After a long, long time, the door opened again, and his Master stood before him in all his naked glory. He reattached the leash, and led his slave out of the cell wordlessly. They went to another corner of the dungeon, where a leather contraption was suspended from the ceiling.

His ass buzzed once, and he got to his knees and opened his mouth.

Hot piss poured in. He drank every drop.

"Good boy. You're learning. Now get up and climb into the sling, toilet slave."

Jeff did as he was told, and his master locked down his wrists and ankles, leaving his ass open to assault.

"Now we're going to start widening that cute little ass of yours. But first, we'll clean you out properly." He pushed a plastic tube into his slave's ass, and warm water flooded his innards. "You remember this - just like on our first date."

Water flushed out of him into a bucket. "We'll save that for later. Two more times." The water went in, and out, and in, and out.

That wasn't so bad. Jeff relaxed a little.

"First, I want to show you what a good fuck feels like. For me, that is." His cock swelled, and his slave sweated.

Here it was. Not like he had ever expected it. He was about to be fucked by a man for the first time. He had fantasized about this moment, with wine and candlelight and a quesn-sized bed. Not hairless and naked and shackled in a dungeon who-the-hell-knows where.

His Master slowly disconnected the dildo from its harness and pulled it out. Then he spit in his hand, and ran it over his now hard 8" cock. "This is going to hurt."

Without warning, he thrust his cock up his slave's ass. "Scream all you want, boy. No one but Master Rick can hear you."

Jeff did, his screams gradually subsiding to hoarse grunts.

His Master pumped away steadily, ramming his cock up the slave's ass. Somewhere in there the pain changed, became mixed with pleasure, as his Master's cock rubbed up against the spot the dildo was so expert in stimulating.

"I am sorry you will never know this pleasure I'm feeling fucking your tight virgin ass, boy. Your cock will never enter another man's hole. It was not made for that. You will cum, but you will never again get pleasure from a touch on your cock. I know how to milk you from inside, instead. It's important that a slave boy have a release regularly to keep him healthy."

Jeff groaned.

"How does it feel to know you will never feel a hand, a mouth, or an ass pleasuring your cock again? That you will have an erection for the rest of your life, and no way to relieve it? That it gives me great pleasure to keep you in a constant state of horny suspension? Are your balls blue yet? Do they ache for release? Even after you shot your wad under the throne?"

Jeff moaned and writed under his Master's assault, his words and his cock.

"I own you, boy. You are mine forvever!" he shouted and shuddered, shooting his load way up into his slave's ass.

Never to touch himself that way again. To be kept like this, on display, hard as a rock, naked in front of another man, unable to complete the act. Why did that make him even hornier? He had to get out of here.

"One more thing, boy," Master Nate said, panting. "By now, you have recovered enough peace of mind to have begun thinking again about escape."

Jeff stared at him, forgetting the rule to always look down. How did he know?

His Master grinned. "I was just like you, once, boy, wide eyed and innocent, until a Master took me under his wing. I know everything you are going through, down to the last thought." His gaze hardened. "So don't think you can outsmart me."

Hs stepped out of his slave's field of vision for a minute, and returned with a tablet. "Some Masters like to blindfold their slaves. I like you to see everything that happens to your poor, helpless slave body. And I like to share."

He turned the face of the tablet toward his slave who stared in horror. There was his face, his bald, eyebrowless head, but recognizably him, preparing to take in his Master's shit. The video cut away to another shot, his Master straining to push it into his mouth, and then a third of the slave's hairless body from below, his engorged cock throbbing. Back to his face, and he looked like he was in Heaven.

"As I told you, boy, we've been planning for this for a very long time. This room is filled with cameras, as you noticed in your cell. They're connected to the web, and anyone who pays an annual fee of $19.95 has access to your naked slave body at all times from any of them. Of course, we also offer a premium edited feed for $29.95. That's what the rest of your lie is worth, boy." He must have seen that his slave was struggling with the concept. "Speak."

"How many... how many people?"

"So far? A couple thousand. We're on one of the more popular services. It could grow into the hundred thousands. Think any of them will know you? Any of your friends a closet-case back in Cleveland?"

Jeff shivered. Ron in accounting, for one... Not that he would share it with anyone. But to know that the little faggot might see this... Jeff had always looked down on him, known he was better than Ron, and treated the other man accordingly. What comeuppance. Who was the little faggot now?

His Master showed him a large butt plug. "We'll start with this one. It's about twice as big as that dildo you had in there before."

He greased it up, working it slowly up into Jeff's ass cavity.

"The great thing is, I can export these videos to a dvd, or a you-tube file. The photos I had of you before were good, but this - seeing you chomp down on another man's shit and liking it? That's priceless. If you even try to escape, this goes to everyone you know. Your ex girlfriend, your work colleagues, even your spinster aunt will get a copy. I can force you to do anything, boy. But everyone knows that I can't force you to like it. I can't make you smile while you eat my shit."

The butt plug popped into place. "There we go. Every day, it will be a little bit bigger."

"By the way, no one even knows you are missing. I send a nice short note to your Aunt and your aquaintences every now and then about how much you like West Hollywood, and update your Facebook page too. Oh, I almost forgot. These came today." He picked up a sheaf of papers from the floor. "These authorize the placing of your home on the real estate market with an excellent broker. At the price we're asking, it should go quickly." He freed up toilet slave's right hand, removing the mitt and un-taping it. "Guess you will need those fingers a little longer to sign the contract when we close. I'm going to turn off the box for just a minute - you'll need to sign your old name to these, too." He handed toilet slave a pen. "Sign here, and here, and here."

Numbly, Jeff did as he was told. His house, his old life... all gone in an instant. A long, drawn-out, humiliating instant.

His Master secured his hand again with tape, the mitt, and the leather cuff which held him to the harness. Jeff smelled the musk under his arms - it was stronger now. God help him but he wanted to bury his nose and tongue up in this man's pits.

"Very good. The estate sale is tomorrow. Between this money and the funds coming in from your little web cam show, we may never need to leave the ranch again. We might even pay it off early. Funny how you have to sign a contract to buy a house, but not to take a man's soul." He fiddled with the remote again. "What's your name, boy?"

Pain shot through him.

He was busy below for a minute, and then hooked something up to a mobile stand next to the sling. It looked like an IV bag. "You remember this?" he said, holding up the penis gag with the tube. He secured the strap around toilet slave's head, and inserted the gag into its mouth. He pulled it tight.

Jeff's cock had begun to flag.

"Perfect. This will make it easier." He inserted a catheter swiftly into the slave's cock. It burned, but not as much as the first time. By now, Jeff knew what was coming.

His Master hooked a tube to the catheter, and then took that tube and the one from the colostomy bag and attached them to a y-shaped tube. "This way you'll get both your nutrients at once while I go file these papers, and while your hole starts to stretch out."

He started to leave, and then turned around. "Oh, by the way, I had this contract sent to an anonymous email box before it was forwarded on to a temporary email I use. Once this transaction is done, it will disappear. No one knows where you are."

Footsteps, and then the light flickered off, and he was once again left alone with his thoughts. But there was a little light. His Master had helpfully left the tablet propped up next to him, showing him the view of a naked, white, hairless slave strung up in a sling, so disgustingly vile that he sucked on his own piss and shit. Toilet slave was out of tears, so he just stared.




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