Well now that the whole ordeal is over, I can finally tell my story. It's been 6 long years and countless horny men and women since it all started. I have been a secret sex slave, secret to my husband, friends, and family all because of one horny encounter that turned into years of sex slavery.

I'm Linda and it all started when I was 27. I was married to my wonderful husband Jerry and living in an upper class neighborhood outside of Dallas. My husband and I had a few swinging encounters up to this point, but the rule was it was always mutually alright with both of us and we were always together. Those were the rules we both set and always followed, Period. Well our neighbors, Harold and Barbara, were a very nice and good looking couple of about the same age whom we sat around and had numerous dinners and drinks with just like the relationship most people have with their neighbors. I never knew until this whole thing happened that they had a very, very dark side to both of them. I mean Harold was always peeking over the fence when I was in the back yard working on the flowers, swimming or laying out topless. He was just the typical guy trying to catch a peek at my 36C breasts or firm round ass in my bikini bottoms. I knew he was peeking but acted like I didn't know. Jerry was aware of it too, but didn't mind. He just laughed it off.

Well one day during the summer while Jerry was on an out of town business trip the furniture store called and said our new furniture was in. They wanted to know if they could deliver it tomorrow. I said I would be home and tomorrow would be fine.

The next day I was out front working in the yard when Harold came over and started making small talk. He was eye fucking me in my stretch tank top and my Daisy-Duke cutoff Levis. I explained that I was happy our new furniture was getting delivered. About that time the truck pulled up and these two college age guys get out of the truck with no shirts on dripping with wet beads of sweat.

I cut my conversation off with Harold and told him, "I need to show these guys where to put the furniture."

I took them in the house and showed them where to put the stuff and all the while they were checking me out. I was checking them out as well but then they start moving the stuff in and hauling the old stuff out. I fixed them some sandwiches and gave them some beers to quench their thirst while they worked.

When they were done, they came in to give me the paperwork on the furniture and inspect everything so I could sign off on it.

We had a few more beers together and then the flirting started. Harmless at first but then the booze mixed with sweaty hard young bodies kinda got the best of me. Well I ended up sucking and fucking the shit out of both of them multiple times that afternoon.

After they left I laid on the living room floor, sticky from head to toe with cum and after fuck juices. My pussy was sore and wet. I felt horrible for what had just happened. I pondered what I was going to tell Jerry when he got home from his business trip. I knew he'd be furious and that this could severely damage our trust and marriage. I went upstairs, showered, got dressed and went out by the pool to have a stiff drink and think about what I was going to do. .

Shortly after I got outside I heard a knock on the back gate. It was Harold and Barbara. I told them that I really didn't want any company right then but they said that it was imperative that they talk to me.

We sat down and Harold pulled out a camcorder. He said, "Barbara and I watched and filmed the entire sex session with the two movers." I begged them to destroy the tape but they said, "If I wanted to keep us quiet and not tell Jerry, you'll have to do as we said."

I ask, "What do you meant?"

Harold explained that he regularly entertained high value clients and that, "These clients liked to live out their sexual fantasies that their wives wouldn't fulfill when they got drunk at these high end parties." Harold told me, "You'll be Barbara and my sex slave, to use as we wished, with whomever we commanded when your husband isn't around."

At first I told them, "No," but they reminded me of my acts earlier in the day. I didn't know what to do except agree and hope that none of that would ever take place. I just figured it was all bullshit talk and nothing would ever come of it. I just wanted to keep my marriage intact and trouble free.

Well two months went by and I never got a call. We had several get togethers with the neighbors and nothing ever happened. Then Jerry went on a three day business trip. My cell phone rang as soon as Jerry left the house. It was Harold, he told me, "Put on something sexy and get your pretty ass to their house right away." I argued, but he brought up the sex tape.

Resigned, I slipped into a sexy bra and panties, pulled on a short leather skirt and one of Jerry's button up dress shirts. As soon as I walked in their back door, Harold tore the shirt off, wadded it up and stuck it in my mouth. Next the skirt was yanked down and I was asked to step out of it. Barbara put a collar on me with a leash and I was led down stairs to the basement.

It was a dungeon. A very nice looking dungeon, filled with all types of sex furniture.

They tied me to a long padded bench. I was actually really scared but did as I was told.

Then they played the video of me with the movers on a huge flat screen TV so I could remember my wrong doings.

I was tied so tight I couldn't move. My wrists, waist and ankles were secured. Then my thighs were spread and tied to my waist restraints.

Harold showed me this really big and scary knife. I was fucking scared as hell as he slipped it blade side up between my breasts and cut my bra loose from my breasts. Next he lightly slid the tip down my firm stomach to my hips and cut my panties on each side. With my thighs tied my legs were spread wide open exposing my shaved pussy. I must admit that even though scared the knife thing excited me. I felt my nipples tighten and my pussy start to get really damp.

Barbara stripped off her clothes, revealing a magnificent body. I never imagined she had a body like that until I saw her standing over me completely naked. .

She walked around me running her hands over me and then knelt between my legs. She stuffed her face in my pussy and started eating me out with a frenzy while finger fucking me with her long slender fingers. I'd never been with a woman before but I cummed almost instantly from her touch and tongue.

Harold told me, "This was your break in period to prepare you for the abuse you'll receive at my client parties."

Barbara pulled away from me and then opened a drawer below me under the bench. Out of it she pulled a drill with a giant dildo attached to it. She lubed it and rather quickly jammed it into my wet love hole. I felt my pussy stretch as a slight squeak came out from around my shirt stuffed lips. She slid it in and out a few times before hitting the trigger on the drill. It spun inside me slow at first then full speed as she would pull and push it in and out of me.

I moaned hard into the shirt in my mouth then tensed and cummed hard onto the spinning dildo in my stretched pussy. This was repeated several times since Barbara would never stop to give me a break.

I felt light headed and passed out.

I awoke minutes later to my body still twitching from the orgasms and Barbara fucking me with a strap on.

Harold flogged my stomach and breasts lightly with a leather riding crop. Then he pulled the shirt out of my mouth and turned my head toward him so he could stick his cock in my mouth. I sucked him hard and deep. His cock was really fat, but not all that long. I could suck him to his base with my mouth stretched to its limit.

Finally Barbara pulled the strap on out of my pussy and Harold stepped between my legs. I begged him not to fuck me. he slapped me and told Barbara to sit on my face to shut his whore up.

Her pussy was wet and smelled magnificent. As I licked her Harold stuffed me with his hard fat cock. It felt so good inside me I just wanted more. I felt like a whore. I was horrified to be doing this behind Jerry's back but was loving the attention and being fucked by my neighbor's fat dick.

Barbara cummed on my face and as I lapped up her juices Harold cummed hard in my pussy. When he pulled out I could feel the hot cum running down and over my asshole.

They untied me, stood me up on shaky legs and gave me a robe to put on. They then walked me to the door threw me out and told me, "Be ready for the next time we called."

Harold held up that damn camcorder and said, "Our whole session was filmed on this hand camera and other video cameras placed around his basement."

I walked home, lay on my bed and reflected on what just happened. Cum was still running out of my abused pussy while I thought about what a cum slut I'd become because of one stupid hot moment two months ago. On the other side of the coin though, it felt good to be a submissive slave whore.

This type of thing continued many times for years. Usually I was blindfolded so that I wouldn't know the identity of the high end clients that I was willingly letting rape me. It was always a couple of guys plus Harold and Barbara. Barbara would at times let them fuck her as well because I could hear her moans and screams even with my blindfold or mask on. It was usually in their basement, but sometimes at real nice hotels. The sessions were always filmed so Harold had dozens of movies of me fucking multiple guys and some girls of all races and creeds.

I was always having them dominate me and cum inside me or on me. They fucked me in all holes but most of them liked to fuck my ass since usually their prissy wives wouldn't let them do their own backdoor. I felt really good while it was happening but dirty and used when I'd to go back home to my husband, who was completely unaware of my secret life as a dirty whore slut wife.

Then two weeks ago Harold called me to come over. He and Barbara told me that he was being transferred to Houston for work in a month and that he had one more session for me and then they'd release me from my slavery. I was so happy that I could put this behind me, but at the same time wondered if I could quit this life of submission that turned me on so much now.

Harold explained that he was working a huge deal with some African investors and he needed to make sure the deal got signed. He told me the date and I said that Jerry would be home then. I was scared. I'd never had to do these things unless my husband Jerry was out of town.

Harold said, "Don't worry, Barbara and you can schedule a girl's night out since we're moving and that we would be spending the night down town.

I explained the girl's night out plan to Jerry and he was fine with it. He told me, "Have fun and enjoy yourself, but told me with a smile that I'd better not fuck anyone while we were out."

Well the night came and Barbara picked me up and we were both dressed to the nines. We made it look like we were ready for a night of clubbing. We left and drove to a parking garage down town. Harold was waiting for us, so we parked got in his car and he drove us back to their house. We ducked down until we were in the garage so Jerry wouldn't be able to see us if he happened to be looking out the window.

I was taken to the basement but no one was there yet.

Harold and Barbara put my usual collar and lead around my neck. They then unzipped my dress, dropped it to the floor along with my panties and bra. Barbara said that she'd keep them safe so I could take them home with me tomorrow.

Harold put the black leather mask over my face, leaving only my mouth and bottom of my nose were visible. There we no eye holes in the mask so I was completely blind until this was over.

Barbara led me to the bathroom so that I could pee. Then she inserted an enema kit and forced me to empty my bowels. I washed up, she sprayed me with some sort of perfume and took me back to the dungeon and sat me in a chair.

I heard Harold approach and then he started telling me what I was expected to do. He said, "This will be the longest session you've ever had. You'll be fucked all night long and in every hole. There'll be many men, mostly African business men that will be experiencing a white woman for the first time." He explained that the perfume I was sprayed with contained pheromones which as we all know trigger the male senses to be extremely excited. Harold also assured me that he would be passing out Viagra to any of the men that needed it to keep the activities going. I was really shaken, this was like throwing fresh meat to a pack of lions.

I told him, "I don't want to do this. I'm scared and worried. This slave thing has never gone this far before."

Harold grabbed my face and told me, "Shut the fuck up. This is your last night of sex slavery and if you wanted it to end without Jerry finding out you had better do what you're told."

I told my master, "Yes Sir," and then I heard the doorbell ring. It sounded like a herd of cattle walking upstairs.

Barbara sat with me and told me, "Do as you're told and it would all be over by morning." I could hear concern in her voice, which troubled me.

I could hear them coming down into the dungeon. Harold announced, "Here is your sex slave. She will be bound and yours for the night."

Barbara stood me up and sprayed the perfume all over me once again.

I felt hands touching me, fingers rubbing the slit of my pussy and asshole, my breasts were being squeezed and my nipples pinched.

I could feel the presence of many men all around me. My nipples got hard at their touch and my pussy welled up with juices. The men spoke with very broken English with African accents. As the minutes ticked by the men were getting more aggressive with me. Squeezing me, and jamming many fingers in my pussy and asshole.

I started to tremble slightly approaching my first orgasm, when they stopped. One of the men yelled out, "Bind her."

I was led over to an area and was told to stand up straight and walk slowly forward. I felt a wide padded bar across my hips. I felt my ankles being restrained with leather cuffs and a spreader bar being placed between my ankles. I was then bent over at the waist and my neck and wrists were resting in some sort of wooden semicircular grooves. Then another piece of wood was placed over the top of my neck and wrists and locked in place.

Fuck, I was in a stock. I couldn't move. Then I felt a belt being tightened around my hips and buckled in the back, keeping my hips pinned to the pad. My knees were only slightly bent and my chest lay on a thin padded bar between my hanging breasts. I was breathing hard, although I could hear the broken voices around me all I could really comprehend was my racing heart pounding so loudly it sounded like it was between my ears.

Then I snapped back to reality when I felt the tip of a hard cock between my wet pussy lips. He pushed steady and my pussy started to stretch wider and wider. His cock was enormous. I was at his mercy, I couldn't pull away or even move. Deeper it went, pushing my love tunnel wider and deeper. Finally I felt his pelvis against my ass, he was in all the way. He made only a few slow strokes and I flexed and moaned deeply as I cummed on his gigantic cock. He left it still in me until my convulsions slowed then just started to plow my pussy with all of his power. It hurt so fucking good inside me, then I felt him stop deep inside me and his cock started to jump in my tightly stretched pussy. Warm loads of cum filled me for a few seconds as he moaned, "Uugggghhhhhhh," in pleasure.

As he pulled out of me and his cum ran down the inside of my thighs, another stepped up and followed suit banging my cum filled pussy.

I felt a cock at my lips so I opened wide to let him in my mouth. I sucked on him while his friend was fucking my pussy. Soon he shot his load into my mouth and I gagged it was so much. I swallowed as much as I could but the rest spilled out of my lips onto the floor.

I felt something at my backdoor and realized they had lubed up a butt plug and were inserting it into my ass, obviously to stretch it out for use later. I was glad Harold didn't just let them tear my ass apart with their big hard dicks.

The more they took turns on me the more aggressive they became. Fucking my pussy and mouth with fury. Then they started writing on my ass and back. Some of the words I could make out as they spelled them like, 'white whore' and 'slut' but others I couldn't make out. It felt like a cold crayon on me as they wrote, I was guessing it was lipstick.

The guy fucking my mouth paused with half his dick down my throat and wrote slut across the front of my leather mask, then continued until he sprayed cum all over my face.

After quite some time they remove the plug and the first to fuck my ass slid his steel shaft up my rectum. Fuck it felt good as they nailed my two hole. He cummed in my ass in seconds and another stepped up to torture my sphincter.

I had cummed so many times that I'd lost count. My body was exhausted and battered more than even the hardest workout I'd ever had at the gym. I had blacked out several times only to wake up to someone else fucking me in one hole or the other.

After hours of being fucked I finally got a break. I was un-shackled and able to sit down in a chair. I was sweaty, sticky and physically exhausted. The men were relaxing and I could hear my own voice from the flat screen. They were watching my other videos.

I was able to rest for about an hour and use the bathroom. Then one of the men grabbed my hair and walked me over to the wide padded bench. He laid down on the bench and pulled me on top of him with my back on his chest, breasts pointing at the ceiling. He slid his cock in my ass and started fucking me in the ass reverse cowgirl style.

Then I felt someone else climb between my thighs. He jammed his cock in my pussy and double penetrated me. It hurt for an instant, but the feeling of being so fucking filled inside put me over the edge and I screamed out again in orgasm.

Another filled my mouth and I started sucking him. Having all of my holes filled at once was amazing.

The guy in my mouth shot one gooey stream down my throat, then pulled out and creamed all over my breasts. As he did this both guys cummed in my ass and pussy simultaneously. I felt them erupt inside me and as I cummed I blacked out again.

I awoke to a cool wash cloth being rubbed on my neck and around my mouth. It was Barbara, she whispered in my ear, "You're doing great. keep it up the guys are loving it."

It all continued on for hours, I was being bred like a whore. Although I was worried that my birth control wouldn't be enough to keep me from getting pregnant I loved the thought and feeling that these strange foreign men were planting their seeds in my womb.

I really don't remember how it all ended. I woke up in Harold and Barbara's spare bedroom sore and battered to sunlight shining through the window. Barbara was in bed under the sheets with me. The sheets were wet and smelled of sweat and cum. Whenever I moved I felt cum ooze from either my pussy or ass and drip slowly onto the bed.

As I got out of bed my body felt like I'd been in a prize fight with the reigning heavy weight champ. Barbara helped me to the bathroom and I cleaned myself up in the shower. Even as I stood in the shower cum was still slowly ran out of my holes. It was like it would never stop.

Barbara brought me some baggy sweat pants and a loose t shirt. I couldn't stand to wear anything that would be tight on my body, so no bra or panties either.

Harold walked in the bedroom with a cup of coffee and handed it to me as I was getting dressed. He eye fucked me one last time, and told me he and Barbara were really going to miss me as their slave.

I couldn't say anything to them. Now that it was all over the shame started to really over whelm me.

They told me to come down to the kitchen when I was ready and they would get me home. I thought to myself that it was all over now and Jerry never had to know...ever.

I stood up grabbed my things and walked downstairs. As I entered the kitchen Jerry was sitting at the table, in front of him a box full of high definition memory cards. I knew without being told that it was all the movies from the past 6 years. My heart dropped, my slave masters had betrayed me. All I could do was stare at my husband.

Jerry told me to sit across from him. Tears started to roll down my cheeks. Then Jerry told me, "Don't cry." Then he explained that 6 years ago when I was fucking the movers, he was the one who saw and videotaped me. He was infuriated and went to Harold and Barbara's house. They helped him to devise a plan to make me pay for my infidelity. Jerry explained that, "It wasn't supposed to last this long. After the first few times it was supposed to end, but I enjoyed seeing you fucked like a whore. And even more than that I enjoyed watching you enjoy the other men." He even admitted that he'd participated most of the time, which was really why the blindfolds and masks were used. The out of town trips were a cover for the slavery sessions. He explained that last night was the end of it. Harold and Barbara really were moving and that he wanted to get back to our real marriage. I was relieved, but kind of angry. He let his so called precious wife be gang fucked by strange men for years and left me feeling guilty about it. I figured that I was the one to break the trust in the first place and did deserve punishment. I was also the one that got to enjoy being fucked by hundreds of men. I realized I did have a great husband.

We left Harold and Barbara's house that day and went home to have one great fuck session with each other. We went the next week to have sex together with Harold and Barbara one last time before they moved. We take a trip every year for a week to Houston to fuck our old neighbors and watch the videos they made of me during my time of sex slavery.

The end...





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