Toby lived in a flat in a quiet road in north London.

Nothing much happened in the street much like his life apart from the daily drudge to work.

Then the builders arrived, they were working on a house not far from Tobys and were always there as he passed on his way to work.

Toby always looked out for them as he had a thing for builders but most of them were pretty ugly not like his dreams at all. Then one day as he was passing a new builder walked out and Toby nearly died, he was about 30. short hair, good body and a cheeky smile.

He smiled at Toby and wished him good morning which Toby offered back trying not to stammer with excitment.

Some days he would see the builder others not but he thought of him alot.

One evening after work Toby decided to have a quick beer on the way home,it had been a long stressful day and he needed a drink.On entering the bar he noted it was full of the usual boring guys getting drunk and being too loud so he took his beer to the quiet part of the bar.

Slowly sipping his drink he looked around, no wonder he never came here, he thought,not even a handsome man to look at.

It was then the door opened and in walked the builder he had been watching and dreaming of.

He couldn't belive it and watched as the guy went to the bar.

Buying a beer the builder looked around and seeing Toby smiled, Toby smiled back and the builder walked over,

'Mind if I join yer mate' said the builder already sitting down,'looks like a boring crowd, you on yer own.

Toby looked at the guy not quite beliving this was happening,'Yes just came in for a quick beer on the way home, not with your mates then' he asked.

'Na they ave all gone home to thier girlfriends or missus' he replied, Toby loved the way he talked real London talk,

'Well what about you, and sorry I'm Toby'

'Terry'said the guy offering his hand to which Toby shook loving the grip Terry had.

No girl not bovered'Terry replid 'Want another beer then?'

'Yes please'

A fresh beer in front of them they chated and made small talk Toby trying not to show his excitement being with a hunk like Terry.

'Get the beers in Tob's while I have a quick smoke outside'

He smiled and Toby went to the bar, once back Terry joined him. 'I like a fag now and then' he said once again smiling then added not only to smoke.

Toby felt himself going red and tried to change the subject but Terry looked at him 'Seen you lots of times looking at the guys were you watching for me?'

Toby looked at Terry could he trust him then decided to try his luck,

'Yes but if that annoys you I'll go and not bother you' he quickly said.

'Good mate cos I ave always watched out for you, in fact I followed you in ere so what do you think, fancy going to your place?'

'Yea I can trust you this is not a set up'

'No,lets go you are safe with me,'

They left the bar and made for Tobys flat, Once in he poured some drinks,

'Mind if I smoke?' said Terry.

'No go ahead'replied Toby I like a guy who smokes'

'What else do you like although I can guess and if I am right you ain't going to be disapointed'

Toby once again felt excited and said 'Well I like hairy guys mainly but smooth is ok and if the guy is trustworthy then there is not alot I don't enjoy but I am very submissive'

Terry looked at him ' Well you can trust me cos I just want some good sex and I can be a ard bastard if thats wot turns you on, and as for airy like this'

He undid his shirt to reveal a thick hairy chest'now get your arse over ere and lick my chest,

Toby did what he was told and licked Terrys chest feeling the strong hair in his face and mouth then while he was buried in the sweaty chest hair he felt Terrys strongs hands pulling at his jeans,'Get em off boy daddy wants to slap your arse'

Again Toby obeyed and pulled off his jeans while Teery removed his the his pants reveling one hell of a hugh cock.

'Over my knee and count boy yous going get ten of me best but let me light up first.

Toby lay face down on Terrys knees and waited then felt smoke being blown on his arse followed by hard slaps to which he counted one by one almost crying by the last, he could feel Terrys hugh cock pressing into his stomuch and his hard hands probing his arse.

Terry then pushed him off turned him onto his knees and grabbing his head forced his cock into his mouth then down his throat.

Toby gagged and tried to resist but Terry was strong Suck it hard boy and you can lick my hairy chest again as a reward,

Toby did what he was told wanting once again that chest hair in his mouth, he sucked for ages then was pulled up to terrys face. he was smoking and inhaled deep then clamped his mouth over Tobys blew the smoke down his throat while kissing him hard, Toby thought he would come but then had his face rubbed back in Terrys chest licking the hair then sucking his hard nipples, this seemed to go on for hours before Toby was turned around and bent over.

'I only use spit' said Terry 'So relax boy cos I fuck ard'

Terry braced himself and hearing tery spit on his arse he knew he had no choice but to take it.

Terry pushed in hard ignoring Terrys crys and true to his worked fucked and worked Tobys arse to its full finaly cuming shot after shot, once finished he allowed Toby to once again lick his chest while wanking off.

'Next time boy you going be tied up and take my piss 'said Terry

'Whenever sir'

Terry smiled 'Tokorrow night boy and most nights after that'

Toby slept well, he was a slave to Terry the builder and would obey every command.

To be continued.



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