After a busy weeklong conference I had arranged to take three days off for myself in Paris. I had arrived the night before and had checked into a 4 star hotel in the Montparnasse area. I picked this hotel specifically since it had been written up on some Internet site as a great 'cruising' location. Apparently the Lobby WC can be quite active with a younger crowd and even the cute bellhops will often join in for some great sucking sessions. Well, so far the only persons I noticed in the WC were elderly oriental gentlemen and fathers with their young sons. Not very encouraging for someone who was as horny as I. It had been weeks since I had had any sex. The months leading up to the conference had been crammed with my normally heavy work schedule as well as hours of preparatory work for my presentation at this European conference. The conference itself left little time for any relaxation and I found myself falling into bed nightly alone and to tired to even jack-off.

After checking in - and checking out the WC - I rested for a couple of hours and then headed out to cruise a couple of gay 'clubs' on the Left Bank. Despite how horny I was nothing interested me. I quickly got tired of being hit-on by middle-aged 'queens' trying to look in their 20's again. There seemed to be little action, just a lot of skittishly cruising back and forth. Or maybe I was just too tired to care. I returned to the hotel frustrated and tired, falling into bed and immediately dropping off to sleep.

I woke late the next morning, more refreshed than I had felt in weeks and after showering and shaving I decided to head into the heart of Paris and grab a quick lunch. I had visited this city a number of times so I had no burning desire to see the tourist sites but I was now getting horny and bored. Even the guys in the club last night were starting to look ok. As I started to walk through the train station to get to the Metro I saw him.

The first thing I noticed was the golden spiked hair, so highly jelled that the light bounced off it like a beacon. This golden crown topped one of the cutest most adorable faces I had ever seen. Pale creamy white skin, pierced by ice blue eyes and highlighted with a pair of full, pink, heart shaped lips. This beautiful boy diverted my attention and I almost collided into the woman in front of me. He looked so young and innocent sitting on the floor with his backpack. And then he saw me staring at him and he looked up and smiled. Oh what a wicked sexy smile he had. White teeth flashing through those pink lips and his eyes seemed to penetrate me as I heard my breath catch. I turned my head and walked on as I felt his eyes follow me across the station. I had to look back. I stopped at a newsstand and pretended I look at newspapers. He was still watching me and smiling. I glanced away but could not walk away. Try as I might I could not ignore this 'golden boy god'.

Fuck! What was a matter with me? Here I was at 26, successful climbing up the corporate ladder standing in the middle of a train station starting to sprout a 'woody' over a young man. At 6'1' and 180 lbs of trimmed muscle with good facial features, I have never had a problem attracting sex partners - male or female. I did not need to be chasing after young guys. My mind kept saying 'get out of here' but my cock was now in control.

I finally glance back at him and he looked me up and down and then gave me the most beautiful smile. I could not help myself; I smiled back. He had me and he knew it. He reached down and adjusted his crotch without taking his eyes off me. His shorts were filled with a healthy-looking bulge. He leaned over said something to the two kids sitting near him; then picked up his bag and started to walk towards me. As he got close to me he gave me a nod to follow him and kept walking. I trailed and every few meters he would turn to ensure I was still with him and flash that smile at me. I kept following right to the public washrooms. I hesitated at the doorway for a few moments then said 'fuck it! I want this boy.' and entered. He was waiting at the last cubicles at the end of the room when he saw me he slowly entered keeping his eyes on me until he disappeared. I slowly followed noting that the cubicles were fully enclosed from ceiling to floor giving a fair degree of privacy. I entered and locked the door.

He was sitting with his shorts down around his ankles, his boy cock already starting to swell lying across his upper thigh. His t-shirt was pulled up and tucked behind his head, revealing a beautiful smooth hairless chest already developing defined pecs and abs. I was about to take control when he looked up at me with that smile and I felt my knees go weak. He reached over and started to unbutton my fly working ever so slowly on each button never taking his eyes off mine. I didn't move - no, I couldn't move. The moment was so erotic. My swelling cock did not make his job easy but with great care he pulled my pants over my hard prick and putting his hands on my hips pulled me towards him. He now eyed my cock still enclosed in my shorts and began tongued it through the material. I was immediately hard.

He finally freed it and my cock bobbed forward and lightly caressing his smooth cheek. As I moved my cock slowly over that beautiful face I could feel electric waves pulsate down my spine and through my whole body. What a great sensation, as I rubbed my prick against those lush lips. His tongue darted out licking around my foreskin, teasing me, exploring the sensitive area between the foreskin and my ever-expanding cock-head. He kept using his tongue and was playing me like a beautiful instrument, wetting me, coaching my cock-head to come out and play. Finally he looked up at me smiling with both his mouth and eyes and then he opened his mouth and his lips formed the most sensuous O shape. Fuck! That mouth was made for sucking.

He took me into his mouth and after using his tongue he continued to tease my cock-head out of it foreskin enclosure he slowly began to suck. His mouth smothered the head of my cock while the hands enveloped the shaft. They worked together so well I felt as if my cock was in his throat.

Taking my cock in his hand he began to kiss and lick it all over, running his tongue over my piss-slit, painfully lingering before letting me back into his mouth and gently started to applied some suction. This kid may be young but he knew how to suck cock like a pro. He was in no hurry as he continued to suck me excruciatingly slowly, and I was savouring every moment. As one hand was around the base of my prick, his other has caressed my balls, tickling them, and then rubbing them gently.

I remember throwing my head back, feeling my breath catch in my throat and I letting out an involuntary moan, groaning loudly from some primal core deep inside me. My boy god immediately let me fall out of his mouth and said something as he put his finger up to his lips. I had completely forgotten where we were.

All I wanted to do was to bury my cock in that furnace of a 'love mouth'. I wanted him to take me all the way into his mouth, his throat, to bury his nose and face in my heat, my sex. I wanted to fuck his mouth. I stared to push and thrust against him putting my hands on the back of his head, feeling those stiff spikes of golden hair. I tried to fuck his mouth. I needed to come so badly. But every time I pushed forward, he pulled away; still sucking and tonguing my cock head but not letting me enter his throat.

I tried again but this time he let my cock drop out of his mouth and reaching down to his shorts he started to stand up. Fuck! I had pushed him to hard and I was going to lose him. 'It's ok, don't go.' I whispered.

He stood up and looked up at me and then reached up and kissed my lips to quiet me. This took me totally by surprise and I didn't know if I was getting a good-bye kiss or not. He did not linger on my lips but taking my manhood, which had started to lose some of its firmness, back into his hand, looked down at it. I also glance down and saw that he had not pulled his shorts up but had simply taken something out of his pocket and was holding it in his other hand. It was a condom and he was preparing to cover my 'love tool' for action. I felt my tool stiffen again.

Never taking his eyes off my cock he pumped it a few times and then carefully rolled the thin sheath down to my pubic hairs. Looking back up at me he gave me another one of those beautiful smiles, lightly kissing my lips again. Oh God I was in love - or at least in lust with this kid. He turned around and leaned over the toilet presenting his beautiful butt to me to admire.

And did I ever admire it as I ran my hands over his ass cheeks. Smooth and totally hairless like the rest of his body. I kneaded his ass like bread dough feeling its softness in my hands. Now I felt in control as I wetted my index finger and probed his ass to find his 'boy pussy'. I pushed it into his warm hole to lube it up. It was tight and as I lifted my finger back to my mouth to get more spittle I was pleasantly surprised that it was not only clean but also had an intoxicating aroma - not something that happens all that often in my experience. I worked first one finger and then two, all the time kneading his butt cheeks with my other hand, spreading them to get a look at this little rose bud that I was fucking with my fingers. Once I had three fingers easily passing through his sphincter I knew he was ready as he pushed back and rotated his hips.

But if I thought I was in control of the situation, my boy-god reminded me who was setting the agenda as he reaches behind and finding my cock glided it towards his hole. I did not fight him since I was more than ready as I got into position, quickly used my spittle to lub his asshole and slowly pushed my hard cock head into his hole. It literally popped inside him as he held his breath, grunted and let out the quietest moan of pleasure and pain, as more of my cock pierced his ass. It was an intrusion, one he wanted, but needed to relax into. I allowed him a few seconds to become accustomed to my dick and then he turned his head towards me and smiled, raised his eyebrows giving me the sign that he was ok, that he wanted to go on. I pull my fully hard shaft out of his hole, only so far as to allow the head to remain inside and pushed back into his ass, with one long stroke. I grabbed his slim little hips and thrust deeply into him. He pushed back into me at the same time as I started to slowly piston my cock in and out of his hole. Fuck! His ass was sweet and tight.

I slowly began to fuck him and each time I pushed forward he pushed back onto my cock. We are trying to keep quiet but we are both moaning and grunting now. We kept this pace up for some minutes all the while we heard people coming and going all around us, which only added to our excitement. I ran my hands over his smooth ads, tweaking his tiny nips. I pick up the pace and start to fuck him hard and long. I pounded his ass as my thighs made slapping sounds against his tight little ass. I could hear the slurping sound of my cock going in and out of his boy-pussy. I was not going to last much longer and as I felt the telltale pressure building up, I bent over this kid as he started to move his head from side to side gasping and clenching his hands onto to the toilet seat. I reached down to grab the boy's cock that I had not yet touched, and he began to massage my prick with his tight ass muscles. I started to jack him off in time with my fucking and he soon started to cum. That did it! I threw my head back and rammed my cock in as far as I could, exploding into his ass, filling the condom with shot after shot. I tried to lift myself to stand up but my legs began to wobble as I bent over holding the boy, hanging onto his thrusting cock that did not seem to want to stop cumming.

I finally stopped, catching my breath and we both calmed down and suddenly realized just how cramped this little cubical was. As I softened I was able to extract myself and we cleaned ourselves as best we could as we re-arranged our clothes. I whispered 'Let's get out of here.' and we carefully slipped out of the toilet area and went to wash our hands.



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