Day One (Monday) -- St. Thomas Island

Sunday was a grueling day with the long flight to San Juan and getting settled into the ship. This wasn't my first time in the islands but it was one that I needed the most, for reasons that serve no purpose in this story. I grabbed a bite to eat in the Windjammer Cafe and explored part of the ship then went back to my cabin to unpack my bags. Tired as I was, I couldn't go to bed till after the lifeboat drill that I thought they always held too late in the evening.

Fortunately, it was done very efficiently and I returned to my cabin to retire early and get rested up for the adventure that lay ahead. Little did I know what an adventure it would be. I stood out on the balcony for a long time, gazing at the gently rolling black sea swirling away from the side of the ship. I vowed that I would have a good time on this trip and go back with a new and refreshed outlook on my life. I could not know how much my life would change.

I saw him for the first time the next morning on St. Thomas, walking along the dock away from the ship as I was returning after checking out the jewelry shops at dock-side. The first thing that attracted my attention was his legs. He had beautiful legs. Big, thick, powerful thighs that stuck out of his jeans shorts that strained against the bulging muscles. I eyed the way his muscles flexed and leapt with each step. He walked with determination, with great, long strides, much resembling a strong, young stallion. The rest of him not to be ignored, from there I quickly took in his upper body before he passed by me. He was wearing a thin, white T-shirt that stretched over the heavy musculature of his wide shoulders and his thick chest. I could only imagine what he looked like out of his shirt with his big, steak-sized pecs standing naked and proud.

I resisted the temptation to turn and follow him, or even to turn around and look after we had passed each other by. I only prayed that we would run into each other again. I looked around to see if Carnival's ship was docked. It wasn't. Ours was the only ship in the harbor, which meant the big stud was on it. Still, with over twenty-five hundred passengers aboard, chances were slim that I would see him again. But my luck was with me, as I found out later in the evening. We both had the early seating in the same dining room.

I saw him come in, looking stunning in his tux. He looked like a model. I was surprised that he came in alone but he went to a table for eight and I thought he might be meeting someone. I watched to see if he joined anyone in particular at the table, or if anyone else came in to join him. No one did that I could tell. I was at a table for four so it was difficult to stray away from the conversation without being rude, but I did manage to get some glimpses of the young man, too handsome for his own good. I was good-looking and well-built myself but this guy's looks were almost criminal.

I thought it curious that such a stud didn't appear to be with anyone but he seemed very personable and was having a good time with the other guests at his table. Better than I was, with the older couple and their young grand daughter. She was about sixteen, gorgeous and sexy, and obvious to the trained eye, hot to trot. She kept looking at me and by the time dinner was over I decided I could have thrown her across the table and fucked her eyeballs out.

We made casual if strained conversation and I was careful not to mention my cabin number or even the deck I was on. I made mental note to keep all distance between us. After dinner I kept in as close proximity as I could as the handsome, young stud as he walked down the promenade, without appearing to be following him. I hoped to have cause to speak to him, if only to make eye contact. I did, but it wasn't successful beyond that. All I got was a smile that left me weak in the knees. That night, though, I was able to pull him into my dreams.

Day Two (Tuesday) -- St. Maartens Island

The next morning I showered and put on a pair of khaki hiking shorts that I'd had shortened to reveal more thigh, and a dark blue T-shirt and hiking boots. I was traveling alone too, but I wanted to look as studly as possible. I checked myself in the mirror before I left, satisfied that I looked studly enough to draw my share of attention, although I didn't know from who, or to what end for that matter. My cabin attendant, Paco, was in the hallway when I came out.

'You're looking sharp this morning, Mr. Covington,' he said with his bright smile. He was drop-dead cute, maybe in his early twenties, with dark olive skin and snappy black eyes.

'Thanks, I just hope its good enough,' I joked.

Paco laughed and I went on down the corridor in search of my improbable dream. Despite my dreams of the young stud I certainly wouldn't fight Paco off if he tried to force himself on me. But there were strict rules against the ship's staff or crew socializing with the passengers.

I checked out the Windjammer where I thought my dream stud would probably be having breakfast but I never saw him. After breakfast I went on an island tour that I had scheduled, then took the Atlantis submarine dive. It was an awesome experience but I kept wishing that The Stud was there with me. I would wish that everywhere I went, everywhere I looked. And why not, since fate had thrown us together on the sane ship, both alone?

I took in the market shops to pick up some things for my parents and nieces and nephews and friends. I wanted to get that out of the way early on. I got brave and against all advice, ate at a small local cafe on the island, both food and drink, and I prayed I wouldn't come down with some terrible disease.

I saw him again as I was returning to the ship late in the afternoon. He was getting off of a scuba boat tour. He didn't see me but I watched him at a safe distance behind, as both of us were walking back to the ship. He had an awesome butt packed into his shorts and his heavily muscled shoulders looked even broader in his damp tank-top, and his thighs thicker, if that were possible. His ham-string muscles bulged with each step. I lost track of him in the crowd of passengers re-boarding but I saw him again in the Windjammer....he hadn't changed clothes....and we made eye contact again for a brief second. Every little bit helps, I thought. I felt that fate must be with me when I saw him

later in the health club. He was in the free-weights section and I took a treadmill where I could watch him in the ceiling-to-floor mirrors.

He had changed into a pair of dark blue athletic shorts and a yellow tank top, both designed to reveal a lot of muscle. He worked out with the solitary intensity of a body-builder. His muscles were soon glistening with sweat, even in the air-conditioned room. The sight of him left me so weak, I couldn't muster the courage to approach him.

Later, I went to a show and had a drink at the Schooner Bar, every moment searching for the young stud. As I lay out on my balcony later I wondered what cabin he was in, on what deck...and what a shame it was that we were both alone and yet so apart.

Day Three (Wednesday) -- Antiqua Island

I thought I should try to prevent the handsome stud from becoming an obsession with me but my first waking thoughts were of him, wishing that he was waking up beside me. I imagined all sorts of other things, and it was driving me nuts. It could even ruin my cruise.

I had no particular plans for the day in Antiqua except to see the downtown and maybe take a taxi tour of the island. I wasn't on any schedule and was in no rush so I walked around the ship first. I found him on the basketball court. He was the only one on the court. His athletic prowess, his graceful, yet quick, powerful moves were a thing if beauty. I stood and watched him for a moment, the muscles in his thighs bulging and leaping with his quick movements, his calves bulging as he powered himself up for the shot. His bare upper body glistened in the sunlight. He was an absolutely beautiful young man, slim-hipped with a taper upward and outward to his wide back and powerful shoulders. I loved the way his lats spread out like bat wings as he raised his arms to take the shot and the well-defined, finger-like muscles that wrapped half way around his rib cage. His thick pecs bounced solidly as he landed like a cat on the balls of his feet, and his tight abs pulled and flexed as he took the next shot. When he came down he noticed me watching him.

'Hey, do you wanta play some one-on-one?' he asked, standing with his feet set wide apart and the ball held on one hip.

I always admired guys with that courage to invite competitiveness. I took a moment, I think for the words to reach my ears, for me to realize that he was talking to me.

'Sure,' I said, without wondering how I might stack up against the guy's athletic ability. I already wore shorts and I skinned off my T-shirt because I figured he expected me to. I didn't quite match the guy's muscularity but I had nothing to be ashamed of in baring my muscles.

He gave me what I took to be an appreciative look; it was nothing more. The sport forced us together in muscle-against-muscle closeness; I not only felt his warm, hard, sweaty muscles against my own, I got to smell him. It was a heady smell of fresh sweat and overall maleness. He beat me but it wasn't a hands-down defeat. I was pleased with my performance against him, even more pleased for the opportunity to finally meet him, and flattered that he counted me his competition.

'You're good,' he said casually as we came off the court. It wasn't a compliment as much as a simple statement of fact.

'But not good enough to beat you,' I said.

'It was just a game,' he said. 'Well, I gotta take a shower,' he said with a friendly smile as he looked at his watch.

He had a smile that melted my defenses, if I had any left at all. 'Are you going to take a tour today?' I asked quickly before he got away.

'Yeah, I'm taking a Jeep safari. How about you?'

'Nothing planned,' I said. 'I saw you coming back from scuba diving yesterday.'

'It was great. Hey, do you want to come along today?' he asked eagerly.

I was too suddenly excited at first to answer. Was this fate working in my favor, or playing tricks on me?

'If I can still get a ticket, sure, I'd like to come,' I said.

'You don't need a ticket. It's not a ship-sponsored thing. You just rent a Jeep, they give you a map and you go. I've got a Jeep reserved all to myself.'

'Maybe you would rather go alone,' I said, remembering that he was traveling by himself, and maybe for a reason.

'No, I would like the company,' he said. 'My name's Tuck Stoner by the way,' he added, putting out his hand.

'Brad Covington,' I said. He had a good grip, big hands ' that your real name?' I asked.

'Yep. I've spent my life trying to live it down,' he said, laughing, his rock-hard abs dancing and rippling with his laughter.

'It's nothing to live down. It's more a name you have to live up to. I like it,' I said.

'Do you want to meet at the Windjammer, then we can take off from there,' he said.

We met at the Windjammer for lunch. The only table was for two. It was a little cramped under the table for two men our size but I didn't mind. Tuck didn't seem to get upset either when our bare legs touched. He simply drew his legs away, as if it was no big deal. We talked the usual small talk; where we were from, what we did, what deck we were on, what land tours we had taken. He was from Nebraska, a second-year student at the university, in sociology and physical education and studying sports medicine. It followed that he must be nineteen or twenty years old.

'It sounds like you're covering all bases,' I said.

'It doesn't hurt to have a day job,' he said. 'Most high schools don't have just a Phys Ed teacher anymore. You have to specialize in something else. I'm not a big fan of the classroom atmosphere so I hope to become a coach or sports trainer, but I'll have sociology to fall back on.'

After lunch we headed out to pick up our Jeep. The safari was exciting, as was Tuck himself. He drove up the mountain, giving me the opportunity to watch his tanned, muscular legs sticking most of the way out of his shorts, bulging and leaping when he shifted gears or braked and his calves bulging out of the

tops of his socks. At the top of the mountain we went for a short hike then stopped off at a tiny cafe and had something cold to drink before we headed back.

At his insistence I drove back and we laughed like a couple of high school kids going back down the mountain. I enjoyed his company and I think he enjoyed mine.

Back at the ship, Tuck suggested we meet at the Schooner Bar for a drink after dinner, after we changed out of our dinner clothes. I was more than happy to accept, his second invitation. I skipped dessert and after-dinner conversation and went to my room to change. I put on a pair of white shorts that contrasted sharply with my tan, and a dark blue knit shirt. He arrived at the Schooner just as I was walking up. We took a table in the curve of a corner overlooking the sea. We ordered and Tuck was the first to get his ship card out to pay. I reached for mine but he told me firmly to put it back.

'I still owe you for half the Jeep rental,' I reminded him.

'You don't owe me anything,' he said flatly. 'I was glad to have your company.'

'Fine, but you don't have to pay for my company,' I said. But he still wouldn't let me pay. He asked about my table companions.

'Well, I'm with a rather naive, middle-aged couple with a young daughter who would like to throw me across the table and rape me,' I said. 'I'm keeping my distance.'

He laughed. 'We've got a couple of babes like that at our table. They're not excessively bold, I think out of respect for the two older couples, but they're sure sending out the vibes.'

'I noticed you seem to be traveling alone,' I said.

'Yeah.' His answer was short, almost curt, and I was afraid I had said something out of line. Then he went on. 'Actually, this was supposed to be my honeymoon but my fiance backed out at the last minute. I got dumped at the alter.'

'Wow! That's got to be tough!' I said.

'I would rather it be this way than to find out later that she regretted getting married,' he said.

'I won't even ask what happened.'

'It wouldn't do any good. I don't know myself,' he said.

'She just changed her mind, no explanation or anything?' I asked.

'She said she would explain sometime. Not that I give a dam now, except that I am curious why she practically ran to one of my best friends for solace. My dad urged me to go ahead and take the cruise since it was already paid for. I tried to get him and mom to go but they insisted that I needed to be away by myself.'

'Well parents are usually right. I hope its working.'

'I am enjoying the cruise,' he said. 'More since you and I sort of teamed up.'

I hadn't realized that we had teamed up but I was glad that's the way he saw it and happy to go along with it. Our legs kept touching under the small cocktail table. Tuck drew one leg up and laid it across the other. His tanned leg was a beautiful sight by itself. But then our knees touched. He would move his then I would move mine again, till he laughed and said, 'What do you say we don't worry about it.'

So we didn't and I wondered if anyone took notice of two very masculine men rubbing knees under the table.

'You seem to be traveling alone, too,' Tuck said.

'Yes, but it's nothing like your situation,' I said.

'I hope you're having a good time.'

'It's more enjoyable going on the land tours with someone I don't know,' I said.

'I've got a jungle trek planned for tomorrow morning, then I'm spending the afternoon at the beach,' he said. 'It's a trip out to some island on a catamaran.' The way he said it was like he was inviting me, even expecting me to come along.

'The beach sounds relaxing but the jungle trek sounds a bit rugged,' I said. My response was made to sound like I was accepting his invitation, if he was inviting me.

'They said it's for the young and athletic. You could handle it,' he said.

'I saw you working out the other morning. It doesn't look like you miss too many workouts,' I said.

'Thanks. You either,' he said, giving me an admiring look up and down. From anyone else it might have had some hidden meaning but that's all it was from him, an admiring look.

'I try,' I said.

There was a short lull in the conversation and I was looking at Tuck. He cocked his head with a smiling frown, like 'what?'

'I was just thinking what a stupid woman your fiance is, or was,' I said.

Tuck laughed, embarrassed.

'You're certainly not going to have any trouble finding a woman to be your wife,' I said.

'Thanks, but I have to go through all the courtship again.'

'Like that would be such a chore,' I scoffed.

'I'm not going to be in any rush to find another woman,' he said. 'Actually, we were both too young. I'm giving myself plenty of time this time.'

It was Tuck who said he needed to go to his cabin. I hated to part company. I wanted to invite him to my cabin but I was afraid it would appear too obvious, especially since we had just spent the evening together.'

'Hey, you never said for sure; is the jungle trek on for tomorrow,' he asked as he was getting up from the table.


In my mind I began to make plans for the remaining days and nights of the cruise. I could not let this opportunity go by without at least trying.

'I'm going to make the rounds of the night clubs this evening, do you want to come along,' he asked.

'Yeah, sounds like fun,' I said, but I was instantly uneasy. Tuck would, by his nature, be on the lookout for women, and he would have no trouble finding them. I didn't know how I would handle a situation with a woman; it'd been so long. But I went, just to be with Tuck.

He was fun to be with, laughing and joking with everyone around him. Maybe he was overcompensating for his situation, but he made everyone around him happy.

Paco, the cabin attendant, was sill working when I returned to my cabin.

'Don't you ever get any time off?' I asked.

'I'm off just as soon as I stow all of this stuff,' he said.

'What do you do with your time off?' I asked. 'Do the crew members ever go to the shows, or off on the islands?' I figured he had already seen everything there was to see on the islands; that he was probably from one of them.

'Oh, sure, but I've seen the show so many times and they don't want us taking up seats all the time.'

Suddenly it dawned on me. I didn't know this boy and he didn't know me except as a crew and passenger. I would never see him again after the cruise was over, nor anyone else on the ship. And he was incredibly cute and sexy. I was surprised how easily I asked him if he wanted to come to my cabin for a drink when he was off duty. He gave me a surprised, curious smile.

'I don't want to get you into trouble. I know you're not supposed to socialize with the passengers'

'No, I'm not. But, it is my job to make my passengers happy, so....' He laughed softly and his tone was one of acceptance.

'I can sneak you in and out when no one is in the hallway,' I said.

'Okay, I would be happy to. Give me twenty minutes. I need to stow this stuff then shower and change out of my uniform.'

I didn't know if anything would develop but there seemed to be that understanding between us and I prepared the room for any eventuality. I took the chocolates off the pillow and turned the bed down the rest of the way as a subtle invitation, then pulled the drapes back and opened the door to the balcony. I tried several lighting combinations till I finally settled on the vanity lights only, at least to start out. If it turned out that I needed mood, then I would use the bathroom light with the door partially opened. Then I put on a pair of yellow shorts and sprayed on a few shots of body splash.

Paco showed up at my door wearing white shorts and a dark blue T-shirt that hugged his tight, muscular torso like a gentle second skin. His shorts hugged his muscular thighs and bulged nicely in front with his manhood. He looked up and down the hall before he slipped into my room.

'I don't think anybody saw me,' he said.

'If they did, tell them I sent for you,' I said. 'Go ahead, get comfortable,' I added as I turned to fill the glasses with ice.

He sat on the sofa, leaning back with his legs splayed wide apart, as if to display his wares.

'You can take off your shirt if you want to,' I told him.

'Uh-oh, I think I know where this is headed,' he said.

'Where?' I asked with a twinkling smile.

'Can I use your bathroom for a minute,' he asked with a twinkle in his eye.

After a few minutes I heard the toilette flush and then the door opened and Paco stepped out of the bathroom wearing only his briefs! Very brief, tiny briefs. 'Is this heading in the right direction?' he asked with a mischievous grin.

I was amazed at his boldness, but also delighted. 'You are DEFINITELY heading in the right direction, 'I said emphatically as I drank in the sight of his young manly beauty.

He laughed.

'Dam, you're beautiful when you laugh,' I said.

'Oh, yeah?'

'Yes, the way your stomach muscles dance.'

He laughed again for me. The kid was beauty in motion as he walked around the small glass coffee table to the bed. His lean, muscular legs rippled and his abs twisted and danced with each step. His pecs were like slabs of dark marble.

'I didn't know how comfortable you wanted me, so I left these on,' he said, standing beside the bed in his briefs.

'How did you know what direction I was headed?' I asked as I ran my hand up his thigh. It was like a warm, marble column.

'Radar,' he said. 'When someone invites me for a drink then to get more comfortable, it usually means that.'

I ran my hand on around to his butt and he tightened the muscles for me. They felt like a pair of bowing balls inside his shorts. His shorts were very tiny briefs. The sewn-in pouch bulged with his young manhood which I imagined might be out of proportion to the rest of his body. I ran my hand over the warm bulge then squeezed it and I knew he was going to be a lot out of proportion.

'Go ahead, take them off if you want to,' he said.

I leaned up and tugged at the sides and pulled his briefs down off his hips. His abs flowed right down to the hair around his cock, the root nestled in the dark bush. I pulled them half way down his thighs before his cock fell out and swung free like a sleeping anaconda.

'Wow!' I exclaimed softly. He was beautifully out of proportion. His cock was something that belonged on a man twice his size. He laughed with modest appreciation and put his hand on his hips as if to offer himself fully for my inspection and adoration.

'How the hell did you get so big?' I asked

He shrugged. 'It just keeps growing,' he said.

'I thought the men down here were built smaller.'

He laughed again, tossing his head back cockily. 'That's a myth, I think, just because we're smaller in stature. Sometimes I think people get us mixed up with the Orientals.'

'Well, what you lack in physical stature, which isn't much, you certainly make up for here,' I said, taking his cock in my hand. 'My God, I can barely get my hand around it.'

'Just wait. It's not completely hard yet,' he warned with obvious pride.

I ran my hand up his hard abs and squeezed his solid pecs. 'Actually, you aren't lacking anything in physical stature. You are beautiful,' I said, looking up into his eyes.

His eyes danced and his smile lit up that little part of the room. 'Thank you.'

'No, thank you, for coming in,' I said. 'Do you do this often with your passengers? You had me pegged.'

'No. Very seldom,' he said. 'There aren't that many guys that are worth taking the risk.'

'I'm glad I'm one of them who is,' I said. 'I just hope I don't get you into trouble.'

'You are definitely worth the risk, otherwise I wouldn't be here,' he said, trailing his fingers across my chest. 'You're a good looking man, and very well built.' His hand trailed down over the front of my briefs where my own cock was straining against the stretchy cotton material. 'Why don't you show me just how good you're built.'

'Why don't you find out for yourself?' I said.

'I only go one way, but I don't mind finding out for myself,' he said as he reached down to tug at my shorts. I raised my butt up off the bed so he could take them off of me. My cock lolled thick and heavy over my balls then began to slowly swing around across my hip as it took on more firmness, and finally up over my stomach as it throbbed hard. Paco wrapped his hand around it. He had small hands and it was dwarfed by the size of my cock. 'Very nice!' he exclaimed with a grin. 'Almost makes me want to go the other way.'

'If you feel the urge, go ahead, no one will know,' I said. 'Meanwhile....' I let my words trail off as I reached for his cock again. It stuck out from his loins at an upward angle now, throbbing and quivering and bobbing up and down, it was so hard. I was about to lean up and take him but Pcao lifted his right leg and straddled me on the bed. His muscular legs pressed into my rib cage as his big cock arched upward toward my face.

'If you feel the urge, go ahead,' he said.

I felt the urge. I wrapped my hands around the boy's tight, smooth butt and pulled him to me. He pushed his cock down with his thumb to aim it at my open mouth and as I took him in my mouth I wondered for the first time how old he really was. Not that it mattered. He had come into my cabin willingly, and he wasn't an American citizen so I doubted if there were any laws against it except that he wasn't supposed to be in a passenger's cabin. Well, he couldn't be underage and hold down a job on the cruise ship. His cock felt good in my mouth and he tasted wonderful. The young ones always do, and he was about the youngest I'd had. I cupped his balls, wondering how much of a load he would give me and how it would taste. Usually, it was fresh and wild and tangy-sweet from a boy his age.

'Ohhhhhh,' he moaned softly as he moved his cock back and forth over my tongue. 'Wow! That feels so good!'

He pressed his cock harder and harder against the back of my throat, wanting desperately for me to take his entire cock. I vowed that I would but I needed time to get used to it and let it stretch the entrance of my throat, and the position and angle weren't right. Paco was eager and anxious and he knew the ropes. He urged me to lie flat on the bed then turned and leaned across my face in a push-up position. I tilted my head back to take his cock and it went easily into my throat.

'AAwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' he cried softly.

The position was always a risk with young guys who are in good shape; they can usually do pushups all night. I ran my hands over his body, my left hand over his chest and arms, my right hand up and down his legs and around to his flexed butt.

After awhile he asked, 'Do you like to get fucked?'

'Yeah,' I said around his cock.

'Can I fuck you?'

'Oh, yeah,' I said.

'You got a condom?' he asked as he raised up, pulling his cock out of my mouth, and stood down on the floor.

'Yes, in there,' I said, opening the small drawer beside the bed.

'You were prepared for somebody,' he said as he found the condom and the lube, as well as ball straps, cock rings and other equipment.

'I'm always prepared,' I said.

'Extra large, I see. That's good,' he said as he tore open the condom with is teeth.

'I was hoping to get extra lucky,' I said.

He rolled the condom down over his cock and let the rubber ring snap around the root. Then he leaned over to get a studded cockstrap.

'Do you mind?' he asked.

'No, I don't mind.' He was already pulling the leather strap up under his balls. He tugged it tight and snapped it at the base of his cock. 'I love wearing these things,' he said.

I uncapped the lube and applied it to my ass, then to his gloved cock. He grabbed my legs and pulled me cross-ways on the bed and lifted my legs out wide.

'You've got a great ass,' he said as he guided his big cock toward it.

'You've got a great cock,' I said. The strap caused it to swell even bigger.

'Don't worry, I'll take it easy going in,' he said. Then he added with a smile, 'But once I get it in, you're in for the ride of your life,' he warned.

I loved his young, arrogant confidence. It became quickly obvious that the boy knew his way around a man's body, the way he nudged and played my asshole till it was stretched and relaxed. I wasn't quite prepared, and I let out a gasped moan when the head of his cock popped through my hole.


When he entered me he didn't give me time to get used to the thick girth of his cock, he simply shoved it in, all the way, till his loins were smashed against my spread butt. His cock went straight in, lifting my guts up from where they were nestled comfortably inside my abdomen.

'AAAwwwhhhh, Goddddd!' I cried softly.

'That okay?' he asked.

'Wow!' I gasped.

'Was that a yes or no?' he asked, laughing

'Awww, fuck, yeah, it's okay,' I assured him.

Everything inside me came alive with the intrusion of his huge cock. All the nerves came alive and my asshole squeezed tightly around the thick root. My insides undulated with the excitement of having the heat of his manhood buried inside me and my prostate trembled with appreciation for the massage it was getting simply by the throbbing of his meat.

'Hang on,' he said as he slowly drew his cock back till only the head was locked behind my tight sphincter muscle.

'Ohhh, My Goddddd!' I cried softly as he shoved his cock back inside me.

'Yeah, it's fuckin' good, isn't it?' Paco said with a slack smile.

'Yeah, fuckin' good,' I agreed.

'You let me know any way I can make it better,' he said.

Paco didn't need any help or suggestions from me. He knew every move in the book. I was amazed at his sexual athletic prowess at such a young age. Of course, maybe he did this on a regular basis, meeting new passengers every week, and he had a lot of experience. And, I didn't really know how old he was. The more I looked at him in the face, the younger he looked; he would be an obvious and natural target for guys on the hunt for young meat.

'Ohhhh...OHhhhhh...Ohhhhhh...Awww,' I cried, in cadence with his thrusts.

'Am I doing okay?' he asked with a proud smile.

'Ohhhh...Awwww, know how to fuck,' I moaned. 'You don't need any suggestions from me.'

'Hell yes, Paco knows how to fuck. Paco knows how to treat his people right.'

'Do you treat them all this good?' I asked.

'Those who want it,' he said, confirming my suspicions. 'But I gotta admit, it's more fun with somebody like you...somebody who's goodlooking, with muscles.'

'Thanks...Awwwhhhhh, Geezusss, what're you doing to me!' I cried as I reached up to wrap my arms around his shoulders to hold on. He was twisting his slim hips around, cork-screwing his big cock in and out of me....skewering my ass with it.

'You like that, huh?'

'Oohhh...Awwwwwhhh, Yessssss, do it! Like that! Fuck me you little stud...fuck meeeee....!'

He gave me a few more strokes then suddenly pulled out.

'Ohh, Nooooooooo, no, don't stop!' I moaned. 'Give it to me!'

'Don't worry,' he said, laughing. 'I'm just changing positions. Turn over.'

I turned over on my stomach and Paco grabbed my hips and pulled me up on my knees. He knelt down between my legs and plugged my ass again. The new position sent a whole new set of thrills through me. The way his cock drove in at an upward angle made me shake with pleasure. Then he raised up on his haunches and drove it straight down

'AAAAaawwwwwwwhhhhhhh!!' I cried out.

He kept fucking me that way, causing me to cry out with each thrust, alternating between shoving upward, and raising up and dropkicking is cock straight down. After awhile he turned me over on my back and did the same thing. I was starting to have trouble breathing; he didn't give me time to take in a deep breath before he had me yelling again.

'Turn over on your side,' he told me.

He lay on his side behind me and raised my left leg up out of the way. I held my leg up and he drove his cock into me again, and again. It was the perfect position for the curvature of his big cock. Not many guys are big enough to use that position. He went back to the other two positions, too, and when he was fucking me on my side once more he pulled out again and told me to lay on my back, he was going to show me something else. He stood between my legs and lifted my legs up over my body, bending me in half. Then he straddled me, facing the other way and drove his cock down into my ass again.

'Awwwwhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhh...Godddd...Goddd, Paco...I never had anyone do that before.'

'Then you'll never forget who did it to you first,' he said.

'Fuck, man, I'm never gonna forget you anyway,' I gasped.

After he'd fucked me upside down and backwards for awhile he turned around to face me without taking his cock out and without letting my legs down. He was fucking me from the front, now, doubled in half, with my legs stretched out over my upper body. I'd never felt so completely helpless or submissive or vulnerable in my life.

'I'm gonna take you over the top now,' he said. 'Gonna make you come.'

'How do you know you can do that? How do you know I'm even close?'

'Maybe you're not but you will be,' he said. 'You ever eat your own come?'

'I've tasted it,' I said.

'Open wide. I don't want you to miss any of it,' he said.

With that he started fucking me again, raising his hips up and down, driving his cock straight down into me like a pile driver. The bed lurched and I grunted with each powerful thrust. He knew what he was talking about when he said he was going to make me come. I couldn't have held back if I wanted to. He shoved me closer to the target with each thrust, forced me closer to insanity, till finally I felt my insides going wild with tingling excitement. It lasted for a full minute or so without letup before my trigger was finally tripped and I was coming.

'Oh! Ohhh, I'm gonna come!' I gasped.

'Yeah, do it. I wanta see you come. I told you I was gonna make you shoot. Open your mouth.' He tilted me further back so I was bent so in half that my cock was thrust right down at my face. 'Open up and see if you suck your own cock,' he said, pressing down on the back of my thighs.

I was awed by what he was doing to me. I'd never sucked my own cock before...never even imagined that I could....but he was making me do it. My muscles and joints ached like hell but the pleasure was too much to complain. Paco shoved about half of my cock into my mouth. I sucked and lavered my tongue all around the head of my own cock. At the same time he was twisting his hips all around, making his big cock lob around inside me like he wanted to make sure that no part was left untouched.

Suddenly I half grunted and half screamed and then I was coming. The stuff coursed through my cock and spurted into my mouth like a powerful fire hose. I was startled by the heat and the volume of my load. It was like Paco was draining the innermost depths of the reservoir of come. I lapped my tongue around the head of my cock, washing the hot come down with my spit, which only caused me to shoot more.

'Don't swallow it,' Paco said. After a few more strokes he raised up, pulling his cock free of my ass and let my legs down. Then he pulled the condom off and arched over my upper body and offered me his cock. 'Now me,' he said. 'I want you to make me come. It won't take long, I'm pretty close. But keep your load in your mouth, and don't swallow mine either.'

I sucked him eagerly, trying not to swallow my own come, although I didn't know why he didn't want me to. I thought it would be sort of neat, too, to have both of our loads in my mouth and see if our semen tasted different. He gave my throat a couple dozen strokes then pulled back so the head of his cock was in my mouth before he started shooting his load. It was a hellacious come. Powerful and intense, and in great volume. And I could taste his youthful zest in his thick, hot semen.

'Don't swallow,' he told me again.

He stayed in my mouth till I had sucked out every last drop from the long, pulsating tube then he pulled it out. Now I would find out why he didn't want me to swallow. It came as a total shock when Paco stretched out on top of me and began kissing me! It was he, Paco, the younger, who pried my lips apart and drove his tongue into my mouth. Eagerly, almost hungrily, he lashed it all around in side my mouth, swirling our come together. His tongue found mine and lashed together, mixing our come into a delicious batter. He sucked some of it out of my mouth and drove his tongue in for more. I squealed and whimpered with the extreme pleasure he was giving me with his tongue. After he sucked the second batch of come out of my mouth, he swallowed.

'Now you can swallow, too,' he said and quickly locked his mouth over mine and drove his tongue inside again, this time, deep into my throat. I didn't know if he was trying to force my come down my throat or trying to get more of it for himself.

I squealed again from the sheer pleasure of his tongue as I

gulped and swallowed the mixture of our warm, sweet semen. He left me breathless by the time he raised up from me.

'I'll bet you never did that before,' he said proudly.

'You would win that bet,' I said, breathlessly. 'Dam, Paco, you are so full of surprises. Where'd you learn to do that?'

'An older deckhand showed me when I first came aboard,' he said. 'He showed me what come tastes like, my own first, then his. Then he did this to me and we mixed it. He taught me to swallow it and over time I developed a taste for it.'

'I gotta admit, it was pretty good,' I said. 'The sex and the kissing. Of course, you young guys always taste good. It was wonderful, mixed with my own.'

'That's because it's always fresh stuff,' Paco said. 'We don't let it set. When it builds up, we get rid of it and make fresh.'

Having kissed me and exchanged tongues and come, I had to wonder what he meant when he said he only went one way. Maybe he was straight and had simply developed that little trick for the pleasure of his passengers; I had to bet it increased his tips considerably. And it followed that he would eventually develop a taste for come.

I wanted Paco to come back later, after Tuck and I were finished making the rounds at the night clubs, and spend the night but he said there would be questions about why he wasn't in his cabin. He said maybe we could get together again before the cruise was over. I gave him a twenty dollar bill and he was delighted to receive it. I stopped him just as he was about to open the door.

'I wanta old are you?'

'Truth, or what's on my papers?' he asked with a sly grin.

'Truth. Hell, I'm not an agent or anything,' I said.

'Eighteen. And even if I weren't, I would tell you I was eighteen,' he said.

I didn't know if he was telling me the truth, but it didn't matter.

Paco was a great relief for me but he didn't quell the awful desire that had built up in me for Tuck.

Tuck came by my cabin about eight. I hoped I didn't show it but he took my breath away. He wore a pale yellow knit shirt with sleeves that rode high on his arms, exposing his bulging biceps and open at the collar to reveal the inner slopes of his thick pecs. A heavy gold chain fit snugly around his thick neck. His slacks looked like Dockers; pleated, with plenty of room but that didn't hide his bubble butt or his thick thighs, nor even his bulging crotch if you looked closely enough when he moved.

'Ready?' he asked.


I was ready, butterflies and all. Godd, how I wished it was just me and him!

'Let's go see if we can get lucky,' he said.

We made the rounds to all three nightclubs, had a drink at each one, and settled on the one with a band and a dance floor. After a few drinks, Tuck wasn't at all shy about asking women to dance. He was a good dancer. Not in the sense that he was good; he was a typical athlete, a little awkward but still with all the right moves to make him look sexy. Tuck had most of the women in the room breathless, I could tell by the way everyone looked at him every time he walked out on the dance floor with a different woman. I didn't try to keep up with him but I didn't sit at the table like a wallflower either. There was no shortage of women, and I had no choice but to ask someone to dance.

She was sitting alone at a table, a striking brunette, a schoolteacher from Denver, traveling with a fellow teacher. Cruise ships seemed to be a haven for schoolteachers wanting to let loose.

'You don't look like any teacher I ever had,' I said.

'They didn't give us a mold we were supposed to fit into,' she said.

'Well, you wouldn't fit,' I said. 'Is that your friend dancing with my friend?' I asked.

'Yes.' She smiled. 'You know, everyone was thinking you guys were gay when you walked in,' she said with a smile.

'Why would they make that assumption?'

'Two guys alone...two very good looking guys.'

'What about two very good looking girls traveling together?' I chided her.


'Besides, being gay doesn't mean you don't like beautiful women,' I said.

She tilted her head with a mischievous smile. 'Am I supposed to read something into that?'

I shrugged and smiled.

'You're playing with my head, right?' she said.

I shrugged and smiled again.

At the end of the dance Tuck and his woman, and me and Diane met at the table. It was obvious that as far as Tuck was concerned, we had our catch for the night. We talked and told jokes and laughed and I got the feeling Tuck was trying to bury some feelings. More power to him. He deserved some happiness on this cruise. After the next dance Tuck announced that he and Lynette were going for a walk up on deck. We all knew it was a polite way of saying he was taking her to his cabin. Which left me alone with Diane, who was no doubt expecting a similar invitation. We lingered over another drink.

'Are you and Tuck traveling together, sharing a cabin?' she asked.

'Uh...yeah,' I lied, with great relief that she'd given me the out I needed.

'Well, then, we can to go my cabin,' she offered.

She had me backed in a corner. I was nervous as hell as I followed her out of the club. I couldn't believe she was being so bold...practically coming right out and asking me to fuck her. I didn't know whether I could do it; it'd been a long time, but I was happy that the desire was still there. I needn't have worried.

Back at her cabin she said she was going to freshen up, which meant a shower. She came out wearing a transparent negligee with nothing under it, and the old feelings of intimacy with a woman quickly came to the surface. She was bold and anxious. I let her undress me and enjoyed her compliments about my body and her wide-eyed expression when she revealed my cock. She stayed on her knees when she took my shorts off of me and began sucking my cock. I was hard in nothing flat. She was fingering her pussy at the same time and within a few minutes, she was panting ready. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was shaved smooth as a baby's butt.

I urged her to her feet and pulled her tight against me, leaning down to suck her tits. I figured it was something she expected me to do, but she was so hot she seemed to want to get on with it. I eased her back across the bed. I languished in the exquisite feeling that I had long forgotten when I shoved my cock in her, satisfied that she was completely happy with her catch. No brag; I fucked her masterfully, and for that time I could've forgotten that I was gay, except that I kept thinking about Tuck and Lynette, and wishing it were just me and him. I performed like a stud, much to her satisfaction. She was awed by my staying power, and I was a little surprised at my own performance. I kept going even after she had her orgasm. In the middle of the second time, thinking of her shaved pussy, I had the sudden, inexplicable desire to go down on her. She had her face buried in the pillow all the way through to her second climax and I left her gasping for air.

'My Godd! I haven't had a man like you in...well, never,' she said when she was finally able to speak.

'I'm trying to remember when I had a woman like you,' I said.

'And I thought you were gay!' she exclaimed.

'I didn't say I wasn't,' I joked.

'Well, if you are, he's a damned lucky man,' she said. 'I never had any man bring me off like that, and it was the first time I ever had two orgasms.'

'Glad I could oblige,' I said.

I half expected Tuck to drop by my cabin so we could trade notes but he didn't.


Day Four (Thursday) -- St. Lucia Island

Tuck was at my door bright and early the next morning.

'Ready?' he asked.

'Last time you asked me that I ended up getting laid,' I joked.

' too...big time. Goddam, she was one hot teacher! How was yours?'

'Unbelievable. Where were the teachers like that when I was in school? Hell, she was even shaved.'

'Yeah, so was mine,' he said.

It pained me somewhat to hear him confirm that he'd fucker her but what else did I expect? And I had fucked her friend. Actually, that made the bond I felt between us even stronger.

It was quickly obvious why they advertised the jungle trek for the young and athletic, adults only. We were taken deep into the mountainous rain forest, on foot, where we would be given the challenge of making our way back out on our own. On the way in, the tour guide explained the trees and plants and various fruits that grew all around us, and about the wild life, including the various species of snakes. That gave me the willies.

'The routes back out of the jungle are marked, each with different colored flags that you will find attached to the trees,' the guide told us. 'We do not tell you which route is longer or shorter or which one is more difficult than the other. It's up to you which route you want to take, but once you choose, please stay on your own route or you will get lost. If you take a route that you determine to be too rugged you may come back to the starting point and choose another route.'

'At what point do you send in a search party?' someone asked.

'Oh, as soon as we get you started, we go home for the day,' the guide said. There was laughter then the guide assured us that they would get us out. 'We don't send you off entirely defenseless. My assistant will be passing out knives to cut your way through the brush....or if you encounter one of our species of snakes. Even though you will be on a worn path, the foliage grows very quickly here and your path may be partially grown over in places. Please, do not kill the snakes unless one attacks you.' He sounded very sincere but the way he rolled his eyes around with a wry grin, we knew/hoped he was joking about the snakes.

'One of the routes leads you to a river where you have to swing across. If you cannot swim I advise you to go back and take another route. If you can swim, don't worry if you don't make it across on the ropes, its okay to drop into the water. The stream is about six feet deep and there is very little undercurrent, and there's nothing in the water but small fish. Of course, you have to be able to swim faster than the piranhas. If you are not a swimmer do not attempt the swing across. Do NOT, under any circumstances, stray off the paths. Those are the routes we take to come in and find you, should that become necessary.'

I had to trust that he was joking again about the fish. Then with a mischievous grin he opened a pack that he carried on his back.

'Now...for those who have the courage, we also provide you with the proper attire for your jungle adventure,' he said. He pulled out a soft leather garment that I recognized was a loin cloth! 'If you want to get the true feel of the jungle, guys, this is a must. We also have a two-piece for the ladies.'

'If we did have the nerve to wear it, where would we change?' a girl asked.

The guide rolled his eyes again, causing us to laugh. 'Look around you,' he said dryly. 'You're in the middle of nowhere.' He laughed. 'Of course you can change in the van.'

I saw how Tuck was eyeing one of the girls, obviously hoping that she would take one of the outfits. If she did, I thought, he would probably want her as his partner instead of me.

The guide went on, more seriously. 'If you wish to wear a loin cloth, please don't be afraid to leave your belongings with us. There has never been an incident where anything was missing. It stands to reason that we could not continue these tours and make our living if it was reported back to your ship that we stole from you.'

I believed him and trusted him. I looked at Tuck and he looked at me. I don't know whether it was a dare or a challenge that passed between us but we both took a loincloth. I mean, if one did, how could the other not? Neither of the other two guys took a loincloth. I was disappointed and a bit surprised; one of them would've looked great in it. The girls tittered but none of them took a jungle outfit. Tuck was visibly disappointed.

'Dam, I was hoping that one girl would wear one of the outfits,' he said as we went into the bush to change.

'Yeah, everybody could tell you were,' I said.

'Can you imagine being off in the jungle with her? Damm!' he swore as we shed our clothes.

'Sorry you got stuck with me,' I said. 'The way she was looking at you, I think you could still team up with her if you want to,' I suggested.

'Yeah, I'm sure her boyfriend would go for that,' he scoffed.

I was nervous as a gay boy in a straight men's locker room, watching Tuck undress. Godd, he was beautiful! Seeing him naked...well, I prayed I could keep my composure when he took off his shorts. If I didn't, he didn't seem to notice. I had to stifle a gasp when he straightened from taking off his shorts. His cock was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. He was huge; long and thick and meaty, shit, mouth-watering; all six-plus inches of it. I watched him struggle to get it, along with his hefty balls, stuffed into the pouch. He hefted the pouch and stretched it down till it looked reasonably decent.

'Well, that's the best I can do; these things are sure snug and small,' he said.

'Don't blame it on the loin cloth,' I said jokingly. At least I hoped I sounded like I was joking. The loincloths were very short, but made with a built-in pouch so everything was safely covered. Covered, but not well concealed. The way the pouches were made they made everything bunch up and out and the frontal piece barely covered the bulges.

'Okay?' Tuck asked when he had his on.

'It's okay so long as you don't bust out of it,' I joked. 'If you do, somebody's liable to mistake it for a snake, and we are going to be carrying knives.' He looked incredible standing there in the thick green of the jungle in nothing but the loincloth and his boots. We brought our clothes back to the tour guide.

'Whew!' one of the girls whistled.

'Hey, Tarzan!'

We were both a little embarrassed at the attention and the catcalls but secretly I was proud and I think Tuck was too. The way the one girl was looking at Tuck, you could tell she was wishing she could team up with him instead of the guy she was with. We weren't given knives.

We had two hours to find our way back to the assembly point before they would send people in to find us. Neither Tuck nor I wanted the humiliation of having somebody sent into find us. It was a very exciting and even sensuous adventure, made more so by watching the muscular Tuck move through the thick growth. I purposely let him lead the way so I could stay behind him and watch his butt, which was barley covered by the loin cloth and the cloth was so snug that I could see every muscle in his butt flex when he moved. I had secret fantasies of Tuck and me living in the jungle together and wearing nothing but a loin cloth, or nothing at all.

Well along the path we came to stopping point where they had placed snacks and water, which they hadn't told us about.

'Do you suppose there really are snakes?' Tuck asked as he wolfed down a bar and washed it down with cool water.

'Look around you,' I said. 'If you were a snake, wouldn't you be here?'

'I didn't need to hear that,' he said.

An hour into the trek, Tuck paused on the path. 'Do you hear what I hear?'

I stopped and listened. 'Water.'

'We sure know how to pick a route,' he said, 'We got the one crossing the river.'

Down the path we encountered the newly-wed couple coming back. I thought they would've looked great in loincloths.

'Unless you really are Tarzan, don't bother going any farther,' the man said.

Of course we considered that a challenge and I was a little embarrassed for the guy, turning around like that with his bride at his side. But they hadn't taken the jungle gear so they were fully clothed in hiking shorts. Looking at the guy, I think he could have gotten across, but I think he was thinking of his wife.

A hundred yards forward we came to the river. It was more the size of a creek back home, about a dozen yards across, clear as crystal and running swiftly over the rugged, rocky creek bed. Tuck didn't hesitate to grab the rope that was tied to a tree.

'If I swing across, do you think you can catch the rope?' he asked.

'I don't know, we can try. If not, well.....'

'Are you a good swimmer?' he asked.

'I'm an excellent swimmer,' I said.

He thought for a moment. 'On second thought, if I don't make it, I'll have to drop in the water, and the rope won't be any good to you. Do you think this rope will hold us both?'

I tugged on it and we both put our weight on it. It seemed pretty secure.

'Wanta try it together?' he asked.

'If you're game.'

'That water looks awfully cold,' he said.

Tuck grabbed the rope high up and I wrapped my hands around it just below his.

'Okay, we get a running jump and you wrap your legs around me,' he said.

I shivered at the thought of wrapping myself around his muscular body. We moved back a few yards and took a running jump off the river bank. As we became airborne I wrapped my legs around Tuck's body. I felt wonderfully safe clinging to his hard muscles. We landed without fault on the other side.

'We did it!' Tuck exclaimed excitedly.

'Yeah, we sure did.' I was pretty proud of us, too.

Watching Tuck in the tiny loincloth gave me the chills every time he moved. He was so damned sexy. I wanted to take him right there on the jungle path, or have him take me.

Another thing the guide didn't tell us was that there was more than one river and the second one was wider than the first. To get across we would have to swing out to another rope hanging from a tree over the middle of the water and swing the rest of the way to the other bank.

'What do you think, can we make it together again?' Tuck asked.

'Depends on how coordinated we are,' I said.

'Well, you seemed pretty coordinated on the basketball court,' he said.

'I'm game to try it,' I told him. 'What's the worst that can happen?'

'They'll be sending our bones back after the piranhas get done with us,' he said.

'Face it, you'll make a wonderful feast, 'I joked. Maybe it was the wrong thing to say, but it just came out.

We used the rope together, as before, and we managed to grab the second rope mid-stream but hard as we tried we couldn't get enough momentum to swing all the way to the other side. We clung hopelessly to the rope as we swung back and forth over the water several times, narrowing more and more over the center of the river.

'You said you're a good swimmer, right?' Tuck said.


Finally, we let go of the rope and went plunging into the cold stream. Tuck and I both let out a yowl that left no doubt told the rest of the troupe that we had dunked. We swam hard against the current to the other side. I reached the creek bank first. Tuck looked even more incredibly sexy as he came out of the stream, water streaking down his tanned muscles, and his loincloth soaked and clinging to the bulge of his manhood and his tight butt.

'Dam, that was cold,' he said.

'It wouldn't be so bad if the sun could get through with a little warmth,' I said.

'You are a good swimmer,' he remarked.

'Thanks. Captain of the swim team.'

'I would've thought you're too big and muscular to be a swimmer,' he said.

I was glad he'd noticed.

There were few obstacles in our way for the rest of the journey; it was just a matter of making our way along the narrow path that led around and back to the end. With the rough trek and our setback over the second river, we came out of the jungle last, to the applause of our cohorts and the driver and the tour guide.

'Hey, you guys made it!' the new groom exclaimed as he shook our hands. 'You got wet, I see, but you made it.'

'You were smart to turn around,' Tuck said. 'There was another river, wider than the first, and that's where we dunked.'

Our loincloths were still dripping wet, water running down our legs. The guide gave us each a towel to dry off and told us we could get dressed and that we could keep the loincloths since we had taken the most difficult route and came out on our own.

'And because you had the nerve to wear those things in the first place,' she said. 'Now, if anyone wants pictures, I have my camera. They cost five dollars for three photos and they will be delivered to your cabin.'

Tuck and I readily posed for pictures, as did some of the others.

'I want a picture of those guys,' the new bride said.

I swear, I think Tuck could have taken her away from the guy if he half tried. We posed again for pictures for her and then the group posed together. Tuck and I, being gentlemen, moved behind the others but they insisted that we be in front.

Tuck and I went into the bush to change into our clothes and dry off then our group headed back to the ship. Walking past the dockside shops we passed by a tattoo parlor. Well past it, Tuck stopped and turned around and went back. I went back too, standing beside him at the window.

'You know what?'

'You're not going to do it,' I said.

'I need something permanent to remind me of this cruise,' he said. 'How about you, are you game?'

'I don't need a tattoo to make me remember the cruise,' I said. Then I added, 'But I'll do it if you will.' I must have been out of my mind!

We went inside.

'Ahh, two more brave souls,' the man greeted us. He was young, about thirty, good looking, with a neatly-trimmed beard, wearing a denim shirt with the sleeves cut off, showing off well-developed arms. He sounded American. 'If you didn't find what you want in the window, there are plenty more over here,' he said, pointing to a wall with swinging panels with hundreds of designs. 'Or, I can customize a design for you.'

I spotted the one I wanted right away. Tuck took longer.

'While you're deciding, keep in mind where you're going to put it,' the man said. He pointed to the barbed-wire design. 'This one, for example, looks better around your bicep or the upper thigh. Not good around the waist or the chest. I make more money on the more elaborate designs but personally, I prefer smaller ones.'

Tuck kept looking. 'I've found a dozen I like,' he said.

'You're not the type,' the man said. 'You've got too good a body to ruin it with full-body art.'

'This one,' Tuck said, finally, pointing to a small design of a crawling panther.

'That's a really popular one,' the man said. 'Now, where do you want me to put it? It goes well on your arm, like the panther is crawling up your arm.'

'How about my butt?' Tuck asked.

The man glanced down at him with a smile. 'It would look great on one side of your butt,' he said.

'Okay. That's where I want it.'

'How about you?' he asked me.

'This one.'

'Just Do It! Okay, who goes first?'

Tuck volunteered to go first. I went into the back with him. I wanted to watch if he didn't object.

'Okay, its better if you take off your shorts and pants,' the man said.

Tuck stripped his bottom half without hesitation. The man turned back with the design template and needles and sat down on a stool. 'Ahh, this is going to be easy. You've got a great butt, good and tight and smooth,' he said squeezing Tuck's butt muscles. 'Not that I'm gay or anything, I'm just saying that it's easier to do a guy with a good solid butt than a soft, flabby one.'

Yes, Tuck had a great butt all right. I watched as the design took shape. I just wished Tuck didn't wince so much. He was giving me the jitters.

'How about you, where do you want yours?' the man asked me.

'On my butt,' I said.

The guy blinked and smiled but didn't say anything. Tuck's tattoo looked great. The panther was about five inches long and it looked like it was crawling up over his butt, about to climb up his back.

'How's it look?' Tuck asked.

'Great,' I said.

'It looks great,' the man agreed as he held a big mirror out so Tuck could see it. 'You've got a perfect butt for it. For any design, actually. You could wear a tattoo anywhere. Either one of you could. Tattoos always look better on a guy with muscles.' He motioned to me.

I stripped off my jeans and shorts, ready for the pain and punishment. The man smoothed his hand around my butt and squeezed the muscle. 'Yes, very nice. This is going to be a snap,' he said. 'Just Do It!...which side do you want 'em to do it on?' he asked.

Tuck laughed and so did I. 'Left side.' I was surprised and pleased that Tuck hung around to watch. I was glad I hadn't gotten a large design. I wanted it to be finished. When it was done he showed me in the mirror. 'Okay. It looks good,' I said.

'I like it,' Tuck said.

'I think I would be careful who I walk in front of with Just Do It! tattooed on my butt,' the man joked.

We all got a good laugh. Deep down, I was hoping Tuck got the full meaning of it.

'Are you guys brothers?' the man asked.

'No, just ship-mates,' Tuck said.

I think the guy was asking, without asking, if we were gay lovers.

'It would be great for each of you to have the same tattoo,' he remarked.

Neither of us had thought of that but I was now. I was surprised Tuck would go for it, but he was obviously thinking about it, too.

'Well, which one of us is going to have another one done? It would be easier if you had mine,' I said.

'Huh-uh,' he said. 'I'm not walking around a locker room with a Just Do It! tattoo on my butt. Besides, you didn't endure any pain with that one. You get the panther. I want to see you suffer.'

'You would look great with a panther,' the man said.

I agreed to it, reluctantly. It would be worth any amount of pain to have a tattoo just like Tuck's, and in the same place. If I never saw him again, we would always have that in common.

'Okay, strip the bottom half again,' the man said.

I took off my shorts and briefs and stood naked. Tuck stayed and watched again as I had done him. The panther was a challenge and a test of my manhood.

'Why the hell would anybody do this?' I remarked between winces.

'See that big snake design?' the man said, pointing his needle to the panel. 'I put that one on a guy's butt. He wanted it crawling right up inside his ass.'

'Dam, that must have been painful,' I said, wincing from the story more than my own pain.

'He was pretty much out of it, I don't think he felt much,' the man said. 'I put this panther on a guy's dick one time.'

'Shit, he must've been hung!' Tuck blurted.

'We have a smaller version,' the man said. 'But he was easy to work with.'

'I wish I'd thought of that,' Tuck said. 'That'd look mean as hell, having a panther crawling up your cock.'

'I can do it for you,' the man said. 'With your size, you would be easy to work with.'

'No, thanks.'

'How about you?' he asked me.

'I'll be lucky to survive this,' I said.

When he was done, Tuck took a closer look.

'How's it look?' I asked him.

'It looks great,' he said.

'No, how does the tattoo look?' I asked.

Tuck got a laugh out of it.

'You guys are going to be sore for awhile, just like any other abrasion,' the man said.

When we started to pay him, Tuck said, 'I think we ought to get a discount since we both had such great butts that made it easier for you.'

'I could offer you a discount but I would have to lock up for awhile,' he said with a knowing smile.

Tuck didn't press it. We paid him in cash and left.

We got back from the jungle trek and the tattoo parlor just in time for a quick bite of lunch on the ship. We both sat rather gingerly.

'Ready for the beach?' Tuck asked as we were finishing eating.

'After what we just did I could use a few hours relaxing in the sun,' I said.

'It was fun, though, wasn't it?'

'It was great. I can't believe we did it. I can hardly wait to

see the pictures from the jungle.'

'Can you believe that woman asked for pictures of us with her husband standing right there?' he said.

'The way she was looking at you, I think she would've left the guy and went off with you in the jungle,' I said.

Tuck laughed, and a grin lingered, with a twinkle in his eyes. 'Look...before you decide to come along to the beach.... well, there's something you should know. It's a nude beach.'

'Sounds like a LOT of fun,' I said.

'Well, then, let's go get changed.'

I wasn't completely sure about getting naked in front of a boatload of people so I slipped on a swimsuit under my shorts, just in case I chickened out. I went up to Tuck's cabin at the appointed time. He cracked his door then opened it when he saw it was me. He wasn't ready to go. He was naked, which left me breathless. I had seen him naked in the jungle but it was different in the intimacy of his cabin with no one else around.

A lesser man would have been on his knees begging but I restrained myself; but with the resolve that I would initiate a plan even though I hadn't thought of one. His body deserved his manhood; he had the most beautiful cock I'd ever seen; long and thick and veiny and meaty, with a generous collar hugging the rim of the wide head, showing good potential. It was beautiful! I had to tear my eyes away from it.

'Are you ready for this adventure?' he asked as he laid out the clothes he was going to wear.

'Ready as I'll ever be. I've never been to a nude beach,' I said.

'Me either.'

'Well, you're going to cause a riot at the beach,' I said, nodding to his nakedness.

He laughed and gave me a suspicious look. I could tell right away that he had guessed my secret. 'Don't tell're wearing a swim suit, aren't you?'

I almost blushed. 'Guilty.'

'Huh-uh. Take it off,' he said.

'I can take it off at the beach,' I said.

'Huh-uh, take it off here. If you wear it, you'll wear it,'

With no argument, and happy that he wanted me to, I took off my shorts and then my swimsuit. 'Toss it over there, you can get it when you get back,' he said. He looked at me. 'You're gong to cause quite a stir yourself.'

'I'll take that as a compliment.'

'As did I.'

'What about the tattoos?' I said.

'I don't know...maybe the sun would make them heal faster,' he said.

'Well, the guy didn't tell us to stay out of the sun,' I said.

Tuck seemed to be coming out of his shell after the jungle and he was downright excited about going to the beach. I was happy that I might have had something to do with that. He was talkative and laughed a lot and I loved watching him and listening to him.

When the catamaran set sail the first mate took the mike. 'Welcome aboard the Lucky Star. It will be an hour and twenty minutes to the island. During that time we want you to start shedding your inhibitions so you will enjoy yourself to the fullest when we arrive. Well, maybe not the fullest. The island is a Dutch island and is uninhabited. It is used for the pleasure of people like yourselves and for private parties. Going nude is optional of course, but we encourage you to enjoy this opportunity; after all, that's why you signed on. Picture taking is not allowed without the person's permission.' He paused, holding the mike down as if to gather his thoughts and I saw a wry grin come across his face. 'I know you're wondering...,you guys, and you gals...well, all know that it has happened to all of you guys at one time or other, that nature will rear her erotic head at the most inopportune moment. There are no inopportune moments on this excursion. It invariably and quite naturally happens on the island. We don't feel it's anything to be ashamed of. No one should be offended, but if you feel the need, simply lie on your stomach. Please, do not attempt to do anything about it, guys!'

There was laughter all around the boat. I thought, if Tuck got a hardon, there really was going to be a riot.

'There are snacks, rum punch and bottled water on the trip out,' the man continued. 'Rum punch and snacks will be served on the trip back as well. For those of you who want to get into the swing of things, you are welcome to strip down and enjoy the ocean breeze. Please, don't be shy, and don't anyone be offended. If you are offended or shy, then you caught the wrong boat. Unfortunately, we can't take you back. So enjoy. But not too much. I am required to remind you that there is no sex on the beach. Sex-on-the-beach is a drink we will serve you on the way back so you can say you had it. Oh, one more thing. You are advised to use sunscreen in all the appropriate places that perhaps have not been exposed to the sun all that much.'

A couple of guys and girls started taking off their clothes right away. The girls weren't bad, except for a couple of pounds, and the guys were pretty average and pasty looking. The girls did have nice tits but the guys were nothing to write home about. Still I had to admire their courage. Tuck and I looked at each other. I was thinking if those two guys could do it, we sure as hell could. But Tuck declined.

'I'll save it for the island, and maybe the trip back,' he said.

Actually, I think he felt a little self conscious about taking his clothes off in front of the two guys who had already stripped. Perhaps it was ego, but the comparison would have been devastating and I think he didn't want to embarrass the guys by revealing his muscular body.

We both stretched out on our stomachs on the netting and watched the ocean roll under us. Even as many gay clubs as I'd been in, I felt a little self conscious about the prospect of stripping down on the open beach. Maybe because I would be doing it in front of Tuck. I had it all over the two guys who had already stripped down but with Tuck and I being together, I knew I would be compared to him as well. But I had no choice.

On the island Tuck showed no inhibitions at all. I watched him taking off his clothes, revealing his magnificent body and looked around to see if anyone else was watching. It seemed that a lot of the people had stayed in close proximity to the spot that Tuck and I had chosen, although I noticed that the two male exhibitionists had led their women off a good distance. All eyes were on us and most stayed glued to Tuck as he got completely naked.

'Are you going to do it?' he asked as he flung a towel out to lie on.

'Yes, I was just watching everyone watching you.'

'Well, I guess that's what we're here for,' he said.

I stripped off my clothes under the watchful eyes of the same audience, thinking of my swim suit that Tuck made me take off back in his cabin. He was right, if I'd worn it, I would've worn it. I was surprised that Tuck watched me as intently as any of the others. When I was naked we sat on the towels in the hot sun.

Tuck laughed. 'This was supposed to be my wife doing this with me, I can't believe I'm here on a nude beach with another guy.' There was nothing suggestive in his remark, it was simply a casual observation which seemed wryly amusing to him at that moment.

'Well you take what you can get,' I said sourly.

Tuck was nicely tanned except around his middle and as we were advised, he put suntan lotion there. I almost gasped as he rubbed the stuff all over his cock and balls, and wondered how he kept from getting a hardon. Then suddenly he pulled his hands away, as if he'd touched a hot stove. 'Gotta stop doing that!' he joked, handing me the bottle. 'Hey would you think I'm weird if I asked you to put lotion on my back? I'll do yours,' he said.

I was only too happy to oblige but I was so surprised at his request that I must have hesitated.

'Hey, it's not like I asked you to put the stuff on my balls,' he joked.

He stretched out on the towel and I fought down a hardon as I applied the lotion to his smooth, hard muscles. His muscles felt good to the touch. Too good. I had a difficult time keeping my hands from trailing down over his tight, gorgeous butt where he had already put lotion. I had to force myself to stop just at the small of his back. I put lotion on my cock and balls. I tried to keep my mind occupied and keep talking as I fought down the tingling between my legs. When I was finished with Tuck I handed the bottle of lotion to him and stretched out on my stomach. His hands felt goodon my muscles, too. I was quite surprised that he went so low on my back, his fingers trailing along the sharp upward curvature of my butt, lower than I had gone on him, very gently as he got close to the tattoo. I was glad I was lying on my stomach. When he was finished he stretched out on his stomach to soak up the tropical sun. I stretched out beside him. I couldn't recall being so happy and content.

'Dam, this feels good, especially being completely naked,' he said. 'Can you imagine living down here?'

'Easy,' I said. Especially with you, I thought.

'Hell, maybe I'll think about moving here,' he said. 'There's nothing holding me anywhere else now.'

'You're going back to college, aren't you?' I asked.

'They have colleges down here.'

There was a quiet time with only the lapping of the waves and the sea gulls, then Tuck suddenly pushed himself up and turned over on his back. 'Stupid bitch,' he muttered under his breath, more to the wind than to me.


'I don't understand why she dumped me.'

'I find that hard to understand myself,' I said. 'But try not to be bitter; she said she would tell you sometime.'

Tuck went into seclusion under his old baseball cap and was quiet again. I assumed he was thinking about his almost-bride and I left him to his solitude. A short time later, a lean-built guy, about forty, with a leathery, all-over tan stopped in front of us with his camera. Tuck had his cap over his face so he didn't notice people strolling by so slowly to look at us.

'Do you mind?' he asked quietly and politely with a wave of his hand toward us.

'I don't, but I think he's asleep,' I said.

Tuck tilted his cap and lifted his head.

'Someone wants to take your picture,' I told him.

'Both of you,' the man said. 'I need your permission.'

Tuck blinked his eyes against the sun. 'I don't care if you don't,' he said. Then he propped himself up on his elbows and tightened his abs for the man to take several pictures.

'Dam, you guys are awesome,' he said. 'Would it be all're so impressive...if I get some close-ups?' the man asked.

Tuck shrugged and arched his brown and said, 'Knock yourself out, man.'

I was so pleased with the way Tuck was treating the guy. The man squatted down and leaned in close to get pictures of Tuck's manhood, then mine.

'Now could I impose on you one more time and ask you to turn over?' he asked Tuck as he straightened. 'It was impossible not to notice what a terrific butts you have and that panther crawling around it is very intriguing. You, stay just like that, if you will,' he said to me. 'Not that you don't have a great butt, I just want that pose.'

With a frowning smile, Tuck turned over and let the guy take some more shots of him from behind. He even flexed his butt muscles for him.

'Oh. Yes, that's good,' the man said. 'That's a great tattoo. I love the way the animal moves when you flex your butt muscles.'

Yeah, so did I.

'He's got one just like it, and should see his other tattoo,' Tuck said.

'You wanta turn over for me?' he said to me.

I turned onto my stomach and stuck my butt for the guy, flexing the muscles like Tuck did.

'That is awesome; Just Do It! on one side and the panther on the other,' he said. He took us in several other poses. I half expected the guy to ask Tuck to get a hardon for him but he didn't. He thanked us profusely as he left.

Tuck laughed as the man walked off. 'It must be the salt-sea air,' he said. 'If anybody tried that back home I would punch his lights out.'

Another guy and a couple of girls saw it all and came over to ask if they could take pictures, too.

'Your fans approach,' I said quietly as I saw them coming toward us with their cameras.

When the two girls had taken our pictures from the front they asked us to turn over so they could take pictures of our butts. Again, we obliged and flexed our butt muscles hard for their pictures.

'Ohhhh, you were right,' one of the girls said, giggling. 'They do have a bodybuilders butts.'

Then they asked us both to stand up for a couple of poses together, posing front and back.

'Oh my, nobody's going to believe this back home,' the other girl exclaimed.

'That why we need pictures,' her friend said laughing. 'I hope you guys don't mind but I'm going to make up stories about you to tell back home,' she said.

Tuck laughed with them and even hugged them back when they tried to give him a friendly kiss. I thought the girls were going to go into orgasms when he did that.

'If you'll give me your address, I'll send you copies,' one girl said.

Tuck thought about it but then told them his cabin number instead.

'Oh, Darn! We're on another ship.'

But Tuck didn't offer them his address and neither did I.

'I told you, you were going to cause a stir,' I said when the girls had left.

'No, you said I would cause a riot. I think people are behaving very well. But we need a sign saying No More Pictures.'

'Hey, it's not their fault you've got such a great looking ass,' I joked.

'They were just as interested in yours,' he said.

It was easy to understand why everybody went ga-ga over Tuck, what with his good looks and terrific body and big, thick cock that draped over his big balls. I wished I'd brought my own camera. Tuck did doze off which gave me the opportunity to lie there on my side and gaze at him. I grew hungry for him. No, I became ravenous; hell, my mouth was watering just looking at him. Wouldn't it be wonderful, I thought, if we could be stranded out here alone for the night? I wondered if it could be arranged. Or maybe we could miss the boat. I even conjured up scenarios where I would distract him till the catamaran took off so we would be left behind, but quickly dismissed them and left to go get cold drinks.

Walking alone, I attracted my own share of attention. I was even asked to stop and pose for pictures a couple of times. My Just Do It! tattoo was as bit a hit as the panther. I stopped at the giggling of two women I'd passed and turned around.

'Oh, we're sorry, but you've got the finest looking butt, and we were just watching, when you walk, it looks like that panther is trying to climb up your back.'

'Oh, I guess I didn't know that,' I said with a smile.

When I returned, Tuck was sitting up with his knees cocked up and arms crossed over his knees, talking to a gorgeous babe. His big cock draped over his balls, onto the towel and I didn't see how she could keep her eyes up.

'I didn't know we had company or I would've brought three drinks,' I said.

Tuck took his and offered it to her. 'Want a sip of mine?'

'That's very kind of you but no thanks.' She looked up at me. 'I didn't mean to intrude. I just had to come over and tell your friend how gorgeous you both are.'

'Well, thanks,' I said with a broad grin as I squatted down beside them. It was excellent for her to say so, even though she made me feel a bit competitive. I saw her glance at my cock, hanging nearly to the towel and my first thought was, wouldn't it be exciting if Tuck and I could fuck her at the same time. 'You are very beautiful yourself,' I told her.

'Thank you. I work in a gym and I know how hard people work to get bodies to like yours and I think it's only right to compliment when there's an opportunity. I think it's so wonderful to be able to come here and shed all inhibitions along with your clothes. I wouldn't dream of walking up to a guy back home and telling him he was beautiful.'

'Especially a man with no clothes on,' I joked. I didn't know what had gotten into me; I sounded almost giddy. I was no great lover of women but I did admire a well-built female body and this one had it all. It was as if Tuck could read my mind.

'Don't get excited, stud, she's with her,' Tuck told me in a kindly tone, nodding to a shapely blonde lying on a blanket nearby.

'Oh.' I said, feeling rather foolish. I would never have guessed she was with another woman. But then, I was with another man. 'I was only admiring,' I lied.

'Yes, save you excitement for each other,' the girl said.

I looked at Tuck. There was laughter in his eye. 'Uhhh.... we're just together, not like you're together...just friends,' he said.

'That's even better,' she said happily.

'No, we're JUST friends,' I said.

'I know, and that's what makes it so great, that two straight guys can come out here together.' She eyed us both. 'I have to say, you two almost make a girl want to switch back to men.'

'Do you want my cabin number, in case?' Tuck asked.

'No. Well, yes, I would, but no....' She nodded toward the blonde. 'There's sort of a commitment,' she said.

'You could bring her along,' I offered boldly.

'She wouldn't go for that. She's died-in-the-wool, whereas I am a recent convert. She doesn't even find you two attractive.'

'Wow! She is hopeless, then,' I joked.

'Are you models?' Tuck asked.

'No, my goodness, no,' she replied, laughing. 'We're school teachers. High school. I teach language; Spanish and English. Tara is a math teacher and we both double as physical education teachers, which should come as no surprise.'

'Dam, where were you when I was in high school,' I lamented.

She smiled. 'It might interest you to know that our phys ed classes ARE co-ed,' she said.

'Ohhh,' Tuck moaned, pounding his head with the palm of his hand. 'Born five years too soon. Hey, where do you teach, I need to go back for that Spanish class I flunked when I was in school.'

It was a pleasure to watch her laugh with her sumptuous tits jiggling.

'Well, I need to get back.' she said as she stood up.

Tuck stood up too, as a polite gesture, after a couple of seconds of staring at her pussy. The woman's eyes fell immediately to his manhood swinging out from his did mine...and I saw the longing in Tuck's eyes. He really wanted this woman. And I think she wanted him. I watched to see if he was going to start getting hard. Not yet.

'At least a good-bye hug, teach?' Tuck asked with a boyish smile.

'Of course.' She stepped in and smashed her perfect ten, naked body against Tuck's perfect ten naked body and they embraced for what seemed like a very long time although it was only for a few seconds. I glanced at the other woman but she wasn't looking our way. Tuck gave her a quick, friendly kiss as they were parting and I saw the longing in her eyes again. I let my eyes rake over her perfect ten as well, before I looked back at Tuck. His cock had begun to fluff out.

'I gotta quit doing that; hugging naked women,' he joked as sat back down with his knees cocked up.

'The whole world was watching with great expectations,' I said.

'Geezusss! I just keep on having shitty luck,' Tuck said. He shook his head, laughing. 'First, I get dumped then, can you believe it, we meet two gorgeous babes on a nude beach and they turn out to be lesbians. I'm not even gong to tell anybody back home about this.'

'About the lesbians or about coming to a nude beach with another guy?'

'Neither. Geezuss, would you look at this,' he said, looking down at himself. He was getting hard. His cock was alive and lifting upward with steady pulsations. It was cruel but I couldn't help laughing.

'Well, what the hell do you expect, the way you've been acting?' I said. I felt comfortable, since he pointed it out, watching his cock growing bigger and bigger and slowly lifting out of its curve.

'I don't know whether to run down to the water or lay on it,' he said.

'Lying on it in this warm sand, it'll probably think it's a pussy. But going in the water seems a cruel thing to do,' I chided him.

'Fuck you,' he said, laughing.

'Sorry, the man said no sex on the beach,' I reminded him.

'I gotta get rid of this thing,' he said, and jumped up and headed for the water. 'You coming with me?'

'If you don't think people will get ideas, that I'm chasing a guy with a hardon,' I quipped.

I stood back for a second and watched. Not Tuck...well, yeah, Tuck's beautiful ass as he headed for the beach...but more, I watched the others. People sat up, gaping, wide-eyed. A few reached for their cameras without asking Tuck's permission. I ran to catch up with him. But first I stopped by the two girls.

'By the way, what ship are you on. Maybe we could all have dinner together.'

'The Light House,' she replied. Her friend never looked up.

'Dam, wrong ship,' I said. I guess I was sort of relieved but at least I could tell Tuck I'd asked. I ran to catch up with him. We swam for awhile, playful as two dolphins.

'Has that thing gone down yet?' I asked.

'Getting there,' he said.

'I don't know what you're getting all uptight about. Hell, it's a nude beach. If I had what you've got I would be strutting around showing it off, even letting people take pictures.' But Tuck didn't see the humor.

We had an all-eyes audience when we came out of the water, people watching to see if Tuck had lost his hardon. It'd gone down but it didn't shrink up all that much even in the cold water. I held back from a little so I could watch the panther climbing around the side of his butt.

'You should see this,' I said, following a couple of paces behind him.

'What?' he asked, glancing around. 'Man, you're ogling my butt on a nude beach?'

'Everybody's ogling your butt,' I said. 'A couple of women pointed it out to me when I went to get drinks...when you walk, the panther looks like it's trying to climb up your back.'

'Oh.' He tried to look over his shoulder and see.

'You can't see yours, you'll have to watch me when I walk,' I said.

We went back to our towels and stretched out to dry off but one of the crew came around to announce that it was nearing time to head back to the ship.

'I now you all hate to leave but if you want, you can sail back just as you are,' he said. 'That gives the crew a chance to ogle all of you gorgeous people.'

'Are you going to?' I asked Tuck.

'Sure, why not? It's not like they haven't already seen us naked.'

We attracted a lot of attention going back to the catamaran. Everyone commented on our tattoos which, I thought, was their excuse to be looking at us naked. I didn't mind, and neither did Tuck. We even posed for more pictures. Tuck and I got our places back on the netting and stretched out for the trip back, our cocks hung down through the netting. But a deck hand advised us otherwise. He stepped between us and squatted down, with two towels for us.

'Gentlemen, I have to advise against lying on the netting with it hanging. Some fish might mistake it for bait,' he said.

We raised up and tucked our cocks safely under us. We overheard several remarks about our butts and heard somebody talking quietly about Tuck getting a hardon on the beach.

'Are you hearing this?' I said quietly.

'Yeah.' But he took it stride and shrugged it off.

'Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed your stay on the island. Did you enjoy the scenery?'

There was a resounding YES.

'Well, I must say, there is some exceptional scenery on this excursion. I hope you all brought your cameras and got some great pictures of the natural beauty on the island. Now, since you weren't allowed to have sex-on-the-beach, you can have it now...drinks, that is. There is also rum punch and snacks; feel free to indulge yourselves. The trip back will be a little more casual, about two hours.'

'Are you going to get anything to eat,' I asked


'Do you want me to get you something?'

'If you want to.'

I chuckled. 'You don't want to get up and wall back to the galley.'

'Its rare, but sometimes I get a little self-conscious and tired of being a public spectacle,' he said.

I laughed again. 'I'm sorry but it's hard for the rest of us to sympathize or understand how anybody who looks like you can get tired of the admiration and attention.'

'What do you mean, the rest of us? You make your way to the galley and see what kind of admiration and attention you get. Go on, I wanta watch. And, hey, would you get me one of those sex-on-the beach things?'

'Now you tell me; hell, we were ON the beach, didn't you read my butt?' I joked. I shoved myself back off the netting and made my way to the galley. It was impossible not to brush against other naked people and I got a couple of not-so-accidental gropes. If the trip were a few hours longer, I thought the boat might turn into an orgy. I got us something to eat and drink and headed back.

'So, how'd I do,' I asked.

'Every eye on the boat was following you,' he said. 'Even the two babes.'

'You find it very difficult to call them lesbians, don't you?' I chided him.

'It's just so sad,' he said.

'The one you were talking to, I think she would sneak off to your cabin with very little encouragement,' I told him.

'I'm not so sure,' he said.

'Well, I asked her, but they're on a different ship.'

'You did?' he said, sounding surprised.

'The line between gay and straight gets fuzzy when you see somebody who looks like you or her. It wouldn't take much for her to cross that line.'

Tuck set his empty cup aside and stretched out again.

'Tell me, why are some people privileged to live like this and the rest of us poor slobs have to go back to civilization?' he asked.

'Fate,' I said.

We lay together in quiet solitude, oblivious of others on the catamaran, and dozed. We were awakened by a crew member who said it was time to start getting dressed. Tuck and

I raised up and stepped back onto the deck, to the applause of some of the passengers. I turned to Tuck, red-faced. He didn't know what to make of it either.

'Just showing our appreciation for the wonderful scenery,' a woman said. 'Do you mind terribly if we take pictures before you cover all of that up?'

'Knock yourself out, lady,' Tuck said. He looked at me. 'How come your face is turning red. I thought you loved the attention,' he said.

Suddenly I did Tuck...when a woman came up and grabbed our butts. We jumped but we didn't move away.

'I just had to get a feel of this before you cover it up,' she

said. 'Would do me a favor and flex your butt muscles? I wanta see those panthers climb.'

We stood there side by side, feeling rather foolish, and flexed our butt muscles for her and the others. I heard a lot of cameras click.

The catamaran docked barely with plenty of time to spare.

'I feel like I've been on a photo shoot,' Tuck said as we were walking up the gangway.

We went to Tuck's cabin so I could retrieve my swimsuit. As I started to leave, he asked. 'I'm eating in the Windjammer tonight. Do you want to join me? I'd like to skip the formal shit for a night.'

'Yes, I would like that,' I said.

I was still on a cloud when I made my way down to the Windjammer. Tuck was waiting at a table overlooking the ocean. Conversation became easier over dinner.

'I'm glad we met up,' Tuck said. 'It's like we're old friends. I guess we will be by the time the cruise is over.'

'I don't think you can get much friendlier than going to a nude beach together,' I said, laughing.

'Yeah, there is something about a nude beach that tends to bring people closer,' he said. 'Those people wouldn't be applauding two naked guys back home. And the way that babe came up to us, just to talk and pay us a compliment. There was a feeling of absolute freedom out there.'

'Hey, stupid, she wasn't paying you a compliment. She was hot for your body,' I said.

'It was funny, her thinking we were together,' Tuck said.

Yeah, I thought....funny.

'I don't think we convinced her we weren't,' I said.

'And how about the woman who wanted to feel our butts?' he said, laughing.

Tuck wanted us to go swimming in the big pool after we ate. I was only too happy to join him. It was as if he wanted to be with someone, and I was glad it was me. I liked the attention we got, too, with Tuck in his bright yellow bikini suit. He got a lot of looks and second looks and no wonder, the way he filled the suit out. I had been pondering the possibility of making a move. I didn't have a lot of time. It was after all, Thursday night and if I didn't have a plan soon, all could be lost. I had to find a way to keep me and Tuck together. I decided to make my move after we were done swimming. We would come to my room first on the way back from the pool and I would invite him in.

We climbed out of the pool and wrapped towels around ourselves to go back to our cabins. We/he got a lot more looks as we made our way down the hallway and onto the elevator. We met up with the two women from the beach who had taken pictures of us; not the lesbians.

'We were hoping we would see you again' one of them said. 'If you want to give us your address we'll send you copies of the pictures we took. You can show them to your girlfriends back home.' She held out a pad and pen. Tuck was hesitant but I reached for the pad and pen.

'How am I going to explain who took them?' I joked as I wrote down my address and thanked her.

'You might be leaving yourself wide open for harassment,' Tuck warned me when the girls were off the elevator.

'Would I mind?' I quipped in a macho way.

At my cabin, I asked, 'Do you want to come in for a little bit?'

'Sure, might as well.'

I made us drinks and Tuck slid the balcony door back. 'Okay if we go out on the balcony?' he asked.

'That's where I was headed,' I said.

'It's an awesome sight, isn't it?' he said as I came out on the balcony and handed him his drink.

'Yeah...yeah, it sure is,' I said. He didn't catch that I was

talking about him. So, there we were, the ship underway, the two of us in our swimsuits, leaning over the rail, gazing out at the black, moonlit sea. Tuck didn't say anything. His gaze seemed intent as he sipped his drink. Suddenly he turned his head away.

'Dammit!' he swore softly, and I thought his voice broke.

'Tuck?' I said gently.

'She was supposed to be here with me for all of this,' he said in a hoarse voice.

'I'm sorry,' I said. 'I really am. If there was anything I could do....'

He waved me off. 'It's okay, I'll get over it.' He turned to me then. 'I gotta tell you, buddy, you've made it easier.'

'I'm glad. I don't know how, but I'm glad.'

'Just by being on this ship at the same time I am. And befriending me.'

'You would have been befriended by somebody anyway. You seemed alone,' I said with a shrug.

'Was I that pitiful?' he asked with a grin.

'I wouldn't say pitiful. But a man very much alone.'

'I was a man very much alone. I was beginning to regret even coming on the cruise. I think I was working to have a good time till I met up with you.'

'I've enjoyed it, too,' I said.

There was a silence that I used to gather my courage. It was now or possibly never. There might not be another chance like this. I had purposely held my drink in my left hand so my hand wouldn't be cold if I found the guts to reach out. Tuck lit the flame under me when he reached down and tugged at his swimsuit.

'This thing is starting to get uncomfortable,' he said.

'I think you look good in it,' I said. 'So did a lot of other

people. Not quite as good as you did at the beach, though.' I paused for a short moment as I took in a quiet, deep breath then I reached down and touched side of his swimsuit. When he didn't move I bravely reached over and brushed my hand over the front of his suit. He started but when he didn't move away from me I gently squeezed the pouch of his suit. 'I was afraid you wouldn't let me do that,' I said.

'Why not?' he said with a shrug.

I was a little disappointed at his lack of enthusiasm but I couldn't complain. We both kept gazing out over the ocean. I had moved my hand away but now I moved it back.

'When did you first know that I wanted to?' I asked as I gently massaged the bulge of his suit.

'Just now, when you reached out,' he said.

'I tried not to give myself away too early in the game.'

'You didn't give yourself away at all,' he said. 'Although I admit I was a little suspicious when you got that Just Do It! tattoo put on your butt,' he added, laughing.

'I was afraid I might have raised some suspicion, in the jungle, and especially out at the beach.'

'I didn't really suspect anything; it was more wondering, in the back of my mind, the way you looked at me a few times.'

I felt him up some more and he seemed to welcome it, pressing his manhood into my hand.

'You haven't started something you can't finish, have you?' he asked. 'I mean, this isn't your first time, too.'

'I never start anything I can't finish,' I replied.

'I'm glad. I'm desperate, you know,' he said with a lopsided grin.

'I just know you looked very lonely. I never thought of you as desperate.' I ran my hand back and forth over the big hardening lump of his cock. It reached way out to his hip by now. When I tried to slip my and down inside his suit Tuck tugged it down in front and let his cock swing free out over his balls. It swung out and hit the railing; it must have hurt. I cupped his balls first. They were big and heavy. I wrapped my hand around his cock but my fingers wouldn't reach all the way around it. I hefted the weight of it and trailed my fingers up and down the length of it several times, as if to guess its size.

'Godd, I saw it on the beach but it feels even bigger than it looked. How big is it?'

'Ten-plus inches,' he replied matte-of-factly.

I squeezed it a few times then cupped his balls again.

'Can we go inside?' Tuck asked in an anxious tone.

'You said your suit is uncomfortable; let's take it off.' I handed him my drink and slowly knelt down in front of him. I wrapped my hands around his taut butt and urged him toward me so I was face to face with the biggest, most beautiful cock I'd ever seen. He took a stance as if to move inside but I remained on my knees with a grip on his hips. I wet my lips and slid them over the head of his cock and took about half of it in my mouth.

'Ohhhhh, Godddddd!' he groaned aloud.

I sucked for a moment as I pulled his suit off of him and tossed it aside. He moaned the whole time, squeezing the railing so hard his knuckles were white. If there was anyone on the balconies on either side of us they could hear. I didn't care.

'I think we'd better go inside and close the door, you're going to have me screaming in about a minute,' he said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

'Nobody would hear you except the fish,' I said, but Tuck was already going into the cabin.

He turned down the bed and stretched out across it on his back, anxiously offering himself up to me. His cock stretched up over his navel, throbbing and rising and falling in a steady rhythm.

'Good, that is beautiful!' I said as I reached out between his legs and began sucking is cock again.

'Ohhhhh! Ohhhh, Sweet Geezusss! That feels so good! I never had anything feel so good!' he gasped.

'Don't get too excited too fast, I would like to make it last awhile,' I said.

'Fuck, me too!'

'Let me know when you get close so I can ease off. I want to give you everything I know how, for as long as you can last.'

'Geezuss! I can only imagine what all that's going to be.'

I showed him. I bathed his entire body with my tongue. His warm, smooth muscles felt good to the touch and the way he sort of trembled in the wake of my tongue I think it felt good to him. His cock stood way up over his stomach now, reaching for his pecs, throbbing and bucking angrily. I occasionally gave it a kiss, or went down and sucked on his balls but I concentrated on his body as a whole more than his manhood. There was plenty of time for that. Tuck kept his hand wrapped gently around my head, as if to guide me, or maybe to prevent me from stopping

'Geezussss!....Fuck, I never had anybody do anything like this before. You don't have any idea what you're doing to me,' he gasped.

'I think I do,' I said, giving his hard cock a squeeze.

'Please....if you don't mind...get back on my cock. Stop torturing me and suck it,' he begged.

I didn't mind. I did as he asked. I stretched out between his legs again, propped up on my elbows and sucked his cock slowly, almost reverently. I used my tongue a lot, making his cock twitch and quiver, and that forced out a steady stream of his ball juice that I lapped up. He tasted wonderful and his huge, thick meat felt good in my hand and mouth.

'I wanta come,' he gasped suddenly. 'Please, don't make me hold off, I wanta shoot my load so bad. Don't worry, I can keep right on going if you want.'

'Okay. Fire away,' I said. I thought it was so neat that he

practically begged for my permission to come. I put everything I had into that final moment of servicing him. I wanted him to go ballistic. I wanted him to remember this time for the rest of his natural life.

His hands gripped my head tighter and he started humping his butt up out of the mattress trying to drive his cock deep into my throat. I wished I could take it....I thought perhaps I could, but not till it was a little more like rubber and I didn't want to interrupt the momentum to let it go down a little. He was too close and if I stopped, heaven only knew what he would do. Probably rape my throat.

'UUunnnnhhhhhh!' He groaned suddenly. 'Awwgghhh! Awwwhhh, fuck, man, I' m gonna come!! Ohhh...Ohhh...Ohhhh, keep sucking it...don't stop...I'm coming....!'

He seemed to be trying to warn me and urge me off of his cock, but I stayed on it. I wanted his load. I wanted to make it complete for him. His come shot out of his cock like a gun blast in a thick, heavy rope

and splattered against the back of my mouth. He hit me again, and again, and again. I was amazed at the volume of his load. I'd never taken a load like it. After a half dozen or more blasts.....I lost count....I wondered if he was going to stop. I certainly wondered where it was all coming from. I swallowed some of it but my tongue soaked up the flavor of him before I swallowed again, and again, gulping down the hot, thick, sweet nectar.

When the flood tide began to subside, he took his hands off of my head and let his arms fall heavily at his sides. His cock continued to throb in my mouth and I bathed it in its own semen. Tuck groaned and whimpered as I slavered his come around his head of his cock. Then he put his hands on my head again.

'Awww, please...I can't take any's driving me nuts,' he begged.

His cock had lost a little of its rigidity and in a moment of frenzy I forced my mouth all the way down on it, forcing it up into my throat. It curved into my throat easily. I gulped on it and milked it with my throat muscles till I thought Tuck was going to go out of his mind then I slowly withdrew, sucking the final drops of his load out of the thick tube.

'Goddam, I don't know how you did that!' he gaped.

'Sheer determination,' I said.

It could've been a tense moment right after, especially so if it's a guy's first time, which I assumed it was for Tuck. Thankfully, he didn't make any move to leave. He lay there, breathing hard and he didn't mind that I stayed between his legs, lapping his balls lovingly and kissing the come off of his cock as it continued to ooze out. I usually liked to wait till the other guy spoke first, to get a sense of his mood, but Tuck was too quiet.

'Are you okay?' I asked with a soft chuckle.

'I will be,' he said. ' Right now, fuck, this ship could go down and I wouldn't be able to make it to the life boat. Dam, stud, you drained me.'

I lay there kissing his balls and his cock and caressing his muscular thighs. 'You are fuckin' unbelievable,' I said.

'So are you. I don't believe you took my load. And didn't let it go to waste. I didn't know guys really did that.'

'I told you, I never leave a job unfinished,' I said. I loved his innocence and the way he said I didn't let it go to waste instead of say I'd swallowed it.

'You certainly know how to finish the job,' he said.

I was still stroking his cock which still hadn't gone down. 'The stupid woman,' I muttered under my breath.


'I was thinking out loud, what a stupid woman your fiance was, giving all this up. Was it because you're too big, do you think?'

'I don't think so, but I don't know for sure,' he said.

'Did she ever complain about the size of your cock?'

'She never had a chance. We never did anything.'

I looked up at him, surprised.

'It's true. She was a virgin. Saving herself for the right man, she said. I thought I was him.' He turned his head to the side. 'And now, after I waited all that time, she'll be giving herself to some other guy. Hell, probably already has.' His voice broke and he threw his forearm over his eyes.

'I'm sorry,' I whispered as I nuzzled into his crotch and kissed his balls. 'I'm so damned sorry, Tuck.'

'It's not your problem.'

'Let it be,' I said.

'Well, you did solve part of the problem.' he said with a chuckle again after he'd straightened up. 'And thanks for taking my load like that. It made it all seem so complete.'

'Do you really think I would let all of that sweet nectar go to waste?'

'It's not really sweet, is it?' he asked.

'Yours is,' I said. 'Haven't you ever tasted your own come, even as a boy?'

'No. You sound as if I should have.'

'I think most guys do at one time or other, even if it's by accident when they're jacking off. And the way you shoot, I don't know you kept from it.' His cock was reversing its course, heading back to another hardon. 'I can do it again if you want,' I said.

'Oh, I want to, but there's no rush. I need to sort things out.' He squirmed to get up.

'Don't think too deep,' I told him. 'I wouldn't want you to get all fucked up in the head over this.'

'I'm not. I just need to sort things out. This has been a real turn of events for me. Fuck, man, I came on a cruise on what was supposed to be my honeymoon and end up having sex with another guy. That's some pretty heavy stuff,' he said as he got up.

'I'll see you at breakfast, okay?' I said as he was putting his swimsuit back on.

'Yeah....maybe the Windjammer, not the dining room.'

I was relieved that he said yes....or at least maybe. I watched with great longing as he left my cabin. I wasn't sure I would have another chance like this with him. I didn't know what all he had to sort out. I only hoped that I hadn't contributed to his misery. I couldn't get him out of my mind; the wonderful time we'd had at the beach, and Godd, the sex was incredible. I only hoped it was for him. I kept thinking of the island, imagining Tuck and me stranded there, or actually living there. I wondered how one went about purchasing an island in the Caribbean. Suddenly an idea hit me. I quickly got dressed and rushed down to the purser's desk to clear then went to the tours desk to get information on the nude beach. The man reached under the counter for a brochure. I convinced him with a twenty-dollar bill to call the place for me. It took only a few minutes to make the arrangements. I hurried back up to my room and grabbed a towel and my loin cloth then rushed to Tuck's cabin and knocked on the door. He answered wearing a pair of shorts and a half smile.

'Grab your loin cloth and a towel,' I said.

'What? Why?'

'We're going back to the island.'

'What? The ship's going to be pulling out in a half hour.'

'I know. You have to hurry.'

'What the hell....' he said, stepping back from the door to let me in. 'Would you mind telling me what's going on?'

'I've hired the catamaran to take us back to the island. They'll pick us up in the morning.'

'We're supposed to be in Barbados in the morning,' he said, but he was already pulling on his clothes.

'We'll catch a plane out to Barbados. We'll pick up the ship tomorrow,' I said.

The idea was catching on. He was hurrying more, grabbing a towel to roll up his loincloth.

My heart was in my throat, and I think his was too, as we left the ship.

'Now, exactly what are we doing?' Tuck asked. 'We're taking the catamaran back to the island....?

I stopped, suddenly realizing that he didn't understand completely. I looked down at my feet with a sigh. 'Maybe I moved too fast,' I said. I looked back up at him, squarely in his eyes. I kept thinking about the island, and how great it would be to spend some time there, and after....after what happened between us, I got the idea that it would be great to spend the night there, just the two of us. But maybe I'm out of line. I should have asked, or at least explained, before I dragged you off the ship. Its not too late to get back on if you go right now.'

'If I go back, you're going onto the island yourself?' he asked.

'Yes. I've contracted for the catamaran.'

He glanced back at the ramp just in time to see two deckhands pulling it in.

'Too late,' he said.

'I can stop them,' I said.

'No,' he said quickly. 'No, let ‘em...take it up.'

I smiled. That's all I could do, I was so damned happy.

'This has got to be the craziest thing I ever did,' he said as we walked down the dock toward the taxi stand.

'Yeah, me too, but hey, we survived the jungle,' I said.

I had the cab driver take us to a small grocery where we bought food and drink for the night, then on to the catamaran.

'How the hell did you arrange this, getting the island for ourselves?' he asked.

'Remember, the guy said the island is used for private parties? I booked a private party.'

'Dam, this has got to be costing a fortune. I didn't bring that much extra cash.'

'Don't worry about it,' I said.

Jimmie had the catamaran ready, with one other crew member on board.

'You guys didn't bring blankets?' he asked as we boarded with only a rolled up towel and the stuff we'd bought from the grocery.


Dave, the other crew member, dug out two blankets and gave them to us. 'It gets chilly at night,' he said. 'You got matches or anything to light a fire?'

'No.' He gave us some matches.

As we got underway, Tuck and I stretched out on the netting again and watched the water speed along under us.

'You think this is nuts, don't you?' I said.

'I think it's a great idea,' he said excitedly.

'Do you, really?' I asked. 'You don't think I pressured you.'

'Yeah, but I'm glad you did,' he said.

We arrived at the island well before sunset. They let us off and headed back. They would pick us up when they delivered the nude beach party the next morning.

'Tell me I'm not the only one with a strange feeling in his stomach,' Tuck said.

'You're not,' I said. 'Strange, but good.'

'Yeah. Good. We're stranded on a deserted island.'

'If there was time and I'd thought about, I would've invited those two women to come along,' I said.

'I don't think they would've had a good time,' Tuck said.

'Not those two; the ones who took the pictures.'

'Well, shall we build a fire to keep the wild beasts away?' Tuck said.

'Hell, I didn't even think to ask about varmints and wild animals,' I said.

'I doubt there's anything too big for us to handle out here,' he said.

We scouted the island and found a place that sloped up to a small grove of scrubby trees, facing the sunset. We gathered some wood and built a fire then spread out supper out on a towel.

'I guess this is what they call survival of the fittest,' Tuck remarked.

'Well, there's no doubt you'll survive it,' I said.

We ate in silence; bread, cheese and fruit, washing it down with bottled water, and watched the sun set fiery red into the sea. I wondered what Tuck was thinking. I wondered if he'd gotten things sorted out. In moments, dusk was upon us, and darkness came on its tail. We sat gazing into the fire.

'This is nice,' he said. 'I'm glad you thought of it.'

'I'm glad you came,' I said. 'Listen, Tuck...what happened between doesn't have to happen again. I didn't arrange this just for that. I wouldn't mind if it did, but I thought it would be an adventure, coming out here. And you are the adventurous type. But you said you needed to sort things out.'

'I wouldn't mind if it did, either,' he said.

'You don't know how wonderful it is to hear you say that.'

'Hey, let's go for a swim,' he said. He pulled off his boots and socks and stood up to take off his shorts.

'Let me do that for you,' I said, moving to my knees. He stepped in front of me with his hands held out to his sides. I fumbled with the tab and the buttons, my hands were shaking so.

'Do you want me to?' Tuck asked.

'No. I'm just nervous, I guess,' I said.

'No need to be,' he assured me.

I finally got his shorts undone and pulled them down and he lifted his feet to let me take them off. I tugged on his briefs, pulling them down off his hips and down his thighs till his cock was released.

'Let's wait,' he said as he stepped back from me. He waited till I was naked then we ran to the water together. I don't remember a more exhilarating and free feeling than swimming and playing in the vast sea with Tuck. I swam out too far for Tuck and he called me back.

'I know you're a crack swimmer, but don't take any foolish chances,' he said.

We swam back and ran up the beach to the fire. Tuck put more wood on the fire while I spread a blanket out over the sand. We lay down together, facing the fire, me on my stomach and Tuck on his side, facing me.

'This is so fuckin' nice,' he said.

We didn't say much of anything else for a long time. It was silly but I was still nervous, doubtful and wondering how to approach him. Finally, I took the bull by the horns. I turned onto my side and reached out with my hand on Tuck's hip. He slung his right leg back as a gesture of invitation. His great cock and heavy balls were draped over his other thigh. I gently urged him onto his back and he spread his legs out wide and I crawled between them. I began by kissing his thighs, up and down, moving more to the inside each trip up, till his cock had lifted up from his balls and swung around to his hip, pulsating with powerful throbs. He shoved his cock upright for my mouth and I took him.

'Godd, you are incredible,' he breathed as I began sucking his cock.

'I can be more incredible,' I said.

'I don't know how.'

'Do you want me to show you?' I asked.

'Man, you can show me anything you like,' he said emphatically.

I sucked his cock for a moment then moved down to concentrate on his balls, pushing his legs wider as I worked under his balls. Tuck hunkered his butt up for me and with a little urging I think he realized what I wanted to do and he finally lifted his legs up so I could get to his ass. I don't think he fully realized my full intention till I lilted him higher with his butt up in my hands. His legs fell wide then swung around over his body as I tilted him even higher and bent him in half.

'Oh, Geezusss,' I whispered as I gazed at his beautiful ass, spread open so invitingly, offering me the delicious looking hole. I breathed my hot breath on him at first, then dragged my tongue along the slopes of his butt muscles, leading into the deep crevice. He squirmed in my hands and wriggled his butt around. I flicked his hole with my tongue.

'Ohh!' he gasped.

I dragged my tongue over his hole.


Then I began tonguing his asshole, driving the tip of my tongue in as far s I could each time and the muscles contracted around it.

'Awwwhhhh, Fuuckkkkkkk! W-what're you d-doing!' he cried softly.

I dug my fingers deep between his butt muscles and pulled his asshole wide open. I could barely make out in the moonlight the soft pink lining past the hole, palpitating with each throb of his cock. I buried my face between his butt muscles and drove my stiffened tongue in deep.

'AAAwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!' he cried aloud.

I had him on the run and I wasn't going to let up and allow him to retreat. I raised up and pushed his hips even higher off the blanket, holding him there with my knees lodged against the small of his back. He was bent in half with his legs sticking out over his head, his knees nearly touching the blanket on either side of his head. He had such a helpless look on his face. I went to work on him again. I literally devoured his ass, like a hungry wolf, and he had clamped his mouth over his forearm to muffle his outcries.

'It's okay to yell,' I told him.

I wanted to make him come in that position. It was a cruel thing to do maybe but I wanted to show him how hot I could make him without touching his cock. I worked diligently, if it can be called work. I was loving the hell out of it. He had a gorgeous ass that tasted wonderful. Suddenly Tuck clawed gat the blanket.

'Ohh, Godd...Ohhh,Geezussss...Awww, mannn, you gotta're gonna make me come!...OHhhh, stop...Goddd, Stop! I can't breath...I'm gonna come!!' he yelled.

I purposely ignored him. I kept devouring his ass and he brought his hands up to cover his face. When I knew he was getting close...I could tell by the hard contractions of his asshole around my tongue...when I had him past the point of no return I reached up and pulled his hands away. He gave me a funny look, almost bewildered as he gasped for air. His asshole relaxed wide open and I drove my tongue in as deep as I could reach. It tightened around my tongue then relaxed and tightened again. I knew he was coming; his load had been released and was on its way. I wished I could see it but that was a small price to pay for the event. He groaned and moaned and I heard him gasp and grumble and curse, mostly unintelligible. I could feel the power of his climax, the surges through his entire body each time his cock exploded with a streak of semen. The island might have trembled.

'Shit...Brad...I c-can't move and I can't breathe,' he gasped.

I raised up to the most beautiful sight, this incredibly handsome male with copious streaks of come all over his face. I lifted his legs up and lay them on each side of me. I was elated at the sight of him with come streaked all over his face and neck and shoulders and chest. It looked like somebody had white-washed him. He had his eyes closed with pools of come covering them. Streaks of come lay across mouth as well. I hoped he wouldn't be sorry I'd done this to him.

'I'll get a towel,' I said as I backed off to my haunches.

Tuck was lying there waiting, with his eyes tightly closed and his lips pursed. He instinctively flicked his tongue out to clean his lips and got a healthy taste of his own come.

'Aaawwwggghhhhh!' he groaned as he sat up, swiping his face frantically with his hand.

I handed him the towel and he wiped the come off of his eyes.

'Man, I got it in my mouth! It's terrible! How do you do that, swallow it, I mean?'

'It's an acquired taste...from this side of the fence,' I said.

'Well, I'm staying on this side of the fence, thanks,' he declared. 'Geezuss, I need something to wash it down.'

I got a bottle of water and handed it to him. He swirled and gargled and spit it out. Then he took another gulp and swallowed it.

'It doesn't do anything to cut the taste,' he said. 'Motherfuck! I don't believe you did that to me,' he said, half laughing.

'I hope I didn't take things too far. You said I could show you anything I wanted.'

'Naw, it was incredible. I mean, I can't believe you made me come like that. You never even touched my cock. I don't think I've ever been so hot and primed.'

'I told you I could be more incredible.'

'Geezuss, that drained me,' he said, lying back on the blanket.

We lay together for a long quiet time, looking up at the stars and the moon. It grew chilly and Tuck raised up to bring the other blanket up over us, and soon he fell asleep, drained. I lay watching him till I dozed off too. I came awake to the weight of his heavy arm across my chest and his muscular thigh thrown across my middle with my cock throbbing in the crook of his knee. I didn't move for fear of waking him. I was so happy that tears came to my eyes. I glanced at my watch; eleven o'clock. As much as I cherished the moment I decided we shouldn't be wasting precious time sleeping. I squirmed to bring him awake. He woke up with a start, realizing the position we were in and quickly moved his leg away from my hardon. He started to move his arm but I stopped him.

'Its okay, don't move away,' I said, holding his arm against my chest.

Oddly, he began trailing his fingers casually over the left

side of my chest. I shivered when he touched my tits.

'You like that?' he asked with a chuckle.

'Yes. But I feel I should warn you, that's a form of reciprocation.'

'Well, I can't be doing that, then,' he said and jerked his hand away. He was joking, but he sat up to gaze out at the sea. 'I can't believe we're out here on a deserted island,' he said.

'Tuck....?' I said hoarsely.

'Yeah?' he said with a turn off his head.

'I said I would show you everything...,' I said, my voice trailing off, for I wasn't sure I had the courage to finish.

'Yeah?' he said again.

'Do you want to fuck me?' The words coming out of my own mouth almost left me without air to breath.

He just looked at me.

'You're serious.'

'Yes,' I said.

'Yes,' he said. 'But are you sure...I mean, I'm pretty oversized...won't it hurt?'

'Yes, I'm sure, I know how big you are, and yes, it'll hurt some, but nothing I can't handle,' I said.

'You're not a virgin,' he said.

'Not since I was seventeen.'

'Wow. That's pretty young.'

'I thought I was ready,' I said.

'You weren't?'

'I don't think anyone ever is, but it doesn't matter because you think you are and that's all that matters.'

'Was it somebody you...a buddy, or what?' he asked.

'If you don't mind me asking,' he added.

'It was an older guy. Not old; he was twenty-seven, but that's old when you're seventeen. He worked at the gym where I worked out. It was late and I was trying to get through my workout and he told me not to hurry; I could finish up after he closed up the gym, while he was cleaning. I was doing bench presses, spread out on the bench in my workout shorts...he told me I could take my shirt after he closed the place up. He told me I could take off my shorts, too, but I thought he was kidding. I had just racked the barbell and was taking a rest before my next set when he walks up to the head of the bench. He picked up the barbell and set it down a notch on the rack and told me to try it there. I figured okay, he was a personal trainer, so he knew what he was talking about. But before I finished my breather he came around to the foot of the bench and stands there and just looks at me. I thought he was wanting me to finish up, so I started to raise up but he shoved me back down on the bench. Not hard, but just pushed me with his hand against my chest. Then he grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs up and bent me in half and shoved my feet under the barbell so I was bent in half. The barbell was on the lower notch, about level with my head. I thought he was just playing around till he pulled my workout shorts down off my butt, and even then I still thought he was just playing grab-ass. But then he peeled his T-shirt off and took off his shorts and his jockstrap, then when I saw that he had a bottle of lube, I knew what he intended to do. I knew, but I asked him what he was doing; I stammered. He said, what's it look like. I'm giving you something you want. I didn't know he knew I wanted to get fucked when I didn't know it myself.'

'You couldn't get away from him?' Tuck asked.

'I was crunched up, bent in half, more than in half. I was locked in under the barbell with my feet right beside my head. I'd seen him in the locker room, so I knew how he was built hanging, but by this time, he wasn't hanging. His cock was standing out about eight inches, maybe more, thick as hell, throbbing like all get out. He squirted some lube on his cock and smeared it around then squirted some in the crack of my ass.

I have no idea how I psyched myself up but I knew I was going to get fucked and I resigned myself to it. He straddled the bench, aimed his cock and it was hot as hell, pressing against my hole. He bent his knees and forced his cock through my hole. I never had anything hurt so bad in my life. He told me not to yell, and I didn't, because I thought if I did, he would really get rough with me. I just shut my eyes and gritted my teeth and endured it till he was all the way in me and I felt his balls smashed against my butt. He held it like that for a moment, all I could feel was the throbbing, and it was like his steady throbbing was sucking the pain out. Then he pulled back and started fucking me. Well, pretty quick, I realized that it wasn't hurting so bad, then not at all, then it was feeling sort of good, then fuckin' good. It was like my ass sort of woke up and I started humping my butt up for him. He fucked me for about a half hour before he finally went off. I could feel him shooting inside me and that set me off. Actually, he did to me what I did to you, only I wasn't fucking you. He made me shoot off all over myself. That's when I got my first real taste of my own come. I got a mouthful.'

'Did it make you sick?'

'No, oddly enough, it didn't. I didn't like it, but I figured it was my come so it couldn't hurt me. I guess I just recycled it.'

'Was that the only time?' Tuck asked.

'No, actually, it wasn't. I was pretty damned screwed up in the head for a few days but I went back to the gym. He was friendly as hell when I came back, acted as if nothing had happened. He gave me a free protein drink and told me I could work out as late as I wanted to again.'

'Did you stay late?'

'Yes. I think that's the reason I went to the gym so late in the evening, so I would be there at closing time.'

'So, it happened again?'

'Yeah, that night and about every other night that he was working. We must've had sex on every machine in the gym.

'You were only seventeen? It could've been considered rape,' Tuck said.

'If I had told anybody, it would've been rape. But I kept going back. I think he was worried about it, though. He gave me all the protein shakes I wanted and kept me supplied with protein bars and energy drinks.'

'So you found out you liked it.'

'Yeah, I was hooked. But I didn't know how hooked till I met you.'


'I think my asshole saw your before I did,' I said, laughing.

'I gotta tell you, hearing you tell about it has given me a hardon,' he said. 'Do you still want me to fuck you?'


'How do you want it?' he asked. 'I mean, on your back or stomach or what?'

I rolled onto my stomach. 'Let's start out this way,' I said as I reached for my shorts to dig out the small tube of lubricant.

'You came prepared,' Tuck said.

'I came hopeful,' I said.

I applied some lube to my ass then handed the tube to Tuck. I spread my legs out wide and drew my knees up a little to tilt my butt up for him. He knelt behind me, holding his greased cock in one hand and began kneading my butt muscles and probing around with his thumb.

'Want me to get you loosened up a little?' he said as he shoved his thumb through my hole as far as it would reach and wriggled it around.

'Ooooohhhhh, Yessss,' I whispered.

He replaced his thumb with his middle finger. It went in a lot deeper and he found my prostate, although he didn't know it.

'Ohh, Goddd!' I cried out. 'Godd, you've got big fingers! Ohhhh...Ohhhh.'

He fucked and gouged my ass with his finger for a bit then shoved two fingers inside me.

'Ooohhhh,' I gasped again as he stretched my hole.

'This is going to hurt, isn't it?' he said.

Yeah, it was going to hurt. His thick, ass-buster cock was gong to pry me apart and stretch my ass unmercifully and it was going to go deep. 'Nothing I can't handle,' I said. I gripped the blanket and held my breath in anticipation of what was yet to come; being impaled on his huge cock.

When he pulled his fingers out I knew I was about to be fucked. I braced myself. I wasn't a virgin but I'd never taken a cock as big as Tuck's. I felt his heat, then the pressure of the blunt head against my hole. I didn't cower, but held a firm stance to let him know I was ready for him. He clasped his big hands around my hip bones and poked and prodded against the pliable muscle for a moment, then he shoved. My ass parted like the Dead Sea and he was suddenly inside of me.

Wwwhhhoooaaaaa!' I cried softly.

'You okay?' he asked, with some concern.

'Yesss! Don't stop or pull out,' I said.

'Oh, I hadn't planned to,' he said. 'This is incredible!

Tuck was so gentle and considerate. He waited a moment to let me get used to his size then began easing his cock into me.

Slowly, his cock impaled me, boring through my guts like a drill through soft earth, spreading my insides, plowing past anything in its path. Part way in, I was wanting it all; he was being too easy...I wanted the physical slaughter of his huge cock. I shoved my ass back on his cock. He came up against something that felt like rock bottom, but worked past it and buried the final inches of his cock.

'AAwwwwhhhhhhhhh!' he groaned softly as my asshole devoured his manhood.

'Ohh, Myy Godd!' I whispered to the sand. His cock throbbed deep inside me, his hard loins pressed hard against my spread butt, his big hands gripped my hips like a vise and his warm, hairy thighs brushed against mine. He fucked me. My Godd, did he fuck me! He used long, full-cock strokes, he used short, deep jabs, he used short jabs of the head of his cock in and out of my asshole. He fucked me like a jackhammer. He gradually fucked me flat on the blanket so I was sprawled out, spread-eagle. He clasped his bit hands around my tight butt muscles and fucked me like a pile driver. He was the best I'd ever had, bar none, and I couldn't help thinking what his poor, stupid fiance had given up. Then he asked the stupidest question.

'Am I doing this right?'

'Oh, Geezusss! If you only knew how right!' I gasped.

'I want you to turn over, on your back,' he said hoarsely.

I liked the way he said it; not just turn over, but he wanted me on my back. I started to ease forward off his cock but he slipped one arm around my waist to hold me tight and carefully maneuvered me onto my side then my back, without pulling his cock out. I lifted my legs and he clasped his hands around my ankles and held my legs wide apart as he began to fuck me again. I thrilled to the sight of his muscles rippling as he moved, and his handsome face contorting in untold pleasure.

'I can't believe anything can feel so good,' he said.

I was glad, but I wondered if he were wishing it were his fiance instead of me. I clasped my hands around his thick forearms and moved up to his powerful upper arms, tracing the shape of his bulging triceps. My finger encircled barely half the circumference of his biceps. I embraced his broad, muscular shoulders and trailed my fingers down over his chest. His tits were standing out taut. I fluttered my fingers over his abs and clasped my hands around his butt to pull him in tight.

'Your butt feels like warm bowling balls,' I said.

He smiled. 'Careful you don't get your hand bit by a panther,' he said.

I was nearly overwhelmed by the intense passion that was fueling my desire for him, and my desire made my passion even greater. I never felt more a man than with this magnificent male god claiming my body for his own pleasure.

'How long do you want me to go; I can last forever,' he said.

'As long as you want; just take me with you.'

'Oh, I have no intentions of letting you go,' he said.

No man had ever fucked me so wonderfully or so long. I paid no attention at the time, but I would learn later that he went on for over two hours. I quickly discovered how he liked my hands on his muscles and he liked me touching his nipples.

'I never knew I had feelings in my nipples,' he said.

'Guys have feelings about everywhere a woman does,' I told him.

'Yeah, but women are supposed to have 'em, they're built that way.'

'If men weren't built that way, too, they wouldn't have the same good feelings,' I said.

My hands were all over him, constantly on the move over his warm, muscular body, squeezing his muscles, testing his strength. I had my hands clasped around his shoulders and in a sudden, bold move, I pulled him down to me. He leaned down over me, covering me like a stallion on a mare, his face so close that his sweet breath wafted over my face. There was a brief instant when our eyes met, our gaze locked and I think he was forced to look away with fright. I put my hands on each side of his thick neck and he looked back. I didn't urge him down, he came on his own, lowering his head, his face coming closer and closer to mine. Then he closed his eyes, as if to block out what was about to happen, or perhaps to escape it. But there was no escape; our lips were like magnets being drawn together. Eyes closed, his lips found their way to mine.

'Uuuhhhnnnnnnnn,' he moaned softly as he smashed his mouth over mine, his tongue probing through my slack lips.

I met his tongue and felt an electrical jolt go through me; I think he felt it too, for he whimpered. It was a long, passionate kiss, the most passionate I'd ever experienced. We swapped spit and sucked on each other's tongues. We practically devoured each other, till suddenly I felt his body jolt then shudder, like a small earthquake had shaken the island. His cock bolted and lurched inside me.

'Ohh, I'm gonna come!' he gasped.

'Yesss! Give it to me!' I moaned.

He gave it to me, but not with the frenzy I might have expected. He simply held his position, cock-deep, and let it happen. I could feel his cock throbbing and jerking around inside me, then the sudden heat of his semen spread through my insides. It was a hellacious come. It drained the man of more than his semen. It sucked the very life out of him. When he was finally finished, he hovered over me for a moment, his massive arms shaking.

'I'm gonna collapse,' he said.

'Go ahead, I can hold you,' I said.

His weight spread on top of me felt wonderful and I wrapped my arms and legs around him to hold him tight.

'I really didn't intend to go off that quick,' he said.

'I'm sure you good for more than one,' I said.

'Oh, yeah.'

'Then it doesn't matter. We've got the whole night to ourselves,' I told him.

We slept barely at all. Tuck discovered that he liked the feel of a male ass and he couldn't get enough of mine. He fucked me in every position known to man. He even fucked me in the water. Between times I sucked his cock and was rewarded with loads of his salty-sweet come. I couldn't get enough of him. A couple of times he started to get a little sappy, as he put it, but each time, he checked himself and reverted to his macho self. One of those times, I think he was giving serious thought to going down on me. We were lying together and he had surprised me by putting his arm out for me to lay my head on. His bicep was big enough for a pillow but not very soft.

'I really wish I could give something back,' he said in a hoarse tone.

'Trust me, you've given back in kind,' I assured him.

'You know what I mean...I wish I could go down on you but it's just not in me.'

'Stop worrying about it. You haven't left me wanting for a thing,' I said.

He was quiet, then, and I thought that was the closest he would ever come to expressing his more sensitive side. We dozed again and when I came awake first, I got up and went for a swim. I couldn't get over the overwhelming feeling of being such a free spirit. When I came out of the water and walked back to the blanket, Tuck was awake, sitting up with his knees cocked up and his arms folded across them. I picked up my towel and stood beside him to dry off. I realized that he was looking at me; gazing, was more like, his head tilted, his mouth slack and I dared to hope, yet dared not. Suddenly he moved to his knees, facing me, face to face with my manhood, his eyes unwavering.

'Tuck....?' I whispered. I wanted to tell him not do it but it was too late. I heard him swallow then his mouth was opened wide and closing around the head of my cock.

'Ohhhh, Geezussssss!' I moaned, my head back.

He didn't suck me. He simply took my cock in his mouth as far as he could and held it there while he washed it with his tongue. It lasted perhaps a minute then he withdrew. He knelt there, gazing at my cock, then slumped his shoulders and turned and sat down and drew his knees up like he was.

'I don't believe I did that,' he said to the sea. 'But I had to.'

'No you didn't,' I said. 'I've been deliriously happy with what you've given me.'

'Yeah, I did,' he said. 'I would like to call it a token reciprocation, but it was more curiosity.'

'And? Now that you've satisfied your curiosity.'

'I have to say, no offense, but I don't get the attraction,' he said.

'No offense taken. Straight guys don't.'

'Hell, I probably wouldn't be very good at it anyway,' he said.

I sat down beside him. 'You'll never know, though, what it means to me that you tried it,' I said.

'Well, when the sun comes up and we leave this island, I'm going to put it so far behind me, it'll never crop up in my mind again.'

'All of it?' I asked.

'No,' he said, looking around at me. 'No, I won't ever forget this.'

'Part of me wishes it could've been with your bride,' I said. 'But most of me is glad it wasn't.'

'I've got no regrets about that,' he said. 'It was her choice, and you came along...everything's worked out.'

The birds began their chatter in the early morning dark, announcing the coming of the sunrise. I woke up to find Tuck gone from the blanket. I sat up and looked all around but didn't see him. I went down to the water's edge and walked around the shore till I found him on the other side of the island. I stood back for a long moment, looking at his very male silhouette forming against the dawning light. I thought perhaps I should leave him alone; maybe he wanted to be by himself for the little time we had left on the island. I started to walk back but he called outto me.

'Don't go,' he said.

I turned and went back. 'I thought you might want to be alone,' I said.

'No, just taking it all in as much as I can before we get picked up. It's breathtaking.'

'Yes, it is,' I said, looking at him.

'The island,' he said.

'That, too,' I said.

He put his hand on my chest. 'I don't want to appear greedy, more time?'

'It's called insatiable,' I said.

He pulled me to him, his cock rising to the occasion. Our bodies smashed together then he reached down and pulled my leg up to his hip.

'Climb on,' he said.

He took hold of my butt as I wrapped both legs around him. He maneuvered us till my hole was set squarely over the head of his throbbing cock.

'Ride down on it, I'll take you for a walk,' he said.

I closed my eyes and let my head fall back as I let my weight force his cock up inside me.

'OOOhhhhhh,' I moaned softly, laying my head on his shoulder. 'Goddd, I thought we'd done it in every position known to man.'

He walked us around the island, his big cock lobbing around inside me like a pole in the wind; like he was stirring something. With the blanket in view, he said, 'I haven't had my morning run yet.' With that, he broke out in an easy lope. I cried out and hung on for dear life as I bounced up and down on his cock. Suddenly, without warning, I was coming.

'AAAAAaawwwhhhhhhhhhh!' I yelled like an animal as my load shot out all over Tuck's chest. He kept running, past the blanket, and on, till I stopped coming, then he slowed to a walk.

'That was wild,' he said.

I couldn't even speak. I felt his cock still throbbing up inside me.

'You didn't come,' I said.

'I didn't have to. You came enough for both of us,' he said, of the streaks and rivulets of semen running down his chest and stomach.

'Sorry about that,' I said.

'Couldn't be helped,' he said.

'You can keep going till you come,' I said.

'No, I'm okay.' He walked us down to the shore and into the water up to our necks before he let me go and washed the semen off. We swam and horsed around for awhile, till the sun came up over the horizon.

Walking back to the blanket, his cock was still standing out, swaying around like a battering ram.

'Let me take care of that for you?' I offered.

'I'm okay,' he said.

'Why are you putting yourself through this? You know I want to.'

'Call it reciprocation by means of self denial; I just want to leave it like this,' he said.

I didn't argue with him. I was sort of impressed that he felt he was reciprocating by getting me off and denying himself. We didn't get dressed till we saw the catamaran, then we put our clothes on, gathered up the blankets and walked down to the water's edge.

'I'm never going to forget this,' Tuck said.

Jimmie and Dave were all smiles as they docked the craft a few yards out from the beach. It was filled with people, many of the naked, all of them surprised to see two guys waiting on the island. We waited till they had all come ashore.

'Did you guys get shipwrecked?' a man asked.

'We sort of got left behind yesterday evening,' Tuck lied.

'Why didn't you call me,' a young woman said, giving everybody a good laugh.

'Did you guys have a good time?' Jimmie asked as we set sail for the return trip.

'Yeah, it was incredible. Awesome,' Tuck said.

'Yeah, I'll bet it was,' Dave said with a thin smile.

They knew, and we didn't care.

We got a cab to the airfield for the flight to Barbados. It would be a short flight. On Barbados we caught a cab to the dock.

'Listen, I did things out there on the island last night that I wouldn't have ordinarily done,' Tuck said as we walked to the ship.. 'I got caught up in the moment and the atmosphere.'

I didn't understand what he was trying to say. I hoped he wasn't going to say he regretted it, or that he didn't want to see me for the final precious hours of the cruise.

'What I mean is, I don't normally go around kissing guys. Or fucking them, for that matter.'

'You don't have to try to convince me that you're straight. It's practically tattooed on your forehead,' I said.

'I really don't know what I'm trying to say.'

'I hope you're not wrestling with guilt and remorse and regrets,' I said.

'None of the above. Just...confusion, I guess. And awe. It was awesome. I can't describe it.'

'You were awesome,' I said.

'I doubt I'll ever have an experience like that again,' he said.


Day Five - (Friday) -- Barbados

Back on board, we went our separate ways to our cabins for much needed showers. We hadn't made any plans together for the day except for breakfast at the Windjammer. But Tuck didn't show. I was reluctant to call him to see if he wanted to go on the island. If he wanted to do something with me he would call or he would have shown up for breakfast. Maybe he needed the whole day by himself to sort things out. I just hoped I hadn't ruined everything. There was still tonight and all day Saturday and Saturday night at sea; too much precious time to let go to waste.

I went on the island and took a cab downtown where I shopped around for awhile. On impulse I bought Tuck a beautiful wood carving of a stallion at one of the tiny outdoor shops. At another I bought him a very large beach towel with a gorgeous babe in a bikini on it. Later, on a narrow, unkempt street I came across a small shop called Gear that sold sexy underwear and stuff. I spent a lot of time there, trying on things and laying them aside to purchase. In the back of my mind I was thinking how great Tuck would look in this or that, and in the end I bought some stuff for him; a deep red bikini swim suit, a pair of white briefs and a silk burgundy thong that zipped down the front. I hoped he wouldn't think I was going overboard. Maybe we wouldn't even see each other again.

When I returned to the ship mid-morning, there was an envelope on my bed with the pictures of us on the jungle safari, wearing the loincloths. They were great. I couldn't wait to show them to Tuck. By lunchtime I was beginning to worry. Tuck hadn't called or made any attempt to contact me. I checked out the dining room then went up to the Windjammer. I didn't find him there either, so I ate alone. I wanted desperately to call his cabin but I didn't. I decided I wouldn't waste what was left of Barbados. I left the ship and hired a cab to take me around the island. The driver was young and uncommonly handsome, with a lean build. I toyed with the idea of trying to get something going with him.

'Is there something you would like to see, or shall I take you around?' he asked.

'Just drive,' I said. 'Is there a private beach?' I asked.

'Yes, several,' he said. 'Some more private than others,' he added with a sly grin.

'I didn't bring a swimsuit,' I said.

'You don't need one. Would you like to go there?'

'Yes, it sounds interesting.'

'I hope you don't mind, there are sometimes a lot of kids who come to the beach from further in the island; teenagers,' he said.

'Teenagers at a private beach?' I asked with a curious smile.

'Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, old enough to be there,' he said.

I hoped I was getting his message.

'They're good boys, clean, not the riff-raff from the city,' he went on as we were pulling into a heavily wooded lane. He drove down the gutted road till it opened up onto a gravel parking area, with the ocean beyond a sloping, sandy beach. It was indeed private, a small cove of crystal clear water nearly surrounded by heavy, green trees and foliage. 'I'll wait and get you back to your ship in time,' he said.

'Yes, thanks,' I said as I got out of the cab, my curiosity piqued.

'Pay for everything at the food stand if you want a chair or umbrella and towels. And ten dollars is enough for tips for the boys,' he told me as I was walking toward the beach.

I walked down to the water's edge, which all around the cove was no more than a few yards from the woods, and was approached immediately by two boys, bringing a lounge chair and umbrella and towels.

'Something to drink? I will get it for you,' one of them said, motioning to the small concession stand nestled back in the shade. I thanked them and the boy scurried off for my drink. The other boy asked me if I wanted him to take my clothes. I was a bit taken aback, but it wasn't as if he was being bold, but rather gracious. Confident that I had gotten the cab driver's message about these boys, I began undressing. I couldn't help noticing the way the boy watched me, intently, almost drinking in every inch of my body as I bared it. When I was down to my briefs he motioned for them, too. The other boy returned with my drink and I took a long sip before I removed my shorts. The boy was quick to take them and fold them with the rest of my clothes.

'Very nice,' he said, indicating my naked body.

The other boy whistled under his breath and they both laughed softly. Odd, I thought, that they were both wearing swimsuits. They hovered close by while I lounged in the warm Caribbean sun and I likened them like a couple of young, cute vultures, watching their prey. I watched them from behind my sunglasses, trying to judge how old they were. The one looked more like fourteen than the seventeen or eighteen that the cab driver said they would be. The other boy's smooth, muscular body could pass him for seventeen. I wondered what their game was; how they operated. I soon found out. The younger one came up to me and quietly asked me if I wanted another drink. When I said yes, he scurried off to get it and the older one came up.

'You should not lie in the sun too long,' he said. 'I can move your chair for you back in the shade, among the trees.'

Yes, I thought, I wanted to be back among the trees with these two young gods. I stood up and he folded up my chair. The other boy met us back in the woods with my drink and we all went several yards into the bushes and small trees. But the boy didn't set my chair up. Instead, he came up to me and began rubbing his hand on my thigh.

'You are hot, would you like for us to cool you off?' he asked, and without my answer, reached for my cock. The younger boy was already on his knees in front of me and the older one joined him. Together, they started to work on me, one sucking my cock, the other one sucking my balls. Then they traded off. I stood there, gaping at the two handsome boys as they gave me the treatment. I was surprised how adept they were, both of them were able to swallow my cock whole, and suck its entire length without choking. And the whole time, they looked up at me with their big, brown eyes that lied about their innocence, as if to make sure I was being pleased. After awhile the younger one asked, 'Do you like to fuck?'

'Yes,' I said, without knowing how he meant it; whether he wanted me to fuck him, or if they intended to fuck me. It didn't matter to me. They both stood and the older boy spit in hand and applied it to his butt. Then he bent over with his shoulder against a tree. The younger one motioned for me to take him. I stepped up behind him and aimed my cock between his taut, smooth butt muscles. He hunkered back and his tiny hold swallowed the head of my cock so easily I was stunned. Before I could enter him, he shoved his butt all the way down on my cock with a soft moan.

'Ohhhh, Goddddd,' I groaned softly as the contractions of his warm, live ass began massaging the full length of my cock.

'You like?' the younger boy asked, all smiles.

'Fuck, yes,' I said.

He was playing with my butt, and very quickly I realized that he intended to fuck me. He was adept with his fingers exploring my ass, soon probing and finding my prostate.

'I fuck you,' he said.


He stepped up behind me on his toes and aimed his cock between my buns. I hadn't paid any attention to how big he was till he entered me. I thought there was no end to his cock.

'My Goddd,' I gasped over my shoulder as he shoved his cock deeper and deeper.

'I'm almost in,' he said. 'I'm big, but you will like.'

Yes, I was liking it already, and wondering how much more cock such a boy could possibly have, and where I was going to put it. He wasn't as thick as Tuck, but he was boring in every bit as deep.

'Ohhhhh,' I moaned as he buried the final inches of his long cock deep inside me. 'Ohhh, Fuck.'

The boy laughed and began fucking me.

'Ohhh!...Ohhhhh!...Uuunnnhhhh!...Ohhh, fuck, yesss ....ohh, fuck me...awwwh, son, where did you learn to fuck like that?'

At the same time I was trying to fuck the older boy but I lost my coordination and he was doing the work, slamming his butt back onto my cock in steady strokes. I simply stood there and let the two boys do their magic on me. Being hot-blooded teenagers, I didn't think they would last long but they surprised me. They fucked me hard and steady, with great energy and determination, for over a half hour, while I constantly fought down the terrible urge to come. Finally, the older boy went nuts on my cock, crying out that he was going to come as he thrashed his tight little ass around wildly. It must have been a cue for the younger boy, for he suddenly turned into a little fuck maniac. He really tore up my asshole as he worked up his own climax and mine with it. Needless to say, I didn't and couldn't hold off against the double assault on my senses. I lost a load that made me see stars and made my head spin. My legs were shaking; I was ready to collapse. The younger boy pulled his cock out of me and it felt like he was turning me inside out. Without his support behind me, I slumped over the older boy and grabbed the tree for support. He slumped down in front of me to his knees, leaving my cock swinging in the breeze. With no support, I collapsed with him, and his friend joined us in the pile. It was then that I saw the tool the boy had used on me.

'Dam!' I gasped when I saw his cock.

He laughed proudly.

'Where did you get that cock?'

'I said you would like it,' he said.

'You boys dam near fucked my brains out.'

We stayed in the woods for a short while till I thought I should be heading back to the ship. I pulled them both to their feet, gaping at the younger boy's manhood. He must have been nine inches long, hanging. He could be a porn star back in the states. The boys had doubled my pleasure so I gave each of them twenty dollars. I got dressed, paid my tab at the stand and was on my way.

'Did you like the beach?' my driver asked with a smile.

'Very much. Thanks for bringing me,' I said. The ride back gave me pause to think about the afternoon. I would never forget the two boys but my mind was on Tuck.

He wasn't at his table at dinner and I figured he was eating in the Windjammer. I wished I'd gone there instead of dressing for dinner, but I was hoping to see him in his tux. The best place to see him after dinner would be on the promenade.

Sooner or later, everyone on the ship passed down the promenade. First I bought two tickets to the ice show, on the off chance that I would meet up with him, then I went to the Dog and Duck and sat at one of the outside tables nursing a beer. The man who had taken pictures of us at the nude beach came by my table.

'I was hoping I would meet up with you again. Do you mind if I sit down?' He didn't want for me to answer. He sat down and pulled an envelope out of his pocket and handed it to me. 'I thought you and your buddy might like to have these.'

I opened the envelope and took out the pictures of us, naked, on the beach.

'How did you get these developed so fast?' I asked.

'They have one-hour developing that is truly one hour. They turned out very good, don't you think?'

'They developed these in the ship's photo lab?' I looked at the pictures. They were good of me, too, but beside Tuck, I looked rather insignificant. There was the one of Tuck propped up on his elbows with his tight abs and thigh muscles flexed. One of his taut bubble butt set on his narrow hips and his legs and back flared out to form a perfect hour glass. His butt muscles looked like a couple of soccer balls, almost too smooth for the panther to climb up. The close-ups of his manhood were exceptional, with his big cock draped thick and heavy over his stallion balls. Then the shocker; three photos of Tuck going to and from the beach after he got his hardon. Two of the pictures were of him sporting his huge hardon and the third was of him from the backside, with his butt flexed so beautifully.

'I'll bet he doesn't know you took these,' I said.

'Something as beautiful as that shouldn't require permission to photograph it,' the said.

'I can't believe they developed these,' I said.

'It took a few extra bucks but they like to keep the guests happy,' he said. 'Do you think your friend will be mad?'

'No, I don't think so. You're a very good photographer.'

'I'm an amateur. It's the subject matter that makes these pictures. I would like to give them to him myself but I didn't know if I would see either of you again so will you give them too him?'

'Yes. Thank you, and Tuck thanks you.'

'Tuck? Is that his name?'


'It fits him.' He smiled and his eyes lit up. 'Say, would you like prints for yourself?'

'Yes,' I said emphatically. 'I would very much like prints for myself.'

'What's your cabin number? I'll slip them under your door.'

I thanked the man profusely and offered to pay him but he refused. I was right about meeting Tuck on the promenade. It wasn't long before I saw him sauntering towards me eating an ice cream cone. Actually, he strutted, although I don't think he meant to. It was just the way he walked, with a slight sway of his shoulders and a little twist of his butt that made his walk sexy as hell. He looked sexy in general, in white shorts and sneakers and a dark blue T-shirt. His muscular, brown legs contrasted sharply with his shorts. How I wished I'd gone to the Windjammer for dinner. As he came close he saw me and came

over to my table with a big smile. I pushed a chair out for him to sit down.

'Want a drink?' I asked.

'Sure, a beer would be good to wash down the ice cream,' he said.

I was both pleased and disappointed with the way he was acting, as if nothing had happened. As he approached me there was a gleam in his eyes, sort of a searching look.

'So what'd you do today?' I asked.

'I took a taxi to the other side of the island, had lunch, hung around some of the shops then brought a taxi back,' he said. 'Nothing really exciting but it was nice. How about you?'

'I went downtown to see if I needed to do any last minute shopping before we set sail for home.' I still wondered why he hadn't invited me to go along with him but I decided not to tell him about the two boys at the beach.

'We should have gone together,' he said.

'You didn't call and I didn't see you at breakfast or lunch so I thought you wanted to be alone...maybe to sort things out, like you said.'

'Sorry I crapped out on you at breakfast, but I ordered room service,' he said. 'Did you buy anything?'

'As a matter of fact, I did,' I said with a grin. 'You need to stop by my cabin; I bought something for you.'

He blinked with surprise and a smile. 'You did? You didn't have to do that.'

'I wanted to get you something to take back with you. Then I went into another shop and saw some stuff I figured you had to have.'

'Like what?'

'I'll show you.' We both took a sip of beer and I glanced at Tuck. 'So, did you get things sorted out?'

'Yeah, I think so, for now.'

'I was beginning to worry that maybe I pushed the envelope a little too far. You've got enough to deal with, without me complicating things.'

'Pushed my buttons was more like it,' he said, laughing.

'Well, I'm glad you're okay with everything.'

'I'm not okay yet, but I know I'll get there,' he said with confidence. Then he asked, 'Are we moving?'

'Yes, we set sail about dinner time,' I said.

'This thing is so damned big I can't tell when it' moving. It's going to be a long sail back.'

'It's a good time to enjoy the ship, without rushing around to catch a tour,' I said. 'There's an ice show tonight. Do you want to go?'

'Yes, if I can still get a ticket.'

'I got one for you, just in case,' I said.

'Hey, that's great. Thanks.'

I looked at my watch. 'If we go now we can get good seats.'

'I'll meet you there in a few minutes,' Tuck said as we got up. He went one way and I headed the other way toward the ice rink. I got us front row seats. Tuck joined me about ten minutes later carrying a small bag which he put in the seat between his legs. While we were waiting for the ice show to begin I showed Tuck the pictures. He went through them slowly studying each one, no doubt with great self pride. Then he gasped and his eyes popped open when he saw the last ones of him with his hardon.

'Geezusss! I didn't know anybody was taking pictures of me like that!' he said, holding the pictures in close where no one around us could see them. 'They were supposed to ask permission.'

'The man apologized for that but he said nothing so beautiful should demand permission to photograph it. I told him you wouldn't mind. Do you?'

'No, I...I guess not,' he said.

'Of course you don't,' I said, elbowing him in the side.

'Are these mine to keep?' he asked.

'Yes, with his compliments. He's getting copies for me,' I said.

He tucked them in his pocket just as the lights were dimmed. The ice show was superb. Besides being professional two of the male skaters were drop dead cute. I think they thought Tuck was, too, and maybe me. Every time they did their stops at the end of the rink they were right in front of us and making eye contact with incredible smiles.

I nudged Tuck and said, jokingly, 'I think he likes you.'

'I wish he wouldn't like me so openly,' he whispered. 'Next time he stops in front of us, get his cabin number,' he joked.

I presumed he was joking and when the show was over we left the auditorium without speaking of it again. We strolled down the promenade and stopped for ice cream then headed up to my cabin. I invited him in to give him the stuff I'd bought for him. I gave him the carved wooden horse wrapped up in the beach towel.

'This is really nice. Thank you,' he said with great emotion.

'The beach towel is yours, too.'

He whistled at the babe on the beach towel and spread it out on the bed to look at it. 'Thanks. You shouldn't have done this.'

'Oh, that's not all,' I said. I gave him the red bikini swim suit.

'Wow! That is red!' he exclaimed.

'And you're going to look great in it.' I said. 'You have to promise you'll wear it at the pool.' Then I gave him the burgundy silk thong with the zipper. 'And I DARE you to wear this.'

He held it up. 'I don't think I'll fit in it,' he said, laughing.

'You're not supposed to fit in it. Your butt is supposed to be out of it, and the front stretches to fit.'

'There's going to be a lot more than my butt out of it if that zipper doesn't hold. But okay, I'll wear it.'

'You will?'

'Sure. Hell, I've seen women wearing 'em, I figure I can.'

'You'll look as good or better than some of them,' I said. I gave him the white briefs. 'These are just something you can wear around your cabin. Or mine, as the case may be,' I added with a chuckle

'These are nice. But you really shouldn't have done all this,' he said holding the briefs up to his middle.

'I enjoy buying things for people,' I said with a shrug.

'Well, it just so happens, I bought something for you,' he said.

'Is that what you went back for? You didn't have to do that just because I bought you something,' I said.

'I didn't just go back for it. I was on my way to the shop when I saw you on the promenade.' He took a small box out of the bag and handed it to me. It was a jewelry box. I held my breath as I opened it. I hated surprises anyway, and I was afraid this was going to be a bit more than a surprise. It was a gold ID bracelet with my name engraved on it.

'Wow!' was all I could say.

'Check out the other side,' he said.

I turned the ID band over to see ‘Panthers' engraved on the back. I couldn't say anything for a moment and I couldn't look at him at first. I was fighting to keep from welling up, but Tuck noticed.

'Don't get all sappy on me, now.'

'All right. I'll simply say thank you. I will treasure it.'

In a lull that followed, Tuck started to roll the wooden horse up in the beach towel as if he were getting ready to leave. Quickly, I called upon my courage.

' you want to spend the night?' I asked in a husky vice. 'We don't have to do anything if you don't want to,' I added quickly. 'We can just talk, or whatever you want to do.'

'I would like that but after all that's happened, I don't think I'll be able to spend the night just talking,' he said.

'That's okay too, whatever you want to do,' I said.

Without a word, Tuck laid his stuff on the sofa, indicating that he was staying. I stepped over and turned down the bed and we both began undressing as if on cue.

'Do you want me to put the white briefs on?' he asked.

'Yes. I want you to model everything, but the white briefs for now.'

When he was naked he pulled them up his legs and let the waistband smack against his hard abs. He shoved his hand down inside to arrange his manhood then hefted the pouch so it set just right.

'I knew you would look like that in them.'

He did something, then, that touched me deeply. Such a simple thing. He unwrapped the wooden carving and set it on the beside stand.

'I want this setting out while we're together to watch over us. That way I've got something to take back and share my secrets with.' He smiled as he crawled into the bed. I was more than surprised when he stretched his left arm out across the bed as a pillow for me. We didn't snuggle, but our bodies touched and he held me in his muscular arm. I think he felt a little awkward. I looked down the slope of his abs to the mound of his manhood.

'I love the way you fill those out,' I said. 'You looked great in that loin cloth, too,' I added casually.

Tuck chuckled. 'I would've felt like a fool if you hadn't been there, wearing one with me.'

'Trust me, you couldn't look like fool in anything you put on, even if you tried. I want to take some pictures before we dock. Some of you in the loin cloth and in the stuff I bought for you...maybe some nudes if you don't mind.'

'Yeah, I was thinking I want some pictures of you, too,' he said.

I was somehow surprised. He never said whether he wanted nudes of me. There was another quiet lull but neither of us was uncomfortable with it. It seemed natural that we lay together, even though I knew it would have been unthinkable for Tuck a few short days ago. I lay my hand on his stomach and trailed my fingers up and down his hard muscles. His abs felt like a breastplate of amour. I moved my hand ever higher, to his pecs and his tits; then lower, to his shorts.

'You know, I've really grown to like you,' he said in a husky tone. 'I just wish....' He let his voice trail off.

'You don't have to say it,' I said quietly.

'I wish I could reciprocate in some way, but I can't. I'm sorry, I'm just not built that way.'

'No need to be sorry. You do reciprocate, you just don't realize it.'

'I didn't do anything, much.'

'Oh, but you did. More than you know, by just being you.'

'That doesn't take much effort,' he scoffed.

'You have to be on this side of the fence to understand,' I said. 'Your looks, you have a beautiful body and a beautiful cock. Trust me, just allowing me to have all that is reciprocation for me.'

'You're right, I don't understand, but if you say so.'

I ran my hand lightly over the warm bulge of his shorts.

'You're gonna wake it up,' Tuck warned

'Would that be so bad?' I asked as I raised up and leaned over his middle. I almost choked with his beauty as I lowered my face to his briefs. I put my open mouth over the bulge and breathed hot air over it and lapped it with my tongue. When I had his shorts good and wet I mauled it with my mouth, sucking his cock through the thin, wet material.

'Take it out,' Tuck whispered anxiously. 'Take it out and suck it.'

'Do you wear a jockstrap when you work out?' I asked.

He raised his head with a frown. 'Where the hell did that come from? Yes, if course I wear a jockstrap, otherwise I would fall out of my shorts.'

'Can I have it?' I asked.

His scowl turned into a confused smile. 'Yeah...sure, who not. What're you going to do with it?'

'Keep it. It's a fetish of mine,' I said. 'You already think I'm crazy so I'll tell you...I decorate a Christmas tree with jockstraps and condoms.'

'No shit.'

'Yes, and yours is going to be at the top of the tree.'

'New or used condoms?' he asked with a twinkle.

'Both. Single packets for color and used ones to drape over the tree limbs.'

'And the jock straps...are they a collection from guys you know?'

'Yeah. They're all just as I received them. None of them have ever been washed,' I said

He shook his head, laughing and we didn't speak any more. After awhile we dozed off to sleep. We both came awake sometime in the night. My watch said one o'clock.

'Are you awake,' Tuck asked softly.

'Yes. You?'

'Who the fuck do you think is talking to you?' He reached down for his cock and held it up, tall and hard. 'We don't have much time left; have you got anything else you wanta

show me?' he asked.

'I think I can pull something out of the hat,' I said.

'Will it surpass what you did earlier?'


'Geezuss, what is it? I can't wait.'

'I need a shower first,' I said.

'Yeah, me to.'

I climbed out of bed to go to the bathroom. 'You can join me if you want to,' I said.

'Naw, I that's okay.

Maybe he had to cling to some remnant of his macho manhood by not being the the shower with me. I appreciated that. But a couple of minutes later he came into the bathroom and opened the shower door.

'Hell, why not? I've never showered with a guy before,' he said as he stepped inside and closed the door around us.

The shower wasn't big enough for two men but I didn't mind being cramped in there with Tuck. I don't think Tuck minded either. He did seem a little shy and awkward at first and I thought it odd that he kept his back to me. I kept my back to him too, though, and I didn't mind his butt rubbing against mine. When we were both wet, I turned around and took the soap from him.

'I'll wash you back.' He let me. He seemed to like it.

'I never had another guy wash my back before either.'

'Am I doing okay?' I asked.

'It feels great.'

I lathered the soap back and forth across his broad shoulders and criss-crossed down his back. His taut bubble butt loomed just below.

'How far do you want me to wash?' I asked as I approached the curvature of his butt. 'I really ought to give this panther a good shampooing.' I was entertaining visions of sliding my soapy fingers between the firm muscles to see how he might react.

'Well, I never had another guy wash my butt before, either.'

'Do you want to be able to say you have?' I asked.

He laughed and drew his butt muscle taut as my hands slid over them.

'Relax 'em a little, so I can get my fingers between them.'

'Just be careful how far you put your fingers,' he said.

'I'm not stupid enough to try to push the envelope that far,' I said. I ran my soapy fingers up and down the crack of his butt, getting in deep enough that I touched his hole. I went down on my haunches to wash his legs. Face to face with his gorgeous butt I couldn't resist him. I wrapped my arms around his muscular thighs and buried my face in his butt.

'OOhhhhh,' he moaned softly. He bent over as far as he could in the tight confines of the shower stall and I pulled his butt apart so I could eat his ass. I tongued him till his legs were shaking.

'Do you do the front too,' he asked, handing me the soap back to me.

I stood up and turned him around to face me and began washing his front. His shoulders first, then back and forth across his wide chest. I rubbed the soap and my hands up and down his armor plate abs and worked up a great lather in the hair around his cock. I pulled on his thick, rubbery cock with my soapy hands then went to my haunches again to wash his thighs. While I was down there I soaped up his balls and ran my finger back between his legs again, touching his asshole. His cock was rising fast.

'You should have put that panther around here. It would look great crawling up this big cock,' I said.

'Fuck, it gives me the cold jitters just thinking about that needle poking in my cock,' he said.

When the soap had all rinsed off I took his cock in my mouth.

'Awwwhhhh, Yeaaaahhhhhhh!' he moaned as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth.

It was a fulfillment of a life-long dream, to suck a guy's cock in the shower. I only wished that we were in the shower at school and that I had the rest of the team with him, waiting in line for my hungry mouth. That was the real fantasy. I kept his butt soaped up so my fingers would slide easily in the crevice that separated the two hard mounds. I rubbed my fingertip back and forth over his asshole and he didn't tighten his butt muscles to stop me. I tried to keep his attention focused on his cock, using my tongue like a washcloth all around the head, while I pressed and rubbed my finger harder against his hole. A little more pressure, and when he didn't flinch, I eased my finger into his asshole. Not far, only up to the first knuckle. He let out a little moan and seemed to relax his butt, welcoming my finger. I massaged the inside rim of the thick sphincter muscle and I felt him began to relax. I ventured deeper, shoving in past the second knuckle. Past the powerful muscle clenching at my finger to draw it into the soft folds of his insides. As he relaxed more I moved the tip of my finger around inside his ass to make him moan again. I didn't wait this time. I shoved my finger all the way up inside him.

'Aaahhhhh,' he groaned.

I massaged the inside of his ass, very gently, and worked my finger in and out of the tight hole. I felt his prostate and gently nudged it with my fingertip. He winced but then relaxed with a gasping moan when I began massaging his love nut.

'Ohhh...Ohhhh...Ohhh, Mannnn!' he cried softly as he began to wriggle around on my hand and I was about to give him a second finger but he reached down and grabbed my wrist to stop me. He brushed his hand along the side of my face and locked his butt muscles hard around my hand. It was a signal for me to stop.

I gave his cock a few more loving stokes as I slowly and gently pulled my finger free, then I stood up. His cock lay between our bellies, throbbing madly. I stepped out of the shower and handed him a towel.

'I'll meet you out on the balcony,' I said. I quickly grabbed the Anal-ease and the tube of lube and finished drying off on the balcony. I applied the stuff just before Tuck came out, drying his hair.

'This is nice,' he said as he gazed out at the moon-lit sea. 'Do you suppose the moon always shines on the sea?'

'Well, it was no doubt scheduled to shine for your honeymoon, so there it is. It doesn't know you're not here with your wife.' After I said it I wondered if I should have. But Tuck didn't seem to take offense.

He reached over and put his hand on my butt. 'I never told you, you've got a great ass.'

'Thanks. Yours is good enough to eat,' I joked, squeezing my butt muscles against his fingers.

'Don't squeeze 'em too tight,' he said as he dug his fingers deep enough that he felt the slickness. I relaxed and he moved around behind me. ''re ready for me. Is it okay...out here, I mean?'

'It's okay with me. Who cares? If they're ballsy enough to lean around the partition and look, they deserve what they see.'

He moved up behind me with his fist around his cock and his other hand pulling my butt apart. He aimed his cock, I felt the heat against my asshole and we both applied pressure. I shoved back till I had him pinned against the bulkhead then twisted my butt around on his cock.

'OHhhhhhhh...Ohhhm, Geezussss!' he groaned as his cock burst through my hole and sank inside me.

Once he was in me it became a dual between us. He shoved forward and fucked me against the railing. I rode back and forth on his big cock, pushing him back against the bulkhead. If anyone came out onto the balconies on the either side of us they could pretty much figure out what was going on; that this guy in the next cabin was getting fucked in the ass I half wished someone would look around the partition and see us.

Suddenly the light came on in the balcony to our left and the light shone through the frosted glass partition, causing us to be well illuminated. Before Tuck could be spooked I jutted my hips back and pushed him firmly against the bulkhead and twisted around, fucking him hard. I wanted him to know it was okay, that I didn't give a dam if there was somebody on the next balcony.

'Ohhhh...Ohhhh, fuck...Awwww, mannn, yeah, ride that big cock,' he groaned.

The guy on the left peered around the partition. He did a double-take; his eyes popped open and his mouth dropped. 'Ohhh. Excuse me!' he muttered.

'It's okay,' I said.

The guy paused for a second or two before he pulled his head back. He got a good look.

'Did he see us?' Tuck asked.

'He probably went back for his camera,' I said.

The guy peered around again and we made eye contact.

'It's okay to watch if you want to,' I told him. I saw a lust in his eyes; he was either wanting awfully bad to fuck or be fucked, I couldn't tell which. After a couple of minutes he pulled back around his partition.

Tuck was fucking me like a young stallion. Not brutal, but hard and sure, leaving no doubt now who was in charge; the dual was over and he had won. I hunkered over the railing and hung on to it. I liked it best when he long-cocked me, pulling out to the head then giving me all ten inches right up to the hairy hilt. He shoved so hard that his balls slammed against mine. I couldn't remember being fucked so well.

'Ohh...Ohhhhh...Ohh, Geezuss...Aww, fuck,...ohh, do it stud...keep fucking me...hard...don't stop!'

'You getting close?' he gasped.

'Yessss. Godd, don't stop, Tuck!'

I shot all over the glass shield on the balcony. I shot so hard it felt like my balls were going to sucked right up through my cock. Tuck followed close behind and shot off inside me. His hot come felt good, bathing my insides. Our lust slowly died down and our legs were shaking.

'I should have pulled out and fed the fish,' Tuck joked as I slowly pulled off of his cock.

'Don't you dare waste it on the fish,' I said.

We stumbled inside and dropped across the bed. We slept till daybreak.



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