When I started in Art School, I couldn't afford my own place, so I was staying with my great aunt Idie. It wasn't a very good situation for an almost twenty year old to be in. I was in a big city, living with a woman older than my grandfather, who still saw me as her little grand nephew. Sure her big condo overlooking the river was luxurious, and way beyond anything I could afford in my wildest dreams, but I was just a guest in her home. Her home, her rules, and at nineteen almost twenty, I wanted to be out from under anyone's authority. At least she didn't have a problem with me being gay, but that didn't mean she was allright with overnight guests, or me not coming home at night. Unfortuneatly, I didn't have much choice. Art School is expensive, and at my age I was lucky to get my low paying waiter's job. I wasn't old enough to work in anyplace selling alchohol, and that severely limited my job choices. Plus my days were taken up with school which limited my choices even more. A place of my own was out of reach.

One day , when Aunt Idie was being particully Grand Auntly, I must have complained overmuch to my freind Carmen. She waited tables at the same Mexican resturant, and was the best freind I had made in the city. She lived with Maria, another waitress, and suggested I try getting a roommate. Great idea, except everyone I knew already had a roommate or even two. Maria overhearing us said her freind Raul was looking for a new roommate as his old roommate was moving in with his girlfreind.

I wasn't going to place much hope in Raul. My experience has been that straight men are not overly partial to gay roommates. On the other hand, nothing ventured nothing gained. I let Maria check with Raul, on the stipulation that she tell him I was gay.

I was really surprised when Raul gave me a call later that week. He wanted to meet me and talk about the roommate situation. I asked him if Maria told him I was gay. Turns out Raul's brother back in Guatemala was gay, and Raul loved him enough not to make any snap judgements. So I agreed to come over after work and check out his place.

The moment Raul opened the door I was in trouble. If ever a man was close to being my perfect fantasy, it was Raul. About five five, and a stocky brick of muscle, he had the most beautiful golden skin and dark brown eyes. He was also the hairiest latino man I have seen to this day. As he turned to lead me into the apartment I was treated to the most perfect round ass ever! Great, a fantasy man and he was straight. I almost apologized for wasting his time and fled. Something held me there.

The apartment was great. Open, lots of room and light. The vacant bedroom was fair sized and even had it's own small balcony. Raul showed me his own smaller bedroom and I asked why he took the smaller room. Said he wasn't used to big bedrooms, and the smaller one was more comfortable. I was really surprised at how low the rent was, and was beginning to feel some hope. I could swing my share of the rent and the utilities. Only bridges left to cross? Could Raul live with a gay man, and could I live with Raul without getting a hopeless crush on the man?

Raul started laying down his rules. He could handle me being gay, but he couldn't handle me bringing men back to the apartment. I asked him if he was going to bring women back. Yes, it was after all his aprtment. I countered with ,no ,it would be our apartment. If I wasn't bringing home men, I certainly didn't want to hear him going at it with some woman. He looked thoughtful for a moment, then conceded that would be fair. Then he dropped another bomb. Seems he liked to wear as little clothing at home as possible, would that bother me? That took me aback, but I decided honesty was the best policy. I could live with it, but could he live with me staring at him? I mean, hello, did I mention I was gay? He laughed,( his voice was very deep and sexy!), flashing a beautiful white smile. Staring, he thought he could live with, touching, no! Rats! All in all, it seemed like a good deal. I just had to keep my hands and my fantasies to myself, and maybe this would work.

I moved in at the beginning of the month. Neither of us was a slob, picked up after ourselves and cleaned up what we saw needed cleaning. I found out Raul wasn't much of a cook, and really didn't eat very healthy. I'm pretty good with basic meals, so I just sort of made up enough for both of us. Gradually Raul started giving me money for groceries. He didn't feel right about eating my food and my cooking. It was all pretty good.

Except this hot muscled man and his penchant for parading around in nothing but his tiny gym shorts or a pair of white breifs. I swear, I popped a constant boner and my balls were aching. I jacked off so many times my dick was raw. Let me describe just what was on display.

Raul was going to one of the Catholic Universites in town. He was on the wrestling team and worked out alot. He was five five and stocky. His shoulders seemed as broad as he was tall. His biceps rivaled my thighs in size. His chest was deep and sculpted. His waist while somewhat thick, was pure washboard. He had short meaty legs. And the most perfect round globes for an ass. His face was round, with a snub nose.

A heavy beard line and thick black brows. He kept his coal black hair in a short almost military cut. His arms, legs, belly and chest were covered in dense straight, but very soft looking black hair. Over his beautiful butt was a small patch of lower back hair I was just itching to touch. His smile seemed to light up the room, his voice was deep, yet soft. I could get lost in those soft brown eyes. Add to that he was a genuinely nice man and I'm afraid I was lost. I had a crush on my roomie. I tried to hide it, wouldn't admit it to myself, but I did.

In the spirit of camraderie I would go to his matches when I could. Not a big help! Watching him in that skintight singlet that molded itself to him, while he and some guy were all over each other was almost torture. Wishing, it was my hands sliding all over that rock hard sweaty bod, or my body clinched in close to him, was not conducive to my sanity.

One night I worked a real late shift, while Raul had some freinds over to watch some big soccer match. Kind of like a soccer super bowl game. I came home to find Raul passed out on the couch. At least I didn't have to climb over any of his freinds , even though the place was kind of trashed. I was too tired to care, and after throwing a blanket over the snoring Raul, I stumbled into my room, stripped and was out like a light.

Somewhat later I woke to the feel of a naked body sliding in bed with me. I sat up and flicked on the light to see Raul in my bed, with a bleary drunken smile on his face. He was still drunk and horny, and figured maybe I could give him a blow job as he'd heard fags were really good at it. Pissed,( Even though I really wanted to) I shoved him off the bed. I told him, if he wanted me to suck his dick, he'd have to suck mine too. He grabbed his fat uncut dick and balls and waved them at me. Told me he knew I wanted it, so why was I being such a little bitch. Really angry, I told him it wasn't his dick I wanted so much, as it was his ass, figuring that might scare him off. He did pause, for a moment, then startled me with. No I couldn't fuck him, but he was willing to try sucking me. He said he was lonely, horny , drunk and just wanted someone to touch him. He had such a sad look in his eyes, my anger faded. Besides, I really wanted him. Even if he didn't actually suck my dick, I could finally get to feel that hot body with my own hands.

I guess my eyes gave me away. Raul gave me a triumphant grin and clambered back on my bed, his fat dick bobbing in the lead. He reached out to grab my hand and placed it on his hard chest, guiding it down through the soft fur, down over his ripped abs, down to the dense patch at his crotch, and onto his cock. My fingers closed around it and slid the foreskin back to expose the plum head. Raul arched his back, grabbing my arm for blance, and thrust himself hard into my hand. As I slowly pumped his dick, I explored his body with my other hand. Raul closed his eyes and moaned softly. I looked at his lips, wishing I could kiss him, but not daring. I settled for leaning over and flicking a taut brown nipple with my tongue. Raul arched his chest towards me, inviting me to do more, so I gently sucked on his nipple. I sucked and nibbled for a while, then Raul suddenly pushed me onto my back. He threw a meaty leg over me, straddling my stomach. I looked down at his fat balls squashed onto my upper belly and his six inch popcan arcing in a bend over my sternum. I swear I could feel his ass spread out over my stomach. I could definitely feel the head of my fat seven incher poking him in the lower back. He ran his hands through the wiry red mat on my chest, combing his finger through it. He had a look of rapt fascination on his face. I guess he'd never felt another man's chest that way. Me I dared to run my hands up his thick thighs,over his hips, to his chest and back down, reveling in touching every hard muscle. Finally I pulled his lower body towards my face. I kept my eyes on his as I pulled his dick into my mouth. Raul's eyes closed and his body trembled. I closed my eyes a moment and savored the taste of this man in my mouth. Salty, yet almost spicy too. I worked my tongue inside his foreskin and around the head of his dick. Raul's hips gave a spasmodic thrust, burying it a bit deeper between my lips. I took that as a signal and began trying to give the best blowjob he'd ever have. Raul began thrusting into my mouth. Greatly daring I ran my hands up his legs, to find that little patch of back fur I'd been dying to touch. When no objection came, I let my hands sneak down to fondle the full globes of his butt. Rather than pull away Raul just pushed into my face faster. I didn't care then if he came, and it was over. I was getting off in just holding that fantastic furry ass in my hands.

Then instead of coming, Raul pulled his dick from my mouth and scooted his body down mine until his ass came up against my hard dick. He lifted himself so my dick slid under him. He leaned back, got his feet under him, and began sliding his furry crack over my hard dick. The head would poke into his balls, lifting them up, making his dick bob, then he'd slide his ass back, keeping my cock tight between his cheeks. His sweat acted like oil, slicking my dick and letting it glide. Man, this was way hotter than any blowjob, it was blowing my mind.

I cupped both hands around his dick letting him pump into them as he slid up and down me. Every stroke, my cock head caught at his pucker as it slid past, almost but not going in. Then Raul let out a deep gurgle and his dick was spewing his juice on my hairy chest. As he spasmed over me, his ass crack clenched hard around my dick, the head lodged against his hole and I was coming too, shooting against the back of his round hairy balls.

Raul collapsed off me, to the side, his eyes closed ,his big chest heaving. I laid there slick with his and my cum, panting just as heavy. We laid there for a moment, then I felt Raul get up and leave the bed. Well, geesh, thank you too! But in moments he was back with a wet rag. Instead of just tossing it to me, he very tenderly cleaned me up. He tossed the dirtied rag to the floor and crawled in to snuggle up to my side. He threw an arm and a leg over me and before I knew it was snoring softly in my ear.

I didn't know quite what to think, but he felt so right there, I gave up analyzing the situation and shifted his head to my shoulder so I could hold him close and happily dozed off to I assume add my snores to his. I'd worry about dealing with this tomorrow, for the little remaining night, I'd just be happy for what I had.




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