Morning trickled in through the window and cast its sunny rays across Loki's sleep sound face. The little 17 year old stirred, his button nose twitching as warm sunlight danced on him. The boy rolled away, throwing a blanket over his head and snuggling his face deeper into his pillow. Sleep was too good to be disrupted now.


Loki leaped out of bed, his emerald eyes wide with panic, his hair--short red and spiky--stood on end, as his heart raced.

Boom! crackle! Boom!

Loki looked about his semi-tidy room for the source of the sound. His black laptop was off, his flat screen TV as well. His closet was shut and looked undisturbed, his hampers--stuffed with clothes: clean/dirty--sat in the far corner of his bedroom.

Boom! Boom!

The thunderous sound echoed off the blue walls of Loki's bed room, causing the noise to stereo as it blasted and blared. Loki looked about bewildered until he recognized the pattern, It was the caller ID sound for his older brother. Annoyed he groped through the folds of his sheets until his finger found his Galaxy S 4. He swiped and answered groggily,


"Let me in, I'm climbing through the window." Hissed Thor. Loki turned toward his window and sure enough thick meaty fingers clung to the sill.

"Why are ....Dad is going to kill you!"

"Not if he doesn't find out pipsqueak now open the window!" growled Thor. Loki signed and unlatched the clamps on his bedroom window. The second the latch lifted, Loki's windows pushed upward and a hulking blond mass--a naked blond mass-- fell into the room, nearly crushing Loki as it fell on top of him.

"Argh" Thor was heavy, his linebacker frame packed with cut lean muscles over exceed the weight limit of Loki lean petite build, Loki could feel his organs being squashed. Thor smelled of sweat and...well sex, that was normal for him, but this time around it was pungent. His long blond hair covered Loki's face. But the most disturbing was the something hard, sticky, and hot pressed deep into his own crotch.

Thor lifted himself off of his little brother. Sky blue eyes locked with emerald green, Loki looked away--his heart racing. Thor smiled, his handsome face bright with triumph.

"Thanx little brother, you're a life saver." Thor kissed him on his forehead, tingles shot down Loki's spine.

"Where have you been? You're suppose to be grounded for the brawl you started at the football game." Loki still couldn't meet his brother's eyes, so he focused on their two phones laying side by to a pair of Thor's Jock Strap--the one he had cummed in the night before! Loki's face went red.

"I was invited to an orgy, and I was feeling horny so I went," Thor said bluntly, smiling down at his blushing brother, "Besides I was not the only one who got grounded, didn't the whole fight start because you were caught getting you dick sucked by the Quarterback's girl friend?"

Loki's eyes narrowed, "she only licked it....a few times, he over reacted. Besides, she was doing it for him."

Thor gave him a look. His body was hot, it radiated heat as he still lay atop Loki--it was distracting.

"She heard a rumor that Thor Odinson always choked during a game if his kid brother got his rocks off at the same time. She heard they have a twin like bond that when played upon distracts Thor to no end." Loki turned and smiled up at his titan of a brother. Thor smirked back

"Crafty devil,"Thor chuckled and began to press himself deeper into his brother,"do tell about this rumored connection we have, cause as you know I've never choked in my life." Thor purred and Loki whimpered, his dick straining to escape boxers. A warm wetness spread across the fabric, but from Loki it wasn't coming.

Loki gasped and tried to focus but the look Thor was giving was down right rapey...and a bit hot.

"I never denied it or confirmed it, plus they thought I would stop them if I knew what they were up to," Loki smirked, "Why you never choked though, is because none of them have ever made it all the way..." Loki mumbled.

Thor barked a laugh and then began to grind his hot hammer into Loki's spear,hard. Loki's face turned bright red and his back arched, but he couldn't squirm away. Loki was so far gone his hair shape-shifted--red hair slithering down to his shoulders and turning pitch black. He thought his heart might explode and then he felt his shirt lift up. teeth sank into his nipple, he squealed, precum trickled down his leg as Thor continue to tease him.

"Because the trickster's fun is always interrupted, and his big brother always has to come save his little ass." Growled Thor between clenched teeth.

"So in truth little brother we are both grounded cause of you!"

Loki giggled between mini moans, "But then how else can I get your attention?" Thor sat up, Loki's legs straddling his massive thighs, his thick 10" dick throbbing over top Loki's precum soaked boxers. Thor's handsome face grew somber.

"All you have to do is ask little brother,"Thor looked down at him with sad eyes and then over at his phone, then smiled, "What do we have here?" Thor raised his cum stained jockstrap and looked accusingly at Loki, the boy blushed and hide his face in his shirt.

"You missed me that much?" Chuckled Thor as he inspected it, "Damn boy this thing is soaked all the way through, you musta busted like 10 nuts into this!" He sniffed it and then threw it at Loki.

"please" Loki whimpered from under his shirt.

Thor cocked his head to one side, "what you want to keep them? I guess you can now since they are completely cummed up with your seed."

Loki lowered his shirt, "no...will you please Play with me?"

There was silence. Loki knew Thor was a sexual deviant--he'd been fucking the second he could produce cum--but he never knew if his brother played on both teams like him. Sure they tussled like this before but only because Thor got off on the fact that Loki got boners wrestling with him--it fed his ego. It also drove Loki crazy, forcing him to spend hours jerking off as Thor laughed his ass off from his room at his lil bro's loss of control. That was Thor's thing when it came to Loki--tease, never tango.

Once again the two rivals found themselves in this situation. Loki on his back, green eyes misty with lust, crotch coated in precum, dick straining to break free his boxer, babyface flushed a bright red, panting hard. Thor standing over him, blue eyes twinkling, pecs popin, his chiseled eight-pack like stairs down to the forest of blonde pubes that kept warm his massive might hammer. His big hands encircling Loki's chest and this thick thumbs teasing the boy's puffy pink nipples.

Loki's whole body pulsed, it wanted this--he wanted this. Thor's face was unreadable. His hands left Loki's chest to hover over the brim of the boy's boxers. He snaked a finger under the band and pulled it back.

Smack! Loki's long 8" dick slammed hard into his tight precum coated belly, where it drooled. Little rivers of precum ran down into a small patch of pubes that shifted colors every so often: blonde, red, black, brown--Loki's shifting powers sometimes went haywire when he was this worked up. Thor reached down and slowly ran a finger up the underside of Loki's spear--the boy quivered.

"You really want me huh lil bro?"

Loki nodded, Thor smile. "Fuck it, It might be fun and if it keeps you from getting us grounded every weekend..." Thor leaned in close. Loki slowly began to close his eyes, when a sharp pain hit his crotch!

He flinched and cupped his privates, Thor let out a savage howl as he tumbled off Loki and cupped his own. The pain was like someone had thrown a 50 lb bowling ball straight into their privates. Loki couldn't breath, tears streamed down his face. Both boys screamed as the pain turned into burning. They trashed about the room-- Thor knocking over bookshelves, while Loki writhed on the floor. 5 minutes of agony ticked by and then both boys lay still. Loki sat up, wincing as pain shot up his spine and looked down. There in his lap sat his dick, soft and locked in a silver cage. A fat key lock hung beneath it, the metal fidget against his balls.

"The Fuck is this!?" Roared Thor, he too had a cage of but his was gold. Loki's heart sank, he looked to the door. There, standing in a grey suit was their father. The silver haired man was brawny, not as much as Thor but very close, he had a short silver beard and a stern square jaw. His mismatched eyes glared down at his sons with a unreadable air. Blue and gold were a light with cleverness--much like Loki's, but unlike the boy's right now they shown with triumph not defeat.

A lump formed in Loki's throat. A chill ran deep down to his soul--they were caught and so royally a bad way.

Thor jumped to his feet, fist clenched, muscles tense--he looked very fearsome till the eyes hit the cock cage; then he was just a muscle bound punk bitch.

"Father I demand you take these things off us, now! You have no right!" Thor roared, but made no attempt at attacking. (Good he at least has some sense) thought Loki.

Odin cocked an eyebrow,"Right? right? I have every right when my sons run rampant in public like untamed beast. When both are well known sexual deviants and when I ground these two whelps what do I come home to find? One who snuck out last night and fucked nearly half the cheer-leading squad of the rival team and the other awaiting his older brother to pop his cherry." Odin listed calmly, setting Thor and Loki with an indifferent stare. Loki sat still/ tense (How how could he know, know all of it?). He felt Thor's eyes on him and he blushed again.

"Loki your still a virgin?" Thor whispered.

"Yes he is, you sex-crazed fool and he will stay one for a while yet. May two months without your precious play things will teach you two a lesson." growled Odin and he stormed from the room.

Loki curled up into a ball and began to cry--his hair shifted to short length blond. He was exposed, he felt shattered. He felt so sick he thought he'd throw up, but two thick arms hugged him to a chiseled chest. Thor hugged his little brother and slowly rocked him as the boy cried.

"Don't worry little brother, two months will go by in a flash. Then i'm popin your cherry." Loki stiffened

"Its ok calm down, I want to do it--for you, me, and the fact that it'll piss off king Asshole."

Loki sniffed and looked up at Thor, "I'll start counting the days".



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