Their Special Bond

Malcolm Lloyd married divorcee, Connie McNamara, when her son, Carter, was two years old. They divorced when Carter was just a few days shy of fifteen. Carter's natural father was never in the picture, and the boy never knew him. Malcolm could not have loved Carter more if he was his own son. On his part, Carter always thought of Malcolm as his father. The two of them were as close as any father and son could be. Unfortunately, Malcolm had never formally adopted Carter, and as much as Carter would have preferred to live with his father after the divorce, he was forced by law to live with his mother. Malcolm didn't even have official visitation rights, but Connie let Carter sleep over at Malcolm's as often as their schedules allowed.

The divorce was inevitable. Malcolm and Connie were always cheating on each other. She was constantly running off to be with some man or other, and Malcolm was doing the same. That is to say, he was constantly running off to be with some man or other. There was a hunger in him, an urge that he could not resist. He fought the urge all his life, but when he and Connie decided to divorce, he determined to come out of the closet.

Even though he had no obligation to do so, Malcolm continued to support Carter, paying child support, in addition to alimony. He was happy to do it. The one person in the world he loved beyond all others, was his son, Carter. It was not a financial burden for him. He owned three upscale boutique shops. One was downtown, and the other two were in suburban fashion malls.

One Friday, shortly after lunch, Malcolm was in his office at his downtown store. He was so absorbed in his work, that when his phone rang shrilly, he almost jumped out of his seat.

"Malcolm Lloyd, here," he said, identifying himself.

"Mr. Lloyd, this is Dr. Fuller. I'm the principal of your son's prep school."

Malcolm panicked. "Is something wrong? Did something happen to Carter?" he yelled into the phone.

"I'm afraid that there has been an incident. It's a very delicate matter, best not discussed on the phone. Could you come to the school and meet with me in my office?"

"Yes. I'll be right there, but tell me, is Carter all right? Is he injured in any way?"

"I assure you he's fine, but please come here as soon as possible."

"Graduation is just a few week away. This isn't something which would jeopardize his graduation, is it."

"I assure you. It won't"

When he hung up the phone, Malcolm wondered why Dr. Fuller referred to Carter as his son when they had different surnames. Then he remembered that when he started high school, Carter had to fill out a form letting the authorities know who should be notified in case of an emergency. Malcolm had helped him answer all the silly questions. They completely ignored Connie, and listed Malcolm as his father, and noted his office telephone number. Neither thought that they were doing anything wrong at the time.

When Malcolm was led into Fuller's office by his secretary, he was surprised to see Carter and another boy sitting on a sofa at the side of the room. Carter was facing down, afraid to look his father in his eyes. There were two chairs facing Fuller's desk. Another man, about Malcolm's age, was sitting in one, and the principal motioned Malcolm to sit in the other.

Dr. Fuller stood up and walked over to his office door. He locked it, and Malcolm expected to hear the worst report ever about Carter, and maybe the other boy as well. He braced himself for what was to happen. Fuller sat down behind his desk again, hesitated, and then began to speak.

"Mr. Lloyd, I'd like you to meet Mr. George Hines, and his son, Tyler, who is sitting next to your son." Malcolm shook George's hand and nodded at Tyler.

"There's no easy way to tell you men this, so I'll dive right in. Shortly after the bell rang this morning for the first class, our janitor went into one of the boy's rooms to clean it. He found Carter and Tyler in one of the stalls having sex."

Malcom did not have a clue that Carter was gay. His gaydar had completely failed him. He was delighted to hear the news, but he acted shocked and appalled for Dr. Fuller's sake. He wondered what George was thinking, and he was glad that Mrs. Hines and Connie were not there. It would give the men a chance to prepare them properly.

"There is nothing in the rule book to cover a situation like this," Fuller continued, "and I don't think it's a matter for the school to handle anyway. So I am suspending the boys for the day. I want them to go home with you men. I think you'll have a lot to talk about. Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Hines, you might consider speaking to your sons as a group, instead of separately. I have a meeting with the superintendent, and I must leave now. You are free to use my office if you'd like." He grabbed a brief case, and left the office.

At first there was deadly silence. The four of them stared at each other. Their eyes went from face to face, studying each other, trying to determine what each one was thinking. It was George who spoke first.

Mr. Lloyd," he started.

"Malcolm, please."

"Malcolm, I have to explain something to you. I'm afraid this is all my fault."

"What do you mean? How can it be your fault, or my fault, for that matter? Our sons are obviously gay, and that is our only concern. If they had been honest with us, they wouldn't need to be having sex in a public facility."

"Do you mean you would have provided them with privacy?" George asked.

"I don't know. I guess that's what I mean, but why do you think it's your fault, George?"

"I'm gay. About two years ago, my partner and I received a call from a friend, who is a social worker. He asked if we would like to be foster parents to a fifteen year old gay boy, whose parents had disowned him. We were happy to do it. The three of us were always open and candid about our sexuality. My partner and I split shortly after Tyler came to live with us, and Tyler remained with me. I'm afraid that I never made it clear to him that certain things men do together are best done in private. I never taught him about propriety"

Tyler interrupted. "I'm not stupid George. Of course, we do 'it' in private, but..." His voice trailed off. "Shall I tell them Carter, or will you?"

"Let me tell them," Carter said. "Your foster father knows you're gay, but I'm afraid this is a great shock to my father, so let me try to explain."

Carter looked at Malcolm, and this time their eyes met and nobody turned away. "Tyler transferred in," he began, "at the beginning of our sophomore year. We had a couple of classes together, and somehow our eyes met that very first day, and we knew that we were both gay. We maneuvered to sit together in our classes, and we became really good friends.

"One day Mom told me that she was going away for the weekend, and I could stay with you, Dad, if I wanted to. I did want; I really did. I wanted to come out to you, but I wanted to make love to Tyler more, so I asked him to hang out with me that Saturday. He was glad to accept my invitation, and by Saturday afternoon neither of us was a virgin anymore. Are you very disappointed, Dad?"

"Of course, not, Carter. You never disappoint me." He took Carter into his arms and hugged him tight. Malcolm could see George and Tyler smiling at them.

"But why do it in a boy's room, in a public school? It doesn't make sense," George interjected.

I guess I didn't make it clear," Carter explained. "Maybe Tyler and I are too young to call our relationship a love relationship, but for sure, we care for each other. This morning, before the first class, we were peeing side by side, and we looked at each other with such longing, that I was filled with desire. We waited until we were the only ones left in the room. Then we went into a stall, and I went down on Tyler. We never figured on the janitor coming in. We just figured we'd miss the first period."

"As long as this is turning into a confession session, I have one of my own" Malcolm sighed. "I'm only making this confession because you're gay George, otherwise I wouldn't do it, so here goes. I'm gay also."

"What," Carter blurted out.

"Yeah, son. That's one of the reasons your mom and I split. We both prefer men. Now it's my turn to ask you if you're disappointed in me." Carter jumped up and kissed his father on his lips.

"Does that answer your question?" Carter asked.

"This is all very well," George said, "but what happens next?"

"Well for one thing, we aren't going to tell Fuller that this didn't turn out to be the trauma, he expected it to be. Then I think we should all have lunch together. What do you do George? I don't have to go back to work if I don't want to. What about you?"

George started to laugh. "I teach math right here in this school. When Fuller called me into his office, he told me that he had arranged for a sub to teach my classes today, so I'm as free as the three of you."

"Well, I'm glad you have to face Fuller in the future, and not me," Malcolm said.

"Oh don't worry about that. Dr. Fuller has twin sons, who are both gay. He won't have much to say to me. Besides, he knows I'm gay, and how I came to be a foster father to Tyler. He's very supportive."

Suddenly Carter spoke up. "Mr. Hines, Tyler," he said. "Could we take a rain check on lunch? I'd really like to have lunch alone with my father, and spend the afternoon with him. This has been a momentous day for me, and I would like some alone time with him."

"Sure," George said. "We understand."

"Will you call me tonight?" Tyler asked, sounding concerned.

Carter kissed Tyler. "Of course, I will." Both fathers smiled at each other as they went their separate ways.

Carter and Malcolm got into Malcolm's car. "I'll make us lunch at home," Malcolm said. "That way we can talk. I want to know when you first realized you were gay, but most of all I want to know why you didn't trust me enough to tell me."

"Fine," Carter said. "I'll spill the beans, but I want to know when you first knew also."

"Deal," Malcolm said, and the two men fist punched each other.

Malcolm made them mac and cheese from a package. They had remained silent during the car ride home, and didn't have much to say until they sat down to eat their lunch.

"Talk to me," Carter demanded.

"What can I say? I knew I was gay from a very early age, but I couldn't accept it. I forced myself to have relations with women. None of them ever really turned me on, but your mother, well hell, she was different. She did things to me that put her into some sort of professional classification. Sex with her, was exciting. You don't mind my being so candid about your mother, do you Carter."

"Of course not. I asked for details, didn't I?"

"Well, no matter what we did together, I was never enough for her. I looked the other way when she went out with other men. She knew I knew, and she was willing to accept our status quo, except I got dissatisfied. When she was out with other men, I left you with baby sitters, and I started to go to gay bars. I scored very well," Malcolm smiled at Carter.

"Of course you did. You're a hunk, Dad."

"Anyway, we reached a point where both our love lives were 100% outside of our marriage, and we split up."

"I wish I had known, Dad."

"What good would it have done? You couldn't have saved the marriage."

"But if I told Mom I was gay, maybe she would have let me live with you instead of her."

"Fat chance," Malcolm sniggered. "She would have accused me of making you gay. And what's with this shit anyway. How could I not have known?"

"I guess I'm as good an actor as you are. I didn't know about you, and you didn't know about me. Besides you are the last one I would have told."

"I would have hoped that we were close enough that I would have been the first to know, not the last. Why do you feel like that?"

"Because I have been in love with you since I was a little boy. I said, been in love with you, not loved you, like a son loves a father. I have desired you for as long as I can remember. You said my mother did things to you, and she excited you. I would love the chance to do things to you that would excite you also, maybe even more. I'm so hot for you, I sometimes have trouble breathing when you're around. When I was little, I used to hide in your bedroom closet, and try to see you naked. I only stopped doing it when I became afraid that you would catch me being a Peeping Tom."

Malcolm was left speechless. His jaw was hanging open, and his lips were slightly parted. Carter grabbed him and started to kiss him. He forced his tongue into Malcolm's slightly open mouth.

Malcolm pushed away. "This is so wrong," he whimpered.

"The only thing that's wrong is that I won't be eighteen for two more weeks. You are neither my natural father nor my adoptive father, so no crime is being committed. If you are going to be crazy about this, I'm willing to wait until my birthday, but I want you so badly. I love you so much. Don't try to deny it. I know you feel the same way. We have a special bond, you and I."

"What about Tyler?"

"I told you, we care for each other, but I don't love him like I love you."

"This is too quick, too sudden. I need time to think about all this, so I suggest we do wait until you are eighteen for a lot of reasons. First off, it will give us time to simmer down, and consider the consequences of such a union, and secondly, if your mother ever found out we had sex before your eighteenth birthday, I have no doubt she would have me thrown in jail, and accuse me of raping you."

"Okay, we'll do it your way. But I promise you, that two weeks from today, I may very well be the one who rapes you." Carter approached Malcolm as if to kiss him, but Malcolm pushed him away.

"No more kissing," he said. "I'm only human. In the meantime, I would guess that George and I wouldn't mind at all, helping you and Tyler have as much sex as you guys can handle. Call your mom and tell her that you are spending the weekend with me."

Connie didn't answer her phone so Carter left a message. The two men were cleaning up their lunch when Carter's cell phone rang. It was Tyler.

"Hey buddy," Tyler said. George would like to speak to your father."

"Sure. Just a sec." Carter handed Malcolm the phone.

"Hi George, what's cookin'?"

"Malc, (Nobody had called Malcolm, Malc, since he was a teeny bopper. He liked the sound of it. It conveyed a touch of intimacy.) I was thinking, if you're available, how about the four of us having dinner tonight. Then after dinner, I can take you home with me, and Carter can take Tyler home with him. That'll give the boys the opportunity to be alone together without all the constraints they imposed on themselves until today. Then, as for us, let's see what happens when we are alone together."

"It's a great idea, and I am available. Where would you like to meet?"

"How about The Cave, downtown? Do you know it?"

"I know it well. It's a gay bar and restaurant. I've been there a lot. Is 6 PM good for you?"

"Perfect. I'll make the reservations. See you there."

"George! I'm looking forward to it," Malcolm said before he hung up. He turned to Carter.

"You heard?" he asked.

"Yes, I did. Tyler and I have the best dad's in the world. Thanks."

The bar at The Cave was always noisy and crowded. The restaurant was in a separate area, and although it was very busy, it was much quieter, and patrons could slow dance to soft dinner music. After their appetizer, while waiting for their entrees, Tyler asked Carter to dance. When they left the table, George shyly asked Malcolm if he would like to dance also. Malcolm smiled and the two men went on the dance floor.

George was determined to be more aggressive than Malcolm. He was hot for the man. As they started to dance, he pulled Malcolm close to him, and his erection pounded against Malcom's flaccid cock, and it started to rise as well.

They began to dry hump on the dance floor, and Malcolm whispered in George's ear, "Do you realize that we are both on the rebound? This may not be such a good idea."

"That's odd," George responded, "I think it's a great idea."

"Maybe you're right. Why not? Your place or mine."

"Like I said on the phone, we can send the boys to your place, and you can come home with me. What do you think?"

"I think it's a plan."

When the four of them were comfortably seated back at their table, George told the boys what Malcolm and he had in mind. Tyler could not have been more pleased, but Carter was racked with jealousy. He determined to reverse this configuration two weeks from now, when he would finally be of legal age.

Malcolm was familiar with the look on Carter's face. "Is anything wrong?" he asked the boy.

"Not at all," Carter lied with a smile. He took Tyler's hand. "Thanks for giving us the gift of a private weekend together. Subconsciously, he hoped to make his father the jealous one. Actually, Malcolm did feel just a tiny tinge of jealousy, but he didn't admit to the emotion. His thoughts were simple enough. He was going to get laid tonight by a mature, experienced cocksucker.

Carter and Tyler left the restaurant in Malcolm's car and George drove Malcolm to his home. When the sons entered the house they began to strip in the hallway on their way to the bedroom. On the other hand, the fathers were in no hurry. They had all night, after all. George made them both an after dinner drink. They sat close to each other on the sofa, and chatted, getting to know each other and all about themselves. Finally, Malcolm put his drink down on the coffee table, and reached in for a kiss. It was a quick peck on the lips. George put his drink down, and when he leaned in for another kiss, his lips were parted.

Passion set in. They began to kiss ferociously. Their tongues dueled. They began to grope for each other's packages.

"Oh God," George murmured. He stood up, grabbed Malcolm's hand and literally dragged him to the bedroom. Once there, they stripped rapidly and fell on George's bed. They continued kissing and groping until George turned around into a sixty-nine position, and the two men began to suck each other's cocks. They were slow in their efforts, languishing with every stroke of their tongues, giving each other unimaginable pleasure, until almost simultaneously they emptied into their mouths. Only then did George turn around again, and resume kissing Malcolm. They could taste each other's cum, and they both sighed. They wrapped up in each other's arms and fell fast asleep.

Malcolm awoke and headed for the bathroom. He glanced at his watch while he was peeing, and was surprised that it was only 1 AM. "Plenty of time for us to fuck each other," he thought. He smiled at his desires, and started back to bed, when a disquieting thought occurred to him. It wasn't George he desired to fuck, it was his son. They had agree to wait, and only two short weeks remained until Carter's eighteenth birthday.

It was supposed to be a cooling down period, but he wasn't cooling down. He was getting hotter and hotter to make love to his 'son', but he had to be patient. He lay down next to George, but left plenty of space between them. George slept through the night, and when he awakened, Malcolm was glad that he did not seem to want more sex for the moment. Instead, they showered separately, and while Malcolm was in the shower George made breakfast.

Their sons were expecting to spend the weekend together, so there was no need to hurry anywhere. The men decided to go to a nude beach they both knew about, and just chill out, before spending another night in passionate love making. Even so, Malcolm could not wait for the weekend to be over. He had made up his mind not to wait the two weeks for Carter's birthday. He wanted him, and he wanted him now. He knew for certain that Carter felt the same way.

Neither Malcolm nor George was shy about disrobing at the nude beach. They both worked out, and had buff bodies. They were also quite well hung. Malcolm was cut and about four and a half inches flaccid. George was not cut, and about five inches flaccid. Hanging out naked at the beach, turned them both on. The appreciative stares they received from other men, further fueled their libidos. They agreed to cut short their outing, do a matinee at home, and then have a nice dinner out.

George was happy to be alone with Malcolm, but Malcolm was yearning more and more for Carter. Half way home, he suggested to Carter, that it would be nice if they called their sons, and invited them to have dinner with them. George reluctantly agreed.

When they got home, they ran immediately to the shower to make sure they rid themselves of all the sand they had acquired at the beach, and which had found a home in hard to get to places on their bodies. In the shower, they sucked each other alternately, and fucked themselves using soap as a lubricant. They refrained from cumming, preferring to get themselves off slowly, and sensuously, in bed.

Languishing in bed afterwards, Malcolm called Carter and asked if he and Tyler wanted to join them at a great steak house that they all been to at one time or another.

"I'll ask Tyler," Carter said. "Hold on a sec."

Like George, Tyler wasn't happy, but he couldn't say no, and Carter was delighted. After the boys accepted, Malcolm said, "I hope you'll understand, George. I'd like to go home with Carter after dinner. Since my divorce I see precious little of him, and I miss him so much. I'd like to spend all day tomorrow with him, before he has to go back to his mother."

"Well, I understand, and I am disappointed, but I hope we'll get together again, and soon."

"Of course we will." Malcolm wasn't sure if he meant it. If things went well, he intended on being with Carter every time he made love. "You're too good a lover to leave by the wayside," he added. He wasn't lying about that.

Carter was on edge all during dinner. He did not expect any loving from Malcolm for nearly two more weeks, but the sexual tension between them was escalating by the minute. Neither Tyler nor George were aware of it. Tyler kept looking at Carter with love, and his foster father was doing the same to Malcolm.

While they were enjoying dessert, Tyler suddenly started to cry. "What's wrong?" Carter asked.

"Nothing's wrong. I'm crying because I'm happy. I just have some great news. I'm turning eighteen next month, and I'll be out of the foster care system, but George has told me that he wants me to continue living with him, and he wants to fund my college education. I've been accepted to State."

"That's wonderful," Malcolm and Carter yelled at once.

"Shit," Carter said. "I wish I had known. We're going to different universities."

In his heart, Malcolm was elated. If Carter and Tyler cooled it, he could expect more of Carter's time and attention. He chastised himself for his thoughts, but he couldn't help what he was thinking,

Carter had different thoughts. In a couple of months he'd be separated from his fuck buddy, sure, but he would also be separated from the love of his life, Malcolm. He determined to make the most of the time left to them. Knowing that Malcolm had requested to go home with him after dinner, was his first positive step toward achieving that goal. He gave Tyler a hug as he and Malcolm were leaving. "See ya in school on Monday", he said.

Malcolm drove them home. Carter got bold. He laid his hand on Malcolm's thigh. He was elated that his father did not resist or tell him to stop. So he crept higher and higher. Malcolm spread his legs slightly to give Carter better access. Finally he sighed, and said, "Carter I don't want to wait. I want you badly. I want you tonight. Your mother must never know."

"Of course not. I want you just as much, that's why I'm so happy to go home with you tonight instead of Tyler." The palm of his hand now lay fully on his father's package, and he was rubbing it lightly.

"Wait until we get home," Malcolm whispered. Carter did not remove his hand, but he stopped rubbing. As soon as they were inside Malcolm's apartment, they started stripping in the front hall.

"Let's shower together," Malcom whispered, but it came out sounding more like a growl. Little did they know that they would be in the shower for over two hours. The water grew tepid, and then cold, but they continued to let the showerhead rain on them, as they made passionate love.

At first all they could do was press against each other, and kiss passionately. Their cocks were dry humping and Carter felt an orgasm beginning. He pulled away and fell to his knees. He began to whimper. "Please," he mewled, "turn around. Malcolm turned toward the wall, put his hands on the tile and jutted his butt out. Immediately Carter pulled Malcolm's ass cheeks apart and began to rim his father.

"Oh Gawd," the older man screamed. "This is killing me. Don't stop, please don't stop." Carter kept on licking his father's ass hole. He didn't want the pleasure to end either.

"I'm going to cum," Malcolm yelled. He turned around quickly and Carter took his throbbing manhood into his mouth. A few deft strokes of his tongue on the underside of Malcolm's rod, and Malcolm came spurting into his son's mouth. Carter swallowed everything. Both men were purring in utter delight. All the while he was rimming and sucking his father, Carter was stroking his own cock. He started to cum, and he stood up quickly. He shot his young, creamy, plentiful cum all over Malcolm's torso. Malcolm was busy rubbing the semen into his chest.

Carter turned off the water, and Malcolm asked, "Why did you do that? I wanted to wash your cum off me."

"I have a better idea." Carter took his now flaccid cock and aimed it at Malcolm. He began to pee jet like spurts, and bathed his father's chest clean.

"Yes," Malcolm screamed. "Give me a golden shower. I never expected this. It is so hot. Why did we ever wait so long? Do you know how much I fuckin' love you?" He grabbed Carter around the waist, and pulled him against his piss soaked body. Carter melted into him and started to cry.

"Thank you for making all my dreams come true," he sobbed.

"And mine."

Malcolm turned the water back on. It was now slightly tepid, and they cleaned the evidence of sex off their bodies. Neither wanted anything more than to go to bed wrapped up in each other's arms.

Carter was lying comfortably in Malcolm's arms, when Malcolm said something which surprised him. "It should come as no surprise to you, Son, that I am not a fan of monogamy. I intend to continue seeing George, and some other fuck buddies. Until you go off to college, I want you to see Tyler as much as you can. That having been said, I want you to know that you are the only one I love. I'll be here for you until the day I die. After you graduate college, I'd love for us to live together, but you must promise never to get jealous if I bring someone home. We might even share. A father, son combo is pretty hot for anyone. If you want to have a relationship with me, those are my terms."

"I'd endure torture for a relationship with you. I happily accept your terms, but I have one question."


"Will you fuck me in the morning? I feel cheated right now."  Malcolm started to laugh so hard, that he had trouble falling asleep. He kept giggling. When he did fall asleep, he fell asleep happier and more content than he had ever been in his life.



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