer's gonna do me fine,' Bobby said. 'You're the one who's probably going to need a shot of poppers,' he said to me, stroking his cock to a fast hardon.

God, he was huge! Amazingly huge for a teenager. Not as long as Tuck but he was thick as my wrist. No wonder my mouth felt so stretched. He was right, I was probably going to need the poppers.

'Did you use a condom?' Bobby asked Tuck as he was stoking his cock which was not yet at full staff.

'No. He's got 'em but you don't have to use one unless you want to. He's clean,' Tuck told him.

Bobby followed Tuck's lead from out on the balcony. He got on the bed on his knees and motioned for me to get on my hands and knees in front of him. I took the position, already lubed up and ready. I didn't use the Anal_Ease. Tuck had me nice and stretched and I wanted to feel the full effect of being pried apart by that big club. Bobby didn't fumble around. He knew what he was doing. He aimed, pressed the head of his cock on target and shoved his cock in me. Not hard or brutal, but all the way in one determined stroke.

'UUuuuhhhhnnnnnn!' I moaned softly, grabbing a pillow to hug. It hurt. I expected it to yet it took me by surprise. He stretched my asshole more than Tuck's cock.

'Ohh, Geezusss!' Bobby gasped. He took in several quick breaths. 'Awwh, Goddam, Christian, you gotta feel this! Man, I never felt anything like it in my life!'

'Come on, you haven't been a virgin since you were twelve,' Christian scoffed.

'Yeah, but none of those girls pussies felt like this,' he said.

'Hurry the fuck up, then, so I can see what it feels like,' Christian said.

'Huh-uh. I'm taking my sweet time. I'm gonna make this last all fuckin' night,' Bobby said. 'I'm gonna fuck him a new asshole. You're gonna have to settle for hour fist.'

Bobby fucked like a machine. Nor rough or anything, but it was like he was on a high charge. I loved the way he moved his cock around inside me. His awkwardness at first only made it better. But he quickly became more expert, tossing me around like a rag doll, into one position then another. He used me like I was a piece of meat made for his pleasure. I didn't mind. He was no typical teenage boy; aside from having the body of a man, he had staying power and self control that most men would envy. I was beginning to think he really did intend to fuck me all night. But then he pulled out and moved out of the way, motioning for his buddy to take his place.

'Try it,' he said, 'you ain't never going back to girls.'

Christian wanted me like a girl. I turned over on my back and lifted my legs. When he shoved his cock in me, he seemed to freeze. He was raised up off his haunches, his mouth open and his eyes bugged out in surprise.

'I told you,' Bobby said.

'Awww, fuck, you're right, Bobby. No girls' pussy ever felt like this. Goddam, he is alive in there!'

'Yeah, feels like a thousand tiny fingers on your cock, don't it?'

'A thousand tiny fingers in a velvet glove,' Christian said.

I loved the boys' analogy. I had to wonder about Christian's being so macho; I was sure he was gay, or had a big streak of curiosity in him. They took turns fucking me while I took turns sucking their cocks, still warm out of my ass, and I sucked Tuck's cock in between They were quite surprised that I

sucked their cocks right out of my ass.

'Hey, do you want a turn?' Bobby asked Tuck.


It was a triple treat, Bobby, then Christian, then Tuck, and all over again. They liked watching Tuck fuck me. Their eyes were glued to his bulging muscles.

'We could learn something from him,' Bobby said. 'Mann, how'd you learn to fuck like that; all those moves?'

'I expect I've got a few more miles on my cock than you guys,' Tuck said.

'Yeah, you're probably due for a 100,000-mile checkup,' Bobby joked.

They wanted to fuck Tuck but of course that didn't happen. He told them they could suck his cock but they wouldn't do it.

'I'll suck your cock if you let me fuck you,' Christian offered.

'Afraid not,' Tuck said.

'Okay, I'll suck your cock if you'll go down on me,' Bobby said.

'Afraid not,' Tuck said again.

I noticed how Christian was watching Tuck fuck me, as if he were mesmerized.

'Goddam, stud, you're so damned good-looking, I could almost kiss you,' he said.

Bobby and Tuck both laughed.

'How the hell do you almost kiss somebody?' Bobby asked. 'You either kiss 'em or you don't.'

'Don't try it unless you want to get kissed back,' Tuck joked.

There was a hesitation, an uncertainty, then suddenly Tuck shocked me as he reached out and pulled Christian to him and kissed him, full and hard on the mouth. The boy squealed and I could see them practically eating each other up and Christian wrapped both arms around Tuck's broad shoulders. I was surprised at Tuck, but it was like he was doing it on a dare, to shock the boy.

'Shit, man, you'd think you're in love with the guy,' Bobby drawled.

Suddenly, Christian wrapped his arm around Bobby and kissed him. Bobby's natural instinct was to recoil at first but then he relaxed and wrapped both arms around Christian and they rolled into a long, passionate kiss. So passionate and so long that I wondered if it might escalate into something more serious. Bobby voiced my sentiments exactly.

'Shit, man, we keep this up, we're gonna be sucking each other's cocks again,' Christian said.

'Yeah, or fucking each other,' Bobby said.

It didn't go any farther, at least not then. It was wonderful to see the way they shed their inhibitions with each other yet their machoism held them in check. We were at it most of the night, me being the center of the activity, simply because mine was apparently the only ass that could be fucked. My ass felt like it could've taken on a horse. I was especially happy that the two boys, having experienced the thrill of it, kept kissing each other, then Tuck, then me, and they goaded me and Tuck to kiss when he was fucking me. They tried again to fuck Tuck but he kept them at bay.

Finally he said, 'Okay, sure you can fuck me but only after I fuck you.' He didn't mean it of course. He was only calling the boys' bluff to put an end to it. Still, there was a deathly quiet pause, a moment of uncertainty, before one of the boys laughed it off and the moment passed. I was surprised a second time when I realized that Tuck was fingering Christian's ass while the boy was astraddle my chest feeding me his cock. Christian shot off a hellacious load that time.

'Man, you gotta let him finger your ass while you're getting sucked,' he told Bobby.

'Not a fuckin' chance,' Bobby said. 'That's a little too queer for me.'

'More than kissing all of us.....and going on down on me?' Christian reminded him.

'Hell, I was drunk when I did that,' Bobby said.

'It's not like you'd be getting fucked,' Christian said. 'It's like that time when that young doctor used his finger up our asses when he was giving us physicals and he made us shoot all over the place.'

'Yeah and we found out that doctors don't do that exam on guys till they're about thirty, or something, not to high school jocks,' Bobby said.

'Needless to say, he didn't remain our team doctor after that,' Christian said.

I suspected Tuck, now that he was comfortable with the boys, wasn't going to give up on them so easy. I thought that Bobby, especially, was a challenge to him. When Bobby was fucking me again, Christian urged him to let Tuck finger his ass.

'Just let him touch it, then,' he said. 'It feels good. Like a girl feels when you finger her pussy.'

Bobby didn't say anything, yes or no. I didn't know if he was going to agree, but there was something in him that prevented him from telling Tuck not to do it. It was okay, though, when Tuck took the initiative. As Bobby swung his butt back with his long cock-strokes in and out of my ass I saw Tuck reach out and touch his butt. I was relived that Bobby didn't recoil or do or say anything. I could tell when Tuck took it to the next level, the way Bobby's face sort of screwed up, sort of a wince, but he didn't look like he was hurting. Then I saw Bobby's mouth open and I knew Tuck had his finger up his ass.

'OOoooohhhhhhhhhhhh,' Bobby moaned softly.

'Feels great, doesn't it?' Christian said.

'Ohhh....Ohhhhhh,' Bobby groaned as he began twisting around on Tuck's finger and lobbing his cock around inside me.

Tuck found his prostate and took him over the top. The boy shot off inside me like a power hose and I wondered where it was all coming from, except that he was a teenage boy. Still, I was amazed that he could produce so much come in such a short time. We rested while we finished off the beer. I thought we might be done, that the boys might be exhausted and part of me wanted to be in bed with Tuck by ourselves. How wrong I was.

'Hey, Bobby, do you wanta try my cock in your ass in place of his finger?' Christian asked.

'In your dreams,' Bobby scoffed.

There was something else I wanted to show the boys.'

'Come on up here and get on your hands and knees, side by side,' I told them. Maybe it would lead to something, I thought, maybe it wouldn't.

Christian started to move but Bobby hesitated. 'You two guys aren't gonna try to fuck us, are you?' he asked.

'No. Promise.'

'Okay. Your finger is as far as it goes,' he warned as he crawled up beside his buddy at the head of the bed on his hands and knees.

'How about my tongue instead of my fingers?' I asked.

They both looked over their shoulders with dropped jaws and eyes wide.

'You're....t-tongue?' Bobby stammered.

'Bend down and stick your butts up here for me,' I said.

They maneuvered together with their shoulders in the mattress and their knees set apart and their tight, round butts stick up. What a sight it was.

'Like this?' Christian asked.

'Yeah,' I said hoarsely. 'Mann, talk about a feast.'

I started with Christian and moved back and forth from one to the other. I kissed their hard, round butt muscles first, then lapped my tongue along the inside slopes. I dragged my tongue along the crevices and as I was doing one, I could see the other boy squirming anxiously for his turn, their assholes were clenching madly. Christian moaned when I flicked his asshole with my tongue.

'Is he doing it?' Bobby asked excitedly.

'Awww, yeahhhhhh! Goddammm! I never felt anything like it!'

I lingered a few extra seconds with Christian, purposely to make Bobby wait; and I thought Christian could be worked up for more than just my finger. When I got to Bobby he was already pulling his butt apart for me.

'AAaawwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' he yelled when I licked his asshole.

I moved back to Christian. This time I pulled his butt apart so his asshole was gaping open and shoved my tongue inside.

'Ohh...Ohhhh...Oohhh...Ohhhh...Awwhhh,' he gasped as I tongued his ass. He let out a loud sigh when I stopped and moved back to Bobby.

Bobby was anxiously pulling is butt apart again.

'Hey, how about you stack these guys and make room for me?' Tuck said.

It was a brilliant idea! I was surprised I hadn't thought of it and glad Tuck had.

'What do you mean, stack us?' Bobby asked.

'Get on top of Christian so your asses are closer together and easier to get to,' I said.

'Watch what the fuck you're doing,' Christian said as Bobby stepped astraddle him and lay on top of him.

I pulled Bobby's cock back so I could get to it as well as his ass.

'Ohh, Mannnnnn!' I groaned at the sight of the two tight, round butts, one on top of the other, gaping for me. I stretched Bobby's ass open and drove my tongue through his hot hole. He

choked; he couldn't even cry out. I ate his ass for a moment then dove down for Christian's waiting hole. I had to move Bobby's cock aside to get to it. Bobby was squirming on top of him, anxious for my tongue again.

'Okay, one more round,' I said. I wet my fingers and dug them into Christian's asshhole. Stretching it wide open, I could see the soft, delicate folds of his inner muscles moving with excitement. I flicked the velvet hole and lavered it with my tongue then drove my tongue into the soft folds.

'AAAaaaaawwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' he cried in a gasp.

I spent some time on him, hoping I could make him come, for he was pumping his cock with his fist.

'Ohh, Godd....OOHHH, Godddd...Aww, fuck, don't stop!' he cried. 'I'm gonna come. Ohhh....keep doing it, I'm gonna shoot my load!'

But I eased off. The position they were in was too good to pass up; Bobby's thick, hard cock laying down the crack of Christian's ass, and Christian's hole gaping wide open like it was begging for something. I played with both of their cocks and their balls, pressing Bobby's cock hard between Christian's butt while I fingered Bobby's hole. Bobby humped his buddy almost desperately and by his motions, he was begging me to guide his cock to Christian's hole.

I glanced at Tuck who hadn't knelt over yet for me to tongue his ass. He winked and grinned and gave me a go-ahead nod.

'I wanta fuck you,' Bobby whispered in Christian's ear. 'Mann, I wanta fuck you so bad, buddy.'

Christian didn't bolt to move out of the way. I shoved Bobby's cock aside and drove my tongue in Christian's asshole again till he was moaning something awful, then I added my finger, then two fingers, till he was squirming around, thrashing his butt around and whimpering in the pillow. His asshole suddenly squeezed my fingers ferociously then relaxed, then squeezed again and I knew he was getting too close.

'Aww....Ohh, man...I c-can' take...anymore,' he gasped.

I chowed down on his tender asshole for a few precious seconds longer, sucking the clenching muscle back around my tongue so I was literally fucking him with my tongue. Then I raised up and pushed the head of Bobby's cock hard against his gaping hole. Bobby hunkered up in position so his cock was pointing straight and I guided it into Christian's ass.

'AWWWWWwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' Christian cried out as Bobby shoved his thick cock in him. ', w-what're you d-doing!'

'Aww....what the hell...Awwhh, Mann.....Aww, I'm fucking your ass!' Bobby groaned in disbelief.

Christian was almost sobbing with pleasure and as he choked on his moans I realized he was coming. Bobby was humping him hard, choking for breath himself. It took him only moments for them to finish. His legs trembled, his butt trembled and he shook as he shot his load deep inside his buddy's ass, his legs shaking to support himself.

There was a moment when it seemed we were all suspended in time; me and Tuck was just gaping at the two boys. Then suddenly, Bobby's legs gave out and he collapsed down to his knees behind Christian pulling his cock free. He wrapped his arms around Christian and hugged him in tight as he pulled them over onto their sides. That's when he felt Christian's come.

'Holy fucking shit!' Bobby exclaimed. 'Mann, I made you come, fucking your ass! Aww, man, this is great.....I'm gonna be fucking you all the time when we get back home.'

Christian was silent, his body still being wracked by dry sobs of pleasure.

'Hey, buddy.....I didn't mean to hurt you.....I didn't even mean to do just happened. It was your first time, wasn't it?'

'Yeah, fuckhead, it was my first time.'

'Did it hurt bad?' Bobby said in his ear.

Christian nodded. 'I thought you were killing me.'

'I'm sorry, man, but it just happened.'

'Don't be sorry,' Christian said. 'I've wanted it to happen for a long time.'

'You did!?' Bobby exclaimed.

'Yeah, but you were too dumb to figure it out.'

'Aww, fuck, man, all you had to do was tell me, I would've fucked you anytime you wanted me to. I just wish it didn't hurt.'

'It felt better than it hurt,' Christian said.

'Fuck, I wish I could tell the guys back home about this,' Bobby said.

'They wouldn't believe it,' said Christian. 'Or if they did, they would want you to do it to them.'

'Listen, if you want to find out how a cock feels up there, this is your chance,' Tuck said to Bobby.

'No, I think I'll just keep on wondering about that for now,' Bobby said.

'It he changes his mind, I can fuck him,' Christian joked.

'How long have you been getting it?' Bobby asked me.

'Since I was about your age,' I said.

'You ever try to count how many times you've been fucked?' he asked.

'I don't know, I lost count a long time ago,' I said.

There was a mischievous grin that came across Bobby's handsome face.

'I'm not sure I like that look,' I chided him.

'Are you stretched enough to take on two of us at the same time? Me and Christian?'

My heart thudded in my chest. It was something I'd always wanted to try and I'd had that dream fulfilled with the two boys in the woods but now I had these two beautiful muscle-boys to do it to me.

'Get real,' Christian scoffed. 'He did good taking you by yourself, and Tuck. Nobody could take two cocks this big, especially when one is the size of yours.'

But Bobby kept looking at me with that questioning, lop-sided, mischievous grin, waiting for an answer.

'You are pretty big,' I said, but I was only playing him along.

'You're already stretched out, you ought to be able to stretch some more,' Bobby said. He was already on his haunches, stroking his cock. He was so big that he was using both fists. He motioned for Christian.

'Okay, genius, how the hell do we do this?' Christian asked.

'Let him lie on top of you,' Tuck told him.

I straddled Christian's muscular body and lowered myself onto his cock then laid back on him.

'Yeah, perfect,' Bobby murmured, gazing at my now vulnerable butt. He was easily figuring it out for himself. He positioned himself on his knees between Christian's legs and aimed his cock at my already plugged asshole. Christian and I held still while Bobby tried to work his cock in alongside his buddy's cock. He fumbled at it a couple of times but the determination on his face told me he was going to do it one way or another, even if he had to drill me a new asshole. He slipped a couple of fingers into my asshole on top of Christian's cock and pulled and stretched my already loose sphincter muscle. He pulled it open enough to force the head of his cock through it, on top of his buddy's cock. I winced with the pain.

'You need some more poppers?' he asked me

'No,' I said, shaking my head. I did, but I didn't want to be too far out when he started shoving his cock in me. It hurt but I wanted to experience everything, even the pain of entry.

'Here goes, then,' Bobby said and with that he reared up and shoved cock in all the way.

'Awwwwhhhhh, fuck, man, this feels fucking' weird,' Christian groaned.

'Yeah, good weird,' Bobby agreed as he began fucking my ass with his cock sliding along the top of Christian's meat. 'You took it all right,' he said to me.

''re good,' I gasped.

'That hurting? Are we too much for you?' he asked.

'No. It feels incredible!' Being fucked by the two hunky teenagers at the same time ranked right up there with being fucked by Tuck, and I was wishing there was a way for all three of them to fuck me. I really wanted Tuck and Bobby to fuck me. Two cocks the size of would be some kind of record.

The new sensations the boys were experiencing, rubbing their cocks against each other inside my tight ass quickly took its toll.

'I'm about a minute,' Christian gasped.

'Stop moving, try to hold off,' Bobby said.

'You're the one that's moving. Your cock sliding back and forth on top of mine is what's getting me off,' Christian said.

Bobby stopped moving and we lay still for a moment, except for the two big cocks throbbing inside me.

'It ain't working,' Christian said in a desperate tone. 'The way your cock's throbbing against mine.....shit, I gotta come, can't hold it off!'

Bobby started fucking me again, hard, determined to help his buddy get off. Christian cried out in anguish as his climax overtook him. I felt the powerful pulsations of his cock as he shot his load in me.

'Aww, I can feel it,' Bobby groaned as he fucked me. 'I can feel your come shooting all over my cock. Goddam, it's hot. Ohh.....Oh....Ohh....Aww, I'm gonna come too!'

My insides were quickly awash with their hot, thick boy-come spurting like miniature cannons deep inside me. After a moment, Bobby collapsed on me, out of breath. We lay like that for only a moment or two before Christian complained that we were too heavy. Bobby raised up and extracted his cock from my ass. Christian's cock fell free and I felt the cool air wafting inside my terribly gaping hole.

'Aww, man, you ought to see the come gushing out of your ass,' Bobby said. It sounded crude but exciting, coming from him. 'Man, we blasted him full of the stuff.'

'I can feel it. It's running down all over my balls,' Christian said. He let me lie atop him for a moment before he squirmed to get out from under me.

Bobby pulled Christian to his feet. 'Can we use your shower again?' he asked.

I was pleased that he was the one who was suggesting that they shower together.

'You have awakened a sleeping giant,' Tuck said when the boys were in the bathroom.

The boys decided they should go back to their own cabin instead of spending the rest of the night out on my balcony. I wanted to encourage them to stay the night, as planned, but a bigger part of me wanted to be alone with Tuck. We had so little time left.

'Hey, maybe we'll meet up again sometime,' Bobby said, putting out his hand as we were saying good-bye.

'I certainly hope so,' I said.

'Where're you from, anyway' Christian asked us. 'Maybe by some fluke, we're close enough on the map that we can get together.'

'Cleveland,' Tuck said.

'A little town called Brownsport,' I said.

'Would that be Brownsport, as in Ohio?' Bobby asked.

'You know Brownsport!?' I asked, surprised.

'We're from Dayton!' Christian exclaimed. 'Hey, we'll give you our phone numbers, you can call me. Shit, man, it'll be great.'

'Yeah, we can celebrate my birthday when we all get back,' Bobby said.

I felt a twinge inside, wondering which birthday it would be but I was afraid to ask.

'Yeah, every year, it takes Bobby fourteen days to catch up with me, before we're both the same age again,' Christian said.

The twinge turned into a tightness in my stomach that moved upward, nearly choking me as I waited to hear which birthday it was. But they left it at that. My breath became tighter in my lungs as the boys wrote down their phone numbers and Christian added his address. I was glad they didn't ask for mine, and I didn't offer it. I was happily relieved, the way Bobby told us good-bye.

'Well, I would kiss you, but this starts my week for girls,' he joked.

I closed the door behind them and leaned against it and let out a soft sigh.

'You can say that again,' Tuck said. 'That was hot!'

'I still don't know how old Bobby is,' I said.

'Look at him, he's gotta be nineteen. Or at least not that far from eighteen,' Tuck said, trying to placate me.

'One day is too far,' I said.

'Hey, don't worry about it,' Tuck said. 'We're on a cruise ship. Nobody ever sees anybody again. Hell, I had sex with them, too.'

'Brownsport is less than ten miles from Dayton,' I said.

'Dayton is a big city. It would be a fluke if you ever met up with them again. Unless, of course, you plan to get in touch with them.'

'Of course not. I'm just glad I didn't give them my phone number.'

When they were gone Tuck said he needed to go to his cabin and pack some stuff and not leave it all to the last minute.

'Are you coming back?' I asked.

'If it's okay,' he said. 'If they left any of that for me?'

'You know there'll always be some left for you, although it might not be as tight as before. I'm up for the rest of the night.'

A half hour later there was a knock at the door. I assumed it was Tuck. I opened the door to find Bobby standing there with a shit-eating grin.

'Listen, I hate to bother you again, but I've got this girl lined up. I met her at the teen club. All I need is a place,' he said in a hushed tone.

I hesitated as it soaked in what he was asking.

'You wouldn't even have to leave,' he went on. 'We can use the balcony.'

'When. Where is she?' I asked.

'Waiting on the landing, so right now if it's okay. Or I can bring her back later, but tonight's the only time we'll have. Whenever you say.'

'No, is okay,' I said.

'Great!' He rushed off, leaving me in a daze. I was almost

breathless with excitement that I might just be able to watch the young stud fuck the lucky girl. Fuck, it would be hot to see him in action. He came back a moment later with a very pretty brunet who looked several years older then him.

There were no introductions. Bobby knew me and I knew Bobby and me and the woman didn't need to be introduced. I almost asked if they wanted a mattress but he was leading her through the cabin to the balcony. He grinned as he pulled the curtain shut.

'We'll try not to be long,' he said. Then I heard the glass

door sliding shut.

I wished he'd left the curtain open. The woman looked old for Bobby....maybe mid-twenties, definitely college age. But I still didn't know how old Bobby was and I wondered if she knew, or if she cared.

Before long I was hearing groans and muffled squeals coming from the balcony even though the door was closed. He must be fucking her brains out, I thought. I longed to take a peek but I didn't want Bobby to see me spying on him. After about a half hour I wondered, if this was his 'we won't be long', how long was a long time for the little stud. I was known to last two/three hours myself but horny teenager boys usually have a short fuse. Not Bobby. It was another twenty minutes before I heard the door slide open. Bobby shoved the curtain back and the woman stumbled past me to rush to the bathroom. She seemed dazed and disoriented.

'She's got come running down her legs,' he whispered, laughing.

'I'm surprised she can even stand up.' I said, glancing at my watch.

'I guess I took longer than I thought. Sorry.'

'No, its okay. From the noise I heard, I was just thinking about that poor woman.'

'Were we too loud?'

'Not for me,' I said with a grin.

Bobby got dressed and he had the woman's clothes gathered up for her when she came out of the bathroom. She still had that dazed look about her, like she didn't know quite what'd happened to her. They left without her saying a word. Bobby thanked me with a nod and a wink.

Tuck came back to my cabin a short time later.

'I just had Bobby here, with some woman he picked up.'

'Just Bobby? Not the other kid?'

'No, just Bobby,' I said.

'You stayed?'

'He said there was no reason for me to leave.'

'You got to watch?' Tuck asked.

'No, they did it out on the balcony, and he pulled the curtain.'

'Too bad.'

'He fucked her eyeballs out. When she left she looked like she was in a stupor.'

'Yeah, I could see how he could do that to a girl,' he said.

'Actually, she wasn't a girl. She was in her mid-twenties, college age at least,' I said.

'That little fucker!' Then he said, 'MMmmm, you smell good. Are you sure you're up for it?'

'I'm up for whatever you want to do,' I said.

I watched him strip down then he came and stood beside the bed with his big cock hanging out loosely and thick in my face. 'This for starters,' he said. 'Then I wanta fuck your eyeballs out. Watching you and those two little studs really turned me on.'

I sucked his cock and turned him around so I could tongue his ass till he was so hot he couldn't wait to plunge his cock in me. He fucked me into the morning yet he never touched me except as he would have touched a woman, holding my legs up or turning me over for a different position. There was a deep longing in me for him to reciprocate in some small way but he maintained his macho stance throughout. It just wasn't something he did. It was who he was and I accepted that. The thought of reciprocation would never enter his mind. But he surprised me.

'You know, there's only one thing missing,' Tuck said as he was fucking me for the second time.

'What's that?'

'Well.....' He hesitated like he wasn't going to say it. 'If this had all worked out the way it was supposed to.....I would be kissing all over Cindy while I was making love to her.'

My heart skipped a couple of beats. 'Are you making love to me?' I asked.

'Maybe not, but its one hell of a good imitation,' he said.

I didn't say anything and Tuck just kept looking at me as he fucked me, with something akin to longing in his eyes. Maybe he was making love to me in his own mind, but he could never admit it.

'It just seems like that should be a part of it,' he said in a hoarse whisper.

'It's not like we haven't already kissed,' I reminded him. I trembled inside as his handsome face came to mine. He kissed me first on the mouth; a gentle, passionate kiss that made me whimper. Our lips locked wide open and Tuck's tongue sought out mine. His cock bolted deep inside me as our tongues lashed around each other. Then he began kissing along my neck, and down my chest. I trembled when he flicked my tits with his tongue.

'You've got great pecs,' he said. 'Real nice tits.'


'They're almost as big as Cindy's. Except your pecs are much harder than her tits.'

'I won't ask which you prefer,' I said with a smile.

'I loved Cindy. Or I thought I did. But I don't think, now, that she could've ever made me feel like this.'

'No man has ever made me feel like this,' I said.

'There's such a big difference between the soft curves of a woman and the hard definition of a man's muscles,' he said.

'I won't ask which you prefer,' I said again.

'I sort of like the difference,' he said. 'Your muscles feel


'Your hands feel good,' I told him.

'Do you want me to shot my load on you, or come in you this time? I'm not that close; just asking,' he said.

'It doesn't matter. If you don't want to pull out.....if it's better for you that it to me. Fill me up with it.' I laughed softly. 'The night's not over. It's not like there won't be another chance for you to shoot another load all over me.'

'We don't have a whole lot of time left,' he said.

'Then we need to make the best of it.'

'I'm going to switch gears,' he said. 'I'm going to fuck you hard, okay? Really hard, like I think a man ought to be fucked.'

'Go as hard as you want,' I said.

Hard to Tuck was like he was playing football or something. He put all the power he had into his long, full-cock thrusts, slamming into me like a pile-driver. Then he slowed down and cork-screwed his cock into my ass. I barely recovered from one position before he began pounding me like a jack-hammer.

'Ohhh, Godd.....OHhh....Ohhhh, Godd, Tuck....Ohh, Fuck me.....Fuck me you big stud.....OHhh, Geeznsss, don't stop. Don't stop, Tuck, you're gonna make me come.!'

He didn't stop but he slowed to a crawl so I wouldn't come. I left the pinnacle in agony and drifted back off of my climax.

'Fuck, what're you doing to me? You had me so close, then you stop?'

'I didn't stop,' he said as he thrust his cock in and out of me. 'I don't want you to come yet.'

'You could drive me out of my skull, you know.'

'Yeah, I picked up on that early on,' he said with a grin. 'I could really put you through some torture. But don't worry, I'll make you come. I'll make us come together.'

He took me to the pinnacle and back a half dozen times, till I was nearly dizzy with pleasure. If he kept doing it, if I didn't come soon, I was going to go crazy.

'Hang on,' he said then as he began to fuck me he hard again. Slow, slam-dunk thrusts that rocked the bed and rattled my teeth. As he picked up speed I hung on for dear life to the edges of the mattress. He was going to fuck me a new asshole, even more than the two teenagers when they double-cocked me.

When we came it was an explosion that must have rocked the ship. Tuck hit it first, deep inside my ass and at the feel of his first blast of hot come I opened up like a floodgate and started shooting, gushing come like a fire hose.

Tuck pulled out and finished shooting his load on me. All over me, mixing with my own come. I clung desperately to the edge of insanity as my head whirled around like a tornado. I couldn't focus. I couldn't breath. I choked, like I was sobbing. I think I might have even blacked out for a second. No one had ever fucked me like Tuck. Then I felt his cock sliding back in me!

'Hey, are you okay?' he asked as he held his cock very still deep inside me.

'My God, I don't know,' I whimpered. 'I don't know if I'll ever be all right again. Nobody ever fucked me like you do.'

'Good,' he said, smiling. 'I wanted to do something great for you.'

'My Godd, Tuck, don't you know by now what you do to me?'

'I do now,' he said. 'The proof is all over you. All over both of us,' he said, wiping some of my come off his chest. He held his finger out like he didn't know what to do with it. 'You want this?' he asked.

I opened my mouth and he put his finger in my mouth for me to lick it off. He collapsed gently on top of me. We lay there for awhile then he rolled us over so we were on our sides, still with his cock buried inside me. As before, I never went down completely. Tuck did that to me. It was as if his virility flowed into me, for his cock was still hard, too.

'Is that thing going to go down, long enough for you to get off the ship?' I asked jokingly.

'Not with you around,' he said.

'If this cruise lasted a few more days I think I could be in love,' I said, laughing.

Tuck laughed, a scoffing laugh.

'You don't think two guys can be in love?'

'Not unless they're both gay,' he said.

'But one guy can love another, even though he's not gay,' I said.

'Yeah, I suppose so. But don't say it. I don't want you to say it.'

'All right, I won't say it. But know that I'm thinking it,' I told him.

'Okay, let's leave it at that.'

It was his macho thing again and I respected that. Being so damned studly and macho was much of what attracted me to him. After awhile we pulled apart and went to shower together.

'I think we should take a mattress out on the balcony and spend the rest of the night out there,' Tuck said as we were drying off.

'That sounds like a plan.'

'I know that's what I would do if......' He stopped and looked at me with a shrug. 'Sorry, I don't mean to be comparing you to her,' he said sheepishly.

'I don't take it that way,' I said. 'It's not like you're never

going to think about her again and I don't mind the comparison.'

'You shouldn't,' he said. 'If it was a situation where I could have you both....well, it's hard to tell who would win out. Probably both.' He was inching his cock back and forth inside me as we talked. 'Why don't I go back up and finish packing and bring my stuff down here?' he said.

When Tuck returned we took one of the mattresses out on the balcony and spread a sheet over it. Tuck got the top sheet in case we needed it.

'Too bad we don't have any more wine,' he said.

'There are some wine coolers in the fridge,' I said.

Tuck went to get the coolers and stepped onto the balcony with a glass in each hand.

'There should be a special toast,' I said. I reached up for one glass and held it out to him. I put the glass up to dip the head of his cock in the wine.

'Whew! That's what I call a cooler,' he gasped.

'Or a cock cooler,' I said. 'Your cock is so hot I could almost hear it sizzle in the wine.' I lowered the glass and leaned up to suck the wine off of his cock. Tuck dropped to his knees beside me.

'Okay, something really special,' he said. And with that, he dipped the head of my cock in his wine. He held his glass up to mine and we drank the toast. 'Does that make me gay by proxy?' he joked.

I was so touched by his surprise gesture that I started to well up. 'I can't believe you did that,' I said.

'I can't believe it either. I can't believe a lot of things that have happened these past few days.' He looked at me with that look of longing again. 'Or what might have happened if we'd met up earlier on the cruise.'

'If we did have those few more days....are you thinking something could have developed between us, Tuck?' I dared to ask.

'I....I don't know....if you're ever in Cleveland,' he said


'Having said that, do you think there's a chance in hell that I won't be in Cleveland? Hell, I would move there, if I thought there was a chance,' I said.

'No, don't do that,' he said, laughing. 'I've got some things to work out, by myself first.'

'I hope meeting up with me hasn't confused the issue,' I said.

'No. No, I don't think so. If anything, you've helped make things more clear.'

I wasn't sure how but I was glad he thought so. As the wine warmed us again I rested my leg over Tuck's thigh. He slid his arm under me and I nestled my face against his chest. He took his rubbery cock and rubbed it against the side of my butt.

'I hate to be a selfish glutton, but...,' he began.

'I was thinking the same thing, but afraid you might start wearing out.'

'That's never happened, and it sure as hell isn't going to happen now,' he said. 'I can go on as long as you want me to, as many times as you can handle me.'

'Have you ever been on the bottom?' I asked.

'If you're thinking.......'

'No, not that,' I said. 'Not a bottom. I mean have you ever had a woman on top?'

'Yes. Do you want to get on top?'

'Yes, I want to rid you like a bronco. Like the stallion you are,' I said

'Come on,' Tuck said as he stretched out for me.

After he had fucked me yet again we lay exhausted, both of us basking in the brisk breeze and the short time that was left.

'You should have gone to see what cabin number 7886 was all about,' I said. 'It might have been fun.'

'I don't need any more fun than I've got right here,' Tuck said. 'Besides, with him, it would just be sex. Like with those boys.'

'And? With me?'

'Well, you started out as my friend,' he said.

'And ended up.....?'

' lover, for sure, for the time we've had together,' he said.

'It gives me chills to hear you say that.'

'It sort of jolted me, saying it. But its true, isn't it? At least for now?'

'I would like to think so,' I said.

'You're always cautious about everything you say,' he said.

'I don't want to be presumptuous.'

'You're not. All you are is sexy,' he said.

I laughed.

'I'm the one who shouldn't be presumption and I'm afraid I have been,' he said. He raised up to cock himself up on one elbow and gazed at me. Up and down my body, like he was seeing me for the first time. He touched my chest and trailed his fingers across my pecs. Then suddenly he reached down and cupped my balls. I sucked in a little gasp. I was so surprised. When he took hold of my cock I couldn't stifle the soft groan that escaped my lips.

'I've never touched a guy like this before,' he said huskily.

'I'm glad I'm your first'

'And last,' he said. He pulled on my cock, as if to test its size and strength and texture, not playing with it or anything. 'You've got a nice cock. Great balls, too.'

'Thanks. That means a lot coming from you,' I said.

He held my cock in his hand till it got really stone-hard. Then he pumped the sheath up and down several times. My cock throbbed in his fist.

'Your hand feels good,' I told him.

He pumped it a few more times as he gazed at it and I thought he might be thinking about going down on me. I prayed he would, just to try it. Just to have those full lips touch my cock, even for a brief few seconds, would be like a little piece of heaven to take back with me. Then he gave my cock a hard squeeze. 'I wish I could do it, but.......' He let go, shaking his head. 'Sorry.'

'I told you, it's nothing to be sorry about. We are all what we are, it's as simple as that. And it's enough that you were even thinking about it.'

'I'm sorry I got you all worked up for nothing,' he said.

'It wasn't nothing' I said. 'Just having your hand around my cock meant a lot. To know that you were even thinking about.......'

'I guess I could......hell, why not?' he said as he reached for my cock again. 'Hell, it's not like I never jacked myself off. A cock is a cock, right?'

'Not really, but I'm not going to argue the point.'

'I guess I'm reciprocating,' he said with a sly grin as he began jacking me off.

'You could say that,' I agreed.

'If anyone ever found out about this......'

'Who could possibly fine out? It's just us.'

'There's so much between us now,' he said.

I was sure the guy next door was watching, that he'd been watching and listening since we came out on the balcony; probably even when us and the boys were out there. The thought sent a sudden rush through me; what if the guy had seen us with the boys and thought they were too young? But I shrugged it off

and I didn't care but I hoped he didn't show himself and spook Tuck and ruin the mood.

'I wanta finish you off,' he said. 'I want to see you shoot.'

'It may take awhile. It always does, by hand.'

'Are you're saying I need to go down on you?' he asked with a sly grin.

'No, I wasn't saying that. I'm just saying it takes me a long time by hand. Probably because I've done it so damned much, my cock is numb to it.'

'Yeah, haven't we all? Have you ever been in a circle-jerk, you know with more than one guy?' he asked.

'Who hasn't?'

'I haven't,' he said.

'What a sheltered life you've had,' I said. 'You should have said something while the boys were here.'

He laughed. 'Yeah, we had so much time for a circle-jerk,' he scoffed.

'I could find Paco,' I offered.

'Paco is asleep.'

'Paco is probably doing the same thing right now,' I said.

'By himself, do you think? Or with the guy he shares a cabin with?'

'I don't know, but Paco should come with a warning label for any poor guy who is about to be assigned to the same cabin with him,' I said. I hadn't intended to reveal about me and Paco, but now I didn't really care that it was out.

Tuck gave me a confused look. 'You sound like you know Paco pretty well.'

I smiled.

'How well do you know him?' he asked.

'It was before you and I met,' I said.

'No kidding! You got together with Paco?'

'Now do you want me to call him?' I asked.

Tuck shook his head. 'No, I don't want Paco or anyone else intruding on the little time we have left. I'm glad those boys didn't stay the whole night.'

'I am too. It was great with them but I was looking forward to just you and me for the time we have left, and hoping you were, too. We should be making good use of it.'

'This isn't making good use of it?' he asked, squeezing my cock.

'Oh, this is wonderful, but I meant better use for you, too,' I said.

'Then why don't you jack me off. It could be my first circle-jerk.'

He turned so we were in a sixty-nine position and I started jacking him off too. We grew more relaxed and when I lay my head on Tuck's thigh, he laid his head on mine. I was in a mild delirium with Tuck's hand around my cock and his head on my thigh. Merely his touch was enough, although I wished with everything in me that he would touch my cock with his lips.

'Do you want some poppers?' I asked hoarsely.

'Trying to get me drugged up?' he asked with a grin.

'I was just asking,' I said. 'I'm not trying to pressure you into anything.'

'Poppers could be a dangerous thing, especially in this position,' he said.

'Yeah, we saw what it did to those two boys,' I said as I lapped at his cock.

'Do you think it will happen between them again?' he asked.

'Not with their aunt in the room,' I said. 'But when they get back home...well, who knows? You heard what Bobby said about fucking Christian when they got back home and Christian didn't voice any objection.' I gave his cock a few more strokes in my mouth. 'Tuck, there's something I have to say. I don't know what's going on in your head right now with your head down there and your hand wrapped around my cock and I don't think you know either, for sure. But you're not likely to find yourself in a situation like this again and I don't want you to regret it later....that you had a chance to discover something about yourself, and didn't take that chance.'

'Was that a lame attempt at getting me suck your cock or what?' he said with a nervous chuckle.

I didn't say anything. I'd already said what I wanted to say and there was nothing else, and besides, I had my mouth full of cock. I could be satisfied with him jacking me off.

Tuck kept squeezing my cock and now and then he would move his hand up and down the shaft, almost like he was doing me a token favor. I had my face buried way down between his buns when I realized felt the heat of his breath on my cock. I raised my head and glanced down at him; his mouth was less than an inch from the head of my cock, his gaze intent.

'Tuck.....don't......unless you're sure,' I said.

'If I was so all fired sure about anything, I wouldn't even be here in this position, would I?' he said.

I wished I could see his face better, to see if the final vestiges of macho inhibitions were crumbling; where his desire might be taking him. The desire was there, I was sure of that, confused as it was. They say it's there in every man but I felt his

inhibitions were too strong to even recognize that strangely forbidden desire within himself. I waited with baited breath. Nothing happened, except for his hand. Meanwhile, I was intensely occupied with his butt. I had his asshole so loose and stretched that I could bury my tongue in it. I dug my fingers into the hole and stretched it open even more and gave him more of my tongue. He gasped and squealed with pleasure. I worked one finger into his ass, all the way, and he moaned louder. I got real brave then and worked another finger along beside it. He groaned and winced a little but made no attempt to stop me, or even move away from my hand. I wriggled my fingers around inside his hot, delicate asshole I danced them around on his prostate and that drove him over the top

'OHhh Godddd! Ohhh, fuck, I don't know what you're doing in there, but don't stop dong it! Ohh, Geezuss....Ohhh, Mannnn....keep doing're g-gonna make me come!'

His asshole gripped my fingers tightly then relaxed, then squeezed again then I felt his load surge through the thick vein between his legs. Seconds later he was bathing my chest with his hot load.

'Goddam!' he gasped, when he was able. 'Now I know what a girl feels like!'

'Not quite. A girl doesn't have a prostate,' I said.

'Is that what you were hitting? My Godd, it's like I had a clit inside me.'

'The nice thing about going off that way, most guys' cocks don't go down, just like yours,' I said.

'Yeah, you can keep right on sucking it if you want,' he said.

I went back down on his hard cock. He whinnied with pleasure as I continued to finger his ass again and his hot breath bathed my cock. So hot. So close. Oh, Godd, he's going to do it this time! Maybe the desire was stronger than his curiosity after all. I felt his thick fingers tighten around my cock, squeezing and pulling on it and pumping it with his fist. Then I felt his hot breath and I trembled with anticipation.

'Aaaaawwwhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' I moaned aloud as he took my cock in his mouth. It was the most exquisite thing I'd ever felt. Virgin lips always are, but Tuck's full, pouting virgin lips felt incredible. I couldn't believe he was doing it! I couldn't believe it when he began moving his tongue around the head. He was sucking my cock! Not just holding it in his mouth. He was sucking it!! Up and down the shaft, now, and using his tongue! I relished the moment that I knew would pass all too quickly, as soon as he was fully aware of what he was doing. He did it longer than I expected. He stopped rather abruptly, then, and raised up. He held onto my cock for a moment, as if he might do it again, but then he let go of it.

'Sorry. I can't do it,' he said.

'Aww, you did it,' I said, still a little breathless. 'You know what it's like, now. Curiosity satisfied.'

'Yeah, but the only thing I'm worried about is what fueled my curiosity.'

'Going down on me don't make you gay,' I assured him. 'You tried it. You didn't like it. You won't do it again. It's as simple as that.'

'Whew! I don't believe I did it this time,' he said.

'I don't either.'

'You knew I would, though, didn't you, eventually,' he said.

'No. I felt you wanted to try something, but I wasn't sure you would.'

'One thing I am sure of, I want to fuck you again,' he said.

I didn't want to give up his cock. 'Can I have your load first? Can you keep it up to fuck me if you give me a load?'

He laughed. 'Give me a break. Has my cock gone down once in the last forty eight hours?'

I sucked his cock. He got so hot he could hardly wait to fuck me; he was panting to get at me. When I finally got his load he wasn't even finished before he pulled his erupting cock out of my mouth, turned me over and plowed it into my ass. He fucked me more furiously for a moment then turned me over.

'Dam, you are a machine,' I said.

'Yeah, a fucking machine. But you like it, don't you?' he said with a wide grin. 'I wanta come again, then keep right on fucking you. I want to come as many times as I can and take you off as many times as you can make it.'

I looked at my watch. 'We can cram only so much sex into a two hour time period.'

'Two hours, is that all the time we have?'

'If we're going to eat breakfast. We have to be out of the cabin by 8:00.'

'Let's get cramming then,' he said as he started fucking me harder. Tuck knew how to cram. He fucked me twice more without ever losing his hardon, even though he shot off every time plus once in my mouth. The first was in me. The other one was all over me, mostly on my face and chest and shoulders. I thought it strange that he told me not to wipe it off. As he was sliding his cock back into me for the third time he said, 'There's one more thing....I know I'm not gonna like it but I gotta try it,' he said hoarsely. Then he leaned down and kissed me squarely on my come-covered mouth! He lapped his come from my lips and fed it to me with his tongue. We both whimpered and squealed with pleasure as I fed it back to him. I heard him swallow but I didn't know if he had swallowed any of his come.

Suddenly he raised up with a heavy sigh. 'Whew! That was hot!!!'

'I hope you still think so later,' I said.

'Fuck, how the hell do you keep your ass so tight?'

'The size of your cock has something to do with my ass feeling so tight,' I told him.

After the third time he fucked me I spent the short time we had left making love to Tuck's body. I sucked his cock and his balls. I tongued his ass. I covered every inch of his muscular body with my mouth and tongue. I wanted to devour him. I got us both so hot that we both shot off together one last time. Most of both loads were on Tuck and I was pleased that he didn't mind. We lay exhausted, finally, on each other's arms, gasping for breath.

'I suppose we ought to shower,' he said.

'Yeah, but first......' I leaned over him and began lapping up our come from his glistening muscles.

'Aww, that is so fuckin' sexy,' he said. 'Shit, if we had a couple more hours, I think I would be asking you to come back to Cleveland with me,' he joked.

'I'll see you in Cleveland,' I promised.

We showered together but that's all it was; a nice, intimate shower.

'I never got any pictures,' I said.

'Everybody else did,' Tuck said. 'Aren't they sending you copies?'

'Yes, but I have some film I want to use up. Do you mind?'

'Like this?' Tuck asked, holding the towel out from his naked body.

'For starters, then I would like for you to pose in the things I bought you. Are they in your back-pack?'

'Yes. I don't know how much time we've got, though,' he said, glancing at his watch.

'Wear the burgundy, then, will you? And the loin cloth.'

Tuck dug out the loin cloth and slipped it on. His cock was fluffed up from so much sex, and the warm shower, and his manhood bulged something terrible. I took two pictures of him then he put on the burgundy thong. It stuck out in a huge bulge, his manhood straining against the zipper and the silk material. Tuck did several poses standing and lying on the bed and kneeling.

'Pull the zipper down a little,' I said.

He did some more poses with the zipper pulled apart. 'If we keep this up, they're gonna be up here hauling our asses off the ship,' he said.

There was a soft tap at the door and then it opened. It was Paco. We had forgotten to slip the Do-Not-Disturb card in the lock and he thought we had vacated the room.

'Oh. I'm sorry. I thought you were gone.'

'It's okay, we were just leaving' I said.

'Like that?' Paco joked, motioning to our nakedness.

Tuck began gathering up his clothes to put on. I checked my camera. There were four exposures left.

'Would you mind taking some pictures of us?' I asked Paco.

'No, not at all.'

I walked over beside Tuck and stopped him from putting his clothes on. We posed for Paco then I let Tuck put his briefs on. I slipped mine on and we posed together again.

'Two more left, do you mind if I pose you for these?' Pack asked. He turned us facing each other with our hands resting lightly on each other's hips. He pressed us together so our briefs were touching. 'Now, look down at each other,' he said. We did and he snapped the picture. Then he posed us with our hands wrapped around each other's butts for the next one, looking down at each other. I wished he'd taken the last one of us posed naked.

'Hey, Paco, we're sorry about the mess on the wall,' Tuck said.

'I thought it was very impressive,' he said with a smile. 'I wish I could have seen it happen.'

'We gotta get the fuck out of here before we miss breakfast,' Tuck said as he scrambled into his clothes.

When we left my cabin we ran into the guy next door. I had the feeling he'd been watching and waiting for us. He flashed a wide, knowing smile and nodded good morning. I nodded back and let him go down the corridor in front of us. When we were at the elevator, Tuck discovered that he'd left his wallet laying on the bed and had to go back and get it.

'I'll hold the elevator for you,' the man said. He turned and smiled at me again. 'How in the world did you land those two young studs last night?'

I must have blanched. He was watching us!

'They more or less found us,' I said rather curtly.

'I didn't think you would mind if I watched,' he said, apologetically. 'You didn't care if I watched you and the big guy.'

'Just so you didn't take any pictures,' I said as nice as I could. But I was concerned that he surely saw how young the boys were.

Tuck was quiet during breakfast and I couldn't think of anything appropriate to say either. It was as if any words we spoke would be anti-climactic. We went back to my cabin to get our back-packs. We lingered in the cabin, looking all around and at each other.

'I hate to leave,' I said.

'This has been the most incredible experience of my life,' Tuck said.

'I consider that a great compliment, considering it was supposed to be your honeymoon,' I said.

'I don't think a honeymoon could have been any better,' he said. Tuck turned suddenly and went to the door. He held it open for me to precede him. He glanced back, laughing. 'Poor Paco is going to shit when he has to clean our cabin. It looks like a tornado went through the place.'

'Paco will understand,' I said. 'I still think we should have called him.'

We went to the theater to wait for debarkation orders. We took seats in the corner of the balcony, where we were pretty much alone. We sat in silence for a long time, just watching the people milling around below us.

'Funny, after all we've done together its hard to think of something to say,' I said.

'Yeah. Words don't hardly describe it, do they?' he said. 'Are you going to contact those boys?' he asked.

'No. Geezuss, no, I still don't think Bobby was over seventeen.'

I saw Tuck look past me. 'Speaking of which.......'

I looked around to see Bobby and Christian walking through the lounge. I hoped they wouldn't see us; that they would walk right past us. No such luck.

'Hey, guys,' Christian said with a wide smile.

We exchanged greetings then Tuck did absolutely the wrong thing. He invited them to sit down. I felt weak in my stomach. I didn't want to be seen with these two young teenagers. Certainly not by their aunt; I sure as hell didn't want her to know what I looked like in the event Bobby ever told her what'd happened on the ship.

'Where's your aunt?' I asked.

'She's in the shower,' Bobby said. 'I hope she gets out of the cabin pretty quick.'

We talked about nothing, rather nervously skirting the one issue that I knew the boys wanted to bring up and I was deathly afraid they would. The pauses in our conversation made it more obvious that we were all nervous.

'What flight are you on?' Christian asked.

'Delta, 4456,' I replied.

'Too bad we couldn't be on the same flight back to Dayton,' Bobby said. 'Hey, you've got our phone numbers, right?'


'Will you guys see each other again?' Christian asked me and Tuck.

'Possibly,' Tuck replied before I had a chance to say anything.

'Possibly, my ass,' Bobby scoffed. 'What you guys have got going on, you'll be living together in no time.'

'There's nothing like that going on,' I said.

'Hell, you're practically in love, anybody can see that,' Christian said, directing his remark more to me than at Tuck.

'Hey guys, we need to not go there,' Tuck said firmly, looking around warily to see if anybody could hear.

'Oh. Yeah.....Okay, sorry.'

'I just wanta say one thing,' Bobby went on, his gaze fixed on me. 'That was not only the most incredible time I ever had in my life; two guys changed my whole outlook on guys and gays.'

'I'm glad, for both of you,' I said.

'So, are you both planning on going on another cruise,' Christian asked, rather quickly, as if he wanted to divert the conversation.

'Not in the near future,' I said.

Just then their flight was announced. They stood up, put out their hands out to me and Tuck, we shook hands then walked off. We both watched them walk away, their tight, firm butts churning sexily in their jeans. I saw several other people watching them and two women whispered something to each other.

'Damned impertinent kids,' Tuck said.

'They were sure hot, though,' I said as I watched the tight bubble butts churn out of sight.

'Yeah they were that,' he agreed.

Tuck and I slipped into our quiet mode again and it seemed to be okay.

'I wish they would hurry up and call my flight,' Tuck said.

'Just like a macho man; you've had your fun, now you're in a rush to get away from me,' I joked.

He eyed me, squarely in the eye. 'If you don't know better than that by now.......'

I smiled that I was only kidding. For a moment I half expected him to ask me to come to Cleveland. Even if he wanted to, I thought he was too macho to say the words. But he said something just as good.

'Look, Brad....I....this probably isn't the best time and place for true confessions, but....I gotta tell you, this has been the most incredible experience of my life,' he said. He laughed softly. 'I've had more sex in these last three days than I have my entire life, and it's been the greatest sex I ever had.'

'That doesn't speak well for the women you've dated,' I joked.

'What I'm tying to say is.....well, it's been, toward the end, got to be more than just the sex. Shit, man, there were feelings starting to rise up in me. Feelings that scare me.'

'I know it took a lot of guts for you to say that,' I said. 'Those feelings....that's why you don't want me to come to Cleveland?' I asked.

He looked at me. 'How did you know I was coming to that?'

'Like you said, these last three days have been more than sex,' I said. 'I feel I've gotten to know you pretty well, too. Don't worry. I won't come unless you want me to. I will write, though, because I'll have pictures to send you. It'll be up to you whether you write back or call; we'll leave it at that. But just remember, you are welcome in Brownsboro any time; even if it's just to talk. I'm only a few miles from the Dayton airport.'

'Yeah, right,' he scoffed. 'Like I would come all the way to Dayton just to talk. Like I could. But thanks, it's good to know.'

There was a long quiet and it seemed that what had taken place the last three days was being wiped away, and when we parted it would be as if it had never happened.

'There was one more thing I wanted you to do for me,' I said.

'What's that?' he asked.

I looked at my watch. 'Grab your back-pack,' I said as I stood up.

'What? What're you doing? Where are we going?' Tuck asked as he snatched up his back-pack and followed me. 'Brad, we don't have time....what if they call one of our flights?'

But I rushed on ahead of him to get the elevator. It swung open more quickly than it ever had and we went sailing up to the eighth deck. Neither of us said anything; we just looked at the floor till the elevator doors slid open and I rushed down the corridor toward my cabin. Luckily, Paco was in the hallway. He blinked with surprise and smiled when he saw us.

'Did you forget something? I didn't find anything in your cabin,' he said.

'We need to get back in the cabin,' I said.

Paco frowned and hesitated.

'Just five minutes,' I pleaded and stuffed a five-dollar bill in his pocket.

'All right,' he said, an unlocked the door.

Tuck followed me inside with a confused look. 'Take off your clothes,' I said as I tossed my back-pack on the bed and began rummaging around in the side pocket.

'Why? What're you.....What if they call our flight?'

'It won't take long,' I cut in. I found the XL sized condom and ripped the package open and handed it to him. 'I want you to jack off in this for me,' I told him.

'What?' He was sill confused, but he was taking off his clothes.

'I'll suck your cock to help you along,' I said. 'I want you to shoot it full for me to take back home.'

'I can do that without taking off my clothes,' he said.

'No, I want to take the picture with me in my mind, of your muscles rippling and bulging when you jack off and trembling when you shoot.'

If Tuck wasn't listening or understanding, his cock was. By the time he was down to his socks and shoes his cock was coming to stiff attention.

'What're you going to do with a condom full of my come?' he asked.

'Keep it for as long as I can,' I said. I rolled the condom down over his oversized cock and gave it a few strokes with my hand to get him started. 'Do you want me to suck it again for you?' I asked.

'It'd be better if you tongued my ass; that gets me hotter than anything,' he said.

I bent him over the bed and began tonguing his ass. He groaned out loud and his hand moved into high gear. I sucked up his swinging balls and lavered them with my tongue. I knew that made him hot too. I alternated between his

balls and his ass, till he was squirming around on his hands and knees on the bed.

'Why don't you use your fingers, like you did before?' he said. 'That'll get me off quicker than anything.'

I prodded at his spongy hole then shoved my finger through it. He let out a little gasp and shoved his ass back on it. I started fingering him but he took it upon himself to fuck my finger. When he was relaxed he told me to use two fingers. I shoved another one inside him and began squeezing his prostate.

'Oh, Fuck, Yeah! That's gonna do it!'

The way he was gasping I knew he was getting close. I devoured his ass for a moment more then moved around to watch him shoot, my fingers still dancing around inside him.

Tuck raised up on his haunches with his head tossed back in pained ecstasy. His fist pumped his huge cock furiously, then he added his other hand and jacked it till suddenly he lurched and his body shook and his muscles trembled and then he was coming. He shot into the condom so hard that it ballooned out with the sheer force and power of it. Gradually, he filled the tip that fit the head and the stuff kept shooting out and was soon gushing back around the shaft of his cock cock within the tight confines of the condom. By the time he was done it looked like his cock was swimming in white-wash. He dropped his head with a loud gust of air as I pulled my fingers free.

'There! That a big enough load for you to take home?' he asked breathlessly.

'Oh, Yesss! Oh, Mann, that was wonderful,' I said as I carefully removed the condom from his cock. I tied it off at the end and held it up. It was nearly a third full of come! 'Dam, I wish we could've saved all the come you've shot on this trip.'

'Man, I gotta wash up again,' Tuck said as he stepped back off the bed. 'Paco is going to be pissed if we use the clean towels.'

'Let me take care of it for you,' I said as I dropped to my knees. 'I'll clean it off for you.' I lapped the warm come off of the shaft of his cock then took the head in my mouth to suck out the last drops of his load that might be lingering in the cum tube so it wouldn't soak through and leave stains in his jeans.

'Man, I never saw anybody so hungry for come,' he said, laughing as he helped me to my feet.

While Tuck scrambled into his clothes I wrapped the condom in toilette paper and carefully put it in the soap dish inside my shaving kit. Paco was two doors down when we came out of the cabin. He smiled as we approached him.

'Thanks again, Paco,' I said as I squeezed his arm.

We went back to the theater to wait. We were quiet again till Tuck shook his head and laughed softly. 'You are one wild dude, you know that?'

'No more than you were able to handle, though,' I said.

He turned to look squarely in my eyes. 'I just thought of something. I had my honeymoon after all, in a manner of speaking.'

I laughed with him. 'Well, I guess you did if you want to look at it that way.'

'I'm never going to forget it,' he said.

'Just don't let it be your last honeymoon,' I said. It was a noble thing to say; I hated the thought of him settling down with some lucky woman but I knew that was his destiny.

They called his flight first. We looked at each other and he stood up. I picked up his back-pack and handed it to him.

'Well, I guess this is it,' he said, putting out his hand.

'I'll walk you out,' I said.

We walked through the Pirate Bar and into the casino. There, Tuck stopped and put his back-pack down.

'Fuck it,' he said. 'This calls for more than a handshake.' With that he put his arms around me and pulled me tight against him. I hugged him back. It was a full-body hug, our loins and thighs smashed as hard together as our chests.

'Godd, you feel good,' I said in a choked whispered.

'Yeah, you too, man,' he said hoarsely. 'I'm going to take that with me; I'm not going to forget how good you feel right now.'

I thought for a second he might kiss me but we broke apart and he picked up his back-pack. I saw that his eyes were a little wet. I now mine were. We walked the rest of the way, to the crowd gathering to get off the boat. As he moved into the crowd I went to a window where I could hopefully see him. Twice he looked back and our eyes met. The third time I saw him searching for me but he couldn't find me. I stepped out and waved and caught his attention.

'I had a great time!' he yelled.

I choked, which ruined my smile. As he disappeared through the exit I realized that people were staring at me. Instead of going to the window I rushed back to the Pirate Bar. I felt a sense of devastation, as if my life had ended. In a way it had, I suppose. At least a very important part of it. Certainly, anything else that happened in my life could not measure up to these last few days. I needed a drink but of course the bar was closed. I went over to a window to see if I could see him, but the crowd was dissipating and he was nowhere to be seen.

'He got on the bus,' someone said. I looked around to see a man, attractive, nicely built, not forty. 'Did you love him?' he asked.

'Of course,' I said with a scowl. 'He's my brother.'


I walked away, leaving the man red-faced. I was so ashamed of myself for lying. Why couldn't I admit to a perfect stranger that, yes, I did love him? I waited another hour before my flight was called. I sat alone in my little corner of the balcony in the theater, trying to relive every moment of the last three days. A man came in and sat in the seat in front of me. Why, I wondered, when there were a hundred empty seats in the balcony. Then he twisted around in his seat.

'It was tough, letting him go,' he said.

I scowled at him. Who was he, and what did he know about me, and Tuck? I'd never seen him before, and it bothered me a little that this was the second person who had drawn conclusions about us.

'Excuse me, but I don't think we've met,' I said, politely as I could.

'Not formally,' he said. 'But I hope you enjoyed the wine.'

'Oh. Oh, yes, we did. Thank you.'

'Your friend already thanked me,' he said.

'I told him to thank you personally, but he wouldn't do it. He's a little shy.'

'I don't believe that. The way he was strutting around at the pool in that burgundy thong.....but then, I can understand why, he wouldn't want to leave you for me, even for an hour.'

I felt my face flush and I was angry that people were seeing right through me and assuming things about us. 'It wasn't like that,' I said firmly.

He looked at me with penetrating eyes that saw the truth in mine.

'Okay, it was like that,' I admitted with a relaxed chuckle. 'At least for me. It wasn't for him, though. This cruise was supposed to be his honeymoon.'

'And you believe he's going back home to his life and never give you another thought? If you believe that......well, don't count on it. I saw you hugging goodbye in the casino. That was no brotherly hug, and if I'm not mistaken, he initiated it.'

'That doesn't mean he isn't going back home to his life and his girlfriend and never give me another thought,' I said. 'In fact, he asked me not to come to Cleveland.'

'Did he give you his phone number, or his address,' the man asked.


'Then he wants you to come to Cleveland. Maybe not right away, but in his own time. If he wanted to severe all ties, he wouldn't have given you his phone number and address, so there would be no chance that he would ever see you again.'

'I hope you're right.' I didn't know why I was talking to this man so freely about me and Tuck except that he seemed to understand. We stopped talking to listen to the flight announcements coming over the speakers. My flight was called and I reached for my back-pack. The man stood up and held out

his hand.

'Good luck. I hope you see him again.'

'Thanks, so do I,' I said. So do I, I said again to myself as I walked toward the gang plank.

My flight back to Dayton was like a lifetime. The week behind me was like another life. I wondered if I would ever see Tuck again, and if not, would I ever get over him? I'd never felt like this about another person, during or after any relationship. I wondered if he and Cindy would reconcile and get married after all, or if he would find another girl deserving of him. I wondered if such a woman existed.

I was in a daze when I got home. I took the condom out of the soap dish and poured Tuck's load of come in a small vial and put it in the freezer. I didn't know how long it would last, but they freeze semen all the time; I could probably keep it for years. Then I washed the condom out and laid it out to dry. I couldn't believe how big it was laid out on the towel; and that Tuck had filled it with his cock; even stretched it. I unpacked my bags and did laundry....all except Tuck's jockstrap....and put shit away and sorted out the gifts I'd bought.

I put Tuck's jockstrap under my pillow. The first night I did that, it excited me so that I had to get off. I did it the way Paco showed me I could.....I sucked my own cock!! It was great but the cock I had in my mouth wasn't Tuck's cock and the load I shot wasn't his, and it didn't soothe the ache I had for Tuck. That same week the pictures arrived that the women had taken, plus some more that I forgot who took them. I waited to send them to Tuck. I was holding out for him to write or call me but then couldn't remember if he had gotten my address or phone number. He could find me if he wanted to but I knew it was foolish; and futile. I never heard from him. So I sent him the pictures with a short note.


Here are some more pictures. I think they're great. Where are you putting all the pictures? Have you made up an album? This may sound corny to a big, macho stud like you but I want you to know that I keep your jockstrap under my pillow. The contents of the condom you filled for me is in a sealed vial in the freezer. I figure they freeze semen all the time in sperm banks so I should be able to keep it for years. If it goes bad I can always get more, right? I'm thinking about jacking off a load of my own to mix with it; appropriate, don't you think?

I washed the condom and let it dry good and will preserve it as long as I can. Seeing it laid out on the towel to dry, I found it hard to believe that you actually filled it up with your cock. I'll bet the islands and a lot of the ship's passengers are still reeling from you. I know I am. Okay, I won't go there. I need to hear from you, though. Take care, and I hope you have found the happiness you deserve.


My dazed stupor lasted for weeks. I couldn't get back into the swing of things; I couldn't adjust to being without Tuck. I thought of Christian and Bobby often. Actually, I longed to get with the two virile young studs again but it was out of the question. Even though Bobby would probably be eighteen by now, the deed was done when I was sure he was only seventeen and it was better that he not know where I lived. Of course, they could probably find me too if they wanted to.

I wondered if Tuck ever thought of me. Surely, he would not forget me but that wasn't the same as thinking about me. Then one day I went the mailbox and found a letter from him. I got a little short of breath when I saw the letter, and my hands trembled as I opened it.

Hey Brad:

It was great to hear from you. Thanks for all the pictures. Yes, I have put them all in one album that can be put away and brought out discreetly from time to time. Can't leave pictures like that out in my world. But then, probably not in yours either. I was impressed that you hold my jockstrap in such high esteem. Yeah, I think it would be great to think of your come and mine frozen in the same vial, for all eternity. If it goes bad, yeah, we can always replace it sometime. I thought it was kind of weird when you took me back to the cabin at the last minute to fill up that condom but I'm sort of impressed that you've kept it. I'm glad I was able to 'fill it up' for you with my cock.

The islands may be reeling, but so am I. I'm still in a daze over everything that happened. I haven't contacted Cindy and she hasn't contacted me. It's just as well for now because I don't know how convincing I could be that I actually missed her on my 'honeymoon' after spending those few days with you. As for finding happiness.....well, I don't know just what happiness I deserve, but I'm not looking too hard. If I deserve it all that much, it will come in time. Meanwhile, I am searching for a good time. You're going to love this. I'm getting pretty bold after you showed me around that 'brave new world' and I found a nudist camp. An all-male nudist camp; interpreted....mostly gay, plus a lot of straight guys looking, or curious. I didn't get completely naked right away; I wore the burgundy thong (which is better than being naked). Another guy came up to me and reminded me that it was a nudist camp and that the thong looked terrific but I should take it off. I told him he would have to take it off of me. He did. We were deep in the woods but we had an

audience of four other guys and needless to say, things progressed from there. Reminded me of the cruise. Of course, the panther drew a lot of attention. There is a party at the camp this weekend where everyone starts out wearing something. I'm going to wear my loin cloth. I would like for you to come up later in the summer and I'll take you to the camp. You would be a big hit there.

Have you met up with those two teenage hunks since you got back? I know you're reluctant, but we both know you want to. Go for it! You'll be hard pressed to find young prime beef like that. So long for now; keep in touch! Thanks again for showing me such a great time.....and for showing me.


So he did think about me. And he wanted me to come to Cleveland! Just knowing that made life easier. I kept thinking about Bobby and Christian but my decision stood. I would not contact them. That risk that I had taken with them on the ship would be with me for many years to come.

I was working out in the yard one Saturday in late summer, getting things shaped up for the fall before I went to Cleveland. I live on the busy main road going through Brownsboro but my house is set way back from the road in a grove of trees. I never pay much attention to the constant stream of slow-moving traffic but the sound of a horn is rare and I looked up from raking when somebody beeped their horn several times. There was a pickup truck pulling into my driveway. I leaned my rake against a sapling and walked toward it, curious, to be sure, for I didn't know anyone who owned a pickup. Then they got out. It was Christian and Bobby! I think the whole neighborhood could hear my excited gasp of surprise.

'Hey, Brad,' Bobby yelled as he came around the front of the truck and the two boys came walking to meet me.

'Oh My Goddd!' I said quietly to myself. They both had on skin-tight shorts and hiking shoes and baseball caps. That's all. No shirts. No sign of any pants or jeans; just what looked like workout shorts.

'I guess we're in luck,' Christian said. 'We decided to drive out and just cruise around and see if we could find you. We never heard from you or anything.'

'I lost your addresses,' I lied. Actually, they were tucked safely in my top dresser drawer; out of the way, but there if I ever changed my mind. We shook hands and I ogled their massive young bodies. 'It's great to see you guys,' I said. And it was. Not smart, but great.

I tried not to feel guilty with the two teenagers in my yard.

But then, none of the neighbors knew our relationship. I don't think any of them even knew I was gay. Besides, the boys didn't look like teenagers. Bobby was even more muscular than ever and Christian had put on a few pounds in the right places, and they looked like college guys.

'Fuckin' great to see you,' Bobby said. 'Man, we talk about the cruise all time, and you and Tuck.'

I was glad they'd found me. I was weak in the knees from looking at them and my mouth went dry and my asshole twitched as I thought of everything I had done with the two hunky studs, and what we could do again. I turned toward the house.

'You got time for something cold to drink?' I asked.

'A cold beer would be great,' Bobby said.

I glanced over my shoulder at the pickup. 'I don't think so,' I said. 'You're driving.'

'Christian can drive back,' he said.

'I've got Pepsi, iced tea or cold water,' I said firmly. I took them around to the back to the enclosed patio. Inside, it was cool and dark from the screen blocking the sunlight. I offered them a seat and went inside to get the drinks. I didn't know they had followed me in till I turned around from the refrigerator and there they stood, smiling and sexy as all hell. Bobby dropped one hand to the front of his shorts and brushed the bulge.

'You guys look like you just finished working out,' I remarked.

'Naw, we just wear these to get attention,' Bobby said, laughing.

'Well, it works,' I said.

'Does it?' Christian asked with a sly grin.

That opened the door a crack and I had only to push it wider and close it quickly. I didn't have the strength to close it.

'Well, did you guys take up where you left off when you got back home?' I asked as I poured their Pepsi over ice.

'Shit, man, you got us on a roll,' Bobby said. 'We haven't stopped since we got back.'

'I'm surprised you're able to walk,' I said to Christian.

'I'm surprised Bobby's able to talk. He ought to have a sore throat,' Christian said.

I smiled. 'No shit?'

'Hey, I'm probably the second best cocksucker in the county, next to him,' Bobby said. 'Not just any cock, though. Christian is the only guy I mess around with. I still like girls, so I don't go looking for cock.'

'Have you, uh.....gone the other route yet?' I asked.

The boys looked at each other and Bobby sort of blushed.

'Tell him,' Christian said.

'Okay, he...he busted my cherry about a week ago,' Bobby admitted shyly but with a certain pride.

'Well, congratulations,' I said, clapping him on the shoulder.

'I just wish I'd let it happen when we were on the cruise, when we were all four together. I wish I'd let Tuck fuck me. Goddam, he was a stud!'

'Did you guys stay in touch?' Christian asked me.

'We've exchanged a couple of short letters,' I said. 'I had

to send him some pictures from the cruise and he wrote a short note back. I'm going up to Cleveland next week to see him.'

'Didn't I tell you, you would?' Bobby said gleefully. 'Hell, there'll be a For-Sale sign out front when you get back.'

'I'll bet you'll be glad to see him,' Christian said.

'Yes. Actually, I'm glad to see you guys,' I said.

'How glad?' Bobby asked with a mischievous grin as he rubbed his hand over the bulge in his shorts again. 'Cause my cock's feeling awful glad to see you.'

'How about your ass?' I asked with a wink.

He didn't say no but he was hesitant.

'He's only done it that one time,' Christian said.

'Okay,' Bobby said hoarsely, his face flushed. 'Okay, you can fuck me. You can both fuck me, how's that? But not at the same time like we did you,' he added quickly.

I led the way upstairs to the master bedroom, where there was a king-size bed and cottage windows that opened out to let the summer breeze in. I turned on the ceiling fan for good measure. The boys didn't waste any time getting out of their shorts and jockstraps.

'Leave your boots on,' I said.

'Yeah, Christian likes me to leave my boots on,' Bobby said with a grin.

'You should see him in a tool belt,' Christian said. 'God, he makes a hot construction worker.'

'I'll be right back,' I said. I went downstairs and out to the garage to get my tool belt. I rushed back upstairs and handed it to Bobby. 'Here, put it on.'

Bobby slung the heavy tool belt around his lean waist and

buckled it.

'Dam!' I swore softly. 'You're right.'

Christian giggled.

I moved closer and spread my hand over Bobby's chest. His pecs were hard as stone. I leaned in and kissed his chest and flicked my tongue around his nipple.

'Awwwhhhhhh,' he moaned, pressing his hand to the back of my head. 'Awww, I love it when Christian does that.'

I took his cock in my hand. It pulsated, already so thick I

couldn't reach around it. 'Dam, Billy, this thing is as big around as a beer can,' I said.

'Bigger,' Christian said.

I pulled on his cock, my ass twitching. 'Somehow, I don't think my ass is going to thank me for this,' I said.

The End



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