Cory had planted the seed with his fraternity brothers about coming to me for a blow job when they were horny. Now, all I could do is wait and see if that seed sprouted and flourished,

Over the next week, only Cory and Matt visited me. Cory had told me that when his buds at the frat house saw him walking to the frat house from my direction, they would ask, 'You get blown?'

He would answer yes or no, depending on if he had or not. He said that they also questioned him about whether or not I tried to get him to do anything for me.

'No, he's never even suggested anything,' he said he told them.

Then, about ten on the Following Monday morning I was at work in my office when i heard a knock on my door. My heart began to beat rapidly in expectation.

I went to the door and opened it and what I saw was fantastic. Before me stood a very nicely built young man with blond hair and sky blue eyes and stood about six-four. He nervously showed me a perfect smile.

'May I help you?' I managed to stammer.

'I hope so. Cory said you could.'

'Oh, sure, come on in.'

'Sir, this is my first time doing anything like this and I'll admit I'm scared as hell, but I need some relief.'

'That's what I'm here for. And you are?'

'Greg. Greg...'

'No last names. They're not important. I'm Brad' I told him. Shall we go in back and get comfortable?'

He followed me to the bedroom and seeing he was nervous, I told him, 'Greg, relax. You will enjoy it, I promise. If t any time you want me to stop, just say so and I will. Now, why don't we both strip down and you lay on the bed. Just because I'm getting nude also doesn't mean I expect anything. I don't expect you to. I just like to be comfortable and, besides, I get my pleasure from giving pleasure.'

We were soon totally naked and I had Greg laying in the middle of the bed. His cock was just barely beginning to stiffen and was right at seven inches long and cut.

'Why don't we start with a good massage to relax you. Turn over on your stomach.'

He did slowly, and I began rubbing his neck and shoulders. He moaned softly as i moved to his back then thighs. While massaging his thighs, I spread his legs and made sure my fingers rubbed his balls. I then leaned in ans tongued his ass for a short while as he gasped and said, 'Oh shit that feels good.' I then had him turn back over onto his back and his cock was rock hard.

As I gently cupped and caressed his balls with one hand I leaned down and licked and gently sucked first his left nipple them his right as he let out a loud,'Ummmmm.'

As I got into position between his legs, I looked up at him and said, 'I like to build up to the main event, It makes it better for both of us.'

'Hell, I'm not complaining,' he replied.

As I settled between his legs, I gently began licking and sucking his balls as he moaned softly.

After a few moments I lifted his dripping cock and licked up the under side of it, cleaning the precum off the slit, then licking up the puddle on his stomach.

Then, the main event. In one motion, I swallowed his his entire cock, burying my nose in his thick blond pubic bush.

'OH, FUCK!' he exclaimed loudly.

I held him deep in my throat for a few seconds then began sucking his beautiful cock. I didn't just suck it, I made love to it.

As I sucked, he moaned and squirmed in bed. After close to ten minutes of working on his awesome cock, he looked down at me and said, 'I'm getting close, Brad.'

Stopping momentarily, I said, 'Just let me do my thing and you let it loose whenever your ready.'

I went back to sucking him and within minutes his breathing became rapid and his cock head swelled. Suddenly, a huge load burst forth filling my mouth. I swallowed hungrily and quickly as the sweet-salty creamy fluid flooded my mouth.

When I had him drained, I slowly pulled off and asked, 'You feel better?'

'Oh, man, yea. I was so fucking enjoyable receiving the attention. The women just want to receive most of the time and not give attention. Men like to receive also.'

'Greg, do you like to fuck?'

'Yea, I do.'

'Well, if you come back, we can repeat this or when I get to the point of sucking you, you can fuck my ass instead if you want to.'

'Well, I'm definitely coming back,' he said. 'But this was so awesome I don't know if I want anything different.'

'It's totally up to you,' I said.

As he dressed, he asked, 'Has any other guys visited you yet?'

'No, you're the first.'

'If they do, are you going to tell them I was here?'

'Hell no! It's no body's business unless you tell them. That's the only way they will find out.'

'Thanks,' he said as he opened the door. 'I'll see you soon.'

'I hope so,'I replied.

That night just after ten, Cory called. After I answered, he asked, 'What the hell did you do to Greg?'

'Why? Is something wrong?'

'Oh no. But all afternoon all he's done is talk about his massage and the great blow job you gave him. He said he'd never had one that good and it was the first time he'd climaxed from being sucked. He told the others if they could get passed another man doing it that they were crazy if they didn't visit you.'

'Damn, he said all that?'


'Well, he was a pleasure to work on. He said it was his first time with a guy.'

'As far as I know, it will be for the rest if they visit.'

'We'll have to wait and see,' I replied.

Over the next two weeks I was visited by Tony, John, Sam, Dave, and Luke. Luke and John were eighteen and the rest nineteen.

I was getting one to two a day, plus Matt. I was in heaven. Cory said that there were a few at the house that said there was no way they were letting a 'fag guy' suck their cock. 'Your loss,' he said the others told him.

After a short time, I'd get visited by two at a time. Sometimes, they would watch each other get sucked. Other times, I'd suck one while the other fucked my ass.

Cory was my favorite, of course, because he was gay also. Next in line was Greg. He was the one who obviously enjoyed it the most. After a couple of months he began jerking me off while I sucked him.

Then the shocker. On one of his visits, as I was sucking him, I suddenly felt his hot wet mouth close on my hard cock and he began sucking me. I loved it.

I got him off and that made me get close. I warned him but he continued. Suddenly, my cock exploded in his hot mouth. He gagged slightly but immediately began swallowing and swallowed it all.

As he pulled of and looked at me smiling.

Looking at him I asked, 'What the hell bought that on?'

'Brad, I haven't been completely honest with you. You were my first experience with another man, but I had been extremely curious about sex with a man before that. I know this is what I want i a relationship.'

'A male relationship?'

'Yes, definitely.'

Over the next week, Greg was doing it all; sucking, fucking and getting fucked, kissing, rimming, and most anything else oral.

One night after we had fucked each other I said, 'Greg, there is one other at your house that is gay, and before you ask I will not say who. But if you want me to, I will set up a meeting for both of you to be here and if you both want to we can have a three way.'

'Sure, do it.'

When I again saw Cory, I told him the same thing I had told Brad. He, too, agreed.

'Great. All you guys go out on Saturday night. Leave at your usual time and come back here at half past ten.'

He agreed and I called Greg and told him to go out as usual but to be back a my place at eleven.

Saturday arrived and I had snacks ready. Cory arrived right on time and was anxious to know who the other gay brother was.

At eleven, there was a knock on the door and I old him to answer it. He did and they both froze for a second then began laughing. As Greg, came in, Cory shut the door and said, 'You're not the one I suspected.'

'Same here,' Greg replied. 'How did you suspect?'

'Luke, for some reason.'

'So did I,' Greg said.

Seconds later we were tongue kissing each other as we stripped. We had a wild time and i was hot watching these two studs discover and explore each ohers bodies. They both left shortly before daylight.

Things were great, but I still had one great fantasy. I told Cory about it and he said he'd see what he could do.

I got a call from his and all he said was, 'It's set for Thursday night. Eight o'clock.'

'Thanks,' I said.

Thursday night finally arrived and I was ready. I had large cushions around the den all side by side. Cory knew to just come on in when they arrived and that I'd be in the den, waiting.

At eight o'clock I was naked, sitting in the center of the semi-circle of cushions. I heard the door open and the guys all arrive. They entered the den and upon seeing me, they all laughed and John said, 'Damn, he's ready.'

'Guess we should get ready also,' Dave added.

The guys all stripped totally naked and chose a cushion and sat down. Cocks began to harden.

'Guys, after I've done each of you, if anyone wants seconds or thirds, just let me know. I'm in for as long as you want.'

My fantasy had been to have several hard horny older teens in front of me and to suck one after the other. My fantasy was coming true.

I started at one end and sucked each guy off,swallowing his cream. When I had him drained, I'd immediately move to the next.

And so it went, one after he other. After I finished the last one, others were ready for seconds. By the time I finished them, others were hard again and wanted to fuck me. I was loving it.

Whenit finally ended several hours later, I old them that if they had all enjoyed it, I'd love to make it a weekly event.

It did indeed become a regular thing. And each year as new pledges arrived they were told about me and told to visit if they wanted to.

A couple of years after this all began the lady that lived next to the frat house died and her house went up for sale. I was larger than mine so I bought it and rented mine out.

Both my back yard and that of the frat house had six foot wooden fences around them. I immediately removed one section to allow the boys to go back and forth without the other neighors seeing them. At night, some even began coming over already nude.

Cory graduated and he and I became partners in the accounting firm and shortly after that we became life partners. We had intoduced Greg to Matt and they too became lovers. the four of us get together regularly for dinner and fun.

It had been fours years since Cory and I became lovers. The boys from the frat house still visit us but not quite as much. We keep then serviced any time that they want or need it.

You know, life is good.



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