Jeff returned to his hotel in West Hollywood, satisfied with himself. At 35, he led a decent life - a rising salesman in his company, a home in the suburbs of Cleveland, a pretty girlfriend.

He stopped at the counter to buy one of those chocolate chocolate chip cookies he'd seen this morning. Sure, he wasn't as thin as he used to be, but a little sweet wouldn't hurt.

The conference had gone very well, and he'd gotten a standing ovation at the end of his session. Now he'd cleared himself three days of Jeff-time - his girlfriend thought the conference would go on through Wednesday, but it had actually ended today.

On his way to the elevator, he texted her - "great day today - cu in a few...", and then opened his latest application.

He'd heard of Grindr before, of course - who hadn't? But he'd always been a little scared to try it. Now he'd downloaded the gay-dating app, and it was as if the whole new world had opened up around him.

There were literally gay guys everywhere, all around him, at almost any time, especially here in West Hollywood. Though he hadn't worked up the courage to meet anyone yet, he had decided he was finally ready to take that step. He'd even flirted with a few guys at the conference. Online only, of course.

As the doors opened, he looked up his own profile. "Total bottom, heartland, looking for total top". Not very original, but it would do for now.

The elevator rose, carrying him up to his room on the sixth floor. There were at least 50 gay guys within a 50 yard radius. Like a kid in a candy store, he flipped through the images one-by-one.

One of the other guys in the elevator saw what he was doing and smiled knowingly.

Tonight he would get lucky.

Finally the elevator disgorged him onto his own floor - the only one to get off there. He'd asked for a top-floor, end of the hall room for the most privacy possible. It was a slow weekend - the hotel had assured him there was no-one else at his end of the floor.

He found one man that stopped his breath for a second - he was gorgeous. Of course, who knew if the pics were real? His was - he believed, in spite of his subterfuge this week, in honesty. But that was the beauty of Grindr - you could always back out.

He slid his key-card into the door, and stepped into his room. The door closed behind him, and a strong hand slid across his mouth, pinning him to the wall as he inhaled, startled...


Jeff awoke, slowly, feeling a bit groggy and hung-over. What had happened last night?

He didn't remember much of anything after leaving the conference. He turned over... tried to turn over... then his eyes snapped open. He couldn't move.

His hands and legs were held immobile by something, and there was something wet and squishy in his mouth.

Panicked, he struggled to get up, grunting, but only succeeded in tightening whatever held his arms and legs down.

"You're awake," a male voice said, and someone stepped into view.

In the darkness, it was hard to make out, but he looked like a large man.

"Mggmph," was all he could manage to say. He pleaded with his eyes for the man to let him go. What had happened last night?

A light flicked on, and he was able to see this man who apparently held him captive.

He was probably in his fifties, medium height, balding, very hairy, and completely naked except for a leather harness and assless chaps. His un-cut cock was at least 8 inches long, and fully erect. Jeff noticed for the first time that his own cock was erect too... strange that he could have a hard-on in this situation, when for all he knew this man intended to kill him.

The man was also fairly overweight - but in a way that suggested strength rather than obesity. The man sat on the bed, and put his hand on Jeff's forehead. "Jeff, my name is Master Nate. For the rest of your life, that's what you will call me. Do you understand?"

Jeff's eyes widened, and he began to struggle again. What was going on here? Who was this man? What was happening to him?

Master Nate slapped him hard across the cheek, and he subsided.

"Enough of that. Jeff, it's almost midnight, and there's no one else in this part of the hotel that can hear you, especially with that gag in your mouth. You will obey me. Do you understand?"

Jeff nodded mutely. Inside he was screaming.

"Jeff, your life has changed. Tonight I am going to teach you a few things, and get you ready for travel. And tomorrow morning, we are going to check out and I will take you to your new home, where you will live and learn to serve me for the rest of your natural born life." Master Nate patted his head like a dog's.

God, what had he gotten himself into? How did this man know his name? He started to struggle again, but Master Nate held up his hand in warning, and he subsided. His own erection had wilted. He realized, suddenly, that the bed was hard underneath him, not soft like a normal mattress.

Master Nate stood up. "I waited for you to recover from the chloroform because I wanted you to see what I did to you. It's an important part of the breaking process - you need to learn that you have no power to affect your own life from here on out."

The man picked up a pair of heavy-duty shears from somewhere out of Jeff's field of vision, and Jeff winced, suddenly frightened all over again.

"I'm not going to hurt you, yet. Just need to remove tose pesky clothes." With that, he slipped the shears under Jeff's pant leg and began to cut. "I chose you specifically, you know," he said, making conversation as he stripped off the first pant leg. "I saw you on Grindr at the conference, and tracked you down - great place to find midwestern boys. You really should have used a fake first name on your Grindr account - your real one made it much easier to find you."

He started in on the other leg. Jeff had a sudden case of the chills, shivering uncontrollably. His stomach was tied in knots. Samantha would come look for him. She would find him, eventually.

Master Nate started up the other leg. "I heard you speak in your session. You were quite good. Not the youngest or most in-shape of the guys there, but you had the potential." The other leg separated, and he pulled the pants free. Jeffs black socks went next.

He seriously felt like he might void his shorts.

"I expect you're feeling a bit nervous right now - that's normal. It will pass. But please try to hold things inside. I'd hate to have to make you clean up your shit with your tongue." Something in his tone made Jeff thing he'd actually enjoy such humiliation. "Now for the shirt."

He started with the left sleeve. "From there, it was a simple matter to find you on Facebook - you really should be more careful who you accept as friends. Anyone can find out the most detailed information about your life." He snipped down the side of the shirt, completing the cut. "Not that you'll ever need to worry about that again."

Jeff could smell the man's musk from his underarm poised just above his head. He wrinkled his nose.

"Better get used to that - I never use deoderant. You'll spend a lot of your life up in those pits."

He started up the other side. "For instance, I found out about your girlfriend, Samantha. She's no longer your girlfriend, by the way."

What? Jeff struggled again, determined to get away from this maniac. Master Nate took him by the chin and stared him straight in the eyes. "I can do much, much worse to you, boy," he whispered. "Don't push me."

Jeff subsided again, and the shirt came off.

"Hmm... a little flabby, but nothing you won't work off with hard labor." He set the torn material aside. "I sent her a Facebook text from you, with a photo of your Grindr profile. You came out to her this evening and dumped her, and she wants nothing more to do with you." Two snips, and his underwear came free. "That's that."

"Next, we're gonna clean out those bowels of yours - can't have you traveling with a full load in your ass." He brought over a bladder of warm water, and pushed the nozzle up to Jeff's virgin ass. "I'm guessing you haven't seen much action back here," Master Nate said to him, and he shook his head. "That, too will change. Now relax. I don't want to hurt you again."

Nate relaxed his sphinchter, and felt the nozzle push its way inside him. It hurt.

"Relax, and let it in," the man said, and Jeff complied, Suddenly a rush of warm water flooded his insides. "I'll teach you how to do this to yourself every day. Want to keep you cleaned out up there."

Jeff shivered again.

"Now hold it in. I'm going to pull this out."

Jeff did as he was told.

He felt something push up against his ass. "Ok, let it go, slowly."

It was the oddest sensation, being cleaned out by this man, the warm water pouring out of him, like having diareah. But he was totally aware of being watched. The last bit dribbled out. "Ok, two more times."

As he repeated the process, he kept talking. "Oh, and you gave your notice at work tonight - something about a great new job offer you got at the conference - working your way up from the bottom." He laughed, caressed Jeff's thigh.

Jeff started to cry. He'd planned for a big night out, his own personal coming out, but it was nothing like this. Meet a cute guy on the hotel bar, come up to the room, explore what it was like with another man...

"There, there, let it out. "It's part of the process of acceptance. Cry for who you used to be, because you aren't Jeff anymore. See, I treat my property well when it obeys me."

Jeff looked up at Master Nate questioningly. Not Jeff?

"From now on, you are "toilet slave", or just "toilet" for short. Got that?" Jeff could only nod, wondering what that meant.

When he was finished with his third and final void, the man let him rest a minute, wiping up underneath him. He breathed softly, looking longingly at the door. Out there was freedom. He'd never thought much about it before, but now, with this lunatic having taken everything away from him in an instant...

"OK, eyes back here, toilet slave. We have a lot to get done tonight, and not a whole lot of time to do it." He picked up something else from the nightstand - a glass tube. "This is a catheter. It will make sure your bladder is empty when we transport you. Don't worry, I'm pretty good at inserting these - I've had lots of practice."

Jeff tried to shy away from this madman, but he was locked in place. Master Nate took is flaccid cock and gently, inch by inch, inserted the lubed tip of the catheter, as Jeff tried to scream in pain through the gag. "Almost there..." he whispered, patting Jeff's head with his free hand. "There. All done." He laid the tube down across Jeff's stomach, and the urine began to pour through it into the hidden bag beside the bed. "Doesn't that feel better?"

Jeff nodded, numb. It did actually help - he hadn't been aware of how much urine he was holding inside.

As it ebbed out of him, Master Nate climbed up on top of him. "My turn," he said. "Open your mouth."

Oh no. He couldn't. He wouldn't... The man grasped his nose, closing his nostrils. "I said, open, toilet slave." And the meaning of that phrase dawned on Jeff. He had no choice. He opened his mouth with a gasp, and Master Nate's urine flooded into his mouth.

It was strong, and Nate started to gag. "Spill a drop, and I'll whip your ass. Swallow. I'm taking it slow as I'm sure this is your first time drinking a Master's nectar."

Jeff settled down, and managed to swallow the bitter stream. He inhaled, and smelled the man's crotch, a strong, musky smell that, even in his predicament, reached something deep within his brain.

"That's right, this is what a man smells like. Breathe it in. boy."

More urine began to pour from the spout, and this time, Jeff pushed his mouth up, longing to get his lips around his Master's cock. His Master's cock. The words reverberated around in his head, but Master Nate kept himself teasingly out of reach, instead pouring his piss down his toilet slave's throat.

Finally he was done.

As he shook himself off in toilet slave's face, he said "One more thing I learned. You have no relatives to speak of, except for some spinster aunt, and your friends don't seem to care much about you either... I'm guessing you held them at arms length to hide your secret."

He knelt down by toilet slave's ear. "So no one will miss you."

Jeff started out of his scent-induced daze. Surely someone would try to find him. Surely someone cared.

Master Nate heaved himself up off the bed, and stood back to admire his handiwork. "Not bad. We'll make a toilet slave out of you yet." He disappeared for a minute, and Jeff heard the sound of running water. Oh God, what was next? He tested his bindings, but there was no give. His cock had swelled up around the catheter, and now refused to go down. Betrayer, he thought, with a little black humor.

The taste of piss was sharp on his tongue. If only he hadn't joined Grindr. If only he hadn't accepted this man's friend request - he didn't remember doing it. But wait, there had been one this morning. But he had been a much younger, more handsome guy. Or so his profile said.

"All right, toilet slave, time for a shave." That didn't sound so bad, until he saw the straight razor the man held above him. "I may not always keep you bare - in fact, I might give you something to make hair burst out all over you one day. I haven't decided. But for now, it all comes off, starting with those eyebrows."

Jeff panicked for the fourth or fifth time. No eyebrows? He'd look like a freak...

Master Nate saw the look in his eyes and knew what he was thinking. "You are a freak now. My freak, who will be kept naked, shaved from head to toe, plugged on both ends, collared, and who knows what else I may dream up. Get this through your head," he said, taking Jeff's jaw in one of his large hands. "You are mine now. You are toilet slave. You exist from this night forward, for the rest of your life, solely to serve me. I decide what you do, where you go, when you take a shit. I decide how you look, and who uses this worthless body of yours. It is no longer in your hands."

With that, he lathered up Jeff's eyebrows, and neatly shaved one and then the other off with the straight razor. Jeff whimpered. "What is your name?"

"Geffthh.." he started, and was rewarded with another slap.

"What is your name, boy?"

"Toigghlet thlave."

"Good boy," he said, and took the shears and began chopping off toilet slave's hair. "One more thing. I authorized an estate sale for all your worldly goods, and tomorrow we'll get the paperwork to put your house on the market. You will sign it. Everything you own now belongs to me."

After he'd chopped off most of Jeff's brown hair, he lathered up his skull and started shaving the remains. He did it smoothly almost effortlessly. "I'll teach you to do this, as well. As my slave, you'll know a freedom you've never known before. I know it sounds like a paradox, but you'll no longer need to worry about what other people think about you. No longer need to earn money, to buy things, to be in the rat race. All you need to think about is pleasing me." He stroked toilet slave's chest as he talked.

"The ranch is way out in the middle of nowhere. I have 500 acres, and we're smack in the middle of it - no neighbors anywhere close. Just you, me, and Rick."

Jeff's eyes widened again.

"Oh yes, I didn't mention Rick? He's my partner. And he's rougher than I am." He finished shaving his new slave's head, and moved down to his chest. Lather, scrape, lather, scrape.

"I'm gonna take you down to your bare studs, boy, and then build you back up the way I want you. I've been planning for something like this for a long time." He took his slave's balls in his hands. "Oh, still got an erection, huh? Guess you like all this more than you thought. Oh, that reminds me."

He set down the bowl and straight razor. "A horny slave is a good slave, so from now on, twice a day, you're gonna get one of these." He showed his new slave a little blue pill. "This will keep you horny as hell, but I have a little cock cage to keep you from doing anything about it." he popped the pill under the boy's tongue.

Jeff tried to spit it out.

"Swallow." Was all Master Nate said. Jeff complied. He thought he could already feel the blood rusHing through his system.

"Now hold still. I wouldn't want to knick these beauties." He held Jeff's balls in his hands and applied the warm lather, and Jeff sighed - he couldn't help himself. It felt good as the blade scraped across his balls and crotch, leaving him hairless in front.

"Now let's do your legs. I'm going to release one at a time, but don't try to escape me. I'm stronger than you, and I still have your other leg and arms pinned down tightly. besides, you might cut yourself on this sharp blade and bleed out." He unlocked the right leg restraint, and lifted the slave's leg up to start shaving it.

The cool air in the room felt strange on Jeff's newly bare head. Almost like he had been reborn... he pushed the thought from his head. He would get out of this. Somehow.

His cock seemed suddenly harder.

The razor blade marched up and down his leg, clearing the long brown hair he'd been so proud of. Master Nate repeated the same thing with his other leg. Caressing it like one might caress the leg of a prize stallion. "We'll have you in shape in no time."

"Now your arms..." He had both legs locked back down again, and released his slave's left arm. "Bet that feels good, down in there somewhere," he said, lathering up the arm. "I've had slave boys for a night, a week, even a month, but no one was ever committed long enough to stay for the long haul. So I've been looking for just the right sort of man - a little older, so he's not too flighty; not out yet, so I can have the sweet, sweet experience of introducing him to cock; mostly unattached so I could take him and make him my own. And then you wandered into my sights. Now for the pit." He leaned down and took a whiff. "You will stop using deoderants now so you can work up a good smell in those pits, boy."

He spread the lather around and then shaved off the stringy armpit hairs. Jeff felt suddenly emasculated in a way that he hadn't when this man shaved his head.

"Other arm." Master Nate repeated the process. "I also had a chance to look through your laptop while you napped."

Jeff stiffened.

"I saw you'd collected quite a little porn gallery. Took me awhile to find it." Scrape, scrape, and the other arm was clean. More lather in his right armpit. "You surprised me, boy. Sure, there was all kinds of beefcake there. But there were a few... darker images too."

Jeff blushed. He'd always had this fantasy of a man taking control of him. But in his dreams, he'd been the one really in control, asking for this and that. Not helpless, like this.

"Let me assure you, toilet slave - I'm going to fulfill every one of those fantasies, and then some. But not for you. For me."

Jeff struggled to remember what he had on the hard drive. There had been that one night, two weeks ago, when he'd stumbled across that site - what was it... stray pup? Oh shit...

Master Nate grinned. The last of his armpit hair was whisked away. "OK, boy, now we have to do your back-side."

This was his chance, Jeff thought. He'll have to release me to turn me over...

The man slipped something around his neck, and connected it down to his crotch. "This is an electric shock device. If I press this," he pressed a red button and Jeff's world turned upside down as pain coursed from his neck to his ass, "that happens. Now, I'm going to let you out of the restraints, but I don't trust you yet. If you try to run, I'll do that again."

Jeff was shaking from head to toe, weeping uncontrollably. Oh God, why did this happen yo me?

Master Nate released him, and something in his mind said "go". He stumbled off the bed in a rush for the door, but the shock took him down, and he blacked out.

When he awoke, he was back on the bed, face-down, and Master Nate was shaving his back. "Oh, you're back with us, huh?" he said. "Can't say I didn't warn you. You're lucky you didn't break off the catheter." He moved down to his slave's buttocks, and lathered them up.

"Another thing you will learn once I get you home. There's no place to run. Literally. The whole property is surrounded, first by an 18 foot fence with an invisible barrier you can't pass with this on. And then by an 18 foot electrified fence." He whispered into his new slave's ear. "No release, no escape. Ever."

Jeff sobbed silently.

His buttocks done, Master Nate spread his ass-cheeks to clear out the hair between them. "That's a beautiful ass you have there, boy. Cute little virgin thing.". He lathered up the ass crack, and carefully removed the last of Jeff's hair.

"I have big plans for you, boy. We're gonna stretch that virgin ass of yours until you can take both my arms up there. And I have big arms."

Jeff stared down at the hard surface below him. It was white plastic, and there were several eyelets and other contraptions attached to it within his range of vision. He was afraid to find out what it was for.

Master Nate reached for something else out of his range of vision - my God, how much does he have down there? He couldn't see what it was, but he felt something cold press up against his ass hole.

"Open up, boy. Time to start getting your ass used to being filled."

He complied, and something slid between his ass cheeks, to be secured with a strap around his waist. It hurt a little at first, then started to feel kind-of good, like when he had to take a big shit. He blushed.

Here he was, naked, tied down on a bed, plugged up his ass, cathetered, shaved from head to toe as bare as a baby, with the taste of stale piss in his mouth, and he almost felt... good. He was sick, perverted... a sudden wave of nausea rode through him, and he dry retched.

Master Nate put his bear paw on his bare head. "Ride it through, slave boy... this is all new for you, I know. You'll get used to it. You just have to learn to accept your new status. You belong to me. You are nothing without me. You have no more choices to make. Just let yourself go."

He sobbed like a little girl. Somehow he dozed off, eventually. A little while later, Master Nate roused him. He was exhausted... who knew he'd be able to sleep trussed up like this?

"Time to turn you over. Remember, I have this." His hand hovered over the red button.

Jeff nodded. He was released, and obediently turned over to lay on his back again. Master Nate replaced his leather restraints, and he was once again helpless.

"I'm going to remove your gag for a minute, boy, but don't try to scream. There's no one close enough to hear you, and you'll feel this again." A short tap of the button sent a jolt through his body, and he shuddered, nodding.

Master Nate removed the gag. "What's your name, boy?"

"Toilet slave, sir," he said softly.

Master Nate slapped him hard. "What's your name, boy?" he said, louder.

"Toilet slave, sir!" he shouted.

No one came.

Without ceremony, Master Nate released the straps holding in the dildo, and pulled it out of toilet slave's ass.

Jeff watched in growing horror as the dildo, shaped like a small, wide penis with a straw in the middle, approached his mouth.

"You know what comes next, slave," Master Nate said. "Open your mouth. I want you to get used to the taste of shit and piss in your mouth. You'll be taking all of mine into that slave body of yours, every day for the rest of your toilet slave life."

He held his mouth clamped shut. Surely he didn't mean it. Surely he wouldn't...

A short shock broke his resolve, and his mouth fell open. Master Nate deftly inserted the dildo, and tied it back behind his head. The faint taste of his own shit spread across his tongue. "Don't say I'm heartless, boy. Here's something to wash it down." And with that, he disconnected the catheter tube from the bag, and attached it to the tube i the mouth gag. His own hot piss flowed into his mouth.

He pulled one more thing off the nightstand - a large butt plug. "This is about all you can probably fit right now, but it will keep you snug and sound tonight." He lubed it up, and slid it up into toilet slave's ass.

Jeff grunted, but accepted it.

"One last thing before we get some sleep." He pulled a permanent marker put of a pocket in the leather chaps. "Time to mark my property. This will do for now. We'll get you a real tattoo later." He wrote something across his new slave's face, and then across his chest. He brought up a hand mirror. "What do you think, toilet slave?"

Jeff looked up from his plugged captivity. "Property of Master Nate" was scrawled across his face, and his chest said "toilet slave".

Jeff was out of tears.

"Sleep now, my new prize," his Master said, running his hand along toilet slave's bare chest. "You'll have a hard day tomorrow."

Surprisingly, he did fall asleep... he was exhausted, physically and emotionally, from the shocks and the ordeal. How differently this night had turned out from what he had planned. He wondered how Master Nate planned to get him out of the hotel - maybe he'd be able to escape then.




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