All my life I had fantasized about being a slave to a well endowed Black Master so I searched the Internet and had found this site which had looked promising. I joined it and expected nothing to come of it. My age and build was all against me for an inexperienced slave to start submitting. Everyone wanted trim young subs for their fun and games. After a few nights I had checked the site and saw I had a message from a Grim Black Master who was interested in my profile. I replied and things progressed and it all seemed as if I had finally got what I had wished for. The photos he had sent were thrilling and frightening at the same time. He wasn’t good looking and was putting the weight on but he was extremely well endowed and had an imagination in what he wanted to do to me. It was all still cerebral until he asked for my address he wanted to send me a present. I was intrigued and had developed a trust of sorts for this guy. We had established that we lived in the same city so I began to think he actually wanted to meet and carry out our shared interests. I gave him my address and waited to see what developed. A few days later a parcel arrived which I had to sign for. The instructions had been not to open it but inform him when it arrived. I went online to the chat option and told him the parcel had arrived. He said open it and put on what was inside it. I opened the parcel curious and flattered at this attention. It was a chastity device. I tried it on and it fitted snugly and clamped it shut and locked with the padlock. I told him I was clamped in and asked what now.  He replied and I could almost hear his laughing. He said he had sent it without a key so now I was his to control and would have to meet him to get the key to unlock it. He said he would be in touch after a month and I was to wait for his message. He would send me his address and I was to come to him when he called me on the phone. I now had to give him my number so he could call me when he wanted me. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t checked for a key and now I was locked up and under someone’s control. I at first annoyed then I realised that this was what I had desired and maybe now I would experience being a slave. After a month of sexual frustration an email arrived with an agenda of what my visit to this Master would entail and how i would submit to him and positions of humbleness to adopt in his presence.  I was going to get a full weekend and should expect to be well used by this Master with his massive tool.  I was to go to the address on the night when he phoned and would find his door unlocked. I would enter strip off and kneel down and await his entry. He planned to use me numerous times that evening and night he would fuck me continuously. The next day he would introduce me to his implements of pain. He had a variety of Tawses Straps, Canes Whips and a Birch. He planned to use me as his urinal and he would never kiss or cuddle me. I was to be an implement of his sexual and sadistic needs. His closing line was sometime during the weekend he would get me to perform the Immaculate Body Service. Lesbian slaves did this for their Mistresses and he planned for to use me this way and if he enjoyed it then it would be part of the duties I would perform for him. At this point I stopped dead in my reading. I knew he had been interested in this and had mentioned it but I thought it was up for discussion and I could refuse. This email said it was as good as a done deal. I was filled with dread and my stomach churned with fear and disgust. Then after a while I started trying imagining how I could perform this gross act then I started to want to try it. He so ruled my thoughts now all I could think about was servicing and satisfying him. This was all based on some emails and never having actually met him yet. How powerful would he be when we actually met? I learned the positions so they were second nature and learned how to act in his presence. Another week passed giving me time to take in all that was to happen to me and what was expected of me. Then one evening the phone rang.

I picked up the phone and with fear and longing in the pit of my stomach I said, “Hello Rod here.”

A deep voice said “I live at 44 Kings Meadow Place, Edinburgh; you will come here tonight by taxi. I have ordered a taxi to pick you up in ten minutes. Wear only what I told you and bring nothing else.” With that he hung up no chance to decline the offer or any way, negotiate the weekend’s events.  It was all a done deal. I was more scared than ever it was all going to happen like the email said. Then I realized this was what I had dreamed of wasn’t it. Get ready. I stripped off and put on a pair of trousers no underwear and a tee shirt and jacket and shoes. I took money to pay the taxi. I looked out the window and saw a taxi draw up outside my house. I locked up and got into the Taxi.  Fifteen minutes later I paid the driver and got out and walked up to the house of my dreams. It was an old big building and showed the owner was quite comfortably well off. My hand shook as it turned the handle and opened the door. I stepped in to the hallway butterflies in my stomach fear and longing in my heart. Closing the door behind me and locking the door, I then stripped off and knelt down head bowed and waited.

A door creaked some way down the hall and then I heard nothing. He must have moved very quietly as the first I realised how close he was when I saw his bare feet in line with my eyes.

“I didn’t give you any options about not coming but I am glad to see you have tried to comply with my online demands and shaved and exercised. Have you followed the dietary timetable as well?”

“You may answer any direct questions I pose to you this weekend.”

“Yes Master to the letter.”

“Good then you haven’t eaten for two days now only drank water?”

“Yes Master.”

“Excellent, adopt the second humble position keeping your eyes averted from my gaze!”

I got upright back straight eyes down but still resting on my knees, I could smell his manhood close to me close to my mouth.  He stood in front of me and rammed his huge prick into my mouth and down my throat and proceeded to face fuck me there and then. I swallowed when he entered and inhaled as he came out. His prick was thrust right down my throat and I felt it was reaching my stomach. I didn’t think I could have done that so soon. I was so desperate to please I concentrated hard on satisfying him. He held my head and fucked my face for ages then drew out a little and exploded into my mouth and told me to clean him up. I swallowed his cum and licked his now shrinking prick clean of the gooey liquid with a bitter taste.

“Very impressive you show promise.” If the rest of your performance is as good then you will become my slave and I will tell you what that entails once you have proven yourself.

He took out his warm meaty member from my mouth and I felt robbed with his pulsating manhood in my mouth I was complete and fulfilled. My thought was the weekend was still young. An inward smile came to so far I had passed the first hurdle.

“Now I haven’t had any sex for a lot longer than you have been clamped up and I have a hunger for your white meat actually any meat that satiates my sexual hunger.”

He fitted a collar to me and attached a leash and led me up the stairs.

“This evening is about Sex on demand and your ability to satisfy me. So far you have passed my initial expectations and swallowed my 12 inches and taken a face fuck from hell. Now you are going to learn how to suck me and get me hard again so I can give you good shagging and take my seed in you.”

He lay down on his back and signaled for me to lay down with my mouth to his flaccid penis. Lick its length and take the head in your mouth and lick it. I did this and after a few minutes it started to rise and harden. I hadn’t seen it properly until now and pictures just didn’t do it justice. The purple head was at the top of a dark shiny brown shaft of great length and the girth at the base was huge. He threw me over onto my back and pounced on me lifting my legs and parting my cheeks. The prick’s huge head was at my arse hole and he was shoving it in hard. He was a man possessed and nothing was going to stop him. It hurt at first then I relaxed and he entered hard and fast. He was on his knees as he rammed me rigid and it was a shag from hell for me. My arse hole was engorged to accommodate his manhood and he was relentless in his satisfaction. I am not sure how long he fucked me but it was not over quickly. I felt another explosion inside me and he pulled out.

“Clean me of your shit and enjoy what cum is left in me.” He ordered. I complied and although my stomach turned when I licked my shit I enjoyed the taste of his cum.

“Normally I would not let you stay in this room but to put you downstairs tonight would be inconvenient to me as I propose to have you suck me be fucked me through the night. I have a long hunger to satisfy.”

He wasn’t joking he must have done both, 6 or 7 times and his load was declining rapidly but his orgasms of satisfaction went on. If the night was about Sex then I supposed the next day would introduce pain.

He had kicked me out of bed and made me sleep on the floor. I didn’t hear him get up and move about I was well and truly shagged. He hit my arse with a cane and woke me that way. I looked up and regretted that as he hit me with the cane several times.

 “Never look me in the eyes meat!”

“You haven’t eaten in two days you must be hungry and your kind Master has made you breakfast! Get up on your knees!”

I did so and he pulled a mask which covered my eyes and nose and led me somewhere and got me to adopt the position of service as he called it. I got down on my knees sitting on my haunches with my back straight and head back with my mouth wide open. I had practiced it many times at home but couldn’t work out what it was for. I felt him  place something behind my head which supported it  a little and then I felt him stand in front of me then I felt him sit onto my face and part his arse cheeks over my mouth.  I felt fear I knew what was about to happen and what he meant by making me breakfast. I had to lick his arse hole and probe it with my tongue. I had never done anything like this before but more was to come. My tongue felt the inside of his arse move and felt something warm and solid touch my tongue. It moved inexorably towards my mouth I stopped licking and allowed it passage to my mouth then down my throat. I let the foul food fill my hunger. He got up and then turned round and pissed over me and into my mouth.

“There!  Some of my wine to wash it all down.”

He laughed and left.

“I will leave you to digest your meal, keep it down its all you are getting today. That way your stomach will accept and digest my gift!”

It was some time later and somehow my stomached had digested the foul food when he returned and took the hood off me.

“We are going downstairs now!”

 To be continued.




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