Chapter 1: Bereavement and Remembrances

The limousine driver pulled up parking in front of the big silver tent. The driver got out opening the door helping my cousin and me from the back. We were immediately met by an entourage of burly biker security men who began escorting us towards the entrance. As we walked I couldn't help notice that the tent was surrounded by custom motorcycles parked three and four deep. Originally, the memorial service was to be held in a small church about a mile away; however, after the word got out plans were changed.

My cousin had turned the memorial service for her husband over to his bike club to handle. There must have been at least three hundred or more men and women milling about outside. Evident by the colors they wore some were members of outlaw biker clubs while others non-outlaw motorcycle groups. My cousin dressed from head to toe in her finest black leathers hung onto my arm for support as we approached the tent's entrance. She'd lost her husband of almost thirty years to a horrendous motorcycle accident and was distraught with grief.

To me it seemed as though the couple had been married forever. They enjoyed living together, working together and riding all over the country and world together. They mingled freely with both groups of bikers, but their roots were with outlaw bikers. No telling how many custom motorcycles Chuck and Denise had built and worn out over the years. The two loved each other as much as they loved the freedom to ride free truly living the biker catchphrase: live to ride and ride to live.

They were two of the happiest and most in love people I knew. As we approached the entrance we were met and ushered forward to the family section that had been taped off up front. Due to overwhelming grief the widow had turned over the memorial service to Chuck's bike club to plan and execute.

Under shelter of the huge tent I sat quietly to the left of my cousin waiting for the memorial service to begin. Thankfully, the sides were rolled up and there were large fans to circulate the air on the hot humid day. I felt so out of place sitting there in my suit and tie next to the lady biker dressed in her finest black leathers. I glanced around looking to see if I might know any of the people in attendance and how they were dressed.

Looking at the crowd outside and inside there appeared to be people from all over the world that came to the small Midwestern town to attend the memorial service for Chuck. People from all walks of life and motorcycle groups worldwide had shown up. Even non-bikers like me were in attendance.

Generally, when a biker dies or is killed no matter the circumstances the bike organization he belongs to will show up in force to attend the funeral or memorial service; however, due to the fact that Chuck and Denise were biker entrepreneurs and so well known and respected in the biker world, word of Chuck's demise spread like a prairie fire. His business associates and riding buddies contacted Denise after the accident requesting that she let them handle the memorial service. She agreed.

When Chuck's body was returned to Denise she had his body cremated in accordance with directives in his will. Looking up on the makeshift stage I saw the large photo of Chuck smiling down at us. The outlaw biker had a great smile to go along with his huge personality and love of life.

The photo sat on an easel surrounded by flowers. In the lower right of the photo was a photo of Chuck Junior in his Marine dress blues. There was also on a small table where the container with Chuck's ashes. As my eyes panned around I thought that I spotted a few celebrity types filing in towards the front seats. I mused at the tough looking tatted individuals dressed in their leathers from top to bottom flying their colors filing by hugging and holding Denise sympathetically, offering comfort to the grieving widow. A few even had tears in their eyes.

My cousin Denise and I had been extremely close since childhood, but then she met and married Chuck. From that point we drifted apart for a few years before reuniting. The two lovers rode a different path in life than their high school peers; a course causing estrangement between her and her family. However, their love for each other never waned. The major problem causing the rift with the family was the large age difference and the fact that Chuck was an outlaw biker when they first met and then married.

Chuck was twelve years senior to Denise with a wild ass outlaw biker mind set. She met him while attending college. She fell in love with the bad boy biker and the two eloped. She gave up a college education to marry Chuck and ride with him; something that did not set well with her family. Although my aunt and uncle had not been happy with the decisions their daughter made early in life they eventually came to accept the couple as family.

I think it was the birth of a grandson that brought them all back together. After Chuck Junior was born it appeared all transgressions of the past had been forgiven. The Black Sheep had been welcomed back into the fold and a loving family relationship had been reestablished. I was deeply touched as these badass bikers continued approaching Denise offering condolences.

No, Denise would not be alone in life. She had family, many friends and a huge extended family of bikers; however, when the chips were down it was me she called asking that I come to her side immediately after the accident. She just needed me next to her during her time of bereavement for sympathy, and to help her make certain decisions. I was there to support her during a time of great sadness - I was her rock.

Losing their son to war and then both her parents thereafter within weeks of each other to health problems Denise had became somewhat despondent and withdrawn. In the months since the deaths she hadn't been riding as much as in the past. She was not on the ride when Chuck had been killed, probably for the better as the crash was a terrible mess. My personal opinion was that when Chuck Junior had been killed in Iraq Denise's parents lost the will to live, as they lived for their beloved grandson. My mind began reeling back to that summer years ago when we comforted each other during my time of melancholy.

After a lonely train ride north I arrived at my aunt and uncle's old two story Victorian house after high school let out in 1975. I was given my male cousin's room upstairs for the duration of my visit. Peter was away in the Air Force taking Basic Training in Texas. I had stayed in the room with my first cousin before on visits, so the room wasn't new to me.

There was just the one bed in the room, so many times in that bed Peter and I had fooled around a little sexually. At the time we mostly just compared cocks and jacked off together like young boys do when entering puberty. What I remember most about Peter was that he hadn't been circumcised at birth as I had been. Because he was older his dick was bigger than mine, and he had a big black forest of hair growing in his crotch; in fact, there was hair all over his body. I hadn't been back to visit my aunt and uncle in a couple years, but soon discovered that my female cousin who I hadn't seen during that time had blossomed into vivacious voluptuous young lady during my absence.

As we all sat around the dinner table that first night I noticed that my flirtatious cousin appeared to be directing sexual overtures towards me while playing her food. She would lick her lips seductively while looking directly into my eyes and then gesture alluringly with her tongue before inserting her finger in her mouth. She would make a perfect 'O' with her mouth and then close it around a piece of spaghetti, sucking the noodle into her mouth. She would lick and suck on her fingers in a sensual manner before and after putting food into her mouth while all the time under the table she was playing with my leg using her foot and toes. She had me so fucking horny, managing to arouse my cock to a full state of rock hardness. Her parent's were oblivious to her titillating antics.

I was sure that if her parents had not been sitting at the table she would have vaulted across the table burying her pussy in my face and then lock her legs together behind my head. My aunt and uncle were busily engaging me in conversation about the train ride up from Nashville, Tennessee, and what my feelings were about relocating to California. By the time desert was served my heart was beating rapidly and I was sweating bullets. My armpits were wet. I was damn near exhausted from all the hidden sexual stimulation from across the table. I had to excuse myself immediately after desert saying that I needed to go take a shower before going to bed.

What I really was in need of was a break from the teen temptress sitting across from me trying to seduce me with her titillating antics. After showering where I beat my meat into submission I was ready for a good night's sleep; however, I had no sooner drifted off to sleep than I felt a silky smooth hot body slide under the white sheet next to me. Her hand gently covered my mouth so I wouldn't scream thereby awaking the rest of the household. I knew immediately who it was. God, she smelled so good. I would soon discover that my cousin had not only turned into a ravishing young beauty, but a most seductive siren who wanted to play sex games.

I sensed that my cousin had no intentions of letting me sleep that night. With great stealth she'd slid under the sheet next to me. I felt a little odd sharing the bed with my female cousin who was three months older than me, but soon vanquished my uneasiness as she began caressing my chest with her talented fingers while seductively kissing my face with those luscious lips. The seductive little slut began touching and stroking my body in the most sensuous manner. She had me at a full state of arousal beneath my white underwear. Hell, I forgot who she was and where we were by that time.

Game on; if she was ready to play, so was I. By touch I could tell she was wearing nothing but a pair of scanty panties. Her top was totally bare. Who needed lights my hands were immediately drawn to her breasts like iron to a magnet. Her nipples were standing at attention hard as a rock awaiting my touch. Within a matter of minutes we were both equally excited stimulating each other to orgasms almost simultaneously without ever touching the other's genitals.

After a rousing climax, the first of a kind for me at the time, we lay cuddling quietly quizzing each other about what we had done sexually so far in life. I'd never done anything like that with a female or male. I told her about my girl friend and boy friend back home. She giggled into my ear hearing that, telling me how sexy it was that I had a boyfriend to have sex with and how horny that made her. I pointed out that I was not getting any pussy from the girlfriend; however, Buzz and I had our share of sexual adventures, taking care each others needs.

She informed me that she thought two guys getting together for sex was bitchin. She told me that she too had experimented sexually with girls as well as boys. She also told me about her two male friends that were homosexual and she wanted me to meet them before I departed. That word experiment made me feel a little easier about what we were doing with each other that night.

As our conversation continued we discovered more and more about each other throughout that first night. I learned that she had many of the local high school boys drooling over her wanting her body. Early into the morning hours we were both fully aroused again. We had excited each other with our tales and touches. Slowly, her hand began groping my engorged organ hidden in my underwear. I could feel her panties were wet with desire.

I felt her hand enter my waistband and her finger tips circling my sensitive glans. I let out a gasp. We decided it was time to show each other our goodies. I got naked first to let her see me all boned up and then she pulled her panties off for me to began viewing her. Of course, I was all boned up with a robust hard on and all I wanted to do was stick it in her. Once the viewing was complete she commented that my dick was very nice looking and good size for a boy my age; in fact, a little bigger than most of the boys she had fooled around with previously.

The main thing that impressed her most about my penis was that I had been circumcised at birth and had a huge glans. She told me that uncircumcised boys did not excite her. I knew that her brother was uncircumcised from previous encounters. She told me that the two uncut guys she had fooled around with thus far in high school tended to have a strong offensive odor in their crotch area. She said that because of the stench she only gave them fist, but refused to perform oral sex on them due to the odor.

She had sniffed me out while viewing my engorged, finding me to smell refreshingly clean. Another thing that impressed her was not only the size of my glans but the shape of it, telling me that it was better looking and bigger than any of her former boy friends.

I had known for a couple of years that my cock and glans was bigger than most of the boys I'd seen in the locker room at school. The head of my cock flared back to a large dark coronal band at the base of the bell when erect. So, with my ego fully inflated and my dick fully aroused I decided to show her my favorite trick. I grabbed my hard dick around the base of the shaft whereby I began choking it. As I tighten the grip my cockhead began to swell up. As it swelled in size the head turned a deeper crimson color and the coronal band became a deeper shade of purple.

The head of my cock would swell to almost twice its normal size in a matter of minutes as I squeezed the shaft. Maybe not that big, but to me it looked to be twice the size. Soon all the texture lines of the glans became evident. She stared in amazement at the dark crimson cockhead marveling at its size, shape and coloring. She kissed and licked the glans. I almost shit myself right then and there.

After a careful inspection of my male reproductive apparatus it was time for us to make out again. This girl loved to make out, especially French kissing. She had luscious lips and a very talented tongue. As we were rolling around on the bed making out and frotting she was nibbling on my ear lobe which was driving me wild. I could feel how wet she was. She positioned my cock between her legs so the cockhead was making contact with the clitoral area.

As we rocked back and forth on the bed she was sighing and moaning as I stimulated her clit. While this was going on she was whispering all the nasty things she had planned for me which totally got me into high gear. She had given me hickeys top and bottom; some of the marks hard to hide. She taught me that night that my nipples were super sensitive too. She loved to get them hard, standing at attention and play with them.

Once my nipples were good and hard she would play with my erect buds. She would swirl her tongue around them sucking on them one at a time until I was ready to explode. Then she would stop and move on to other sensual parts of my body and go to work. For her age she had a great looking rack with dark areolas and nice nipples; nipples that would become erect in a heartbeat. She let me play with them nibbling and sucking on them.

I found out years later from her husband that she was such a hot blooded horny thing that much of the time Chuck never had any trouble needing for sex; in fact, he confided in me that as he had gotten older at times her sexual desire overwhelmed him. He told me that she never needed any lubricant; she was always wet and ready. I just smiled and let it go.

Suddenly, her brother Pete showed up dressed in his Air Force uniform along with his family. We stood up shaking hands and hugging. He offered his condolence as we welcomed him and his family to the service. All this while I was attempting to shake off those racy remembrances from the past.

Pete told his sister that he had a short eulogy prepared and would like to speak about Chuck. Once he informed the person presiding over the service of his wishes he took a seat to the right of his sister with the family behind us while we all waited for the memorial service to get underway.



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