Paul, Greg and Roberto were three best friends. All three guys were 20 years old and shared a large dorm room at State University. Unlike most other guys on campus, they not only remained in the dorm room but chose to stay together. They got along that well! Although they shared less and less similar classes due to their different majors, they still spent most of their free time together. Each went through their rounds of girlfriends, sometimes even passing them along between them once or twice, but they just enjoyed each others company. Movies, playing football or baseball together, or attending a local game, going to a club or just crashing in their large dorm room, they just got along.

Paul was the cutest. Dark brown hair and brown eyes. Just under six feet, perfectly tan skin all over, with abs that could get him a modeling contract for an Abercrombie catalog, Paul had a winning smile and his firm smooth pecs weren't anything less then amazing. Plus, he had no visible tan lines!

Greg was just over six feet. Also muscular with more of a swimmers tight smooth build, his light brown hair and pale skin made him look like a red head in training. Although a bit paler then most, his firm chest and six pack was still impressive.

Roberto's winning feature was his amazing smile. People said he could light up a room with just a grin. On the football team in high school, he had a more muscular frame and his smooth bronze skin was the envy of every pale guy on campus.

After coming back from spring break, and classes not quite in full swing yet, Friday morning rolled around and they had no plans. None of the guys had Friday classes and they had no weekend plans either. They washed and dressed and headed off to one of the local breakfast places near campus.

"I just realized I have absolutely no school work I need to do," offered Paul. "I am actually free this weekend!" he added.

Greg looked up from his eggs. "I know. I got nothing going on either." Greg said.

"So what we gonna do guys?" Roberto asked.

"Dunno!" responded Paul.

"Beats me!" contributed Greg.

The three sat around eating and thinking.

"I have a bitchin idea!" exclaimed a suddenly excited Greg. I should have thought of this before! I am so dumb!"

"What?" answered Paul and Roberto at the same instant.

"We have a family cabin maybe three hours from here!" offered Greg.

"Shit man, why you never share this before? We could have had a cool hang out all his time?" asked Roberto.

"Yeah!" Paul chimed in.

"We would go there during the spring and summer but it was my great uncle's place. He died last year and left the place to us. My Mom and Dad were there last month and cleaned it up, brought in fire wood and stuff. There's no electric but it has running water. I bet we can go this weekend. We'll just bring warm clothes for the night. Its near a lake and everything." Greg explained getting more and more excited as he spoke.

Paul and Roberto looked at each other with wide grins. "Let's do it!" the three all yelled, causing some people at a nearby table to look their way.

Paul, Greg and Roberto wolfed down the remains of their breakfast and high tailed it back to their dorm room.

Roberto grabbed his linen duffle he used for going to the gym and tossed out his work out shorts and stuff and hurriedly filled it with a change of underwear, some swim trunks and a couple of shirts. Looking around, he added his bathroom toiletries. Paul, in his excitement, pulled a pillow case off his pillow and stuffed it with his thinks for the weekend. Greg was at a total loss in all of the excitement. He grabbed a paper shopping bag and used it for his stuff. In no time, they were in Roberto's red Ford F-150 pickup truck. With their stuff on the floor and the three of them crammed in the front seat, they were off and on the highway in no time at all.

Greg gave directions to Roberto as they went and they laughingly fought over the radio stations. An hour out, the sun disappeared and they drove under cloudy skies, but still enjoying the ride for their adventure together.

Two hours out, a few rain drops splattered on the windshield.

"So, um, what's the weather forecast for the weekend Greg?" Roberto asked.

Greg looked over at Roberto. "I don't know man, I never checked it." answered Greg, as he turned to Paul.

"So what was the forecast Paul?" Greg asked.

Paul looked at Greg with his cute wide brown eyes. "I dunno man, I thought you checked!" Paul offered.

"Oh fuck!" replied Roberto, as he slowed his speed due to the increasing rainfall. The ride was quiet the last half hour as the three friends' excitement dimmed with each mile.

Greg gave directions as they approached their destination. They came to a stop and Paul and Roberto looked around excitedly, trying to see the vacation cabin through the pouring rain.

"So?" asked Roberto. "I don't see nothing man!"

"You sure we're here?" asked a disappointed Paul.

"We need to walk the last few yards," explained an equally disappointed Greg.

"But its like pouring," offered Roberto.

"We will be soaked!" complained Paul.

"Hey! Its an adventure, you sissies! You gonna melt or something? We'll have fun. I promise!" offered Greg, trying to cheer up his buddies.

Greg Paul and Roberto grabbed their bags, organized themselves and prepared to exit the truck and run, following Greg.

Then they made their mad dash, leaving the truck and running along a gravel path on the heels of Greg. Five minutes later, the three stood on a small porch with a small overhang, waiting for Greg to unlock the door.

Then they were finally inside the darkened room, looking around.

"We'll have fun?" mocked Paul.

"They got any rats here?" joked Roberto.

They were all soaked, from head to toe. Greg moved around turning on some of the kerosene lamps and found his way to the fireplace.

Shivering, Greg explained that it would get better once the fire was going. Paul took off his soaked jacket and put it on a chair as he began to shiver. His polo shirt, jeans, briefs and socks were soaked to his skin. He kicked off his wet shoes. Wanting to change into something warm, he looked at the clothes he brought in the cotten pillow case and realized that everything was soaking wet, just from the quick dash through the rain. "Fuck," he muttered as he got colder.

Roberto was no better off. His sweat pants were also dripping. Wearing only a jock underneath, his wet skin was getting colder by the minute. His wet t shirt clung to his muscular chest like it was two sizes too small.

Greg turned from the fire once it got going. "Give it some time and we'll be warm soon enough" Greg said. "But we need to get out of these wet clothes and give them a chance to dry off. If we stay in them, we'll be in trouble." he added. Greg then picked up his paper shopping bag just in time to see the bottom of the wet bag rip through, spilling his wet clothes to the floor. "Fuck!" he shouted, as Paul and Roberto burst into laughter, breaking the tension that had been building.

"So lets start our adventure," voiced a now eager Paul.

"Yeah," added Roberto. "So whats the plan here?" he asked.

The three looked around the very large room. In one corner was a kitchen/eating area and the other corner had a large bathroom. A large rug was on the floor before the fireplace and further behind that was a large couch. Off to one side was a twin bed and on the other side was a large king bed. The beds were pretty decent and already made up with sheets and blankets.

Roberto grabbed a small blanket off a table nearby and took his stuff with him into the bathroom grabbing some hangers as he passed the closet. Paul and Greg looked at each other with a shrug and tried to organize the firewood to be next to the fireplace. They knew they would need to keep the fire going.

A few moments later, Roberto emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in the blanket. "hey guys, you should strip and get out of the wet clothes. You'll feel much better," he said. "I hung up my clothes over the bathtub and put my clothes on hangers so they can dry," he further explained. "I don't plan to walk around naked wrapped in a blanket all weekend!" he added flashing open the blanket for emphasis, showing off his firm chest and nice abs over what looked like a cold shrunked cock. Paul giggled. "Impressive man!" Paul teased.

"Shut up," yelled a laughing Roberto. "Bet your balls disappeared in the cold by now!" They all chuckled.

"Go next Paul. I don't wanna lose my main man to frost bite!" Roberto teased.

"Main man? What am I?" joked a left out Greg. "you're my other main man, muchacho!" answered Roberto. "But we is gonna put you nearest the fire to crisp up that whitey white skin of yours!" Greg continued.

Soon enough Paul came out, also naked under a blanket as he shooed Greg to the bathroom next.

"Hey, main man, I still got my balls!" Paul said with a dirty grin as he flashed open his blanket to show his body to Roberto.

"Damn!" was all Roberto could say, surprising Paul just a bit. The two sat down in front of the fire, hoping to get warm so they could stop shivering. Greg soon joined them on the floor, sitting between his buddies, also wrapped in only a blanket.

"Next time," began Paul, who was sitting on the left end, "we check the weather forecast!"

"Hell yeah," responded Roberto, sitting on the opposite end.

Greg, sitting in the middle between Paul and Roberto facing the fireplace, lowered the blanket to his waist. "What are you doing man?" asked Roberto.

"I need to feel the fire on my skin guys. I am freezing."

Paul and Roberto watched Greg. "You are so white!" offered Paul.

"Paler then pale," added Roberto, "and like no hair anywhere." replied Greg.

"You got like baby hair," added a curious Paul, looking at Greg and admiring his firm and muscular arms.

"You get those arms from swimming huh?" asked Paul, continuing his investigation of his friend's body.

"You got any pubes?" asked a suddenly curious Roberto.

"Yeah," answered a slightly annoyed Greg. "Lay off me, you pervs!" Greg added with a shiver still in his voice.

"We need more blankets Greg. This ain't working. Are there anymore we can use?" Paul asked.

"This is it." answered Greg.

"I hate to say what we need to do," Greg said slowly.

"No way!" replied Greg. "That's too weird!"

"What what?" asked a confused Paul.

"I think Roberto wants us to share the blankets. Right Roberto?" asked Greg as he turned to face his other buddy.

"Well," began Roberto slowly, "It makes sense if you think about it. And its not like we're dirty, we've all been thoroughly soaked thanks to Greg's weather!" he added with a chuckle.

"Lay off!" whined Greg.

Paul thought about their situation. "I have to agree!" Paul finally stated.

"Besides", Paul added, looking towards the other two, "if I had to be naked with anyone else, it would be with you two guys. I mean you're like my best buddies ever, brothers actually, I like love you guys, so I don't care!" he said with a warm smile, pulling off his blanket and offering it up.

"Me too!" added Roberto, love you to death, but I'd rather be naked with Monica from my chemistry class then you guys. She got the best tittyknockers then you guys!" and Roberto pulled off his blanket and started to tug off Greg's blanket at the same time.

"What the fucks a tittie knocker? Is that like a tit combined with a doorbell or something?' asked Greg as he added his blanket to the other two.

In minutes, the three guys huddled closer until their bare shoulders and bare hips touched, draping the combined three blankets over their bodies. The move worked, in no time their body heat added to the fireplace ended the shivering. Greg, Paul and Roberto sat quietly, warming up their bones.

Roberto rearranged himself, starting to look around a bit and stealing a few glances at Greg's naked body next to him. "you do have pubes Greg!" Roberto suddenly exclaimed, making Paul start to giggle.

"You checking out Greg's junk Roberto? That's weird!" Paul said.

"No, check it out, its like a little blond patch. Its kinda cute actually," Roberto added.

With his best friends staring at his crotch, Greg got used to the situation and actually felt a bit flattered. His cock, til now shrunken from the cold, started to fill out a bit. He looked over at Paul and Roberto staring at his cock, as if they had never seen one before.

"Seriously guys?" Greg asked his buddies.

Paul spoke first. "Can I touch it?" Paul asked in a meek voice.

"Touch what?" exclaimed a surprised Greg.

"Your hair, it looks so soft," answered Paul.

"Sure whatever man," responded Greg.

Paul extended his hand as slow as if he were about to touch a flame. He put his fingers on Greg's pubic hair and rubbed gently.

"Man, it is so soft, feels nice actually," offered Paul. An excited Roberto put his hand out also, reaching to touch Greg's light colored pubic hair.

Without realizing it, Greg let out a low moan, as his best buddies stroked his skin. His reaction was a visibly hardening and growing of his cock. Paul and Roberto looked fascinated by the scene before them. Greg's eyes grew wide as he looked over to Paul, who's own cock was no growing. Same for Roberto.

Greg grew braver enjoying the attention. Claiming to being warm enough, he pushed the blanket off his shoulders, which off course resulted in the blanket falling off the shoulders of Paul and Roberto. Still busy staring at Greg's pubic hair and now growing cock, it took a moment for Paul and Roberto to realize that they sat naked as well. Paul looked over at Roberto's cock next.

"Your pubic hair is like jet black!" an interested Paul announced. "Nice!" he added.

"I like your curly fries!" joked Roberto back at Paul.

Greg, now openly rubbing his balls and playing his cock, turned to Paul and Roberto, grinning.

"What yo grinning at?" asked Roberto.

"I'm suddenly glad its pouring outside!" announced Greg, as he began to lean back, putting his hands behind his head, laying down on the floor. He spread his naked legs a bit, as it to make an offering to his buddies.

Paul and Roberto sat still and quiet for a moment, unsure of what to do. Paul offered a weak smile to Roberto while looking down over the body of a hot sexy Greg. Roberto smiled back at Paul, looking over Greg and Paul as well. Paul and Roberto scooted closer to Greg and each other and tentatively leaned in closer. While they each expected to lean down to explore Greg's body, they surprised themselves by leaning in towards each other. Before they realized what was happening, Paul and Roberto were soon locked in a tight hard kiss, hovering over Greg's naked body. Paul let out a moan as he felt Roberto's hand caress his cheek and chin.

Their tongues met as their mouths parted, offering themselves up for exploration.

"Hello? Anyone there?" asked a plaintive Greg.

As if on cue, Paul and Roberto each dropped a hand to Greg's body. Paul began a slow stroke of Greg's now hard cock while Roberto cupped and fondled Greg's balls, all the while Paul and Roberto remained locked in a sensual kiss.

The kiss ended with a wide grin on their faces as they turned their attention to Greg. They lowered themselves next to Greg and hugged him tightly, while still leaving their hands on his cock and balls. Greg reached over and grabbed Paul's cock in one hand and Roberto's in his other. Seems you boys have warmed up as well. With Greg jacking both their cocks, both Paul and Roberto began to moan, looking back and forth between each other and Greg.

"I have had this fantasy for a very very long time guys!" Paul announced.

"Me too," announced Roberto.

Greg added a "me too!" while stroking his roommates with a bit firmer hand.

"Greg, excuse me for a minute but there is something I have to do," announced Roberto as he rolled over Greg, pushing Paul down beneath him. Lowering himself, Roberto began to suck Paul's throbbing cock with a vengeance. Straddling over Paul's body, Greg hungrily attacked Paul's cock while his hands explored Paul's amazing chest and abs, holding him in place at his hips. Paul squirmed underneath in delight, his fantasy fulfilled knowing his secret love was servicing him with amazing results. The rolling wave of sensation rose from deep inside Paul as Roberto brought him closer and closer to climax. With Robert's nose buried in Paul's pubes, Paul wiggled in delight, knowing his moment was coming. Soon Paul was cumming, thrusting his hips up towards Roberto licking and sucking as he finished Paul off. Paul's gasps and moans quieted, as Roberto lovingly held him close.

Greg, watching the hot scene, could only mutter a quiet "wow!"

Paul pulled himself up into a sitting position, his face slightly flushed.

"Roberto, Paul," he said slowly, looking from one face to the other. "This is so awesome. I hope it pours all weekend." Looking over to the king bed, he continued "and looks like we will need to share the one big bed to keep warm tonight," he added with a grin. The three lovers laughed.

"Now both of you, get on your knees!" Paul directed.

Roberto and Greg complied, getting on their knees as Paul moved them closer and almost facing each other.

"I want both of these right now!" he commented as he tugged on both Roberto's and Greg's hard long cocks.

Paul moved in for the attack, at first licking each cock and teasing it, offering promises of greater and greater attention. He first took Greg's pale but hard cock in his mouth, sucking deeply and keeping his lips tight for best results. Greg arched his back letting out a low howl, acknowledging the great feeling Paul was giving him. Paul swtiched to Roberto's longer bronze cock, taking him deep and sucking hard. Paul's hands slowly crept from Greg's and Roberto's hips around their sides towards their ass cheeks.

Paul found his targets. Still sucking furiously and alternating between the two engorged hot cocks before him, he inserted a finger in each asshole of his lovers.

With a slow finger fuck, he began a slow exploratory plunge into each ass. Waiting to hear the gasps and moans from Roberto and Greg, he then added a second finger to each ass, offering greater pleasure and resulting in the cocks in his mouth getting harder and more erect from the rear end pressure. Finger fucking furiously now, Paul knew his two victims were in his control. Roberto reacted first. Paul took Roberto's cock back in his mouth and worked his magic. In no time, Roberto put his hands gently on Paul's head as Paul's sucking brought him to his orgasm. Roberto's hips bucked and froze in place as his cock spewed wave after wave of his cream into Paul's mouth. Licking Roberto clean as Roberto began to relax, Paul turned his attention to Greg.

Greg was already at the brink, having watched Roberto's orgasm from such a close distance. Sure enough, it took only a minute of Paul's attention to push Greg over his limit. Like Roberto, now watching closely and lovingly, Greg's body quaked and froze in place, as Paul eagerly finished him off and took his load. Greg's body calmed and the three lovers fell back onto the floor laying on the carpet. Their bodies glowed with a fine sheen of sweat, no longer shivering or cold from the outside weather.

They huddled close and pushed into each other.

"And we have all weekend guys," offered a very happy Paul.

"Hell yeah!" echoed Roberto and Paul.

To be continued, comments welcome!




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