When I got word that i was going back to Iraq for a second tour, I made sure all my personal affairs were in order. My first tour had shown me just how quickly tradgity can occur.

I packed up, sorry that I had to leave Capt. Dave Willis. It was he that made me realize that I was gay with his gentle loving acts.

It began about three months after I arrived on this tour. For unknown reasons, this time I found myself noticing my fellow marines naked in the showers and admiring their cocks and asses. When I did this, my own cock would begin to stir. I refused to believe that I might be gay. I told myself that it was just this war and I would be fine once I got home.

However, I was extremely wrong. I started showering late at night when the showers were empty. It was there one night that my life changed. As I showered, I suddenly heard a voice right next to me.

'Evening, Sergeant.' he said.

'Evening, Captain.'

Nothing more was said as we both lathered up. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that Capt. Fallow was slowly stroking his half hard cock.

He noticed me glance over and said, 'Sorry, Sgt. if this makes you uncomfortable but a man's got to do what ever it takes to survive.'

'I totally understand, Sir. It's just that I wasn't expecting it.'

'I assume that you do the same in here?'

'I have, yes Sir.'

Loking down at my half hard cock he smiled and said 'Nice,' then gripped it and began stroking it. Soon we were both hard and he urged me to stroke his, which I did.

After we both rinsed the soap off oour cocks were still hard. He looked around then at me and said softly, 'Come to my quarters right away.'

Before I could answer he turned and left. I dried my body and reported to his quarters.

'Matt, when we are off duty and alone together call me Dave.'

'Yes, Sir.'

He smiled and said, 'Now, shall we continue where we left off in the showers?' He removed his towel and stood before me naked, his cock steadily rising. I nervously removed my shorts and he again grasp my cock. 'Lay down,' he said nodding toward his bunk. I did and he lay next to me in the opposite direction in a sixty-nine position. I assumed that it was so we could stroke each other off, but suddenly he swallowed my hard cock completely. I suddenly gasped as he began working it over with his tongue. IT was my first time with a man and it was feeling fantastic.

I lay there looking at his hard cock only an inch from my face. I had to do it. I suddenly took his cock in my mouth and began sucking him. I heard him groan softly. This continued and soon we were both nearing our climax. What do I do, I wondered.

Suddenly my cock exploded sending huge torrents of thick creamy white cum into his mouth. I watched as he eagerly swallowed every drop. Just as my climax subsided, his began and I did the same, letting my mouth fill with his cum and tasting it before swallowing.

'That was your first time wasn't it?' he asked.

'Yes it was.'

'I could tell, but I hope it won't be your last. I hope you will stop by frequently, but if you don't I'll understand and won't hold it against you. All I ask is that what happens stays just between us.'

'No problem about that, Sir.'

'Thanks.' He leaned forward and to my surprise kissed me open mouthed. I responded and our tongues explored each other's mouth.

Silently, I turned and left. The following week I knocked on his door and after I entered, I turned and locked the door. He just smiled.

Since then he has taken me into many aspects of gay life, including sucking, fucking, getting fucked, rimming, kissing, making out and cuddling. I have loved every aspect.

Now I must leave him and return home. After my leave, I'll only have about three weeks before my enlistment is up. I'm going to get out and pursue my trade in computer technology, which the Marines trained me for.

When I shipped out to Iraq, I put my personal belongings in storage and took my prize Mustang Convertable to Jake, my mechanic. I had known Jake for four Years and he is the only one that has worked on my car. He knows it inside and out. He had agreed to store it for me and keep it in top running condition.

Jake was twenty-nine, three years older than me. He and I were built about the same with my muscles coming from working out and his from manual labor. I was blond and blue eyed and he had medium brown hair and green eyes. Where I had a medium coating of blond hair on my chest, Jake had a thick large mat of brown hair on his. We were both right at six foot three. As I thought of Jake my cock reacted and I realized that Jake really turned me on but I wasn't about to try anything that might ruin a friendship.

We arrived stateside and I checked into the base. I was assigned temporary quarters and underwent two days of debriefings.

I had applied for my thirty-day leave as had many others and found that it had been approved starting the next day, Sunday, April 1. I would be due back by midnight April 30th. I went to the storage and got enough of my civilian clothes to fill my suitcase and returned to my quarters and packed.

With bag and leave papers in hand I exited the front gate and found a waiting taxi. After a stop at the bank to make a sizable cash withdrawal, I gave the driver the address of Jake's garage. When I arrived and Jake saw me he threw down his wrench and came running to me.

'Damn, Matt when did you get back? You said you'd let me know.'

'I decided to surprise you.'

'Well, that you did. Let me look at you.' I had on a tank top and shorts and as he looked me up and down he smiled. 'Damn it man do you ever look good. You've been working out some. Very nice,' he said as he gently rubbed his hand across my chest, sending electrical shock waves through my body. I glance at him and could see the bulge forming in his coveralls. He gave me another hug and this time I could feel his excitement. I decided to give it a try and see what happened.

'You look pretty damn hot yourself,' I said. He smiled and stepped closer, as our eyes locked on each others. With a smile, he leaned forward and kissed me. Without waiting, I gently parted my lips and he took the clue, immediately offering his tongue, which I gladly accepted. After a short kiss, he took my hand and led me to his office where he locked the door after we entered.

Turning to me we again kissed as he began unfastening my shorts and letting them fall to the floor. As soon as they did, he knelt down and began sucking my cock and was he ever good at it. After he brought me to a climax, he stood and we kissed and I tasted my sperm in his mouth. I reached for the zipped on his coveralls and lowered it and pushed it off his shoulders and down to the floor. I quickly returned the favor and hungrily accepted my reward.

'Damn, if I had known you were into this before I'd have already made a move on you.'

'It wouldn't have done you any good. I was into all this until a captain brought me out about nine months ago.' I told him what had happened.

'I need to send him a thank you,' he said laughing.

'Enough of this. Where's my baby?' I asked referring to my car.

'OUt here but it's not like you left it,' he said as he removed the tarp covering it. 'Holy mother fuck!' I exclaimed.

'You like it?'

'Jake, I fucking love it. How much do I owe you?' Jake had repainted the car in it's original color but with gold flecks in it and replaced all the interior including the dash with leather.

'Not a dime, my friend. It's just my thank you to you for your service to your country.'

'Damn, Jake, I don't know what to say,' I answered with teears running down my cheeks. He hugged me and said, 'It was my pleasure.'

'Thanks,' was all I could manage to say.

'Okay, what are your plans now?' he asked.

'I'm taking my thirty day leave and just driving with no particular destination in mind.'

'When are you leaving?'

'Tomorrow morning. I'll get a room in town for tonight. I don't want to go back to the base.'

'Get a room my ass!' he yelled. 'You're fucking staying with me tonight, and no arguments. You know where I live. There is a key under the back mat. Go on out there and make yourself at home. I'll lock up here about six then I'll be home.'

I thanked him and headed out stopping to pick up a couple of steaks and potatoes and the makings for a salad. Jake's home was set back out of sight from the road on eighty acres of heavily wooded property.

I got to his place and as usual it was spotless, except for a few dishes in the sink which I washed and put away. I put my bag in the den and made myself at home. I stripped.

'When Jake arrived, he walked in and found me on the patio, naked, grilling steaks.

'Damn, baby, I could get used to this shit. Wanna get married?'

I laughed and said, 'Go shower. These will be ready soon.'

He left to shower and when he returned he handed me a fresh beer as I removed the steaks from the grill. After a quick kiss, we sat and enjoyed our dinner.

'I didn't know which room you wanted me to use so I just left my bags in the den.'

'I'm hoping that you will accept my invitation to share my bed with me tonight.'

'I accept. It's what I was hoping for,' I answered.

When we went inside, he noticed my laptop. 'Can I make a suggestion to make your trip more fun?'


'Do a Google search for gay motels and gay campgrounds. See what is along your route. It could prove interesting.'

'Thanks, I will.'

We sat and cuddled and talked. I found that Jake had been gay since his senior year in high school and was brought out by his football coach. Later we went to bed and before going to sleep we had fucked each other wildly and had a sixty-nine. Damn, did Jake's cock feel good up my ass.

The next morning I left early and promised to keep in touch along the way.

With the top down, I hit the highway. I stopped for lunch at a small truck stop. I took my lap top in and did my Google searches making one list of motels and one of campgrounds. I folded them and put them in my road atlas.

That night I stopped at a motel with a truck stop next door. After checking in and putting my bags in the room, I went to the restaurant in the truck stop for dinner. I ordered and looked around. One driver in particular caught my eye. He was looking at me. He nodded and smiled.

After eating, I pulled out my atlas and lists and began marking them in code on my maps. Suddenly I heard, 'Nice Mustang. You ever thought of selling it?'

'Not on your life.' I explained that I had just returned from Iraq and what all Jake had done.

'Damn nice friend,' he said.

'That he is,' I replied motioning for him to sit down. He introduced himself as John Baker, trucker. He looked at my list and said, 'Planning your trip?'

'Sort of. Just seeing what's out there if I'm in that area.'

'Well, I see the Rainbow Lodge and Riverside Campgrounds are on your list. both are nice. I've been to both.'

'Oh relly,' I said raising my eyebrow.

'Yea,' he said then leaned closer and continued softly, 'You do know that they are for gays, don't you?'

'Oh yes.'

'Just making sure. I have some pictures I took at both places on my laptop if you'd like to see them.'


'What's your room number? I'll get my laptop and come over. I want to see your car. I had one like it but the ex-wife was pissed over the divorce and torched it.'

'Bummer,' Isaid.

'Tell me,' he answered as he stood to leave.

'I'm in room six.'

I left and returned to the room and stripped down to just a pair of small bikini briefs. Ten minutes later John arrived, smiling when he saw what I was wearing. He looked over the car then came in and started up his laptop.

He showed me the pictures including a close up of him at Rainbow Lodge sucking cock and one of him on a picnic table at Riverside Campgrounds with a cock in his ass and another in his mouth.

After looking at them, neither said a word. We just automatically began having sex. Befor John returned to his rig we had fucked each other and sucked each other. In between, he had said that his seventeen year old son had come out to him and even said that he wanted to have sex with him. John said he refused but that it was hard.

'All I can say is go with your heart,' I told him.

The next couple of days were uneventful with only a few blow jobs through glory holes at truck stops. Truckers are horny bastards.

On Thursday, I realized where I was headed. Without planning it I was headed to see my father, my only living relative. I had planned to stop and see him on the return leg of the trip because I knew that he'd be questioning me about Iraq and that was the last thing I wanted to discuss right now.

I stopped for the night and decided since i was this close I might as well get it over with. Friday morning I headed home. I arrived in our mid-sized town about three and stopped at a small cafe for coffee, deciding if I should go or stay. I decided to stay and drove to the house.

Dad was a very successful realtor and the house sat on four large lots with a seven and a half foot privacy fence around the back. I arrived to find several cars on the street in front and a couple in the driveway. Walking to the door, I saw a note.

'If you're here for the party come around back. You know the gate code. If not come back another time.'

I walked aroung to the side and punched in the code and gently opened the gate. On the patio was another note: 'Use the lockers if you want to.'

I eased over to the door and peeked through the window. What I saw made me freeze in my tracks and my mouth fly open.





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