My eyes open. Liam is looking at me worriedly. I looked into his crystal blue eyes and got lost. When for no reason, my vision becomes blood red. I grab his throat, "what have you done to me?!?! Why didn't you save me from this?! I don't wanna be this way!!" I said while my fangs start descending. I was full of rage. I don't understand why I'm like this. Images of my father come into my head and I release Liam. I throw him off me and sprang up from the bed. "dad..." I growled. I walked towards the door and ripped it off it's hinges. I walked down the stairs and liam was right behind me trying to reason with me. I blocked out his pleads. I started to run to my house and I made it there in less then 5 seconds. I relaxed, my fangs ascended back and I could feel Liams eyes on me. He was watching me. I knock on the door and my father answers.

"I told you never to come back here."

"dad, I just wanna talk about this." I said getting irritated.

"no." he closed the door on my face and I got pissed. I ripped my house door off it's hinges and dad turned to look at me.

"Jake, if you don't leave I'm calling the-" his eyes grew wide with fear. My fangs descended and my eyes are red. And I was hungry. I grabbed his arms.

"look at me." he kept his eyes closed.

"LOOK AT ME!!" I hissed. His eyes opened very slowly. I was breathing heavy. 

"if you hadn't thrown me out that night, this would have never happened to me! Look what you did!!!" I let go of his left shoulder and smacked him across the face, leaving three scratch marks. His eyes remained locked on me. I moved closer to him and he ran to his closet. He opened the door and pulled out a shotgun. He pointed it at me as I laughed sarcastically. I lunged at his throat and sank my teeth into him. He screamed loudly. I drew his blood and he collapsed. He died and I jumped out the back window. I started to run and cry at the same time. I ran to a building, and climbed it. It was the John Hancock tower. I climbed the north face of the building and sat on the roof. My legs were dangling off the side, swaying in the strong upwind. I looked down at the ground. The people look so small. I started to cry at what I had just done. Tears fall from my eyes down 790 feet to the ground below. "I hate being this way..." I said to myself. "do you hate being with me?" I heard a familiar voice come from behind me. I turn my head to find Liam standing there. The wind was blowing his button-down shirt all around. His tight fitting grey t-shirt underneath was complimenting his toned chest and abs. He had a smile on his perfect face. He sat down next to me. "no I don't hate being with you. I just... It's so hard being this way. I wanna be Jake Harris again. I wanna be normal, but I cant anymore. Why did you do this to me?" I asked.

"I did it because I didn't want to lose you. I thought that, as long as were together and as long as I'm with you, everything would be ok." he said. Wrapping his arm around me. He sat down next to me. "it's so quiet up here." he said. 

We stayed up there until it was dark. There were so many stars out tonight that it illuminated the entire roof. I stood up and smiled. Then I jumped off of the building. The air was flowing through my hair. I spread my arms like a bird and smiled. I flipped myself in the air, and landed on my feet. I landed into a kneeling position and stood up. Liam climbed down the side of the building. "oh my god your so boring!" I laughed. "oh come here." he said pulling me close to him. We kissed passionately on the sidewalk. "don't c

Forget when we get back, you have to take your meds." he said. 

"for what?"

"your... Um... Problem." he replied looking at the ground.

"oh... Yeah. I forgot I had... Problems." I said embarrassed.

"no, their not problems. Their hardships." he said hugging me.

"why do I go crazy sometimes?"

"lack of sleep. Our kind needs it's sleep."

"come to think of it, I haven't been sleeping well." I noticed. 

"I know. I get worried about you." he said as we walked back to his apartment. The air was cold now and we decided to run there. We arrived at our apartment building and headed inside. "I am so tired." I said. I knew what my anger could do to me. I had to try my hardest to contain it. Another resident walked down and bumped into Liam. I got infuriated. "you got a problem buddy?! What is he invisible?!" I screamed. "Jake! It's ok." I started to cool down. "sorry..." I said embarrassed. We walked back to our apartment and stepped inside. We closed the door, and I immediately headed for the fridge. I took out a jar of blood. I poured it in a wine glass and grabbed my medication. I put the mixture in my mouth and downed it with the blood. I winced at the foul taste. I placed the glass in the sink and walked back towards my room. Liam was already in bed. I curled up next to him and he wrapped his arms around me. I looked at the rain starting to fall on the window. Is there a purpose for me as a vampire?




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